Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 22
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 22

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO' EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD. ..'FRIDAV,': OCTOBER 21, 1955 Dial PA-2-4GOO for, a WANT AD VTtker ~FOOT FROM DISASTER—Only the foot of the injured bus driver, Hu"0 Sticco, 38, jammed'on (he brake,.kept this bus from plunging over into the Lincoln Tunnel feeder road in Union City, N. J., .shown below, after the bus collided with'an oil (ruck yesterday. The bus went through the wooden barrier on'thc bridge and head- fed down over the embankment. 'Sticco jammed on the brake, hailing the bus' and holding it left leg and in- 'ternal injuries. Police reported 23 other persons were injured. (AP Photolox) Auto Plant Work Accused Of Murdering John Adams . TOWSON,' Md. Wl — A 33-year- old auto plant worker was charged with murder today and an Army sergeant and a 30-year-old waitress were accused-of being accessories in 'the slaying of John 1. Adams key figure in a six-millibn-dollar numbers raid. Baltimore County Police said the 39-year-old Negro was strangled for his money and that the murder weapon apparently was a "woman's stocking." They also announced they -had located Ihe $1,000 Adams reportedly was carrying when he disappeared a week ago last night. Police Chief Hamilton R. Atkinson said Pedro Fiuley Crooms, 33- year-old Negro auto plant worker, was charged "with the murder of John Irvin Adams." Atkinson said Helen Jefferson, 30, and Army Sgt. Robert Palmer, stationed at Ft. Holabird. both Negroes, were charged with "being accessories after the fact lo the murder." Palmer was identified as a former UCLA pre-medical student who has a wife and children in Texas. Adams was one of six Negroes arrested Sept. 28 when State Po lice, bypassing counly authorities, raided an establishment at Turner Station in the southeastern corner of the counly. They said the place was headquarters for a six-million- dollar-a-year numbers ring operating in Ihe Baltimore metropolitan area. Adams was free on bail awaiting trial on the gambling charge when he disappeared Oct. 13 after driving home two waitresses who worked in his father's night club at Turner's Station. His car was found abandoned the next day. Last Saturday group of marksmen out target shooting found his body in a (hick- el along U.S. 40 on the eastern outskirts of Baltimore. His ha,nds were tied, his- head had been Bashed in and he had been gar- rolcd. ..Reports were rampant that Adams had been killed by racketeers, perhaps even out-ot-stale gangsters to silence him in connection with the numbers racket. -But counly police announced earlier in the week that. robbery was Hie motive. They picked up Crooms and Miss Jefferson last Friday. Bail was set for Hie waitress at $5,000 but her atlorney said she would not post it 'because she fel safer in jail. In announcing ' the filing* oi charges last night, Atkinson said his men had determined Ihe "lime and place of.'the -crime as well as all Ihe basic .facts, regarding the manner of the homicide." He llianked Slale Police and Bal lirnore Cily Police for "their of fers of assistance," but said he was "glad the work of our departmenl made any outside help unnecessary." Gov. McKeldin had named Police Commissioner James M. Hepbron of Baltimore as his persona: representative in the Adams murder' investigation. The governor left the Southern Governors Conference in Alabama yesterday, a day early, saying his first order of business on arriving n Maryland, would be lo confer wilh Hepbron on the Adams case. Atkinson also said "my confidence in the men of my department has been justified by Iheir actions. His statement concluded, "In view of the legal restriction on prelrial publicity, no member of Ihe counly police dcparlmenl, in eluding myself, will have any fur- Ihcr comment on the case." The three persons charged were held in the Parkville Police Sla lion. No hail was fixed immediate ly. Man To Serve Sentence On Successive Sundays ROANOKE, Va. Mi-Sunday i. a good day for meditation ani Robert A. Moore will have a chance to meditale for 52 of then in jail. The former insurance sales man was charged wilh forging checks to cover premiums on fie litious policies and sentenced I two years in prison. But since h. had paid the money back even be fore the charges were brough Judge Dirk Kuyk whittled the sen tence lo 52 days—lo be served on successive Sundays. It's the all purpose 4-wheel drive truck! Here's a rugged, all-purpose truck designed not only for highway travel, but with the extra insurance of-4-whcel drive for difficult terrain or weather —the'Jeep-Truck! .-•••. .• . It shifts easily from 2-wheel drive for highway or street into 4-wheel drive when exlra traction is needed lo carry its payload of over r ton through mud, sand,"anow or soft earth where ordinary truck can't go. Equipped with 1 power mobile powc for many types of machinery for business or farm. The 'Jeep' Trur U now available wilh power brakes. 4-WKEEL DRIVE .1 |ilTS...W(M'i uriiit irtifj ifftrfiifl W»i irtfclu AfiV for a demonstration today... PENN-MAR MOTOR CO. Corrlgonrille, Md. • Narrows Nrk, Routt 4( Phono PA-2-5340 ' onipclitioii Tough In ir-Looliug Racket Murrbw Has Prepared Program On Vice Presidents MIAMI. Ml — Competition (he car-looting business is ler- ic these days, a 20-year-old man in NEW.; YORK '(*N)ne day back "' presidents and the role of the day, it, fii-nunp' fMnunlunri'ii cnfmirl nH. viipn ni-nKlHpm'V tllfln GVOT ill OUr PrCS mplaincd to polii*. The man, who admitted break- into more than 30 cars, said frequently saw other car loot- ministration-when a man saw Vice history. In fact, the low esteem in By CHARLES MEKCER Cleveland's . second ad- vice presidency than ever in our President Adlai E. Stevenson walking' down a'Washington-street he held, despite Hie fact that ,28 per hower, •emarked to a friend, ".There goes cent- of them have become presi- the vice president of-the United dent, it. one of the most ironic s at work while he was making stales with nothing, on his mind facts in American political life. s rounds Once, he and another except the - health of the Presi- This is'the raw material from in worked side by side on differ- dent." -.-•.-.. ivhich Edward R. Murrow and his t automobiles. He said they ver did stop lo introduce thcm- more concerned with the health coming on CBS-TV .next Wcdncs-i Presidency—the' Lottery" began which vice 'presidents have been present llln$;s.of President Eisen Today, with lhat vice president's associate Fred W. Friendly have elude newsreds of a fourth living randson a national political fig-lorgcd a fascinaling television pro-ex-.vice president; John N. Garner; re himself, the nation is much gram for the first See It Now show II will recreate past campaigns and study some' curious' facts (hat Oct. 26. Work on "Ihe Vice haye long eluded many let alone the voters. Advisor lo lliis "Sec li Now" pro- Great American long before the Murrow has made filmed inter-i views presidents — Henry A. Wallace, Harry S. Truman and Sen. Alben Barkley. The program will in- grain is Prof. Irving G. Williams ol St. John's University, probably the nation's leading scholastic au- llirce^living^x-vice thority on the office of the vice presidency. U. S. eigarets made in 1015 contained about 3 per cent nicotine romparcd to' about 2 per cent today. Japanese Mini Har ' , • Whale Of An Idea TOKYO Wi^-A Japanese motion' picture producer wants' to run t whale farm. . i;. ',. 1 '-. Kyusaku liari.' president; of the' Nickalsu Motion Picture-Co^ has asked government - permission to build a 2,000 square yard pool "where a variety of whales can be kept for scientific study as well as a tourist attraction."- . '•'. ... Oldest horse-racing track in the United States is ati Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ' . , 1 Cumberland Cloak & Suit fabulous SHOPPING IS EASIER WHEN YOU CAN SAY "CHARGE IT" . If you haven't a Ijjt Nalional Charge Account,, let us open yours today! It's such a convenience. You can charge all your purchases . . . take up to 90 days lo pay. coat values \ Brand New Arrivals! 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