The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 11, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 8
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CABitoLt, IOWA, May 7,1894. City council met In regular session at the office of Q. 1ft Bowen. Present, E. M. Parsons, mayor; C.H.Hoeft, J. A. Me- Kelll, E. N. Merchant, IT. O. Rich, Sam Todd, Ifendel Llever and Maurice Bowler. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. Mayor Parsons reported the cost of material per foot that It would take to construct the sewer, concerning the drainage through Carroll Roller Mill property and extending west as petitioned for at last meeting, and was on motion requested to order the necessary sewer pipe for same, and that said sower should commence at the Keokevoet corner Instead as petitioned tor. To the Hon. Mayor and city council: The following Is thecondltlon of the city treasury Jlfay 7, 1894: Corporation fund on hand. 1806 69 . GRAY'S IRE BOUSED insists on Senator Hoar Making i an Explanation. EB REFUSED TO BE INTERRUPTED Bond ' ' 91716 Road ' ' 210 94 Sidewalk ' ' 6*32 • Oemotery * ' *• • ^^ ^ • Sinking ' ' 97606 Water works fund over paid 26 72 Total 1217 03 J. P. Hiss, Treasurer. Motion made that we pay a thousand •dollars and interest on Merchant note when it comes due out ot sinking fund. Carried. Petition was read asking the city council to vacate that part of the public highway running north and south from the point where it enters the northwest corner of block 8, Michael Miller's second addition to Carroll to the point where said highway leaves said block 3, on northern boundary of Ninth street in said town of Carroll, Iowa. Also to locate a new road 80 feet wide running in a southwesterly •• direction along the west side of said block S, as the same is laid down and platted and recorded in the recorder's office of Carroll county- Iowa, commencing at the northwest corner of said blocks, and ending on the northwest, corner of block 4, in Michael Millar's second addition to the -town of Carroll. Signed by Carroll Imp. •Co. Pr.V. Uinrichs, andW. T. Mlnchen. Motion made and seconded that an • ordinance be,passed granting the request • •as set out in said petition of Carroll Imi provementCo.,andW.T.Minchen,to vacate i tbe road and Iccate the same as set out in : said petition and an ordinance be passed < to that effect at the next regular meeting •of the city council of Carroll, Iowa, upon receiving a relinqulshment of tbe right of way where said new road is to be located and all expenses to be paid by said petitioners. Carried. A remonstrance regarding bicycle rld- 'ingwas read and the following resolutions passed: Resolved, by the council ot tbe city of Carroll ••that the running ot bicycles on the sidewalk in ' tfoe city ot Carroll at any time after dark and at •• all times be prohibited within tbe following de- Ascribed limit!; Commencing at the north-east 'earner ot Seventh and Clark etroeta.tnence eouth to Third street, thence west to Carroll, thence north to Seventh street, thence east to Clark street. All bicycles mutt be provided with an alarm boll, whistle or horn under penalty of not lew than f&'or more than $25. The following bills were then allowed: Green Buy Lumber Co., lime............. UiOO JE. lI.ParBoni, onecar coal.. .18 OB " freight on same.......10 47-28 62 Electric Light and Power Co., light from Aprlll to M«y 1,1891 10EOO B. Boliter, 9 days 6 hours labor 14 25 " " 10 days 4lfehowrt labor. 15 78 J. Loebel, lday4K hours labor 2 15 J. Flanegan, 10 days 6 hours labor 1575 " " 8daya5hour§ labor. 1275 B. Reynold*, 2 days with team 8 00 Mew York store, ipantt 75 P. Joyce, lumber 12220 Junod & Culbertson, coal 825 J, Buonnelt, board tor prisoners 4 10 A. remonstrance against the laying of tbe tide- walk along south side of block sixty-seven and sixty-eight ID the city ot Carroll was read and on motion, It was referod to th» committee on •treett and alleys. Petition asking tbe extension of water mains to be extended from northeast corner of blpck 33, toutb to southeast corner of block W, tbence west on Second street to northwest corner of block 71 in the town of Cerroll, Iowa, was read and on motion waa laid on tbe table. Motion made that we extend water malm one block toutb from railroad ou Carroll street. Curried. Petition asking the laying of a sidewalk on north tldo ot Ninth street, between Carroll and Wett street, also a crossing acreit West street, •cross alley between Wett and Carroll streets, •was read and ou motlon;it was referred to street committee with power to act. Petition asking tbe council to extend tbe • water works from Clark street west on Fifth street to engine house was read and on motion •wti referred to water works committee. Motion made tbat we take :a ballot at to the grott amount of license to bo taxed to tbe ibloonB under the mulct law. Tbe following was the result: Two votes were cast for » • license gf $1-000 and live for »TOO. liotlon made and teuonded th»t we reconsider -tuevotc, veus, and nus called for, K, N. Merchant yea, J, i. UoNelll yea, SamTodd najr, W. 0. Ultmnny. W. Meyer nay, 0. U. lioelt u»y, Uaurlce Bowler nay. Motion tbat the election of street oommUalon- ert be deferred until next meeting, Carried. Petition of J. 1'. Hess aud Ueo. Selzer that lie south end of Court street, between lots 6 and 7, bldkk76,imd lot 7 and 8, block 74, Carroll, Iowa, , be vacated, WHS ou motion referred to street • committee. . Motion to adjourn. Carried. JOHN SciuruTNHii, K. M. Pint )*«, CUT Clerk. Mayor. MACHINE, WAGON AND SHOP •he Trouble Aroie Over the Coinpromlae Ameii(lment« to the larltt BUI—Opposition to *»ylo«''» Ifomlnatlon-Congi-es- •lonnl Investigation ot Coiey—Nlobrnrn I Bridge BUI Approved, > WASHINGTON, May ».—There was a promise of an electrical display In the senate when that tody met Tuesday. The Republicans were active and disposed to ask some embarrassing questions concerning the "compromise amendments" offered to the tariff bill. Mr. Quay demanded the presence of a quorum before the journal was read. Some routine business intervened. The credentials of Senator-elect Gear of Iowa were presented by Mr. Allison. Mr. Hoar questioned the form of the certificate. ! A certificate of the speaker of the Iowa house and the president of the Iowa senate, Mr. Wilson, whom Mr. Gear is to succeed, stated that the certificate was in the form usually employed In Iowa. Mr. Allison suggested that the certificate lie on the table. There was plenty of time, he said, between, now' and March 4 next to examine it. ! At 11:80 Mr. Harris, in charge of the tariff bill, abruptly moved to proceed vdth the consideration of that bill. Mr. Hoar took the floor. i Senator dray'* Ire Aroused. I Toward the close of his speech Mr. Hoar succeeded in arousing the ire of Senator Gray. He was talking about the methods used by the socalled "conservative" Democratic senators to se- <rart concessions in the form of higher duties and includsd his statement by declaring Democratic senators who would support the compromise bill agreed upon bp the Democratic caucus would violate the'constitution and their oaths. This statement brought 'Mr. Gray to his fefet. He demanded to know what the Massachusetts senator meant by such a charge —a charge, he said, which waa unworthy of Mr. Hoar. Mr. Hoar-waved the Delaware senator aside. He would refuse to yield to bim, he said. Mr. Gray was not to be put off. His cheek was flamed. Ha insisted upon an ex< planation. "Very well," said Mr. Hoar. "I cannot be intimidated by a little bluster. But I will explain. I meant to say for a DEALEKS AND MA^lTFACTtJllEtlS OF , CARTS AND ALSO AGENTS FOB THE CELEBRATED --: Bettendorf Hollowsteel Wagon Axle :-- Made of two pieces of sheet steel, as compared with forty-nine pieces required to make the present wood axle, bolster, and stakes, with the necessary irons, bolts, nuts, rivets, and nails. ,/ Democrat who subscribed;to th» doctrine of the Chicago platform, that a tariff for protection was robbery, who went to the people affirming hie allegiance to that platform, and who now comes here seeking and obtaining protective duties, I mean to Bay that for such a senator there is no escape from the logic that he violates both his senatorial oath and the constitution." Hour Refused to Be Interrupted. Senator Gray made an effort to reply, bnt Mr. Hoar refused to be interrupted, whereupon Mr. Gray called him to order and asked a ruling upon this point that such language as the Massachusetts senator haa used w,os unparliamentary. Mr. Gallinger, who was in the chair, overruled the point of order. Mr. Gray could do nothing then but sit down. In GAEROL1,, IOWA. a few minutes Mr. speech. Mr. Gray arose. Hoar concluded his His anger had not subsided. This was the sixth week of the tariff debate, he began. If there was any doubt about the artificial character of the edifice of protection this debate had supplied it. Every attempt to ap- prqach the monstrous aggregation of LAND OVER FARMS, folly and greed known as the McKinley hill bad been met by those who raised a clamor about the interests of the people and by the greed' of corporations. The culmination of McKinleyism was characterized in this debate by the wild statements and assertions of the advocates of tbe system that bad wrought so much ruin to the country. They threw aside all restraint* of spies and dealt in the rhetoric of the slums, They east their foul aspersions on those who sought to do their duty to the country and their party. In the speech of the senator fropn Massachusetts the decorum of debate had been violated, but the language the bad indulged only showed the straits to which be had been put. I TOP Severe on the MoKlnley tow, Mr. Hoar's temper was seemingly un ruffled when he replied, in a few words, to what Mr. Gray hod said. He said the senator from Delaware had been too severe in his condemnation of the McKinley law and he stood here on this floor advocating a measure dotted and crowned all over with protection. If protection was unconstitutional and robbery, this was a wicked thing to .do. "Why did ho not tell the senate in extenuation of his course why he hod pat a protective duty on sugar?" ejaculated Mr. Gray from hit seat. 'I Xiubuud by llli Wile, SAN FIUNCISCO, May 10,— Mrs. Al) • Cheng, wife of a local Chineiomerchant, decamped for China on the steamer Ooo- c t taking 110,000 of her husband's Hey, The robbery waa discovered by Cheng shortly after the Bteamer sailed, It Is believed some gay Lothario ttccoinyftnied tlw woman, p«|>«w Orantud i* Divorce. GUTUIUB, O, T.| May 10.—Judge Lawrence grafted a divorce to William A. Oepew, a wealthy oUisson ol J3i.4un uud a cousin oil Ulmunooy M. Duj vw, from his wife, EoBiiliu. The chart,v is iu- . compatibility. •jlttiUtouu Vury Sl«k. LOSUDN, Muy 10.—Mr. Glutl-;'••'"!'» weakiiugii, uu tht> result of u rmm -Id, is Increasing, mid Uu iu constantly u. >r . tho euro of u phyttloluu. We constantly have on hand all kinds of Wagon and carriage repairs, such ag single and extension buggy tops, lazy backs, bow sockets, bows, dashes, cloth, leather and rubber for tops, cushions, side curtains and repairs. We also do all kinds of plow work, disc harrows sharpened, horseshoeing, wagon and carriage repairing. All kinds of machines repaired, such as mowers, binders, threshing machines, engines^ etc. We have recently purchased a gasoline engine and can and will accommodate one and all who have work which requires the running of machinery, such polishing, lathe work, etc. WILL APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE. Yours respectfully, , North of Burke's Hotel. ne said, showed that after listening to Republican speeches for six weeks, the Democratic senators, had learned something. If the tariff bill was laid aside for a month and that month was devoted to study by his friends on the other tide of the chamber, he thought, at the end'pf that time they would bring in a bill which would be perfectly acceptable to the Republicans and which would pass the senate unanimously. The senate seemed to enjoy the playful joke. : When Mr, Merrill took bis seat Senator Quay (Pa.) appeared from behind,his huge pile of manuscript and resumed .the speech he has, been delivering.-since April iti. No attention was paid: to the Pennsylvania senator save by the .official reporters. However, at times during the afternoon, a call of the senate was bad at the suggestion of some of the Republican*. These calls gave Mr. Quay tbe necessary breathing 1 spells. At 4:45 p. m., on motion of Mr. Mills, the senate went into executive session. CoBffrM*lon»l InTMtlgBtloh of Coif* WASHINGTON, May 9.—GhairrrianMo Cannof the- house committee on labor has completed tne text of the joint resolution for a congressional investigation of the industrial unrest and inoi dentally of the Coxey army movement, It ia as follows: "That a joint committee be appointed consisting of three sen atom and four ttepresentativoe, whose duty it shall be to investigate and report within 80 days the cause of the industrial depression responsible for so much distress throughout the. country and what legislation will induce and preserve industrial and financial conditions that will offer speedy, permanent and lucrative employment to the cittsenn of the United Btatea." Report ou Crop Condition*. WASHINGTON, May >».—The weather bureau in its report of weather crop con ditions eay» there is ample moisture in to be sold at less than qne-hjalf of actual value. TJMeae lands are placed on the >y the Receivers of the Lombard Investment company and other loan companies, under an order rom U. S. supreme court. The entire list to be closed out by May 1. Fully one-half .the list ocated in the great com belt and are close to towns and schools and churches. TERMS: Not less than one-fourth cash, balance 2,3 and 5 years at 7 per cent interest, optional payment plan. Examine this list and make offers. No reasonable offer refused. "Con tbe senator not understand tbe di/Ioreuco between a protective and a revenue duty?" : At tbis retort, the Republicans tittered. Mr. Hoar insisted that an attempt to show tbut increases in duties were for revenue purposes, aud not for protection woe simply an evasion. When Mr. Hoar took MS seat, Mr. Palmer (UU.) felt called upon to defend himself from Bey- era! of tho insinuations in Mr. Hour's remarks, He said, as far us be was concerned, a half u lout wu» bettor than no poaf ut all. It lie could not get iu « .measure, framed by bis Democratic col- iloaguoB, ull ho desired, ho would take ;wbut Ue could got. gouutor Murrll Oruok* u Juki). The dlBcussioH was closed, by tbe YOU- oruble senator from Vunnunt, Mr. Mor- 'rll. When the uuUiov ot the old wui jtwilf, white haired uml boot with agu, luvoso in his }>laoi>, a smilt) was pluyiny IttlKJUt tlio coruvrn ot hu li\a. As he hud '.uu praviiHtt uruubiuuit, ituid nomuthingj tu at vho DuJUuciutli! tui'lH ho ilwiretl uow to bay BOIUO- m. Tlio 400 uiuond' Ull (Uing in the spring wheat region and in the states of the Missouri valley. There U a slight deficiency of rainfuU in portions of Nebraska, Kansas ahd western Texas. In California, the seoion has been unusually dry and small grains and postures havi been very much injured by drouth, bu tbe north Paomo coast states have been wtoro favored and there baa buwi a oligb excess of rainfall over Washington and Oregon since March 1, OpiMwItlou to 'i'»ylur'» Nomination. WASHINGTON, May 8.—The wnata discmtbod tbe nomination of 0. 0. Taylor, the KwiBas colored inun, to *» recorder of desda for tbe District of Columbia for an hour in exouiilivu and adjourned without taking auy ttc tiou. Bunator Proutor madu tho prlncl pal of sevurul upuochou iu opposition am Senator Martin umilo thu only Bj>eec in nupiK>rt of counnnatiou. 'i'liu opposi tiuu iiittdu to cuniiriuaUon wan baaud " (iroly UJKJU nom'OBidenco and thu argv went wtm tor hoiuu rulu iu tuo district BvorvUry bmltlt'* AUvvrw Uvporti WAHHINUTON, JMuy Vi.-«tjwrutury Smit boa tmuvuiltUttl to cougretw uu 130 quarter sections in Antelope county, Nebraska, at from $1000 to % 2200 each. 108 quarter sections/in |Cnbx county, Neb., at from $800 to $2200 each. 45 quarter sections in Pierce county, Neb,, at from $1000 to $2400 each. 280 quarter aeqtions in Holt county, Neb., at from $600 to $2000 each. 810 quarter sections in Keya Paha county, Neb., at from $500 to $1500 each. 240 quarter sections in Ouster county, Neb., at from $600 to $1800 each. 90 quarter sections in Perkins county, Neb., at from $800 to $2000 each. 64 quarter sections in Brown county, South Dakota, at from $600 to $1500 each, 45 quarter sections in Edmunds county, South Dakota, at from $600 to $1200 each. . 55 quarter sections in Aurora county, South Dakota, at from $800 to $2000 each. 815 quarter sections in Hand county; South Dakota, at $500 to $1200 each. 42 quarter sections in Beadle county. South Dakota, at $600 to $160aea6h. „ ' 86 quarter sections in Brule county, South Dakota, at $500 to $1400 each. Also considerable amounts in 22 other counties in Nebraska and South Dakota, and a few farms in southern Minnesota. As a rule quarter sections of $1000 and up, except In the older counties, have gopd improvements in the way of cultivated land, buildings, wells, etc,, and are desirably located. This is a rarb opportunity for.idle dollars. For further information call on or address me at Carroll, Iowa. I have examined several of the above ftmns and A.W.SWENDER, Sales Agent for Receiver*. report on tbe title claiinou by the Choo- tuw and Gliickaaaw Indians in the Oklahoma lands known an thu leased district, went of west longitude |tt), olaiuwd by the Wichita and Kiowt* Indians, Mlobrvm Urldc* Mill Approved. WAJ3H1NOTON, May 0.—The president hag approved the act to protect birds And imals In Yollowtttouo park uud to au- tkorUw the reouuHtructiou of u bridge acrotw Vto Nlobruru river at Niobraru, Web. Mut liuiliurlnv "•• B «*w Vriwt. Sj'UiNui'tKi.i), Ills., May l>.—Attorney Qoueral Maloney, pu being aakod if It was true that he Uud ,'orderal tlie sugar trust to keep iU gouda out of Illinois, if pliud with oinphuaU that it wu» not true. Tho sugar U'twt U, hu nulil, a New Jersey, not an llliuota corporation. Child*n Ory for Pltoher't Owtorlo, TfLEQRAPH NEW8_ BOILED DOWN. Might large oorporutlous in ludiuiiii have boon »u«"I for tuxus, • urmy of Chluago CoxitylUu bad a row and separated at VulparuUn, lud. :<r The grand lodge of United Wurkmmi begun IU »*)M»lon ut Wutvrtuwn, 8. 1). An oil well was ntruok ut Portlauu.lnd., br tho Eulru oomimuy, tuo oaimolty of wliloU 1« wl/lmated at (MM barrels ilitlly, 0. F. Ollvy, uiTuntoU at Puoblo, Colo., i« wanted for murdor oonimUtodat Auburn, C»V, tbr»« ywtrit ago. Miuloul Jublluo Uigmi M Tuo v>vUu» ugnn>«uu>^,&00. Ai'olior ot Culvugo will awunl Howolli, oousul (ur tu« United 8t«twi ut G'MriUff, Wulo*, l» vl»ltiuK bU bouio at MMtwUlcu, O., on a U»v» ol ab- Uoiomu'o Btrjkurti uro tr tlio coal minor* ut GurHllow, N, M> ( to quit work "uulll tho gouorul NtriKe in tbo east IH won." Tho 880 ntoii uinployod In tho Colorado Fuel ttutl Iron covupuuy'n u)lne»ntQr«(tod jlutto, (Jolo,, went out in sympathy w ^ tu tU«l big utrlku, . -l'ontwustiJi' Darnw of AlWu, lit,, ban been found short in UU ucoouut* wltU Unolo Sum. of tho olty of l<youw, K*u., tbo Mtmiuurl 1'tioillo and Pauta y* to uoiii|H>l u lower (rolgbt rate bus beeu bid in railway tbo Bttllwutor, far Uu.itfJ, tuo un>l UU»IB. Tho Minn., »ir,!ut •uiuuiit ut hic rovulvur Tho lu-xl uuH'Ung of tho MiiwuuH Chuu- taui|ua uwymbly will bo hold ut Kudulia Juno lit Iu July 0 inuluHivo. ThoniaK U. UooU ur IJuuvku Uuohruu will ttdUmw thu uwtuukblv.

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