The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on May 7, 1971 · Page 34
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 34

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1971
Page 34
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PAGE THIRTY-FOUR H A M I L T O N , OHIO, J O U R N A L -- T H E D A I L Y N E W S FRIDAY, MAY T, 1« ^ M A R K E T S - Cint'i Livestock : CINOTNNATI (AP) - (USDA) ~ Cattle 100; calves 25; not enough of any slaughter class f6r price test; choice 1,000-1,100 Ib slaughter steers brought 32.50 · 33.50 latter part of week; choice 800-900 Ib heifers 36.50 32,25. Hogs 700; barrows and gilts 10 higher, moderately active; 1-2 200-230 Ib W.85; 1-3 200-240 Ib 17.50-17.85; 240-260 Ib 17.10 17.60. Sows: 25 higher; 1-3 300450 Ib 13.25-13.75; 2-3 450 600 Ib 13,75 -14.25. Boars: 10.50-11.00. · Compared to last Friday bar rows and gilts 1.25 higher; sows 50-75 higher. Sheep 25; untested. ; Egg Markets ·' COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Eggs -- Prices paid to country packing plants for eggs 'deliv ered to major Ohio cities case, included consumer grades in eluding U.S. grades, minimum 60 case ibis. " Carton large A 32-37, Medium A 28-32, Small A 22-26. Sales to retailers in ma jo Ohio cities, cartons delivered Large A white 40-46, mostly 4( 42; medium 35-42, mostly 36-38 . i. Poultry prices at Ohio farms hens, light 4V-5V4,-mostly 5. Truck ]ot prices of ready t cook broilers and fryers: Cin cinnati 26-26%: Cleveland 26.5 27.15; Columbus 26 1 A-26 3 /4. Potatoes 4.25-6.25. . Chicago Board fxm prlcM by courtesy M«r ill. Lynch, Pierce, fenncr milh, cinciauti. Phone Hamilton 5-76130 Wheat; July 1.51%. Sept. 1.53, Oats: July .67W, May .68%. Corn; July 1,44%, Sept. 1.42%, ec. 1,38, May 1.45. Eggs: May 23.70. Soon prlcei by courtesy Mer* 111, Lynch. Pierce, Fenner raith, Cine ion a it Phon* Hamilton 5-7613.) ow-Jones Industrial Avg. _.. -- 4.50 VCO len Aidon · merlcan Airlines 3SV mcrican Can 39V merlcan Cyanamld 34T1 mcrican Motors ,-- 6^i mcrican Standard 233| mer Tel. Tel. Wi merlcan Brands -- 46} ivaconda Cop^r 221 1 rmco Slccl _ ,, _ 20 3 , jreyhound - . 20', Mlantle Richfield 741 Won Prod. .- 991 3endix Aviation _ 36', 3eth. Steel 23», Boeing A i r c r a f t 23 GANG ASSAULTS HARRISON PUPIL .Carolyn Merida, 12, 1365 Joh St., suffered bruises when struc by a gang of youths, both boy and girls, while in the schoo yard at Harrison Elementarj School, Mrs. Ruby Merida, her mother, reported to police. 39 PCT. OF WIVES WORK LONDON -- Thirty-nine pi cent of all married women Britain now go out to wor compared with 26 per cent 1951. S/SGT. LARRY G. HENRY VJsllatfon Sun,, « to 8 P.M. Funeral Service Mon.j 2 P.M. J WEBB E F U N E R A L HOME Caterpillar Tractor 523, Chesapeake Ohio 60} Chrysler 30 Gin. Gas Elec 26} Col. Gas -. fl5 Col. Sou. Ohio _ 29', Combus. E»£, 60 : *ons. Edison £8) Conlhlncntnt Can 41 1 Curtiss-Wright 12= Diamond National 45' -' 30ld ._ 7fl Donald-Douglas 32i )uPont _._ 149 Eastman Kodak 80! uqua 24 ·eneral Dynamics 31 en. Electric 120' on. Motors 86 Goodrlch 23 ·race ft Co. Si Gulf Oil __""!""" 31 flarntnormtll Paper 23 Holiday Inn 46 FBM ... 346 Tnl. · Ha rvcsIOT _ SfJ' Int. T. T, ,, , 62 Kennccolt Copper __ M' Kroger . 42 Litton Tnd. . . 32 rxckheed Aircraft 13 Martin-Marietta 24 Monsanto Chemical 44 Mont, Ward _ R7 National Can .. - -_ so National Cash Register 42 National Distillers Ifi KL Tnd. . 22 Northern Pacific Otin Corp, 24 J. C. Penney Co. _ 70 Penn-Central Popst-Cola Chas. Pfizer Phelos-Dodjre 44 PhlHIpn Petroleum _ 3! Procter Gamble __ _ 6ft Pullman 47 ROA Republic Pteel Bevnolds Tobacco 65 Safewa ~ Paper ______ I"ll..l" 3S IPs Smart To Use "SIRK BEfiLTY" · 2 Well Locoted Offices · 21 Trained Full Time ______ Mobil ____ ............ ____ Sn«. Padflc _____ I.I "" Southern Hall ....... ___ 75 Srwrry-BsTid " 35 Standard Oil Cal. ........ ____ 59 Standard OH N. J. _______ _ 77 Standard Oil Ohio __________ JI_J Studcbakor-Pack'ard __ fc! Square t». Corp. ........ ,, 25 Texaco _ SB Texas Gulf Sulphur 20 Union Oil of Calif ...... _______ -10 Unfted Airlines ,, ______ 3* United Fruit ___________ ..... 20 U". S. Plywood-Champion. Com. " 32 u. S. p | vwood- Champion, Pfd. a U. S. Steel ....... ________ iVesttn'gViouse Elec. ____________ 9 Whirlpool Corp. _ fj White Motor Co. ______ 23 Wool-worth ______ ....... II I "I" SI Butler County's Leader For Many Years SIRk REALTY 564 Main .St. 5389 Dixie Uwy. Youth Falls Into Manhole; Blame Vandals Steve Luckey, 12, 140 N. St., suffered a head laceratic around 9 p.m. Thursday whc he fell into an open manho on bhe west levee of the Gre Miami River, south of the Hig Main St. bridge, police report ed. He was dismissed aft treatment at Mercy Hospita Maj. Gerald Host said va dais had apparently removi the manhole cover causin the accident. He said the ma hole was about 20 feet deep b the youth apparently fell on a few feet and was able to gra onto a ladder inside. WHILE THE HEAT'S OFF Now's the time to add a LENNOX AIR CONDITIONING Truck Driver Death Probe is Continued Investigation continued today to the death of a Trenton truck ·iver whose body was found the cab of,his tractor trailer wut 4:SO p. m. Wednesday on 75 about one half mile south Florence, Ky. Kentucky state police said Ru us Day, 57, 219 Third St., Trenn, had been shot through the lest and beaten on the head, o money was found on the vie m and police suspected robber; s a motive. Two Walton, Ky. men told tate police they thought they aw a man in a truck yellin^ or help while two other mei were with him at the 338 True] top near Walton about 4 p. m Vednesday. The men said they ollpwed the truck for a time aft r it left the truck stop and they otified Florence police afte he vehicle turned in that direc ion. On Way To Monroe Day was returning f r o m /ouisville to Monroe, Ohio, will lis truck owned by the Harve; ~'ransfer Co, He had phone he company about 3:20 p.m rom Hebron, Ky., telling th lispatcher at Monroe he woul e back around 1 5 p.m. Author ties said the trunk was foun n the southbound lane of th lighway heading away f r o m Ohio. Several suspects were pick ed up for questioning in Ken .ucky but police said all wer released. July 1 Deadline School Of Higher Learning In Plans? Popular Feature To Be Repeated This Year MR. CONDON MR. BECKETT Beckett, Condon Elected Union Central Directors William Beckelt, president of the Beckett Paper Company, Hamilton, and Edward M. Condon, regional executive v i c e president of Associated Dry Goods Corp. and president of The H. S. Pogue Co., we're elected directors of The Union Central Life Insurance Company at a meeting of the board of directors of the company Friday, it was announced by John A. Lloyd, president of Union Central. Mr. Beckett succeeds the late Dr. Nelson Glueck and Mr. Condon succeeds the late Albert E. Heekin, Jr. Mr. Beckett is a grandson of William Beckett, Hamilton pa. Couple Asks Court Order For Trailer Park Permit Eugene and Jean Marler, 5768 Jacksonburg Road, Trenton, filed suit in Buller County Common Pleas Court seeking a writ of mandamus requiring Anthony Cecere, county building and zoning administrator, to issue a conditional use permit for construction of a trailer park on Oxford - Middletown Road. The plaintiffs charged they are owners of 26.4 acres of land at 5001 Oxford - Middletown Road and that on May 14, 1968, they applied to the Butler County Zoning Board of Appeals for a conditional use permit for a mobile home park. They contended the board approved the permit July 2, ;1B68, and they had surveys made, plans and specifications prepared and obtained a commitment from the Federal Housing Authority. The plaintiffs said their plans and. specifications and proposed methods of water supply aik sanitary waste disposal conform with all -requirements of the county zoning re solution but thai when they applied Jan. 25, 1971 for a zoning certificate Cecere refused to accept their applica tion or issue a certificate. They asked that Cecere be required to issue the certifi cate or appear in court to show why the certificate should not be issued. · Judge Arthur J. : Fieher sel hearing on the matter for 1:3 p.m. Monday, May 17. manufacturer, who was a ounding stockholder in Union Central when it was organized n 1887. Other Posts A former Ohio State Senator, r. Beckett was twice elected mayor of Hamilton and served ix terms as a city councilman. le served in the U.S. Air Force n World War II and in the Ko- ean War with the rank of Ma- )r. (Mr. Beckett is a director of ;'he Hammermill Paper Co;, The Cincinnati Gas and Elec- ric Co., the Citizens Bank of lamitton and a trustee of Miami University and of The Western College for Women. Mr. Condon has jurisdiction iver Stewart's Dry Goods store n Louisville and The Denver Dry Goods Co. store in Denver, n addition to his duties as President of Pogue's, a position he las held since Associated acquired the Pogue store some years ago. Postal Rate Increase (Continued From Last Page) feet Hamilton - Fairfield mail- :rs. The Hamilton Post Office will soon begin its next - day delivery system for cities within a 600 - mile radius from Hamilton. The system, under which air mail will be taken to Boor.e County Airport directly from Hamilton will provide improvement in speed and delivery to other cities in the 600 - mile radius. Time Factor To make it work in Hamilton, Mr. Schulte said, the air mail must be delivered to the main Post Office, Front and Court Sts., by 3:30 p. m. each day. It will be collected there and taken Deaths (Friday, May 7, 1971) MRS. HELENA CAHILL, 82, 150 Carmen Ave., Thursday, 9:20 p.m., on arrival, Mercy Hospital. Cahill and Sons Funeral Home. MYRON M. MATNEY, 67, 542 Woodview Lane, 2:05 a.m. Friday, Fort Hamilton Hospital. Brown Dawson Funeral Home. RONALD WILLIAM ELLINGTON, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Ellington, 759 Vidou- rek Drive, Thursday, 2 p.m Fort Hamilton Hospital, Brown- Dawson Funeral Home. JOHN MILLILO, 53, 326 N. Eighth St., Friday, 1 a.m., Mercy Hospital. Colligan Funeral Home. INFANT SON'M L Y N N SI/ADE, 5421 Sandstone Drive, Fair-field, May 4, Mercy Hospital. Colligan Funeral Home. 'RALPH MOORE, 47, 8301 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, West Chester, Friday, 5:55 a.m., Mercy Hospital. E. C. Nein and Sons, Camden. ALOIS G. BLUST, 70 9122 Colerian Road, Groesbeck, Thursday. Beech Knoll Nursing Home, Cincinnati. Neidhard Funeral Home, Mt. Healthy. Others From Area Active in commercial and Are you entering a school of higher learning -- beyond high school -- this year for the first time? As a tribute to Hamilton, FalrfieW and adjacent Butler County area young people, the Journal-News will publish pictures of the students with information on their background and plans. The school of higher learning can be a college or unl- yersity, branch or main campus, or a vocational Of technical school, or any o t h e r school beyond high school where the graduate is prerpar- ing himself or herself for a special trade or profession. The pictures will be published in groups beginning in July, and should be delivered or mailed to the Journal-News from now until July 1. . A photograph^ a two .by three-inch billfold size; of eaoh high school graduate entering a school of higher learning, arid th« completed form below, should be received in the editorial office of the Journal- News as soon as possible. No other information is needed. All pictures should be iden- tJfied on the back and may be reclaimed after publication. Please type or print when completing the form and mail it vrith the photo to: College S e c t i o n , Editorial Department. Hamilton Journal-News; Hamilton, Ohio 45012. Stndent College Course of Study High School Parents ...!. .~... Address --.... Fairfield Recovery Chapter Marks Mental Health Month to the airport lor air shipment A date will be announced for the initiation of the new sys tern here. Another service improvemen in the postal system involv^ new equipment to speed process ing of'mail. An Optical Charac ter Reader, a machine whicl reads proparly prepared busi ness addresses, is ir use in Cir cinnati, according to Mr. Schu' te. The reader can process 40,0fl( pieces of mail an hour and ha been used by the Hamilton Post Office in processing some of its mail. Speed Processing Mr. Schulte has been explaining the new machine fo area business officials and he said their response is encouraging, Properly addressed business mail will aid bhe various concerns and also help speed pro cessing of other types of mail since postal employes are freed from business processing. This will aid the average letter mailer in that his mail will be more efficiently handled. The new steps are just two of many that the postal service is planning for comprehensive service improvements throughout the system. civic affairs, Mr. Condon is a director of The Central Trust and Associated Dry Goods 2orp,; a past president of The Cincinnati Council of Retail Merchants; a trustee of The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a member of the advisory ;board of The Salvation Army. He also is a trustee of The William A. Mitchell Center and of The Ohio State Council of Retail Merchants. The election of Mr. Beckett to Union Central's Board bnings to ihree the members of prominent Butler countians who are members of the governing body of Jus large, nationally operating 'inaneial institution. Peter .E. iRentschler, chairman of Hamilton Allied Corp., has been a member since 1963, serves on the executive and other committees and is very active in the affairs of the company. Logan T. Johnston of Middle? town, retired chairman of the Armco Steel Corp. and chairman of the World Steel "Institute, has 'been a member since 1964 and likewise serves on various important commniltees. The Fairfield Chapter of Recovery Inc., the association of nervous and former mental patients, is actively engaged in the observance of Mental Health Month. Miss Dorothy Kerchner, the Cincinnati Area Leader, and leaders from the Fairfield and Cincinnati chapters, recently presented a panel demonstration of the Recovery method, before the staff of Hughes Memorial Hospital. This same pro gram was given for the Rosary Society of Sacred Heart Church bi Fairfield. Rocks, Mineral (Continued From Last Page) Vaaler, of the program committee. The committee in charge of the meeting will be Mrs. Ear! Creek, Mrs. Virgil Harrison, Mrs. Russell E. Huston and Mrs. Clark Lloyd. Members are reminded that the Colerain Historical Society will hold its seventh annual memorial ceremony at Dunlap Station Pioneer Cemetery at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 23. John O'Neil is the general chairman. Participants in the program will be representatives from the DA'R, CAR, U.S. Daughters of 1812, Sons of Union-Veterans of the Civil War, First Ohio Light Artillery Battery, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and members of the Colerain Historical Society. The public is invited. to your furnace HEATING Company, inc. 1490 Edison Are. 863-2777 Wik« Ren --, a_893-6443 Ken Howell _..__! 892-1844 NOTICE OF MOVE TRI-COUNTY BUSINESS MACHINE CO, from: "THE POINT" to: HAM. PLAZA SHOP. CENTER 25W DIXIE HWY. (formerly Loo HOB of Flnt Nat, Bank) PHONE 863-3900 Sales -- Service -- Rental! -- Typewriter* Adding MacUoei -- Hectrttilo Calculator* -- Photo Copjr On May 12 the demonstration mnel will be presented for the lamilton Fraternal Order of 'olice Auxiliary. Mrs. Judy Vhite, district leader from Dayon, will attend. Mrs. Rita Klamo, leader, and VIrs. Millie Savage, assistant eader of the Fairfield Chapter, will go to Chicago for the Recovery Inc., national observance on May 14rl5. Leader .raining sessions, the annual meeting and election of officers )Ius an open house at the Re- :overy Inc. headquarters are ncluded in the program. Recovery Inc. is an international self-help organization devoted to the prevention of re- apses in former mental pa- ients and chronicily in nerv- Fisher Body (Continued From Last Page) nected with the administration of the program are eligible to be nominated. The nomination period will end midnight May Describe Criteria There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual may submit. Nominations may be made by employes, their families, members of service organizations or the general public. Activities meriting' nomination include participation In citizen's groups, youth programs, United Fund or other community fund-raising campaigns, unusual acts of personal heroism or moral courage, service club projects in the community, interest and service in an elected or appointed public office. Judging will be conducted 'by a screening committee composed of a top management panel and final judging will be conducted by a team of top local civic leaders. Announcement of the winners will be made at a luncheon following the f i n a l judging. Address Given Judging criteria for awards will include the following: 1. The amount of personal effort involved. 2. The results of the em- ploye's efforts. 3. The extent of personal sacrifice. . .4. The degree of selflessness and sincerity of motivation. 5. The uniqueness and originality of the employe's service. 6. Whether or not the activity and service is a natural extension of (he employe's job responsibility in his position at Fisher Body. "Nomination forms are available in the Suggestion Boxes throughout the plant for the convenience of our employes," Mr, Velett explained. "In addition^ they can be obtained from th,e newspaper advertisement in ths Hamilton Journal, or by writing to Award for Excellence, Fisher Body Division, 4400 Dixie Highway, Hamilton, Ohio 45014." Set Baptist Women Meetings, Events; Banquet Is Tonight The American Baptist Women of Immanuel Baptist Church, Ridgelawn and Gray Aves., mel at the church with Mrs. Gordon Weaver, vice president, in charge. Reports were given by Circles and Guilds and Mrs. Terry Til lery announced the Mother Daughter Banquet will be hek tonight at 6:30 o'clock at the church. Mrs. James Fannin gave a report on the World Mission Fair held at the Price Hill Bap- tits Church and Mrs. Alberta Emerick announced the Ameri can Baptist Convention would be held May 12 through 16 in Min neapolis. May 12 at the conven lion will be Women's Day. June Conference The Ohio Baptist Women's Michigan Ave., Conference will be held at Otter 60603. bein College June 29, 30 and July 1. The National Conference for the Laity American Baptist Assembly will be held at Green Lake, Wis., July 24 through 31. The annual meeting of the Miami Association will be June 1 at the First Baptist Church of Middletown. Mrs. Paul Lunsford, program chairman, introduced Mrs., T. B. Evans as guest speaker for Ihe meeting. Mrs. Evans is president of the Women's Mission Society of Miami Association, and is also a member of the Roselawn Church of Cincinnati. Mrs. Evans installed 1971-72 officers and a social hour followed the meeting. Refreshments were served by the Elizabeth Caudill Circle. SGT. HENRY Full Military Rites Monday For Sgt. Henry Full military funeral services for S. Sgt. Larry G. Henry, 23, 5105 S. 10th Place, Arlington, Va., will be lield Monday at 2 p m. in the Webb Funeral Home, Ross Ave., and S. D St. Th« Rev. C. Hoge Hookenstnith, pastor of the West Side Baptist Church, Will officate. Burial will be Rose Hill Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home Sunday from 4 until 8 p. m. Sgt. Henry drowned at noon on Sunday, April 25, as the result of a boating accident on ,he Potomac River at Washing- .on, D. C. The body was recovered on Tuesday, May 5. Taft Graduate Sgt. Henry was born in Berea, Ky., on Oct. 26, 1947, a son of Arthur C. and Dorothy Bowlin Henry. He was educated in the schools of Hamilton and was graduated from Taft High School in 1965. He attended Miami University, Hamilton Campus. He married Lois Garland of Hamilton on June 20, 1966, in the West Side Baptist Church. Sgt. Henry was a member of the West Side Baptist Church. Before entering the U. S. Army. ,he was employed by J.S.,Plywood-Champion Papers Inc. He entered the Army on Oct. 3, 1366 at Fort Knox, Ky., where he received his basia .raining. He was stationed 'at Fort Dix, N.J. for additional training. Post In Pentagon Since that time he has been stationed in the office of general of chief of staff, headquai* ous patients. Dr. Abraham Low ts founder, was a nationally mown psychiatrist and neurologist who developed the Recovery method. Since Dr. Low established the :irst Recovery group in 1937, the organization offers its program in over 825 locations in 43 stales of the U. S. A., 4 provinces of Canada and in Puerto Rico. The group in the Butler County area meets each Monday at the old Pairfield city building, 5105 Pleasant Ave., at 8 p. m. The organization is non sectarian and there is no charge. Additional information can be obtained by writing Recovery Inc., 4810 Celadon Ave., Pair- field or calling 892-9808, Information also is available from National Headquarters at 116 S, Chicago.^ III., ters Pentagon, U.S.A. In July, 1970, he was named Soldier o( the Month. He was employed parttimV as a detective by Uffinger and Associates,'security consultants and professional investigators of Arlington, Va. He leaves his wife, Lois Henry, Arlington; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Henry, Hamilton; two sisters, Miss Marcia Lois Henry, sophomore at Taft High School, and Miss Brenda Faye Henry, employed by Miami University, Hamilton Campus; a half-brother, ( H a r o l d Bowlin, Hamilton; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henry, Rusk, Tex.; other relatives and friends. Injured In Fall Through Window Jerry Laney, 23, 233 Race St., suffered severe lacerations on the left arm and hand at 2:34 a. m. Friday when he accidentally fell through a plate glass window at Harris Shoe Repair, 528 Heaton St., according to Patrolman Lowell Barrett. Laney was taken to Mercy 'Hospital by the fire departmenb emergency squad and held for treatment. He is reported in fair condition. Damage to the window was estimated at $50. Holy Land Film, Lecture Tonight The Rev. Heron .Cat-mack, pastor of the First B a p t i s t Church of West Elktnn, will show slides of the Holy : Land at Williamsdale First Baptist Church revival services tonight at 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. Bill Bolts, pastor of the Williamsdale Church, will lecture on-the slides as they are shown. STEERS For Freezer Heel Whole · Halvti Half Slffci Processing Available W. F. SHOLLKNBARGER 726-6585 Rites Conducted For Slade Infant Funeral services were' conducted at the convenience of the family for Soivla Lynn Slade, infant daughter of Grady M. and Marcia A, Hole Slade, 5421 Sandstone" Drive, Fairfield, who died at birth Tuesday in Mercy Hospital. Private rites were in the Colligan Funeral 'Home, Third St. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery. She leaves her parents and grandparents, Mr. Mrs. Paul Hole of Fairfield and Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Slade of Columbus, Ga. The first organized American settlers in California arrived In 1841. ' ^ MILLER HARDWARE Hicks Manor · 895-WM CAPRI "BEST SMALL CAR MADE" 2395 5 Years - 50,000 Mile Warrant Exclusive with , ZELL1NER 863-7550 "Quality Comer" Hlih Si, East ATI-. Open Mon., Wed., Fri. Nites Til 9 P.M.

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