Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1927
Page 6
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Reporter ^ays D. ' iMiilvalty Won- €onven- • *tioh for Kansas C^ty. rTfa lOIlA DAILYjREGIStT^I «4itoiial ttkmiag- persons of-^grebt nervice In winninK the pwrenikm' miflMtnl «ny m «Btlon or the Knn WIS conimiUecnian. ' 1 ' t-JoiiKjy lo itfj presidential Iwwe— Prank 0..i<awiiei|: It publisiK!!] an pditorinl varnlntr ICansans attphil- Ing tho i-onre^tion to reeirain the^ oiiUiuR <a8in for Senator' Curtis. That'waa^so&ie of tlie ^ixwtjr stuff, in expresslpg tliankH >to parly leaders of a neifebbor who made ira^- sjible the inniiis. It »'as the braitd of .sportsmanship that »fonld gel- boda jjt a bowjery prize fight Very probable, though, that Kaii- sas Cl^y will weloome generously the' Kansans whb can come to the Bbo«r aiMi. make-the week the'hig- Igest the toir|i has ever knon-n. With all the; elraienU of uticcrtointy'tbat: are promised for I the meedng. ithe: Kaiisas City coti- rentlon will likely be one of tlic greales. ever hoIcT ijy the Republican paiity. Lai -king the twu^thirds rule enforo^d by the iJeniocrats. there Ls loiks. prospect of a pro­ longed'df>adlurk. But a deadlock anA a great convention are prob- yble. i (SifeClal polittfeal' letter \to The -.Jls^lster h> A," L. Shulti) . f , Jov^kz, Kans., pec. H,—Anyone - with a reserve suppiy of sympathy' won't haye muc& trouble putting it: in the.right place. Olve it to Dave : Mulrane. TJio Kansas national committeeman' went put and finehed the Republican national' convention f<ir • Kansas City after tiuit town had . cratrted under tlie tent when, the • * stow was, half brer. Todk' the meeftlng'from towns'that had been ]: . lining tjip votes for months. /It was . A .^ailertttl'.bit - of organization and-^s snpiMrted most earnestly by A worthy dtie^atibii of boys froin't&e Chamber" of Commerce who did'the glad hand and cheef- ' ed^aiid sent jriJJwers to the ladies, 'bab'dtiig ' of the conveittion/ though^'f was never within the realms of possibility without th^ KdiisaB' national comniUteeiiuin's • effeotlreVwork. 6t course a lot of people—Senator Curtlh, Capper. Seeretarj'; Jardlne, Poly ,Tihcher, Heprij* Allots and others from Kan- saiv—helped gPE^Jrtiy. It, wits Mul- Waile's old friends on the national crcnmiltfee, thongh. who. rnllifid . with the needed votes. NoW Dave' - .Mulvane Is looking ahead to mdriR trouble than a home fMunding' so- •rieiy with a Kmulli/itx SIKU on the front floor. . ' • With tho news that Kani<a.t City 'Woir tho coarenUon: everyone in Kansas who hadn't made rock'rib­ bed.- iron clad plans fcir next June, : began t6';!ililft thejf business with.!,,,;.'':""" ^ .H. view or so .-ing'lthe I^'Pub]I<•dti 7 liresldeniial nominee sPlecU v„ J '"O""."!!- i G. 0: FAaMeet inKcmmQi. Where Bryan Wt^^^ rRRIDAf EVENTNG. DECEMBER 16,192r. And wluit a time DaVe Mplrane will have w^th his allbtment of HcketH, ;m thi- .Vor Tact that Sfnaior^ChhVles MEG&L CtiTAPKL CMrs. Garrett TaSche.) Jdr. Ilfi 'ten of IDIal .Mh and .Mrs. iBltiier r .S^Iveri arid haljy and Mr. jffaugb called Saturday night on,.Mr. ahrt .VrVs. flco. Wlikerson. ^|d Mrs. Ralph Bauni and chiidreh sp )*nt Wednesday evening with hU sister and liushand. Mr. and Mrs. (iaiteit Tasche. ^ Mr. and .Mrs. .Marl Benson. Sir. and Mrs. Bert Doyle and children called Monday evening o^ .MR and Mrs. Will Benson ar«: (-hlldreii: Mr. and .Mrs. D<?wpy visited thSpIr lerson of Vilas Mr. and .Mrs. Clarence Moon and Cui'li.i rates as aii outstanding .Madeline Ilarlwlg aud »p<isfiiblMty, a factor-that will tend! «">' OstriJider took supper with to keep Kan.sans at'home. Ev^ry-i""•I f"*"'' Barnett Sunt ;<lne in politics who, has played on. •'^y- . '-"^ • . 'the team, with- SenaloM Curtis, wajxts to w»e the show. \ Theri is* wherr Dave Slulvape Jieglntf to pa^-. That Is the point ) whertf the person with some nn- uaW sympathy can- b? of' service. DaT<i MilH^ne will have the Job of i trying to g^t thie Kansas rating poptilatiolil Into convention hall. . Jiist the'ihariner in which it-will be, pdBsibl^ tb'use his meagre ap- porionmeiit of convention tickets • and get thie^thpiisands of Kansans . into the conirention. is a problbm that doesn't work under the ru es or arithmetic. ' Mrs. I.*e W«lf and Harold called on Mrs. Oarrett Taschc and baby Tuesday afternoon. j* Marl Benson and Charley helped Will Benlson with his butchering Tuesday.; Mrs. oiien Barnett spent Saturday with '.Mrs. Ralph Barnett. Mr. and! .Mrs. Frank Seii-ers and ehihlren visited' Sunday afternoon wltli Mr. and Mrs. Fred .Mfion.- Allen' Thurman spent Saturday night with Rus's Morlau. :Mrs. Taylor, Richard and Margaret spent Sunday at Dunken>. •• Mr. aiid Mrs. Frank and .So with all the joy and all th^ \ sou of lola and -Mr, and Mrs. Seiv- Hii .. — . p^j, uhniboldi .spent Sunday at KImer Seivers helping celebrate; their little daughter's birthday. .Mr. and .Mr». CSIeu Wolf took thrill of having a national! couven- iJon near home, there is d decided penalty. And there is irony fn the fact that probably the one man Wm. V *n: NIee ljMlfnr<>e» * ^a\»t ArttTltlOK. on : OMi Social: (UUMdar*. , (PrancIa..^Ciilver» HU.MBOL|).T> Dec. 14; — William Van' Nice, 'a; farmer of Humboldt vicinity, underwent) a- major operation Saturday mprning, at .Payne's en(ergency. huspiloiV Mfi. Vah' Nice, is 'remaining: at the' hj>splta|' this week aoU. Is reporto<l to ,lie im- provinK;satii$factQr41y. J . .Mrs. L. Holtscbueider was host- less to - the Humboldt Delphian chapter last evening. TJie topic, "Two FamouK .Medieval' Stories," was'ln charge of .Mri*. R p; Culver. . A short talk ou Spanish literature wus given by' the leader, and special topics, were taken up by. Miss Ilinl. Chambers, Mr.*- B. B. .Wise. .MIBS Kva; O'Connor, and .Miss .Vettio C'haiRberj.s. I .Mr."*. W. T. fiarvie loitcrtaiiictl at . bridge y«*gterday afternoon at' her! |home|in honor <X Miss .Mary Uoik AiiiOMJ Twt 'lvp guests were present.- The nieralK -rs of the Ml.sslonary society of the Presbyterian church iveh'" ent.crittined at their reRnlai- .meeting this afternoon ut the Presbyterian pianse by Mrs. (}. W. Horn;. .An tiniisually larKt- attend-' ance was present. scene next .iiinp of the flr .'«t repu{^licun nationuli ever heI<L In the .Uissouri city. It »a.i built in 13rt(» fir :i simihir den)Ocratlc.gHtiieriiig. Ahov< i'Xteiior and interior views of the itnditnriiinT.'whlch seath ir..ijiiii .vt the U -ft is >f:iyor .Ubert Kan.shs City, who will be oflicial host to the republic iiii<. convention are shown I. Bciich of Kansas City Dec. 1-1. rAPl- In a hall which the city huiricd to loni- plctlonin ISflU to houspthe Democratic gathering which iioniinateil William .lennings Brvaii Kansas Cit.v will bp next .lime (o tho national conventloti of the Kepiih- lican parly, met to SPICCI its choices for president aud vii-i- president of thi- I'nited Slates. Conyentlon Hall, to which thousands of dpU'!;at«-s and visitors wil! flock ou .Iiiiip "12. 1028. for tli-! ciuadronnial gathering: of _ tli-i "grand .old parly." t;e:iti)'ir>.uiili ju-v- sons. ami it has liicn the Mciie ni onl.v one nationa' politii-al i-onven- tion—that :a which P.ryan wiiii. 27 dents — Roosevelt. Taft. Harding and Coolidse -havp lieen guests. Henry .1. ..\IItn. lormer governor of the ueighhorin^ state o; Kansas, declares that the tnnveniug of die west.; This ;md;tlu-.central location of; .Missouri's second largest city werij iinportniit iaf;to'r .s- in its choice by the ilepublii-an national (-omniittee froth a field which in- the party in Kansa.s (':ly will stlin-ieluded San Fraiici.sco, Detroit. Chl- Hi»tP party entl'usiasm throuShon: j caBo. Philadelphia. S;in Aii;oii;<> the aiiricnltural states oi th»- mid-'and other cities. 'mm .lOirand 30e. tONIGHT ONLY Cane and beet, the moat common siii;ui-s in !U>^i-. aj -t> not the sweet- fsi—thai distinction bcliing.s 5 >o '-fructose.?' .the sugar oi hoiw-.y tind of almost lijll irnit.s. Free Aluminum Dessert Molds to users of Sunlite-Jell The Ne^w GcUtine Dewert Compsre Sunlite-JrII with any gcJatice d»- •ert ySu ever tuted. Note the delicioui aroma oi fresh ripcyruit when Iwilins water ia added, the pleating colors, the larisfying awecmeu, the aracable tactneis, tt>e firm, tenJer consistenc'. Then judge which ii.. A merry mixture Of ;c!reus lifi'. (ht- raci- ti'iu-k jinil nnlio-iuan- ia.—a million ::iug!;.s-:t^d thrills—the most original coint-dy ever sc'-eenwi. " - ^ . , • • . li- You Can't ContreJ iVonr l.:uitrh>.Hutor^l>nn't See 'TMs Delitrhtfnl Picture CoMlJedy; .VjiiO Shflfl Comedy ami »ws Keel. Addedr—t'omedy and News SATl'RDAV— - - iioiuirt Bo'>:worth and .Marion M.Tiin in "THE i 'HiNESE F».4TtR0T" .\ story r.T .srr>ien pcai-lV. a kidna|r)fil iiiiilti-ir.illiini:iir(^. a weird Clvinnman, aud a Parrnfc' who hold.*; the only ilin- rli.-it r:>ii .;olv^^ t'lC (-rLne. Kasc inriting.;' thrilliUK. Wi-irdr ..My.-uiiyinK: . Arfdedt r oniedy-: \ewK— Setial t)cs(. Your grocer, haa Sunlitc or can get it. ji Five fresh ' Fruit OaTora—L^mon. Orange, i Cherry. Raspberrr,-Stran'rrry : alsu Mint, i Write for New lUnatntcd Mold Offer asj ' L«am How to Oct These Uolda FrA Try the new popular flavor, obtain- i able only in Sunltte.' It 's .'^een, and the i freshr mint leaf flavor is Heliciuii.''. ' \ Sunlit* Desactt Co, Waukesha. Wia. \ meeting will not bt( a sufcess unless they are present. If you aro planiilug to see the convention—maybe take a few extra frltnds—it won-i Uu ball jjolfcy 10 sit down and use the old lead pencil ii few! ininutes. Calculate seating capacity of tlie hall. Theu t ^et aside about 2,20U choice seats , for- dfclega.tes jand alternates, (Jive thj^ stage seats to itatlonal committee members, former members, 1 iMiblnel officers!, - inenilM >r .s of the Sunday at toaby 1 spent Tasch^'s. .Mrs. Do.vle .xpent Thnr.vday aft- j ernoon wiili .Mrs. Will Benson ynd children. Will I as their ni'-ptiiif i)l:icf wli.-;:. :'i> ilavs before (-ma'•iitimi tiiup. iii"! old convenlitiii hali dt .^Ivuvi-il by fire. While-tile l.uiliMn:; wus Mill in I hlltlren. • -Mrs. Shaw visited oue day la.^^l I Dailies husiiie.'.s iiici. hc^.-iii i week with her .-i.-.ter. .Mrs. Vaughn of Petrolia. .Mr, aud -.Mrs. Jack Wilkerson took supper with .Mr. aiidj .Mrs. Charij-y .Morlan Suncay. ,1 .Mr. and .Mr.s. Mart Bejison[called Tuesday evening on .Mr. an^ .Mrs. Will Bensou and children. iliplomatrcr "c;;rVs ,'rnd 'men^^^^^^^^ ""'! -"''•«••'/»' Wolf at.d Har- «i.n^»^ ^....„.. ....V? . ! old spent Tuesday, evening with -Mr. and .Mrs. (Jus Wolf listening the senate anu house. Ii will be necessary no doubt, to scatter i .some Of gueslsi out in the ^'V,"- „ , galleries T i •^'''''' ^•*»«*y -called on I Mr. and .Mrs. Lathrom and Svhll After making thav aUotmeut. Sunday afternoon. .gi« each of the disthiguishe.rpeo: i ilf„ "^^.f^'" • '•l'"'''-^:" til., lu-fi tr, t,.,i Z...... ... L.... I-"-'"nt Tuesday with their Crandr ma M'olf. 1 pie Iwu to teii extra seats lit hesl available placeh. Then begin to reckon with Jim Preston offlhe senate press gallery. He will io- ^!ute about 800 to 1,(HK) active newspaper men and woihen—and Jim • :J -'r»Pton won't squander a seat, .either. .Next set aside l.-loO or 2,000 seats ifor the Kansas City entertainment (;ommlttee—the -Chambe^ of Commerce, local (contributors and peKsons-helping'with arrangements] Then riii.M' iiicni-.v fur,a v-< tnic 'i'lui prunnd was ili -ar."l J-IKI ihi- ii « iitill Vas juil up ill Ic-ss than ilin-i- nioiif"ii- tijiic I'l!" i!-.ilii':ilioii KI, i .Itily I; I'll- v!av o'.i wlii. I\ ihe llt -nio- . crats iipi-a-il ilieir <-tiiiv^iillc!i iii it. Sircp fli'- hi-inncrai s' Ml I rlii ; the hall UJ-S IM-I II iiilinlv ;.-lii'.l i fitil. .iiid 'ir rivals In sizi ::ii<l ia ! ciljties irio.'^r (if fli (i »:c i>i \vi,ii|i tlj! rllMiiiiIiIiiaii'' liici ill y. Il >ast. - . .Mayor Alliorl I. Heat li v.ill U.-the f'lficial H'l.-.l iii i!i.-, Ki-iiii1ili ' it eveiv iKispitalily. Ilnlcl spai-c i" j ainplp it is ili'iian -'l. i<i hi.iisr- tin-' Siiifsts. M nvc/of till- la:'>:»sl lu tels'the last four HeiMililii-aii t"'<'si ge-a anis may stand .up or sit down. >Iext seat 'clerks, stenographers and; helpers in offices of the national committee (ind give each of aliolit twenty members of the local arrangements combiKtee seats for tuemtters of their | families and a few select friends. 1> _ : Wijii |lhla bit of figuring put of the way, take the reii &Iniog seating space in the hall and apportion the seats among members of :}.e national committee from the varioiis states. Of course Dave Mulrane of Kansas and Dr. Clements ^ot Missouri will be able to borrow a tew tickets from committee members back in Vermont-oi- MaJnii or possibly: down iA Florida, nut the Job of itandiinr the tbbns- ands from Kansas and Missouri— 4 he Isheer joy of making everyone happy—is appai^etit on its face. COUNTY LINE • Dora Ogle.) Dec. 12.—MTssIe Byfield iin<I -family were S^unday visitors at tlic parental Byfldd home. Mrs. *Herman M'eaver anil Cle- neva were shopping in Colony Saturday afterntwn. Frank Bohm shippied two car.-* find a place'of hay from Xorthcott last week, assistant..ser. I Ted OgI« visited .Merle Seitle- his-at-arjms, ushers and attend- \ myer Sunday afternOtin. Sore throat Herman Weaver heltied Mr. Shorter with his butchering Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrfe. Frank Ogle were callers at J. W. Kave.s's Friday afternoon. Frjetl .Mcfiulre helped Jeffie Vet- eto'haul iiay Mondaiy. Wjli 'B.vf(eld antl Wessle Byfield butchered two hogs Monday. Sure; tjulck llellcf \o Uargle —7No longer is it 'li'('(•.-•.-ary 'i> gargle or t<i choke wiih nasty tasting iiaii-iii inedii-iiii'Sor {.'•'''g'cs relieve .<tiri- throat, due swalltiw of a famous irliysiiian'.s |IIL.S< rip- tion <-aII<'<l Thoxinc i.s_ Kuaraiit»-e«l to riiii-ve witiiiu K. 'minuti-.>. It got s ilirit-i lii liie caiisf-; i-t I'ar J^uperior to gargles. •Thoxiiic lilies' not lontain iron, chloroform or iltijie. li is jilcas- ant tasting: is har|nless and safe for (he wholf family, jjold uiiilf-r nioney hack iguaiaiitn. of quick relief. :i."ic, 6Ut-. and f l.mi. - S .1.1 by The Kvan's Store, Basis for making, these figures is not the least eijtreme or un'- reasonable. In the main it was the general rule applied in Cleveland, Chicago.' New Tork, San Francisco, St. Louis and other clt-; ieT wher.e Republican or Ipemocrat nationa 'l . couvehiious ; have been held in recent years. Slulvane was cbhlrmfln of the arrai ^gements <*e In Cleveland. He rc\ dpced. the ntimber of assiftant sergeants-at-arms to aboiit 20()— . the, outattmdiugl record. Chicago ..111 1»20 had 1.200 asslstaaii >err geanls-atvarms' atid hslr <\t thetti^ 'slept In laps of the ciMtoniers. ; KattBias -City ha» had a great .^nuthunt ixf entiiuiilaBni over win- '/ning .df the cottvantion. Paperfi down' there have been thinking aiid kissing people in .wild excite- inejii. The Stat;, tho'u'gh, seemed KKMT T»K .MKMtlBI.M. \t>W The care of the graves of yofir departed loved' one.'; fs much more fimsoling alter ilic mejiiovial litis been put in place This may l-onsi.s( of a monument or irtarker. We havt inanv. designs to .•.•clet-t from and our price incliitles its in'/ stallatioii' on a t-oncreti- base \Vc arc prepared to do the work pitmiptly. to-^ kjeop ill ibind Its Old fights ion - Mplvape: and wh^n It publlshedian cans, and he has .promised ithe jparty that the city wlir extendi to If you make your Christmas Gift a subscription to the lola Daily Register. Anyone vvlio has ever .l>een away .1 i» ' « lit tl 1 •» T I'om home for a considerable time and has had the "Old Home Paper" come to him ev- ipart 6f his day was t^e It was like a letter except s interested than any let- ery day, will testify that'the happiest hour he spent in reading- the paper, that it>.ad more iiews in which he w; ter ever did. , ! Doubtless many of the home readeji-s 6f the Register have i-elatives or friends who formerly lived here but are now away. Why not send .these friends pr relativjes a copy of the Register iqr three months or, six months or a year as a Christmas Gift? Could you send any othergjfet that would be enjoyed for, a solid hour eveiy day, as the Regi^r \ For that matter, what wopldmake a. better gift for those who live in'Allen county? For any who wish to act ufeon this suggestion. the Register hj^s a nicely prjnted card to be sent to the recipient of the gift which reads as follows: THIS CERTIFIES,i;hat a subscription to the lOLA DAILY REGISTER has been paid fpr in thehameof who .loins in wishing you a Merry Chr Year. . . ^ • - stmas and a Happy New if you want plenty oi pQ#er and no khocMsl The engine stirprise you. o stutters—no coughs. Red Crown EthylJ f knocks out that knock"! ... For ^ few cents \^can enjoy smoother gear moVe power silent power, silii improved performknce! any Stan Service Stiitian Oil at •r. most garages m Xlttdtana) KANSAS L 1-^

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