Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 12
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Tears ard Remorse? Ohio Hamn er Slater Gaily " .Goes tp Bridge Party - Instead BY ALLENEISITOER CVEA' Sfrvlrt Writer. . • Perry, Q... Dec. 14.—A. ttuffy. • blond-Beaded bride of 21. weieh'nB ^ less than iOO pounds: - Smashing he^ yoans husband's ' skull with a claW hammer ;and •table leg in this little town I the iother night—. Bound his dead body with, - corda— . - Nonchalantly pulled a new screen bat orer her sleek bobbed head— . Drove 35 miles to a friendk home and a bridge party, whert . abevfin all the prizes and sang jazz songs— . iSlept all night like a child-^^ Ate a Aearty breakfast—. »; Spent -a d^iy Christmas shopping, buying some gifts for tliie mardoi:- ed imsband^n nest— And oil?' »sked fer more, clga- rcts which she calmly puffed when the siicrifir came to gel Iter. **Tlie .Modern alnrderess." And Uiere, in the person of Mrs. Velma Van. WbertiW^st, you have a porfebt picture of what officials are callirite; "the modern woman Ijnurcieress.' . ^ ' The. poise and coolness of raod- rru woui!ni havt^ been much dln- cuBBcd of laic. Hut Velma West, kuowu a.s "A .Vight Club Oirli iii - a Curfpw Town," i.s tho first woman known to execute" ii murder with soiiiHliihg of the same attl- . ludc with Whidi other modern young wonun handle* home and JOIL. or : do oilier feats unknown toihe nvore hvj.stcrical women ot oUien days. i - . _ The miirdcr c'f young "Ed" West 21). has startled the country. ~ . Xhfrtnurdered man belongs to a. Nationally known family. His fath' .•(•r.^T. :B.; is- a man whos nurseries are kiiown the countr; . over.' West shrubs and trees ani) seeds grow in yards ot "love nests' .from Maine to California, "Ipv. nests" very much like the trim lit tlo bungalow to whith Ed Wes •took his bride less than two yearij . 'ago. " • I Perry thrilkd when it heard thai THE NIGHT CLUB GIRL IN A CURFEW TOWN" Vflina West and (inset).Ed West, the hnslmnd she killed. quarreled, she said. She red." Went down to th* got a hammer, came back, over the head ytith the and when he went down ;he Job Fith a library tabli which was 'just lying a:round til the table could be-repaln Afl«r the-Xnrder. '' She bound hint, threw a bllinket over him, left the lights .Imi] went to Cleveland. ;and was life of the party" all .night, and giggled with l^er girl until, late In the^ night, jtlept ate a good breakfast, tlien Christmas shopping with her er. She bought a box of nice kerchiefs for Ed and a bought a scarf she though would like. ; dfricials were waiting for] at her mother's home apt\ tob| to PainesvUle. the county There shf calmly told her A plea of Insanity \nd per self-defeifse will be ber mo% court when the first degree der trial .op>ens In January. Meanwhile, thIS; "modern w<lman stdry you play and sing while I sit in the big-chair with the paper. It'll bi« c-osy.*"'- But Velma wouldn't stay. The city was in her h|ood—pan of her. „, , , , ,1 I Folks went to bed at l<t o'clock In popiHar fc,d West had brought a J fi^rp^. ^ cit.v girl home for his bride. Perr.* • ' , ... , v, i wahted to meet the bride. i i "f." " \^f\ ^w A reception was given by fh^ ^^"^^ ''f -^elma told him'ithey yoang grS .m's parents. All Perr.^ ^."'"f ^ bridge ^arty at a was invited to the big West home! Rrl friend s home on the farther- All Perrv came Jiitt what hanl P^" Cleveland that night. fLli:\.o\Tear^^^^^^ ''^-y -ere driving home from an- of.the innrdered man admit that | "l'^'*'- '"•>• ^^'^ •Ed's wife" was never "taken up'' h\' Penr.V. Velma.West was "differtmt." She *moked cigairets, and plenty - of 4h('tn, in public.. .Ma.vbe other ivr- t ry£ girls smoked, too. but behind _ locked doors with only ai Iiosoni ' fi'iend or so for beholder. ' • Velma West was indifferent to aU the'things that' Perry held dear • -^Id families, old books, old mu- .•;iei old friends. Velma laughed at the old and talked much about the "kicks" and • ~ ••tlirlll8 ".of life. . ' She was invited out a little-at _ first by "Ed's friends." But Velma Was bored by the parties. Be-i Hides, the in\iiations seemed to die a- Natural death. So the young Wests began find^ ing their good times ini Cleveland, alxiut 25 miles away. I - / Couldn't .\(rree. three and four limes a week thd shiny green roadster'took the rodd to the big ci|y. The dead • fiiaii's relatives aity that )5d didn't : alfli'ays want to' go. He worked In Ills' father.'s nur.scry all .da.v long,! managing gardeners, transplatit- j . Ing; digging, working with the fa-I, • mous West shrubs. He was tired ' nigijts. ^ "•'I^et's stay home tonight, V<»1-.| maj"he is qiioted as often aayinff. "list 's just Slay here alone and "But I'm tired." West told her. "l>et's Stay home tonight.'' - After supper. Velma began! dressing for the iftrty. urging Ed | with that crowd—why won't you play bridge with some of 'these nice Perry girls? Might join the Young Pefiple's Set." . Etc.. etc. Almost 24 hours later Velma West told the sheriff ^nd county prosecutor what happened. They iiad not even questlpned or ac- cuaeil hcA Hardly suspected. "Why did jou leave the back door open when you went away?'' was the calm questibn - that brought u complete confession from the flapper bride. "All right. I'll tell everything." She did. \ Kd finally striick her as they to hUrry up. ' \ \ V "But I'm not romlng." he said, and.she knew that he meant It. They quarreled., Ed got mad. Said things abot>t her friend. "You j hardly know her—she's no your= kind—won't have you running GIPSON'S— CHRISTMAS CARDS nlng. "the talked lend inreir. went ihoth- 1 and- imost he her, her seat. haps e in nur- DR. DIXON Licensied Foojt Specialist Treatsl all Cakes of Foot .Trouble. 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Ladies Slinbers Reduced 25 ^50% Men's Sheep Lined Coats 36 inches long, S regular $9.50, Sale Price $6.95 Phoenix Hose for Ladies $1, $1.50; $1.75 Men's House Slippers All colors and ^sizes $1.00. $1.25 Mien's Dress Oxfords $4.95 ™ $5.95 Children's Underwear , 89c Bradley, Sweaters^ all wool all styles and colors Reduced 25"° 40% ; Men!s 16-inch Boots $4^95, $5,95 Ch dren's Shoei^ Reduced 20 40% Ladies' House Slippers All Colors 65c Meili's Underwear, Fleece Lmed or Rilibed 98e Men's Bath lifob^s $4.95 The G r e a t I ia d e p e n d e n t ITIE COMMANDER 4-Dooc Sedan /. o. b.-factiy , Bamptnandibodc •^MriMfsiadiKM For Her Merriest The World's Champion Carl r O jewel caae ever held more joy at Chritt- mastide than the Keys to Happiness will briac bw;. ve them to ber Christmas momine-^ watdi ber ecstaiy M^isn the sees her own Stude • baker Commander atanding al the door I Yoo've given ber a car that has written new motor car history—the car that holds ovary endurance «Bid speed record for stocli: cars reurd- lesa of power'or price. 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