The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 26, 1939 · Page 4
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 4

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 4
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f»AGE FOUR THE DAILY NtlWS-LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. TUESDAY, SEPT. 26, 1939. I THE LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Trademark Registered u. s. i>atrnt office with which Is consolidated the Mason County Enterprise ol bcottville, Mich. at Thc Dally Ncws Building, Rath Ave. t P ° St 1* exclusively entitled to the use for republlcatloti of all I wTUTTEN FOR AND RELEASED-BT CENTRAL PRESS ASSOCIATION by OPEN ARNOLD MEMBER OF Associated Press Audit Bureau of Circulation Inland Daily Press Association M « C t ty °^ Ludlmton: •J.7S for six months. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION 'B? y ivi»n. r .i 5c ,, p ^ wce . k - ,r aid ln advance: $7.50 per year, nths"# no £?, t ' ad " 1B tcr fi tor >'. Paid in advance, $3.00 per Kd£;£/ w .4M^?™"\ s L?5E '<»• one month. Outside $1 ' 25 HARVEST Judging from HOME FESTIVAL . 1'Hlim's Mo/'liiy night. i( set'mnl like Scottville might 1mvo about three ,eof of snow for its eighth annual Hsu-vest Home festival. The feslivnl i-omes Thumln.v Mini Pn.lay of (his wwk, will, a big full-time 1.1-0- gmm Hc-hc'dyled for cadi of the two days. _ But thing* looked bettor today. The sun was onf and it was real fall weather. It was just about ri-l.t for another of those harvest home festivals for which Scottville has been famous. One thing is certain: Irrespective of weather, the Scottville event will be well-organized and complete with fun and neighborly visiting. It is one of the most sociable annual events in the county. One of the nicest features of Mason county commuiiitv life, it has frequently been noted, is the number of excellent scheduled district celebrations that come each year. Each is distinctive in itself and each is a contribution to the sum-total of sociability in Mason county. Thief among them, it is evident, is the Si-ottville Harvest Home festival coming up this week for its eighth annual showing. So, for us, it's a heigh-ho and to Scottville we yo. for the big doings Thui-sday and Friday. " I THE AMERICAS GET TOGETHER Acceptances were returned by all 21 nations of North and South America to invitations to attend the Pan-American conference now getting under way at runama. Such response is surprising, considering the short notice given for the meeting. War in Europe brought it on. The nations of the Americas, facing a common threat, are ready to consider their mutual problems of security. The Panama conference will take up neutrality. Presence of foreign submarines in western waters and the visits of European battleships have raised points. Some of the American governments bar foreign warships from their harbors and others we Iconic them. A ., . i vumc UUL ncri c inMii me etisi ana composite picture of the wars effects over here will ! h *d a set-to with them Mexicans be presented That will bring up the whole question of j ^5^3'hT'KS^ga? trade. And that, in turn, is a chance which North Ameri- and wasn't it you that he hit with can leaders should not fumble, a chance to set up fair, give- I Jody^waa "^ " a " Ce that every " ami-take trade practices which actually promote goodwill wasn't—" and closer relations between Western Hemisphere nations, j These countries, if they could get Wget-lier fop inntiml ! benefit, could become nearly self-sufficient, so independent i of European issues as to be much more secure in our prcs- | ent neutrality endeavors. With their war in full swim;, i the European barter promoters are unable to keep up their ! pressure salesmanship. It is time, at Panama, for the: Americas to deal with one another. ! CHAPTER FORTY EVEN THOUGH the trail was winding and rough in places, a man could easily drive a truck from the Brazee home to Blanco, Arizona, 12 miles, in 30 or 40 minutes. Jerry Dale made the trip this afternoon in less than 25. The truck he drove was not the light pickup. It was the larger one with high-barred side and end frame work, used to haul his prize bulls. At times he had to bring expensive stock from Tucson, or even from Phoenix. At other times he had to take them in to the university for weighing and inspection, or had to shift cows to another ranch for testing on specified range conditions there. Jerry's work was an interesting and truly significant one, as George Brazee had known. This afternoon, though, Jerry was not concerned with cattle at all. He rolled into Blanco at almost alarming speed, locked the wheels in front of Earlywine's general store there, and jumped down from the cab. "Listen, Earlywine. has Rogers been in here? Shot Rogers?" "Why, no. Nawp, ain't seen him, Mr. Dale." "Hasn't, eh? How about yesterday ? Yesterday morning. You see him then? Anywhere in town?" "Nawp, not none." "And, uh, this Miss Lorena Hamilton, staying out at our place. Mrs. Brazee's niece. She been in? You heard about her, maybe?" "Shore have. But haven't seen hide nor hair of her, nr ; *her." Jerry vvalked out. He visited the railroad station agent, the post- office, the lone hotel where presided a gossipy matron who saw, heard, knew or imagined practi- .cally everything. Even this later personage declined any knowledge of Shot Rogers and Lorena Hamilton. But she sensed something. "Have they took and got into trouble, Mr. Dale? Shorn her. I mean?* "I don't know where they are. I don't know anything about them." Jerry didn't like the woman. "Well, you was askin'. I always say if there's smoke there's fire. Now I'll bet she's one| to drive the men to rashness, the way they've all been a-talkin' about how she come out here from the east and SCOTTVILLE News From Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. FRANK BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Home, 126-F-14.) H lid NUTT "Has Rogers been In here? called to doctor the Shot Rogers?" a-talkin' about, and One of tlie 1 roubles with rising to ]>o\ver in Kumania is that death is so ]xrrinanent. Now it Can Be Proved: Gastritis Does Exist! "For god's sake, woman!" Jerry walked off and left her glaring. .The municipality—unincorporated—of Blanco boasted one gentleman who had out a sign with "Dr." in front of his name. He delivered babies. He doctored such occasional maladies as billiousnesj, broken legs, flux, rheumatism and other things that beset ranch people. He could make a sick horse or cow well sometimes. And he could fill or pull human teeth. Jerry went to his office and found the old man asleep. Awakened with some effort, he swore he had not seen Lorena Hamilton, but was it true that some men out at Brazee's Phantom ranch had got into a cutting •crape because of her, and why By LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. IP YOU said gastritis— inflammation of the stomach—to a doctor of a quarter of a century ago, he probably would have told you there was no such an animal. But now Dr. Horace Soper, of St. Louis, devotes a chapter to gastritis in his new book on disorders of the digestive system. It is true that the diagnosis of gastritis was often made, and then it was found the real trouble was something very serious, like ulcer Dr. Clendening will answer questions of general interest only, and then only through his column. or gallstones or cancer. The diagnosis of gastritis allowed precious time to be wasted and served as a smokescreen to conceal the real condition from the family and medical attendant. Undoubtedly, these things were true and still remain so. Still, it is probable that they were overemphasized and does exist. that true gastritis Two Forms Exist Two forms, at any rate, exist. One I* the acute form due to ingestion of food or drink in excessive quantities. It soon subsides and, if left alone, causes no changes in the lining' mucous membrane of the •Stomach. The modern practitioner with the gastroscope, the instrument that Illuminates the inside of the ttomach, can see these changes •wily. Another form is alcoholic gas- i<: WtU, caused by a bout with the hot•"$*. We know this exists, because n William Beaumont was study- bis patient, Alexis St. Martin, * gunshot .wound in the •o tHat the lining could be ougb the fistula, he f re- observed it. St. Martin used T 0 iprees, and on the days ft* was sobering up and suf- naw»ea,ifieaumont saw f the stomach, It was and raw. U no to suppose then that the lining of the stomach cannot^ suffer inflammation. Hurst, the English student, believes that patients with a constitutional increase of stomach secretion, : f together with a drooping stomach, ! w may develop chronic gastritis be- ! cause their stomach lining is subject i to insults which the average person escapes. Not by X-ray Gastritis cannot be detected by the x-ray, but Schindler, with the gastroscope, has, as we indicated above, actually seen the appearance of the inflamed mucosa. But the older clinicians, long before th« x-ray or the gastroscope, developed methods of recognition in the appearance of the stomach contents. If one feeds a normal person a piece of white bread and a glass of water and removes it an hour later, the bread will be finely pulverized by the action of the hydrochloric acid of the stomach contents; and, normally, there will be no mucous. In gastritis the bread cornea back in great lumps and there is an abun- IN THE NEWS 20 YEARS AGO | W. A. Cross and family motor) ed to Grand wasn't he wounds ? Jerry left him in added disgust and went back to the hotel. The proprietor began gabbing at once but he spoke only enough to et by her, went inside and began struggling with her wall telephone In remarkably short time he had the Douglas, Ariz., operator. When he had placed four or five calls there, he instructed the operator in Tucson and in Bisbee to try all the main dental offices in an effort to get news of Lorena Hamilton, then he went back to Earlywine's general store. "I got to wait for some phone calls," he told that genial proprietor. "While I'm waiting you might dish me up some things." "Anything you want, young man. If I ain't got it, I can go in to Tucson and get it. Ear'ywine's strives to please." "You going in anyhow? Pretty soon ?" "Yep. Tomorrer." "All right. Here—I'll just write out a list. Give me what you have in stock now, and get me wha you have to. I'll send or come in for it soon as I can. And Mr. Earlywine, I want the best quality money can buy." "I'll git It, young man " The telephone calls elicited nothing, so Jerry went back to his truck. He had the motor started, then he jumped out and ran back into the store. "Give me four, five boxes of pistol cartridges, Mr. Eailywine. I'll take them now. Forty-fives." "Here they are. I put yore other stuff in the truck. Some of it." Jerry realized he had important news. He had been suspicious of events, with no very tangible reason, since early yesterday morning, when Rogers and Lorena had failed to appear. But when somebody discovered that no Brazee horses or vehicles were missing, Jerry had been first to act. He had told the newly alarmed Brazees that he would hurry into town and scj if they were there. George Brazee had been prone to believe somebody had chanced to come out and get them. Maybe that was even planned, he had said. Sally didn't believe it. This good woman felt that doom was striking again, doom for somebody. She almost had to go to bed with a case of nerves. 1 tacspoon > B teaspoon minced parsley celery salt !.! teaspoon 1 tablespoon minced pickles salad dressing 1 4 teaspoon Cut the eggs in half, lengthwise. Remove and mash the yolks. Blend the rest of the ingredients with the yolks. Mix with a fork. Roughly refill the And, of course, Jerry could bring back no news that helped them. He made the trip back to the Phantom ranch almost as rapidly as he had driven away, and he braked to a stop near the Brazee's porch. A dozen or more people had heard his truck coming, and so were assembled to meet him. "She's not there," Jerry said at once. "Rogers neither. I tried Blanco. I phoned Douglas, Bisbee, Tucson, even. No trace of them. There's something screwy." Mrs. Brazee looked like she waa about to cry. "They hadn't been seen?" George Brazee asked. "You inquired?" "Sure. Of course I did. I tell you, that Rogers has tricked her! Why in hell was that man permitted — " "Hold on. Nothing'll come of hard talk now. It's time to get a clear understanding. You say you—" "I say I looked everywhere possible, did all the inquiry I needed to. Rogers and Lorena never went by Blanco at all, or somebody would have seen them. It just checks what we learned here — that no horses or conveyances were missing. Something else has happened and I'd like to know what it is." Mr. Brazee looked grave Indeed. He knew this was a crisis, an emergency now two days old, for the hour was supper time again. And yet — he was confused. "Shot Rogerr is a dependable man," he begsu. "I jus«. can't fig— " 175 Relatives and Friends Attend Ceremony Held at St. Jerome's Rectory A marriage of interest to their many Scottville friends was that of Miss Wanda Agnes Backwick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Backwick of south of Scottville. to Lloyd Nutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Nutt of Buckingham, 111. The ceremony was read at St. Jerome's rectory, with Rev. Gordon Grant reading the service in the presence of about 75 relatives and friends. The double parlors at the rectory i were beautifully decorated with fall flowers. Attending the bride was her sister. Miss Beatrice Backwick and Delbert Nutt, brother of the groom, served as best man | For her wedding gown the bride had chosen a lovelv dress of net over blue satin, the net Marnot Class of Methodist Church Has 40 Members The Marnot class of the Methodist Sunday school now has an enrollment of 40 members, made up of people of the the older young church and the younger married people. The desire to join the class and take part in the interesting discussions and talks. On Sunday morning Jack Tanner gave a most interest- talk on "Some Rays of Hope in This Dark World." The topic lor the season is "Life of Christ" 'with three special topics, "Help Make This World Safe for Children," "Social Conditions as They Existed When Christ Was Born," x and "The Spirit of Herod Abroad in the World Today." The topic for the lesson Sunday will be "The World into Which Jesus Came." Mrs. I. J. Eddy is leader and teacher of the class. WCTU TO MEET MONDAY Members of the Scottville organization of the Women's Christian Temperance Union are reminded that the next meeting will be held Monday. Oct. 2, at invitation is extended to all who the home of Mrs. C. M. Fisher. WE WELCOME YOU TO THE HARVEST HOME FESTIVAL Also to See Our NEW DODGES AND PLYMOUTHS. Alex Andersen DODGE and PLYMOUTH DEALER "dress being adorned with in- !l l I sets and applique. Her accessories were in harmony and jner flowers were pink" roses and feverfew. The bride's attendant wore a lovely gown of deep pink chiffon with harmonizing accessories and her flowers were also pink roses and feverfew Following the ceremony, 'the wedding party and guests' drove to the home of the bride's parents, where a delicious wedding supper was served. Gor- seous fall flowers were used in the decorations and a large wedding cake featured the supper. Mr. and Mrs. John Nutt and sons of Buckingham. 111., and several other relatives and friends came to attend the wedding. During the evening Mr. and (Flcasc turn to Pa B c 6. Column 1) "Sure I'm going to j! The Harvest Home Festival and I'll meet you at BROOKE'S DRUG STORE for ;. DELICIOUS FOUNTAIN DRINKS AND f ICE CREAM — CANDY — CIGARETTES ;: SCHOOL SUPPLIES—DRUGS .; SPECIAL—COLGATK TOOTH POWDER, > Regular can, 35c—Large size, Ic—Both for 36c i ure — "Dependable, hell! Jerry almost Rapids to' spend a '• egg white cases. Chill. Serve on a platter and garnish with cres.s or parsley. exploded it. Does it look that way? If running orf with your own niece is w'fcat you call dependable — or proba-bly worse— getting her kid- naped or both of them killed— I say he's a scum and — " "Nawp!" interrupted one of Rogers' scouts emphatically. "It's men here what will still fight for Shot Rogers, Dale. Don't you foreet that!" "All I want to know is where he s," growled Jerry. "I want the pbasure of breaking his confound- ea neck!" The muscular young man waa> urious, face strained. He was im- jressive in his anger, too. The assembly looked at him, realizing hat he conceivably was capable of doing exactly what he threatened, (To Be Continued) district in Canada. The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Freesoil Latter Day Saint church will meet Thursday afternoon, Sept. 28, with Mrs. William Chopson. Mrs. Celia Hagstrom and Mrs. Walter Davis will be assistant hostesses. Election of officers will take place. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bennett, Mrs. Edward Crawford and Mrs. Mrs. Victor Bidwell $ w i T c ... Is Honored at Shower £ "Clcome lo bcottville Mrs. Victor Bidwell bride of i the past month, was honored at a miscellaneous shower given by ' Mrs. L. T. Knowles and daughter Sylvia Knowles, Wednesday' ; Sept. 20. Games and visiting formed the pastime anr* during the afternoon the bride was led across the lawn by strings which took her to various places, then led her to a , large basket, decorated in pink and yellow, and containing many nice gifts. A luncheon was served by Mrs Knowles. ' ; Those present were Mesdames Frank Miller, Francis TallquLst i Laura Gray, Chauncey Grayi ' Harry Barre, Jake Pleiness L. T ! Knowles and the honoree, Mrs. ! Bidwell, and the Misses Doris i Gray, Vera Miller and Sylvia i Knowles. i Those unable to be present ; were Mesdames Harold Olsen | James Baker, Charles Walker, ' Isadore Monton. John Bidwell, i Floyd Wood, Robert Barclay, Al- ! bert Monton, George Griswold ( and Charles Eppard and the Mi.sses Hazel Mattox, Eunice 15 Years Ago | The Good Cheer class of First 1 Methodist church gave a de-; lightful hard-times party at the home of their teacher.; Miss Lila Mackey, dressed as 1 Jackie Ccogan, won first prize i in the costume competition. j 10 Years Ago Hans Abrahamson left for Minneapolis, Minn., to attend the Norwegian Methodist church conference there. Caramel-Nut Sauce 1 cup dark brown oreci corn su^ar syrup 2 tablespoons 1 teaspoon Hour vanilla '•a teaspoon salt ',i cup broken 2 cups water pecans (or '.! cup light-col- other nuts) Blend the sugar with the flour and salt. Add the water and syrup. Boil slowly and stir constantly until a thick spuce forms. Add the rest of the ingredients and serve. , Emma Tripp attended in all-day Hammond, Doris Thompson and meeting at Fork Sunday. Kathleen Walker. Welcome To Scottville'! EIGHTH Harvest Home Festival While you are cruising around stop in and see UK or make an appointment for one of our cool waves. ONLY $2.00 Thank you for past patronage. Chalmer's Barber and Beauty Shop SCOTTVILLE dance of mucous from the stomach lining. In treatment we also employ an old-fashioned device that fell into disrepute because it was used too much—washing of the stomach or lavage. It is comforting and logical. We wash out an inflamed cut on the hand, and it feels better afterwards. Why not wash out inflamed stomachs? The diet should include food finely pulverized and devoid of roughage. Alcoholic and hot drinks should be avoided. Small pieces of ice swallowed before they dissolve are very grateful. Avoid all food which contains bacteria, such as raw or pasteurized milk. EDITOR'S NOTE: Dr. Clendenlnt hai teven pamphlets which can be obtained by readen. Each pamphlet Bella for 10 cent* For . a , ny I"* P» m P h '«t deelred, .end 10 c«nt» in coin, and a telf-addrewed envelop* •tamped with a three-cent itamp? u. Dr! Logan Clendening, In care of this paper ? ht r?, a ?!. pl ! f t V™ ! ," Thre 5 Weekt ' R«duc- •S?J?'*V ' In*** 1 */ 011 " Dd Constipation" •Seduetng and Gaining". "Infant Feed- jug" "In.teuctlcm. for the Treatmentof Dlabete." "Feminine Hygiene" and 'T-he Cure <rf tie H»Ir and Skin". Freesoil Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and 5 Years Ago ' daughter of Manistee- were Sun- I day afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ayers was com-' Mrs - Frank Sarniak. Miss Mary plimented by a number of stec IK employed at the Johnson friends with a gay airprise ; home> party in celebration of her' Mr - and Mrs - Wilb ur Fike.s of birthday anniversary ,Benton Harbor were last weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Stanley and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole and son, Billie, of Riverton, visited Mrs. Alice Cole and family Sun- cay. Mrs. G. A. Canfield is caring for the Freesoil telephone office during the absence of Mrs. Marian Seitz, who is on a vacation trip to the Georgian Bay Menus of the Day By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE (Associated Press Staff Writer) Fig Swirls 18 large figs 2 tablespoons ?:i cup plmlento rnlncecl green cheese peppers 3 tablespoons i'u teaspoon salt chopped nuts 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoons salad dressing minced celery Split each fig and spread it out until flat. Spread the figs with the rest of the ingredients com! bined. Roll up and wrap in waxed paper. Chill until serving time and cut each fig into thin crossway slices. Deviled Eirirs 6 hard-cooked minced onions eggs ','« teaspoon salt ' Vt cup chopped >/„ teaspoon cooked ham paprika REGISTER at THE PALA'CE During the Harvest Festival for the 1940 Zenith Radio To Be Given Away. Greetings TO OUR FRIENDS IN MASON COUNTY. We are grateful for the splendid co-operation \ve have received from our many friends in this region. We are grateful for the bounteous harvest—the blessings of nature. And finally join in welcoming everyone to the 8th annual Harvest Home Festival to be held in Scottville, Thursday and Friday, Sept. 28 and 29. W. R. Roach & Co. Scottville, Michigan Bill Says: We Beat Those War Prices All Our FALL and CHRISTMAS STOCK Is Here at Prices Lower Than Ever. While at the FESTIVAL Come In and Look Us Over. We Have Everything Except Those New WAR PRICES. Bill's 5 to $1.OO Stores Scottville-Remus, Michigan.

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