Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 1, 1961 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1961
Page 8
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t POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, March 1, 1961 HMttMttlMIMimimimHllMMIMIfmiltffMMIMII BOARD PROCEEDINGS Allamakee County MORRELL YOHE, Chairman ALTON BULMAN JOHN BAUMGARTNER •m «iM *iiti»mit»ii>iiiiiiuiiiii»inniiimiiiiiiiiiinimiiiii Published below are the official proceedings of the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors. The publication appears in the interest of all county residents, town and rural. •MINUTES OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS February 4, 1961 Board met as preadjourned. Members ail present. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Board audited cloims on file with Coanty Auditor. Report of the Soldier's Relief Cora- mi>»ion for quarter ending December 31, I960 was presented, read and approved. Report of Allamakee County Agricultural Extension Education Fund far January 1 to December 31. 1960, was .presented, read and approved. Board organized as a Board of Canvassers and counted the ballots cast at the Iowa River Drainage District No. 1 election which was held January 23, 1961. and counted 10 ballots cast for Allison WeymiUer and 4 ballots cast for Walter Hammel. I for Louis Wey­ miUer and I for Bob WeymiUer. Allison WeymiUer was declared elected for a term of 3 years. On motion board adjourned as a •'board of canvassers and organized as a Board of Supervisors. Official Bond of John Ford, J.P., Waukon. Make* Township, was presented, rend and approved. Board ordered that $150.00 be appropriated for Bee Inspection work in 1 Allamakee County for year 1961. Financial Report of County Board of Education was presented, read and approved. County Treasurer's Semi-annual report for period ending December 3 I,! I960 was presented, read and approved. Motion made and seconded to sus- peffd taxes on the following described property: Gov't, lot 5 in SEU of Section 14-100-4 and Gov't. Lot 1 in NE^ «* NE% of Section 23-100-4. Motion carried. Official report of County Highway Engineer for road and bridge work, farm •to market and local secondary roads, from January 1, 1960 to December 31, I960, was presented, read and approved. BEFORE THE HONORABLE BOARD.) OF SUPERVISORS or Allamakee County, Iowa IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF NORTHERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY FOR AUTHORITY TO USE A PART OF THE PUBLIC • ROADS OF Allamakee County, Iowa. RESOLUTION This cause coming on to be heard upon the petition of NORTHERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY, hereinafter inferred to as "Petitioner", and the Board being fully advised in the premises, finds that Petitioner is a corporation of the State of Delaware duly authorized to do business in the State of Iowa as a foreign corporation. The Board further finds that in order that Petitioner may carry out its corporate •objects and powers, it is necessary for it to lay, construct, operate and main- pipelines across certain County roads situated in Allamakee County, Iowa, as set forth in Petitioner's app& cation filed herein. THEREFORE. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, said Petitioner, NORTHERN NATURAL CAS •COMPANY, is hereby granted permission and authority to lay, construct, operate and maintain natural gas pipelines across certain County roads at the location set forth in Exhibit "A" and **B" attached to the application of Petitioner herein, which Exhibits "A" and and application are hereby made a smrt of this order as fully as if set out im length herein provided, however, that Petitioner shall, in constructing said pipeline undercrossings, cause the very mnpimum of inconvenience and obstruction of public travel along said -roads and, further shall operate and -maintain said pipeline undercrosaings in m manner so as not to inconvenience, -eadanger or obstruct public travel alone s «dd roads; provided further, •tfcat upon the completion of each pipeline u nde rc ros* ing co nstruc ted he r e under Petitioner shall immediately back-fill, re-construct and replace the portion of the roads across which said pipelines are laid and constructed so that •such roads shall be in equally as good «& condition as prior to such construe tkm: provided further, that so long ai said pipelines are maintained and oper -Bted under said roads Petitioner shall be responsible for doing any work which, due to the existence of said pipeline undercrossing, needs to be done on said roads at the location thereof, all in order to maintain said roads, at such points, in a condition equal to otlier portions of said County roads; -provided further, that should Petitioner xesnove said pipelines from any of said roads, it will replace and recondition the road concerned, at the location of said removal, in substantially the same condition as it was prior to such removal; all liability of Petitioner for tne maintenance and reconditioning of *ach roads shall cease as soon after such removal as the County Engineer hm* approved the maintenance and reconditioning work done by Petitioner; farther the Petitioner agrees that if at *my time the County of Allamakee shall deem it necessary to make any improvements or changes on all of or any part of the right of way of the County roads which affects the Utility as located under this order, then and In such event, the Petitioner or his Assignee shall make such reasonable changes of its facilities located within such right of way as may be deemed necessary, such work to be done with- »nt cost to Allamakee County provided further that the construction or laying of said pipelines by Petitioner hereunder shall be considered and shall constitute an acceptance of this order and of all of the terms and conditions herein set forth. .Dated this 4th day of February, 1961, at Waukon, Iowa. (s) M. L. Yohe Chairman, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: <«) L. E. Ricker County Auditor RESOLUTION We, the undersigned members of the County Board of Supervis- i ors, by resolution passed on the 4 th; day of February 1961 hereby resolve; that henceforth our policy in regard to the collection of taxes on personal property shall adhere strictly to the -following provisions of the Code of Iowa of 1958, to-wit: Sec 445.42 Assessment of migratory property of non-residents. All personal property, the owner of which is a non-resident of the state, and which property is by the owner thereof intended for sale or consumption at a place, or shipment to a place other than where said property Is located, shall be assessed In the owner 's name, if the owner is known, and if the owner is unknown or uncertain, the same shall be assessed to "unknown owner", and shall be by the assessor sufficiently described so that said property may be identified. Sec. 445.43 Lien on migratory personal property—maturity of tax. A Hen for the tax upon said property as herein provided shall relate back to and exist from the first day of Jan- v*ry of the year for which It is assessed, and if anyone seeks to remove the said property from the county before ( the tax for said year shall be paid, the It shall be the duty of the assessor to notify the county auditor If said property Is being, or is about to be removed from the county. In such event, or if the knowledge of the removal or of Intent to remove said property shall come to him in any other authentic manner, the said auditor shall certify such fact to the county treasurer, with a full description of the property as the same appears on the assessor's books, giving assessment district, where located, and the amount of said assessment, and the county treasurer shall thereupon proceed by distress to restrain the removal of said property hnd secure the lien of the tax due or to become due. It is further resolved that other and further statutes not contained and set forth in this Resolution shall be employed in so far as they may be applicable. BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF ALLAMAKEE COUNTY, IOWA (s) M. U Yohe Chairman (s) John Baumgartner Member (s) Alton Bulman Member On motion board adjourned to meet February [8, 1961 at 9:00 o'clock a. m., M. L, Yohe | Chairman of Board of Supervisors j Attest: L. E. Ricker 1 County Auditor ! The Class of 1961 ..." SENIOR PERSONALITIES Interviews from P. H. S. Spinners Drug Store, drug" -Stanley Schroeder Store, provision, --• 3;—'. Dr. John W. Thornton. medlcM " • Memorial Hospital, 231.93 10.00 124.00 Vincent Waters Martha Bronson Roger Haiigartner CLAIMS ACTED UPON BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS February 4, 1961 COUNTY FUND General Merchandise, supplies $ Clerk of Court, Lloyd R. Kolsrud. postage . Co. Auditor, L. E. Ricker, postage Co. Treas. Leon Henderson. postage Interstate Power Co., light bill N. \V. Bell Tel. Co., phone bill Co. Recorder, Keith E. Bigelow, postage . Acres-Blackmar Co., office supplies John Baumgartner, salary and mileage, S.P.D. 43.75, S. MiL 0, C P. D.. 268.75, C. Mil. 66.64 -Alton J. Bulman, salary and mileage, S.P.D. 37.50, S. Mil 8.40, C.P.D. 275.00, C. Mil 82.18 — Martin Broderick, extra help- Chet Barr, mileage and expense Burg Implement, repairs, co. home Co. Sheriff, Theodore H. Rumph, Jr., board and lodging for prisoners Co. Sheriff, Theodore H. Rumph, Jr., mileage and expense . Co. Sheriff. Theodore H. Rumph. Jr., meeting Culligan Soft Water, soft water --DeBuhr & Son, repairs, court house Enyart Motors, repairs, sheriff's car Clarence Flage, fuel, court house Fldlar & Chambers Co., office supplies Grace-Lee Products, Inc., janitor supplies --Elsa Hager, extra help Herman Repair Shop, repairs, court house James Klenske, auditing drug bills KUpto Loose Leaf Co., office supplies Uoyd R. Kolsrud. Clerk of Court, reimbursement on ass II. dues Koch Bros., office supplies — Koch Bros., office supplies __ Monroe Calculating Mach. Co., maint. agree. Motorola Comm. & Elec. Inc., maint. agree. Lynn W. Morrow. office expense - - • Thomas P. O'Toole & Sons, office supplies Postville Herald, printing, office supplies Peterson Bros. Hdwe., janitor supplies Palmer Abst. Sc Realty Co.. continuation of abst. George Philips, bond premium Daniel E. Regan, auditing drug bills E. W. Stock, fuel, court house Norma Svendson, Deputy Clerk, reimbursement ass'n. dues Mrs. Leta Schutte, meeting — Thompson & O'Malley, insurance premium Treas. of State of Iowa, sales tax Transcopy, Inc., office supplies Alden F. Wiley, M. D., medical, jail Alden F. Wiley, M. D., medical, jail Alden F. Wiley. M. D., reimbursement for bond Waukon Rep. & Standard, printing Waukon Democrat, printing Waukon Newspapers, office supplies . Waukon Cash Register Service, office supplies W. T. Whalen, meeting Waukon Lumber Co., repairs. court house Morrell L. Yohe, salary and mileage. S.P.D. 43.75, S. Mil 8.96, C.P.D. 281.25, C. Mil 81.06 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Office of County Engineer, postage and easements Hospital Service. Inc., Blue Cross. Blue Shield Office of County Engineer, recording easements Interstate Power Co., light and power N. W. Bell Tel. Co., phone bills Ace Telephone Ass'n., service and tolls Office of County Engineer, postage and rec. easements Garland Burroughs, salary Howard Meyer, salary Alvin Sires, salary John Munz, salary Raymond Schultz, Balary Raymond Schultz, salary 1.09 20.00 24.00 44.00 217.04 165.70 20.00 33.96 379.14 403.08 120.00 33.39 6.00 79.90 82.17 57.35 8.50 266.26 29.20 37.52 225.00 17.50 70.80 1.00 1.50 6.26 13.00 142.03 14.26 95.00 51.60 289.22 92.70 216.79 17.65 11.20 28.40 4.50 37.06 9.00 11.04 514.41 1.28 40.18 5.K1 5.00 8.00 323.47 365.43 69.45 1.25 6.28 1.38 415.02 17.54 18.45 16.10 89.36 32.45 7.84 21.60 280.80 270.00 256.05 270.00 257.40 22.50 Vincent Waters Who is the senior boy that has the special ability of stumping teachers with difficult questions like. "What is spring fever?"— Vincent Waters. Vince is a member of several athletic squads at Postville High. He is a tackle on the football team, a heavy-weight on the wrestling team, and a member of the track team. Vince is also a member of the senior high mixed chorus. His favorite subject in the past four years has been biology. Many days of the week, Vince drives a Lancer to school. How did he happen to get this car? He drove their old one until it was ready to fall apart, so his Dad had to get a new one. Vincent enjoys working with model airplanes and belongs to the American Modeler's Association. If you ever catch any frogs, take them to Vince, because he likes fried and buttered frog legs. Dry jokes are Vince's pet peeve. When asked about future plans, Vince said he wants to take a liberal arts course, but he hasn't made a choice of colleges yet. * * * « • • Martha Bronson If you have ever seen a girl dash quickly from home to school and have caught a glimpse of a diamond sparkling brightly on her left hand, it is probably Martha Ann Bronson. At the same time she is educating herself bookwise she is also learning to cook, because she will be getting married shortly after graduation. Her greatest ambition is to be a good cook for her husband-to-be, Wayne Landt. Because she enjoys working with children, Martha has been a Cadet Teacher and also baby sits quite often. Besides cadet teaching she has participated in Band. Vocal Music, the Junior Class Play and Thespians. We wish her much happiness in the future. ***** Roger Hangartner "Hail to the chief! Long live the King! Rah! Rah! Rah! To Jake we sing!" PHS 1960-61 Homecoming King has ruled calmly—with ease—with the satisfaction of his loyal subjects. Roger James Hangartner has won the respect and admiration of all here at Postville. He's been an active sportsman — participating in football, basketball, and track! His speed on the track came in handy in the backfield, and the cheers for Roger rang out heartily across the fields. He's been secretary-treasurer of Letterclub as well as vice president of the senior class! And on top of all these athletic and political posts he's even managed to remain an active Thespian. Could anyone ask for more? Handsome, nonchalant, debonair, Roger should establish himself with ease at Coe where he plans to begin his career as a prospective coach. His 1961 Chevy alone should assure him success among the coeds! But his pleasant smile, love of geomerty, and ability as an amateur mechanic should be able to satisfy anyone — anyone, that is, but a bee keeper, for his abject horror of bumble bees might drive him far out into the great blue yonder! So—keep your nose to the grindstone, Roger, your feet nimble in the track, and someday they'll all be calling out to you "Yea. Coach!" Coast to Coast Store, supplies 11.26 R. J. Cooney, rock 10,849.86 R. J. Cooney, due on proj. SN- 770 145.42 Michael and Effie Corrigan, right of way 594.50 Mayhew Eaton and Barbara Cote, right of way 264.00 Wm. L. and Marguerite Curran, right of way 525.00 DX Sunray Oil Co., gas and fuel 1,900.94 Dillman Bros. Asphalt, blacret 32.65 Dahl Motors LaCrosse, Inc., supplies 56.20 Dubuque Auto Supply Co., supplies 47.47 H. M. Empting & Son, repairs 147.58 Enyart Radiator & Body Shop, repairs , 5.50 Joseph T. and Mary V. Fahey, right of way 334.00 Leonard Feuerhelm, repairs — 3.95 Cyril and Viola Garin, right of way 88.22 Gibbs.Cook Eq. Co., equipment, repairs, supplies 3,277.00 Goplerud Lubricants, Inc.. supplies .... _ 1,391.92 feed, Truman Wenig, salary \ Harold Spores, salary JlS 'iX James Spores, salary \.V\n Albert Asleson, salary tin 'Jn Harry Culllckaon, salary iSS'SS Orval Gunderaon. salary SISSS Leonard Hastings, salary ;2 .?2 Leo Howe, salary IVAl Cletus Kelly, salary S'5'ii Harty Kolsrud. salary ??2S2 Amos Pederson. salary : 80 ?S Clarence Svebakken, salary — 280.80 Robert Weipert, salary 280.80 Ed Blaess, salary • 243.60 John J. Bresnahan. salary 350.OU Len Campbell, salary 252.20 280.80 258.75 370.00 270.00 310.00 280.80 Fred Dundee, salary 259.20 Leslie Goepel, salary Carl Hildebrand. salary Earl Johnson, salary JJo-c Paul Hammel, salary Zo8 'ii Donald Kellison. salary 291.20 Clarence Knudtson, salary Elmer C. Kostman, salary Theo. Larson, salary " Lawrence Martin, salary 216.00 Lloyd Newton, salary 270.00 Norman Rosendahl, salary Donald Sivesind, salary Oswald Steinhart, salary Wm. P. Sweeney, salary Lloyd Forde, salary Eddie Breeser, salary Gary Klein, salary Bernard Stone, salary Galen Barth, salary Farmers Hybrid Seed Corn Co., assignment Allamakee Ready-Mix. Inc., ready - mix . Allamakee Farm Service, fuel Allamakee Title and Abst. Co., cert, of titles Leonard Amundson, salary — Andrew Bresnahan, rock Brennan Const. Co., furnish crane dragline Beisker General Mdse., supplies . B 4c G Automotive Parts, Inc., - - . —, supplies *' "li -fliti lmraedia teiy become due and Vernon Brekke. "repairs I Carlson Materials Co., "Inc" sand collectible. ice. 445.44 Enforcement of lien. 385.00 280.80 280.80 280.80 222.30 250.70 189.00 168.00 236.90 25.00 116.37 86.10 67.50 25.00 1,504.91 114.00 18.02 46.85 5.63 100.80 Halverson Motor Sales, repairs Frank G. and Veronica' G. Hurrn, right of way Norma Jeanne Herman, salary Len Hansmeier, fuel oil Ellen Hawes, right of way Juhn C. and Anna C. Heffern, right of way Robert J. and Bernadlne A. Heffern, right of way John F. and Cornelia Howes and Federal Land Bank, right of way Herman Repair Shop, repairs Peter C. Hendrickson, salary and mileage IBM Internl. Business Mach., office supplies . Earl Johnson, reimbursement. Jacobson Garage, repairs Koch Bros., office supplies Charles Kistler Const. Co. & Keune Bros. Const. Co., proj. SN-2537; SN-2860 Clarence Knudtson. mileage — Knopf's Service Station, repairs Lydon Electric Service, repairs LaCrosse Trailer Corp., supplies . Aloysius P. and Helen Larkin, right of way C. T. Lannon, Treas. C. M. St. Paul clc Pac. R. R. Co- flagging road const. E. Leiran Store, supplies {ylotor Parts 6c Eqp. Inc., supplies . Mark Mauss Chev., repairs and supplies Lloyd and Ethel Meehan and Federal Land Bank, right of way . Mason City Blue Print Service, supplies Joe and Mary T. O'Neill, right of way Park Machine, Inc., supplies _ Palmer Abstr. 8c Realty Co., title certificates Peterson Bros. Hardware, supplies Quandahl Hardware, supplies A. L. Riley Co., office supplies Victor H.. Violet and Wayne Schmieden, right of way Service Gas Co., Inc., gas Shamrock Motor Co., repairs and supplies Sires Oil Co., gas James Spores, mileage Superior Welding Supply, supplies . . The Thomas Co., supplies Thos. F. and Ethel Urell and Federal Land Bank, right of way Waukon Newspapers, office supplies Wledenbeck-Dobelin Co., supplies Waukon Lumber Co., supplies, POOR FUND N. W. Bell Tel. Co.. phone bill Interstate Power Co., light bill Glen Burt, cash allowance George Mohn. cash allowance. Mrs. Clarence Sheriff, cash allowance Aschom Grocery Store, provisions . Allamakee Cof. Farm Bureau, membership dues, 1961 .98 73.64 6.00 22.50 192.37 226.4 1 467.75 707.27 87.66 171.92 4.67 2.34 15.15 117.23 427.82 3 7.24 4.40 12.96 71.66 202.20 672.15 14.99 31.25 30.63 500.00 13.51 600.00 147.85 82.50 33.43 15.50 42.50 56.92 1.25 32.07 537.41 10.43 17.46 122.66 698.83 27.50 10.78 120.54 76.20 146.21 8.00 8.00 8.00 110.00 Anderson Produce, home Mrs. Eilert Bakkum, extra help and care Business Office, University Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa. hospital Black Hawk Co. Auditor's Office, reimbursement Burlingames Store, provisions- Brauns' Meat Market, provisions Miss Thora Brenden, care Robert Burseth, transportation B & B Store, clothing Caroline Ruth Bursell, salary- Darline Burseth, salary Cronin Variety, clothing Helen Evelyn Cole, salary Carter 6c Herman, drugs Carter Ac Herman, drugs, county home R. J. Cooney, rock, county home 192.85 30.42 109.20 27.00 12.00 15.00 43.33 5.04 8.00 50.00 119.00 22.26 78.00 5.02 75.00 107.50 85.95 10.30 Decorah Hospital, hospital Donlon's Drug Store, drugs DeBuhr fit Son, new equipment, repairs, county home 1,153.14 Evans Refrigeration, repairs, county home Dept. of Social Welfare, aid "t» the blind Dept. of Social Welfare, aid to disabled 29.00 81.53 Dept. of Social Welfare, aid to dependent children Equity Coop. Store, provisions Mary C. Elilngson, mileage and expense . Mrs. Joann Entner, escort Fairway Food Store, provisions F fit M Super Fair, provisions D. C. Gilbert, ambulance Good Samaritan Home, care __ Graham's Store, clothing Giunta Bros. of Dubuque, provisions, co. home Graham's Dept. Store, supplies and clothing, co. home H 6c H Shoe Store, clothing Dr. Edward Hagcn, medical- H & H Shoe Co.. clothing, co. home Dr. P. R. V. Hummel, medical George Huebner, fuel Helke Optical Service, medical Len Hansmeier, fuel Hanson's Grocery Store, provisions Hager's Grocery Store, provisions —.. Mary Lou Hill, salary H'fic H Distributing Co., provisions, co. home Iowa Oil Co., fuel Iowa Lutheran Hospital, hospital Interstate Power Co., electricity Mrs. Lewis, care Iowa State Industries, clothing, co. home . Iowa State Industries, medical Dr. Roy R. Jeffries, medical- Jones County Auditor, care — Dr. M. F. Kiesau, medical „ Norma O. Knudtson, salary — Koch Bros., office supplies Linn Co. Relief Dept., reimbursement Moorman Mfg. Co., feed, co. home . Mercy Hospital, hospital — Meyer 6c Co., provisions —,— T. W. Melaven, provisions Lyle Mitchell, rent _ Mrs. Alton Marti, care —.— National Tea Co., provisions _ J. C. Penney Co., Inc, clothing Mrs. Bernlce Perkins, care — Peterson Bros., fuel, supplies, co, home Qulk Chek 1CA Store, provision* Quancaht Hardware, fuel Quandahl Hardware, new equip., supplies, clothing co. home Mrs. Luella Rekward, salary- Regan's Pharmacy, drugs Drs. Rominger 8c Bray, medical — — Sullivan Drug Store, medical and supplies, co. home Gilman Strand, salary Scheovei's, fuel .— Harold Schroeder, provisions Schultz Brothers, clothing Schwartzhoff Grocery Store, provisions Dr. John J. Slmmones, medical Sonny's Station, fuel . 15. 00 Sullivan's Drug Store, drugs Veterans' Memorial nospicai, hospital ' Ed Valley, provisions -Ceo. W. Wolters Onroge, medical Wiedncr's Service, fuel Dr R. H. Wheat, medical West End Grocery, provisions Waukon Lumber Co., fuel —-Dr. Alden F. Wiley, medical Ray O. Woldum, supplies, co. home , Mrs. Vivian Selberg. salary — Alden F. Wiley, M. D., medical, co. home Waukon Implement & Serv. Co., repairs, co. home ASSESSORS FUND County Assessor. A. Hansmeier, postage N W Bell Tel. Co., phone bill ---Acres Blackmar Co., oiflce supplies — Boone Blank Book Co., office supplies ---- Fidlnr 8c Chambers Co., office supplies «•»» A. L. Hansmeier, mileage m»' Koch Bros., office supplies „ Koch Bros., office supplies „ Everett Leas, salary .Thos. P. O'Toole 8c Sons, office supplies Matt Parrott fit Sons Co., office supplies Man,' Jean Sivesind. extra help Waukon Newspapers. office supplies Waukon Lumber Co., supplies COURT EXPENSE FUND Co. Treas.. Leon Henderson, petit juror , Ann M. Toman, salary Geo. C. Murray, mileage Martin Broderick, bailiff fees. Paul Huencman. J.P.. JP- fees MISCELLANEOUS FUND N. E. Iowa Mental Health Center, interviews Lynn W. Morrow, percentage of fines Co. Sheriff, Thco. H. Rumph. mileage and expense C. W. Rominger, commissioner Sherman Hart, commissioner- John W. Shafer. atty. fees Theodore Rumph, Jr., transportation Mrs. Vesta Carlson, witness fees Aschom Bros., provisions Tony Bedner, rent Equity Coop., provisions Equity Coop., provisions F. M. Super Fair, provisions _ Iowa Oil Co., fuel Iowa Oil Co., fuel Quik Chek IGA, provisions Howard Revoir, fuel Spinner Drug Store, medical Standard Oil Co., fuel Stumme Grocery, provisions- Selma Schroeder, cash allow. nnce 10.00 John W. Thornton, M. D-. medical 13.00 Veterans Memorial Hospital, hospital 63.55 Veterans Memorial Hospital, hospital 215.25 Lawrence Wilke, cash allowance 10.00 Waukon Home Oil Co.. fuel . 34.80 Alden F. Wiley. M. D.. medical 27.18 West End Grocery, provisions 65.0? Waukon Lumber Co.. fuel 48.00 F. A. Bonnstetter. inspection 87.00 F. A. Bonnstetter, inspection 13.00 J. L. Cox. inspection 148.50 J. L. Cox. inspection 85.00 D. R. Fields, inspection 25.50 D. R. Fields, inspection 2.00 Edward R. Holland, inspection 11.00 Albert Seawell, inspection 26.50 Albert Seawell, inspection 84.00 R. F. Schneider, inspection 48.00 R. F. Schneider, inspection 28.00 R. O. Sander, inspection 43.50 R. O. Sander, inspection I 10.00 L. A. Tischauser, inspection - 2.00 R. O. Snnder. inspection 16.Af> R. F. Schneider, inspection _. 59.20 Albert C. Seawell, inspection- 33.60 Albert C. Seawell. inspection- 71.80 ALCOHOLISM CALLED SERIOUS DISEASE 45.00 99.75 17.50 12.00 30.00 21.00 169.00 38.40 144.00 4.00 35.85 75.00 10.60 8.21 436.20 26.67 1.23 17.88 85.00 6.81 13.98 181.50 117.15 2.10 47.60 225.00 24.27 30.00 39.00 480.50 102.39 22.90 7.50 7.50 10.00 20.65 3.14 40.00 36.00 9.91 60.87 35.00 18.27 17.40 60.03 16.00 40.47 56.14 69.94 Alcoholism is more than a social problem. It's a serious disease; o medical problem affecting several million persons in the United States, reports the Iowa State Department of Health. A total of 59 per cent of all adult Iowans drink, according to research conducted by Professor Harold Mulford of the State University of Iowa. Dr. Mulford's figures show that sixteen per cent of Iowa drinkers are classed as "heavy drinkers," who take three or more drinks at a time more than once a week. , Alcohol acts as a depressant on the central nervous system. It can cause temporary impairment of hearing and vision, clumsiness voluntary muscles and of task v, dctenora- 11.43 1 tion of judgment and self-control. '• Because of these effects, it can be dangerous to tackle important activities after drinking. Any that demands accurate decisions, such as driving a car or running machinery, may be particularly hazardous. Alcohol also affects the skin, the stomach, heart and circulation, liver and kidneys. The amount of alcohol that can be tolerated by any person depends largely on one factor—the amount of alcohol that accumulates in the blood. This depends on the amount of alcoholic beverage consumed, the concentra tion of alcohol in the beverage, the size of the person, the presence of food in the stomach and the rate of drinking. There is not now. and probably never will be, any simple method 966.06 I 17.02 221.14 25.00 75.00 145.00 121.00 105.00 13.94 111.16 29.30 11.30 15.00 120.75 6.50 23.56 29.50 39.44 59.89 159.84 58.00 303.84 41.65 199.00 15.47 45.00 99.81 20.41 129.00 75.00 15.58 67.00 14.51 10.00 79.80 153.12 15.00 20.00 20.00 45.00 40.00 24.13 60.00 93.45 20.00 9.69 BKTFOUR' BOWLING ASSOCIATION Monday Night Ladies League * « • • • Won Lost Hoth-T-Birds 60 32 Tindell's Shoes 59 33 Tuck's 51 41 Luana Savings Bank 44H 47% Groff Drug 43 49 Heidelberg Gardens 42H 49% Home Oil Company 38 54 Darling's 30 62 High three games—Mrs. LaVerne Stumme, 538; Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 535; Mrs. Leland Walby.501. High individual game — Dorene Becker, 206; Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 204: Mrs. Leland Walby, 203. Tindell's, 4—Groff Drug, 0 Home Oil Co., 4—Darling's, 0 ' Hoth-T-Birds. 4—Luana Bank, 0 Tuck's. 2—Heidelberg, 2. < —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary Friday Night Ladies League ***** Funk's Construction 66% 33% McGregor Electronics 60 40 Meadow Gold 59 41 Hi-Way Lanes 57 43 Strikettos 55 45 Cook's Rollettes 52% 47% Ossian .'. 49 51 Watkin's Pinettes 48 52 Sal's Gals 43 57 Albright Oil Company 42 58 Baade's Grocery 35 65 Hygrade 33 67 Meadow Gold, 2—Hi-Way, 2 Rollettes. 4—Pinettes, 0 Albright Oil Co., 4—Strfkettes. 0 Electronics, 3—-Punk's, 1 Ossian. 2—Hygrade, 2 Baade's, 2—Sal's Gals, 2. High lines — Mrs. Ronald Funk and Mrs. Roger Thompson, 205; Mrs. Eugene Doerring, 202; Mrs. Clarence Tindell. 195. High series — Mrs. Roger Thompson, 547; Mrs. Robert Schultz, 534; Mrs. Leslie Poesch, 521. High team games—Meadow Gold, 845: Hi-Way Lanes, 833; Albright Oil Company. 804. High team series—Hi-Way Lanes. 2348: Meadow Gold, 2333; Cook's Rollettes, 2301. Mrs. Eugene Doerring, secretary. 24 27 30 46 47 49 50 52 53 American League « • • • • Drahn Implement 80 Meadow Gold 77 Anderson's Clothing 74 Hi-Way Lanes _ 58 Groth Packing Company ..57 Olson's Diamonds 55 Marianna Propane ... 54 Kv's Clothing 52 Hall Roberts' Son 51 Citizens State Bank 49% 54% Walnut Grove 49 55 Willman Real Estate 43 61 FrankviUe 37% 66% R. E. A 34 70 Hvgrade Products 33 71 Postville Faculty 28 36 Hi-Way Lanes. 4—R. E. A., 0 Groth's, 4—Citizens Bank, 0 Marianna, 4—Frankville. 0 Anderson's, 3—Hygrade. 1 Meadow Gold, 3—Hall Roberts', 1 Willman's. 3—Diamond's 1 Drahn's, 3—Ky's Clothing, 1 Faculty. 3—Walnut Grove, 1. High scries — Harold Peck. 687; Wilbur Cahoon, 647; Donald Heins, 642. Hiah line—Harold Peck. 262-226; Marvin Mobs. 233: Carroll Kamin, 232; Leo Boese, 232. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Town and Country League Guilder D.-X 69 35 Troirn's Hy-Bred 64% 39% Halvorson's Insurance 61% 42% 59% 44% .57% 46% .55% 48% ...54 50 ...52% 51% . .52% 51%. ...51 53 49 55 44.27 168.00 78.75 90.00 90.07 75.00 18.00 1 10.00 2.98 25.00 15.00 60.18 of turning an alcoholic into a nonalcoholic. However the statement "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic" no longer holds true. The introduction of new drugs, the advance of psychiatric knowledge and techniques, the work of Alcoholics Anonymous and the increasing realization that alcoholism is a serious but treatable disease makes recovery possible. NEW DISTRICT COOPEKATORS NAMED According to Garland Byrnes, chairman of the Allamakee County Soil Conservation District, the following nine new cooperators were approved for conservation work at their regular February meeting: Osmund Quandahl, John Berg, Harold Mo o n ey-Mau r ice Mooney, Franklin WeymiUer, Leslie Smith, Cecil E. Livingood-Gilbert F. Llv- ingood, Louis H. Benjegerdes, Eugene M. McCormick-Emmett McCormick, and Sherman Hart and Ernrnett Sullivan. This brings the total Allamakee District Cooperators to 805. Six hundred eleven of these have complete conservation plans developed with the assistance of the U. S. Soil Conservation Service personnel. FARM TRUCKS Farmers own three million trucks, or one-fourth of the total jj'40 in the United States. Schave Garage G. & M. Transfer ... Ossian New York Life Wirkler Bros Postville State Bank Hi-Way Lanes Luana Coon Riverside Gnrace 48 56 Frank's Recreation 47% 56% Schrocricr's Clothing 36% 67% Farm Bureau Insurance ...36% 67% Taylors Sinclair 35 69 Trojan's. -1—Farm Bureau Ins., 0 Riverside. 4—Taylor's, 0 Gundcr D-X, 4—Luana Coop., 0 Schsve's, 4—New York Life, 0 G. & M., 3—State Bank. 1 Ossian, 3—Schroeder's, 1 Hi-Way Lanes, 3—Frank's, 1 Halvorsons, 3—Wirkler Bros., 1. High series—Harold Preuss, 631; Kenneth Suckow. 625; Glenn Nims, 611. High line — William Szabo, 253; Ed Linderbaum, 243; Kenneth Suckow, 230: Harley Thompson, 229. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. National League Hy-Lino Lange 23 34 .57 47 57 61 62 6R 66 • Postville Lumber Ossian, 4—Lanpe's Sports, 0 Castalia, 4—Heidelberg, 0 Don's, 3—Postville Lumber Co., 1 Kneeskern's, 2—HyLine, 2. High series — Wlnfleld Masonhall, 647; Carroll Kamin, 627; Harley RadlofT, Jr., 618. High lines —Winfleld MasonhaU, 271; Harley Radloft. Jr., 235; Carroll Kamin, 232; A. C. Nesblt, 228. r —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Church League • • • • • "Monona E. U. B 69 Church Bowlers .63 Monona Lutheran 63 Farmersburg Lutheran 58 Postville Lutheran A 57% 46% Luana Lutheran B 53% 50% Luana Lutheran A 51 53 Castalia Lutheran 50 54 Gunder Lutheran .47 57 Farmersburg Bowlers 44 60 Clermont Lutheran 38 68 35 41 41 46 FrankvilUi Corr *i»i4T Community t& Robert" 7 ^ 10:00 a. m-J^~ 11:00 a. Iftj! Willing WorSt church Thursday ^ Frankville Study"g? Monday, March < jL Sevotio^^'n ^\ Bible TheVo 'JiX 'i bo Afncn-the Bbtatf A book review on «S,S the te y te ri8h, «l Waters!" Jani ^S charge of Federation J call will be nn in m * Africa. Other FrankvllUt Mr. and Mrs. L<!0% to Westby. Wisconsin^ day where they attenSI oral of H . O. Melb "ftl urer of the Dairyl, ^ Mr. and Mrs , m l Ossian were suppy , day evening at the h Mrs. Leo Birdsell. Word lias reached, concerning the deal Schiff, son of the late Elbert Schiff 0 f m Schifr Hied Wedneiil following a six weekii tion. His mother, thei Bollman and his 1 quent visitors in years ago. He is ] wife and two sons ices will be held in! Saturday morning. Mrs. Esther Brandt u Wednesday to Mondavi of Mr. and Mrs. Lesldf Mr. and Mrs. Marling Saturday afternoon vs Obert Harris home. Mr. and Mrs. Earl! boys, Mr. and Mrs. Hji Mr. and Mrs. Emmei'J Mr. and Mrs. Milton II son. were among thmti ed the 25th weddin?s- for Mr. arid Mrs. Hfej| at the City Hall in jj« day. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Hans $4 Sunday dinner girestsjl of Mr. and Mrs. Kenifll Waukon. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L Cathy of Calmar m afternoon visitors at the« skern home. Mr. and Mrs. Mehisl and family of Blufta,' Snitker of Deeorah sal man Schutta of Post* day dinner guests at 4 Mr. and Mrs. John Stag Mr. and Mrs. Eldredl family of Fredericks^ Sunday afternoon viiital per guests :it the home] Mrs. Wayne Brandt. I Mr. and Mrs. Carl fl girls of Calmar and H-l 'Jack Schisscl of Deconll day dinner guests at i| Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E Mr. and Mrs. Harlejl entertained a group cfif a party at their hoitea ville Saturday evenin?! following attended. & Don Sweeney of Wauh Mrs. Glen Thornton atIk and Mrs. Eldred Kiltk Mrs. Russell Wilder. Mr Curtis Cremm and St Wesley Brandt. Lunchf Mr. and Mrs. Robert! Postville were FrMsr I visitors at the home cf| Crawford and the family. Mr. and Mrs. Wallerf tertained at a party MJ eveninc. the occasion b prise Mr. Pilgrim onk: day. Cards were pl>!l lunch was served. M were: Mr. and Mr;. »| Mr. and Mrs. Russell' family, Mrs. Evelyn ' Linda. Mr. and Mrs' let and Mr. and Mrs.W A large attendance,* at both the Ruth Guild* of Mrs. Leo Knee.*crai> Guild held at the W Leslie Laterman, TOT noon. Lunches »'««• the time was spoil vis: ing the usual bwB»| Next meeting will »' at the church. Mrs. Elmer Fadnesj sister, Mrs. Orvin W Decorah hospital SW<W| Mrs. Lloyd Baker d Barbara of Waterloo.! Mrs. Bergen. Mr. and Mrs. Dawn and Yvonn and ness were Sunday «» home of Mr. and MB.» near Decorah. Mrs. Leslie Lateral tor last Wednesday« »J her sister, Mrs. Do»» Waukon. Mrs. te to .» Danny and Sharon ^ wards, Wisconsin ^ in the Bidmanjiw^ IMPROVEMENT/ Iowa is widenMlj highways in a ttreNg ment program. jw^ adding strips to foot width. Theses ing the whole road, ™ widening and imP rtrt This bring the provements first and w a fully modern ro' 1 .-a Postvil/e Lutheran Farmersburg B., * Luana L. B., 4—CJe Luana L. A., 4 Monona Luth., Postville L. A., 2- Gunder L„ 2-Fannffl High series—Heretyi Robert Schuiiz, "M-'W son. 584. ,, High lines — Mar* 238; Malin Schultt-f Landsgard, 220; Dmm 221. ~—Leonard

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