Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1933
Page 5
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^ lOLA, KANSAS • i THE IQLA DAILY REGISTEIC MO NDAY EVENING. JANUARY 2.1. 10 io->. PAGE FIVE ^ •- New York] Jan. 23. (AP>—Stocks -concluded a i strikingly dull-session iyith narro\v and irregular net flanges todajy. Copper issueJs .flrined slightly toward the close, but food stocks weVe rather heavy' Transfers approximated 650,000 Bhares.' - Definite trends were lacking all day and the market shifted direction frequently. Extreme fluctuations, however, were stoall and pror fessional traders still seemed to be providing a large part of the business. . ' Radio - Keith-Orpheum lost a lioint on word that application for an equity receiver had been filed by a stockholder, but other amusement stocks were little 'affected. Borden lost approximately a point, while National Dairj-, General Foods and National Biscuit eased fractionally. American Telephone halved a decline of about a point. U. B. Bteel and Coh.-,olidated Gas of New York closed unchanged. New York Central, Allied Chemical, Reynolds Tobacco "B" and Wodlworth were .slightly heavy. ~ On the other hand, American Can, Kenecott, Corn Products. Cerro de Pasco copper' and Bohn Alum; inum clcsed firm. High 2-. . 2Vj ,'104-', . 64', 8 . 42-', . 48 THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) HECK. TWERE'sX SOMEONE Kt By Cowan PROMISES AID TO STILLMAN Cities Scrv SO of I^d . Amn Can .. Amn. T&T Amn Tob B Anaconda Atchison i .^iiburn ... /Beth Steel 15 Can Pac 13 Case J I ....... 46U Chrysler 14 Con Ga.s 59', Con Oil ., 5', Drug Inc 30 DuPont : 39's Gen Elec .. ' Gen Motors Int Harv ... Mont Ward Packard — Penney J C I^illips Petr Radio .^cony Vac - 3td.Brands . ^O'of NJ .. Tex'Cprp ... U S Steel Westingh E . - I.OCAI. PROnilCE. Eggs, first.s Eggs, seconds Eggs, thirds .-.. ..Sc Eggs, ungraded 7c Hens, No. 1 .8c I Hens. No. 2 Sc No. 1 Springs, I'L- lUs., up 6c No, 2 Springs 4c Capons, ovrr 9 lb.",. 11c Capons, over C lbs. 9i- .Cnjions. ovpr 7 lbs 7c Capon:;, under 7 lbs ;. Oc .Slips .;. '.7..;... 4c HutUTfat, lb ..14c Stags, lb. 4c /Cocks 3c Oeese, lb •••••8c '"rulnea.i, cnrh '.10b V7hite .Jticks, lb Colored Duckii, ib •••So Hides, per lb, ...Ic Mixca D'.rn.tou. ....15c Yellow Corn, bu ..IGf r Wheat, bu. 28c _ Kiiflr Corn , ...13c Kansas City Produce. Kansa.s City. Mo.. Jan. 23. (API- Eggs 9c. Butter—Creamei-y 22c; butterfat 9-14c; packing butter Oc. Poulti-y—Hens 7-9c; ropsters 3-4c; .springs 10c. at Kansas City Hay. KansaslCity, Mo., Jan. 23. lAPi — Hay: '49 cars. ^ Alfalfa—No. 1 extra leafv $ 12.50« 13.50; No. 2 $11.50f/12.00; No. 1 $9.50 'S 11.00; No. 2 leafy SfiiSOWQ.SO. Prairie—No. 1 $7.50; No. 2 $5.50 m 7.25. Timothy-No. 1 S9f( 10; No. 2 at $7.50'&8 .56. . - Kansas Cit^ Grain. Kansas City, Mp.,' Jan. 23 (.APV.. Wheat: 100 cars. 'iC up to 'ic down. No. 2 dark hard 44-45c; No. 3 nom. 41'.-50c; No. 2 hard 41'-.:-45c; No. 3 42'l-43>L.c; No. 2 red nom. 41=',- 47c; No. 3 nom. 41'.,-46'L-c. Close— May 41c; July 41'4c; Sept. 42'>4c. Corn: 26 cars. Unchanged. No. 2 .white nom. 22-23c; No. 3 nom. 22-22'l-c. No. 2 yellow nom, 22'-i. 23c. No. 2 mixed nom. 22'i-22^ic. __Close—May 23'.jc; July 24"ic. Oats: 4 cars. Unchanged. No. 2 white nom. 17-17'.jc; jNo. 3 nom. at 16-16',-:c. Milo maize 48-52c. Kafir nom. 38- 43c. Rj-e nom. 34-34'-ic. -Barley nom 21'v-24c. ^ K. C. Livestock Close. Hogs: Closed very slow on weights above 230 lbs.. 10-20 lower than Pri- ' flav's !\verage or 5-10 under Saturday; desirable 230-270 lbs., $3.00-15; :jon-325 -lbs., $2.80-3.00; good and . choice, 250-290 lbs., $2.85-3.05; 290- -35P lbs., $2.65-90. • Cattle; Fed, steers, yearlings and fat she stock steady to 15 lower; mostly 10-15 lower on strong weight .steel's; steers, good and choice, 900- JlOO lbs., $4.35-6.75; 1100-1300 lb.s., S3.85-6.35; 1300-1500 lbs.. $3.75-5.50; common.and medium, 550 Ib.s. up., .<;3.0n-4.75; heifers good and clioice, 1^50-000 lbs., $4.00-6.25. Sheep: Lambs clo^iln^ active, strong to 10 higher; packer top fed lambs S5;95; oUiers $5.60-90; top to .shippers $6.00; lambs, good and choice. 90-98 lbs., $5.25-90. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle. 5,000; hogs 5.000;. .sheep 7.QS0.. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Mo.. Jan. 23. (AP)— (U. S. Dept. Agri.) — Hogs 6,000; 1500 direct. Mostly steady with the Friday average on 230 l6s. down. Heavier weights dull. Top $3.25 on choice 160-210 lbs. Good and choice 140-350 lbs,. $2.75 (S 355. Packing . sows 275-550 lbs., $1.85(f»;2.40. Stock nigs good and choice 70-130 lbs. at , S2.501J2.75. f i Cattle: 13,000. Calves 1500. The killine clashes opening steady with stockers and feeders steady to 25c " higher. Choice 996 lb. fed yearlings $6.25. Steers good and choice 550- :i500 lbs., $4.00«?i6.75. Common and medium 550 lbs. up $3.00@5.00. Good Wliatevcr love she had lor her huisband was lost years ago, Mrs. Marjorie Baker Rochcfort labovoi .said in annotuicing ,she woiild aid Jiimcs A. Siillman in any suit for .Tlicnation of affections which her hu.sbnnd, Luc Rochcfort. might file the ' elderly banker whose marital litigation several y.cnr.s .nuo cn-ated a seii.satlon. HUMBOLDT NEWS Bethany Class of Presbyterian Sonday School Meets Thursday ' for Class Pai^y. HUMBOLDT, Jan. 22.—About forty members of the Bethany class of the Presbyterian Sunday .school met in the church basement Thursday evening to hold their party. The members with their teacher, Mrs. W. B. Glover, sat down to a six o'clock dinner, following which the remainder of the evening was spe'ht in gahics and a social time. All report a most delightful evening I.spent. . ' . The members of the executive committee of the woman's inission- j ary society: of the Presbyterian {church held a meeting at the church , Friday afternoon to plan the furth- 'er promotion of the society's work. The junior high basketball team went to Independence Thursday afternoon to play the junior high team there. The game resulted in a win for the Humboldt team, ^he score being 22 to 4. Several of the young folks from here went along to boost for their horne team. The Cottage Grove ladies' aid society southwest of Humboldtmet Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Wiley Davis of near ""Chanute. The time was spent embroidering; for the hostess. During the business session, the officers were re-elected for the ensuing year., followed iDy the annual report by Mrs. W. C. Sharp, .secretary. At the close of the meeting, light refreshments were served to the following: Mrs. C. C. Jackson. Mrs. E. L.- Yount, V Mrs. Jame? Davis, Mrs. J. E. Spencer. Mrs. Eugene Johnson, Miss Myrtle Johnson, Mrs. Mark Swank, Mrs. Lena Stewart, Mrs. W. H. Pens. Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Frank Booe. Mrs. E. R. Ladd, Mrs. Charles Coffman. Mrs. W. I. Reynolds. Mrs. Henry Storck, and Viola Storck The guests were Mr. Spencer. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Jathes, Davis and Mr. Wiley Davis. Mrsi J. E. Klrschner of Humboldt visited in Chanute Thursday with her . dauRhter-ln-Iaw, Mrs. Earl kirschncr. , Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Pugh and Mrs. Grnco;Carroll of Erie, wert business vIsltorK in Humboldt Wednesday, i M1.S.S Virginia Giles, Humboldt, has L. J. Kamons Alleged conspirators in an arson plot that cost 13 persons their lives, fotir men are held and another is himted on murder warrants after seven months of investigation. The warrants charge that the five men planned and set off an explosion in the Ellington business-and-apart- raents block in Cleveland last June I to collect insurance. Ray I. "Tiu-k, IJroprietor. of a barber supply com- Ray L Turk pany in the building, is alleged to have hired "professional arsonists." L. J. IKamons. former attorney, alleged "torch man" of the Cleveland fire, is a prisoner in a Permsylvania penitentiary, convicted in another arson' plot. Kamons, according to police, is the head of a firebug ring blamed for running into millions. Two Pittsburgh men, one an insurance adjuster, also are held. lioifers, .'i50-900 lbs. at 1 >"P'""1''^ home after attending a Cows, good • IS2.'35^< 2.75. ! locality culture school for several !ind choice $4*^5'':/6 25 o Vraler.s "'imllk ~7edi "medium'''to" the i ^'''elts at Kansas City, choice $2.50'!i 6.00. Stocker and | Mrs. Ida Dean. 71, whose death feeder steers, good aiid choice $4.00 i occurred Thursday at her home in fi5.75. j lola. was interred Saturday after- Sheep 8,000. Lambs isteady to'. noon in Mt; Hope cemietery, Hum- strong. Sheep and yearlings strong 1 boldt. the Rev. W. P. Wharton, of to 15c higher. Top fed la'ifibs to the | lola. in charge, shippers $6.00. Lambs 'good and j w. H. Burtch, .southwest of Hum- choice 'X) 90 lbs. down; at $5.50T( j i^oidt. has returned from a week's G.OO. Good and choice (xi 90-100. lb.; visit with his sister in Miami, Fla., $5.25f<5.85. Ewes good nnd choice . ^vho is seriously ill. Mr. Burtch re- 90-150 lbs. $1.50'P2.25. fx) Quota-j ports a slight improvement in his lions based on owes and wethers. Jan. fiENEVA I Mrs. T. R. Curtis.l 19.—Mr; and Mrs. Ktster 's condition. A jagged piece of silvery metal, found buried in a hedge tree on the Frank Schramm farm near Himi- boldt. is believed by Schramm to be , , "^^o'^SP I a meteor fragment. He stated that Tippin spent week ago last Tucs- | ^^as working near the hedge day with Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Pat- | early last Summer, arid is positive ten. Bush City. ! the metal was not there at that Mesdames Glen Cleaver and Henry i time. Grimm were visitors at Theo. Curtis's Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. T. R. Curtis and Bobbie Lou attended Y. S. club at Mrs. Vernon Chatterton's in Colony Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Laymon were callers at the homes of J. E. Grinstead and H. L. Barnett. -Mesdames Claude Walk and .son Paul and Eva Howland called at John Oliver's to see the baby:son of Mr. and_Mrs. Elmer Oliver Tuesday afternoon. Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Cena Grimm were Mr. and Mrs. Henry' Grimm. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cleaver. Mrs. Charles Beiuiett ! bronchial affection. Mrs. H. H. McClelland of South Ninth left on the early morning train Saturday for Kaftsas City, to consult a sisecialist relative to some eye trouble} from which she has been suffering of late. . Mr. and Mr.s. C. W. Mason of Chanute visited with friends in Humboldt Friday evening. Raliih Yount, Maple Grove, moved on a farm near Thayer a few days ago with his family. It ii'^ported that Mr. Seefken will occupy the Yount fariii in early February. John Loser Jr., small son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Loser of North "T^velfth street, is quite sick with and Fred Hines. Mrs. Charlie Leake has been spending a few days in lola helping care' for the sick, Mrs. Ida Washburn and Miss Addie Norman, who are some better at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Belknap and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Belknap spent Sunday evening visiting with Mr. and Mrs.'Glen Cleaver and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grimm. Mrs. Emma Knowlton passed away Monday evening at 'her home in Portland. Ore. The body will arrive in lola Friday evening. Her many friends were saddened to The P. T. A. meeting will be held"; at the Maple Grove school house Monday evening, January. 30. An interesting program is being planned, and all members are urged to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Louise Gilmorb, near Humboldt, are the proud parents of a .son, weight I'- pounds, born Saturday morning. MLss Edith Wlllhltc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Willhite of Humboldt, left Saturday for a two weeks' visit with relatives. The first and second basketball INDEPENDENCE Jan! 16—Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Larson visited a webk ago Sunday with Mr. arid Mrs. Orie Parker, Waverly district. . Mr. and Mrs. L. Howell of near Moran were visitors at the Harvey Bromagen home a week ago Sunday. Mi-s. Beulali Fimk of ; Columbus spent Saturday night and Simday with her sister-in-law, Mrs. L. A. Ayers. Mrs. Florence Kirton called Sunday evening for her mother, Mrs. Funk, and with her returned to Columbus where Mre. Kirton is finl.shing her year's work as county home denionstration agent. On Feb-, rtuiry 1st she with her liusband, Mr. Ted Kiiton win make their homo in Kingman county, where Mr. Kirton' is county farm agent. . Mr. and Mrs. Fi'ed Muer and son Oai-y of lola were Sunday visitors al the J. F. Funk home. Miss lone McVey was a guest of her cousin, Mrs. Leslie Larson, last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Pulse of La- Harpe spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kohler of Golden Valley were 'callers at • the L. A. Ayers home Sunday afternoon t6 visit Mr. Kohler's sister, Mrs. Beulah Funk. , Mr. and' Mrs. Gerdsen and their daughter of LaGrande district called at the Jake Myers home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Foster Funk was hostess to the Women's Missionary, society of Golden Valley church for an all day meeting last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Larson visited Mr. Larson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Larson of near Savonburg last Sunday. Friends here are glad to'know that Mrs. Piersoh who has been ill with pneumonia is gradually improving. Mrs. Pierson is the grandmother of Leslie Larson. A good oil well Was recently drilled in on the Oscar Brojvn farm. They expec£ to reset the casing find drill a little deeper into the oil sand. Mr. and Mrs. Karl 'Wiklund and family were Sunday evening callers at the R. H. Morris home. Tip Alimsbaugh was a Saturday night of Everett and Scott Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Myers. Joyce and Harlan were Sunday dinner guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Myers. Mr. and Mi's. Jim Tinsley and children of H\imboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Riley Low of Leanna were guests a week ago Sunday of Mrs. Tinsiey's and Mrs. Low's parents,' Mr. and Mrs. ,R, H. Morris. i SKYROCKET Jan. 18.—Mr. and Mrs. Herman Grundy. Gridley, spent Saturday nig-hi and Sunday at Tom man's. Pa\illne Zimmerman accompanied them home for a few day's vLsil. Opal Sears Is spending a few days with her aunt, Mrs. C. L. Alderman, while rocunorating from -an attack of tonsilUls. Mrs. Rose Ki.sei'.' Yates Center, spent Friday witli her sister, Mrs. Fred Daniels. ; Mrs. Pearl Ard and Joyce were Friday afternoon callers at Tom Zlmmermau'.s. , ^ • The regular commtinity meeting was held as Sky Rocket Friday night. A large crowd attended and a good program was given. The next meeting will be February 10. C. L. Alderman called at John Zimmerman's Sunday afternoon. Miss Jeanotte Way spent the week end with Miss Delores'Jones. Miss Jones has been ill of bronchitis and unable io teach school. However, she is improved at this writing and exijects to return to her school work next week. ' Messrs." Fred Stanley and soil, Frank Caldwell, Glen Bradford and Ross Matthews were callers at i'om Zimmerman's Sunday morning. • Mr. and Mrs. Conklih and family, west of Humboldt, spent Sunday afternoon with the Stin.son family. Mr. and Mrs. Park Sirunk ate Sunday dinner at the parental Krokstrom home. Mr. Paul Stinsou visited home folks Simday! Harold Krokstrom and daughter Lois were Siuiday giicsts at the Arthur Libby home. Tom Zimmernjan, Junior Zimmerman, and Fred Krokstrom made a business trip to Baldwin Saturday afternoon. Presidential Messages. The annual messages of the presidents are in conformity to Articles II. Section'3, of the Constitution. Washington and John Adams read 'their messages to congress. Jefferson originated the ciBtom of sending written messages. They are usually carried to the Capitbl by the private secretary of the. president and formally delivered to the clerks of the senate and house. President Wilson read his war messajge before a joint session of congress. and NEOSHO VALLEY UNION Union School Notes. Jan. |19—Mrs. Don Dillman. spent Sundayi afternoon with Mrk Robert Denton. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Zink and children j spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Millard. Crook and Lavem. Mrs. Tawhey and Muriy spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Butler. Mr. and Mrs. John Pauletic and Gearld spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Reynolds. Mr. and ^ilrs. Ed Osborn and their grandchildren, and Frank Cutright spent Simday with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lorance. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Osborn and their grandchildren attended the Pleasant Valley community program Friday night. • • Mrs. John Harris gave a party in honor of Prank Cutright of Orange, Calif., Wednesday night, and those present wer^e: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Osborn arid grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drake, Mr. and Mrs,. Fi'ed Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Inor Johnson and little daughter, Mrs, Geo. Wilson and daughter Ruby. Refreshments were Served. Clifford, Raymond and Jimmio Crea.son spent Saturday with Harry and Norbert Mormann. Mr. and Mrs. Jolui Fontaine and children, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Potter and children visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Albert McNeal who live between Chanute and Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. George Cline, Emporia, visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Adams Jr. The community meeting Will be held at Uiuon Friday evening, January 2'7. with a literary program.— Teapher and scholars. A small ad in the Classified columns often nuts over a big deal. ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions COMMUNITY SALE^Everv Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Barn. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE—Tuesday. Jan. ,24, 1 p. m.. 7 mi. nortli LaHarpe, 7. mi. S. E. Colony. Cattle, horses, hogs, chickens, feed, implements, furniture. Ray Snider. PUBLIC AUCTION—Thursday, 1:30 p. m.; six rooms household goods at 224 N. Chestnut, including Edison and 1 Silvertone phonograph with records. C. S, Bishop, Auct. Peisonals WILL TAKE CARE of aged and convalescent people in private home. Rates reasonable. Write P. O. Box 186, lola. OUT OUR WAY By Williams teams of the Yates Center high J . „ „, , school played the' first and second ?oH° '^H'" w AuntEm wlllbe|tea,ns of the Humboldt school in greatly missed. We have not hc.nrd ! ihe auditorium here, resulting In a H rim . ^ °'" iwin for the .second team and a de- thcy will have one here or not. | feat for the firet team. A good Leslie Barnett and sons butchered ' " " - - - ifeat for the first team, crowd witnessed both games. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cation and Mrs. Mary- Braucher and sister. Mrs. Lulu Greermian. all of South First street, entertained relatives froin Savonburg as their Sunday dinner guests. Miss Ruth Wallen. daughter of Mrs; G. S. Wallen of South Ninth street, who jhas been seriously ill a hog for H. L. Barnett Thursday. Miss Hazel Wallace was a business caller at Mrs. Grace Irwin's and Mrs. Fred McClanahans Thursday morning. Miss Margaret Irwin. St. Louis, is expected to arrive a week from today to visit her mother and sister. Mrs. Grace Irwin and Mrs. Elmer , ^j^^ ^ ten; days, is reported to be Oliver for a week and to get ac- , ^^^^^^j ^^^^ strength and hopfes quamted w-ith her new nephew., ht- ^ l,^ 3^,^ ^^ duties-as tie Richard Eugene Oliver. : ^ j^j^^h^r i,, j^^^h grade school; isoon. ' The Mission study class of; the: I Presbyterian church will hold its Sunday night at the hall during first meeting at the home of Mrs.: Christian Endeavor services they W.L. Clay of Osage street, on THies- caught two strangers stealing gaso- day afternoon' at 2:30 o'clock; to Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Frank Mabie Friday. February 10 Roll call "Bible Verses." line from the cars. They didn't know them, however they got their license tag number. "H. L. Barnett who has been sick remains about the same. which all riiembers are invited. Have you a house Jor rent? Or for sale? Want to biiy anything' Use the Classified coluipns I >Ne .t.U,DOMT BLAV/\E.' A\_\_ -fv-we ON KAE:! ALU OlO VWAS \.)Qv'7 TK" WA&»-* RAG- OKI THI' BATV-\ TUB AM-AKi- VME.\_v_, OOWT BLAME , ME. FHP \T AV.V.». vi V REMEMBER. ME-S, BuT -L'M GOIMGX To ^TT^iRT yjiTH woo! X'v-U TAWe CAoe. OF Tt^E v-iAMCr Tf^A-r WASH CLOTM Op—AMD. NOT f SWAPPER'S COLUMN BUUU — Registered Holstein. 15 montfaSi sired by 43 lbs. in 7 days, dam 400 lbs. as 2-year-old, to trade tor good horse.- Horace Lower, Route 1, Humboldt. Phone Humboldt 322F12. COW, CALF, and wood saw outfit to trade for pigs or sheep. C. A. Houk, 1 mile west and U.- north of Moran. Phone MOran 17P12. CREAM SEPARATORS—Used, to trade for .dattle, hogs or horses. Brownie's, Cream, Poultry. Eggs, Feeds, and Seeds. FOR TRADE—White male pig. 135 lbs., good blooded* some weigh ; a little larger; 75 Barred Rock pullets, all laying. Riley, 3 miles west, 3'i miles south lola. ' ^ HOLSTEIN- BjULL—5 months old. from good registered stock; w|ll trade for piggy sow or gilt, harness or plow. A. R. Stroup. Phoiie 387. - . HORSES. MULES—Will ^ trade for cattle or hogs or. what have youi? Will buy horses and mules. H. D. Smock, 302 South Walnut. VEAL CALF and hog to trade for piano. R. L. Bowen, 1 mile east, north Carlyle. , WANTED TO EXCHANGE—Furniture for good used pianos. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture. ANNOUNCEMENTS strayed. Lost, Found STRA"5fED—Taken up one Guernsey cow, 4 miles south Foster's Store, Kentucky street road. C. E. Hufferd, R. 3. lola. $5.00 REWARD for return of typewriter in good condition taken from office of Odor's Greenhousfe. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale BALES SERVICE Ply^^OUth Dependable Used Oars and Truck!} ELLIS MOTOR CO. . PhoneSOl Cash—Tra de—Terms AUTO PAINTING and^ B(M)Y REPAIRING We are completely equipped to give you' satisfactory service. See us about your, requirements, 1 ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service— Parts MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sal« BATTERIES — Guaranteed, »f.95. ? Ideal Garage. CLOSING OXJT Miscellaneous Hardware, garage door .sets, barn door, track and hay track yery cheap.-,. Geo. J. Marr, Fuller Bldg..' NEf comer square. MOTOR OIL—50c gftl.; 5 gal., $2.ia^ Ideal Garage. Phone 174. NEW DE LAVAL and Domo cream separators; De Laval repair parts;? good used De Laval and Melotte?" separators. Geo. J. Marr. Fuller. Bldg., NE comer square. i OFFICE DESKS and Safes, ninger's Fm-nlture Store. • iHen-' OFFICE EQUIPMENT—Desks.! safo-^ filing cabinets, chaire. Bates num^ boring machine, desks lariim. etc"". Geo. J. Marr, Fuller building-. N^.' corner square. ONE INCUBATOR, 150-egg, lonp egg; good condition. 400>- Hehniriger's. STORE FIXTURES—Counters,! show cases, counter drawers, shejlvinE^, ladders, etc. Geo. J. Man-.^^ilU?? Bldg.,-^NE corner square. 27 Feed, Fad, Fertilizers ALFALFA HAY and timothy also com, for sale. M. J. Bro'wfor, 3 miles northeast of lola. HAY—For sale, 10c bale. 3'i west of lola. Greene.'. , ' milCjS 28 Houoebold Goods CLOSE-OUT PRICES—Circulators, wood and combination heaters. Trade In old. Curtis'. 10 N. " SEVERAL Electric Washing chines, $12.50 up. Henninger "7 Wasl^. Ma's. •; USED STO'VES and 3Pumiture. Stor-a packed. Henninger's Fum. $tor^. USED ELECTRIC SWEEPERd and Washers at -bargain prices. Termi Free dellvenr.- W. H. Wood I Finb- Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. 3ft' Macbtnery and Tools DODGE '26 four-door sedan; baled prairie hay. $3 per ton. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. PONTIAC-BUICK ! GOOD WILL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR GO. i Authorized Bulck-Poritiac 214 N; Jefferson—Plio. 80 THE CHEVROLET DEALER > IIAS THE BEST USED CARS ; 1 IN TOWN 1928 Che^olet Landau Sedan 1932 Chevrolet Pickup 1929 Chev. Panel Delivery = 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1929 ChevTolet Coupe , 1927 Chrysler Roadster • 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe 1931 Ford Truck, long whcelbase 1930 Ford Coupe , 1929 Ford Truck 1929 Hudson Sedan 1928 Pontlac Sedan 1928 Pontlac Coach 1928 Hup 8 Coupe 1929 Whippet Coach Plenty of Other Bargaliu BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. i Kepairinj:—Garages BATTERY Recharging, 50c. Ideal : Garage. EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male DAIRY HAND wanted; married man. W. E. Munahy,; •_ FINANCIAL 17 Business Opportunities BLACKSMITH SHOP—Tools arid machinery for sale. 502 North street. Phone 1177, LIVE STOCK 21 Hones, Cattle. VebldM YOUNG PERCHERON HORSES4- BenJ, H. Bacon, 4 miles south arid east of Moran. Pho. Elsniore 511?. 2 FRESH COWS-^Por sale. C. L. Morrison, 4 miles north arid Z":;, east of LaHarpe. ; GARAGE SUPPLIES—Work b^nch es. bolt racks, bencli grinder, trie drill past stand, greasy tijuckfr, guns,, lots of tools, etc. J. Marr. Fuller Bldg., Nif of'square. , Geo. cbrne)' WALKING PLOW—14-lnch, condition, $8.00. Allen Count _j3lomont_Cp. i 30 Musical. Rddio PIANO—Good condition, cheap. Phone 1234. will 32 Wanted—To Buy GOOD COAL and wood heater lised dresser or chest of draive!rs must be reasonable. Phohe Real Estate For Rent good Im> .sen als9 e!rs;- 1234; 36 Farms and Land For Rent FOR RENT—7-acre suburban, -foul- room house, and other outliiildx ings. Second house south of tlu' lola Airport. For informiatiofl phone 1246. 160-ACRE FARM—Inquire at of 208 N. Washington Ave., c S. State street. R. Lawitzka 37 Houses For Bent reai- • 41i) FOR RENT—Houses, good locitlori. . See G. E. Pees. ..'it FOR RENT—Modem 5-room galow, hardwood floors, at Walnut. Inquire Vai}'s Bakeiy. 224 NICE MODERN HOME, one from Junior high school, 109 . First street. .block North Real Estate For Sa 40 Farms and Land For Sale SUBURBAN—10-acre, city \latei-, gas, electricity: also good red] milk cow. 815 South State. buav B. 15 ACRES— Improvements, we^ll \d- cated. Take small lola property aJS '-part payment. John Reuthe.f, lola, Kas. , ^ ' SO ACRES for sale, the N'-^ sW iS, 24, 20. Located 4 >i mi. nort| of Moran. About all in cultiva'-i tlon. Lays smooth. Good lantl. Good set of imprpvemenUs on it. Price $30 an acre. Terms on SlflOia. Bankers Mortgage Company, TCi- peka, Kas. 41 Houses For Sale FOR SALE OR RENT —Six-iroom house, modern, double garage. In-" quire 1021-North Jefferson, Ipla.- 5-ROOM MODERN—Good qondl- tlon, near Lincoln school, a bargain; terms. lola Land Co. 6-ROOM HOUSE for sale, modern except furnace; located at 302 W. Jackson; will sell on term.^ like rent. Bankers Mortgage Company, Topeka. OPPORTUNITY National organization has an opening for a man of good Btanding. The na:ture of hi.s work will be to .sell listed stocks and bonds. The man who qualifies for this position is n0w employed or engaged in business and is a nTan of good habits. References and surety bond required. This is a permanent connection for the right; man and offers opportunity for advancement. Address Box 76 in care of this newspaper. ;

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