Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 24, 1955 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1955
Page 3
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD* MONDAY, OCTOBElt 24, 1955 THREE Husband Held InWife Death* FRIENDSHIP, Mel. Ml - All Annc Arundcl County, man was lield. by police after his wife was • found .stabbed to death' with a butcher knife in their home early yesterday. County Police Chief Wilbur Wade said John Calvcrt Tucker, 48, told him he stabbed his wife, Christal Edith Tucker, 57, at their Friend-l ship home after an argument re- suiting from a round of taverns in North Beach. Tucker followed his wife home after she left him at one tavern and found her packing her suit- 'case, Wade related. Mrs. Tucker was slabbed in the back. • Tucker, an employe of an Odenton plastics company, summoned police. He was held without bond pending a hearing today. Mutual Help WATERBURY, Conn.-wA-When Mrs. Sarah Silverman found $400 and returned it to John Ruegg, electrical contractor, she refused a reward but accepted his offer to her home without charge. Egypt has four separate judicial systems. Maurice Chevalier Out To'Make Good'At 67 Uy DICK KLEINER At G7, Maurice Chevalier is out lo "make good." There's no .bought of retirement, no laurel' resting—only an intense desire to conquer a new generation and a new medium of entertainment. "That eez why I came 'ere dz time," he says, with the disarming smile and the projecting lower lip that still sets the ladies a-twitter. "It 'as been eight years since I was in America, and 20 years since [ made an American moo-vee. The young people here, they don't know me. 1 want to 'ave them like me." This, then, is the crossroads for Maurice Chevalier. Certainly not ihe first crossroads, and probably not the last. .But an important one. For, on Dec. 4, he's going on '.e'.e- make some electrical repairs at vision, where' maybe ' 50,000,000 people will see him, and there's a lot riding for him on those 50,000,000 Americans—who can be right. K Chevalier—1332 Chevalier—1955 "I will make.goor 1 (pronounced go-oo-o-o-od) or 1 will not make good that night," Chevalier says. "If I do make good, I will be back 'ere and I will make a pic-choore in 'ollywood for Billy Wilder and I will make, two more television appearances in the spring. If I do not make good, then I go back to France forever." And he's going to work hard to make good. "I am doing thees one-man show," he says. "It will run MERICAfrOIL COMPANY'S GREAT NEW MOTOR OIL. through' October. That is the hard- jcst thing in our profession, a one- man show. Just me out there, anc a piano. Then, after that, I wil! sing at the Empire Room in the Waldorf-Astoria for four weeks. But I will only sing one show a night. Everybody else sings two sifows. But I will only sing the late show. The early hours ' will watcli the television and see if I can understand why some people are good, others not. I will watch for four weeks, and then—may-bee—1 will know." With Chevalier, making Rood if an old trick. He's been working al it since he was 11. I am a boy from the workinj pippie," he say's.'"It was the usua thing in my suburb of Paris for boys to find a job. Somehow, the the time I am 16, 17, I am the irsl young singer o' Paris. And I ould never gel lo where I am as ri acrobat, so, you see, bad things •ork out for Ihe best." Chevalier, (he pop-up loasl 'aris, made his firsl trip lo the J. S. in '23. But it was "just for irce weeks, jus., to look around.' Ie came back to sing in '28, al Ziegfeid Roof on the -same with Paul Whiteman, Helen lorgan, Lillian Rolh and the Ihythm Boys — including Ring Crosby. And he made a picture 'Innocents of Paris," in Holly vood, the first of many that quick- y pushed him into the front ranks f stardom. He was a big Hollywood star in ie '30s. His musicals t were lavish nd they'd get only Ihe besl song- ,'riters lo. do his music. For one .lictur.e, a struggling lad named [ichard Rodgers was commission- d to dp the songs—and came up nth "Mimi." lie's been in show business 55 'ears now, and he's still strong ,s a Stradivarius. His cheeks are •eined and ruddy and his thinning lair is gray, bul his eyes stil parkle and his smile wins ne« riends as il always has. There iasn'1 been much change in his 'oico. "There isn't much change in ?cw York these 22 years,", hi. ays. "You know, Ihe New York if the entertainer is Times Square Fifth Avenue, Broadway. Tha iasn'1 changed—oh, a building icre. a building there, but nothing much. New York's only change 'an see is Park Avenue—that is iow so many office buildings, so 2ommercial, and il was such a fine avenue. I would walk along il and ook around, il was very nice. Bul, 5very night, he walks from his wtel to the theater, and "I break my neck to look at the pretty girls —so many of them." New York, he says, has the most pretty girls of any place. 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"So I became a singer al 12. 1 nake 12 francs a first, ien I gel a raise lo 21 francs— rings - ™. 9 Refugees To Maryland NEW YORK Wl — The U. S. <Iavy transport, General Langfitt, s scheduled to dock here Oct. 26 with 1,101 refugees ahoard, nine of whom will find homes in Maryland. the ship, under charter lo Ihe Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration, lefl Bremer- :iaven, Germany, Oct. 17. II is plying regularly belween this and Ihe German porl transporting refugees who have received visas under the 1953 Refugee Relief Act. Governor Commiltees for Ihe Thousands Of Tots Helped Through Shriner Hospitals, ial maybe three, four cents. Bui Refugee Relief Program and church, fralernal and nationality jroups have cooperaled in bringing the Europeans here. They will iiave part in welcoming cercmo nies where Ihe newcomers have been provided jobs and nousing by sponsors. Refugees en roulc to Maryland and Iheir sponsors include: Baltimore — Sandor . Goldstein, 47, a Hungarian, sponsor Jerome M. ' Senker, 3703 Menlo Drive; Heinz Roeszies, 17, Lithuanian, sponsor Roberl M. Harrison, Easl Doris Ave. Baldwin — Gertrud Raby, 58, German, sponsor James A.Pine. Silver Spring — Hans Niewia- demsky, 30, German, his wife Frieda, 31, children Waldtraut, 8, Brigitte. 7, and Hans 5; sponsor Harvey T. Quimy, 325 Naglee Rd. Thumiont — Franz Schiffert, 68, Czechoslovakian, and wife Kalha- rina, 64, sponsor Harry A. Zentz, RFD 2. from just the physical thing of beauty, New York- 'as them." young girls and boys seem to enjoy watching him. too. He's pleas antiy surprised that his audience has so many young faces. He was afraid only the people who knew him in past years would come, 'and they 'ave grown so old." "That is why I am here, you know," he says, "I must find this new audience. If-1 wanted only the old ones, I would not have come 1 would 'ave let the 'old ones just remember me as I was—a sou The true ostrich has two-toed feet. h, that's life." He still walks a great deal. Helps Heal And Clear Itchy Skin Rash! Zcmo, a doctor's antiseptic, promptly relieves itching;, stop! scratching and so helps heal and clear surface rashes. Buy Extra StrengthZemaim itubborn cases 1 'Clippies' Man British Buses T ; . Walter C. Cuy, of Llllle Kock, \rk., imperial potentate of the VA.O.N.M.S. has called Shriners' lospitals for Crippled Children a ! 'great benevolent work." • •, Guy made the statement during recent visil here. He said he will oin with 750,000 Shriners in North \merica in pressing forward the work which has/become known as 'the world's greatest • philan- hropy." , There are 17 units of the "tern' pies of mercy" dedicated to aid he underprivileged crippled children, regardless of race, creed or cplor. ' The 17 Shriners Hospitals include 13 in the Uniled Slales, two n Canada and one each in Mexico City and Honolulu. . . : The hospitals are operated at an annual cost ot about $4,500,000 and represenl -lolal assels .of aboul 2100,000,000. The 54'/j million operaling ex >enses are derived from four sources: An annual assessment of $5 on each Shriner. The income from life memberships, which Shriners are privileged to purchase for $150. Income from wills, bequests and gifts which nosv total about $71,from football games Service provided • for children who qualify, for treatment under of compassion for the underprivileged crippled child is free. . sion .briefly: "It you can pay, you can't get in." Children referred by All Chan Temple are sent to the Philadelphia unit for treatment. It recently jxpanded its facilities from 100 t.o : 105 beds, due to heavy demands for treatment. Each year this unit admits about 400 children as bed pa- ;icnts, provides out-patient services for several hundred mote and is operated at a cost of about $260,000. , . > The program was initiated in 1920 at an Imperial Council session in Portland, Ore., and the first hospital was buill in Shreveport, ba., in 1922. ; Bequests come "not just from Shriners" but from men and women of all .races and creeds who 000,000. Proceeds sponsored by Shrine Temples for .he. benefit of crippled children. Guy said the Shriners' .Hospitals have cured .or materially aided jver 265,000 children. The hospitals now have a wail- ng list of over 1,000 children who have been accepted for admission and are awaiting beds. They include the indigent han- He likes to look at them and the dic'appcd and are taken, regardless of creed or color, when in need of orthopedic treatment. "What a dismal life would be ahead of a child who had no possibility of ever living a normal life," Guy said in pledging his aid toward the work. :hc sign of tht Red Fez, badge bus lines. LONDON (INS) — Thousands of London women have forsaken the comforts of home or the dull routine of ordinary jobs for a-life of travel and adventure — on the city Six thousand "clippies"—women bus conductors—are now helping to man London's big red or green double-decked buses and rribre are being recruited at the rate of something like forty a week. • Most of London's "clippies" arc girls between 20 and 30, fast on iheir feet and equally fast with a comeback. Their occupational cry is "Hold tight!" and they scurry up and down the curving stairs of the buses, collecting fares, giving directions, parrying wisecracks and clipping tickets with the little machines suspended from cords] 1 around their necks. A spokesman for London's transportation board explained: "Women seem to like the idea of an interesting life and a chance to meet people." Close To Extinction The kea, large, green parrot ,q£--.7 New Zealand, is noted for Its.habit ^ of attacking sheep for the purpose of obtaining the fat about the kidneys. Shepherds have killed so,., many because of this fact thai now . Ihe kca is almost extinct. ..__• know and' believe in the great ]^, l( | e jj y 'Vigilantes' work being done by the hospitals. ' ° Navy Water Craft Look Like Grounded Planes NORFOLK, Va. m-The Navy is experimenting with some fast- flying ' hydrofoil craft which look ,.„_., „„ „ and circuses and similar events like small planes which never take off. The Navy isn't convinced that there is a mission for them — they make 75 miles per hour on (or over) water. They are powered by two aircraft engines. They ride on three foil-equipped struts, one under each wing and the . tail. Water flowing across the foils provides the lift to skim the surface. They make twice-the speed of conventional craft with the same power. Traditionally, the acre was the measure of ground that a plowman with one ox could turn over in a day. TOPS In QUALITY Imperial ICE CREAM / Secret Traffic Check SAGINAW, Mich. OB—An organization of 100 secrel safely vigilantes, called "S-Men," will send™ poslal cards lo Ihe Greater Saginaw Safety Council, giving the license number of traffic lav,' vio- lalors, time, place and nature of the violalion. The Safety Council will inform the ear owner of the offense by letter, bul Ihe "S-Men," cannol arrest violators. New Vicks Wonder-Drug Spray Clears Worst Head-Cold Distress! NOTICE! It Si dangerous to let cough from common cold hang on Chronic bronchitis maydevelopifyour cough orcbest cold is not treated. Start quick usidg Creomulsion as directed. Crcomulsion soothes raw throat aod chest membranes, loosens and helps expel germy phlegm, mildly relaxes systemic tension and aids nature 6ght the cause of irritation. No narcotics. For Children get milder, faster Creomulsion for Children in the pink and blue package at your drug counter. CREOMULSION relieves Coughi, Chert Cotoi, Acute Broochitii Advertisement ITTTTTTTTVTi » CHILDREN'S SHOES J '(•duiardsj ' Well built "fitted with care Moderate in price ^ fcong on wear ' txclujlv* In CumbMtand With ^ * WEBB'S J - 57 Baltimore St. ^ IAAAAAAAAAAI • Let* You Brtoth* For Hour* — Almost !( Your Cold Had Gon.I • Htlpi Fight G«rm-)nfectlon. • New Clinic-Style Pucdoa. Works LiVt Dodor'i Aromreer To Sprtad Medkafic Believe head-cold distress of blocked nose, stuffy head —with Vicksnew nasal spray. Medi-Mist. Use the Clinic-Style Atomizer as directed. Feel swollen membranes start to shrink. Breathe again for hours — almost as tf your cold had gone! 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