Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 24, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUAlUfiltLANl),. MO., MONDAY, OCTQHEH 21, 11)55: Dial l'A-2-4600 for. a WANT. AD Taker West Europe Views Saar Ballot With Misgivings • • ^ Hack ifontv Front Siberia LONDON W - Western todaj \icwcd the pro-German vie- ioiy in the Saar with misgivings verging on, anxiety. TJieic was a feeling the 991' square mile territory on F r v c n c h German terrier ; ..... •emerged once again as a trouble spoti. carrying the seeds of international discord. British newspapers especially showed concern over what some described as "Nazi style" campign tactics of those Saarlanders who 'ledyth'e campaign against Euro- peaiflzation of the territory. . Tiioiigh the election result was! , hot unexpected the headlines clear-j .'ly reflected the shock felt in Britain and revived reluctant memories of Hitler's march into the Saar; 20 years ago, his first aggressive; move. German newspapers which re-, ported, the campaign voluminously were "slow to comment on the result. One of the few editorials — in the independent West Berlin B.Z. —blamed the French-backed Saar Europe Premier Hoffm the alist has lion Weed ; Moire Income? A Large N.Y. Bank that has paid dividends over .'" 60 years. Income 4% to 4V2% Coniult Frank R.BIanl ',. . 72 Pershing St. Cumberlond, Md. , ,,.„_ (matin and his govern mcnt for emotions stirred during the campaign and said: "Jl is Iheir fault that the cam poign aroused overheated nation- feelings among the popula which are unworthy of oui century." The Dutch De Volkskrant said "The Saar can no longer be considered a problem concerning solely France and Germany. The Saar remains a European problem —the Saarlanders do not live on an island." Most British newspapers saw . serious deterioration in , French- ierman relations. The influential Times, while explaining there cogld be no com .ilainl about the Saarlanders' righi .0 reject the European statute said: "Nonetheless, many.years' work for reconciliation -between France and Germany is now jeopardized. Road Project To Start Soon BALTIMORE IB—Governor Me Keldin will perform a familiar task Nov. 4 when ground is broken oh the new Kenilworth interchange near Washington. McKeldin will operate power eo.uipment signalling the .start 6 [he project, which .will consist o Ihree bridges'and 3.5 miles of dua iane and ramp roads. It's part o the State Iload Commission's 12 year highway gram. The interchange will gonriect th Baltimore - Washington parkway with the Annapolis-Washington ex pressway, now under construction Low bidder on the project was .Wil liams Construction Co. of Balti more, which bid .$2,758,549. Before and after the ceremonies set for 10:30 a. m. EST, the road; commission will conduct a bu: tour of highway projects in'Prince George's and Montgomery conn ties. HERE'S THE JQB WE OFFER! .(1) $300 guaranteed minimum monthly income to start as trainee, ceiling unlimited. Our experienced 1 men earn from $10,000 a year up. : (2) Life-time opportunity—no age termination. (3) Sales organization with over 10,000 satisfied '/. salesmen covering all 48 STATES. •04) Thorough training at National Sales Training v School./Salary and expenses paid during training " period. ^(5) Company you'll be proud to represent. Largest of its kind in the world. Over $100,000,000 in os- J sets. Nationally advertised. *(61 Mb shortages—no slack period. ;(7) Rapid advancement for men with management potential, who demonstrate their ability. -Sounds too good to be true? Let us show you. If you have a •good appearance, like to make money and are willing lo work, ".you may qualify. Must have a car. Our own associates have -:been informed of this add. Phone Fort Cumberland Hotel, "PA 2-2400, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and ask for :Mr. Ray Slrothers. Frigid Blasts - German men.ahd women prisoners, held by .Russia'iii central Siberia, are welcomed at West German repatriation camp at Friedland. Some were taken prisoner during the War and. others were arrested in Communist-controlled areas of Germany after the war. • ' ",•••' (AP Phetofox) Texas Sector By The Associated .Preil The coldest air_ of the fall sea son pushed southward from Canada o center over the central Rockies oday. - •.. '. •','-'" The, season's first zero, reading was recorded at Fraser, 1 - Colo., site jf President Eisenhower's favorite 'ishing and camping grounds. Below freezing readings early to day reached from the Western Plains southward to the Texas Pan handle and castsvard across the upper Mississippi and central Mis soiiri Valley 1 regions. Light rain showers, generally ess than a quarter of an inch !ell throughout the night over mucl: of Illinois and Indiana and north ward to. the Great Lakes. Snow [lurries touched - parts of northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. At In :enmtional Falls, Minn., an inch of snow was on the .ground. Elsewhere, the temperatures held seasonal. Readings in (he 60s and low 70s covered a region west ward from 'Alabama into southen Texas. Miami. reported the morn ing's highest temperature, 78 de grees. Considerable warming took place ;n the northeastern section of the nation.. Readings in the 50s were common early today over much o: \'ew England in marked contrast .0 yesterday morning when below Teezing .marks were the rule rather than the exception. Readings of 60 covered an area from .Ohio northeast into New York stale. 'Big Three' (Continued from Page 1) Pinay will nieet with Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov Geneva Thursday in the first effort to translate the ^'Geneva spirit" of last summer's summit conference into* concrete agreements at.the working level. . Plan Joint Policy Dulles, Macmillan and Pinay planned to align their views inlo a joint policy in sessions today and then seek the endorsement of all other partners of the Atlantic Alliance at an NATO session tomorrow. The Western'experts were fairly well agreed that German reunification, based on free nationwide elections, must come ahead of any European security system in discussions with Molotov. But it began lo look as if the .situation in the Middle Eas^ might also become a-.-rnajor issue. Sharrelt flew here, he said, to convince the Western foreign ministers the peace of the Middle East is threatened. S35,000 Damage Caused By Fire In Salisbury SALISBURY, Md. U> — Damage of 535,000 or more was caused by a fire which hit the warehouse anc office of the Fuel Service Corp. here early yesterday. Henry White, president of the corporation, made the estimate. Firemen prevented the fire from spreading to the nearby property of (he American Oil Co. Tires, batteries, oil and automotive supplies owned by Fuel Service were lost. Statistics reveal that women live 10 per cent longer, than men, on the average. —ADVERTISEMENT— —ADVERTISEMENT— SLEEP TONIGHT WITHOUT ARTHRITIC PAIN or your money back Take PRUVO tablets UK directed today. Prove to yourself there is no better non-narcotic relict from minor nihai ond pain* of arthritic and rhtumolU oltoili ot holt Iho ,o>r. Use half the tablets in the S1.50 bottle. If not satisfied with the re- sults, return bnlancc to maker for money back. PRUVO Is so safe you tan buy it trom your dnis store without a prescription. Save money on PRUVO by buying the 225 tablet Clinical size bottle lit $4.00 or the 450 tablet Hospital size-bottle at ?7.50. GET PRUVO TABLETS TODAY AT RAND'S CUT RATE has this happened to You? If you're taking a bath when the telephone rings, why drip water ill over the house or miss the call completely? Have a telephone in easy reach of your bathroom! An additional telephone costs only Jl a month, plus tax... and for a one-time-only extra charge 'you can have it installed in COLOR to enhance your bedroom, hall or wherever it's most convenient. Order an.additional color telephone today, Just call your local "telephone Business Office." Complete home telephone service is CONVENIENT.. .INEXPENSIVE...MODERN... PROTECTION Tho C & P Telephone Company of City Carey Declares Wage Boosts ic hearing of.a Senate-House Eco- idmic 'subcommittee, studying the growing use of automatic processes in factories and offices, Carey said: "Only if consumers have the jtiying power lo purchase the ris ng output of goods and services made available by the nesy technology will we be able to maintain ligh leveIs of employment, nation"~. t iThe alternative is' mounting unemployment, since an. expanding volume of production; without, rap- dly growing markets, means; inevitable depression." .- ; As for the worker's role, Carey said: • "It-is morally and economically vrong. to expect the working peo- >le of. America to bear the entire jurden of the social costs'of introducing automation." The Rio Grande of New Mexico s the third longest;, river in the U.'S., exceeded only, by the Missouri and. Mississippi. Fugitive Feloii (Continued from Page 1) jailbreaks, escaped from the Walla Walla prison with two other con vicls. They .accompanied him as far- east as Creston, Iowa—aftci stealing'an Army truck and then an automobile. The trio then broke up. Green's companions \vere captur ed an hour later. The FBI docs no say. why they decided to go their own - way, but it describes Green as a "very moody person . . . very sharp-tempered and quick to flarf up." j The G-Men quote his acquaint ances as saying "he has a grudge against the world and, because o mean disposition, he wouh lave a difficult time keeping partner. As a result, Green is very much a lone wolf." As proof of his "ruthlessness,' the FBI cites the fact that, during prison boxing match, Green is reported "to have practically chew ed off the ear of an opponent." Ho lad many West Coast bouts while out of jail, too, and is believed to carry a large scrapbook of news laper clippings about his fights. Here are aids to identification of this "Most Wanted" fugitive: Aliases — Joe Collins, Steve Sreen, Thermox Green, Frank Mfstelter, Steve Lowery, Dallas Victor Starr, "Punchy" and others Description—Age, 35; born ir Grangeville, Ida.; height, five feel 11 inches; weight, 188 pounds: build, medium; hair, light brown; eyes, bluish gray; complexion ruddy; race, while; believed lo wear levi pants at almost all times Occupations — Logger, laborer carpenter, steel worker, baker farmer and boxer. May show up seeking a job as a guitar player in a low-class night club. Marks—Scars under chin, on lef wrist, left index finger, seconc joint of right middle finger, lower part of right shoulder blade; tatloo of rose with scrolls and names 'Jinny" and "David" on ouler pan of left forearm; tatloo of birl on upper right arm at shoulder; tattoo above right kneecap. Theatre Owner Dies BALTIMORE Ml—Frank H. Dur- :ce, owner of motion picture .healers and drive-ins throtighoul Maryland, died today in Union Me nodal Hospilal al Ihc age of 68. Now On Display At GREEN • HARTMAN The New 1956 KELVINATOR WASHERS and DRYERS You Can Buy An Automatic Kclvinator 51QQ95 WASHER . for l«« Automatic Kclvinator $1Cq.95 DRYER .'..for I.V* ' ' '•!" ' • Plus Liberal Trade For Your Old Wother EASY MONTHLY TERMS • GREEN - HARTMAN APPLIANCES 198 N. Centre St. Cor. N. Centra t, Marker Dial PA 4-0730 WASHINGTON Hi -- James B. Carey, president of llio CIO Elec- .rlcal Workers union, simt today hat as automation Increases more iioney.must find ils way into workers' pockets or the nation faces ''inevitable depression." .Carey, who also is secretary .reasurcr of the CIO,'called'bh government, labor and industry to strive for "rapid increases in con- Argentine Church Prelates Return vasiiwaking up to a cool,.foggy dawn vvhcn a heavily armed po : ic'e escort' hustled .two Roman Catholic -prelates .from downtown j n ih c Army, was alone. s'pub- Buenos Aires lo the capital's The churchmen, Auxiliary Biship. Manuel Tato and Provicar' mem Novoa, both of the Buenos Aires diocese, had one-way tickels o Rome and .not even a change of clotliing. Today the two priests.are home JUUC1Y Ills: 1»>U JJ1IC313. Ul w Hum* ..---• . again and Pcron has fled to exile ley,' 8« .editor of the-New -York Journal-American med yesterday. •Mary's. Cltanirt it. now', Equipped to handU all your 'Cltamng Niidil Wt'vt inttnlltd new Equipment le Cart for—. ' ' ' White Clothes Ask- About Our SCHOOL SPECIAL CASH emd CARRY w. Alto Do- Custom Cleaning and Hand Finishing SPECIAL 1 HOUR Dry Cleaning SERVICE Call For and Deliver At NO EXTRA Cost Mary's Cleaners 157 N. Mechanic St. PHONE PA 2-2040 Ex-Grid-Star Hurt In Crash SAN ANTOMO. Tex. (Xt-ftmY Eidom, 23, former Southern.Mcth-. odist University football'star, wat reported in critical condition with a skull fracture at Brooke Arriiy Medical''Center after an'auto crash BUENOS AIRES HI - Argentina near Gonzalcs, Tex., yesterday. ^•V.'"' L -™TW?W™« n Paraguay. Police at Gonzalcs said Eidom apparently fell asleep at the wheel and hit a' tree about 25. fmiles northeast of Gonzales. Eidom, now Eidom' was noted for - his; hard and pass receiving. In senior year that saw him play the greatest game of his career against Arkansas, Eidom was named All-Soulhwesl • Conference. Aged Editor Dies .NEW YORK, tf)—William A. Cur- SAVE where most peopf* AT ^_ •- ; " LT MORE PEOPLE SAVE AT A BANK THAN ANYWHERE EISE. WHY? . "IT'S SAFE. Sound management, carefully restricted investments, close government supervision, physical safeguards - and deposit insurance up to $10,000 •'; for each depositor* -prated the savings I bank!" "IT'S CONVENIENT - 1 can do all my banking at onct." "MY FUNDS EARN INTEREST - without toy invtuing." "MY BANKER makes me feel at home ... is so helpful.'.' ' Start saving with us: Experience the many benefits that make more than 69,000,000 Americans agree: "THERE'S NOTHING QUITE LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK!" *by I'ue Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK At the City Hall Square Member f. D. I. C, Here's jusft the phonograph for you from... PHILCOi.r'56 New Convertible Consolette with Twfn Speakers Carry it with you and set it up in seconds. Flip the latch —bottom swings down, hidden legs unfold and you're ready to play! Two full-six speakers give a tonal range and "presence" never before achieved in a portable at this price, ,1-speed automatic record changer.' Two-tone Tan leatherette portable case. Only $•1.50 A Week •K"..-'|£3*£-^ "-r.-.'i.c- •ii';4»*i3,%wv;?i m\ ! 29 ! " FHttCO 1XB 3-$p«d "Personal" Phono Ju»t plus in and play. Your signature in gold FREE on the Ginger leatherette cose. 3-Speed High Fidelity Phono True high fidelity record reproduction, Electrostatic Speaker gives clear undistorted sound clear up to 20,000 cycles. Automatic record • changer. Mahogany finish cabinet. A WEEK Many ortw 1956 Philco models on easy terms MUSIC SHOP • . ' • . • ; ' . s . CUMBERLAND MD.

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