Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1927
Page 2
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: Hacd ^oii tjti^ heels of the 'numlnc , ' 'sun i'Ueard . - ^ l^e li^an athletic strid; of the slj- j ;:v^r wind; ,9ucbt;furiou8 gold bi£obIed out of ' Jthe bird: iSo wbMfuUy , the grwlaal twilight thinned; ' ' r^t double luxury dwindled with the sun, . Difd out; and liicei a flagou • scooped in skill ' i ! Of. ivory the swift evening cnrvei ''lu one- ••• ! Cold unKwei' to Ihe' twiliglii'H wlilp- porWill. . I/—John Aloffcit in ihc Jicv,\ York Sua. ~ W^fiwaV AaxUIir} StiTlaitdh)'* t'hturh A meeting of the \V'ainan'ri Aux• lUai^. of St3 Tlinolhy '8 ' Kplpeopul ichurbb wani^eld yesterday after: '-•Lnoon in the hohifl of Mrs, A. Boug;las Gordon, 310 Soulli Waisliington •••ayeai^e, with seicntoen members jtpreqiant. ; 'Mrs, O. L. Cox, president, prt- ;Sld<^.over the biifjine»s meeting in jwblch pledges were- ujatle to tlie 'Bishop , Millspau^h ; mcmoiial. the ;Blsh^p Millspuugli eiidowiiifiit and ay college, jToptka. Mr.s. J Bi Idtre Party ajt .Klks 'aub ^ : Bridge and dancing to panatrope music constituted >the entertainment iast night at the Elks club, with Mrs. Emerson,B. t<ypn, clMtirman: Mi-s D. P. Xorthrup, Iklrs.'R. W. Harrj-, Mrs. J. G.: Mittellwcb. Mrs.. J. D. Alittelbach and .Mrs. H< R. darken as the hostess committee..; I• ^ Alrs.-K. E. Harrison and .Mr. H. B. I'eery, of Yates Center, receivi- od the High score favors and Mrs. L. N, (llsh. and I)r; J. T. Rejd the eonsolaffoil favors, j . ; The giiestH Included:' ilessrs. and .MesdanieS L. UJ Chevalier, W K. Itundnll, H. B. P^ry and P. M. Sto<rker, of Yafes Center; Frank .MtCiirthy,.-l/oulft Bchlanger, F. J. Schmidt, >.r. O. Marr. Dan Frj*, 1). I^. Symnies. S. W. Fickle, Ellis. Ijogan Munsaker, K. R. McDonald, T. <). Canatsey,-LIo>-il Carter, Paul Klein. W. L. Cbx, "^Clias. Roehl, Cliacles tiordon.Lt. C Dullea< Hurry Cook. C. A. Swiggett. J. J. Orir- rin. Joe Murphy, (i. W. Sherwood. E. E. Harrison, J; h. Hair, C. J. McCann, ^. U. .Mundis,' S. .S. Shellej-. Dt: and Mrs. G. E. Penda rvi.s,- and A'lrs. O. L. Cox, Dr. and .Mrs. A. B. Twadell. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Reid. Dr. and .Mrs. P. Len.skl, Dr. and Mr.s. H. S. 1 Christmas is spent! amonr th»-^r inese. -Viisinis Nl^h gave areadr Itlng and each n^emher <tf. the r^rclft^ •Igave a short .flhriatffas %tpry; Tventy-three meajbers: jprcre-|»r«ir ent «nd BIrs. i! F: Uoitaii. Mrs^J ,T. Reid and Mr.s. U I* Burt werv gncsts. A Uuichiwas serccd., Cirele No. 8 Meets Mrs. George StalTord ' and Mrs John Ecans wfre ho^tesse^ to Circle No. S of the First ;|IeUK>4iBt Ejiisconal ladies' Afji ^octety Ip the home' of ithe fqii^t ^r; at 506 South Buckeyih street i. yesterday aftemopu. I • The president, Mrs. Fred Menzle presided over the business meeting and Mrs. Otto HBlbriknt' rea^ for the devotional iesson Matt. 2 Mrs. J. P, Ko;iIcr,.-i^rs^ C. £. (iftm- moii, Mrs. 0. Q. Marsh aqd ^nf. 0; P. Duncan, visitors from other clrr cirs 'led a discussion on t'How We. .Made Our Mohey for the Buzadv," Thirteen nieiubers were present anil the iiOMtess serve <i refreshments. Bridge Club.ChrhtirfnMl'iirty, ' Mrs.iiJohn J. Ford eittertafned; the nicmlijers of her brli^^e club with a .Chrltitma<jiarty j'estprday afternoon in her ' home at 710 N'brth street. Gifts wei'e exchanged from a Christmas tree and sewing was the diversion. Those present were: Mrs. IJ. O. .Northwip, Mrs. A. R. finfield, Mrs. It. L. Thpippson, Jr.. ' .Mrs. pHoi=si<e Miller apd -Mrs. i\ J. .McEwen. •Bethi • M. Lamer was elected a delegate to j 7,V'.",,vi."^V" t'.IiiI".;.,^;'."",!"'' ' 1" 'much will be held m TopeKa teti- ._,„ij„ ur^.i -u i .niorv I? In 14 It ll •^K <w»i <>ii in -Amelia WOrKs, .MIss Hazel ; i ^7chrL "unas Lrto^ilffp!" PeteVr 'f,"^°.r ^ ftifiits In iChri .st :s>iospital at Tope- -^J' Peterson, 11. R. •Ua. iEletUou ofofecers forthe en- ^"^Zr, r ^'T '^H.f"u"'', ''^T'T suing year resulted as foHows: '-y""- J- ^^ CO>EDXMAS<:HEipt;F^j^^ AXV 4e.sfi ;piH 'st: coif^ { . Ann Josephine Smith wua born and reared lat Elmore, Illinol.s. having been born March 23, 1855, and rth uiick- December months and ITurner, parish chairman; Mrs. I Lucy .Simpson Jahiieson, commun- Mi«sionary Society The Woman's {Mis.-^ionaxy soeJ- of the First Presbyterian Her ,.parent8 ^-ere Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Smith and besides Ann Josephine, there were two other daughters. Luella .Ma^' and Sarah Ada- lalde and three sons." Chas. \V„ Henry B.. and George C. Mr. S. ^y. Smith died in October. >•- 1 1886. and .Mother* Smith died on the )Ia Eewinan. - This Is tlie -regular. missionary jueeting. J. If. SOWBR^y, pastor. : Cin^thui Chwvfa. : .BWiUtoy Sefcofll. 9:^6. a. m. Commtonion and sermon; 11 a. m. ^ 7:?0m!. ip. Christian Eq ,deaTor meeting ^ for the regular lesson. &:^0 p. m: -' Vialtoris^are cordially invited to attend all tsenrlces. • J. LEBJRPjEFORD. Pa .stftr. m North TWrd St.-^ : The rei^val still is In progress, ftev. Mr. Archer is doing-excellent preaching. Sundaj^ school at lu a. m. and preaching at 11. Youpg |ieople'« serrice at ^:3U p. m. apd preaching at 7:30 pi m. . | . The. subject Sunday morning iwlll b€), "God's Invisible Army." j Night. ;.J*Pilate's 'Qulstion.'' ; Rev, jAreher wiH {talk to young Ijienple 'at 6:.tO p. iri. ' You are invited.? REV. B. KIER. •_ flight ;luneh. the hosies.s scrvcu a :i>ic.";a;id a airogram was in charge eighth day of. December, 1916. or oi Ciiclo E; .Mr.s. J. C. Glass was just eleven rears to the dayrprior .J. .J, till- devotional leader, reading the i6 the death of her daughter. Ann Hostess to Pa-xt President Mrs. Ora Dille was lio; (lull : CInLsimas story from Luke 2. The jgnephine. It) J Homo Missionary topic waS ••mali."| lon the of April, 1875. noon.;; The room<; were di'corat'.'d Chrfstmas wreaths .^ul ,»h')1s. : j Women iit Uciiui. ami. from a num- 1 Aiinnle. tulned thefr residence lu Elmore two itaughters were l)orn. May and In 1.S7S .Mr. Cole conceived the ber of girls '• lu tht^ uuiversltA'. in eluding a Alosii-m ghr rr.^m Da-j that he would like to go west,, by ills, linascus. .Miss Shannon aU.l Mlss^o Septwilber i. he IiiUJied lip' Loid-s nxmaldsoii wnite conct^iiiug theJi h|« ,„ ^. , j 1.1 Chill? iiiHiiuiiKP Uk h:i Sanl.i Chill? iiiHiirjiiiCP CrA- h:iiitJr<.'i!.-» ol? ihe poor Philadelphia kiddies - !hat's v .luit 111. f.iir fo-rils or Temple rnivcrKily provided when they tool: to ioy-:;;akiiiK. H'ert" ymi li:ivi» pretty Katherine Moyer, Of White Haven. Pa., with :in armtiil nf unilergradnate-miide joy •^vhlch the students are toxlistiiliule on the Yiilttide. ! PumbyterfaiB Chnrlb. A city is judged by its churches as well as by Its banks, hnsine.ssi raithft'il.and lo.i-: :--n {ipuses pr public schools; i i pp Ma.<-t^i-. J- . v i i Every worth while bobater of Alice £4itbi^.^i](iiett, the.young­ est daughter of'McI ajid Mrs. K. H. Bennett; Was born in Adams -Cont-iy, IIU Jiine 9,:l«g8. and' died Be- cember 11. 1927; at her home iiear I^'smor«. K^ns«^,':tit thJB a^e of 39 years.'6 months, and 2,ilays.^ , She came to; Kansas with her parents at thelag^ jot 9 months, and most Of her llf^ has been spent in the immediate.jieighborhood in which shef wa* teiii'ding at the time of her death. February. 22. 19ft.i. Alice E. Ben- nelif. was united it:-' marriage to Jess M. Vinient. To this anion one .son was bom, ; Althoughv badly afflicted, many years, her (jheerfiil and courageous fight' for healih atfd strepgth. .has ! heen an iiisniratioh for aiy those who came In contact with her. She united'; with the i ITnited Brethren chiiri-h at the early aige of 13 yfar.M. .Alwiiyi she w:..- a workfi- for ;•• J; ry from Io4 cafied ar-t^V fs^^oln*; of E..G,t Wilson, Sun4awtt,> >. • • floMlrt Mgpgjer spenf.^iB weekend at jffie Isrr: wtbioWSrarih, home, rettmrfng to Tola Siindaj- tp..alteud schooL 'i. •. • :•- • -I-'•: -ifjj.. "•Charlie Isayc calletl at Er Tl AVaf gren's'Sunday; ! ^ . TAr. Hill and Mr. Dozier .and several more, "men from thi.%;district went to iola Monday oil bu.<iines.4. Ceril Hill had the miatontiine vto . sprain his wxist when cratlking'. a car Sunt ^a.v. -'. . . v.ay .Sill- ( Iola will attend, an* belli support! a faithful wile, a ;>.vi!.g mother, •some church—for his own sake., and a tlutifnl "daughicr,; she Iejv.«s for the sake of bin children, and („ mouni her Ios.k her hnybaud, . ... .. , 1.. Viaeent; one son. Itobert 1 N. Vin(e|ni; father lindmother, Mr. ' anti .Mr.>|. R. i'l. Bennett; onte'sis- W. n. Fronk:' a number relatlves.'iand a lidst of flONTEVALE (.Vorina Isaac) Mrs. RhodB .Mercer, the presi- i dent, -presided over the .meeting. 'The devotionals were led 1^ Pmv I v w ^s'^eneal'e'd'toother IloU I ""'•'< '""""B Syrian people and [ his wife and two, sniall thlldren ' L7l warLsS^ It^itois were InteresiliiK I lOng 'and harardous can uu» ^,.^y,,,.iu|iy ,h,, outr wrlUc-n liy lb- j,„irni-v to Knnsa.H They would morning . and and by so lining, i i -tibns "Fr-wi'II to Tin"*" and "Ha-'""' various iiienibirH of ithe society!,),,.)- were able to reach their dos-' tor the good of the home town. Sabbath school 10 a. m. , ^ Y. P. S: C. E. at 6:30 p. m; > ; MonUng worship at 11 o'clock. | ler. .Mrs! Tojplc, '.Wounded in the House of i of otliei His friends." • j friends. Bs^inig nervice,. 7:30 o'clock.; Topic foi: discussion, "The Preach- i ef: Whait ShaU He Preach?'. It is' tlie hist jof a series for the young • people us a result of answers to Dec. I2.f--Wt' have' heeir> having questionnaires :recently s«-nt out to ' oiinie vf>al winter weather, ch'erking Stu^^iita of iota. The etioir will i farmers in thie.shlu^ :iiiil 1 other furnish special mpsic for the ser- farm work. ylcesi of the day. :< ft ill Hill and Arng Sni>ih visit- Ypu have a coydial invitation to ed flarolil Dpzi<»r ..''luulay. attentft these services.. I'.Miline | liozier v^eni .Saturttey U. G. MATHIS, Pastor. , iwlh norojliy ^tiuneji. .Vir .s. isaiai- fallen :Via ..Mrs. 'Stin- .4sspclate Bible Students ] m u Sntut^lay. Rnisell and Dor- Pythian Temple, corner Wasli-'"tl'y StinnKt attcjtidejj the skating, ington and West Sts. 10 a. m.-- I'ai'y on Dozier's -ipond Friday Scripture study for adult and jnn- iiiebt. ior' Bible students company. The. Joe Wilson ^and :a. youtfg man adult topic; "The Law of .the Xe.w iii——p Creation." Bom 2:5. Junior, topic.' "Preparing the Empire." Isa. 45: i ,12-18. 11 a. m.—"Defense and Secnf- Ity." Psalm; 91-n. 7:30 p. Ui>—"Deliverance." Wednesj(lay, 428 E^ast .Monroe St.. 7:30 p. m.. Prayer, praise and testimony service. Bible te.xt: "Behold. 1 lay- in Zion • • • A tried stone." Isa. 28:16. .1 . A True,Gift A box rff ci|7ar.<? that we recoromejul i.- a sift that will Ix- .sill"to please. We bave jt laiice .selection in .special Christmas vvrappers and they, don't include any of those Ghristma.s cigar.s showna in ths? comic .strips. They're the very BEST .and will be smokeil in Me JJvin^ Room—not in the fiirnare. , Scarborojigh Bros. Drijjf Store. ~ Phone 181 We Deliver \ can was answerea oy imipjiiiis :•••••.<""'"'vi.. .....v.«....,n i siarieii tiio long a oit Christmas." A short ChHstnias esiiieially tlie out; written liy th" ij <,„i .,„.j. ,„ Kansas {"program was given. Mrsl Pearl Mo.-^Ieiu girl. Many •vsperlenci'i'| start eariv In the - ; .Thompson played llie piano sdee- ^vere narrated nud the letters t.i | ,i,.iv,, j.,,^ "at „lgl,L a iian K. uo»:.s." Ali i-rcsi-iii ^anj; I »veie y! Darkies Hub Von Seen 4>lf i i""'"!' ;«^ii ; "Say!. X The following readings; -^re given: "Santa Clans at Pei- ers's Farm," Mrs. Rhoda .Mercer; - ."'A Musical Piidding," Mrs. .Mary E: Round; f'Tlie Christmas Light." i Mrs. Flora. Adams; "Thoughts on .the Past." ! Mrs. Marion Bradley; "Merry Christmas," Mrs. Ida Huff: ' "Meijy Christmas, Past and Pres.. «nt," Mrs. Sarah J. Coffield: "The Stiver, Lining," Mrs. Jennie Ma: ther.". :. All iexchange of Christinas gifts ~ -was held and the hostess, assistcil Kit ^tly • ajiprechittMl. "Tbe | tf„ation In about three weeks. iugof the lettersUook up the , , ... ~, r. I destination was the farm! enllve program hqiir. Mrs. T. B. ^iniiTTod aboutiitwo inileseast Shaipiou J^as the- chairman in „ar,H.. Kansas, which'plac 'belongs to .Mr, Cole. Wilie. living I linn Eiideaviir at i;::!0. Preathliig at 7::!<i. K;r«>t .Metlivdlst (hurrh. , We are accustomed to thinking of gieatness in terms of ihti yell (known or in the plaudits ofj men. I jl Tliefe is a greatness that comes of si)rviee which t :an characterize Iiiierm. "lint.- Cliris- j ""Very child of God; The greatness ! iiiuiiifests itseit Jn service. ' Suu- i day niomiiig we Will think of "The The (iiurcU III" tlie Inlted HMIiren In (hrist. >>uii(Iay school at !i:4ri. Preaching at 11 o'elork. Juni<ir Christian Kmleavn! ; o'eloek. .Senior am chaigi.'. Tli(j!iiienibers <>l' Circle A served rerreihments to twenty inenibers. •> •:• •> Enteriains at lt >rtbi1 »y JHpuer .Urs. Jennie .McXeeley. (issistod by her daughtej-. Mrs., O. H. Steele, entertained al 6 o'clock dinner last nichf in her honie at 508 {South Muckeye street, Tn honor of I he birthday of her son, Mr. Harold McNeely. It was also the* .u^nJlT Tliere will he sj.e, i..l music hy! «<'ivlce of l.ove." aiid at night on -..^ J .nifll"' *-l'<'l'-. Ixitii morning and eve-t .«'»hj''et ••Co-^.aborers with ?e i .vtii i -Vt the elo.«e .,r the . , „• , by Mrs. Katherine Dille. Mrs. .\1-1 hirthday of Mr. Frank Benson, one Ice Vaughn and Mrs. ^Lillus Bni- nell, served refreshments sugges- -tlve of Chrlstihas. Eight members . -ajiid five guests enjoyed the occa- flbn. The guests were: Mrs. Kath- iiftrineDUle, Mrs. Alice Vaughn. Mrs. Pearl Tompkins, Mrs. Lillus Brunell and Bobbie VaUKhn. Vu-faHi TbOBMU Chapter Meet.s : 'A meeting of the Harian Thom- Mb-chapter.of the jUulted Bifethren '<ibprph mlssionarj^ »6ciety was : 3ida last night tn the social room . Ot'the church. TVliss .Marie Dale 'p'yiM -elected president and the : topic for discussion was "The Fatherland of ChrisliauitV,' led by Miss Thelnia Roberts. . ", '-In the fHturo the ehipter will - meet at the homes o? the membert^ of -the gue&ts. Other guests were: Messrs. Jess Benson. O. H. Steele and Hartwell Steele. . • • • i t'liYl*' >it. <! -Herts \ \ Tlie members of Circle No. 6 of th<^ First Methodist Episcopal <:hurcJi' niet - .yesterday afternoon with Mrs.; L. G. Bbwkcr, Mrs. W. A. Wlieeier. Mrs. R. E. Thompson Mrs. Joe Mi-Kiuley and .\lr«. J. F Swbnger. jr.." in the htimeof the former. tO!i'South I Elm street. The. meeting w.-is inesided ovei by the'.qresideiU. .Mr.-;. J. F. Swon ger.^ 'jr.. who leil ithe devotipnaLs Coiuip^tqe's • were appointed to at-- sist In" eatertamingi the Gener;i .\iil society Janiiaiy 5. Mis. P. O Haiisnii toltl int.erestingly liow be (Mfllj Aopct ttaa» aad at 'AitrbiJBei vill tciax tags ftwf .iODa ct by rBtMcfilng. _^ Jsnl tkemiced 'te Icmseae owtr „ ^ -wtth lidEewam 'TBiQ Msikasa ^at is 38 by 40 J (^r«««ii^ S2 by 22 i-nd «Dld In kalf M th«t you ni« to tte bade of tte jMi4e vtt-1€ of tlie Mch nine liir iaekes. ViM t«p edccf boinid with tanti, wMeh be 9l Wlcltf <»i«c ^ edge laid into, loor bed then booad. The podteU dowji to tite beck, foar Rie outer'c4cee ofitiie bound with tape aU tlMl war i««>iid.i' A aatrew atrip «C the 'ffoeda at iiukud about fao Indiea tnuk t ^%ij«« ttw c4Be'hoUa'tbe aaaaH atzip'of wood— ra pieee e( oM'wto- dQ «r bUsd lOmt win d»-tfaat keqpa tbec^tai^. Bev <»e «C the celtadpid ,rla|ES at eai^ top cor9f^ ai*^ Q »t caqe £ itn-' iAed, lit iriU bold fwor mica of shoes. By dinifot: out the si^ wood, the case cauibe easily laua- on the rami five more children were bom: three daughters. Pearl. Blanche and Beatrice, and two son's. Will and Gtjprge. Aftill* having be6n a vcTy suc- ee.ssful farmer for about 2n year.'', it was Jan. 4, 1X99, tliat the fani- il.v, niovc-il to the.present home at 2(M .Vorth Buckeye, Iola, Kansas.. During their forty-nine years re.slilence in and aboiit Ihe city of Iola. they acquired ?i host of frienils who deeply moti'rn the less of so good, hospitable'and Chiis- tian wonian as Mrs. Ann Josephine Cole. April S. 192.-), '.Mr. and Mr,-. C.o!e celebrated their golden -. wedding aimlversary and thflt day they v.ete siiriouiuled-hy their relatives ami a great number of friends. Mrs. Ann Jpsephljio Cole was a member of the Womeii'» Christian Temperance jL'nion, Women's Hellef Corps and Dorothy l^ebekab lodge, I. O. 0. F. The Re.bekah recently pfcseuted her ijrith a Jewel .signifying that she" had been a (ontinuons member for Vwenly-five years. ": ' She was also a me^nber ot the Fir.«t Christian church ?t loJ.s and until a few years agc». when her physical' condition prevented, i>he was a regular attendant at l>o:>i Sunday school and church. (Mr.-!. Cole is survived by her husband, fivo daughters,! I wo sons. fourtex>n grandchildren and two great graiidchililren. [ Funeral aervlce.s were held atj ing servile tliere «ill lie a . iinicil [ Supday yrhool, 9:45 a m. wedding. Yon are wtltome tn all I Juplor and intermediate Epworth ot these serviies. This is the Leagpes, 5 p. m. frieiitll.v twiiircli. , Senior U-ague. 6:30 pi m. I-:.' .V .MO.VTCOAJKItV. |rt>:(ir. , " 0^^o'^ "o church home be _ i. i ati lioineAvith ns in'all our services. V\r>\ fhnrcb i»f t firlst ..Sei,.ufi>t. ) [ 9" f^OLDSMITH. pastor. Suiiduy sehogl at ;.:ir. m. \ Tlmrithj^sl^eopal Churefc.; Suliject: •riie the rnivern-. Including .Man. Kvolved liy Aloiii-ie ForcciV Thomas Getz Hill, priest-in-chafge. Sujjda.v. December 18, will be the We inphda-.'evening ineeiings a! <•""••<!» Sunday irt Advent. Tb.ere }f oVkMk '^^ usual Church school ''.Services will b,; held at church at 10. a. m. l-lveuing prayer will edifice, corner of S.veainoro and East streets. The reading room over Ramsay's Dr.v ' GtMiils store; lOfll'-j Ea.-.t. Aladi.Mjii avenue. o|)eh eacii tt (I'k day from 2 to^5 p. A , The puhlic. is eordiul!y»iinvitetl 'to I attend tjie servii(\H of Die eliurch ' and to visit the reading room. he said and a Eermon preached ^^t 7:15 'p. ni. The Church Service League will iiipet night with Mrs. JR. I.,. Thompson, jr.. 852 North street December 25, Christmas daR will be tlie last Sunday in the month jand tlie rector will, be present Ux I a morning service^ FurUief noU^ Trinity >Ieihudist K|u.scupal ( burrh | ne.xt week ^ Soiiie one has said -There is a ! Some pledges ffir the'.vear, 19^7 hnnger in tho soul that nothing but, . ... the: redeeming love of can I meeting of the Church satisfy." This being IHie, the! •'^•rvi^e I^'ague. of wliieli Christ is the head i i ~^V7~•^^ is the channel throuKh wliieh flows I ; V*"* Baj^t l«IUJMe. lhat insplraiion that .taii.sries a/ On account of the unlSied jier- !5<)ul thirsting word. We trust and [vice which we, will have next Sun- pray /that- ybn may find Trinit.vji church all this to. your spiritual] EAST UNION • Dec. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. Lee Deere are 4he.,pi;oud parents of a littl • daughter, born last week. Mr. apd JMrs! Vern (.'olwell wen; guests of \lrs. Abbey and daugh-i ter last Sunday. . They stayed all night. ' Floyd Boler-retnrnetl home froia his sister's, 5Ir. and Mrs. .Vlark, where'he has been husking :corn. . There will he a Cliristmas tree :lt Kocklow <ind a^ the city hall in JClsmbre, Friday flight,^ Dec. ii. . Miss Carolilie came honiti to see her mother ovej- the weekend. She goes to the Bronson high echooL. £«flt Union will have a ChrUt- nias tree Fritlay afternoon. Faririers will be glad to see iiice weather again, so tht'y i-an vhuck corn. CHOCOLATES —or^:four set \ ''pHIS makes ytiiir r,'nri.sfma.s ..Vlioppii'-g !rrmplc.'- yet thov/;; )()U Lave tboiiglil tuthe selctfivu {•.ryoMr';|;ifts. lohnfton's Cht«KOl»«ei are" wclcunriei ttiiywb^jj, for they are.tlicr best -iliair^ known in tancfy^mitkiiig. UrJufifuily- pacHijgcd in. spe- \ cial ho! !4ay. boxes; give us your ; and vvc'U dclivxr fcr you. Or la i:j l.riow J.(;v/ maily jnu want and v.c'll send thein to you UJ deliver with your ". cither prc>tnts. Nobody ever had too mudi fw-.-/candy ct O.ristmas! /// tKc-fiuitJ, tv.-o-piiiniJ. ll:"e-f*UHtf— ' : Sl.2> uuJ SLMJ /:. poaiuf. V\\;ACE MfmG coiMPANy •i >oiJii ira<iiihgtiui • I'bone 176 U- AI;TllOiy;a !> A,<>£NCY fOR JOHNSTONS CIlOCOtATE -S jL needs and invite .von l» all of o'nr Hcrvice^i. Sunday scliobl 9:15 a. ni. Morning worsliijt 11 a. ni. Kporih Lengui^ 6::{n p. ni. Evening worship 7:30 p. m. day w:hen onrTchildren will put on a Christmas program, the piistocJ will lireacfa this week a Cihristmas pieiio|-iaI sermon in the fhomtoKi !ln t le evening he will preach on "Some Thiilgs a Chrl.stlan May Coviit." ' I The: «. y. P. I'. wlU meet ait 2::{0 p. m. Deticmber 11, 1927, atjning 7:3'!. the Firfit (Christian church and hurlal was in tbo Iola cemetery.' Pra.ver meeting. WeiUi.sday eve- i6:.';0 p- in. The topic will be "HofW I J. C. WILSON, pastor. fihe niurcb Spends Onr Money.'' land the meeting will be led by Miaa PRAIRIE CHAPEL (L. D. Mattocks) Dec. 14.—R. L. Hobb and J. A. Mattocks enirli liiitchered a hog laiK week. , .Mrs. C. f) Maxwell and Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Mattocks and>i>ale were Kl. shoppers Saturday. Ray Smith. Leland and-Alva I.,a- Rii^ returned Thursday from Xe- braska .where they went several weeks ago to shuck corn. Arthur Palmer of Iola visited at Lou HeaJi's Sunday. .Mr. and Mrs. Clytle Looney. Mr. and Mrs. LeO: MycA's visited .at the liarental/Sloan home Wednesday. B. H. Bacon went to Fredonia Monday us a delegate from the Grange. .Mr. aiMl >lrs<. L. W/ HoweU visit- eii at the R. L.' Robb home Friday evening. i - .Mr. and Mr-s. T. E. Ha0 audi Liinily. .Mrs. J. F. Harclerode and Paai and B- H. Bacon and Marvin were Ip.Ia visitors Saturday. I^iph. La^ue 'and Leland butchered ii bog Monday for Mrs. Minnie Miller. ' Visitors at the Arthur Bpyd hotUe Sundaj' w^e: Mr. aud tits, h. -VV. Hovell. Mr. and Mrs. Fran- slc Gilpipre, Lee Doughty ami Miss Louise Manni^. '* A new 'home and hcadtiuarters buildior.t^f Mic .Viftipnai Brotherhood of Operative Potters has been completied In East Liverpool. O. LAST TI.MES TONIGHT Admis .stoii iW and 25c Fred Thompson ^hd Silver Kini in. "DON MIKE** .A swift moving western picture of the old Spanish reglpii: in. CaJifojnia. .A dc»j»e<»ate struggle to saye his sweetheart and an- cJtmt estate from the carpetbaggers of Civil War days. > ' ^ • -^'' Comedy- ".Smith's MpdlsfeSiiop- j linixf Kat Kurtiion- Jiorady J4|ituribi.r~l to i p. m. lOfi 4 ii II p. ai. WcfOc BiJJ>PY ROOSEVELT in "THE.'BANDIT ^iTSTESr 1 . : . I' A hail's -breadth from sudiim death—then tlic unexpected hap- p^'ueil. -A stoj^" reeking with plots and: counter ploijs,!making it exciting to the very end. COMEDV -HK4VY P .ilK .\I»E'' Ki 'IS4 »i>K XIX*: (>P '^HK. KiXtJ ioF THE JIXUL^' KKAZI k.\T K.\KT<M»> JiO.V£lir 4'ntmiiig .Monday and Tue »Mljir-->'«Mnna Shearer in i V • •' . -Til*: I»ElII.BBlJ »|r| .1 27 Years of Successful Merchandising in Iola ^^"T^^^OF'FERS THE ^^^^'"' ^ WHEN IN DOUBT GIVE Choicest Collection of Better Toys \ Sit the Lowest i Prices / Ber a nice Bas;. New Antelope Bags, Hand Toflfcd b 4 ks in all the New Shapes $2^5 UP TO J r Golham Oojbi ^ti^ SI.85 to .§2.75 Kay^Ji;'s Pointe* Ifead, SJUt hosiery I $1.65 to $2.50 Wayne IjoiU Silk - 1:1' •? - : Hosgie^y, %im tp $2i50 : ^ Dajnty Gift Boxes, I ' .1. 3i i .......

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