Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 22, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, May 22, 1965
Page 6
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stx IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE. IRONWOOD, .MICHIGAN SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1963. 4 Wrong-Field Hits Help Baltimore Defeat Detroit 5-2 Third Baseman Stars; Orioles Break Streak By BERNIE KENNEDY Associated Press Sports Writer DETROIT (AP)—Four wrong- field hits and a sparkling effort by a so-far so-so third baseman snapped the Baltimore Orioles out of a three-game losing streak Friday night. And, as luck would have it. the Detroit Tigers were on the losing end of a 5-2 score as the Orioles took advantage of every hit. The Tigers again tried their best before the third largest crowd of the season-lo,039-but Just weren't up to the slants of Milt Pappas, who won his fifth straight game with relief help from Stu Miller. Orioles Manager Hank Bailor said before the game that his club hart lost four games because of inept fielding at third base. Brooks Robinson, the American League's most valuable player In 19S», has been out of action because of a broken thumb and later a shoulder injury. Bob Johnson looked iike anything but an inept fielder as he R. Herbel's First Major League Hit Helps Giants Beat Astros By MURRAY CHASS his first complete game of the Associated Press Sports Writer season. All Ron Herbel needed was a The 27-year-old right-hander roof over his head never had a hit since joining the , Once he 'got it,' he erupted'Giants late in 1963. with the first hit of his major Coming to bat in the second league career and helped San inning after Hal Lanier had Francisco clobber Houston 8-1 tripled Friday night, Herbel Friday night lashed a single to right field off Herbel was a surprise starter; Don Nottebart, and the Giants for the Giants in the Astrodome, i were on their way to a four-run replacing Juan Marichal, who inning- was suffering with a cold. He Herbel evened his record at responded both with the hit and 3 ' 3 ancl reducing his earned-run i average to 2.86 while limiting ! the Astros to five hits. Listen Hopes to &wj&*&'\&':;&^& : &\bf ; £$& f :i - ; « -.K./!•':• V^." ^A i> ^JH\'j^:U%".V''>vH-\,-'"i:. :';_' -'•*!-.•- *,«&>.ix' 1 ! •.-. ^^ _ _ _ _ Redeem Himself In Bout Tuesday TRIPLE WINNER—Mike Shea, Newport grade school's record-setting pole vaulter, clears, the 9-6 mark with little effort in the annual Ironwood Grade Sciiool Track and Field Meet Thursday at Longyear Field. Shea set a new record of 10-3, breaking the 9-9'. a record set by Steve Dudra of Newport last 3 Still in Race For Big 10 Title CHICAGO iAP) — The Bigj in other National League i games, Pittsburgh whipped Mili waukee 6-1, St. Louis edged New i York 5-4, Cincinnati nipped j Philadelphia 6-5 and Chicago j trimmed Los Angeles 4-3. I Besides his own support. Herbel relied on Willie McCovey's FINISHES RELAY — Dale Carli of Newport grade school oreaks the tape to finish the four-man 250-yard medley race lo add to Newport's meet-winning point total. Ruby, Miklesh and Negrini were the other three boys to run in the race in the time of 31.8 seconds, two-tenths of a second off the grade school retaining,* | w , th Qne of hjs two slngles Jonn 'Bateman homered tor the As- 1 School Track and Field Meet held Thursday at Longyear Field. (Daily Globe Photo) A. Jim nueiy flii ijuugyca.t j: iciu. oiicix aco a nt:w ittisuiu ui u.'-o, i \vitn OrUO ol3lC 1H irOHt 01 I cUlU iNcgiiiii wcic tiic ui/nci i/iii^u uujo uu J.UIA ui mi^. A«V^\- **i vnv. breaking the 9-9'. a record set by Steve Dudra of Newport last t he pack and both Michigan and ! seconci innln S- McCovey also. tlme of 31 8 seconds, two-tenths of a second off the grade school year. Shea not, only set the cole vault mark but also set a new ' Miriiioan sti'e retaining a! drove in a fourth-inning run: recor( j O f 31.6. The action took place at the Ironwood Grade ' ,*.»» »• * i •• - •, ,. « , , ' -"UL-I llf-jCll l VII tit X.- I »- i/«ililll(p ** I .,,t*V. .*.**_. ^i' I, I „ f-nm «lnn-1r\n Irtliv^ ! .. - .. ..«. .. » _ _» -r .. -r-it _ l _i record ;n the broad jump event witn a leap of 18 .feet 6 inches and captured first place in the shot put v/ith a distance of 413-4. Newport won the meet with 61 points, Sleight had 29, Central 9 and Norrie 8. tDaily Globe Photo i 'Mighty Mouse' Davalillo Loads Indians to Win Over Red Sox Michigan chance c ^ Pl Th°p flS Biickeves of OMo State 1 tros in Uls el S m ' r - deSe?^c£n4-?-inlSln-! The Pirate, ended an eight-i only one S amc losm S' victorv doubleheader against Michigan State to wrap up the championshp. However, if the Buckeyes lose twice to the Spartans then both Law ended a five-game losing string. Law. gaining his first! triumph, needed relief help from Al McBean because of a J. fiOfOS SHoOtS 64 tO 4-Stroke Memphis Open Lead »y MIKE RATI1ET . an 11-6 victory over Thomas. Mighty Mouse to the rescue His left thumb, left hip and pulled groin muscle. Bill Mazer-, MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — 36-hole margin of the year. """ •MichiEa'n"state""and" "MicWgan i oskl led tne altack a & ainst the Don't try to tell 45-year-old Juli-; Boros credited his showing to be cause V"was "in ! Boston Fri- ... ,° onenine towards - Braves, driving in three runs us Boros that this is the age of improved putting. "I've worked pain and couldn't thn the championshp. J ™ itn a single, double ancl sacri- youth in professional golf. on my putting for three weeks j hand A double MSU triumph would| flc ^. flv By BOB HOOBING Associated Press Sports Writer LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — "If he come to fight, it'll be • short one," challenger Sonny Liston said of Cassius Clay. "If he come to run, I'll havt to track him." The man with the brooding face and a history of trouble admits he's known gnawing loneliness since he lost the heavyweight championship to Clay a year ago February In Miami, and is determined to redeem himself in their rematch Tuesday. He discussed his feelings at his camp at nearby Poland Spring Friday. "Clay will open the door and I'll get to him," Liston said. "I got to get to him. I let down i lot of people. I never realized how much I could hurt inside doing that. . ." There are plenty of other things Sonny could worry about. Liston, however, is thinking only of proving to "everyone I'm not a quitter and the only- reason I didn't come out for the seventh round in Miami was such great throw my left lHS --"-o---»i illO ICIL ItlUU IU, It; 11 1UIJ C1U14 f\ UUUUiC IViO *_J L11U111IJ11 »»wuivt ..,.11 A n • t . ., . . i i 11 caught a hard grounder by'again - only this time swathed rignt ank i e taped to ease a varl-; force Michigan to win twice at ™ e Mets had a 4-3 victory on the pro circuit, shot a six- ter. r* .A" B IU «" "•> —--• -' • ----- ••-- «- _,.,,--,, =___.,_.. t _ :„ „! until shortstoo Rov McMillan under nar fi4 takme the second Bo; Bill Freehan in the webbing of in his glove and turned it into an: Mighty Mouse would be Vic inning-ending double play in the i Davalillo, the 5-foot-7. 150-pound fourth. i package from Venezuela who Dave Wickersham, a 19-game: became the first player in the winners last year, suffered his | majors to drive in six runs in a third loss in four decisions. : single game this season while (with a .364 average. Manager Bob Swift said he ' leading the Cleveland Indians to j Not bad for a little guy whose was not displeased with Wicker- but ' " Boros, a veteran of 16 years; and it's certainly getting bet-1 " Tne only way I can convince people is to beat Clay this time. ety of bruises, the 25-year-old I Indiana in order to gain pitcher turned outfielder lashed-share of the crown. a homer, double ancl single, and' moved to within one point of I with a 9-2 record. Detroit's Willie Horton in the i state and Michigan American League batting race ; 9-4. a ! until shortstop Roy McMillan .under par 64 taking the second Boros said he could have been!" ..j been thinking over the mis- threw past first base attempting; round lead by four strokes in in much better position than 10- takes I made the first fight. Ohio "stat'eT leads" the league! to complete a game ending dou- the 560,000 Memphis Open Fri-i under par for the two rounds of There will be absolutely no ex- Michigan 1:)le P lav - Julian Javier and Lou day with a 36-hole score of 130. ; the compact par 70 Colonial! cuses this fight. My shoulder is are both Bv™k raced home on the play, The 130 is the lowest 36-hole Country Club course had he; healed I won't say what round though, and the Cardinals won, score on the pro tour this year been a little lucky. j j>j[ knock Mm out. But I'll get ""Michigan State remained in instead. Ron Swoboda had given and Boros' lead is the biggest "I actually was going for ! him sometime." 'contention with a 6-1 victory! New York a 4 " 2 lead with a two- birdie putts on about every: The camp buzzed with a report 1 _..... :,.„« !•,„,„«.,. in »h» «,,,onth green," he said. "Most of the i t he New York State Police had sham's performance, but felt the tall righthander was pitching a little too fine. "That's the way Dave pitches," Swift said. "But he walked too many batters (five) and was behind on a lot of others. I thought of taking him out at least four times." Wickersham got into trobble, holds, a political storm could in the fourth inning when the| start brewing in the French Tourney Could Produce Storm PARIS (AP) — If tennis form , • i * i,. I n,,«.v. Tn/-iinnr, Tpririiv in nthpr i run homer in the seventh, mam claim to fame three years over Indiana Fuday. in otnei vinnipr hv Vnria : games, Illinois defeated Purdue i A two-urn fiomei bj vada; ago was his collection of Superman, Superboy and Mighty 3-1 and Minnesota, the defend- j Plnson and Johr.Edwards' solo Standings Mouse comic books Spani h ng B g Ten and NCAA chW-l Wast, both in the sixth inning, | By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tied for second place at 134 IVlUUbe WJIIllO UOOKt) HI opdllllill. , "'6 "'b - 1 ^ „__.,, . , „ ; nnwpvprt thf Rpf K nast. t.hp Phi- xT.,«i nnn i I »,.»..» rniinric nf flfi nnrt fiH anri fnrmpr He brought his RBI total 19' against the Red Sox, smacking! a two-run double in the first in- a two-run homer in the L two-run single in the as the Indians extended their winning streak to five dumped Northwestern 13- i powered the Reds past the Phil- National League lies. Cincinnati, however, need- \\. L. Pet. G.B. iv's wrapup schedule i ed Pinson's run-scoring single in ; Lo s Angeles 23 12 .657 — Michigan State at Ohio: the seventh, because Richie All-, Cincinnati 20 13 .605 . Michigan at Indiana, Illi-len belted his third hit, a homer, 1st. Louis at Purdue, Iowa at North-! in the ninth. ! San Fran. Minnesota at Wis-, Dick Ellsworth gave up 14' Milwaukee long ones came close, missing informed their Massachusetts by less than a foot." i counterparts that a carload of armed men, possibly of the Black Muslim faith of which Clay is a member, may be rounds of 66 and 68, and former U.S. Open champion Gene Littler who shot a 66 Friday to go 3 i with his opening round 68. consin in doubleheaders. 'hits, but the Cubs still defeated Chicago of them doubles. Curt Blefaryl 15 16 14 17 18 It all depended on the results doubleo to left, Charlie Lau sin-, f t fourtn d . g sin . gled to right, Johnson singled to , matches right and Jackie Brandt doubled |gles matcnes down the left-field line. One sent Cliff Drysdale of That brought in two rijns and Russ Snyder sent home the South Africa against Ramana- than Krishnan of India. Drys- th£d whe^n he singled wi'th the dale was seeded No. 8. Krishnan bases loaded. No. 9. rs single and Johnson's The other brought double gave the Orioles another < lje - |Lls or « uss »a Thomas Hoogs of Berkeley, Calif. Lejus played three matches to reach the fourth round and has given indications of being a top flight player. He is No. 1 in Russia, watching Blefary i Hoogs-te unranked in the Unit- wdbiiuug oiciaiy . of _ f _,, •,,„ ,1,.-,,, o v,,,o i,-,t,> run in the fifth, and their final marker came in on a single by Norm Siebem and errors by and he's never hit a ball to the left side of second base," Swift remarked. "Today he gets one out there and it gives them a spark." McAuliffe hit a leadoff home! run in the first but Pappas settled down and allowed just one fly ball the rest of the way. Jerry Lumpe's third of four singles, a single by Don Demeter and a fielder's choice gave the Tigers their final run in the sixth. Joe Sparma and Robin Roberts were the slated opposing pitchers in the second game of ed States. He drew a bye into the second round, won a five set match from Alan Stone of Australia, and then advanced by i default. Lejus is almost univer- League, the Los Angeles Angels edged the Chicago White Sox 1-0, Minnesota defeated Kansas City 6-4, Baltimore whipped Detroit 5-2 and Washington downed the New York Yankees 5-4. Davalillo's second homer of the season gave the Indians a 55 tie before they moved ahead! on Rocky Colavito's two-run j seventh inning homer off ace! Red Sox reliever Dick Radatz. Besides Colavito and Davalil- lo, Chuck Hinton and Al Luplow homered for Cleveland while Tony Conigliaro and Ed Bressoud connected for Boston. Tommy John of the White Sox innings against Michigan, limit-! Vic Roznovsky connected with; New York ing the Wolverines to 10 hits.' one on in the sixth. .559 .543 .533 .500 .471 .459 .382 Arlin struck out 13 to set a j conference record of 68 for one 1 season. Keds hone ru " " for Ohio Michigan State's Dick Holmes scattered seven hits and teammate Dick Billings drove in three runs with a two-run homeland a double to lead the Spartans to victory. Tire Troubles Are Cleared Up INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Goodyear and drivers using its! Catcher Jerry Cawley blasted: tires seemed to have disap- two home runs to pace Minne-! peared today as final qualifica- sota over Northwestern and Ditched no-hit ball for six Tn- Iowa>s Jim McAndrews blanked pucnea no-nn oau zor s>ix in .,..„,,,_ „_ fi ., 0 MtK •.., ,.-„-„ But if picked to win. nings but wound up the loser despite a three-hitter when the Angels scored in the eighth in- Dryd... an L,- jus win, it would present the Russians with a political dilemma. Twice in England, Russian players withdrew rather than take the court against a South African, in protest against South African racial policies. Russian officials avoid the question of what they will do, and say there is nothing to be decicled A reversal of form »>«. fnnr o-amo <sprip<; this aftpr- « cl - JUCU -X cl " « icvciocu ui luiui I™ 01 *" 88 Un either match could avoid the noon. BALTIMORE AB R H RBI ; necessity for a decision. Snyder If 5 o i Aparicio ss 5 o o Siebern Ib 4 1 1 Blefary rf 3 l l Blair cf 0 0 0 Lau c 4 2 2 D. Brown c l o o B. Johnson 3b .... 5 l 2 Brandt cf 4 0 l Adair 2b 2 0 1 Pappas p 4 o 0 ~ 37 5 9 4 li 0 0 0 o! il 0 run fifth that pushed Minnesota j erything is right Wright Holds Tourney Lead DALLAS (AP) — It's like this says Mickey Wright: J-i "When you're ahead and don't ijdo well, you're a dog: when! Milt Pa PP as > also unbeaten, 0 you're behind and don't do well, I also won his fifth and also need- Wisconsin on five hits in seven innings for a rain-shortened Hawkeye victory. Ken Holtzman pitched a four- 13 over Purdue. and Bobby Knoop around a sacrifice. The loss was John's first in four decisions. Fred Newman, 51, won his fifth in a row with Bob Lee's ninth inning relief help. Unbeaten Camilo Pascual won his fifth game for the Twins despite considerable wildness and Jim Gentile's ninth homer. Pascual walked five, hit one batter and needed relief help from Bill Pleis and Al Worthington. Tony Oliva's run-producing . „. . „,= _„„ single was the key hit in a two- tl «e f Bamst Dick Tigei •,.,,„ ««U fV,nt n,,t-har) HXTi %i viQdnt a l Cl y llling IS llgnt. Giardello Ready To Defend Title CHERRY HILL, N.J. (AP) — Middleweight boxing champion Joey Giardello, still nursing an injured left elbow, says he is ready and willing to defend his tions started for the 500-mile; race May 31. i Machine-buffed tires were! barred from the Indianapolis j Motor Speedway by the U.S.| Auto Club, but Goodyear said it| had enough unbuffed tires for practice, qualifications and the race. Several drivers practiced on the new tires Friday with no difficulties reported. Three dozen cars are eligible to try today and Sunday to make the race line-up. There are only a dozen vacancies. 19 19 16 17 16 17 20 13 21 Pittsburgh 10 24 Friday's Results Chicago 4, Los Angeles 3 Cincinnati 6, Philadelphia 5 Pittsburgh 6, Milwaukee 1 St. Louis 5, New York 4 San Francisco 8, Houston 1 Today's Games Los Angeles at Chicago Pittsburgh at Milwaukee San Francisco at Houston, 2 Philadelphia at Cincinnati, N New York at St. Louis, N Sunday's Games Los Angeles at Chicago Philadelphia at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Milwaukee New York at St. Louis San Francisco at Houston Monday's Games Milwaukee at San Francisco New York at Philadelphia, 2 Chicago at Pittsburgh, N Cincinnati at Houston, 'N St. Louis at Los Angeles, N heading for the fight. Local police — there will be 3V-! Bunched at 135 were tourna-jsoo added to the normal 70-man 4 ment favorite Jack Nicklaus, 67- [ f 0rc e for the bout — expressed 4V-68, Homero Blancas, 66-69, and j confidence they can handle any 5Va i Australian Bruce Crampton, 70- j and a u eventualities. Liston was 6'/2 65. j asked if he were apprehensive 7 . The third round of the tourney j over the reports, gi/ls.was to be played today, while! » No i' m no t,'" said Sonny .294 12'/a.the final 18 holes are set for: without changing expression. i Sunday. 3 Squads Tied For League Lead STANDINGS Last East Inn . /.. Porky's Smitty's Old Office Johnnies Petrusha's 0 White Birch 0 City Hotel 0 W 2 2 2 1 1 L 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 2 "Clay wants to convert you into a Muslim" said one questioner. "What do you want to convert him into?" "A stiff." Liston was asked about the possibility of an additional rematch. "After I get through whipping him, Clay won't want no rematch." Then Sonny took a different tack. "No more fights with Clay. There's been too much stink the second time from the W-B-A and whomsoever." Liston referred to the World Boxing Association withdrawal of recognition of Clay for the I The number of undefeated i coming fight and the unsuccess- teams in the Iron County Slow-1 ful attempt by WBA champion Pitch Softball League was cut to Ernie Terrell to get a court or- American League Chicago Minnesota Cleveland 'if ev- The list shrank Friday when Detro jt Ralph Liguori of Tampa, F1 a-i Ba]timore crashed in the No. 99 Demler| Los An p- e i es /~\f FnvtHoiic'of wiarlefrtti* fmil* ' Offenhauser roadster four Boston minutes before closing time at New the Speedway. Washington ' B out front before Zoilo Versalles followed Pascual's sixth inning single with a homer that put it out of the A's reach. Totals DETROIT McAuliffe ss Lumpe 2b . Demeter Ib Horton If Northrup rf Freehan c 4 Thomas cf 3 Wert 3b 3 Wickersham p O. Brown ph totals Baltimore Detroit . 2 1 33 2 4 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 9 no one cares — but when you're behind and surge ahead, you're AB R H RBI a hero." Miss Wright, woman golf's top money winner, was talking 0 about Friday's round in the $14,1' 000 Dallas Civitan Open when 01 she took a triple bogey but ed ninth inning relief help as the Orioles defeated the Tigers. Detroit pulled out to a 1-0 lead on Dick McAuliffe's homer in the first but Baltimore moved ahead to stay with a three-run; Blefary and Jackie Brandt plus j ^ singles by Charlie Lau, Bob i Giardello confirmed a report from Tiger's acting manager, Lew Burston, who said the champ had promised the Nigerian a bout in September. "I've agreed — in a way — I've agreed, but nothing was said about money. If everything is right. I'll be glad to fight him," Giardello said Friday night. Burslon, who has been han- Liquori, 38, a veteran of the' Kansas C j ty stock car circuit but a rookie at W. 23 21 17 18 18 19 14 14 14 8 L. 10 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 Pet. G.B. .697 — .636 2 .567 .545 .529 .528 .438 .412 .400 .250 4'/ 2 5 5'/2 5'/2 avis 91/2 10 three in this week's action with the Old Office Bar being dumped by Porky's Bar 29-24. The Last East Inn scored a 14-0 shutout over Petrus h a ' s Bar to remain unbeaten while Smitty's Tap edged out a 14-12 win over the White Birch Inn to bring its record to two wins. Schedule for next der restraining Clay from using the term world champion. Women's Loop Sets Opening the speedway, suffered a severe; whiplash injury. Doctors said there appeared to be no fracture i or nerve injury, but they keptj him at Methodist Hospital for, further checks. The car was Tnhnsnn anrt jonnson ana Rnvrlpr onyaci. 0 i came back to finish with a 0! flourish of birdies. o! In spite of her slump at No.. . t . . . . .,. 0 ;13, she never came close to los- ™th inning trailing the ^Yan0: ing the lead in the tournament, Jones a suffered a stroke ago, said > . \uaY\t with oiarriplin hut lip's Thp Senators went into the • lg l o-iaiauio, uui nc M Hie OCIIdlUIS WLIU URU inc. ,, h rf,,nlHnn- him u-n tn nrnu " 2 i and showed a 136 and a six 000 310 001—5 s t rol{e lea d going into today's 100 601 000—2 E — Lumpe, McAuliffe. DP— Baltimore 2. LOB — Baltimore 10, Detroit 4. 2 B-Blefary Brandt, B. Johnson. HR -T McAuliffe. (6). SB— Lumpe, Blefary. |P H third round. Kathy Whitworth shot a 72 for 142 and second place, tied for third at 143 were Carol Mann .. , __ , . ... „_ and Marilynn Smith. Miss i the lea e ue RBI lead Wltn 27 - 4 ' 2 b " been ducking him up to time. Burston A familiar figure at the speedway, but a stranger in the sec-| ond weekend of qualifications, i was Roger Ward of Indianapolis, two-time winner of the race. Ward, who has qualified for 14 straight years, made it on the first day the last seven years.. He used two of his allotted three I attempts last Saturday and can try only once more. ' 0 t York. Giardello gave his word "PPed a two-run homei and Ken Hamlin tripled and scored j on Don Blasingame's single. Frank Howard drove in two he'll fight Tiger in "Nobody's called Giardello said. me yet," Ironwood Loop All Tied Up Friday's Results Washington 5, New York 4 Baltimore 5, Detroit 2 Cleveland 11, Boston 6 Los Angeles 1, Chicago 0 Minnesota 6, Kansas City 4 Today's Games Boston at Cleveland Baltimore at Detroit Washington at New York Kansas City at Minnesota Chicago at Los Angeles, N Sunday's Games Boston at Cleveland, 2 Baltimore at Detroit, 2 Washington at New York, 2 Kansas City at Minnesota Chicago at Los Angeles Monday's Games Detroit at Chicago, N Cleveland at New York, N Baltimore at Washington, N Only games scheduled The Women's Softball League week's i w jn O pen its season Tuesday, games — Petrusha's Bar vs.! May 25, at Randa Field. Porky's Bar at Hurley, Smitty'sl All women in Gogebic and Tap vs. Last East at Bessemer, i i ron counties are welcome to Old Office Bar vs. City Hotel at p i ay . Tnose interested should Montreal and White Birch Inn contact one of the players or of- vs. Johnnie's Bar at Mercer. Bessemer Sets ficers. Officers this year are: President, Donna Korpi; secre- treasurer, Adele Vandenberg. WJMS Hootnannys will play St. James Discs in the first game at 6:45, and Ferkie's Bar will play McKevitt Kershn e r SONNY CASSIUS LISTON V *' CLAY Mann, who was just one stroke! back of Miss Wright after the 8 Pappas Miller l W'k'h'm 8 •Nis'witz 1-3 Olad'ng 2-3 W—Fappai 8 0 8 1 0 R ERBB 220 0 0 4 0 0 4 1 0 1 5 0 0 first round, shot Smith had a 70. a 74. Miss ! bout. He injured it in a charity : bout in Cherry Hill last month. L— Wicker- T — 2:20. A— 15,039 Albion Is Champion KALAMAZOO '(API-Olivet's Mike BJIOW took medalist honors with § 7^73—148 on the par 71 Kalamazoo Country Club golf course Friday but Albion won thf MIAA title. Girls League Sets Meeting Gonzales Eliminates Rosewall From Meet LOS ANGELES CAP) — Veteran Pancho Gonzales defeated Ken Rosewall, 10-3, Friday 1 night and eliminated the defend- LAS VEGAS. Nev. IAPI --- ing champion from the Masters Sonny Liston is an 8-5 favorite Sonny Listed 8-5 Favorite STANDINGS: Aurora Standard Oil Knight of Columbus Carlsons Safeway Smeeth's Jr. Chamber C & M Oil W 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 L 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 More Trybuts Player tryouts for the Besse-'Patrick's in the second game, mer Babe Ruth League were held on Thursday at Massie Field in Bessemer. Only six boys showed up for the frst tryout and 15 more play e r s are needed to fill out this year's roster. Another tryout will be held Monday evening at 6 at Massie Feield and it is hoped th a t enough boys will tryout, stated league officials, in order to make it possible to continue the Bessemer Babe Ruth League this year. Western Nips Notre Dame SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP)— Western Michigan rallied to i score three runs in the ninth Friday night and gained a 6-5 victory over Notre Dame. . . -. . _ — - After the Irish broke a 3-3 tie, _ I Round Robin pro tennis tourna-jto regain the heavyweight-box-, ted in the top spot in the Iron- j with two runs in the eighth There will be a meeting of the: ment. ; ing title when he fights champi- i wo o d Slow-Pitch Softb alii pinch-hitter Dick Brown started Junior Miss Softball League at i The defeat left Rosewall with on Cassius Clay next Tuesday, | League after completion of the A quartet of teams are knot- 7 p.m. on Monday in the Little Theatre of the Ironwood High School. AU girls who will be playing in the league this season are asked to be at this meeting. Mr. a 2-2 record in his five-player according to Las Vegas book-, first week of games. division and assured Mai Anderson 3-1 of at least second place and a spot in the semi-finals. makers. The bout will be held in Lewiston, Maine. Gonzales, who leads the dlvl-; Liston lost the title to Clay in sion with a 3-0 mark, completely Miami Bench in February 1964'\vr.v The schedule for the sec o n rt week of action is: Mondayr-C & M Oil Chamber of c 1 . : Currier will show films of last: dominated Rosewall and broke when he failed to answer year's Junior Miss Ail-Star vs. j service three straighi t.'- -s for bell for the seventh r Wakefield game. ja 7-0 lead. j cause of a should*. . Wednesday standard Oil; , Smeeth's. Ui Coalii'. /iU. Carlson's vs. Aurora ys. the Bronco surge with a single. Then John Sluka and John Klein hit back-to-back triples, and Hi!' crrrvrTT lollnv.^d \v':t!i -n .Jr. !;. .1 .vi :.:.. ,!(.• In n. i,. Uii.'iu !•; home with the winning run. Al Kristowski, Notre Dame second baseman, hit a two-run homer in the first. The Irish oufchlt the Broncos, 15-10. CAR SLUGGISH? LET US LOOK INTO IT! Sparkplugs, battery, engine . . . whatever'? wrong with your car, we put right. Drive in for a thorough under - the - hood check-up soon. Count on our skill and experience to save VOM time, trouble, money! JACK d £'Cr/3 SERVICE 1301 C. Clovcrluid Dtiv* WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT r cuit Te/ecosf TI Rinyside TUESDAY NIGHT Channel 2 Exclusive On CABIE TV1

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