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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1927
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]f.- a- Hempaver tfHoFtoSctt lU 'Advertisers. VOLUME XXXI. No. 46. TELUTORY Four Senators Have, All Received j^acking in ; Testimon]^ HEARST MAN TALKS Fonner Correspondenit Mexico City Gives Information 8u.c.->-«.r to Thir lolu IfctUy R»«<Hter. The ! lliily iXrcata aiiU Iota p«Uy In^ez. lOLA. KAN.. FRIDAY EV AVa-slilnetpn. Dec. Ifi. :<AP»—An _jjjve8!ikatiori; "to the very bottom" tit tlie Bourle of the documepts purporting to show. creation of a ' "Sl.Sl'i.OOO Mexican run4 for four ^"nlted States senators was proiii- ised^today by,Chairman •Reed. He- jyublican, Pennsylvania, of the spe-] cial senate comihittce. ' • i ; After an ejetutlve nieetiuK today I \ the-coinmitttie'decided to go on to! ; f ttip end of the- trail of'the docu-! nitnts wliich .Miguel .Vvila said ho; , ' IxiUght for the Hearst papers. 'Jailer TherajHas a hint f.'oni the com-' iriitjce room that the .\merican se- -<rrt service might be aslced ii. ^id In the investigation. Already <ie- Tarimeiit of justice asents are w|tli Tliat prisoners " tlip^committW. closely giiardius tlie county- Jai! wrr.« GUAJibS ARREST TEN SYMPATHIZERS WHEN STRIKERS DISTURB Denver, Dep. 16; (AP)—^Ten alleged sympathizers of striking. Colorado ctjal mjner.s^wefe under charged with defying a national giiard patrol ordered to prevent demonstrations. , _ j Captain Charles wniite. of '• thr* --'• r- • udjntant general's stall juiitde the causing the arre.sts.'\ arrests last night: while guardsmen., Captain White reported that Pal- were breaking iip a 'meeting of'nter obtained the .floor at a mast miners at Loitgi^iont in|^^be North- 1 meeting of' TOO niiaers and their ern Colorado lignite field.: , fatniUcs and attacked state offlclalr. - Prank Palmer, .former Editor of'and the national guard. Captain the Colorado Labor Advocate, audj^Vhite said that Palmer insulted Jaiijes Allander.ildentlHert.-a-s an or-'i Thomas Anncar. chainnan of the ganizer- for the Industrial Work-1 .state industrial commission,-who 1: era of the World, were,included in leading negoiiitlons to settle thr those arrested. -Palmer, was al-!strike called October K, last, by leged to have led thei disturbuncr the. I. W. W.' , The REGISTER'S Ciretdalr tipn ree6rdk open to pubUe ikspeeUon kt any time. ENINGiDECi^IBEli 16. 1927. rue VTeeUir Rrgintrr. E>tabllaht:d ISST. The lola ItaUy Register. EaUbllsbed 1»9T. EIGHT PAGES lilNDYTOFLY FOR CENTp. AMERICA NOW AGAIN USING OFFICERSSEE JAIL BREAK IN BIJ^E TODAY ler Says Prisoners Started Fire — Did Little Damage STORESWILLBE OPEN EVENINGS Flying Ambassador Good Will Plaits Many Visits ORDER NOT G|IVEN Hat No Definite Rout^ 6een Ahnouncfd For Flight Me^co City. Dec. 16. Two new _ lengthy AP»— fllgbis. Chri -<tma8 In .Mexiro CiU- with Ills mother and pog-'b'y I fight are n«)w on the pikiffJin ot Colonel Cliurles A. bergh. just .throngh •wi Monday, December 26, Is To Be Observed as Christmas in I he ' .\II>>n pl.innine a jail iIocuraeiiiH tu'rtiod ovi"r to Ch;.lr-'l'r .'Hk ihisam;rii()<.ii was the oplni j inaji Uec-d ye.«terday Iiy Wiliium lo» expressed Iiy .oiinty offiiers I liaiidolph Hearst i :ifl(r rtix'overy (if :i firo In a win- tlie decision ko co.uinue ilie in-^ '^^ f V J"" ; ve.stiKali».r followed tl.c dun.pins j 2 o M. uta maze of o.ntradlctions on the I Go^ntV o""-*'" bcli .'V.= , -terday -and thi.s morning. • Xone In Dispute l^^'our. Tofiay. as oil the u|iri|ing^ day of the investigation, there wa.s none to di!r;)utc the assertiiijis of \h>< ssenatcrs Borah. .Vorrls. I-iiKol- letl.e, and. Heflin, that no such fun. I luid ever' reached them, iind '-onihiitlee did not even go into ilii^ phase of thelsubjeif. -After hearing Ceorgc' Hinni.-tn. With the exception of grocery storts. all business houses In lola will Hiiiy open nights every evening lu-xt week, C. A. Dor»ey, secretary of the Chamber of Com-! ui- lie. unnoiinced today. j (irocfty stores wil^ be open f • • away while alieulipn was coi.(,ercd Monday. December «6, Iwlll . be on tiiH blaze. j • observed us Chri&ilmas; Dorsey an- "I>ot" PaKgett.- county .iailer. „'„,.„, _.„u „Ir „.i-„ii.. who discovered ihV fire, declared committee-.s in testimony yes- 1 "^'"••'•l .•^"'"^l, 'I'^t they would be Thursday. Friday an^ Saturday Jerdav <ind thi.s mornina. I relea.swL or that jthey vould slip nights. that "Spud" Crrover and Roy An- rtei-son. thi' only prisoners Iniked in tlijit section of? the Imildin;;. • .-.-tarled it. i .After tlje fire was e.\tiugulslied I they decliired that! they were cold and threatened tn set their led nounced; w'ith practically ereiy sKire bt^.lng closc<l from Saturday night until Tuesday momlpg. Bar-, her shops will not be open Monday, but some of the grocery stor «s will lie open for a few hours Monday niorning to take care of urgeiit demaniU. / bppted .lohu Page and Victor Wj.json. .of ^wi,;;"" r^ViVe uliieTs a" warmer' "'^ ^""^^ ""^ -\hl Hearst organization: on ^i ^r '-'i ^^lnrl^l ^^tJ^^^^^ in ihe ian '**'"""^ i Jo .'heir complete .shopping on ..f how the papers; we, Proeuied.' ^'7(^7,*/ ^'""^^''^^^^^^ . ,or before Saturday night and al­ and after again qu'estioiiin^ .Aliguel tail wUh the excentfm. <^f the burn * Viii!. ivhn\:.,i<i ho «i.«iiin ttipnv jau tne except^ion or ine tiurn-I •• nnr«o^. oIH .\Mld who hdid Jie obtaineil tiiem. j, a ,^.tnrio^. other prisoners in the jail seemed to have no interest in the blaze other than that of spectators. o'clock, tomorrow^ morning. \\"itlr. witness after witness on ret ord as h'aving. the utmost confi- fience in thie four United States senators mentioned in William Itandolph Hearst's Mexican sltish fond dovi'iments. the senate inVes- tigujing committee tried today lo cleiir up the moss of (.-Dntradictions surrounding the authenticity of the mEterlal in if? poHsessioa. r Haripg heard emphatic disavowals from Seiiblors Borah, Xorrls, f^FoIIette ani Heflin. and having bein Upld "byI the; principal wit^ iie«;ses that thby were confident no Mexican trioiiey j^assed to these nif'mliers of. congress, the task was to.lracie the documents. If iwssible. aiid questions. I ly menibets of th<! •:o«inmlttee were direc:ted to thisi end, : K PROHIBITION UNITS CHANGED FOR STATE day." Mr. Dorsey said toda.v; At the posto'ffice buslnesK is picking «ip rapidly. C. Q. Bollinger, postmaster.' said. This afternoon's business wns by far the largest this week. -.Mr. Bollinger said. However, h» said, the mailing this year has, been earlier than ever in the history of the postof- fice. He declared that If persona pontinue to do.theif oialllnf early, the. postoffice empl^ye» will have brilliant good will Wast ington to .Mexco City' flighi. The American air hero'plan: to fly from Mexico Cliy to Gunte-. mala. Hondtira.s; Salvad ir. Panama and HaVana. Cuba, as one step of hts switig hone and then as the second step directly from Harana to M4 home city, si. Loqis. .Mo. M .Managua. Nicaragua. )er. Ifi. J.\P»- -An invitation wil be '.-x- teiide'1 to Colonel Charles \. IJndbergh some lime ti^day by the >>ic:tr:JKuan govern neat to fly. to .Maiin-4<>:i. Ore.n . inte'-- est was, shown 'iere in t^ie Aninri ari .t(r mxiii's fliiilit from WiishiuK'ou to Mexico City. .Mexico City. Hcc. 1 !. (.\Pt— i Central .America is mc I h duled for the Inext air comiuest < i Ctdonrl Charles A. Lindbergh, in less present plians are changed. The American fl.vlng ujuibiissador of good wiil intends tc Mexico City to of [ Representatives Halted ' Meeting Today 1^ State House 4EN 4.* ORS~ B T E R (irdeis AreT to ttalt AH Representatives f*ro9i Entering a bull Linll- :h his ny froitt Cuartei^ala- City, . Panama, hen prdb- San Salvador, Uondnrat possibly Nicaragua and ably visit i Havana. The order in wbiob the American airman, who so completclj' captivated Alexico on bis arrival here Wednesday, win i visit the Central Okljihoma City, Dec. 16. (AP) ' Rlcveii witnesses testified today Before an inrestigating comrafittee of the' state house of representatives which has announced that it is contem- platiiw bringing a seventh im- peachUent charge, that of moral tiu-pitnde. against Gov. ' Henry S. Johnstoni.. Barred from nts 'chambers in the capitol by national guardsmen, the committee met in a down- townihotBl rooin. * • AmiongL those who teRtiHed were' Attbrney General Edwin, Oabniey aild King-Fltzpatrick, brother of Kirby Fitzpatrick, whone appointment as attorney Ifor the state j banking de- pa rtijient, was thie subject of one |mp^achm'oi\f charge al- 1 rend>' presented' to the senate. l»Wlahoma City. Dec. 16. (AIM— j . V ni I ou^ I guard'Hnen today again i were ^tiitinned .at ciitramjes to Ihft suite i^enate cliamb r by Govornor \ JIenr.v-: S. .lohnston, preventing members of the house of repre- "seutatlvM from accepting the in- rltatluii of the senate to meet in Its robins. Prbjnptjy nt !> a. m. today, Ad- Jatan^' Gefieral Charles Barrett added t<i the number of troops patTol- llng ^fore the house of repre- ventatlves ball and again roped off Mtrafices to the I senate, placing two guards, at each entrance tb the senate chamber and lounging fieiiator C. H. Terwillegfr of Tnis^ came to the capitol shortly afterItho troops were stationed at! senate doors. The CIVIC FUNERAL WILL BE HELD FOR VICTIMS OF HUGE QUEBEC FIRE - Quebec, Dec.. 16. (AP)—A civjic jfuneral will take place Sunday afternoon for the \ictims of the^fire which Wednesday destroyed the Hospice St. Charles orphanage. .. Ahnonncement of the city's de-^ cision was made; by Mayor Slmard lifter a meetnig;Of the finance committee. All expenses will .be borne by. the 'municipal and provisional authorities. Burial will-follow^ the group fnn- eral service. On Monday a mass will he celebrated for the victims. Search went, on today for other bodies believed In the ruins aftet. 33- bodies, most of them ichildren were received. Seventeen children jWere unaccounted for. \. I; The 95-year-oId orphanage, that jiad housed 500^ children aiid .a i^umbei: of jnifns, was a mass of Jce- covered nfins. A mbdern Wing however,-jstood lindamaged. The loss:was estimated by the Rev Mother St. HIdefonse at |2S0:900 of which $90,000 is covered by.'in- siirance. ; SENATE GROUP HAS BILL TO CUT TAXES Measure Is Changed from Recommendations of 'ii Committee Wdsbington. Dec. 16. (AP). The $290,000,000 tax reduction proposed in the revenue bill, as it'was passed by .the bouse last night, is more. In Presi- • dent' Cbolidg«'8 opinion, than : the condition of the treasury: warrants. Washington, Dec. 16. (AP)—A new alignment of prohibitloii di.s- trlcts announced today by Assist-1 _„ ,„ i„f.jrt_ „ ant secretary l.wm.n included the ! "V'o'Sri men ^^tedy" have . been employed for the holiday season. One man is assisting in- rreation of a new district of Nfi- i hraska, Kansas and Oklahoma with headquarters at Topcka. j Under the plan. Arkansas and Missouri comprise a .district witb headquarters at St. Ixiuis. The changes will become effective February first. lln-vn't Heard. , Topeka. Dec. 16., (APlr -Georgr ^, 111. Wark, deputy prohibitioii admin- Jt^r' „, . Jllnmnn Testlilev. li.nrator for Kansas, had hot been '.•eorge Hliiinan. former .Mexicojg^vLsed offlcially today of the an- side. while an additional outside man has been employed.' Early next week four extra men will he working outside and two extra men inside. I Persons are wrapping , their packages w-ell.- it was said, but nre the mistake of sealing parcels with Christmas seals. Washington, Dec. ,16. (AP) Consideration of the bouse tax bill by. the senate finance com-" mittee probably, will be deferred until after the X^hrlstmas holidays. , The committee expects to. hold no public hearings but) will consult with treasury, of- flcialfi to obtain their views on the measure. Republican lead-^ ers will undertake to rewrite, the bill to somewhere near the .treasury total of $225,000,000. NEAR CAHTM Red Russians Shot, for * Plotting Trouble In China MANY ARE ARRESTED j Raid Is Made at Soviet Consulate Today J At Hankow London, Dec. 16. (AP )r -A' dispatch to the Evening News from Hongkong says that dnr- . ing a raid on the soviet consulate In Canton two women . members 4k the staff were shot and.killed while resisting arrest, j • ' V FORBES RELATES NARCOTIC STORY TO GRAin) JURY Former Director of .Vet Bureau Appears at Kansas City Kansas Cify, Kas:, Dec. 16. (AP), Col. Charles I R. For fcies^ %rmer: dif rector of the United' States V«terr ans' bureau,:'was Called before ;tbc (ederal grand jury here today - tb I . ^ testify regarding alleged traffli^ in;only have had one result. Hongkong;. China. Dec. lb'.; (AP) The South China .Mqr'aing Post tOr day printed the following dispatch, from Canton: \ ' "Five red Russians, who were commissioned, by Mosqow to direct' ..^ the spoliation aiid destruction of Canton hav^ the extreme.jren- p| alty for their iniquities: They. were'caught when the nvfilte anby -Ji counter.-attacked. ' i Jii "The ne«]d for a trial, which ""l^' lid (^'nly haVe h was a Ijhing nobody thought of. ~ -^5 "They were led to a vacantf lot 'J? not farifrom the central police sta- -'i^. tlon. , • "Klvii timeH rifles spat their , - . . . ,., , [leaden charge. Five bodied Ih turn A subpoena was i«s«e_d _Jor _eol.; „ ^,3^ „^ narcotics at; the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kan., where he recently completed a prison' term. Ctinsnlafe Is Broken fnto. Forbes, following the publication of his assertions that convicts:'at! ..u^h™ ~„^yi*;„vr .;:'r;~ t S"^sSt7 ^o ?u ^r ^-.;rn I T R\S.;fciIrn^^^^^^^ reported room, the witness refused to an-., Americau repubMcs has notiieen deciilel nor has thi' tiiin-'tu liis dt-i'-aid .)hev would admit the senator imrln.-" fr»mi Jle-.ico t'lty been! lo the i^hamJ)'»r.s. hut they had or- inude public. , ders no house members .SeitiitT Colonel Lindbergh not • \« pass. • Anierii-un .\mbassadbr Dwighi \Vj. A gronp-^f al'out twenty bouse Morrow would r «T .«al these phase* 1 aj^iubers were ordefertr, of of, the projected air juurne.v. J ]'M'«^n->»>t Governor ."W. J: HoHo^ L'otou<-l liitic;ner'?h fi -els tbiit beJ' w«y'» off.c^ by a national sHiard cahse the arr:ini«nnenls are being Teutlnanf who followed' the leg- made 'beineeii tue llcpHrtmi-ut -^i Islainr .4 ictn tho offlf e. nccompanl- State and the suvuraments if tV ed b,v ?evefal Riiar«l.smen. The Central. .\m(>ilc:in < tmntries. be Jj ; H-itp.nant governor was not itt^is Washington, .Dee. 16. .^AP)—A product of clashing wills and freightt^d with controversy, tbb new tax bill stood today on the doorstep of the senate finance gH'itrfcme"n 1 comnUttee. It arrived there during the night, speeded toward the second .lap of its legislative steeplechase CUy correspondent for HeHist I>a-j riouncVd n"ew"uiiKnme"iit orprobrbi; peis. and »ho now works for' • -Hfarst ill .N'ew York, was in .Mexico ,<:iiy wju-n .lohn I'aKe. a fellow re- V'Orlei".' got the documents, but he fcflificd Ii'! ni '.cr .sjiw them. ••jist .>lHr< li lliiiinan saU'l. he hud heard papers were in «\lKlc»t <;o Iiitiplor^inii «iiuiw pa .vnicnt of intmey lo .\in<riciin-<: Tlie next I a III'' iionii) Tills, it was pointeri out.. Is in vio- lationof the federal law. The em- . , , , , {, ^ 1 ploves are forced lo break the tlon districts which included .Mu ^^als before stamping the pack- creation of a new district com- 1 op„i„ .hmil'.l rint twx tilnmH prised of Kansas. Oklahoma and "X";^ ^^^.'^...f;^^^^ ^ KanSs' and Missouri, under the P'"^'"'^''' old arrangoment. were; united to form VCw !l6th district «1th Sam S Haley, of St. I.Aui8, in charge at federal prohlbltiofi admin Istratoi i for the (liKtrlct. BIG BROTHERS FUND Reported ...... .$121.00 Cash l.OC ilav. tic s';ti(l liCjMv.i.^ liy-Ills fal')>'i-,'s (fc-illi. vlciinwhile. [ I.;.; sn.ii; I'aK.i' had j I)- nAwy nAnnPn tei Tot»l »122.0C tlie p,-.;i<i«. *K||Y KIIKKFK IS OnCemore good old brother :-,Uter I leturu.Ml lo \t.-\i.-... II W I IWVIfJUli lU ' "Cash" comes to the rescue to pre- K<.' he .Inijir.-s: loll tliat >vii. Page « Wi^n/imnK miw%w%w% this day from being a toUl • wft.s working' on liic^- ..a" h- AKKF\TI<n HK.KII """"^ continued. I /llillblJ 1 Ijftf lllJIiL Rut how long do you figure it .Reed ilueMlonv ]lliii. . i ____! will ttike to accutiiulate enough to •>|,a(rmiiii K'-. d piH-s.-d- ''•'uip,; . . /-i.J,j aj pay for 80 to 100 baskets at $3.00 «l»oiit his lir-t informal ion on tlie ^«./niei oays L/nilQ. AumitS | apiece, at the rate of one dollar a do umenis.' but iw 1 r,).:ii..,i be, Brealdne Into Store i day: m..;reiy heard from .vi.-.\.ic;Mi sources • %e nuL^ in ^ The Klg- Sisters committee is th:it they were in exiHieiUf. Hej >, UI l^^naS. U^er i busy looking up the needy faml- - dill nolkuou-ivhL'thii-his inforiiuiiii ^ lies, making the necessary Invest- wss the snnio as I'ases. and knew j. Charles Butler, 9 .vears old. con-j igation and getting the necessarj: Jifuhinfi of the KiiiuiUeiiess oi ill--jfessed to Ira A. Ai'.der.son. chief of papers.' .*riie; wltiie-sf saip tluit Miguel •.\vHa.;'lhe man wlio tcstilied yes- ferday lhat he obtained the Mocu- nicnts for Mr. Hearst, had toid him ^ that be believed fome documents!over to tjie pr(/bate court. b"t no Tji<6;i;d be obtained from the treas- action on.hls case has been taken ..^nr ' '- police, late yesterday that he robbed Charles Osger's' store at 101 South Kentucky! street, the niglit 'before. Chief Anderson said today. Butler has been turned ;'I," believe be apnroaclied me on thik qitestioi)(" liinmaii said. "This was early in .\^ril.- I told him we were interested. "it was.'gossip around ..Mexico by snumier time tlial these papers wcrtj^in existence." -Paire' >Vent to A t II ii. , J'a'ge liad ^testified he went to Avila in May and asked him to get on the trail of the documents. Victor Watson, editor of the New York Dally ^Mirror. wa.s called (ContlnnedW Page' 6. No. 3^ Delegates^ to State Grange |leturn Home i}. F. Klink of lola and Benjamin; H,. Bacon of Moran. Allen county delegates to the State Grange convention at Fredonia. returned, this' ronrning. , ^ ; • Osage City was selected as' the nekt convention cit.v after heated co<<npetition on the part of ! lola. - yiir. Bacon.expressed his appfeciit- tioii to the Chamber of Commerce ^nd other organizations and indl- --^Aiduals, sending messages and working lu an efkirt" to brinfr the IfliS convention-to Tola. The showing made by lola at .ilic . J-fisdonla convention practically as. fiures lola as; <belng the 1929 convention C|ty, it wasHndic^ted. pending filing of plaint. Chief Anderson.said the boy admitted . kicking in at window aftd taking seven or eight dollars in cash in addition to several pocket kni%-eR and cigars. He also turned over a watch taken from;a mdtor ^ar and ieveral sets of car- kej-s which he admitted taking from ears. The watch belonged to .less Thompson, who lives in liust lola. The boy is the sisn oT .lohn .Butler, who lives "in the 200 blo<:k on Tennessee. Chief .\hderson said. Information.' The committee will mecv Monday <jveiiing. following the Current Topics Club, at the Portland Hotel. It would help a lot If they could know at that; time just about how much money they will hare to spend. at present in no <|iosition to niak<| a statement. In addition tn - thi he is pursuing his characteristi policy of little or no advance utlk ing or announcements of his inten tions. IVin Lenre Soon! office. \ i Ordert to Keep 4lat. The'lieiitenant: informed the legislators he had' orders from the ttdjntant- general not to allow housfe members to meet anywhere In the capitol. A sttokesman for formal coin- 1 xjniversal Prayer Wee^c To Be Observed in City The churches of lola will obserye the universal week of prayiir beginning January 1. The Tola pastors will unite in conducting the meetings, which will be held'in turn at the different churcbe?. A schedule of the service*, will :be published later. \ The topics;will be evangelistic i\f spirit, looking forward to ,the Billy Sunday meetings. 1 Kfiit Bedspread, Made By Mrs. Coolidge^ Predicts Statement I ptiophetic weaving is found in the side pieces. On one side is knitted the name Lincoln, and the dates 1861-1865. Oh the other'is Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929. .Mrs. Edward W. Bberle wife of Rear Admiral Bberle of the n«vyj eral inohths before heijhu^aifd an-; general'Iward. watched In wonder^ POuncVd In the Dakotb.Black Hillsjment as Mrs. iikwlldge tMlc fhe Oiat be dir! not "choosje lb run" in ; last laborious sOtcbes. She ques- 1928. <It bears in the center the tioned the accufkcy of the date coat of arms of the[ynited States,; 1929, but Mrs. CooIIdge's ohiy re- with, co/responding Mecorativeisponse was,a remark that she pieces in the (bur cornet^ but the I knew what she was doing.' •Washington, Dec. 16. (AP)—A knit bedspread, prodbct of the skillful hands of Mrs.;: Coolldge. has Iieen revealed as a miite prophesy that Piresident CboHdge • will leave pre \^^ite-House in 1929; The-spread was finished by ^Irs. l^JolidgiB almost a yeiar ago. sev- It is known that .\iubas.sudoi| I tb" |egls.<nlorii s:i'i! t .lie group had .entft^ed thp^ lieutemnt governor's offlcj* merely-for the nurpo.te of tenl'iiff whother It eonld convene :nn*-wher>' In the capitol, and that it had no intention of holding a 'business meeting. "Tjiere is a court o.rder enjoining the meinbers of the hbuse of representatives from meeting as siich and I expect the court order to be obejpd," Governor: Johnston said, Ue refosed to comment further.; As the senate was completing its organization as a court of {impeachment the: senate named MaerQ> 'n'llliamsoi). president pro tempore, as nreslding officer. It 'then ad- jourped until December 27. sub! jectJ however, lo the call of Senator 'P'l'H'^nisbn before that date. ° AOoomneiif .Imngfld. Adjotimment was arranged, Senator Williamfon explained, to ;snm|non witness"*. and otherwise 'prejtare for the trials ef Governor Johnston, and Chief Jpstlce Fred Branson of the . state supreme ebur't and Harry B. Cordell, presl- denlj of the state board;'of agrlcni- tnre; the other officials named In bill^ of impeachment. Rfpresentatlve (Thomas Johnson announced the house would use the next ten days for further Investigation of the governor's office as w^Vt an other departments. He said that In addition to the six charges already" returned against the ^governor, an allegation of moral tnrpltnde was being investigated. ' . Plans of several representatives to ftave for their homes were re- porded (abandoned last nigljt when honbe lea'ders persuaded {hem to renaiW for the investigation. It wasf niideratood that the necessary qubruiti of 64 was threatened when several legislators said they were needed at home. nsuse leaders were reported to have ronnded up all members con- siderinfir leaving the city and to have held them in a conference that lasted antil after midnight Morrow wunld lliie the .V^mri n > airman tb stay here over Christ mas. but well lnforme<1 quarter doubt If he will remain In Mc<ci.4 City for more thab a week. The Aihcricun air hero, who 1^ a gUMt at the American entuassy arose about 7:30 this morning and appeared;in the pink qf condition'. He breakfasted lightly oh • eggs, toast, coffee and fruit and then Strolled out onto the green lawn of the einbassy courtyard betweeii the residence and the chancellory. He took deep breaths of the crisp mounuln air and appeared to reve^ In-the brilliant sunshine and gorgeous blue sky. Paid the highest honor In the power of the Mexican'government, Lindbergh today was re^y to grat< Ify the desire of the plain people of ^lexcio City to see him before he flew away to other parts' of Latin .\merica. During the course of bis stay several public ceremonials will be^ held In the big athletic stadium, seating 30,000 people, aiid other enclosures so that all may see the flyer. He has expressed bis willingness to fly over the city, to gratify the public's Interest. For the first time in its history, tbe Mexican congress held a "solemn aesslon" for a private citizen, when Lindbergh was received in the chamber of deputies. This wa^ the highest honor congress could pay him as such a session is called rarely and only for the most important government officials. > Lindbergh, is not a. private citizen, but an "aidbassador of gooil will to the- Mexican people." ttte deputies decided by formal vote. He was therefore entitled to 1*.^ ceive highest honors. Coolldire Is Cheered. During thesessloii, cheers for a president of the United States were heard, probably for tbe first time. The deputies ga're "Vivas"' for President Coolidge. Lindbergh and Dwight W. aiorrow. American ambassador., The filer was presented with a gold medal by Dr. Alejandro Ceri- zola. president of the cbtolber' of de'pnties. On .one side was the Mexican coat of arms, on the other was inscribed:: "To Colonel Lindbergh from the Mexican chamber of deputies in behalf of the Congress of Mexico and in order to express oar admiration for. his noble feat and glorions Mission." Lindbergh stood on the rostraa beside the president ana bowed in appreciiition as deputies and spec-> tators cheered. Then addressing the asBemftilr. he said: (C«ntln«l oa Fsge ^ Xm S) District Attorn^ in Rogers Case in Plea tiiGrange. Tex., Dec. 16. (APi— R^cca Bradley Rogers' real de­ fence to the diarge i that she roMed the Fanmers' NaUonal bank at ^nda, Texas. December 11.1926, is not itaaanity but the fact that she is a'woman. District Attorney Fred Blundell told' tbe Jury in her case kef e today. ; : , ^fr. BUind^ll opened. the argn- ment after consideraALte delay ih opening cour^; in which the defense pre^red exceptions to Judge U. C. JefAvj'archarce to the JnTr' by the ihouse j^th a vote of 366 lo 24. .that climaxed a week of hectic N and partisan assaying.of the public's jiocketbbok. As it faced today the gamut of the senate tdmmittee and beyondl that the troublous .senate itself,' tbe measure would' reduce the treasury's revenue by .$289,770,000. The wlde(»pread between that figure and the $rj2,735,000 reduction proposed by the ways and means committee «;hich.drafted the bill,-and tbe $22.5,000,000 maximum fixed by -Secretary Mellon, was eloquent testimony to Democratic opportunism and a Democratic-Republican coalition that.gaihed the upper hand in tbe final skirmishing In the house. ' • With many of Its provisions bearing little resemblance to tiie t^eksur^s original cecommenda- tions. < and differing radically in spoU from the form In which it came' from the ways 'and means committee, the bill now would do- priT* the government of $64,770,000 more revenue than the treasury had proposed. It goes to the other end of the capitol with a prediction from Representative . Garner of Texas, ranking : Democrat on tbe ways and means committee, that Its reduction would be raised to a half a billion by the senate. left; bis CQlleagues tb men andl WEATHER and ROADS FOR KAASIS: STostlr fair to- nitrfat and Satorday; warmer to^ nl^ht in eaiit and Honth portions} eoldfr Satorday In north portion.' Fqr lola and Vicinity: Fair to- nlipht and Satardnr; warmer to> •Jfflii. 1 Temperature—Highest yesterday, 24, at 3 p. m.; lowest last; night, 11. at 7 a. m.; normal for'itoday. 34: deficiency yetserday., li^; excess since January Jst 2S7 degrees; this date last year, highest. 36: lowest. 11. Precipitation for the 24 hours ending a|t 7 a. m. today. .00; total for this year to date. 51.88; excess siJDce January 1st. 14.99 inche!<. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 59 per cent; 7 a. m. today. 90 per icent; 'barbmeter reduced to sea leyei. 29.90 inches. Snn'rijses, 7:32 a.'m.; .«uu sets, 5:04 p. lb. • • . . iJRoad CondHIsns. Clear, all Toads good except Coffeyville. roads frozen; Pittsburg, roads .rough. operating at the prison. Forbes Said be would tell the graiid Jury all he knew and that after he had completed hts. testimony he would have an additional statement for the public. .Judge John C. Pollock instriict- ed the Jury that Fbrbes' statements concerning narcotics at the: prison were the only matters to be con- sideretL 'The judge said he expectr ed the examinatton of the - foriner veterans bureau director, who had served tWo yealrs'tor defrandiag the;government Iii the aw^fng of g'overnment Jiospital contracts, would be, complete today. ^ Warden White uid H. S, Forter. United States narcotic agent. < of Kansas City, Mo., were bn hand- to testify.',. Forbes conferred with both m^n before he went bcfbre the:inquisitorial body. women, everyone on the premises., from the vice-consul dowti to the clerks was forced to accompany the soldiers lo the bureau of public safety.! It was a sad prbdes- - slon /ihat marched along diistiy- roads where once the same individuals had ridden in state, honorr ed as advisers, teachers and assistants to the high officials' of the Koumintang government Their arms wei:e now pinioned -behind them, a line of soldiers flanking; . . eUher. side. .. . .-. ; /..-•*. ^^-li •••••1 "Some say at least one of the Road Allotments to / Be Made Next Week Topeka, Dec. 16, (AP) — State and federal funds aggregating .|3,600,000 allotted among the lOS counties by the state highway commission next week; John W. Gardner, state hitghway director, announnced todayi: POLICE SEEKING KIDNAPED CHILD Two Hundred Seek Girl, Taken by Man From HighiSchooI former consular staff has ^ t^n executed. :but-official confin^atioB is lacking." . Prhoners Exhibited The paper adds: "Arrivalsl ttom Canton state that ten. 8U]|p(>8ed Russian bolsheviks were paraded around the town, placarded on their shoulders were the detailsi of their critiies. The publib was invited to do with inem a.4 they pleased. In consequence many a helpless prisoner was slashed with penknives and spat upon as '^the group tramped their, .sorrowful-way towards execution. "An unconfirmed report was hat the Foriet consul-general (at (in- ton) was seized and that his exi cu- tlon took; place Tuesday. It ivaj further reported that the - 1 ice^ consul W8 .S arrested at the[ p ost-. office and was included among th^ Russians shot. "The city of Cantoii Is in a dcr plornble state. C^rps^s of at least 300 persons are scattered throughout the city. .Many blocks and buildings have Ijecn entirely burned out. • "The cleaning out of the reds has been carried out ruthlessly."; •1 Consulate Raided Today Los Angeles i i)ec. 16. {A,P)— Nearly two biindted detective^ aid- ^'^n.h" ''''rfHf ;i2lr Wpro'^nfS Hankow. Dec. 16. (AP.-Chines* southern .California were enlisted aathorities raided the- soviet con- *^'^H„f.X«^ I? P»rrt A? s"late here this morning. dered his-chie^bf detectives to ptace all of 11181:125 men on the ctiae white . sixty detectives were detailed from the: police depart- metit V : The girl was spirited away from the school grounids by a man believed to be about: 30 years of age. who told her that her, father had been hurt A school official, hearing the Story, permitted the girl to leave with the'man In a small coiipe. •\yhen slje did not return home froih scbopl, her parents called the school: authorities and when they, learned of the ruse, notified police! Parker is assistisnt cashier of the Los .\ngeles First National Trust 9nd Savings bankl Another Baby Bollinger Case Is Looming As Doctor LetsBabyDie Chicago, Dec. 16. (AP)—Possibility of a parallel to the Baby Bol- lini^er case - of 12 years ago Was seen today when girl bom without a brain, died at a hospital. . Hr. and Mrs. "Ray Cullien. paiTr ents of t&e infant were quoted by the Herald and Examiner as agreeing death would be niore humane than a life of paralysis and im- becillfy to which the child-, was doomed had'it lived. Hospital at- tesdaotv said the dtild would have died in spite of any effort to s^ve it The new8papers :quote Or. Martin Schiipmann,'attending physlciaii as saying the child Would never have been able;.to;thin^; ta>k, or move, and for-that ireason "we decided to allow iiature to liorrect its own mistake." . Twelve; ;,year8.* ago the late Dr. Harry J. iHaiselden refused to. operate on Bafby Bollinger to save Us life because It wa's hbpeslessly deformed. I out the city. Hankow was' the scene of intet^e excitement when the Cfilneso.;, troops occupied the former Rns^ Slan and German concessibna fand carried out. a systematic houss to' house search for xommunlsts ~ • Even dancing halls frequeoted by Rnssians were visited anil it w;as estimated this morhing jtlutt virtually every communist of pns- pect had. been-rounde<l up. KnxHlans to JaO. Early rising foreigners saw Rnsr sians of both sexes being ,mir6hed off to jail in night attire, spme barefooted and disheveled. 1 i . Many -women were roped togeth-' er and some screamed'hystericially. One terrified girl jumped fr<^ | a . second story window and was'ser- \: iously injured. j ' A number of those arrested jrefe detnined! at the -(killce station'and it is believed that the soviet consular officials themselves; were taken to, military headquarters.'. During the gigantic raid :Stage ,d by the garrison troops on tli€» sovt let consulate, the l^och concession aisoi was raided and-mahy as- rested. iOno mother I who waa?arr rested thrust her baby Into- tlie ts arms of i a- French.-iioTlcema» nit ffif kn(>wingjwhat her own fate .Woold ill be..)' • • - 5 ...... • .igi Civilian clothed armed CUnesfS, made a huge haul of captives while!.. tbe French police looked on_iWitIi-~-:;^1 out Interfering. , :.\- (Contliiird on Page 6, Jf «.;l) . ,

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