The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 26, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 3
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IjjUESDAY. SEPT. 26,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. PAGE THIIEE NEWS BRIEFS mm FUi The nicest courtesy that you can show tout guests ig to nave their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends Is to let them learn or your visits through this page. Please call the society editor, telephone 106. To College—James Emms, 603 East Foster street, left recently for Alma where he will enter his Junior year at the college, To Meet—Tne Women of Grace Episcopal church will meet on Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. t the home of Mrs. Charles Butler, 319 North Robert street. Rcbekahs — Ludington lodge No. 87, Rebekahs, will meet at 8 m. Wednesday at I.O.O.F. all. A social hour will follow ic meeting. To Detroit—Miss Estelle Minte of 201 North Lewis street eft Sunday for Detroit where tie will spend a week's vaca- ion. To Frankfort—Mrs. Beatrice Leuwer of 204 North Staff on treet left today for Frankfort where she will visit for a week t the home of her friend, Mrs. A. B. Jacobsen. Legion—There will foe a meet- ng of Edwin H. Ewing post No. 6, American Legion, at 8 o'clock his evening in the D.A.V. oach. All members are request- d to be present. Announce Birth—Mr. and Mrs. Herman Arnold, 502 North Lewis treet, announce the birth of a aughter, at home, on Sept. 21. The baby-has been named Barara Louise. Lodge—There will be a meet- ng of Crystal lodge No. 179, In- spendent Order of Odd Fel- rs. at I.O.O.F. hall this eve- I ning for the purpose of confer- nR first and second degrees. Improved—John Emms; South ames street, returned recently rom Wood Wis., where he has een a patient at the Veterans' hospital. Mr. Emms' condition is described as being much improved. . Returned Home — Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jeppesen returned Sunday evening to their home at 502 Fourth street after spending the <past week in Chi- 1 cago where they attended the Twentieth National convention of the Danish Brotherhood, Spent Day — Mrs. Charles Engstrom, 1202 South Madison street, and daughter, Mrs. Lehman Wrege of 206 East Foster street, spent Monday in Muske;on where they visited Mrs. Sngstrom's sister, Mrs. F. Hed- und. Returned — Mr. and Mrs. I Charles D. Farmer returned to their home in Detroit Sunday after visiting over the week-end it the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hansen, 705 East Loomis street. Mrs. Farmer is a sister of Mrs. Hansen. CDA Party—Plans have been completed for a pinochle and jridge party to be sponsored by CWurt Ludington 745, Catholic DaughtersISrAmerica, orfWeli- icsday evening at James Golden lall. Luncheon will be served at he close of the evening. The public is invited to attend. Recent Guests—Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muar had as their guests at their home at 807 North James street recently Mr. and Mrs. Dell Wetherall of Grand Haven. Mr. Wetherall is employed with the government present operating in Pcntwater harbor. Visiting—Alfred Samuelson of Daggett, Mich., is visiting for several days at the home of his brother, Fred Samuelson, and family, 802 West Loomis street. Mr. Samuelson arrived Monday from Grand Blanc where he visited his sister, Mrs. H. Tro- dahl, who is ill at the home of her son, Howard Trodahl. Stars—Pere Marquette chapter No. 327, Order of Eastern Star, will hold a special meet- Ing at 8 o'clock this evening for the purpose of initiating two candidates. There will toe special guests at the meeting and refreshments and a social hour will be enjoyed after the meeting. •< Junior Townsend—The Junior Townsend club of Ludington will hold its.first regular business meeting of the winter season at the Moose hall on East Ludington avenue this evening. There will be dancing after the meeting. Glenn McCoy, president, will be in charge. All members and friends are asked to be present. Supper—The members of the Senior Child Study club will sponsor a potluck supper on Wednesday evening at 6:30 To date 20 outside memberships have ibeen sold in the Pere Marquette Memorial association, it was reported this morning by association officials. Two prominent midiwesterri Institutions of learning, the University of Detroit and University of Notre Dame, subscribed to memberships Monday, the former to a contributing and the latter to an honorary membership. The University of Detroit contribution was accompanied by a few words from the Rev. Fr. A. H. Poetker S. J., executive dean of the university. He said: "We are pleased to see this project getting underway and are confident it will toe successful. The University of Detroit is glad to subscribe as a contributing member at $25." Other memberships received this week are as follows: Full memberships: Ludington High School Teachers' club, Mr. and Mrs. John Sniegowski, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bulkley of Oklahoma' City, Okla.; Horace G. Atwater of Oak Park, HI.; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Olmstead Sr. ( Steve Godin. Associate memberships: Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Cloud, Mrs. M. E. Hoyt of Okemos, Dr. Robert W. Orr and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sheldon. RADIO H1GHLICHTS Key station of each network Is listed in the programs. The Networks: WEAF—WTAM, WTMJ, WQY, WLW, WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ, WMAQ, WXYZ, WLW, WOOD. WABC—WJB, WHA8, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI 640, KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KYW 1020. WBBM 770, WOFL 970, WBAI. 1060, JVCCO 810, WABC 860, WKAB 850. WDAF 610, WEAF 660, WENB 870, WON 720, WQY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS (120, WHO 1000, WrBO 570, WJJD 1130, WSM 650, WJB 750, WJZ 760. . WLS 870 WLW 700, WMBI 1080, WKZO 590 WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270, WOW 590, WOWO 1160, WSB 740, WTAM ' 1070, WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Eastern Standard Time) TONIGHT- European schedule— WEAF-NBG .7,: .15. and .12; WABC-CBS 16:30 arid 8:55*, WJZ-NBC 10; MBS 9. WEAF-NBC — 8 Johnny pre- MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS (2:30 P. M. E.D.T. Prices) Adnms Express .." 10 Am Can 112'i Am Smelt & Ret 56'/4 Am Tel & Tel 161 Am Wat Wks 13 Mi Anaconda 33'.4 Armour of 111 7 Aviation Corporation 6'i Borden. 21?b Calumet & Hecla 9 1 ,'n Ches & Ohio 44% Chrysler U8'/2 Colum G & El 7 3 /4 Com'with South 1 ','2 Curtlss Wright 7V 2 Elec P&L 9 General Elec 42'/a Gen Foods 41 Va General Mot 53','B Hudson Mot 6'/4 Int Harvest 09 Int Nick Can 38',!, Int Tel & Tel 4'/ B Kennecott Corp 41 1 ,'* Llgg & Myers B 95'/2 Marshall Field 16% Masonlte Corp 35 Montgomery Ward 53 3 /i Motor Wheel 15 3 A .total U. S. shipments 412; market, best stock steady, firm undertone, demand moderate, fair quality about steady, demand light, supplies rather heavy; Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. washed, 1.60-.75; unwashed, 1.55-.65; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1, washed, 1.85; Minnesota Red River Valley section Cobblers U. S. No. 1, 1.25; HollandiUe section Cobblers U. S. No. 1. 1.UO-.25; North Dakota Red River Valley section Cobblers, 85 percent or better U. S. No. 1, 1.17I/2--25; Bliss Triumphs 85 percent or better U. S. No. 1, 1.25-.35; washed, 1.50; Wisconsin Cobblers U S. No. 1, few sales, 1.15-.30. Greenville Potatoes (Quotations In Cents) GREENVILLE, Mich., Sept. 26.— OT— Potatoes — Market steady; deliveries light. Shippers paying growers, fO-80c cwt. for U. S. No. 1. went into the dining room. There her slayer sprung from hiding and struck her down. Large 1 bruises were found on her left temple and her hat on the floor, with her twice knotted. "She was garroted apron and towels Seek Prowler Who Kilfed Housewife W-cj/ir -WD\J —o uuimn.r >»»<- ~i ji v in, nr~ is' sents; 8:30 New time for HOT- 'i^JS*:??..::::::::::::::::: I-' Local and Social ace Heidt; 9:30 Fibber McGee and Molly; 10 Return of Bob Hope; 10:30 Uncle Walt's doghouse. WABC-CBS— 8 Big town; 8:30 Walter O'Keefe; 9 We the people; 9:30 Bob Crosby swing; 10:45 Rep. Hamilton Fish on neutrality. WJZ-NBC— 7:45 Eddie Rickenbacker on "The War Issue;" 8 Inside story finale (west repeat 10:30) 8:30 Information please; 9:30 Story time. MBS-chain — 8 Green hornet; 9:30 Success session. NORRISTOWN, Pa., Sept. 26. _(/p)_The slaying of the come- rauwr Y v^ cl „,, ly young wife of a Philadel- Nash-Keivinator 63/4 j phia paper company executive by an intruder in her secluded home sent a prowler scare today through the wooded suburban area around Norristown. State troopers investigated every "strange man" story in their hunt for the murderer of Mrs. Clara Buchanan, 36, strangled Monday with her apron and two kitchen towels. National Biscuit 22% Natl Power & Light 8'/2 New York Central 21% North American 21% Packard 4 Pe;nney (J C) 87 1'helps Dodge 44% Philips Pete 455fj Pullman 39% I Radio 6 Companion to Tell \)f Fatal Kidnaping WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 26.— (JP)— Jean Bolton, one of two movlestruck schoolgirls who left Miami with a self- styled talent scout, faced the ordeal today of telling again of the \ you can no longer rely as you 2:55 a. m. At least two men were surprised in the office toy Patrolman Arnold Sluiter. They had been trying to batter open,a saife which contained $2,000. As the men fled they fired on the officer, who returned their fire. One of the burglars dropped, apparently wounded, tout escaped toefore the officer could reach him. He left behind a nickel plated .32 calibre pistol. Says Leaders Hopeful for 'Peace Break' PENTWATER THEATRE TONIGHT. Nights—7 and 9 (Continued from Page 1) automobile ride from which her companion never returned alive. The prosecution, which charges Charles Jefferson bludgeoned 17-year-old Frances Dunn to death, indicated Miss did in the last war upon neutral supplies because your government cannot pay for them." That's smart propaganda to hand a people who only 21 years ago was driven into submission Bolton would testify later today' toy the lash of hunger. If the concerning the three days in- 'British can get results that way, Meeting Combines Reception Monday (Contmued from Page 2) mothers present was awarded to the kindergarten class of which Miss Marie Subora is the teacher. At the closest the meeting, the reception was held and refreshments were served to those present. Fall flowers were used in decoration at the serving table. Tea was served by Mrs. Emil Newberg and Miss Subora, while the members of the executive board acted as hostesses of the occasion. # In Justice Court What to expect Wednesday: American Legion convention— WJZ-NBC 9:45 a. m., 12:15 and 1 p. m., WABC-CBS 6:15 p. m., European .schedule -WEAF-ZJZ-NBC and WABC- CBS 8 a. m., WEAF-NBC 12:45 p. m. WEAF-NBC—1:15 p. m. Let's talk it over; 4:15 Stella Dallas; 6 Art in the news. CBS-chain —4:45 p. m., W. C. T. U. convention; 5:15 Of men and Books; 5:45 Scattergood Baines. WJZ-NBC—12:30 p. m., Farm and home hour; 4 Club matinee. Republic Steel 21% St. L-San Fran 3 /4 Sears-Roebuck 77 7 /8 j South Cal Edison 25'/» | Standard Brands 6Vi I Standard Gas & El 3 Standard Oil Cal 30% Standard Oil Ind 28'/ 2 | Stand Oil N J 50'/4 Etudobaker 7Va Underwood El 41',i ' Union Carbide 92?ij Union Pacific 103 United Corp 3 U S Steel 77% Yellow T & C 19 5 ij tervening between the girls' departure and the finding of Miss Dunn's body Aug. 10. State Attorney Phil O'Connell read to the jury Monday two statements which quoted Jefferson as admitting he lured the girls on the trip with promises of theatrical fame, raped Miss Stock Averages, Sept. 26 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Balls Utll Stocks Net change ... A.I A.3 Unch A.I Today 75.5 22.8 Previous day .. 75.4 22.5 , ^~ .Month ago 67.1 17.5 MBS Year ago 65.7 15.9 1939 High 77.0 23.8 1939 Low 58.8 15.7 1938 High 79.5 23.5 1!'38 Low 49.2 12.1 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 38.5 38.5 38.2 29.6 40.6 33.7 37.8 24.9 found her body sprawled on the dining room floor. Much of her clothing was ripped away and the $20,000 colonial house a mile west of here was ransacked. Chief County Detective Kaye Munshower gave this version of the tragedy: Mrs. Bucnanan, a slight brunette with striking features, drove her husband, to the railroad station and her son to school. Then she went marketing. Returning home about noon, she left the car in the front 53.4 driveway and lugged her bundles inside her attractive wood- stone house. She heard a noise as she placed a bag of gocer- ies on the kitchen table and 52.9 52.8 47.3 44.0 I 41.6 54.7 33.7 16.S 157.7 61.8 THE MARKETS (Additional Markets on Page 7) Saginaw Beans (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) SAOINAW, Mich., Sept. 26.—W)— Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Tuesday prices: Handplcked pea beans, per cwt., 3.05: handplcked red kidneys, light. 3.50; dark, 3.50; handplcked yel- loweyes. 3; choice recleaned cranberries, handplcked, light, 2.50; dark, 2. Her seven-year-old son Edward | Dunn on a lonely beach at Boca • • ' Raton, and then killed her with a hammer. A second statement related that Frances was slain for refusing to go through with a plan for Jefferson to get money. Jefferson told the girls it was a kidnaping, that statement said, and asserted Miss Bolton agreed to the plan in the hope the publicity would aid her career as a blues singer. Shoots at Burglar in Grand Rapids GRAND RAPIDS, Sept. 16,— (/P)—Police searched today for a burglar believed to have been wounded during a gun battle with a patrolman in the office of the Shaw News company: at it will ibe a lot easier than smashing the west wall. Then from Germany comes further peace talk, still supported by the Italian press. A man close to the Nazi government said: "We are ready for peace, and we are ready for war, tout the initiative for warlike actions must be taken by Germany's opponents." More striking, were the rumors—though they were unconfirmed—in informed quarters that the Nazis were preparing another friendly gesture toward France. It was said Germany might free all French prisoners taken thus far and send them home. It is figured that these Poilus would make excellent advocates for peace. News— Cartoon—Shorts. ^S/V'w-V^^-'WX^^^VS^^-^NfWWWN/ 1 WEDNESDAY—THURSDAY Sept. 27-28 Ann Sothern James Ellison Lynn Bari Elsa Maxwell June Gale Linda Darnell Jean Rogers Joyce Compton John Holliday Allan Dinehart In "Elsa Maxwell's Hotel for Women" Also "Non-Stop New York" THE PARK STORE Some Wednesday short waves: 2RO Rome 7:30 News and light music; 8:25 Netherlands salute; Chicago Potatoes rmn n-^r* ORR T-onrlon in - 15 (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) Ut>L> LrtoU UfcB IjOnaon lU-^O CHICAGO. 111.. Sept. 26.—(>P)—(United Gypsy orchesta; TPA4 Paris | st atcs Department of Agriculture.)— 11 Leading press articles. Potatoes—Receipts 111, on track 414. Otis Smith, 26, Victory township, pleaded guilty when arraigned before Justice Henry Seeba Monday on a charge of driving an automobile on a public highway without full year license plates. Justice Seeba ordered him to pay court costs of $3.35 and suspended his $5 fine. He paid. Smith was arrested in Victory township Sunday by state police. o'clock at the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Hocking, Hamlin lake. All members are asked to meet at the home of Mrs. Harold Lohner at 6:15 p. m. sharp and to bring their own table service. Return to College —Mr. and Mrs. H. Dean Johnston and son, Norman, of 106 Franklin street motored to Mt. Pleasant Sunday where Norman will enter his Freshman year at Central State Teachers' college. They were accompanied by Miss Betty Read, 207 North Robert street, who will also enter her Freshman year at the college. Other Ludington stu- ents who have left recently to egin their Freshman semesters t Central State Teachers' college re Miss Donna Lou Caplon, 503 East Loomis street; Miss Flornce Mary Gwinn, Ludington State park, and Carlton Jacob- on, 721 East Danaher street. 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