Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 24, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1955
Page 7
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Diiti PA-2-4600 for a WANT, AD Taker , EVENIN0 TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER;'^, 1955 SEVEN Japan Farmer Unhappy After Uranium Payoff AH New»ftatiires '•..... IWAIZUMI, Japan—Farmer Shoichi, Sato, 60, thought ho had a fair deal when he sold his mountain for $40 ten years ago. But today he is a very unhappy man. His once seemingly worthless hunk of hill is considered to be one of Japan's richest uranium de O' s ' : T^'or years, the slope, which rises 300 feet above Sato's farm, yielded nothing. So when a mining company came to him 'and said it wanted to buy it to look for manganese, Sato willingly agreed. The mining company sank a shaft, bored several deep, pros- yen .. . but no manganese. A year ago, the owners ruefully wrote oft Ihe mountain as a dead liability. Last April, a semi-official learn of geologists and physicists from Tokyo spent a week surveying the mountain with high-precision radiation equipment. Now their report is in. It was far from dead, they said. It contained at least 7,000 tons of high-grade uranium and torium deposits. Jacoby On Bridge Ruff Is Easy Play Ot Game By OSWALD JACOBY Written (or NBA Service 'This-week we continue.the dis uission of how to play trump con tracts with .a few hands tha feature, ruffing tricks. Ruffing is ot course, just another word for trumping, but you usually ,lhink o benefiting by a ruff, whereas you might 'lose by trumping. A rather''fine distinction, but not as important as the plays themselves.. Today's, hand shows the ruffin] trick in one of its simplest forms South miist sooner or later run a peeling wells and spent millions of diamond in the dummy in order to avoid, losing a diamond trick Everything depends on whether hi does it sooner or later. West opens the four monds, and . South lets around lo the queen in his owi hand, thus discovering that th suit breaks no worse than 4-1.. A worst, therefore, South will;have to ruff one diamond in the dummy This ruffing trick will use lip oni of dummy's four Irumps. Bum my's olher three Irumps are no needed for any purpose' at all Golden Ripe Bananas 2 Ibs. 33c Yellow Sweet Potatoes 4 Ibs. 25c Florida Grapefruit 4 for 29c Florida Oranges 49c doz. Red Tokay Grapes 2 Ibs 25c Anytime is Time for a. Glass of MILK For meals extra good to eat This recipe is hard to beat: Serve them milk as a treat! Mealtime or anytime, to make a hit Give theni milk . . . it's a favorite! Drink 3 Glasses of Queen Oily M-i'L-K Every Day! 310 S, Miehanic Si. PhoiM PA 44MOO Th« ONLY Dairy In WMtorh Md. With COMPLETE'Daily Laboratory Control! Nothing is lost, Ihercfohvif South draws three rounds ot .trump; before, doing anything', about; the . .....' NORTH. Z4 A Q10 7,4 • , • ' V8742 . »K73 •'• ":+J7. • . WEST ' EAST AK932 AAJ5 »9 ' V J105 * J984 » 10 + A1063 ' + KQ8542 'SOUTH (D) . ' *86 •'•"<!' VAKQ63 ;• »AQ652 - *9 . East-Wesfvul. South West North Eut !¥-- Pass 2V Pass 4V, Pass Pass Pass' Opening lead—4> 4 • Episcopalians Hear Report A personal report on the recent oncval Convention of the Pro- cslant Episcopal Church was lado yesterday by Theodore C. uy, treasurer -of the Diocese ot Maryland, in place of the morning ermon at Emmanuel Episcopal liurcli. Waters, who was a delegate to le convention'which met for 12 ays last month, termed his re- larks those of a "roving report lie confined his report to a few f the most significant actions aken at (he convention. He. ialf-Sise Style diamonds. Hence' South should proceed'with,the three rounds of trumps immediately in order jo extract all-of'East's trumps. Only then is it safe for South to cash the top diamonds and ruff a diamond in the dummy with North's last trump. When this has been done. South makes three further tricks -.vilh his two remaining trumps and .the last diamond, ful fillingt contract. South would lose his contract if he fiddled about with the diamonds before he had drawn three rounds of trumps. East would gladly ruff a diamond if given the chance to do so, and then the defenders could set the contract with two spades and a club.. . This simple principle can be applied in many hands: Draw as many (rumps as you can afford to before you go after ruffing tricks. Q—The bidding has been; North E«t South West I Heart Pass I Spade Pass 1 N.T. Pass . 7 You,' South, hold: »AQJ7.i »75 4KQJ62 *5 What do you do? A—Bid three diimonds. With 13 points ind two stronc suiti opposite &n opening bid you can liford to insist on 2 same. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding has been: N'orth Elit South West 1 Diamond Pass 1 Spade Pass 2 Clubs Pass ' You. South, hold: 4>K 109J5 V»43 *<t *A76 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Firemen Buy New Pump, Hose The Baltimore Pike Volunteer Fire Company recently purchased a portable pump and hose to'be .used in.fighting grass and woods ifires where it is difficult to tab :he regular apparatus. The cos was S545. - •'.-.. The pump is equipped with'an cight-and-one^uarter horsepowc motor and delivers 200 gallons o water a minute at 90 pounds prcs sure.' The company also purchased .wo-way radio sel for its truck, ac cording to Roy Gross, president ind Harry M. DeHaven, chief Joseph 'Bruner was chairman o .he fund raising drive. Marriage Licenses Joseph Edgar Field Jr.. King wood, W. a., and Shirley Gail Nucc Masontown, W. Va. John Francis Krampf, RD S Bedford Koad. and Miilie Regin; Hinds, 641 Elm Street. Kenneth William Kimble. 32. lalisbury Street, and Betty Louis Baker, RD 2, both Jteyersdale, Pa Herbert Paul Diehl, lit. Savage and Agnei Jean Roscnberger Flnze]. Richard Vincent Skidmore am Evelyn -Marie Wright, both Eck hart. Stephen Joe Cormachia, 41 Springdale Street, and Thelma Eli zabeth Growdcii, 103 Virginia Ave nue. John Isaac Shaw, 626 East Lain; Avenue, and Pnulinc Stella Shaw •H2 Race Street. Andrew James Shaffer, Somer set. Pa., and Martha Louise Solo man, Meyersdale. Pa. PRESCRIPTIONS Delivered FREE • Four Regittcrad Pharmociiti • All Prt Kriptioni Tiiplt '*• V ,-»> '" '' Walsh &McCagh PHARMACY 101 N. CtntrtSt. Maryland'* Ltading Prttcriptien Start Look In the ncllon In which your birth' day comta and find what jour outlook Ii, according to the bturs. . '• ' , For Tuodir, Uclubtr ".M, ]»M MARCH 21 to AI'KIL 20 (Al'lHl-You nuy oc limited In the scope ' of'. your uUvitlci.-but don'l rallon the "wallty ,oi your work. A kern, analytical outlook mpoi-tanl. Iloullnc and domesticity most tavorcd. ;_ • APIilL 21 lo .MAY 20 lTaurus)-Don,l permit your ' natural enthusiasm ana lour Hdrostrope ? ive Generations ii Law Practice ability to produce (o be atlflod by "wet blankets." Avoid arguments which utual- Jy lead nowhere. Plan an "action day." .MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—International news muy bring a surprise. _... your true worth) your position may be. Impi'ovcd thereby. Maintain a cheery •ttttudr, which other* will appreciate, - JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Umuctl talents, like hoarded money, do not pro. duce. Donate your efforts to worthy causes. A display of dignity and a discerning program beat bets today. Stay Jose lo your job. JULY 24 to AUGUST 23 (Lco)-Youi associations can "make or bieak" you Choose the RIGHT ones. Use Jogle, reasoning. Join the DOKRS. move swiftly these days; keep pace — you are 'able. AUGUST 23 to SBPTEMBKB 23 (Virgo)—Use care in finances and employ' nit matters, Interchange of Ideas with associates, plans for future action favor- id. Give your best. Don't lake ail at "face value." SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Lib ra)—Promote new, elevcr methods when the opportunity presents itself. Lost tirr Is never regained. Don't be temper, ricntal or you will destroy your effective- •ess. • OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- - dangd ™V« c servcd that the move lo' change he name of the church by drop- 1 ring the word Protestant from Is title was*defeated, as 'was' a novc to give women the right to serve as delegates lo the'General Convention. , . Much importance'was given to the church's missionary program al the convention which adopted i $0,807,974 annual mission budget for Ihe church for the next four /ears.- Considerable concern also was expressed about the'4,000,'30 alcoholics in this, Country. \VaterS | ploj--pon 1 t dwell on past unpleasantness, said his personal view/was that ""* more effective work can be carried on at Ihe diocesan and parochial level in rehabilitating alco- lolics than on a church wide scale. The diocesan treasurer also reported that Ihrec Marylanders ^ere/elected to positions of • importance at the convention in Honolulu. He said lhat Rt. Rev. Harry Lee Doll, the new suffragan bishop, was named secretary to the House of Bishops; Harrison Garrett, a member of St. Paul's Church in Baltimore, was elected to the board of trustees of the church pension fund, and Rev, Don Frank Fenn, rector of St. Michael's and All Angels Church in Baltimore, was one of the two clergymen elected from, the con- ames Allen has on his office will 10 law certificates of his great- real-grandfather, his great-grand- other, liis grandfather, his father nd himself. The oldest was made lit in 1790 and the second in 1813. His great-grandfather's is especial- y interesting—he was president of Virginia Supreme Court (18S1- 1 8651 and a Congressman. Grandfather got his certificate ' 1854. Father was (he only one ot named John James Allen. He 'as William Ross Allen, licensed ) practice in 1892. 'The present ohn James Allen got his certifi- ate in 1932. [linking to promote more progressive action. Spend free time cheerfully. NOVEMBER 23 ISagittarius)— Ther vention to the of the church. National Council Local Girl Pledged Lambda Nu sorority at Gettysburg College has pledged Miss Norma Grimes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Grimes. 313 Footer Place. She is a junior at the college. Sorority Pledges Girl Miss Judith Zimmerman, daugh- er of Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Zimmerman, Braddock Road, has been iledged by Alpha Delta Pi sorority|| it Northwestern University. to DECEMBER 22 ._ - - . »ave some changes made during the past fen iks that generally affect your business or finances. Review carefully; study ne\v ossibilitles; retrench where you should. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Cap rlrorn)—People can be aggravating, you say at times—hut when we AL" people, so we ALL fit into the the-next-fellow category occasionally Recognizing our own shortcomings IF important. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius)—Why not enjoy the benefits if this day fully? Ypu will if you go ibout duties conscientiously and also enjoy the pastimes you like for relaxation Keep on an even keel. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces 1 —Trust others as yo Also remember to there could be deceit or even witless cr- rors. Da not overlook details, no mallei wish t investi be trusted, where how xmall. YOU BORN* TODAY have a ' ariety ol assets for a variety of fields. Bui y may tend to spread your artivJHi interests too thin and thus defeat the-ex nt gains your talenii could produce .. you. Concentrate on one or two tilings at a time, and you will feel less rushed, better fit for bisger thing!. You could do well at • law, military life science.- You. have unusual energy and recuperative p'o w e r s. Birthdate of Ceoi-Res Biiet, famous Fr. music com poser; Thomas Babinjrton Macauley noted Ens. essayist, statesman; Richard Byrdt a viator-explorer. (Copyright, 1933, King Features Syndicate. Inc.) The long line of fashions—most limming of all for the Half-Sizer! lee it displayed in this lovely new dress: just the hint of a longer vaist, atop >lhe simple graceful ikirt. Sewing? Easy—palteYn is iroportioned to fit perfectly! Pattern 4643: Half Sizes 14V: 6!i, 18'.i, HJ'.i, 22',}, 24!i. Size 6!i takes 3Vj yards 39-inch, fab- ic. Embroidery transfer included. This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complele" illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-five ccnls in .coins for this pattern—add 5 cents, for each pattern' for Isl-class mail- ng. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of The Evening Times, 42 Pat- crn- Dept., 243 West 17th St.. New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME. ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE nnii STYLE NUMBER. Looking with Luke For air:conditionin| ; home ••'.'•;. roofers ' or any.olher product or service you need for lh« ' home or business, look first In the .. '• YELLOW PAQES of ... • .• your .Telephone Directory." You save time and troubl* when you use this handy buying guide. THE CHESAKME ( POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMMNY OF IUTIMOIE CITY Complete Prescription Service • Freshest Pharmaceuticals • Fast, Accurate Service ecause WE SPECIALIZE in Prescriptions ; UCHTENSTEIN'S Medical Aris Pharmacy Somutl Wtrthiimtr. B. Sc N. tibtrty St. • Phone PA 4-3730 Anytim* FINCASTLE, Va. - Wl — John senlcd at a slalewicle clinic In Hankers Will Attend ' Clinic On Operations Cumberland banks will bo rcpri- Bank management, operations and consumer credit at the Lord Haiti- • more Hotel, Baltimore, November.. 1C. , . . . !.; The session is sponsored by the Maryland Bankers Associalion. Summer Htat Sop Your Fntrgf? TAKE KfXAU SUPER PLENAMINS Hulti-yitimln tihlits 36-day supply 2.59 FORD'S DRUG STORES Cumberland and Frostburg You Can Always Do Belter In A P. S. Mkl. • Chase & Sanborn • Luzanne • Maxwell House • Wilkins COFFEE 91 Ib. rUM WHOIE 5TRAW»E«RY Preserves 21 "; 53c MUSSEtMAN'i ASS'T Jellies 2!:35c MUSSEtMAN'S SOUR PITTED Cherries 2<°">43c Yellow Cooking ONIONS 5c , b Md, Gold Sweet POTATOES 5c, b WHILE YOU ARE MAKING A SALAD It is unbelievable — but while you are preparing the fastest salad —you can also have hot rolls on your table—a new vista in modern living. HOT ROLLS ON YOUR TABLE IN MINUTES! BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE BAKERS OF BLUE Rl

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