Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 12, 1933 · Page 6
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 6

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1933
Page 6
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'BUT Of AJtBT AJf*f DAILY TXIBUMB TIMIf. IOWA, SATUIDAY, ACQUIT 12, .KLES AND HIS FRIENDS a~.ferw>mfc CALL 2338 IF YOU HAVE GOODS i you want to sejl for c»s& or coa- sijn to our weekly .auctions. Snydcr anfl Allen, tuctlomere. 'Work Wanted, M*le WANTED: TO 'GET IN TOUCH with local person driving to St. Louis soon. Snare expense. Box 2663 Tribune. 4—Str»y«4. imt, Fovad LOST: BRINDLE AND WHITE bull terrier, "Jojo." R«ward. 1426-J. 8—Auction 200 FEEDING PIGS; 24 <vt. 400 to 500 Jbs.; probably 100 feeding lambs; usual amount other livestock; nearly new McCofmiek corn binder and othtr property at Knight gile company's auction next Wednesday, Aug. 16th. u '. , -- lth trictor ' r ±Tr — t>t »W.v^ F £ LL , PL ° W , IKO * alte1 ' p » uls ° a 3tt—See 6BBD, RYE, «5c BUSHEL. JOHN JBeejer, Kelley. for 65c. Sweet corn, 10 doz.,' 76e. Ph&ne 24F5. SUPERIOR QUALITY GOLDEN sweet corn for canning and drying. At whdlesaie. Call 32F3. WILL TAKE ORDERS FOR tweet corn and cucumbers, be Ilvered. 475-W. »—AutojnoMbs, Trucks tor S laJej USED CARS 1923 Chevrolet Sedan. 1&31 Ford Coupe 1929 Nash coach. 1323 Chevrolet Truck with stock rack. 1929 Ford Truck. Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 3E5 5th and Douglas Pontiac Coupe Splendid Condition $125.00 Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth . Dodge - Otdsmobite LINCOLN SEDAN Very good, cheap '31 Biiick coupe, like new. '2-S Durant 75 sedan, reasonable. IniH-uational pickup truck, uew. big discount MAX DTHTCH AUTO BXOH Phone 1000 323 5th '31 Chevrolet Coupe $285 Rumble se*t. McGee Motor Co. Nash, De Soto, Plymouth 321 Lincolnway FRESH CUCUMBERS. ALL SIZES. 7Sc bushel. Phone 26F21. FOR SALE: CUCUMBERS, ALL sizes. Phone 2CF2. «3t—Fruit j SPRAi'KU, JttaMj rnji\&u L>u'i,H ess apples, $1.25 basket % mile (south Ontario. 63F3. 64—Household Uooda Buy Your Furniture At Wholesale Prices -will be higher. Call at Walsh's and get a customer's introductory card. Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. Phone 6£5 15—JPW aaje, f HERE YOU ARE, FOTHTO CK AMD LOTS OF Red's on the Short End! WOULD OME OF VOU &OYS COME AND OPPY THE LUNCH? WE WAMT TO 6ttT STARTED ON OUR HIKEf CARBV THfc LUMCM- T LET ME. HAVE, rr— THKT*5 TOO) HEAWV foe vou! r iUt...WAK»Kfc A LOT, OgO. BUT PERHAPS FRBCKLE& WOULD UKt 10 CARRY ft/ V A «M'N POP | gt ISS O THE OWL CUCKTLUNOCO iC WITH, we SEEN ABCESTfDIN A MUfoE, ANDTHECOI»S APE OUT Tb TRY AMD FJMD HER LUNCH&OM Aid WON DEC CHICK HAS T,HE OlYTERS. ^ ALLEY OOP IN FROM DODGING C0t»s! AMI MAtTCfe WTTH OUMPlt*5 AT squNp A Case of Nerves! BUT TO rr. AMD WOMTME TOSA, POT/ By Cowan &AL.L: u.NE 2 HORSED ; power gas engine, several 3 phase electric motors. Phone 648 L. W. Ames Machine Shop, S20 Second street JFORSALE:FERNERY WITH fern and bird hatiger. Room 221 Sheldon-Munn Hotel. 76— Wanted, Miscellaneous TO BUY OR TRADE for old buildings to wreck. Write 2652 Tribune. Phone 294 See These Used Cars Before You Buy! Dodge Sedan : $185 Nasn Sedan |125 '29 Ford Pickup $65 Mathi*on Motor Co. Well,it'* This Way! "You see officer, I couldn't tell how fast I was going, 'cause my speedometer isn't working." No excuse. You should have it fixed at Cliff Roberson Garage PHene 34 412 Burnett i SECOND HAND ELECTRIC •washer, in good condition. In{quire 3300 Woodland ave. A Tail of Woe! - - ---^ WEU..PH GLAD QOtNQON A MMATON. AS OUWPY AS A, FROG II NTAH, I CANTSLEtR At?£ AU. SHOT. I GUESS By Hamlin I WANTED: 5 OR 6 ROOMS OF ! furniture from part} leaving city. Write 2664 Tribune. WANTED: FOUR HOLE COOK stove. Plion^, 1577. TB —Poultry for Sale POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs 17c per Ib. Young fat heas ...12c " " No charge for dressing and deliv ery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. Jrt ei«*»i 04—HOHH«« for Bent FOR RENT: CIX ROOM MODERN house. Reasoaable. Good location Phone 1444-J. FIVE ROOM MODERN, FURN- ished bungalow. Hot water heat. Garage. Write £661 Tribune. THREE BEDROOM HOUSE IN best condition. Garage. Inquire 323 Sixth street WHITE ROCK FRnS. MILK FEU 2i& to 4 pounds. No charge for dressing' qnr) riplippry Phonp 371 J 1&2S CHEVROLET COACH FOR sp.le. New rubber, new battery, Ee>v brakes, good for several years. Call 2102 Ames. r 7—Auto Repairs WE FIX THEM 8&—Apftrlipenu, CALL 486-J Apartments and houses, close tg college, clean, neat, convenient priced right Cbas. Miller, 135 Haywdod Ave. FOR RENT: 7 ROOM -MODERN house adjoining campus. Call 26-J. ONE HOUSE AND TWO JFURN- ished apartments. 1564-W. »5—Wanted tQ. Rent. Unu.-se SMALL MODEKX HOUSE. REA sonpble. C*U 34. 01: They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 823 Uncclnway Phone 910 L 12~Be«uty Service PRICES ADVANCE MONDAY. Get your $2.50 permanent now. Allene's Beauty Shop. Phoiie 427. ATTRACTIVE A p A R T M EN T. Reasonably priced. Near campus. 117'Stanton. ' JAPAHTMjKNffe AND MUUKKN j bungalow foi rent Diile Broib I ers. 322 -Ijjj. Phone 196. i _ - T ^, * - APARTMENV FOR RENT: FURN ished or unfurnished 3 rooms. Call 1809. 622 Douglas. FOR RENT: ATTRACTIVE FOUR room heated apartment. 512 Douglas. Phone 1272. 47—Farms & Lands for Ki-riij 'AriAi *'UK • ENT: GOOD quarter section five miles north Ames. Phone 24F13. CHICAGO '(HE)—Livestock: HOGS : v 13,000, including 11,000 direct. Only small supply offered around. 10 cents lower. Scattered sales 180 to £50 ibs., .$4.40@$4.50. Top $450. Other weights down to $4.00 and below, 280 to 290 Ibs. going at $4.10@$4.20. Odd lot pigs $3.25 down. Packing sows $3.25® ?3.60; Shipers took 500. Estimated holdovers 2,000. CATTLE: 800. Compared clase [last week: All grades light weight fed steers and light yearlings 25 I cents higher.. Medium weight and weighty steers after recovering early decline, steady. Light heifers and next yearlings showing maximum upturn. All dry fed steers I closing active at la'te advance. 'Strictly grain fed cows steady. !>*•—'Jftanns & Lands for Sale lit—Business Service Offered Furnaces Cleaned! Lei us dead youi furuifce now with our (Jew Super Suction •Bye- Jem. Guaranteed satisfaction at a low cost Pboue 6<j2 A. G. Speers Fumaqe and Tin S)iop 119 E. Seventh Upholstering Refinishing Repairing Little Furniture Shop Main FOrf SALE OR TRADE: TEN am fruit and u-ucb land located in Mfcricn coaniy, Fla.. close to good town. Will sell reasonable or will consider trade.—Oliver F Kellogg. 913 puff Aye.. Ames. Answers to Test Questions Grassy kind, unevenly 25 to 40 cents lower. Bulls off 2£ to 40 cents. Vealeis 50 cants higher, very scarce. Most grass cows, in fun but supply grass steers of stocker merit very scarce. Most fed steers ?5.50@56.75. Extreme top heavy weight $7.40. Best long yearling steers $7.25. Light yearlings $6.85. Light heifers $G,35. . SHEEP: 5,000 for week ending Friday. 43 doubles frpni feeding sta- j tion, 20,300 direct. Today's market nominal compared close last week. Lambs 50 -to 75, cents higher. Attracted .supply of a factor in reactionary late trade. Yearlings lost most of early gain. Sheep and feeding lambs scarce and firm. Extreme top range lambs $S,90. Outstanding quality late $8.75. Weak bulk, wide quality lange, $7,25@$S.50. Weaks top natives. $3.60. Best at close $8.50. Finishing bulk SS.25 downward, throwouts- $4.50@$5.00. Weaks. bulk yearlings, $5,50@ 55.85. E*es, $1.5C@$3.00. Feedltig Iambs $6.25@$6.60. ONE TWO ROOM AND ONE three room apartment. 412 Main. Call 560-W. Plumbing^- Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 £• A, Foy NEW 5eji. furpace repair work. vacuum cleaned Eve trough work F. A. Gould Phcn* S87-J 312 Ma|n FRONT ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment. Private entrance. Pri-' vate bath. Call 1^43-J. FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2129. DESIRABLE APARTMENT, EV- erything furnished. Outside entrance. 310 Lincoln way. , APARTM'ENT: FRIGIDAIRE, laundry, telephone privileges. 130S. DESIRABLE TWO ROOM FURN- ished apt Phone 7S3-W. FOR RENT: APARTMENT. 317 Sixth street. ROOM AND KITCHENETTE. 309 Seventh. TWO FURNISHED APTS. WITH garages. 939-W. 46~~Wanted, Kooni* or Board TWO GIRLS WANT ROOM AND board with widow or middle i?ged rou»K Write 2662 Tribune. I ........_... .^^^••••^•••••^^•'•••••^•^ C. E. SUCHER I'iiuits and Papers C Ph»n« U82-J AMKS OARHAGE CO LE\<; Phone 2flfiJ j 27— Work Wa^Uwl. Female of nil kinds. Uood. clean tipranlcfil, Roth Uptown RIK! ward, "Cc per liour. Cull 89—Business Places-for Rent . uL'j.s'l'. SMAM- STORE building on campii . Call 490. I for Sale SALE: MODERN HOIISK IN Oilbert. Five rooms and bath, full basement, double garage. Six miles from colltge on good ro»ds. es. $2,600. H. R. Martin, • phone 4fi 04—House* for Kent Value of Wheat Adjustment Plan Explained Here The dollsrs and cents value of the wheat adjustment program to j the individual farmer can be explained best by considering the case of ah imaginary farmer, Sam Smith in southwestern Iowa, who grows an imaginary 40 acres of wheat producing an average of 25 bushels au'acre. according to Murl McDonald, assistant director of the extension service at Iowa State college and in charge of the educational and organization work on the wheat adjustment program in Iowa. > This farmer would have produced 1000 bushels of wheat each of the three years 1930-32. If Mr. Smith agrees fo sis;n the acseage reduction contract, he will be eligible for a benefit payment jon 54 percent of hiB 1000 bushel average production or 540 bushels. This benefit payment will amount to |162 if the full 30 cent benefit payment is made, Secretary Wallace has said that the payment will be at least 2S and possibly 30 cents per bushel. Mr. Smith will receive two-thirds of this amount or about $10S sometime after Sept. 15 and $54 next. spring after the local inspectors report flm he has lived up to his acreage reduction agreement, Sfll- ing the 1000 bushels of wheat he produced this ypnr at 70 cents a bushel will net $700.00. AssuminR that vSecmary Wallace asks a 20 percent reduction in the whont acresKe. Mr. Smith will plant 32 acres this fall, or onon/th to give him SOO bushols in 1fi.n with an avf>ra.R.' yield o" 2f. bushels. He will sfll this at market price] hrlnRltiK Mm $r,f>0 If the price, |»' 70 rents n bushel. He will i.n«tn Below ar« the answers to the test questions printed on pag« »ne. 1. One of the largest known diamonds,, now among the British crown jewels, 2. Konigsberg. 3. Morpheus. 4. Ii was tiie first name of Napoleon Bonaparte. 5. An Australian kangaroo. 6. Harvard, 7. Legendary site of King Arthur's castle and lourt. S. State of Washington. 9. White, yellow-brown, and black. ; 10. Platinum. Today's Markets PHce» b!<J By local cfealert ••• Broken Heart Is Something Real Expert Declares ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., (UP.)—A broken heart is .something real and can lsa<i to physical complications, according to expert medical testimony in a divorce trial in chancsry court here. Dr. D. Ward Scanlan,. specialist desoribed^a broken heart as a. psychic condition and said, that two or three slapg from a husband might cause i loving wife, to have a general hreakdown. If a wife did not love her husband, such slaps would b« comparatively harmless, Dr. Scanlan said. Taking a hypothetical case, the Specialist testified that three slaps from a husband within a space of six months might induce anaemia, loss of weight and eventually a general breakdown. Dr. \ Scanlan appeared in a suit brought by. Mrs. Lillian Sa«l against her husband. Dr. Harry Saul, dentist. She asks divorce on grounds of cruelty. AMES BABIES IN STATE FAIR CONTEST (Continued from Page One) Rew, 825 Duff ave., Beverly Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W, titt, 115 S. Hazel ave.; Florence Helena, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Likely, 718 Crawford Ave.; Rosemary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Schneider, 115 E. llth St.; Norman, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A.. Zenor, R. F. D. 2; Paul Edward, son, and Anna Belle, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Jensen, R. F. D. 1. Nearly 5'00 babies from every part of the state have been entered in the fair contest this year. The event is. open to any boy or girl between the ages of 12 and 36 months, - with special sections for rural, town antl city babies, and with special c asses also prc- vided for twins, and for children showing greatest improvement in health during the last twelve months. . , Four hundren dollars in prize* and trophies will be awarded the winnei In this year's coritest Judging* of contestants will be in progress every day of the fair from Aug. 25 to 31. This will be one feature of ,the state womeri's exposition, a highlight of the fair schedule. Other .-women's events will include a state -culinary stidw. style show, a .home furnishing and interior decoration show, little theatre plays, state music festival, statewide canning competition, Iowa Art salon, parent-teacher programs, and thirty woman's farm bureau projects and demonstrations. Due to numerous requests, the time for entries to be filed in the baby Lealth coi-test" has been ei- tendeJ to Tuesday, Aug. 15. Entry blanks may be had- on application to the secretary of the state fair. ., , ,. <i<l 01 tuitiirnlalied. oil rf fi'O |,- •-. rMnaiti same. This adjustment payment is an amount, of course, which is intended to give the wheat on which payment is made p.m chasing power equal to the pre-war period. Planting 32 acres again in the fail of 1934 and producing SOO biishels of wheat. Mr. Smith would again receive |516 for his crop at 70 cents a bushel. Assuming that the present benefit payment remains the same he would again receive $162 from the government. The three years fc-heat crop plus the benefit payment would bring Mr. Smith $2,306. If he had not joined the wheat adjustment program and had his regular acres he would have 3000 bushels of wheat at 70 cents a bushel which would have netted hm $2,100. In other words. Mr. McDonald explained. Mr. Smith received a total of $206 more by signing the contract and reducing his acreage than he would have had hfld he not joined the wheat adjustment program. In addition to receiving more money. Mr. Smith did not have to plant, eare for and harvest as much wheat as if he hnd not adjusted his production. Furthermore, Mr. McDonald e,x plained, the benefit payment raay be conaidernd in the form of crop insurance since it Is based on 54 percent of the avernpo past, three years' yield nnd the farmer re- e*lve$ lt»refarrtle«s of whether hft h«n a crop failure or n high yield, irovWInR. of co"'Fe. IK hr.s plnnt<M H's adjusted arrow In a workmanlike No. 2 corn Bar corn 27 Oream, sweet . Creain, sour EggS, No. 1 ... •Eggs, No. 2 Y "...'.'.~<i Heavy bens, 4^4 Ibs. and up .'..& Heavy hens under 4^ ibs. and leghorns 0 Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over 12 Heavy breed springs, under 4 Ibs .g, Leghorn springs 5^. All roosters .. ; 4c All number two . two cents leas. CHICAGO <U.E)—Produce: EGGS: Market steady, ed; receipts S.451 cases; extra firsts 12%$13: firsts 12@l2y, • current receipts llig'11%; dirties 9 TSBUTTER: Market steady, unchanged; rerelpts 15.656 tubs; spe'- clals 20@20'/4; extras 19^.; extra, firsts 1S@19; firsts 17@17%; g« c . otids 16@16%; standards 1S% POULTRY: ?'Krket easy; re . celpts 7 trucks; fowls •? I0@li; springers 10; legliorus 8; dueks 7 @^Vy', geese 7§)S: turkeys 10@U; rdostera 7; leghorn broilers 11014'. CHEESE: Twins. 13@l3t^ ; ' Longhorns l.ViffiH. POTATOES:"On track 11-4; ar . rivals 66; shipments 366; market steady to slightly stronger. Museum Cats Orangutan CHICAGO, «',n>—Onr of the larg- fst orangutans over obtained is ln- ^'u'led In ft habitat ?roup of t) )e animals now Installed in William V. Kflley hall nt (lie field museum of natural history. The exhibit is a family group which reproduces faithfully the wen? in Rorhfo where the anlm/ils w*r» raBlured. Tb« orang in on«> or thA fonr niOaf mnnliko of cxlHnt npc». the nttws the gorilla, the clllTnpangce, i e/lbbon, ' Allan Machine Shop Iron. St«el and Wood Work yieqtric and Acetylene Welding Plotf Shovel and Diic frork AMES LAUNDRY Try Oyr Thrifty Sirvict Phon6 47 TRY BILL AND ETHEL'S LUNCH A cool place to eat cool summer foods. All newly decorated. BELH — BOOTHS Sl'KOAL for St Udents ... SUITS Made to Measure— $14.50 BOBRICK CHURCHES Churoh of Christ, R*v* William O. Foster; St Cecilia's Catholic, Rev. J. M. Campbell. Rev. §ernard White; Church of the Nazarene, Rev. Lu'ra Thompson! Congrega- tiqnal Church, Rev. H. K. Havvley Rev. H. E. Schmidt: St John'» by the-Gampui (Episcopal), Rev. Le Roy S. Burroughs; Collegiate M E. Churqh, Rev. J. S. Oance.y: Lutheran, Rev. Lestei A. Pie^son; Collegiate Presbyterian. Rev. Wai ter Barlow; First M. E. Churen. Rev; Walter A. Morgan; Baptist. Rev. R. B, Davidson; United Brethren, Rev. 0. C. Oillavou. — A A. U; W. ' ~~ Mrs. E. F. Goss. Presld(!nt; Miss EUzabeth Fuller. Secretary. ~AMES WOMAN'S CLUfe Mrs. W. J, Schlick President: Mrs. CUrke Abbott, Secretary Palmer Plumbing Co, Plumbing and Heatlat 108 Hayward Ave. Phone 1881 Ames, la. NATURELLE CROQUINGNOLE UusrHiiteed material ano guarao eed ourls, FIELD'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone toer SAVE MONEY on yout insurauce. Submit yout nsurnncc Qijoimnf to us. Little Brother* 196 S22 Main 81 FACUIj-TV WOM/ftfi'S CLUB Mrs. Frank Kerekes, Pre«M«rit; Mrs. J. C. Eldredge. Secretary. JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE G. Roger Alley. Pf*sldent; Howard McGrlff. Secretary. AMERICAN UEGION AMES POST NO, 37 E. A. Thomaa. Commander; L. T Ahdrna, Adjutant . T, i-r - • -*!-• fi ' T - ri -!—.,._„.-- _-,- „ „ Ja LEGION AUXILIARY Mr». Qus Luglan. Prftic,tnt: Mr« E. G. Stouffer, Secretary. VETER"ANS OF FOREIGN WARS SGT. HARRY T, CORBIN POST NO. 1107 Whitney Clark, Commander: Jehu Madison, Adjutant. DRS. PROCTOR & CRUM Osteopathic Pnyiiciani New Location 318 « Main St. H. P. STEARNS Teacher of All Band and Orchestra Instruments Private Lessons or Class Studio— Eschbacb Music Stort BRING YOUR AUTOMOBILE TROUBLES TO Cliff Roberson Garage Wraeker Service Phone 2400 FOR WANT AD SERVICE To Procure Space <1ir**ciory Call 2400 In KIWANIS CLUB Ben J, Koos, Presi«l«r>t; Wllhle L Harper, Secretary. ROTARY U.UB™' M. 0. Htiner, Preattlent; 0. L Iverssn, Secretary. ~STORV GOUflTV SOCIAL SERVC5 LEAGUE lert Hill. «*ory Ctfy, Fr«si4«nl: Mr*,. J i"aien Tlltf»i, Ames. Qfcair Ams» Otvlnion; Mi»i Htltr Fresh from the Farm Dally CLEAN RICH MILK Safely iwsJeuilzt-d. Table cream, whipping cream, butter. egg&, dressed poultry. Delivery service everywhere to Ames. Woodland Farm* Telephone 43ft C. C. Crosley

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