Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 22, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1965
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1965. ItONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IKONWOOD, MICHIGAN WVfN The POWER of FAITH By WOODI ISHMAEL Churches of the Cogebic Range And Ontonagon Country's best friend has another way to serve man at Lincoln Hall, a residential school for maladjusted Catholic boys. !f is run by the Brothers of the Christian schools. For over a decade they have been using dogs to bridge the gap between slums, broken homes and rehabilitation. A sullen, defiant and withdrawn newcomer to the school often sees the Brothers as "authorily" against which he rebels. With a big friendly dog there is mutual affection without fear. The K9 "social worker" breaks down the barrier between the boy and the Brothers. The boys live in cottages—24 boys and three dogs to a cottage. Brother Christian, the present director, says, "A person should relate to human beings before he can hope to relate to God". He adds that in relating to the love of a dog the boy learns to relate to human beings. ———• AP Newsfeaturesi • Christian Leaders Concerned About Patriarch Athenagoras By GEORGE W. CORNELL , AP Religion Writer An old man of great heart and towering physique is a subject of wide concern these days among Christian leaders. The site of his historic post and the trouble whipping around it has stirred the worry about him — and the prayer. "O Lord, take under Thy protective cover Thy people in this time of crisis. . .," went a plea "Extend from on high Thy mighty arm to give strength to. . . Patriarch Athenagoras." Athenagoras I, patriarch of Constantinople and primate of the world's 200 million Orthodox believers, occupies one of the most venerable sees in Christendom, and it is situated in the midst of sharp current tensions. There have been fears, resulting from intimations by the IRONWOOD Apostolic Lutheran, Sutherland. Walter Reini, pastor. Sunday School, 9; English and Finnish, 10:30. Assembly of God, McLeod and Curry. The Rev. N. L. Shotwell, pastor. Sunday School, 10; worship service, 11; evening service, 7:30. Bethany Covenant, 333 S. Marquette. The Rev. Ralph Dirksen, pastor. Sunday School, 9:45; morning worship, n. First Baptist, 236 S. Mansfield. The Rev. Frank A. Oslin, pastor. Sunday School, 10; morning worship, 11; Junior Youth and Senior Groups, 6:30; gospel service, 7::30. A film, "Dust or Destiny," will be shown al 6:30. Church ot the Na/,arene, Greenbush. The Rev. Mark Vandine, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; Young People's meeting, 6:45; evening worship, 7:30. Church of the Transfiguration, Episcopal, Aurora and Marquette. The Rev. Robert C. Kilbourn, rector. Holy Eucharist, 8; morning prayer, 10, followed •by Rogationtide service in the church yard; Church School, 10: evening prayer, 5. First Church ot Christ, Scientist, East Aurora. This Church is a Branch of The Mo t h e r Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist. Boston. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 11. First Presbyt e r i a n, Norfolk and Aurora. The Rev. Kenne t h F. Moreland minister. Church School, 9:15; worship service, 10:45. Grace Lutheran (LCA), Norfolk and Aurora. The Rev. Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Worship service, 8 a.m., with Holy Communion: Sunday School, 9. Holy Trinity Roman Catholic, 117 E. Ayer. The Rev. Ambrose Matejik, pastor. Masses, 6, 7:30, . 9:30 and 11. i Jehovah's Witnesses, Superior I and Midland. Watchtower study, , 2. ! Newport Methodist, 304 Bon! nie. The Rev. James Lumsden, I pastor. Sunday School, 10; morn- i ing worship, 11. ; St. Ambrose Roman Catholic, 118 S. Marquette. The Rt. Rev. i Msgr. Joseph Dunleavy, pastor; ! the Rev. Robert Matchett and I the Rev. August Franczek, associates. Masses, 6, 7:30, 9:30 ; and 11. St. Luke's Lutheran (MIs- HURLEY First Prcsbyternan, 4th Ave. S. The Rev. Nathan L. Daynard, minister. Sunday School, 9; worship service, 10:30. St. Mary Roman Catholic. 5th Ave. S. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Prock, pastor; the Rev. Robert Baranow, first assistant, the Rev. Benjamin Bonneprise, second assistant. Sunday Masses, 6, 8, 10 and 11:30: Feast Day Masses, 6, 8 and 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.; daily Masses, during school year, 6:30, 8 and 11:10. St. Paul's Lutheran. (Wisconsin), 2nd Ave., N. The Rev. E. C Leyrer, pastor Sunci a y School, 10: divine services, 11. IRON BELT Our Saviour's Lutheran. (Missouri). The Rev. Theodore C. Predoehl, pastor. Sunday School, 10; worship service, 11. MERCER Church of the Nazarene. The Rev. Miles Finley, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30, morning worship, 10:30. Young People's meeting, 6:45, evening service, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. Lester A. Ott, pastor. Worship service and Sunday School. 9. St. Isaac Jogues and Companion Roman Catholic. The Rev. Walter A. Torkildson, pastor. Sunday Masses, 8 and 11. confessions Saturday 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Zion Lutheran (Wisconsin) The Rev. E. C. Leyrer, pastor Divine service, 9; Sunday School. 10. MONTREAL Sacred Heart Roman Catholic. The Rev. Paul Ischler, pastor. Masses, 8 and 10. WAKEFIELD Apostolic Lutheran. English and Finnish services, 10:30, with the Rev. Nathan Ruonavaara officiating. Bethany Lutheran (Missouri). Sunday School, 9; worship service, 10, the Rev. Clifford Brege in charge. Calvary Baptist. The Rev Paul King, pastor. Bible study, School, 10; morning worship, 11;! man Cattwlle. The Rev 8. Hot Young People's meeting, 5:30;jtoni. pastor; Techny Fathtra, evening service, 7. | Villa St. Thomas, assoo i a t a a, Church of the Ascension, Epis- Masses, 7:30 and 11 (B8T). copal. The Rev. Carlson Oerdau, 10;morning worship, 10:45; i vicar. Morning prayer and ser- youth hour, 8:15; evening serv- m on, 9. First Presbyterian. Sunday ice, 7:30. First Lutheran (LCA). United Church of Chrlat. TM Rev. Fred I. Babcock, {Mater. Sunday School, 9:45; worship service, 7 p.m. The school. 9:30. morning worship, I _ W ,! nT !L 1 ' I £? E Rev Rudolph Kemppainen, pas ho:30. ! Community. The Rev. George tor. Finnish worship, 9: Sunday i Holy Family Roman Catholic. ! A> Luciani pastor. Church I School, 9; English worship, i The Rev. Charles Herbst. pas-! Scn001 - 9:30: worship aervlce, ! 10:30. with Confirmation Rites.; tor. Masses, 8 and 10; weekday i n Conception Ro- > Masses. 3:45 and 7:30; baptisms' Immaculate | man Catholic. The Rev. Charles'by appointment. I Daniel, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 ; Methodist. The 1 10 and 11:15. Immanuel Lutheran (LCA) ! The Rev. Wallace Leno, pastor. ... Falt ,._.. (CA)< Rev. George; Rev. Edward J. Carlson, paitor. Church School, 10; mornlni ^»?%^ ^rH"^de H Rom M CathoUe. IM Pernaskl, H. u^i, CT.iti, ^iiuiun o^nuui, 10:15. i rj--. ,,»...^v. _.,.,^, ^«ov^. St. Paul's Lutheran (Mis-'" Worship services, 8 and 11,; souri). The Rev. David Musall, j Masses> 1:M Church School, 9:30. j pastor. Morning worship, 9::,,.., - n rmimAnv ' Methodist. The Rev James* Church School, 10 ' * T ™ vr»o£ <• A»? !S. Lumsden pastor. Morning Siloa Lutheran O.CA). The 1 NEW YOKK (A ^> — worship, 9:30; Sunday School, > Rev. Edward J Carlson, pas- '10:45. i tor. Morning worship, 9; Church; ! ~,.— ,~*., .^^«. ; School. 10:15 Tht c ; "most pressing need of each ont " to be able to face life • -srnnm n. ,-. without losing heart," th» Ret. ONTONAGON ,a..™™, ; Dr. Max Merrltt, a Pasadena, ' Assembly of God. The Rev. F. j WATERSMEET , calif., Presbyterian minister, E. Sarbo, yastor. Sunday School, i Baptist. The Rev Alb e r t writes in a new book, "Never 9:45; morning woiship, 11; eve- ! stover, pastor. Sunday School,! Lose Heart" (Doubleday). "We : ning service, 7:45. 9:30; morning worship, 10:30;: need a steady inner strength," Baptist. The Rev. Will 1 a m evening service, 7. Kirkpatrick, pastor. Sunday Immaculate Conception he says, "to enable us to stand Ro- up to life in an upset world." Sidnaw Personals That would be about like fore- PPe t0 i 10, Walther League planning session, 5. AIM™ v, +i f • i St. Michael's Roman Catholic, Although the patriarch, a gen- 126 w McLe0 d The Rev Fran- Mr, and Mrs. Henry Shell e y J^. warmly hospitable man of, cis x Ronk 0 w s k t pastor and Mrs. Longrie were Mar- ™- fll(ls » strictly spiritual of- i Easter MasS es: High, 6 and quette callers Saturday. T h e y nce : lls location puts him in the!g :30 . Low> 7:30 an( f n were accompanied home by Mrs.! nptide of the Turkish-Greek' §t. Paul Lutheran (LCA) 113 Longrie's daughter, Kimber 1 y, ! conflict over the Island of Cy- s. Curry. The Rev Oliver A. who had received treatment at pr "f- Halltaerg, pastor. Finnish Holy the clinic. , Tnere nave De en recurrent communion, 8:30; Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W i 11 i- ! rumblings of pressure against School, 9:45; English Holy Com- ams were L'Anse callers Wed-'* 11111 - munion, 10:45; family potluck nesday. Orthodoxy is a minority faith and films, 5:30. Mrs. Mary Flinchum and son, in Turkey, and many of its ad- St. Simon's Eastern Orthodox, Warren, were L'Anse call e r s nerents are of Greek origin, al- Harding. Prayer service, 10. Friday. 'though mostly of Turkish cit- Salem Lutheran (LCA), Aur- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beaup- izenship. Several thousand ora and Marquette The Rev. rey were L'Anse, Houghton and Greek nationals have been oust-1 Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Wor- Watton callers Friday. ed . anc * expulsion of others! ship services, 9 and 10:30; Sun- Mr, and Mrs. Niles Eilertson \ threatened. day School, 9. Holy Communion and family of Kenton visit e cl Turkey is predominantly Mos- at both services, with confirm- relatives and friends here Fri- lem. Ancient Constantinople is anAs receiving the Sacrament day night. now ils modern capital, Istan- as a group at the 10:30 service. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins i to 1 ' 1 • Salvation Army, Ayer anrj Jr. and children were L'A n s e' Both Roman Catholic and Mansfield. Capt. Janet Endres, callers Friday. i Protestant leaders, in this conn- officer in charge. Sun day Miss Peggy Ann Stebbins and! try and abroad, have voiced• Sunday School, iO; morning wor- Mrs. Marvin Stebbins Jr. and' keen anxiety about the pa-i shi P-. u '<- evening service, 7. children were Hancock callers triarch's welfare, and urged Trinity Lutheran (Missouri), Wednesday. ' that his position and worldwide j Lake and Margaret. The Rev. Bernard Stebbins, Mrs. Perry ecclesiastical functions be safe- ;D - w - Heikkinen, pastor. Fin- Thompson, son, Thomas, and'guarded. ! msh worship, 7:30 a.m.; Sunday Mrs. George Goddard were 1 At a recent meeting in Buck i 2,,?' and Blble class ' 8:30; L'Anse callers Wednesday. ; Hills Falls, Pa., the U.S. Confer-, English _ worship, 9; Lutheran Mrs. Evelyn Longrie and son. ence of the World Council of {^ ym ! n ,„ Retreat at Ghdden, Williarc! were Houghton and Churches expressed grave con- w^L., Hancock callers Monday. jcern at reports of "restrictions Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thomp- j in the freedom" of the patriarch son were L'Anse callers Mon- i to carry on his responsibilities, day night. j The conference asked the U.S.; £50 Mr. and Mrs. George G o d d-1 government to convey the;" 7 inn i ,,n^ r ^ ,rn*\ r™,.n dard returned home to Oscoda; "widespread conviction in this '. ** Mi( Ti" n J? ™* ^''-ri^S Wednesday night. ! country that these limitations A d £$$}™*- ™ e « Rev " Th0mas Mrs. Marguerite Chap man, upon the ecumenical patrlar-! school Mrs. Hem mi Laturl andichate constitute a most serious'9-30 ' daughter were L'Anse call e r s i violation of religious liberty." ! Thursday morning. j I BESSEMER Mrs, Evelyn Longrie and s o n, • pi I • p , i First Presbyterian. The Rev. Willard, were Iron River call-1 r\OCKiana rersOnQIS i Winifred Lomas, minister. Morn- er3 Thursday. j — j ing worship, 9; Church School, Mr. and Mrs. William Bar-! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ray and! 10 rows, Mrs. Marvin Stebb i n s' family of Anoka, Minn., visited! st - Sebastian Roman Catholic. and son, Bernard, were L'Anse j her mother, Mrs. Nina McMas-! The Rev - Chester M. Franczek, callers Thursday. | ter, for a few days. | pastor; the Rev. Leslie Bor- Mrs. Earl Crawford. Mrs. 1 Mr and Mrs Ca ,., Mptz nf i man ' assistant. Masses 6:30, _ ,_,_ , ,.,:•,,: T-. ! ivil • dllu " ilt >- V/dll MCI/ 01 o Q on Q ,,,J n T !.,;„„ T-,- j_ . ., * ., y „ ,^ ??J st ' Mcl l c ° d Mmsfield ' Tn Frank o 9 and * o Church School > EnSruh g Nora Fesnick and William Ben- j c ~ ta ' Me"sa" Calif ""visited her ..... , «_ -„,, uosia Mesa - ^aai., visited her nett were Marquette cal 1 e r s May 12. Bennett returned to mother, Mrs. Cora Sherman, and the Carl Wadman family. his home in Ohio, traveling by | Mrs . Sherman accompanied plane from Marquette. ; them to their home for a visit. i Mrs. Robert Valley, Ontonagon, Mrs. Carl Wadman and | Mrs. Lillie Roberts and son, Da- Mr, and Mrs. Joe Beaup rey and baby of L'Anse spent the weekend here with relatives-. the funeral 11 Mr, and Mrs. Peter Thompson and family, Trout Creek, visited;^. Roberts' mother, Mrs. John relatives here during the week-; Trlnko in Brookfleldi f n ., on May end. 18. Mrs. Roberts remained there Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longrie of; , 0 = =; rela | ivp , Covlngton visited friends here lo V1MI ielauves Sunday night. William Meau and Miss Karen Krummi visited her father, Edwin Krummi, night. here Saturday Mrs. Ray Ojanen spent a day in Ishpeming with her brother, Bernard Maxfield, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roert Fredrik-! son and sons, Robert and Randy, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins I L'Anse, visited relatives here Jr. and children visited rela-jon May 9. They also visited his tives and friends in Michigan!- mother. Mrs. Herbert Fredrik- me Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stebb 1 n s son, a patient at the Ontonagon i Memorial Hospital. Iron Mountain, spent a week Mr, and Mrs. Byron Gouge o n with their son and daughter in! and family of White Pine visited law, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Slebbins 8r., &yicl family. his parents, the Clifford Gong- eon's on May 9. 8, 9.30 and 11. Living Rosary devotions, 2, by Holy Name So-' ciety, followed by May coronation ceremony; Holy Name Rally, 7:30. Sharon Lutheran (LCA), The Rev. C. Raymond Holmes, pastor. Worship services, 8 and 10:30; Sunday School, 9:10; adult discussion group, 9:20. Trinity Lutheran (Missouri).! The Rev. Clifford Brege, pastor, j Worship service, 8:30; Sunday! School, 9:30; Lutheran Laymen's League Retreat at Glid-j den, Wis., 7:30. RAMSAY Christ, the King Roman Catholic. The Rev. L. C. Cappo, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 and 10; confessions Saturday, 4 to 5 and 7 to 8 p.m. Riverside Bible. The Rev Dale Lennon, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30: morning worship, 10::30; evening service, 8, with showing of film, "Dust or [Destiny." . Do you ever feel trapped? Do the walls of a meaningless life seem to close in on you sometimes? Here's good news! Eveiy life has a gate, and it is never locked. But it only opens from one side .... your side. Seek for the gate with all your heart, and you will find it. Open it, and you will enter a world full of meaning and beauty. You'll step from darkness to light.... and never look back. The key? It's waiting for you in Christ's teachings. His Church will help you to find it, and in His sendee you will discover life's real purpose. Go to church this Sunday, and hear God's words of promise and comfort. They are meant for all who yearn to widen the cramped horizon of their lives. They are meant for you. THE CHURCH FOR Al_l_ • ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regu- Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday larly and support the Church. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. Copyright 1965 Keisler Advertising Service, Inc., Strasburg, Va. Boole II Kings Psalms Isaiah Jeremiah Matthew Luke II Corinthians Chapter Verses 6 124 26 7 16 13 4 8-1? 1-8 1-9 1.7 13-20 22-30 7-11 t <SJ2? t <£J2? t Iron Exchange Bank, Hurley Ironwood Daily Globe Josephson's Rest Home Ketolo Funeral Home Oscar Ketola, William O. Ketolo, William H. Ketola, Directors Lakeside Memorial Chapel Wilberl H. Juntlila, Director Lake Superior Wilbert Vault Co. Liimakka Insurance Agency, Wakef ield McKevitt Kershner Funeral Home, Inc. Walter P. Kershner and Joseph McKevitt, Directors Walter Meyer's Sausage Co., Ironwood and Hurley This Series of Messages Published Weekly Bill Miller, Standard Oil Agent Moore's Electric Shop Morgan Nelson Supply, Inc. National Metals Bank Nvberg-Miller Funeral Home Radio Station WJMS Ray's Flower Shop Randall Bakery, Wakefield Ringwall Upholstery Sage & Williams Agency Sky View Nursing Home, Hurley. St. James Hotel Sullivan Agency, Insurance by the Following Business Establishments White Cross Pharmacy, Hurley Bark River Culvert & Equipment Co. Bessemer National Bank Chappell-Zielinski Funeral Service R. L Zielinski, Director Chief Oil Co. City Drug Store, Hurley C & L Auto Service, Inc. Credit Bureau of Ironwood Dandee Bakery—Bessemer Engstrom Funeral Home, Hurley Frick-Zielinski Funeral Service R. L. Zielinski, Director Wm. J. Karpus, Manager General Insurance Agency, Sessemtr Gogebk Agency, Bessemer Gogebic Auto Co., Inc. Gogebic National Bank Hager Lumbar Co., Inc. ReinoM. Hauta Insurance, B«»sem«r Hautamaki's Rest Home Hiway "2" Super Valu, Bessemer A. W. Holmberg Agency

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