The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 26, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. TUESDAY, SEPT. 26, 1939. SCOTTVILLE • Wanda A,. Rackwick, Lloyd_Nutt Wed ; (Continued from Page 4) I Mrs. Nutt teft on a short wed- vding trifc Iplanriirig to return t the midaWr-of the week. They fwill make their home in Scott»ville where Mr. Nutt is en- f&aged at the Chris' Arentzen Barber shop. Mr. Nutt has ftaken an active part in various .sports and athletics since coming to Scottville and has made ,many friends here. I The bride is one of Scott: ville's popular girls, a graduate »of the local, school and later a graduate of a beauty culture school. She is at present with Mrs. Arentzen at the Delia Beauty shoppe. Scottville Locals « Miss Iva Standish, who teaches in Ottawa county; spent the week-end at home and also visited at the Jesse White home in Scottville. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis of Mears were Sunday guests at the Antoine LaPointe home. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. LaPointe were girlhood chums and have kept up the friendship throughout the years. Premiums Are Announced For The Harvest Festival The flapping of his father's shirts on the clothesline first gave Igor Sikorsky, aircraft designer, the idea of the lifting possibilities of air. U-R-WELCOME To Use Our store as your headquarters while you attend the EIGHTH Harvest Home Festival THURSDAY and FRIDAY "When Better Just Remember: Foods Are Sold We'll Sell Them." Sohoenberger's Meat Market SCOTTVILLE A Surprise for Your Taste. A Chop Suey Sandwich at . TOBEY'S In: Scottville During Harvest Home Festival. NOTICE! We Are Now Open for Business and Are Buying Cider Apples Scottville Apple Products Co. Scottville. Phone 63-J. TEPHEN'S iral Home Is Available T W§ipective of Financial ' LLOYD STEPHENS Following is the premium list for Scottville's eighth annual Harvest Home festival, to be held Thursday and Friday. i 27. Department A FARM ORGANIZATION EXHIBIT Reservation of space should made toy Wednesday, Sept. wheat, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 22. One peck oats, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 23. One peck six-row barley, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 24. One peck two-row barley, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 25. One peck rye, 50c 1st, 25c al- AGRICULTURAL EXHIBIT Premium List _ . ,. . _, .,. ,. I Each organization to be Committee m charge: H J- lowed 12 running feet. Larsen, Harry Keifer, Jack j j u rio e s to <nve eoual rnnsiri Tanner, Russell Johnson. eratiSn to qualfty "and qSSy" All exhibits must be in place of products exhibited and to ar- by* 10:00 a. m. Thursday, Sep- tistic arrangement. ter ?£ e J « 2 «' and S?S ld remain j 1. Display made up of farm until_6:00 p. m. Friday, Septem- p roduc t s •comprising fruits, ber 29. All agricultural exhibits will be made at the.,William Weippert garage, one'block south ofj railroad tracks. Community organizations making exhibits will .be assigned space by committee. vegetables, grains, canned and preserved products, $10 1st, $7.50 2nd, $5 3rd, $5 4th, $5 5th, $5 6th. lst > I We Are Glad to Have You Celebrate With Us at the HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 28—29 Come and have a good time. N. I. JOHNSON DRY CLEANING Department B APPLES (Plate of 5) 2. Fameuse (Snow), 35c 15c 2nd. 3. Baldwin, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 4. Greening (Rhode Island), 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 5. Jonathan, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd 6. Mclntosh, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 7. Northern Spy, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 8. Steele Red, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 9. Wagener. 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 10. Delicious, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 11. Starking, 35c 1st. 15c 2nd. Department C FARM CROPS Section I—Corn 12. Ten ears of yellow corn, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 13. Ten ears of white corn, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 14. Ten ears of white cap, 50c 1st. 25c 2nd. • 15. Ten ears of flint, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 16. Ten ears of pop corn, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. . 17. Best 10 stalks yellow corn with ears, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 18. Best 10 stalks white corn with ears, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 19. Best 10 stalks silo corn, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. Section II—Small Grains 2nd. 26. One peck buckwheat, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. Section III—-Small Seeds 27. One qt. Alfalfa (Home grown). 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 28. One qt. June Clover seed, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 29. One qt. Sweet Clover, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 30. Four qts. Winter Vetch, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. Section IV—Beans 31. One peck Red Kidney flowers • beans, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. ' : 32. One peck Navy beans, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 33. One peck Cranberry beans, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. Section V—Potatoes (Individual exhibit of 1 bushel) 34. Russet Rural or Petoskey, 1st, 15c 2nd. Son XV— Tomatoe s Sunday dinner. Elder John Randall of Elm Q* i ? ^ °l i red ' any variefc y' Flats conducted preaching ser- cn «; I 50 2nd- vices afc the Freesoil Latter Day 69. Plate of 5 pink, any vari- -••••- ety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 70. Plate of 5 yellow, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section XVI—Turnips 71. 6 Roots, any variety, 35c 1st. 15c 2nd. Section XVII—Ruta Ba^a $1 1st, 50c 2nd. 35. Katahdin, $1 1st, 50c 2nd. 36. Chippewa.- $1 1st, 50c 2nd. 37. Any other late variety, $1 1st, 50c 2nd. 38. Any other early variety. $1 1st, 50c 2nd. 72. 6 Roots, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section XVIII—Cucumbers 73. 6 Slicing, any variety, 35c Saint church Sunday eveniiag. Mrs. James Thompson has received news of the death of her brother. Alex Lackey, 64, of Flint. Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson and Wayne and James Crofoot left this morning to attend the funeral services at 2 p. m. at Clare. They will return this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guernsey 'of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rasmussen Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Levi Stanley and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rasmussen and daughter visited Miss Evelyn Rasmussen, who is a patient at Paulina Stearns hospital in Ludington, Sunday. 5 variety any 20. One peck red wheat, 50c 1st, 25c 2nd. 21. One peck white winter Department D I VEGETABLES j Section I—Beets I 39. 6 Roots Detroit Dark Red, I 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. i 40. 6 Roots any other variety table beet, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section II—Cabbages 41. 1 Drumhead, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 42. 1 Ballhead, any 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 43. 1 Conical, any variety, 35c !c 1st, 15c 2nd. ' 44. 1 Chinese or celery variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 45. 1 Savoy, 35c 1st. 15c 2nd. Section III—Carrots 46. 6 Roots, any variety. 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. j Section. IV—Cauliflower ' 47. 3 Heads, any variety, 35c jlst, 15c 2nd. , Section V—Egg Plant !^ _48. 3 Specimens, any variety, . oDC 1st, 15~ rt 1st, 15c 2nd. 74. 12 Pickling, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section XIX—Lettuce 75. 3 Heads, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section XX—Gourd 76. 1 Specimen, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Department E 4-H CROPS, GARDEN AND POULTRY EXHIBIT All 4-H members who did not have individual exhibits at the . Western Michigan Fair are I If urged to make their achieve- j % ment exhibit at the Scottville " Harvest Home Festival. Premiums will be paid by County Extension Office when project reports are completed and turned in to county Extension Office. Members exhibiting both at fair and festival will not be eligible for premiums. 100. Exhibit of 32 potatoes by- individual, $2 A, $1.50 B, $1 C. 101. Ten ears of corn exhibit by individual, $1.50 A, $1 B, 75c L/. 102. Market basket exhibit of garden project, $1.A, 75c B, 50c 103. Poultry exhibit *<pento include 4 females, 1 male), S2 A $1.50 B, $1 C. of Darr district were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grinnell Monday. Harry Tobey of Scottville was a Freesoil caller Monday. Robert Graham of Scottville was a business visitor in Freesoil recently. Edward Rasmussen and daughter of Cedar visited at the home REGISTER at THE PALACE During the Harvest Festival for the 1940 Zenith Radio To Be Given Away. IT'S A SPECIAL EVENT— THE HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL not se ' ect one winter Section 3 Fruits, VI—Melons Bender melon, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. 50. 3 Fruits, Heart* of * I I * V ! IA !$ V i ^ WELCOME Mason County Folks glmuskmelon, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. !«?; 51. 3 Fruits, any other variety •Jjmuskmelon. 35c 1st, 15c 2nd «< 52. 1 jjTeesoil Mr. and Mrs. George LaGuire and daughter, Francine. and Miss Germaine Blacker of Lud- mgton, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fay LaGuire Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lydic. Douglas Heckman and Mrs. E M. Stephens were Sunday evening I callers at the home of Mr. and musk-j Mrs. Sidney Vanderpool. ! Mr. and Mrs. William Chop- Gold ; ton entertained Mrs. Buell Shel- our scores of smart, modern hair- dresses and let us prepare you for this gala time? YOU ALWAYS LOOK BEST WHEN YOUR HAIR LOOKS LOVELY Scottville Beauty Shoppe LOIS SMITH. Mgr. Next to Star Theater ley and Mrs. Celia Hagstrom for 1st *J Watermelon, 35c 15c 2nd. Section VII— Onions 53, Plate of 5 White Globe, Globe, -TO OUR Annual Harvest Home Festival Next Thursday and Friday. -Let us COLD WEATHER— Will soon be her take the responsibility of putting your car in shape for this kind of driving. 81 Buckmasfer GARAGE TEXACO GAS & OIL PRODUCTS We Extend a Warm Welcome to All to Attend the Eighth Harvest Home Festival We sincerely hope that every moment will be an enjoyable one for you. WELCOME TO THE Eighth Harvest Home Festival Hope You Have a Most Enjoyable Time and When Tired Come In and Rest at The Palace FRANK CLAVEAU Confectionary, Lunches, Radios, Electric Appliances. >J;35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Ai 54. Plate of 5 Yellow H,35c 1st, 15c 2nd. A 55. Plate of 5 Red Globe, 35c $ 1st. 15c -2nd. Ai 56. Plate of 5 any other vari- *iety. 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Aj Section VIII—Parsnips 57. 6 Roots, any variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section IX—Peppers 58. 6 Sweet Peppers, any va- y riety, 35c l^t, 15c 2nd. }»J| 59. 12 Hot Peppers, any vari- Ajety, 35c 1st. 15c 2nd. " Section X—Pumpkin 60. 1 Field Pumpkin, 35c 1st, |15c 2nd. | 61. 1 Pie Pumpkin, 35c 1st, | 15c 2nd. j Section XI—Radish i 62. 6 Roots, any winter variety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. Section XII—Salsify _ 63. 12 Roots, any variety, 35c A- 1st, 15c 2nd. '*>;•! Section XIII—Squash X i 64-1 Hubbard, 35c 1st, 15c *i2nd. *' 65. 1 Any other variety winter 4. j squash, 35c 1st. 15c 2nd. * | 66. 1 Summer Squash, any va- '£ riety, 35c 1st, 15c 2nd. *j Section XIV—Sweet Corn X! 67. 6 Ears, any variety, 35c A , s *' WHEN IN SCOTTVILLE - at -the — HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL VISIT JOHN PAUL'S POOL ROOM Take a cue and eat one of our fine lunches. GREETINGS FROM THE R. E. A. You are invited to come in and talk over electrical plans for place with v o u r us. With winter coming on you will great ly appreciate this service. Western Michigan Electric Co-Ops. f'fssj'fssj'm'SJVfm'SJV.'j'tffffSJ'SSJ'fj'fj'j'sffSj'j'Sjwsj'j'SJWV, I •M *! .:. i * *i *' * TWO GALA DAYS IN SGOTTVILLE at the EIGHTH HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 28—29. We hope you'll have a great time. SPECIAL REDUCTION ON Dairy and Poultry Feeds ;i SAM SINCOFF * We Buy Chickens, Beans and Eggs. /wwvwwwwwww WVWWVWtfVVVvWVWVWWVVVW WELCOME TO SCOTTVILLE A Heal Quality Superflame Oil Heater f In. H.trf.r For Only Several Cf/ier Modelt Model shown here is the 9-in. master model. Also comes in 11 and 13-in. Other models with heat savers. $67.50 *° 999.90 cash. Thousands of Satisfied Users in the Northwest recommend these Superflame heaters for efficiency and economy. Smart modern cabinets finished to match present-day home furnishings. Superflames are America's most beautiful heaters. We'd like to show one to you. Liberal Payment Plan Come In—Get **• defaf/s? AL DUMAS RADIO SHOP Scottville, Mich. The State Savings Bank With Other Business Firms of Scottville Welcomes You To The Eighth HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY F OR seven consecutive years the people of Scottville have banded together to i*--— give this event. They feel that its gaiety furnishes pleasure to all and want you and your friends to enjoy every moment of it. S COTTVILLE offers you the advantages of a city in that you can sell your products, receiving good prices and its stores offer you fine merchandise at low prices. It is the center of farm and business activity for Mason County. Make This Your Trading* Center. Welcome to Scottville at All Times. State Savings Bank of Scottville Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

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