Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1927
Page 3
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4 D*htfi,itf Mrs, E. JBIi|«M>am. Mrs. Jt E. Blackburn.- aged. «3 y «ajSK Hioibef of Mrs. Clem Sbieldn parsed away Jast nigbt at hei: hoipe in ChllUcoth.Mo. Mrs. Shielda wa<»" calltfdtiere yesterday by her m^tiieir's ilkea^. Mr. Sbieldii l^ft thl^*'; ahern^Qii for ( Cbillioothe Th*,fniieral will .1^"^ held there probably, Sunday, j, • —You can have a new'Hat for Christmas at these reduced i»rice.<. .See; Edwards.Aiilllner>=, -TrOrade school operetta at senior h :gH school Kriiiay at .S <>i l<?(k. .M. A^. iiciagland. of Saunter Intt, Iefr;:tpda^- for Cassville. Mo„ for a short vieit with his daughter. Mr.s L.. Bryant and family^ -. • - Silk for Chrjstmaa gifts; .S!>c. tl.r.n. .$1.7.-.; aiwards Millinery. - —"Spwlal Kunda} dliuier at IV>rt. land Hotel, 6»r. Hpnrs, 12?1S 1« i MrJi.*T..'0. Howard, of Howard'i^ Cundy Shop, .started on the 11:52 , Saijra, Fe joda^v k)r Apgeles i"alir„ called_there :by the death of lier KfRter. 1 .MV K . Orace Uei^i- : — r-i / - I . Tlie' funeral serricei f6r_ E. J Bondy will be held at the Ne'wcom- err*hapel in Kansas City.'^ifturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, i Rurlal will be. in Kansas City. Spet'ial for Saturdav: . Peanut Brittle. 20i> lb. Howard's, CajMb'^Shop. • —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor. .Vorthrup Blug. Phone 32C. n ^atli of Xf«1«a H. BjroTm. .N'ewfon George Brown, aged .S4 year.s, pai<sed away at. 12:20 last night at his home. 4U6 South CoL- biim street. Tlie, funeral arrangements wilt ^)e announced in tomorrow nightls Ilegister. ' Anyone desiring inforaiatiou regarding .the ifiineral may call the Adams. and 'Hesser mortuary. Burial will be iii the M^ran (•omeitery. ^ • , -i—Take the family to lawman's Cafe Sunday for Chiikeu Dinner. •'—See our line of Rockers. Doll Carriage.s. Sniokert:. KuU JaSiles and Floor I..nn!.ps before biiyinK. i'Heuningers, West Madi.'son. ' l^lOIiA DiUEY BBfllgBHt^PBH^^ 16,1927. - iK'vciriii of waTfli f Thn Unv Waffl* dishes Iron with Iftet 11.1.75. K. C. .Kleciric .-jnd Plumning Co. J. v.. Wilson, jwho has litM'ii cnnlinrd to his home ibis we.«-k hy illness, was able to lie.out indiiy, •. . • ' • • • • « e ; ' iiMlV SFi:«r|.\I,S - lb. .AisHortcd Chorolateg • * In holiday box" j. -..•-OSc, " * . 9;io pound ChriKimoK wrap- * * p<'«r Chocolale Covered ^ * • Cherries " t -Jontoel -•.\s .«orle<l Chocolates • * tor ; ; ttftc ' * .Vanha Wanhin^ton Candles • .' • Ail Fresh ; COOK'S * • • •' » I • • , B. D. Smith returned home last "'uighr from: a tju.siness trip-if two, . \ve<4{s in Southern Kansas. . — Sjjeclal: Chicken Diiiner Sun- daj at KntHKe's Cafe. ' —••Van's Bread." good AS ever. Claude Stewart and daughters, l.onis.e and. Roberta, of Coloradc • Springs,- are e .xpected to arrive ...'Sunday to .spend the Christmas vacation with their parents and grandparents. Mr. and Mm. J. R . Sir-wari. latt; South Washington aviiiuie. .Mr. and Mrs. Stewart arc . (.I 'lebratlng'tiieir golden wedilinp. : nnjver.sary Sunday., .Special .Snndii) dinner, noon •iiiid even ins. 'Ate T -'ic. KeUey HoteH Mrs. Clem nenue>" left this aft. ornoon for Kansas City to spend Uif week -MUd with lj,er sisii-r. .Miss _ ISfrnila CHne. l :^-Give her. a I^crtnanent Wave for Chrijstmias.- Spcrcial iirice, $.'i .OO. .North Side,Barber Shop! Pho. SSTj. .Mrs. D. P. .N'ortiirup and Mis. 1'., I.. .Vorthmp went to Kansas City , today :i<> spcn/l a tew days with Mr. and .Mrs. RosweliXorlhnip. 'Mr*. P. & Ijliicbell left. this; aft-, ernooiL.for Kansaa City, to; aUend ' the fuaera) of E. J. Bondy which wrill b*: held at the .S'evcairier rjiapei tonioerow afttrnoon. } —Dr. .A. Bi. TwadiBU. Osteppalb. .N'eiR.^lOb^ me. PbOM 191. —Q.. U Cox. SL D.; SpecUliBt. Eye.,-E«r. Jtosejuid Throat. ' , Mrs. Victor...Mclntire and' baby daughfer. .Marrbe^«, l*A todajr. tdr Lawrence, to. spend. the.. boUdays with' tbejr mother and grandmother, Mns,^ M. E. Charles. • -i -nr, J, T. Reid, Surgerr and X-i;ay. Hip;}« $5t " ' -.-fDr. Montgomery. Chiropractor. IplaLiiundr^ Bldg. Pjione 138., ; —For Real Erftate Loans see the .Sernrltr nidir. A'Lopn ifii|.orlHtIo^, lol^^Ks. Office in^fjrst Natl.'Banlf. ! Mrs. L«o Schwenk, who has been vlslttag her parents, Mr.'and'Mrij. E. Kalm. of. L.aHarpe. le^tf-'fo- (lay for her liorae in I.«ave^wo.rtli. Hej' brother, fe. C. Kalm. a'dcon^- panicd her hon\e for. a visit. —See Kfhool Friday Boy Bli^e" at Senior high •iday, at' S o'clock. ; —Very best Permanent WTaves tor $.1.t>n lintil Christmas. North $ide Barber Shop. Phoire 637. I'. ' i !c ;ft;.iArii€rtd) Deci 14.—{^er or ieilgious coh- Tenlnts at Salem Ctta^l f ; Sunda^ 8cba|a;' December iS.rat 10 a. m. Christian Endea^vor a( 7 p. m. and •prba'tl^ing the paster, R CT I S.IJ. Vetle, at 8 p. m,T .Mid-week prayer mdetiag on Wednesday erenbigs:' "Mr8 .^P. B. Shiiltt s|)«nt~ Tuea<lay at the^ CIayton/Hicksi;home. flnin- boldt,'and as ^ight drew near, rflK Hicks-and his fimllr drore np to biing her hoine.' and spend the eV- entag..! Mr. and Mrs.j C. W. iCor- nell T ^ere also' evemijg visitors. The =; wedding of Mr. , Rbthwald CleaveK aiid theteacfcer at Pleasant Valley", Mrs] ToT&ig, together with lie associated, connection If that of Mr. "Cleaver's .cousin. Har- ITSeiTIZB i- E. J. BondT ple>i at nospHaF i KmsasTTfr—Tlw. Frfd ^ Here t« Visit .Mother. ^ (Mrs. 1 Opal. Mitchell) LAH.ARPE, Dec. 15. — Frte: here were sorry, to learn of death of m i Bondy. at Besearelt eilv. Mr. and, [JTospitnl: in Kansas iirs. Bondy lived ,, yfears ago -'ifLrt are well known, or -i; eV the cbnntr. . . Mrs. Fr.eft Knsiifn of Volga,-Ia.,[ came yisterday- for a visit wlthi .\^the charge of jmurder, Velma W'e: ' lyoiing wife klled her hiishunil in aii^r charge. Her lawyiprs. Francis i'otil^oii , The girl was held without niill for the grand jub'. , ^, „ I . . - here as she began Jier battle for life. .'The l.voung wife klled her hushund in an^rgu^tient over a bridge g'anie she wanted' to attend, according to\the{ charge. Her lawy^ifts. Francis i'oul^on (leff> and Itichard'flostwlck (center) are pictured. Leroy Howey Head. ' I.erOy Howey, aged 72 years. S months and 8 days, di^d tbis :n'toru-;. ing at 2 o'clock at bis home. 4>!U SoUth Fourth street. The funeral .service wllf be held at the Adams &. Hesser chapel at 2 o'clock, con- ducteti by. the Rev. H. O. .Mathls. j Burial will take place in Highland (jeniPtery, - ' ; .Mrs. A. T. TImm, of. Empipria. ;tame this afternoon to spfnd t\i"o) ; weeks wffli her clilldren. Lester; ; Kdltli and |(;ecll, Dollison. W. C. T; U , Busy at Mildred a^d; Mpr^n MQRANNEWS OFTBEMY Speclnl for Ten D HJH J - -Kagene I'ermanent \\ uve. <«: .>'pw Ford Tudor Sedan, an. l{xl«I« hitlon, .Mea!>ares tp to tdiimr^ • Xotlcett, III "Verdlrt—»!»ry • Notes. The W. C. T. L". was reorganized I at .Mildred Thursday aftefooon at the home of Mrs, Hunsaker. under i the direction of the county presl- ^y^^^ ^ » dent, .Mrs. Russ^l. The follow- ^fOR^.N' Dec. 14, i- Mrs. Ray iojcpert marcelling. 50c. Cinderella; lug officers were elected: Alexander, of Topekji.; left for her IBeaun- .Shop. •Phone 4:iK. ;Floyd..McCormack, president; M)s. . t ' .NelUe Reynolds,-; vice-president Mrs. Jollff, secretary: .Vlrs. Hun Ford) I- Mrs. -i-ForSale: 4(Mi ft. picket fen.e: 1 2 outside toilet bidgs.. 1 I bldg. 10x14: lath; som^ second j band lumber. Ray.Bell. .M)out five weeks ago three pigs weighing perhaps 3n poundi4 each I were stolen from .W. D. Hall. 622 South Washington' street. ' ' L.-ltr yesterday afternoon thrnuglt the efforts of .Marshal Jiemes Freder- iCkson, the swine were located in the possession of Frank Stevenson colored,; in East lola. Stevenson claimed that he bought two'of them front:one man and one another. But John Looney. the ;hoy wlio ^rs. .Idke For- lefi Tuesday, .Qk;r,\";;;Vrrr :"Mr's: .V^^^^rmack l"*"- !',^'"« ^''''-?H 'T '"r ".V. '"""^'F and Mrs. Russell Went-io the city i ."'T "f f "3 :school where plans were, made to organize an L. T. 1;. in fnturf. rapidly the near'''"'"'"^''"'^ J''** The president of the Moran union. >lrs. Bertha Grlffltt. is plan­ ning'for a meeting the third Tuesday uflemoQu in January to be belli at the Presbyterian church in •Moran. She ha.s appointed the following program committee for usual health. .Mrs. Anna ^fcKitrick lias been at.the home of her daughter, .Mrs. Waller Strong, for a f^wl days. The new Ford., a Tudor sedan, was on exhibition at the Cllne Ford agendy' here .Monday and it waif! viewed by groups of people all day and it was the N EVER Huiii AHVOi^et #1) Old Cliarer and*bis ieecehtly con-fher mother, Mijs. Caroline Low^.;! C PSS «1 Vidfe. 61 this blactf. Satur- I Henr>{ 'Waso?.' who was? Bertatef-j day erening. was ilitl occiision of »y Garnett Tnesday* wide Idterest'. which was comment- ?tin Ih * •riycal cnndi^ipn. 1 ' ed on fth a pleasing Jand frlendty >ews |ia rtry srace the« days, manner by their acquaintances andj—V spppo^ed every onejis busj none ^Onld »tia« th'^ rjllest Thl-'^'Si. Christnjas pla ^s.- i^u J ume offgodd wishes tSji al! directly fa^e" of Charles Mttchellj concerill omitted as harir.i: tiiei partfo£| Mr. Krden waiiani*. an.! family. rXiJtonyGoodl}-, bJSho^ of, :jEi*UaraV of Cotarudo. who hari? been visit- the senior play which will bej iuR bci5o for a^rnc Ifule tliiie, AUl tomorrow a .ict SjaturdaF| leave tbrooifroir tor Independence.;nl«»t-''- „ . , , , ,^ i Mo., for a short visit: at the home t Velnia of UiHarp.e.jr of his brother: Mrs.. Earl Hicks |.''as received the annoupcpnientj dtl and so« Kenneth will go '..r PS ''^f '"a^'f^* .of her -.ouSin. R^sst Ihdepeiidcnce for an>er S.iut.i^ , ^^»«i5;e <V Oanialii ..aughter ol Mr.-, yjgj, -• i: I iiad Mrs. .T\. A Daniels, to; Mr-I tlie teacher. Miss Klda Hammer. Joseph Dalgreii. «on of .Mr{.in*| and hct .school, at -WosUo V.-.Tley.(Mrs. J Dalpun. of ISOl Ivinp ^ler. -T : — will pi^e an ent^-rialftment .a the'.\s a riili people are not p &rtic- school Honse on' Tbjjrsddj; even- ularly hilarious annonnce- |ng, lJfcenib <;r 22. Tjie piOKrani , .. • . menl that an" advance will be made ! will br(tiK out tlie -thought ,5r«"Ulo>'i''l as city mail cjirtter Ih the price, of ode !of the prime'Christmas in stronJT expression. •'^f''.. V>e r-asf si.\- vears. They ex-j inpa Ave., Kvaniton, lit. on f>ec<lraberi Both bride a»<i ^rooiii arls | of; Evanston, where .Mr. nult'rou basl necestorle* bf lite. The Mayor of and will give tite charaeterisf.ic Itila was not called upon, therefore features of such a c^sfebratlon In ahoP fJ ',';In*^",'oi!l'''' urT n.'l* t..have,. day Of thanksgiving'be-^ery ^ .^^L^^^^n Jot iuake tb<|:!F himto iu I-h'ans- • VOl'K OVKIM O.IT .'^hoiildn'J be expected- to- uif 'i 'l winter winds sleet aiid snow unaided. Have it ' ' 1 cleaned regularly. \tle«on Cleaners PhoSie lO .-i; pleaded gnilfv the first of the week j "Cerent cli}bs of the city to be. presto setting the Shadwick barn oii ^nt- -^rrs, Edward Russell will fire, sa.vs he stole^fhe pigs and sold talk on the W9rk of the W. C. T. them to Stevenson, and declare? Tues<lay moi-ning. will he de- the latter knew at the tline they I voted to L. T. L. work in the Mo- were stolen propei-ty. 'ran school.' Uiat timd: .Mrs. Blllingtqn. .Mrs., , , „ , . McCoy, iirs. .Viiuhaei. Mrs. Ida I"??' ^"'.'.y '"ea«'''-e</'P •Merrill and the'Rev. Mr. Peck. Mrs. "''Van'-e notices and that If r._i«!.. , iv. 1.1 ji, : Will prove very popular as soon as placed on the market. Mrs. C. L. t'ummlngs who Griffitt Inviteii Ui% members of djt- j C.IMIV .SPECIALS AT COOK'S L''v M>. -Assorted Cliocolatt's in liolida.v liox ' ».•*<• One pound Christm.^s wiap- ' I'leil flioiolale : Covereil Cherries , I'.lc Joufei'I Aisortcti Chocolates for iWc Martha AVashlnston Cahrtie.s. All F4-e.--h SXQNY POINT (Leila .McFarland;) COOK'S • • » • * • * 4 Mr. and -Mrs. George'Broughton j past • } and.daughter, ilildrdri, visited Sun- ~'.itay at iSeunie'Marr s. ' I .Mrs.. Tom Irelatuj. :Mrs. Bessie ' , .Mo-SH. .Miss Sadie I..owary and Miss ' , l-Jvii Ireland of Brouson were Ft., ' Scott visitors Tuesda.v. » j i Waller Bronghtou and family spent Sunday at John Broughton's. • 1 J. W. .M«Fariand and daughter; • . l>IIa. were Fort Scott visitors Sat" I urday. i • .Mr. and Mrs. Will Colt spent i Sumlay at Toni Ireland's. . .Mr. and .Mrs. Park (?aldwell were • I lola ^siiors .Monday. .MrJand .Mr». Lue Fuston of Tex- ait.. visited Stinday and .Monilay at the- Ft. Sc(|tt hospital Mpnday general • opinion uiotning by a message staling thai j .Vr.'Rapp h :i(l spent a very restl^sii night and his condition did not improve until Tut sday since which tiini' he'has hcen improved and it is greatly to he hoped he will not suffer a furthi-r relapse and that iie "wiU soon ho able :to return hoijic. . ; • .ijniniie Stronc who : has been .suiferln;; from <-ar trouble is not ycl; improved as had " been hoped, as '[he is -vol s'ufferins from ' an al!.<j-ess (hat formed in the ear recently. I'liH continiii'il wet weather is friends here will hojie that surjs- delaying the harve.-^tlng of the corn ery wilf not I>e necessary and timt croji and it will probably be un- in a very short time she will bi( usually laleju the winter before was ta°ken Saturday to St. Johns hospital |i in lola vcaf restiiJK <|»ite comfortably Tuesday afteriioon and ' the-attending physicians are making a very careftjl study of her condition and hope within a very 'short time to determine the cause of the complication of trouble from which she has been suffering the several months, lier many "tusp of tf»e aniiounccment that nier co%;cts a good .j the bakers of lola had found It'^ cordially invites everybody to at necessary to'add a cent a loaf to^tend Uils-treespnd progratn. the price of-bre^id. And .vet. ll^g-" Ister reportdm feeling out Ihe si-nt- liAeni about town with /'the friendly generally expressed knows that the price the niaterial nsed in the making of ' jjn fJascMe, who hiCd previously bread ha.s gone up since the old brought itwo trUcTilotfds of housed yricr was established, while the iiold go<><ls to tiie'hoiise on - the- wages of labor are constantly-ad- 1 gmirT l^ariii. =?a"rted'down from- vancini? and better service contin-jstrawn with tiieir stotik on Tnesf-. ually demanded. Everybody knows , ii„v of last week-and'tn their en-i too. that an industry \>'hich is pros-• deavor to- get through befoi^ the' pering is a far greater civic ass'^t prodii-ud storm woulsi; come upon :han one which is only barely tliem. they traveled inost At the making ends meet. It is the sui -jiitEht and were only ^our or five. I i>lus from wagcai or salaries or iu- i miles from their 'destioation when-| vestments that makes good times in : it rained and the' vin<f changed to a community. One cent additional ^ norttiwest. *.nd t4ie mercury' da a loaf of bread will add onlyUnent do*n to S during tl»e follow-| about a third of a cent a day to thrl;,,^ forenoon. , ' = • living of the average per-i jjr and .Mrs^. F. B. Hliultz went! .<on. And yet that cent a loaf-add-i out to the W." A> Hlclts home at* .! and Lallarpe and maile will be interested. frl^da ini t bef —We pay on Full Paid and . Installment S(ock. Tlie best ifavest- 1 '!wige. Broughton's,. ment, the best method to sai-e. i i^Ir. and .Mrs. Karl Snider weri' Sernrlly BIdtt. 1 Loap Association, i F"" Scott vi.sitoi-s .Monday, tola, Kansas. i i i'r.". J. W. .McFarland and .Mi-s. — I P*rk Caldwell attended the bazaar From Mr. aT )d Mrs. L. .\. DeNeen who livi^ in " Gas City, comes p compliment for the lola fire de- liarintent. Their, letter to ihf iRegi.ster fpllows: " !\ - Duiiing the conflagration of Elv^ Ellsworth's barn ibe sweeping flames endangered -the DeNeen. home of'which the fire departmenil uiade heroic aiid successful effort^ to s^y^ .tiud deserve jgreat priaise' Wei wish to .'extjend our many tha.nki: to them atid everyone who :h^tped In this hour of distres.s. .Mr. Ren H. Bacon is the first tf claim the reward oOered by thp county commissioners a few- weekf • j, ago for cjiusing'the ' arrest and • ]; conviction of a chicken thief. Thr •/('reward was olfered- because of thr ». great number of crftnes of this sort being comroitiejl over the county. Mr. Bacon who Is Su^te Deputy of the Grange for Allen county, caused Iht} arrest and prosi ecuiion of a thief who lately raid- e(I hi.s chicken house, not only be- causeMt was .(iIs propierty that bad bden ta^en but because he regard- i it'Ht a. duty to the public, to aa\ •^rhatrlie could to put a stop, to such depredations. F. I- B. LEAV^IX, ». p. Special attention given < Diseases of Colon andiRecfum. . El?ctro-Piiyiloth«apy ^ Office lola-SUtf Bank Bldg. PhoiieB—147 and 705 • • • ; i Wc k^ow Bakery Products are (ood, ' Hut J Have . Von Tried Ours? . . VA.V HOOZER'S, f oinmeniing upon the remark ol reiice Norton Iii a recent Issue of. ibf Register that his fatho'i lirfjuglit Id'lola iu 1871 what. wa> pci 'hiiiiN the fii ^st top buggy ev^r s^en iji Allen county; JudiJe W. L UntMk saV>< that this distinct|dp • bp'lQntiHyp PrIIti Thursday, of Humi> boidtt: w]tD8e (o|t bnggy con«lder- - atjiy aht^ated tbe importatkin of -tjif Norton family. The ilrsi (of . buMytiief.editor of (he |l«sis(in . et'ef'reipembers fo hiive seen- ws^ one: "Bob'.' St^vepilo^ "broiigbt .iu - Ip'la fpi- '(fee'i|«e df his ajjed'fafhCr ll'wai< of the phaeton ti'pe-ahd iHc ., town' Jioys followed^ It around I n ." - first day it appeared upon' • the f streets as If Jt were a circus. at the .M. church In Bronspn, i greatly iiiiprovtd. .Mrs. Walter Clfiic ar .d sister. I Mr.s. K. s: .McCormacIt. and Mrs. W. E. North were visitors In lola Tiiesdny afternoon. Mr. and .Mr •. Claude .Myres'. who' went to I.ove and. Colo;, late last summer and then to New .Mexico wliere they pent several . weeks, relumed bom ' Friday. Hal Rurrfel held a i >ul )lic sale Tii(!«Iay di:$piising' of his farm lu- lerests and'will take up some other line of b isiness. He has not yet decided >'here he will locate, but the friei ds of liolli Mr. and .M IS . Rnrrell .Will wish ihem .Mluin- dant success' In any new imder- tuklUK. . i Mrs. John Rapp. was calltHi to; all - the fler<i>.. sralu will l>c (uit of the ed to 3.0OU loaves turned out ever>day by a bakery means, $30.00 a .day tptJiat baker>- and may measure the difference between, profit -and.loss. "Uve and let live." is a pretty good motto. "The laborer is--worthy of his hire," is another If we pay a ceni more for our bread and Ijave good bread, njade by bakers who are well pald'fpr their labor. ;handled by propri*ti<rs LaHarpe' Stindar. a special inducement for the visit lieiijg the presence of ia 'brother or-^lr. Hicks, from Idaho, i } The cfpok -brothers "tailed their working i force out 'op the gravel who aje gel lit they oug^ -^-It you want to buy or build, city or suburban property. The lola Building X- Loan .\ssociation Will make ymi a loan, low interest rate, no; commis.'^ion. See (J. E. Pees. Sc(!reiary, at oli| Register building,!. nouthjVest coril'er .if square. : 'he,e.vperiment of da.rlight sav- . ^1' . - : i ing for thei first time. ir <'iir ox'frcoats and three 'pairs ! (>f troij .viTs wci r- bcinu worn py M i iiegpiir ai rented rt-cciijl.v by ^ the' (;iSS !»ow police. It took two -ifit- ; road-joh> In Liberty neighborhood, again today, Wednesdj^y. If thft weather ; remains jfaVorahle a da'y or two longer, that job^.will be fin- jished. ; • -. • On account of Impei'Vect and we' may' say-.mucli cdnfua^ neighborhood telephone s.erVic^t; we are making no attempt to ,^ave a complete report thlsv week. .-Is this year's 'cropg are being clearc(r from ";the- fields, -some" of I he'more progressive tas ^ well as aggreK.^ive farmers ai^ formulat-: lug thetr plans into a rigorous pro-| gram for the'coining :5rear. The| inost •«U|courai;lnff' feature of the This summer .Vew /Cealand is tr.v-r present year fit'the small demand i'lg the margin of pro- iit to have lor the in,, ve.'tmcnt they liave niade and.ttir busiiiess risk.s iliey run, then wc have hail the worth of our mo;uiv sjlky clothi strong enough t6 be made into clothin.g, is" tlie latest I'.roducf w h.ich the chemist's magic 1v extracting from hitherto wasted. <-orn-«talK>. fon prairie hay. Of coio-s*; this tea-; inr.c will affect but »j small ' " ' Christmas Foott wear by Holida]' ^1= .The ver.siQii of Smartness in Style and Colors • ' $4.05 to $7.85 . Vahie -Hen's silk and • ^ fTflol Sv\ CTc tUW ^ a lue ladies' ("owliy . Style; Hon'.se Slljipers 5ft^ Spot Cash Shoe Store : E..E. Harrison lei 's t his" I"! Ivo iioiir.< ti l ;..t-^. -W rags lanteil to Buy: t Ihe Regl.'=ter. SANTA ; And we have otie of the "swe^tcht" assiortinent.'*. o? Chri.'^tmas Candies we hftye ever .shown. NORRIS LOWNEY'S In'{holiday Boxe.s. We call youv attention particularly ito Norris 'Family Christmas Kit«.' Brown's Drug , Store -The Nyal Store no throush Clean white Do not go without a Radio fqr Christmas. We have a lot of special values. LOOK! Freed Ei-seWi^nn fith B Eliminator, 6-tube set coihplete iiiiJtalled <i ^Qft AH in your home _.]-.. tPQtl.VV Music Ma.ster 5-tube .set com- AO plete installed in your home Thermiodyne 6-tube set com- iCQfv AA • .. plete in»itaUed in jjpur home VvtJilA/ Freed-Eiseman p-tubei set, 1926 Model; _^ won- Therraoidyne 6-tube .set com- (I? I QC A A in.stalled in yoiir" honie _ «I)Ap!tl«"U •' i ; ' • : • \ Numcrotis Othpr He(» from $.40 to $75 , Jen-elnf^} remarkable gifts hecausif of its; hiherent mtnre. And because of its uftlimiitd \t«aqe It makes aglfilovLg remembewd —and more appreciated. And even though\ualitie3 jarHi of our kt^'um high standard, prices are moderate. • 'i biamond Ring,$45;00 Men's Pocket Waich . .MSM Wrist Watch .•:J.....^ GO jVIen's Strap Watch ... $15.00 Cigarette Case .1.....: $3.50 Cigarette Lighter ..... $4.S0 Toilet Sets $10.00 Hand tooled Bag...... $8J^ Hand Tooled BilO Fold. .$4i75 Compacts,:...... ... $4j50 West Si^c ^tKurk 'Viiaia^ Kansas

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