The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TKN BLYTHEVIUJ! (ARK.V COURIER XEWS USSRSoft-Pedals Berlin Walkout Ructions Angrily L«av* 4-Power Meet, Now Want Back In By Wtlliilllou Lou* I'nHtd PreM Sbff CarresiKiliilrn! BERLIN, June 11. (UP) - Tilt Ruuian* played riown (heir aiiKiy walkout on a Kcmmuindauira meeting today and put out a feeler nu Jh* chances for reviving the Ions dormant Allied Control Council. Ju-st as the last of the four-i>ow- «r setup in Germany looked to 1^ falling apart, Ihe Soviets showed »>SHA of wanting To cany on. PVjur-pouvr coinimttee-s of the KomrnaiirtfliurR, (he joint emimm- sion for the administration of Borlin, wera functioning normally 10<!»)•. The Soviet delegation stami>ed a.u ol a Kommandanjra meeling flight, shouting lhal there wouldn't, be another meeting. 'J'Jiey were milled al the departure of Col. Finnic Howley, the U. 3. delegate, after in- formiiiK the chairman that his deputy would lake over. But this morning Ihe Soviet -h- rensed prcM soft-pedaled the entire incident. It dwelt on :!ie proceedings at ihe Kommandauira meeting, and wound up with a pruif I paragraph that Howley IcH aJlrt ihe Soviet^ reinsert to continue un'.il . Howley apologized. Howlry Drnin Walkout Howley liiimelf said: > "H »'as Jio walkout on my p.nt, »t all. i had full recognition of tli« chairman when I JeU. Tills is no unusual procedure. The British deputy opened the meeting, a:iri then save over to the British commander, who had just relurnait from >YankfurL Also the Soviet I'ommander was nov present and )iis deputy conducted the Kimian side during the dLttussiou." Meanwhile, the Soviet military administration i.vuied an order vMch officials said would make it virtually mijio.«it)]e Jor Gtnnims from the Western zones to travel in the soviet Zone ol GennHny. The order spec-Hied that Germixi;.-, mn*t have written pcnrii.s.sion iroiii Crerman administrative bodies under Russian control io vi.sit thr Su- viel sector. The Russians said iuier-aoiial }v>.w« issued by the Western military governments would not lie »ccept*d by Russian border guards without the written permission. Truman Speaks to Half-Empty Stadium siili'iil •I'riiiimn. now on the leg of . speaking lour of W<-M.-m HiK'i School ShulHiin. Thr stndium, si'MliiK persoui-, uas about In Hoy, What's Going On Here? u-s, speaks in Seattle's Memorial full- cNKA TcLpphoio.) CONGRESS «$E»/ ; .•*•*•'*• w, —ft- On a big hnyflcld rtRhl In Ihe shadows o( Fort Worth's skyjcrapcrs - balme new cuts and dales the linv. oblivious to the bustle of rilv Voters Ar» Warned About 'So-Called' Liberal* , SPRINGS. June n. IUI'> — Hot SMriiigs voters were' warned today that a vole for the so-calted liberal candidates In this t unmti's elections »o«ld he » vote lor the return of the old political machine R. Julian C51over, a caiullclnle (or the prosecutor's post being vacated by gubernatorial tandidate Sid McMalh. said last night that lie would entoi-ce all laws. "I do not Infend to give a licer(e Io any person or persons who wiih to violate the la»- and hecorne enormously rich at the expense of the electorate," h« declared. | Two Named to Worfc i In Extension Service | LITTL.K ROCK. Ark,, June 17.—i |iuri—The assignment of two per- i-soji.s to work In the Exlen.sirm Se» -' ] vic-c was announced todtiy by Au| brey t^. Gates, jis.socintcr direct^]- of t the University Ajric.ultiiral Kxtcn- slon Seivice. : Otis Rule Kllinii wns ti.imed assistant Washington County «Kcnt. and Miss Rchercn Silo Hawlcy was nnnird assistant Phillips Comity home rtctnnnstration ajiont. , Kllllan is a unlive ;>t Piticvillr and ntlemleri Arknnsas Trch. Miss Hsu'ley wns born in Sherrill ami r,i tended the University o( Arkansas. I Fritz Kuhn Is Found MUNICH. June 17. lUPi -— 'lit! lony-ini.s-s'n^ Frilv, Kuhn. former fut'hrni of tho' German-American lllnul \vas ;'.i-i-(:st(Ml in the French :'one town ff Bcvnka.sU'l, Tnos- iluy, authintiu-.s ( today. Head Con;irr Ne\vs Want. Ads. [ ll'niillnued from Page I.) j Menaie'x Ti to 17, I Mr. Truinun rejected the bill be- of a [novlsion requJrhlR ihe U. H. Kmsjloyment Service be tianstcrrcd to the Federal Security Aijcnty. !>eii)orr;it.s \\}i'o \ r otcd to rtver- rlile said their chief reason was Die tear chat congress mi^hi Adjourn wlttiout provlclini; funds lor the a^eiu:y. Hut UeiiiK "fed up" with vetoes also svas describetl as a factor by Democratic sources. Other developments: l''ar:n legislation — The Senate hoped to pass the long-range farm program lotiay, nlLlioiisli it still lactid votes and dclmtc ot; a series of amendments. If H Is passed, the HOIIHG Is expected to reject it and insist on I is bill calling for a temporary extension of the wartime, lirosratn with sonic changes. MolisiiiK—The House Banking Committee wits called into session An PUB Is one of nature's best packages of food value, offering high protein, iron, vitamin A. two U vitamins iriboflavin and tliia- minei and some Vitamin D. Io net on a long-range housing bill without the disrupted provisions for public housing and federal aid for slum clearance conUlned In the Senate's bill. The House committee had previously approved a bill similar (« the senate'* but the rules committee killed It yesterday. With House leaders opposed to the public housing program, a. new bill was being offered on a thls-or-nothlng basis. Appropriations — The »400.000.000 Interior Department and »3/M9.- 000,000 Navy appropriations bills were linlshed by House-Senate conference committees last night. Three money bills are still in the Senate and two others arc before conter- ence committees. House AcU on i Mile WASHINGTON. June 17. IUPI — T'ho House has passed and sent to the White House a bill to permit the Air Force to lake over the job of dispensing military justice to its own personnel. The House also: Passed and senl to the Senate » hill to permit the Army to turn over to the State of Louisiana certain surplus property at the Jack-son Barracks Military Reservation. The Army would lake over Ihe land in case ol emergency. Passed and scut to in« Sennit a bill to permit Athens and Sheffield, Aia.. and Bolivar, Term., to refinance their loans from the Elnral Klcclrlficatlon Administration The money was borrowed to finance new electric distribution facilities. Also passed and sent to the Senate was a bill to provide for conveyance to the State of South Carolina certain surplus areas of the Fort Moultrie, S. C., Military Reservation. THURSDAY, JUNE 17, subcommittee, U> bt headed by Chief Justice Georjje W. Maxey o( Pennsylvania, Lodge appointed the following other *ubcoinmlttm »nd chairmen: Agrlnilture— Ancher Nelson of ! Minnesota; Economics »nd Small j Business— Gov. Thomas J. Herbert ,ot Olilo; Foreign Relations— Lodge; 'General Government Affairs— Dean C. Bavls o[ Vermont; Labor ahd | Social Welfare— Miss Mary Donlon ,of New York; Public Works, Natural Resources and Western Affairs— I Gordon Richmond of California; Federal-Stale Taxation— Walter E. Kdge of New Jersey; veterans Affairs— Wes Roberts oj Kansas, A threatened New Jersey fight to make Edge chairman of the fttll Resolutions Committee was settled by putting him In as vice chairman instead. Lodge said the subcommittees would conduct hearings this afternoon and tomorrow and report back jto the full committee Saturday. He said they hoped to get down to »c- ; tually writing a 1500-word platform on Sunday and (.hat It would be ready for the full committee by Monday night. VandeniHTjf i« Plank drafting began in a f!ury of excitement. It was over reports that Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg would loss his considerable Influence toward the nomination of GOV Thomas E. Dewey of New York for president of the United States The reports were these: The New York Times said Van- denberg would, not object to Dewey's nomination with John Foster Dulles to be Secretary of St»t«. The Senator would remain chairman cf the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and count himself one of a powerful three-man foreign relations learn. TJils was bad news tor Harold E. Stassen and for Sen. Robert A. Taft. Rep. Clarence J. Brown of Ohio, Tail's campaign manager, summoned a press conference to declare the report a phoney. Brown said a "very clos« friend" of Vandenberg'a liad denied th« whole business and that the Senator had made no commitments to anyone, direct or Implied. The United Press asked Vand«n- berg about it In Washington. He replied; ^••I haven't a thing to say about Stassen led the parade of caii- df(liit«s to town today, arriving early with Mrs. Stassei, alul tlK | f two children. Dewey is coming In smi- day and Taft will be here not later than than. They are the front runners. WED IN THE WOOD tneeuta fo eMttf grain Hl,.,idea Whhkry tic » thai fin. Glamor. SS&^-*& ,,S,"'^ wrtiikiei art blended with duct "' * , y 5 ars , or thoiceit groin neutral jpirits neutral s^im bul instead of being bottled immediately, "Thompton" ti put back into barreli to mok* it smoother, tastier. i £*/•/*# fam/Mta & l.ltlle Rock, Arkansas r f it," ^ IKojipsev ^>f&5 *?fV*»'' *& ... GOP PLATFORM (Continued horn Page 1.) eeks henco. In addition to the civil rights •NOW! ;at FOUNTAINS J Everywhere! See E. H. FORD Before You DGE! Parking Space for Rent On Lot North of Laundry 75-Car Capacity S3.00 Per Mo. Make Application to NICK SHIVELY, Adj. DUD CASON POST What's the Nimblest $jam!$@f on tfas highway ? T MAT'S a hij question, Inking in a lot of territory, and we'd he the last to deny you the right to your opinion. But, sir — before ynu slip up behind this tidy SIT™ v,ldi the idea of giving it (l, c go-by, better figure what you're up aj!;ii[is(! It's big. certainly — six-persons roomy and two-Ions befly as it takc% Io the road. Hut take H look at the size of that bonnet - it isn't there jus! for •howl It's filled to the brim wilh «traighl-ciglit power- am ] » vc ,. y •pccial kind of power at that. For Buick-'j the only car on the rone! today that puts l-'irelv.,!! it's gone wilh the %yiml. p»wcr under your treadle font. A swing of i he wheel, niul (his It * Ihe only cnr in ,vhic-h piston, low-swimiS c,ii-ri:i(Jc hikes curve. «re xpccinlly shaped to mil r;u-i, wilh the c;.se and M.rei.css of liny fuel charge inirt a comr>:>i-t ball thai lets loose wilh extra lilt flnd surwe. As for loiish spots, even they « iiti'l slow you down, so smoolhly di.cs this |jcat>ty take nil kinds of ^ Vnd (lint inc;ins dial this clc.m- lincd floelslcr is cxncilv uhnt it * ni "« ln ils stride, hulks UUo - n M .,,|. pcrtorincr \' . , ' lou can see, ,,| A inidtfc on the fris trciulh- •.,,,, level and unperturbed while four soft coil springs soak up the jar* RIW-1 jolts. As for haiulling, well once you've tried il, we know exactly what you'll do. You'll see ihe nearest Buick dealer, \\ith or without'a car to trade, and Jet a firm order in right now. . i steady U is. 1 low the body ride BUICK alone has all these features •ruBf * SOUND.SOSBES TOP LINING „' ;•.;-', ADVANCE * IEN SMARr WOOE1S.* SODV RV flSHEK ''•'-»'>. ut-,*,,,'i ».,d r,,w» M * «IGID J * DUOMA7JC Wfaur better automobiles •<•: \ ' 'arebailt , BUICK will build them . LANGSTON- Walnut and Broadway CO. Telephone 555 BlytheviMe, Ark. Phone 591-592 Thursday, Friday and Saturday SPECIAL VALUE DAYS! INDIAN BLANKET deal for guest room, boy's den, ottage. auto and beach use. • ay, brilliant color. Re 9 . $3.59 Spec. $2.97 36" Unbleached Muslin Has many household uses, in- cliiding quilt back, mattress covers, e;:i[-nienl bags, pillow covets. Cream color. Reg. 53e Spec. 27e OUR FINEST 8O-SQ PINNACLE PRINTS Snioofh cotloa percale in a grand as- snrlment of new spring prints. 36 in. Printed Lawn & Dimity Summery patterns. Ideal for hot .summer days ahead. Reg. 79c Spec. 67e .PRINTED PLISSE CREPE & DOTTED SWISS Printed plisse for housecoats, dresses, curtains. Needs no ironing. Dotted Swiss excellent for summer formals, dresses, curtains. Reg. 79c Spec. 57c LIVELY VPRINTS ON 46 INCH OILCLOTH " Brighlen up your Vilcheti wilh easy-lot clean oilclolh. I'rinls and solid cilors; 11x11 WASH CLOTHS Paste! colors—Blue, Pinfc and Green. Good Terry Cloth quality Reg. 9e Spec. 2 for 15c CHECKED TAFFETA Gingham checked type. Crisp :uul rustlv. Hand washable — irons easily and will not crush or split. Reg. 89c Spec. 59c CANNON SOLID COLOR PASTEL TOWEL ('otlon Icrry towel wilh while border trim. Jilne, srccn, gold, pink. )8.x3C>in. 47? TOWELING Stevens bleached all linen toweling- \Vafh fast colors Reg- 39c Spec. 33e BUTCHER LINEN Gay, small and large prints. This vayou fabric looks like linen — has anti-crease finish. Snilable for dresses and blouses. Good for children's clothes. Rtg. 98c Spec. 77c IOCKSTITCHCO FLOUR SACK COTTON TOWEL Mjde from strong, good-qitalily coltoii, Use for dozens of household chores.

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