The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1953 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1953
Page 18
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SIXTEEN SLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER HEWS FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1958 Detergents Vary/ Say Experts Each Designed To Do Different Type Cleaning Flip thru » newspaper, listen to (he radio, look at t-v. walk thru a grocery—chances are that the most ncivertlsed product dealing with home laundry will be detergents. How does a housewife go about Choosing the right one? It does make a difference, say equipment dealers and home economists. Because detergents vary, that is, they are designed to do different jobs, housewives should not switch from one to another, but should choose, a type or brand that meets their washing needs and stick to it. One dealer explains it this way. Detergents are chemical compounds end "treat" the clothes washed in them. Change to n different chemical and your clothes are "treated" all over, sometimes to their detriment. One good way to pick your detergent is to read the box directions Chances are the information there will guide you to what the detergent does best, tho it probably won't "deny" being able to do almost everything. One detergent will stress Its ability at dishwashing; another will proudly boast of its ability '-o handle heavy jobs like overalls. It should he added thai most can do several jobs, but usually the product \will do one type of work tetter than others. Many detergents have water softeners added. This is fine for water- hard areas and all right even if the Water is soft. The box will teli you If the product inside "does away with water softeners," or some similar phrase. ' Of the hard working, general purpose detergents, there are two basic types. One makes suds like mad and the other makes little if any suds. Both do the work. GE AUTOMATIC WASHER AND DRYER — The GE Automatic Washer is pictured at left above — this fully automatic washer has Fabrl- Plex control that adjusts to any fabric, a small loads feature which enables you to use less water. Hot water control gives just the desired tempera- 'ture needed for different fabrics. The Automatic Dryer pictured at right above also is fully automatic and dries clothes Sunshine [resh in any Weather. A point here. Suds are essentially soap bubbles,, like those blown by children. The suds don't do the work. The soap or detergent and water solution IB the worker. iut suds do have a purpose. They nerve as an indicator to the housewife of how rich her soap and water solution is. And if suds "break down" during a wash, the cleaning power of the solution is gone. More soap must be added. With non-sudsing detergents, It Is necessary to measure exactly the amounts you use, lolloping the maker's instructions. General advice on choosing a detergent from one maker is: "Choose a product manufactured by a reputable firm and one designed for the job you want it to do. Read the Instructions and copy on the oack- age carefully before buying. . ." And follow them after buying. Home Laundry Work Has Three Basic Divisions Here's How to Wash Your Clothes in Efficient Manner Tlie fundamentals of home laundering break down into three basic divisions and a knowledge of what makes them swish is vital to success regardless of the type of equipment Used. Laundering is the first basic division. The process of removing dirt, grease and .other forms of soil from fabrics is mechanical and chemical combined. The actual process is simply forcing water and chemicals through fabrics. Successful use of the chemical phase depends on correct use of water softener, soap or detergent, it is this chemical action which dissolves and loosens dirt for the mechanical action and the water to flood away. The mechanical action drives the washing solution through the clothes, forcing the chemical be_ tween the soil and the fabric it Is Sticking to. Mechanical action also tumbles the clothes against each other and against the washer, loosening and rubbing out the dirt. The second major division Is the fabric. Three basic fabric types are animal fibers — wool and silk (produced by worms, you know); vegetable fibers — cotton and linen, and eyithetics — rayon, nylon and all the rest, with more new ones added each day. Animal fibers are affected by high temperatures, alkalis and agitation. They should be washed in lukewarm water, mild soap or detergent and for a short time. Vegetable fibers are not affected by high temperatures (watch the colors and dyes though), by any Common alkalis in home Water and may be "wooled" around a great deal without harm. [Synthetics vary in washing treatment needed. Check the label. It may tell you. A general guide Is moderate temperatures and short handling periods. Plain,'firm weaves are strongest and wash best. Loosely woven fabrics may pull In the wash. Thin and fragile garments especially should not be washed with big heavy ones. A lady's nylon unmentionable doesn't mix with a gentleman's overalls — not for long anyway. Labels are Important for more than one reason. Some .fabrics ihrlnk when laundered. No getting, around It, they do. Label. 1 ; are your only dependable guide other than trying it to see what happens. If the label says "Sanforized" you can figure it won't shrink more than 1 per cent. On a 34-Inch trouser leg that would be about one-third Inch. Nobody would notice. Labels also sometimes indicate if the colors are fast. General washnbility, dealing with sizing, glazing, water-proofing and so on, can sometimes be told from the labels. The third big division in laundering fundamentals is "dirt." The three basic types of "dirt" and the methods for attacking them are: ordinary dirt Which washes out rpetty easily; grease or oily substances which require hot water to remove from cotton and 'linen fabrics, and albuminous or protein materials such as blood, milk," egg white, perspiration which may, be "set" by hot water but which loosen and fade away like old soldiers in lukewarm water. All this indicates why a housewifi faced with a half dozen differeni fabrics with three or .four kinds o dirt on each or all may have a hare time trying to decide \vhat soap. de_ tergent, bleach, water heat or method to use. But nobody housewife was easy. ever said being a Read Courier News Classified Ads Since 1907 . .. date of the first Maytag washer... more women have owned Maylags than any other washer. Come in and see why it's been the favorite for 3 generations. Th« Maytag Automatic. Only the Maytag Automatic has Oyrafoam washing action-gets all dirt out safely. Completely automatic, Maytag washes, rinses, spin-dries, even turns itself off when washing is finished. Easy to use. Safety Lid. No bolting down. 1h« Maytag Conventional. You'll get years and years of rugged service from this Maying, Exclusive Gyrafoam washing action. Maytag Roller Water Remover squeezes out more water- can't harm buttons, ornaments. Big, roomy tub. Sediment (flQft QP Trap keeps water clean. ^) I 07«7j ^ You Can Own a Maytag for at Little as $129.95! ^ We Carry A Complete Stock of Maytag Parts In Our Service Department "Mississippi County's Oldest Appliance Dealer" ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., INC. Kelvinator Features 'X- Centric' Action. Agitator action that approximate* the housewife's hand-washing motions Is one of the "big three" features of the new Kelvinator automatic washer. Called "X-Centric" action, the Kelvinator agitator's unique motion Is achelved by its movement in * continuous off-center circle. Moving .in its eccentric orbit, the nibber-fiunod agitator keeps clothes evenly distributed in the tub. This action lifts up the clothes and then pushes them down, flexing them to looFL'n the dirt and rinse it away. Another feature of the new Kel- vinator automatic washer Is its 'shampoo cashing" action. The washing cycle begins with half a tub of water and the full amount of ^oap and detergent. Fabrics are 'shampooed" as the tub slowly fills with water. This loosens stubborn dirt and grime. Third of Ihe "big three" features of the Kelvinator washer Is its overflow rinsing, since soap scum always floats to the top, more wa- er Is added until the tub overflows, loatlng off soap and dirt over the op of the clothes instead of through hem. A splashing rinse then removes *ny remaining traces of scum. Operation of the Kelvlnato washer is automatic throughout th entire washing cycle. For light loads this washer has i "ihort wate fill." Loading is done through the top and the lid on one model has a glass pane no that action of th operating cycle it visible at all times When the lid is lifted, the washe stops automatically. A signal llgh tells when the machine Is running. The Kelvinator requires no bolt Ing down, and its construction is such that no oiling is needed. The spin-dry operation at thi end of the washing cycle leaves clothes 25 per cent drier than the most efficient wringer. Kelvinator's automatic washer comes in two models, one with the glass safety lid and one with a porcelainlzed steel. lid. Outside dimensions are: height, 39 1/4 inches; width, 26 inches, depth, 28 inches. Up to nine pounds of dry clothes can be washed in either model. Capacity of the tub when filled to the water line it 12 gallons . Control knobs on the Kelvinatcr wa'her — one on each side — are located on the backsplash panel, out of reach of the youngsters in the family. Home Dyeing in an Automatic Washer Can Be a Tricky Job An automatic washer can make lie sometimes troublesome, but noney saving, job of dyeing a reat deal easier. It Is wise to consult the direc- ons on the dye package and on your type of washer before undertaking* the job, but here are general directions from one dye maker. Pill washer with hottest water available, using the same amount as for regular washing. Dissolve dye in a pan of hot water, then- strain thru a clean cloth into the machine. Put in clean, wet article to be dyed. It Is important if you load your washer before filling with hot water to be careful not to put dye solution directly on articles to be dyed. Always adde dye solution after washer is filled with water. Start the machine, setting it for the longest possible wash cycle. When wash cycle is completed rinse thoroly in cool water, using normal rinse cycle of the machine. Damp dry in your machine, using • the normal drying cycle. Clean washer immediately after dyeing, rinsing thoroly with soap ABC WASHER — Equipped with finger-tip control the ABC agitator gently and thoroughly washes your clothes . . .time control switch permits you freedom while clothes are being washed. Th« wringer is quickly and easily adjusted to any desired position. owder and hot water. Wipe care- lly, especially the lint trap, win- ow door or lid. If any dye is ac- dentally spilled on the outside of e machine, wipe off immediately avoid staining. Use cloth dampened with household bleach solution: The lid of your washer will be easier to clean if it is lined with wax paper or aluminum foil before dyeing. Some dyes must be simmered into the cloth and these will not work well in automatic machines; some other dyes will not give full depth of color In machines, but will give tints. It is important to check directions on the specific dye and machine you plan to use for any changes from the above procedure. 205 W. Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 2017 fa S3V& (fas,.. fa/ft -exclusive por<elaln-ftnlshtd nbintt tni Ml It's the most thorough washing and rinsing aclion known—yet is gentle enough for rayon* and woolens. Live-Water Action gels rid of "drrp-tlown" dirt that ordinary methods can't touch. And best of ill, it's completely automatic from start to finish. Set the dial once and forget it! You'll like Frigidjiire's Miipidry Spin ... and features like the trouble- free l,'nitnatic mechanism ... top loading ... no bolting down ,.. easy-to-use controls. See a complete dcuioustralion today. in. .. Only — drits dofbti « fast as you wash them! Imagine! Winter or summer, raimor shine, day or night, you dial your own drying wcalhcr! No lifting, carrying, reaching. And the new Filtra-matic Dryer is the only dryer that takes out sticky lint, leavw no moisture on walls or window* . . . without any extra expense for plumbing or special vents. The cabinet and drum are finished in lifetime porcelain—making the Automatic Washer and the new Filtra- matic Dryer a "porcelain pair" that can't he mat thed, any where I Sit down and take it easy with the new Frigid- aire Electric [roner! Both hands are free to guide clothes—because the ironing and pressing actions start and stop with just a alight touch of your foot. And those open ends! Why, sheets and tablecloths slip riglit through and conic out'smooth as new. «* r «l75 Come in. Try one today 1 ! /52 AND - be we you hav* aft the Hoi Water you need all the lime I Add a Frigidairc Electric Water Heater to make your Leisure Laundry complete. "Oldest Appliance Dealer in Mississippi County" Adams Appliance Co., Inc. 208 Wesr Main J W Adams. Mar. Phone 2471 J. W. Adams, Mgr. -Comp/tt* Stw'c* & Parts-

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