Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1927
Page 8
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BYHIIBQLDT «tiff Batte Jh[id8 With Scoi*^3tb28f6r Vsitors HIGH SCHOOL WINS Register Team Is Snowed Under in 34 to 8 Ehcbiinter A second defeat in basketball wna chalked up against lola Junior (.-ol/ege last night vhen the fast .Hihni>oldt tdwn team ayain out- );>laycd and outscored lola on the , local court to win 33 to 28. ' The lola team: just couldn't seem b connect with the inside of ihi ijtaalLet and also Imade a kood inany V bad passes. The Humlboldt team could score seemingly almost at I-will, and showed good floor work. ' Inl the first half only one of the iitiutera managed to score and that iras. Isaac. The subs sent in did th^ rest ofUhc scoring for lolaJ In the second-'half, the group that .started out did the scoring for IOIH ' ^tb only one Iota sub scoring. HnnAbldt i«ras going good at almost all times, with Sage, left forward, malcirig 8 -polntii in the first half and. 9 in the >8 #cond.' ' ' : Humboldt took the lead early in Ibh first auarterj and held it for the remainder of the gamr, thoogh sev- . «|rar times it appeared that ' lola ' trould overtake i and' i >a88 them. Isaac "started , the scoring for lola . oii'la'f)t«e throw. Kemp, who short; ]iy afterwards was substituted for ' Isaiic. made the first field goal for -<he locals, after the visiting'quin­ tet, bad run up a good margin 'At Ae «nd of tne first quarter the ;^iEafe stood 7 to 3 in favor oLJlum- fibldt. i ~ ' m, the second period both teams : J cored'nine points which left the • J core at 16 toll* with Humboldt 11111 ahead. An the third quarter ' tnded Humboldt retained the lead JB to 20. In the final period the -Ijola team. seen^«d to be making ii desperate, ,iittemyt to at least tie ^the; score if not get into the lead- ^cnd did manag*;to outscore Humy boldt, making eight points to Huhi- i--^oldt'8 seren. but Uie margin al_ yeady. held by the, Humboldt team jpraa .too miicb^ S Sage of Humboldt wa-s the pcor- iiig i!tar of the game, running up . 17 points or^ more than half hJs team *8 points. Bridges of Hum- -boldt iGJame second with 10 points. •Burger Wilk ^barre, Pa.,—W. Li. (Toong) St^ibllng.1 Atlanta, .Oa., , defeated Tom Klrby. Boston ,<UI)). i - Danvill^. 111.—Jlmble Sayers, LaFayette. Ind., and -Sonny Lloyd. Chicago,-drew (10). Red Bodroan, Ft Wayne. Ind., won' from Billy Long. Terre Haute. Ind.; (8). Aberdeen, S. 0.—t'ommy Mp^- Onlre.' Sioujc Falls, defeated Joe, Voang, St {>aul, Minn., (10).. fl Los. Angeles.—Joe Woods, - t-os'' Augeles, defeated Duke Horn. Minneapolis, l>Iinn.. (10). FORDROPOF I' Rumblings of Draft War > Have Subsided at , New York AGREEMENT STANDS (Continued front Page One) when Hintnan concluded his testimony, but be failed to respond a!hd Hidman, was asked to communicato With him. ' • "Therif are no tifer witnesses that L know of.!" Senator Reed liaid. "Please tell him the committee is f i^aiting for'Jilm;" ' WUMam A. Defqrd. of New York, senior,' counMel lor lleurHt. told the cnmrafttce that he had made in- 1 E. B . Coblcntz. editor of the Xew.iional • a ..soci3tion_ of_ mlnor|^ Tn'^h°/«.^U*'s/„,t>„n, » r«.- [ was third and headed the lola Asorers with S points, all of which 'wer? scored In the lasi half. In the prellhiinary the Register Independents f ^ll before the high •school first string byla score of 34 t». 8. ,The first half was fairly closely conteuted with the high school leading 12 to'6 at the end. But in the last period the high •cboolera added 22- points their Kofe white holding the Register to 3 field goal and one charity toss, f^h amllh of the high school.' ^ ... BtfbHUtuled frequently. uslngslHi^" , ; men how able to play from his-'f ' equad; "Doc" l-^ink lead the scoring with 10 points to hlA credit. Donaldson alao did his Hharo of the •coring, making II points. The box scores: \ .IdlaJ. C. FG FT Abolition of the Draft Is Not Considered Likely New York. Dec. 16. (AP)-^Rumblings of a baseball war had subsided today. The major leagues stamped approva* upon the scrapping of the draft {iy«tem as pro- poRCil by the minor circuits. This action, taken at a joint raretlug of the National and American leagues here yesterday, marked the close-of the bascOall^ gathfr- ...a. «v — - Ing and left.the. next mo^ over quiry about WatHon and was in-i«>e rtraft situation «p . to the formed that he was en route to, the ("""ors. committee room. ' . ! ^Vliile the major expressed wiU- "l am informed that he is a little ^ IngneHu to terminate the ilnajor- unden the weather," Deford said, j minor ! league agreement. January The .committee. members con-' 1-i. 192^. when the seven-year per- ferir^d among themselves . whil(| iod of Jti< operation expires, should they waited foip. the witness. the minors so desire, they also I After a )bout ten mlnules Watwn.ngi-eed to a truce until February 1 Veacbed the committee room., out I when the minors will make known Avila was recalled to the stancK their Twlshes.. and he testified . he was Just in- j Meantime, the present agreement formed about the document.s in the'stands.; Abolition of the draft, latter part of last May'by Page. 'which Is not considered likely. . *Are You lerlain T : would icauFc the minors^ to func- , Are yon certain abont it?" < tinn neparately and out of the jur- a»ked Senator.Robinson. Democrat, j isdiction of Commissioner KcneArkansas: ' : saw M.; Landis. .'AvIla testified he talked'to Hin-( Without the joint understanding man about some expenses 'of!between the tvo groups as now American protestaut missions gor | prevails, there wquld be no draft. Ing to Mexico and not aibout the no rules on!the sale or reoall off documents furnished to the torn- players save those Instituted by! miltee. i ith<> majors. IVatson then was c ;^lled. but bor fore bis examination began. Avla ^ was directed by Senator RecU not Landis hoVls office, the majors to go awijy. ! called for a show-down on the "We will Want you later" the I minors' challenge by passing the chairman explained". ' ' 1 following resoluUon: Watson said he first heard about T "Resolved, that the major leagues I other all-time "^nlufnpholdins a claim that the!! .^>^J"«.Pt^!^rt± agreement is in 1 force as long as; Baseball Is in the blood of both and there stUI is a chance oi a brief return for a grand finale in 1928. Neither has ever been able to resist.the luro of the diamond in the spring., although both have York .\morican. Watson said he saw the ments at ithe ranch of Mr. Hearst in California where he met Page and Avila. "I ,was pretty! well convinced at first-blush.": hct .said, "that theyj leagues) informed the .National asi- docu-1 sociation that the major league^ are w'llMng to have the major- minor agreement terminate Janu- ar.v ti, 1928. If the National association-so desires." This -decision from the. majors were genuine. I made no special j was ij surnrlsc to the minors whose inquiry into them then." .committee' requested nntil Febru- Tell« of Publication. (ar.v 1 betore staking a definite He to'd how publication then/stand in the matter. The minors was vlanned with an "opening j committee consisted of John H. smash .on the Japanese treaty."iFarrell. Herman J. Wcisman and nnd paid, he iuvostigated the 'au-(Wiillam .G. Bramliam. theiiticitv of the papers.'! • ! The muddle arose duVIng the re"1 wpirked •with I 'lige." he ex-'rent minor league confab in I)al- plainedi "I don't read Spanish. I,laf<. Kive leagues were ordered to •went over tine (back sround of i discontinue the modified draft and Mexican affairs with him. the same time the proposal was "One Im'pottarit thins to do. ,t Imade to end tJic minor-major agrce- told Page, was to get evidence to'ment i\t the expiration of Laiidls' prove the documetiis correct. "I concluded the best short cut was to plstntj a man right in the Mexican offleje In Newj York Clf. not get the cmploy- rf ;i.*o. Burger, Phillips, If Isaac-If. • Kemp. If r-.- Bubbard. e-g Lee. c 3 Tba. c -g 0 Bchlick, rg — 1 Cloplne, Ig 1 Woolery. Is — *• F TP 2 8 0 1 2 O 0 0 1 ff- 0 1 0 3 first neven-yeur term of off; c. "Boy Blue" Will Be Presented Tonight , .Watson drUarod he knew there "Boy Blue" the grade school op- was a tender cy among the Mexi- eretta. Is to be given tonight in the mix ijp foreign names. Ho [high school auditorium, and wll« \yAnted AvIla jto get in the Mexican jistart promptly at ii o'clock. The office, so as o confirm the docu- 1 matinee given yesterday afternoon ments. '.went oft very well.- - ' "Didn't ltV>:cur to you that that | Th«> qperetta. which is coached would be ask ng AvIla to confirm hby Miss Clara'Brown,^ Instructor of blmself?" Reefl awkod Watson. imusic in the grades' involves a "I don't Ibinlc so." lilarge group of pupils In the small- 'Wasn't it ksklnK a man to }:et!'or choruses, the leads and th-j other docum^ts to prove docu-: large chorus. They all contribute Totals 10 8 Jliinboldt FG FT Bridges, rt —-.— 4 2 Hv .,:W90d8, rf Sage. «-c V (jordoii: df Wult: C'- Hn. Woods, If 2 Kelleyi rg 0 .Tuiikeh.'lg< : —- 0 15 28 FfTP 2 10 . 0' --8 - 0 - 0 ments he himself had produced?" Reed pressed. • Ye.s. but r don't see anvthing wrong in that If he could get the documents." Alienist Report on Remus Is Chopped Up Cincinnati. O., Dec. 16. to the success In this first grade school production of several years. Yesterday afternoon the matinee was given in the high School auditorium at 3 o'clock. A large audience was present, practically filling the auditorium. The audience •waa '-ompbsed largely of grade school and- junior high pupils. The operetta was well received as iveni (AP)—.the rh.nlitn b^nd from the first In the winter. Scott runs a rec reation parlor—billiards and bowl- Ing-^at Fort Wayne. Jnd. During the stove league reason he invariably decides not to go back to baseball, but the first rdbin and tlie first thaws. always ^ind hiin fretting for the feel of a glove and the opening of the sea^ou finds him back in the game. ^ Legs tell, and the last two j'ears have found the "Deacon" a' little lower in the baseball scale. After settlnjg the record he began with his first game as a member of the Boston Red Sox lu 1916. Scott xvas released by the Yankees to ^he Washington Seimtors by the waiver route, i ' Turned.loose by the Senators the next January. Scott came b^ck with the While Sox,'was bought by tho Reds and returned to IheH Sox. only to go to the Baltimore Orioles of the International league In 1927. Knowing his worth Casey Stengel signed the veteran for fhe last mlnuto dilv<.< which brought the Mudhcn.i the American Association pennant. Cobb. too. U standing on the threshold now. ' The former Detroit manager's release by the Athletics waa regarded In some quarters as taps for his big league career, but there is a belief the GiantA may s4gn him. At least Mr .McGraw's club Is the only ope that could afford to fatten a pay envelope sufficiently to satisfy the Georgian, it is generally conceded. • Time and rolnctdenee ^log Trrn* CobhfWt) and Erei^ett Scott (rli^ht) tn UM end of the baseball tnO tvgeltaer. Released b] tlie Ath- MltH, Cobb takes with hira an alNtlmc record of SS years !n otit»n. Ized baseball, while Scott, tomedlovNe by the Toledo Modi ens, tops Ihrm all la ronsecatlie M\f league frames payed, nlth UW7 i, _ : : .Ncw^ York. (AP)—Baseball's two most consistent performers are out of the game forever—unless tbey change their minds again when tlie sap begins to flow and the teams go south. By coinclilonfc tiie. uncnu(Iit*.-n- al release of Eveii.*t Scoii by the Toledo Mudhens of the American Association followed close upon thij release of Tyrua Cobb by the Philadelphia Americans.- • Th e spring-steel shortBtop. - Scott, in l»25}set an all-time record by playing in his 1,307th consecutive game o* ^ajor league baseimll. Cobb has played ball for 23 >;ears, an- record and one of OPENSEASON WITH GAMES Jayhawke^ and Aggies In Feature Tilt Tonight TEAM OF ~vfeTERANS ' As Seen By C. A. CLIFt Coach Floyd Smith ^a.<« the making -. of a food basketball tram.- His ro^h ore and ]>liiy an- excellent ^fenslre Tff »nie. The boys haven't started hlttintc the basket jconsist- pntly, but they're alWays^Il^t- Im; for the ball. Ati times In last highf.s enconntef ^he high school ° sqnnd, rinshril{ pretty oifensfvei work.i If the^ !<quad rnntlnne<i to Improrev.lola high school bids' fair to mount high In the perrentatre colnmns of the Big Serfn: confei^nce this year. ' Coach Ira Stockebrand's junior college quintet; hasn't! • started working good yet A • f^w more games under their beltsi ami the junior college crew may ffnish high in the Kansas Junior college conference. The college quintet, however, can- stand plenty otj improvement. 1 Kansas Has Five Letter Men Back for; Big ,^ Sekson Kansas Cit>', Dec, 16. (AP)— With dopsters favoring quintets Jttoastlng' three or moVe lettermen ^nd the^ usual pre-season forecasts that green combinations developed in practice would crack tinder keen competition, eight, Jlissouri Valley basketball teams faced initial con- .ference tests tonight. The Kansas .layhakers. with a re<lord of six consecutlvet titles to uphold, had five letterihen for their effort to stop the Kansas Aggies at I.awrence tonight. It marks the first attempt of the champions in I several years to whip a squad into, shape for titular play before the holidays. Henderson, out for the squad for two years, but who has nevc>r won a letter, wa.s favored to stiart at center. Newland and Hill were t>ooked as forwards. Burton and Jeffry had the call on guard positions. ' All except Henderson arc veterans of hard campaigns, i Nebraska, heralded a strong contender, meets Wa'shingtp.n at: St. "Loiils tonight. Grfnnell faces the Oklahoma Aggies at Stillwater, while Drake, third northern team to invade the- south end of ihe circuit, plays Oklahqma at Norman, i, i . Tomorrow nigbt. Nebraska) invades Columbia; to test Missouri's combinations. iOrinnelt will {take on Oklahoma at'Nornian and Drake The KegLster DeTlls.j smart,! Inir qnder a decisive defeat nf the hands <>f lola high! Kchoul .. lust nlg ;ht, will j6urhey: to (•'eneva tonight for nj game. ^The sqnad will be strengthened by the addition of Ray tioenig, former Pittsburg Teachers eoI> lege star, •who will pliiy| center.- Number^ to meet CfidflesJDean PlanestojGim Up Athletics Chicago, 'Dec. -16. (.\P)—«iai-Ies A, Dean. ,for more than 20 years a prominent! figure in national.^ amateur athletics; tofday annOunce'd his retirement to devote his time to business. - . ; in 1924 he was manager of-the American track and field team in Olympic, games] and for. many years has referee«l' the- Western conference track and field meets, both indoor and, outdoor. He has resigned as chairman of the; athletic committee of the' (Ilinois letic club and fro^ tis 6oard of directors. In addhlon he wjlp retire as chairman otthe chami^on- sh'ip track and field'xoinrnitteek of the Central .\. A; i;!'and will no longer be connected- With the National A. A. U, Dean will retain his position as editor of the Tri-Color. official liublicatlon of the 1. .\. C. AGGIE^MEET JAYHAWKSBl CAGE BAHIF Game Tonight Is ^Ued For j Court at Lawrence •the will switch tp Stillwater the Oklahoma'Aggies. This leaves Iowa State as only one of the ten teams which w'ill remain inactive in the -opening; series. After the game^ to -1 night and tomorrow, the squads will retire from titular play pntil the first of next year, when the heavy schedule starts. (Continued from Page One> THaai Released. ; Many of those arrested established their identity as bona .{ dents Of Hankow withoiit bolshe- vlst connections and were released at noon. , : ; . , J ^ Most of' the 'prisoner.< froni ^he French concession were beiiig held at a concentration camp. - - ' The former concessions and the French concession w-ere filled with heavily armed Chinese droops- with drawn pistols. However, perfect order was kept. • ; During this morning's raid tlie international" hospital in the^ former Russian concession filled "Vith American. British, French and-ether "foreign patlentij, was entered by a group of twenty fully armed Chinese soUiers, /these pointed rifles i^nd ptstbis at the patients, smashed doors • and ransacked rooms. .^The patients were greatly frightened by the uproar, but iione was injured physically. » ' After twenty minutes -o^ upisc, an, officer blew liis whisjle '^nd the troops 'withdrew. Tlien three officers made a qui^et room to rixtm search but no bolshevists w-eredis- covered and the officers departed with their menl ; CORSAU'lf' SQUAD ON Team Ha^ Been Rjolling. Up Scores Agaiijst Fijeshmen Manhattan, Kans.. Dec. 16._ (AP) Basketball fans who_ fjollow the Kansas Aggies will lindw a -whole lot more of the potential strength of their team after the initial set-to of th J season 'ivith the Jayhawkers at Lawrence tonight. Coach' Corsaut has three veteran lettermen on his squad ibut the rest of his material is made up almost -whoHy of sophomore.Si Around these three who have shown their wares before. Corsaut- has been using various comblna- tidns in an effort to see which finintet suits his fancy liest. "With the veterans, Csfptaln Edwards and Mortel, at the guards: Skradski. another from last yeirr's varsity, at center: and Walter .lones and'Keri mit Silvcrwood. .sophomores, at this forwards, Corsaut has a team that to do something this season. Twice in th?' last week th^lk have rolled up decisive victoriel' over^the Aggie freshman squad, thougii the frosh play some smart " and speedy basketball. ^ Others who probably will be use'd consideraibly this season ai-e'A. H. Freeman and R. V. Brooks, centers; E. L. Gann. S. H. Brockway,, an J.. R. L. Youngnian. forwards; lancp C. D. Richardson, guard. - ^ : r- (Cohtlaiied from Foge Government Wins Point In Oil Bribe Case Now -Washington, Dec. 16. (AP)—The government won a victory ovnr "I am thankful for all these dli tinctlons which are being given to mc In Mexico. I have not enough! words to tbank you for this." [ The alirman was landed lu speeches, by several depujles. Aft-j erwards a banquet folldwed at i which toasts were proposed to President Coolidge, : Ambassador .Morrow and Colonel Undl^ergh. President Calles and the airman, carMer in the day pourQd over a map of Mexico as; the Amej-ican explained, through an interpreter, his flight and some of the fundamental points invoived in flying a!nd navigation. One) Illinois Footballi ; JWan Into Boxing friiana. III.. Dec. 16.. (AP)-v-l.*s j.Marriner of Chicago, end candidate [on the University of Illinois football team for three years, has de-i cided to turn professional, as a: boxer. He ia six feet tall and • welehs .tbou.t 180 iiounds. - Marriner has been taking boxing ijessons for five years, and 'lasti year won the central A. A. I', j dt^ampionships. His professional \ fiAni Is scheduled for December 3^. some heavyweight not | ypt selected. -v -Ten cent biindles of old-papers for five cents at the Register frbm | now until Christmas. i Omaha Club Purchases Tea Ridge' Day, Wichita Omaha. Neb.. Dec. 16. (AP)— According to word received here from J. F. Burch. owner of .the Omaha club of the Western League who is in Texas, he has traded "Red" Roberts, pitcher, atid Ed Handley. shortstoe. for Clyde "Pea Ridge" Day of the Wichita club. The exchange Is expected "to- be made in a few days. . Warmer Weather for Kansas Is Promised Topeka, Dec. 16. (AP) [- With the wind shifting to the south and The -1,500 word "alienists' report in'jsrades and the chorus that sang j his assocQtes today when Justice counsel for Harr>- P. Sinclair and i clear skies prevailing^ over the Toials.- -— 11 G 10 3.1 .-R#eree--Sm!th. IC 8. T. C. ' "iWgrh Seheol D>onkl'd8on^ f - Trombold. f if. Funk, t Funk, f - —, McGuire, c McClay. c •Wagner, c ... McCart>-. c FG FT vF TP 4 1 0 s I 0 0, 0 Round, g 0 HaU, g — Hubbard, :g Brtidtepridge, g Seviems. ig Totals j B ««Mr K. Forrest, f . W. Forrest, f .- - - .Finloy. f .:U Anderson, f Barber, f- "Menzle, c I>dmonds,, g Alexander, g - - eiift. g . 1 0 0 - 0 ;< 0 0 1 0 0 0 0' 0 0' 0 0 0 ..IR 4 FG FT . 0 I .-• 3 I 0 0 0 0 0 it 0 ' It tJ 1 0 » 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 u I 0 0 "4 F 0 •» 1 1 u 1 0 1 3 which George Remus was found to have, been sane when he shot and', t j killed his wifel here last Octobef- 6, ^'was stripped to three, paragraphs today by a ruling of Judge Chester R. Shook. : ^ f He sanctioned the objection of (Tharles H. Elston. co-counsel with Remus, to introducing anything more of the report than the assertion of the three psychiatrists that they had mad^ a study of Remus, »hc Remus family, heard the evidence of the pearly five 'weeks of the trial. andV. finally, concluded Remus -was sajne. • ;o 0 34 TP 1 r, 0 0 0 •I 0 0 u caro .s. Al Capone, Chicago , Gang Chief, Is Held Joliet; III., Dec. 16. (AP)—Al Capone, Chicago gang leader, was arrested today as he alighted from a Santa Fe railroad train at the ITnion station hero. The police turned out en force to meet him arid he was rushed'to headquarters. The charge placed against, Capone waa ithat oh carrying concealed weapons. Frederick L. Siddons ruled the defense couid not ' cross-examine Frank J. O'Reilly, a Burns detective, regarding conversations he had with the parents of Edward J KIdwell, jr. a Juror in the Fall- Sinclair oil trial. entire states' a decided war ning up was promised by the weaiher bureau this morning. Temperatures -will rise to about 30 this afternoon, prediced J3. D. Flora, meteorologist, and probably 'wll range from 20 to 25 tonight Colder weather is forecast for Saturday. WALL PAPER Now you want- your walls papered. The long winter days are here. Totals 1 9 London Typist Gives Up Gibraltar Swim Tangier, Morocco. Deo, le' (AP). -Miss IMercede« Gleitz. London typist, '• abandoned an attempt to Bwim the strait of Gibraltar to- da^*. Sh<^ started from ther mouth of the Jeus river at 2:30 a., m. . GET HIM SOMETHING PRACTICAL FOR HIS CHRISTMAS ^ • . • • .• .Man Likes a Gift From a Man's Store A A FEW SUGGESTIONS: High Scorer Will ; Lead Indepenflence .Independence. Kas.. loec. 16. (AP>—Hiifold Brooks, -iSlgln, Kas.. was-electetl-. captain of the Independence! Jimior'conege 1»28 foot- ban teai^ Brooks was high scorer In the junior college conference this ypWr.ian^ was. chosen hnlftark on [ iiu\;iK'((>nfcren.'"e. If TathKobes Fancy Pajamas Shirts. With or Without - Collars Sweaters Knit Coats Initial} Handkerchiefs Belts, in fancy boxes Fancv Silk Sox Fancy Wool Sox Gloves, silk lined Gold Belt Buckles Mufflers i Hats, Caps Overcoats Boys' Overcoats Boys' Caps ill tjut .«n Tables for Kasy Slmpplng. BarclaY-S|u^ld$ Clo. Co. CHANGE TO LIGHTER OIL Avoid a, sluggish motor by changing to Leah winter oil It flows freely at zero, and ssEures the lubrication of every bearing instantly. PYRO '(Alcohol) or I GLYCERIN For Your RADLATOR Wholesale or Retail NEW LE&H High Test Gks <Mine This new. Lesh gasoline gasoline afid at the same c|>mbines all the qualities of high' test time has anti-knock (iiialities, assuring : SUPER-POWER ON HILtS QmCKER PICK-UP EASE3R STARTING INCRE iSED MILEAGE LESH on. CO. E. p. Slack, ftlgr. Opposite Ice Plant \ Phone 489 WHEEL TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS Wagons Tricycles Bicycles Holier Skates Scooters Automobiles / Doll Buggies Peddle Cars Brigham Hdw. Co. 'i T Drive Widi Safety On Gum Diflped Cords There'.s an. extra margin of .sal'ety in the tread;—in their .stout carcas.s. Drive ' i" ' - • - ' tn Service ; SAFETY Tlialiis the thing of most Im. portanc-e in .selecting your. raUiakor alcohol'. Pyro is absolutely 'guaranteed not tc ' corrflde radiators and "to give ; you perfect; , protection . tbe bitterest, wintci , temperatures. .i'i BOLLINGER SERVICE STATION 112-111 E. Jackson ; PhohejiSia

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