The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 11, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 7
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t>AlLt ANft WEEKLY. ALL HOME FBINT. fas BBMTHMM. Is the only newspaper in Car- toll county that IB stinted nil at home And It con•mi mote looal and couutr news than aur othef two papers ID this county. ft COLOLO, Fntmt, MAT 11, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Slippers at Moore 8. • Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. 0. L. Wattles was at Bcranton today. The best $1.00 work shoes at Moore's. Window sfcreens and screen doors at Martin & Olovla'. Borne good baled hay for snle. Inquire at this office. Do not buy Oxfords this spring until you see Moore's line. Banker Bason, of Scranton, was a Car- Toil visitor yesterday. Storeroom for rent on. Fourlh street, Inquire of Mrs. Daniels. * A. U. Quint left for Des Moines last evening on a business trip. if you seek a saloon to refresh Tour- self, no to the DIAMOND. This is the season of the year when the dande lion IB in all of its glory. ' Mrs. Ed. Nolen has been quite sick for lome time, but it reported as improving. A. U. Quint and «eo. B. Frazier left for Neyadh last evening on a business trip. Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley coal at Joyce's. Geo. Ouy, of Templeton, was in the city today transacting business at the county seat. Quite a number of teachers were present at the county teachers' meeting this afternoon. 1. M. Qilley returned) to his home in Nebraska this forenoon, after a short visit with his parents. Superintendent McMahon is holding a teachers' meeting in this city. The session will last until tomorrow noon. The severest oaies of rheumatUm are cured by Hood's bariaparllla, the great blood purifier. Now IB the time to talc* It. Hood's eu ei. The building committee 'is busily engaged Retting ruady to begin active operations on the new Germania hall. M. Simon returned this morning from Lincoln, Nebraska, wbeie he has been in the interest 4f the Acme Knitting works. All who use Ayot's Ualr Vigor pronono- unce It the best hair-dressing in the market. OertainlVi no other is in such constant demand. Do not spoil your shoes with inferior dressings, but if you would like something good and nice, you will find it at Moore's. Special low rates to all points in England, Scotland and Ireland. Now is the time to secure your tickets ot Moses Simon. The DIAMOND sets the finest free lunch west of Chicsgo now, and will in future—1600 or |3,000 license—from 0 a. m. toll p. m. The finest free lunch and don't you forget it. Deputy State Treasurer Davidson was io the city over night on his wa? home from attending a -meeting of the A. O. U. VI.. at Sioux City. Incidentally Mr, Davidson was looking after bis political fences, as be expects to be a candidate for state treasurer this fall. Insomnia Is fearfully on the increase. The rush and excitement of .modern life so tax the nervous system that multitudes of people are deprived of good and suffl cient sleep, with ruinous consequences to the nerves. Remember, Ayer's SarsaparU la makes the weak strong. The scrap between the city superintend ent and the president of the school board appear* to be neck and neck. If this kind of a free-for-all is to be continued the city would do well to fire them both for their placet could be filled without |ny serlcu* einfc ittaument to the schools. Tuesday evening en ordinance was patted by the council of Sioux Oily filing the license at f 000, just what is demand ed by the state law. The ordinance was •upporKa by all the councilman but two, That i« what w« think our council should fix gibe license at In this city; KWO is plenty high enough, ' World's Columbian Exposition will ho of value to too world by Illustrating the improvements in the mechanical arts uid eminent pbysluant will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents heebren of •qua! Importance, and as a strengthening j laxative that Syrup of rigs ia far In ad vaitreotall others. The much dreaded and talked of t' examination for city certificates in tbil afternoon. The result of the o will be awajied with con able anxiety on the part of the tetoh i and their friends. This cltr certificate i an Innovation In our schools and hat I • lively interest Io them. Tb« trustee* of toe Oairoll county fair rill meet Saturday afternoon at Baore> rr Junod'i office to begin arrspge- pnts for the fair, which will lie one fully up to Ibe excellence attained in former 'Mr. Juuod feels confident that the conditions for asuooeuful meeting of the association this year are much more ttatterlof than they ware a year ago, Keller's army ipent lait night oo the s liver in tbelr flat bo»ts expoted to H heavy rain ilortu, £Q "A life on the o6e»n wave" Is not so bteatant at all times attor all, and especially is this true since all of the women but two have been driven from the army and these are under the immediate supervision of Commodore Kelley. "Here's a howdy do," 0. fl, Hoeft has signed the teacher's contracts as president of the school board and the secretary has also given his signature, while the city superintendent is putting these teachers through the swest box to determine whether they know enough for the positions they have been 1 hired and contracted to fill. The past week has been quiet in the city, as thn greater portion of the farmers have beeu busy in the fields planting corn. The ground Is in splendid condition and the season Is at least two weeks farther advanced than usual. Everything goes to indicate a prosperous year for the farmers. Small grain is doing nicely and it is said that it never looked better at this time of year. Coal is running short at the electric light works and the company is now shutting off the lights at 11 o'clock in order to make it last as long as possible. If the big strike is not declared off soon we will soon be in darkness, as the stock on hand it only estimated to be sufficient to last about a week, even running on short time, and it is impossible to get more at present. The supreme court of Iowa has sustain ed the judgment of the district court by which Frank Pierce, the exconstab1| and searcher, of Des Moines, was tenced to the penitentiary. Pierce was convicted for the crime of shooting John Wiahart, & policeman, who was guarding the city dump in 1891. The case was taken to Warren county on a change of venue. There are few to mourn for Pierce; be should have been. there long ago, Kelley's men have .all left Des Moines and the citizens are pleased with their departure. The army was quartered on them for eleven days and it was no small tax upon the generous people of that city to provide rations for the men. Their progress down the river is very quiet and is meeting with few .incident! of especial interest. The army will have been in the state four weeks next Sunday and it will take them all of another week to float down the Des Moines to Keokuk where they will get a view of the great Father of Waters. How much longer it will be before Iowa gets rid of them remains to be told. Friend Florencourt is still growling but he only does so to keep up appearances. He knows be was' led into a trap and induced to make a fool of himself. We are surprised that the oldest man in the profession in our city could thus be fo61ed and duped into making such an exhibition of himself as he has done by attacking the county official* when they have been doing their duty and he now knows it as well as anyone. The old saying that one never grows too old to learn appears to have been verified by Frank's experience. Deafness) Cannot be Cured by local application!, as ther cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There ii only one way to our* Deatneu, and that U bjr con •tltutlonal remedies. Deafness It cauied by an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustauhlan Tube. When thti tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling lound or Imperfect bearing, and when it U entirely closed Deafness Ii the remit, and unleis the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube mtored tolls qoimal condition, bearing will be destroyed forever; nine oa*es out of tan are cauied by catarrh, wbloh U nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous Mirfaoei. W» will give one hundred dollars for «njr owe of Deaf neis (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cute. Send for circulars, free. f. J. OHBNBY * CO., Toledo, 0. Mr-Bold by Druggists, 70 o. It is impossible to make a first class picture at a cheap price. All the world knows this and Robner is not the man to advertise something he cannot do. W hat he does not say, however, Is that he will make pictures, quality considered, cheap* er than any other photographer In this part of Ike country. A cheap price means a cbesp grade of work. Everyone in Carroll county knows ihalRonnar's work is superior to his oiwipatitnrs and if they want first class work Koliner's gallery is the place to go to gel ii. Call and see him and examine hie work and get hie prices before leaving your order for a picture. Invalid*' Hotel and Surgical Institute. This widely eel»br»Ud lasUtuUoo, located at Bululo, K ¥„ I* orgaulwd with a lull staff of i-lrtuxm «xp«rleuu«d nod skillful physicians uiidsurgeous, constituting tie most complete organization of medical and surgical skill Io Anwrlos, for the twatrofitt of all chronic dls- eat**, wlMilw reaulrlui gtsdlwl er swrgloju utesns fortune our*. Harolous fuucsw bu b»nn »cMs»«d In th* cur* of all nasal. throat and luuv <tl«NMM, lite* sad kldiwjr dlMMes, diseases dd«rdlsessas, -taints and si , of iV<ll««stl««oniwia,bl»dd«rdlsessas, uetmllarlo women, blood«<**?». rheu m, neuralgU, nervous sy'dMs. andilndiwda *t* cured at their house uorraspon4enos.iTh«uuNof pits tuiuofs, tenoootle, bydro U guaranteed, with only a ' SIGNED THIMN OoMrmor. 0 U,, president of the school board, «ig ned oootrwte with the teacher employed in MM city eoboole for the ensuing year. There wae aome question regarding hie right to do ao before these teaohere bad completed the reqaira- meute of the bawd Io the eflSwl that they •bould bold oity oertiAootee granted by the oity board of edaeatloe, and the president bad written to the elate superlo teodeut rt)f ardiug Ibe matter. Hitwpl vie received tbia moruiog elating that when the board deelred other exeminB> GENERAL COKEY. fKYE, TWO" COMMONW^XlTABMY LEADEBS. Two men prominent in the Commonweal army movement are " General" Jacobs. Coxey, whose army started for Washington from Ohio, and "General" Frye, whose forces began their long march to the capital from California, lions than those held by the county superintendent that snob examinations should be required of the teachers before they were hired, for the board has no authority to demand them to pass any examination other than those required by law after it baa hired them, for the question of their taking Enoh extra examinations is wholly voluntary on' the part of the teacher. The board could refuse to hire them unless they hsdcompl ed with its request, but after the teacher is hired this power to require him to pass snob an examination oeaees. We are pleased to learn, however, that all of the teachers took the examination ont ot respect for the wishes of the board and the city superintendent. ' I prar you, Master Lieutenant," said 81 Thomas More, as he ascended the scaffold, "gee me safe up, and for my coming down I can shift tor myself." "A dauntless soul erect, who smiled at death," said Thompson. Ha suffered martyrdom but once at the hand ot the headsman, but how many suffer It every day through the slow, but Insidious hand ol disease. He put bla faith In pilnce* and was tost: put yours, oh! suffering femalo, in the curative properttexot Dr Pleroe'B Favorite Prescription, and be saved from hours ot suffering. It cures every form of women's weakness, strengthens the pelvic organs, and forever checks those "beauty destroying" diseases so common tojyour eei. BIDS FOR GRKMANIA HALL. Sealed bids, for the construction .of Germania hall, according to plans and epeoifloations now in 8. F. Hart's office, will be received at 'N. Belter's meat market, Carroll, Iowa, np to May 24, 1894 Builder to furnish all material The committee reeeryee the right to reject any and all bids, and requires a sufficient bond and contract for building of the party whose bid will be aooept- ed. Signed tbia May 10,1894. Bf order of Qermania Building Committee. ICK. Rich & Todd are now ready to deliver ice. They desire the patronage of their old customers and all others who are in need of first class ice and prompt delivery. We guarantee satisfaction. Leave orders at Todd & McAllister's lunch room. RICH & TODD. Pasture. Good tame pasture with artesian well on the premises, sslt furnished. Cattle |2.50 for season, horses $1.00 per month, I will not be responsible for accidents should any occur. Inquire of J. W. KBNNEBBCK. IOB. Ice season has now begun and the wagon |s now out. Leave your orders »t the office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store. Carroll Market Report WHEAT-44C to"l«o COKN-250 OATh-Wo UOGS-M M POTATOEd-CO BUTTEK-IKo KGtiH-80 OATTLK-«8.tttoa.60 ARRANGED FOR BUSY PEOPLE. All the Chinamen in the St. Joseph district have registered but two. Blwping car service between Bt. Louts and Huston Is to be restored May 80. Epworth league ot the Cedar Rapids district held it convention at Vlnton. J. L. Hartman, charged with murder- Ing Matt Uo<w at Eldora, U., ws)e reloawid by the uruuU jury. Immense beds of Are oluy have beau found In MoPhorson county, Kan. Hlruut I 1 , Blaoltburu, (uriutirly a law partner of Gtwural Black, was adjudged Insane at Danville, III*. Senator Kyl« of South Dakota Is balug boomod (or the Populist candidate for prealduut at Sioux ValU, Two buiidrtHi delotfutus are Attending tbegraud lodge snwilon of the (Jutted Workmuu at Watertowu, 8- »• Mlw Uolla Fruuk of Lima, O., who tried to commit nululde lust week beoa.u«e of bar poverty, has fullvu heir to 19,000. Tlwu |» great oxultomeut at Tisho- mlugo, I. T., over thu election of a governor uud bloodshed Is expected. Vhe Nebraska ooufweuoe Bpwortb league oouvouuil at Uswtrlw), OhauQolbr Crook of \Ve»ley«u university delivered HU Address. Coloual Joseph Maor«, who planted and built all the poutoou bridge* Uses] by SUoruiau on hl» miuou to the tea, Is dead in IniUanapqlip. Salvation In St. Louis, The Salvation Army in St. Louis is holding a series of curious meetings. The intention is to establish an industrial home there similar to those already in operation in Great Britain and elsewhere. The soldiers have a strange way of beginning their home. The design is to have what will practically be a training and trade school where street urchins and homeless youngsters may be taken in, housed and taught useful trades. It will be the only way to stop the supply of criminals, if they are ever to be stopped, cutting off the brook before it reaches the full river. At the headquarters of the army in St. Louis the soldiers begin with song, drum and fife. The sound attracts the multitude to the rooms. Then there is speaking, with more brass band work, and singing and praying. At a meeting not long since a waiter testified that he had been hopefully converted. He sang a song of his own composition, which made np perhaps in sentiment what it lacked in sense. It informed the audience that under the waiter's jacket and apron they would find a blue uniform so true. He did not tell the audience, however, whether, since his con- 'version, he had been blessed with better eyesight, so as to be able to see both the people who tipped him and those who did not. That would be the true test of a converted waiter. And if he refused •any tip;at all then we would be sure of the saving grace. At the close of the speaking the Salvation brethren at their headquarters begin industrial work, each at whatever trade he has earned. A carpenter begins with plane and hammer; the plasterer daubs on mortar; the dressmaker plies her needle; the milliner trims bonnets; the artificial flower maker fashions her wares and sells them in theandience. The inevitable collection is taken up, and while the noise and work go on the band plays furiously, inspiring the toilers to still greater effort. Aa a show piece the thing is hard to beat. However one may disapprove the queer methods of the Salvation Army, it U certain that the soldiers are today reaching more people hi the slums, more social outcasts and criminals, than any other agency hae been able to do. How far they can bo permanently held under the reforming influencee of course remains yet to be seen. One would like to know, for instance, about that waiter— whether be really refuses to take tips or not. Snail We Forget How to Write? Dr. Arnold B. Heinemann thinks we shall, mostly, and he la rather glad of it. He saya the tiuu la at band when we shall have typewriters so email, cheap and handy that they eaa be carried in the pocket, or at leaat, U not that, they will be so common that they can be hired anywhere. At a hotel, instead of pens, ink and paper in the reading room, there will be a row of typewriting machines, at one of which the traveler can sit down and rattle off a letter in 10 minutee that would otherwise require half an hour. All children at school will be Uught typewriting. Instead of spending ao many yean over their pen- muuNhip, in the dwarfing, exhausting effort to acquire a beautiful handwriting, they will learn only so wuou ae U neoosaaqr to write a legible hand and have all the time spared thus for learning manual training and the use of tool*. It in true that much time will be saved thus for more useful purposee. Newspaper editors especially will be glad whou mankind forgoU the pen writing and clicks off on the typewriter alouo its word* thutburn and thoughts that roll. But there U ouo point on which Pro- fewor Heinoiuaim should bo set right, and a newspaper editor is the man to do it. If Profaasor Beineinauu labor* under the iuipre««iou that lunukiiul writes « beautiful or even a legible baud «t present, he is dead wrong. Civilization is making rapid strides indeed among the Indians. Fifteen redskins recently went to Kansas City to taks the Kelley cure. Talk about our ancestors, the noble pioneera, of America, uud oxttlt them u» though them never wae ejiybody equal to thecul Souie of them apparently did not have aouso enough to go lu out of tho raiu.' )f thoy had Uud, they would never have cut away the timber from the headwaters of rivers and brooks all over America as they did, thtis drying np the streams and subjecting the laud their descendants till to alternate flood and drought, biting frosts and destructive •winds, Forty additional negro emigrants lately einbarked at New York for Liberia. We have not heard of the return of any of the later batches of colored folk who Went there. Perhaps they are beginning to prosper. Ambitions, educated ne- groes might make for themselves in the republic of Liberia a future that the white man could not interfere with. War and preying on one another is the natural state of all animals, human and otherwise. But evolution is also as natural us tho predatory instinct, and as mankind evolves it will outgrow the predatory state and recognize that mutual help is the best of all self help. Another American girl has become en 1 gaged to a foreign prince. The redeeming feature to most of these alliances is that the parties concerned usually reside outside of the country. True, the wife comes back to live sooner or later, but wiser and better. If Mello would go far enough away from Brazil, he could carry on the rebellion as long 06 he liked. Herbert E. Rider of New York city believes he has found an underground electric trolley that will troll, so to speak. He lays the wires, which in this case are iron rails, in a conduit. The wires are upheld by brackets that are supported on glass pedestals. The trolley wheels pass along the rails and take the electricity from them. Mr. Rider has also an electric heater for houses, with an automatic cut off to stop the current when it is not wanted. "In the sweat of thy brow shalt thou earn thy bread" has proved a blessing rather than a curse. The real curse is when a man wants to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow and can't, and when he can and won't. CITY MEAT MARKET NIC BKITBB, Proprietor. Che ohoioeoi Meats, euoh as Beet Ford and Veal Steaks, Roasts Stawx' etc.. can he had. Poultry Onme and Flab South aide ITiftb-«t, Carroll, Aowa. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SPECULATION? AtUIN, PROVISIONS and STOCKS, bought and U lolil on limited margins. We accept dlicre- tlouary orders on the above and will give our customer! who bave not tbe time to look after tbelr onu Interenti tbe benefit of our 90 yours ex- wrleuoe In "ScicULATiop." UulM'i Manual for speculator* tent free on receipt of two-cent stamp. Correspondence solicited. JAMES (i. I1CLSK & CO., Booms 46S-466 Rookery, cblosgo, KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement andr tends to personal enjoyment^ when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of tlie pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly- beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system,, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers- and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and-' met with the approval of the medical' profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from, every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists iu 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man- • ufactured by the California Fig Syrup • Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. c no ELY Are not in it with our low prices in Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods. We can beat them all. We have a power by buying for cash and selling for cash. The latest style collars, 3for25c. The latest style 4 ply linen cuffs 15c per pair. Suspenders, self-locking buckle, worth 50c to 65c, your choice for 25c. Seamless hose, all sizes,. 4c per pair. REMEMBER THE PLACE' MINCHEN & CO. First Door East of Postofflce. ARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY C Dry Cook, Notions, Millinery and Cloaks BUTTERIOK: We are showing an exceptionally nice line of Ladies Spring Capes. Also, a large assortment of Ladies Skirt Waists. Big Stock of Fine Lacoi and Embrlodery. An Excellent Stock of In the Latest Styles. Extraordinary Preparations Have been made to meet the| requirements of tbe Spring Trade iu Millinery. We have what will suit you, and judging by the amount of work we are turning out, the prices are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR TRADE. You make no mistake in making) your purchases here. Everything is sold with the complete understanding that per feet satisfaction is guaranteed. are tho Low Price Makers on out line of goods. Yours truly, CARROLL DRY GOODS CONPMV. \

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