The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 2, 1958 · Page 19
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 19

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 19
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MARKET orten *«r* pud »t Tha AIM tin psrrnwa »na unit Uradlpt Ko 1 NO 2 ISS'iK ••••"••• M.M "0-180 ......... U.28 180-190 ,1.1,1... . lfl.33 190-800«..'..17.M.. 2H)-220 ,,,,,,,,. 17,90,,.,n.80.. 220-230 : ilium,17,70,...17 30.. 230*240 tit,.,,,. 17 M....17.10.. «0-?j; *......,.17.30....18.90.. 230-260 t.,,....,17 10....16.70.. 2W-270 16.60.... 16.80.. 270-280 16.70.... 16.30 .„ 2BD-290 ......... 18.80.. ..16.10.. ..15.70 .lt.10 .18.90 .J8.70 . 16.80 .18.30 .18.10 .18.90 290-300 ...16.CO,,..15.80....15.50 AII Dinoheri weighing nver 300 IM «rc priced the some us gnws of tht «»m« wit eitufliQitinn PACKING SOWS Grading No i No 2 No 3 270-200 ... i 18.40,... 18.00.... 15.60 309-330 ..*;....,10.13....15.73,...15.35 3CO-KO > 13.90.... 15.50.... 15.10 300-400 ....15.85....15.25....14.85 •100-450 15.40....15.00....14.80 -150-500 15.13....14.73....W.35 500-330 14.90....14.50...,14.10 550-up 14.40..., 14.00... .13.80 8TAOS Stags under 400 ,.11.25 Stags 400-600 10.50 Stags over 600 9.50 OnderriniBhed cull nr filled hnjtt ust be discounted According!;, All hogs nre lubleot to government In* sppcilon 1918 SPtUND LAMB MA- ET Prime ..,, , ,21.00 Choice 1P.00-20.00 Good 17.00*18.00 Medium , , 18. r O-16..'0 Common ,,,.., 11,30 down Mi buok limbs dlncnunted n pet -hundred weight b» gride Umbs nvet 100 pounds discounted lOo per cwt per onund Old crop i»mb» »t m«rk*i VEAL MARKET Veal etives of all weights and classes purchased Choice 180-230 2950-31.00 Good 180-230.. 26.50-28.00 Standard 24.50-26.00 Utility 180-230 Ibs 23.00-23.00 Choice heavy 2^0-300 Ibs. . .27.00-28.00 Good heavy 240-300 Ibs. ..25.00-26.00 Culls all weight 9.00-18.00 All calves over 300 Ibs. discount!" 1 $3 PWT Veal calves will be accepted at Austin until 9:30 .a.m. Friday No market on Saturdav CATTLR MARKET 0 s. Prime ateem & yearlings 27.00-28.75 0 s nhnlce ateers & vew- Ungs 25.00-27.23 U. 8 Good eteen Si rear- lings 23.25-25.75 D. 8 Standard auert *> yearlings 21.00-23.50 All heifers 50 cents to 75 cents CWT under steer prices. All steen over 1.050 Ibg. and heifers over 950 Ibs. are discounted according to weight, U. S. Commercial Cows ..17.25-19.7!! U. 8. Utility COWS 16.25-17.75 Cutter .....................1S.SO-17.SO Canners 14.25-16.25 Put Bulls 17.50-21.50 sausage Bulls 18.50-23.50 U. Wt. Thin Bulls 14.00-16.00 AUSTIN OKAIN MARKK'I Soybeans Outs Cora 15.00; gwxJ and choice ftXM.lft Ib feeding steers M.00-27.75. Sheep 3,000; wooled slaughter lambs weak to 25 lower; good and choice tooled slaughter Iambi to- 110 Ibs 20,00-21.75; a dduBlt deck mostly thoic* il.tS; cwfi to low good 16.00-19.50; a few extreme culls 12.00-14,00; cull to choice slaughter ewes 6.00-8.00. CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) - (USPA) Live poultry no tone; Monday's receipts were 151,000 Ibs; wholesale buying prices unchanged to higher; caponettes under 4V4 Ibs 18tt-19; over 4V4 Ibs 21-22. CHICAGO' PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP)-Chicago Mercantile Exchange — butter about steady; receipts 692,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged to V* lower; 93 score AA 57%; 92 A 57%; 90 S 57; 89 C 67%; cars 90 B 57%; 89 C 87. Eggs about steady; receipts 14,200; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 70 per cent or better, grade A whites 34%; mixed 34%; mediums 30; standards 33; dirties 31; checks 30; current receipts unquoted. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butter offerings moderate; de • mand fair; receipts 716,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh). Creamery 93 score (AA) 59%59% cents; 92 score (A) 59V 4 59%; 90 score (B) 59-59'/4, Cheese steady; receipts 295,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings liberal; .53 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - (USDA) — Cattle 7,200; calves 3,500; slaughter steers under 1100 Ibs and all heifers moderately active; barely steady; steers over 1100 Ibs slow; weak to 50 lower; cows weak; bulls unchanged; good and choice steers under 1100 Ibs 26.00-26.75; shipment average to high choice 840 and 1181 Ib weights 27.00; good and choice steers above 1100 Ibs 25.00-26..50; good and choice heifers 25.50-26.25; util- By DAN PfiftKES DftS MOINE3 (ft - Pftasftgft of som« kind of law spelling out the State Safety Department's traffic Int system appears likely in the 1959 Legislature. Answers from legislators to an Associated Press questionnaire indicate strong support for a law ilearly defining the legal status of the point system. The plan has recently become demand 600. fair today; receipts 19,-. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume sales.) New York spot quotations follow: includes midwestern: mixed colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) 3738%; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 35%37; extras medium 32-32%; smalls 30-31; standards large 35%-36%; checks 34-35. Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37%39%; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 35%37%; extras medium 32-33. Browns: extras (48-50 Ibs) 38-39. Iowa Physician Doctor of Year MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) An Iowa doctor who delivered 2,000 babies in their own homes Law Proposed to Spell Out Iowa's Highway Point System AUSTIN (Minn.) HIRAID i Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1958 19 inance Head, Wife Are Shot Daughter, 17 MAU3TON, Wis. (AP) - A finance company president and his wife were shot to death in their borne Monday night. William Brady said Dlst. Atty. today that their 17-year-old daughter, apprehended in the family car a few hours later, admitted killing her parents. Thomas Dakin, 46, and his 43- year-old wife, Betty, were cut down by pistol fire. They were the parents of two girls, the other 11. Brady said that Jane Dakin would be taken before Juneau County Juvenile Judge William R. Curran on a delinquency petition. He declined to give any details of her statement. Under Wisconsin law, the names of juvenile offenders may not be published. But Brady said he might ask that the court waive jurisdiction and permit her to face prosecution on a murder charge. The girl was taken into custody while driving toward Wisconsin Dells, about 20 miles from Mauston. She was returned to Mauston. Coroner Clarence Sorenson said Dakin was shot twice near the heart after he returned home from a Kiwanis Club meeting. His body was near that of his wife who lay at the bottom of a stairway in the living room. She had been shot four times in the head and chest. Sorenson said she had been the first to die. Both were killed by bullets from a .22 caliber automatic pistol. tangled in legal questions and court tests. And tnly last week, the department itsell revised the system to keep up with changing accident and violation trends. From the time the system .vent into effect April 1 it has been enforced under administrative !.iw. Many legislators say they wonld like to tee It written Into the fowa code. Although a number of lawmak ers agreed unreservedly to making the point system law, o',hers attached some conditions. State Rep. Robert W. Naden (R-Webster City) said he ,vouW "probably" agree to a law "with court safeguards." Another Viewpoint Another legislator said he would ike to clarify only a particular jart of the point system. "I pre- :er to leave this to administrative law, basically, as at present," he said. Rep. Howard C. Reppert Jr. (D- Des Moines) declared "I need the expression of more people." He declined to state his stand. Sen. Howard C. Buck (R-Mel- journe) said he supports such a aw "to some degree," Another Idea .Pushed Buck also commented he planned to introduce a bill "to change our present ridjpulous 'stop at intersections' law to 'yield right of y^ for traffic designated through streets'.and highways." Sen. Earl Elijah (R-CIarence) said he favors a point plan law 'if the court holds such action necessary, to legalize." And another senator agreed "it may be necessary to spell it out to make the point system legal." Some of the few legislators who were undecided said they would like further information. The scattering who oppose enacting the point plan into law gave no reason. ity cows 17.50-18.50; weight utility 19.00; few strong- cutter and utility bulls 21.50-23.50; commercial and good 21.00-23.00; vealers and slaughter calves unchanged; good and choice vealers 27.00- was chosen outstanding family physician of the year. Dr. Lonnie A. Coffin, 68, Farmington, was awarded the honor by the House of Delegates of the! American Medical Assn. I The award is the bodies of her parents were found. 36.00; good and choice slaughter calves 23.00-27.00; stocker and feeder classes moderately active; scattering medium and good yearling stock steers 600-700 Ibs 24.0027.00; shipment mostly choice 331 Ib steer calves 35.00; good and choice 411 Ib weights 33.00. Hogs 18,000; moderately active; barrows and gilts 25-50 lower; sows 25 off; 1, 2 and 3 190240 Ib barrows and gilts 16.7517.50; 1 and 2 hogs 17.75-18.50; 2 1, 2 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-400 Ibs 15.00-16.00; 2 and 3 400-60 Ib sows 14.-15.25; feeder pigs weak to 25 lower; good and choice 16.5-17.00. Sheep 6,500; trading slow; all classes about steady; good and choice wooled slaughter lambs 20.00 - 21.00; scattering mostly choice 21.50; good and choice 115 and 3 240-300 Ibs 16.00-17.25; and 3 160-190 Ibs 16.75-17.50; given each year who typifies the thousands of general practitioners throughout the country who have dedicated their lives to the practice of medicine and who have given exceptional service to their communities. Dr. Coffin becomes the first lowan to win the honor. Dr. Cecil W. Clark of Cameron, La., who won fame during Hurricane Audrey, was last year's winner. Dr. Coffin terms himself "an ordinary country doctor." He was instrumental in getting and developing Indian Lake, a 200-acre boating, park which fishing and has made picnicking Ib wooled slaughter lambs 19.00; 125 Ib average 18.00; 130 Ib averages 17.50; utility to low good juni wooled slaughter lambs weighing !: ntTf °;, 100 Ibs 18.00-20.00; load good and' choice No. 2 pelts 97 Ib shorn slaughter lambs 20.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50; odd head choice 8.00; good and choice feeder lambs 21.00-22.00; medium and good 18.00-21.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK available to the surrounding area. The doctor bought basketball tournament tickets for high school students who couldn't pay then- own way. He also bought graduation clothes for students who couldn't afford them. He donated stage CHICAGO (AP) - Butcher hog prices were mostly 50 cents lower on all weights. Supply of 16,000 head was 4,000 more than expected. Sows 25 to 50 cents lower. Slaughter steers unevenly weak to 25 higher; vealer prices were steady at $82 down. Wooled slaughter lambs weak to 25 lower on a slow sheep market, prices not established on shorn kinds; ewes $6-8. CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 16,000; mainly 50 lower on all butchers; 2-3 mixed grade 200 225 Ib butchers 17.85-18.40; several hundred mixed 1-3 mostly 1-2 190220 Ibs 18.40 - 18.75; several lots mostly Is 190-215 Ibs 18.75-18.90; around 75 head Is these weights sorted for grade 19.00; most 2-3 mixed grade 230-250 Ibs 17.50 18.00; 2-3 260-290 Ibs 17.00-17.50; scattered small lots 3s around 300 ]bs 16.75; mixed grade 330-400 Jb sows 15.50-16.25; 425-550 Ibs 14.5015.50. Cattle 8,000; calves 200; slaughter steers 1,300 Ibs down steady to 25 higher; load prime 1,262 Ib steers 28.75; most choice and prime 1,300 Ibs down 26.25-28.50; 2 loads choice 950 Ibs included at 28.25; a load 1,525 Ib choice steers 25.00; good steers 24.50-27.00 according to weights; a few utility and standard Holstein steers 22.0023.50; some mixed choice and prime 875 - 975 Ib heifers 28.00; Kood and choice 25.50-27.75; choice ^7.00 up; half a load. 1,200 Ib standard cows 22.50; utility and commercial 17.25-20.00; bulk canners and cutters 15.00-18.50; utility and commercial bulls 22.00-24.50; veal- en 32.00 down; cull* M low tu ington High School. settings for it Farm- Freight Train Kills Trucker in Iowa Crash GRAND JUNCTION, Iowa Wl — An auto transport driver was killed early today in the collision of :iis loaded vehicle and an M&St. L, freight rain here. The driver was identified as Oscar Herman, 51, Detroit. None of the trainmen were hurt. The accident occurred at the point where the rail line crosses new U. S. 30 just north of Grand Junction. Aushtorities said Herman's westbound transport, loaded with four new Plymouths, struck a box car just behind the engine o fthe 12-car northbound freight. The box car was knocked from the track diagonally across the highway blocking traffic. A wrecking crew was being dispatched from Fort Dodge to clear the roadway. The cab of the transport was smashed but the new cars were reported only slightly damaged. STOCKS NEW Stocks: Abbott L Allied Ch YORK (AP) - 1 p.m. 68 Intl Paper 114 90 Jones & L 56Vfc Allied Sirs 52% Ken'cott 97 AllisChal 27% Lor'lrd 82% Amerada 100% Lukens Stl 68% Am Can SOVs Minn MM lOSV* AmMtrs 33 Minn P&L 31% AT&T 199V4 Mon Chm 38»,4 AnacCo 59% Mon Dk U 31 ArmcoStl 61% Mon Wrd 41% Armour 21% Nat Dy Pr 48'/8 Beth Steel 49^8 No Am Av 40% Boeing Air 49% Nor Pac 49-li Case JI 21 Nor St Pw 21% Celanese 27>.i Norw Airl 27V4 Ches&O 66% Penney 108 C.MSPP 24% Phil Pet 45% Chi & NW 30% Pure Oil 40% Chrysler 51 Radio Crp 44% Cities Svc 59 Rep Steel 69 Vi Comw Ed 52% Rey Tob B 85 Cons Ed 58% Rich Oil 105 8 /4 ContCan 59 Sears Roe 36% ContOil 57% Shell Oil 80Vi Deere 47% Sine Oil 63% Douglas 57% Soc Mob 47% Dow Chem 73 St Brands 60% duPont 198% St Oil Cal 59% EastKod 134 St Oil Ind 47% Firestone lSl% St Oil NJ 58 FordMtr 46% Stud Pack 15% Gen Elec 70% Sunray 26% Gen Foods 78% Swift & Co 33% GenMtrs 48% Texas Co .85'4 Goodrich 73% Truax Tra 22Vi Goodyear 116 Un Oil Cal 43% GtNorRy 50 Un Pac 35% U S Rub 45 U S Steel 85% West Un 31 IBMach 455% Westg El 67% IntlHarv 43 Wlworth 51>i Yng S & T 111% George A. Hormel 4 Co. Common Stock (Wright Wells & Co.) Bid Asked 53% 55* Greyhound 18% Homestk 40% Inland Stl 130% Bar Assn. Aid Dies Attending Club Meeting ST. PAUL (A:) — Bert A. Mc- Kasy, 55, longtime executive secretary of the Minnesota State Bar Assn., collapsed and died of a heart attack Monday night while attending a Father's Club meeting at St. Thomas College. McKasy, widely known in state legal circles, had served the bar group for 18 years except for the period from 1945 to 1948 when he was a member of the State In dustrial Commission. A native of Mankato, McKasy went to St. Thomas Academy and College and got his law degree from Georgetown University in 1925. He was employed by the Northern States Power Co. before entering private practice here in 1927. He was a past president of the St. Thomas Alumni Assn. Survivors include his widow, Lee and a son, Bert J. Funeral services are pending. Doctor Reports Fat Children Are Problem MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — The chubby, half-starved glutton has become one of the nation's major health problems. An Indiana pediatrician today put millions of American children in that class. And he put major blame on their parents. Dr. Harold D. Lynch of Evansville said these children are growing fat and flabby on foods they don't need while starving their bodies of the protein-rich foods they need for health and proper growth. He spoke at the annual clinical conference of the 4merican Medical Assn. Holiday Deaths Stand at 454 CHICAGO CAP) - Thanksgiving holiday traffic claimed 454 lives between 6 p.m. (local time) Wednesday and midnight Sunday. The figure, though impressive, was about par for any 102-hour Navy Man and Girl Killed in Smoshup KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) Two persons were killed in an ac cident on U.S. Highway 50 south of here shortly before midnighl Monday night. They were Frank F. Harder, Jr 20, of Wolsey, S.D., stationed a the Olathe Naval Air Station, and Catherine Guminger, 18, of Kan sas City, Mo. The Johnson County sheriff's of fice said Harder's car slammec into the back of a truck parkec on the highway. The truck, driven by Joe Laiining of Merriam, Kan. was stopped to refuel a road grad er. Lanning was not hurt. TAKES OVER — Maj. Gen. Alvin R. Luedecke has been sworn in as general manager of the Atomic Energy Commission. Cere mony took place Monday at the commission's headquarters in Germantown, Md. (AP Photofax) Holdun-Slayer Gets Sentences at Minneapolis MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Sen tences totaling up to 70 years in prison have been imposed on Russell Swanson, 20, Minneapolis, in ;he holdup-slaying of a suburban ;avern operator. Swanson pleaded guilty in Dakota County District Court to the robbery and murder of Donald Haeg, 34, at the Meadow Inn in Burnsville Township. Judge W. A. Schultz sentencec him to a term of 5 to 40 years in custody of the youth conservation commission on the robbery couni and 7 to 30 years for third degree murder. Swanson's companion, William Quick, 18, Minneapolis, is serving a term of from 5 to 40 years for robbery but has pleaded innocen to murder. He will be tried on the murder charge later this month in Dakota County. The pair held up the tavern las June. As customers grappled with them one of the robbers fired sev eral shots. Haeg, coming from be hind the bar, was struck by one of them. Additional Mew Cage Season, but Old Names By HUGH FULLERTON JR. Associated Press Sports Writer tt was the start of a brand ew basketball season, but some- ow the names seemed familiar. When major college court earns, restricted by NCAA rules o a Dec. 1 start, charged into ction Monday night, two All merica players of the 1957-58 eason, Cincinnati's husky Oscar Robertson and tiny Don Hennon f Pitt, again were listed among ie leading sharpshooters. And ho were t!ie winners? West Virginia Wins Why, West Virginia, the nation's fo. 1 team last season in the Associated Press ranking poll; Kentucky, the NCAA champion; Cincinnati and Kansas State, rated fo. 2 and 3 last spring; and just about all the other perennial win era. West Virginia, winning its 37th Ex-Policeman Shot to Death; Wife fs Held ST. PAUL (AP) — A retired St. Paul policeman was fatall; shot Monday night and police sail they were holding his wife fo questioning. Officers said the body of Charle; Durkee, 71, was found on the floo of the kitchen in the couple' apartment at 26 S. Exchange. HI had been shot through the neck Police said Evelyn Angela Dur kee, 45, the victim's wife of eigh years was held on suspicion o murder. They quoted her as hys terically repeating, "I didn't mean to do it." Mrs. Dora Lindstrom, a neigh hor, summoned officers after sh said Mrs. Durkee came into he apartment screaming, "I shot m; husband, get the police." Durkee formerly lived in Fargo N.D. IOWA NEWS BUSES DESTROYED EDDYV1LLE (fi — A fire swept through a school bus garage here, destroying three school buses and badly damaging six others.' 150 MORE PATROLMEN DES MOINES wi — It appears that the 1959 Legislature will bolster the 252-mau Iowa Highway Patrol with additional manpower. But not as much as State Safety jury was chosen Monday to hea the insanity plea of Mrs. Ann Mae Quackenbush, 37, Tucumcari N. M., who is charged with mur der in the fatal beating last Sept 3 of Herman Kohlwey, 77, opera tor of a Council Bluffs confection ery store. FARM EDITORS ELECT CHICAGO (A — The Newspape Farm Editors Assn. elected Jim Director Russell Brown would like.! Colby of the Davenport, Iowa Brown has indicated he will ask Morning Democrat as presidenl the next session for 150 more pa- The association, a national group trolmen to step up enforcement on is made up of daily newspape the state's secondary roads and | and wire service farm editors, for the Interstate highway system. 4-H SCHOLARSHIP SHOE STORE RAZED CHICAGO (» — Virginia CLINTON (to — A fire of un determined origin destroyed a ridge, 17, Allerton, Iowa, Pat w a among 38 winners of $400 scholar shoe store and caused heavy dam I ships announced at the 37th Ne ages to an adjoining store before:tional 4-H Club Congress her being extinguished by firemen | Sunday. Miss Patridge's winnin, here. Damage was estimated at' project was in Safety. $150,000. _o_ -o- 2-YEAR CAB PACT MURRAY BACK TO CLASS ' DES MOINES OB — Represent AMES M — Dr. William G. atives of Local 90 of the Team Murray, unsuccessful Republican sters Union and officials of th Akini Confldtnt of Stopping Jordan LOS ANOELE9 (AP) - World welterweight champion Virgil Akins today flatly predicted he will knock out Don Jordan of LOB Angeles in their 16^ round title fight Friday night at the Olympic Auditorium. He even picked the round: "I'll get him in the third." Akins said he realized the 24- year-old Jordan has never been itopped but he seemed confident he would spoil the record. The fight will be televised nationally via NBC but blacked out in this area for 300 miles. game in Southern competition, lost an against Furman and onsecutive Conference arly lead railed by a point or two through most of the second half. It wasn'l until three Furman players had been benched after accumulating our personal fouls that West Vir- ;inia drew away to win 76-67. Robertson, 15 pounds heavier than new Cincinnati to a 93-64 victory over Indiana State. He needed less han a half to rack up the 16 points he needed to pass the 1,000 mark Tall Bob Boozer of Kansas State scored 45 points for a schooi ecord as the Wildcats downed Purdue 96-83 in a rough game in which the lead changed hands 16 times during the first half. Boozer counted 23 points from the fou last season and playing a role as pivot man, paced line. Kansas, Flu Outbreak Stops Gusties ST. PETER, Minn. (AP) - An outbreak of flu that sidelined seven players snarled Qustavus Adol* phus' preparations today for its MIA playoff game with Arizona State at Tucson. Center Bill Rill and fullback Mark Skoog were confined to bed Monday and five other players were unable to practice. Another 'ullback, Roger Ilstrup, was ex< pected to be released from a hospital today 1 after fighting the flu for a week. The Gusties also got some en couraging news about reserve center Rod Golberg, who has been out for 10 days with an ankle injury. Trainers said he would be ready for the Arizona State game. Coach Lloyd worked the squad against Arizona State's "fly-T" offense Monday. Winner of Saturday's game will meet the St. Benedlct's-Northeast- ern Oklahoma winner in the annual NAIA holiday bowl game later this month. Hollingsworth on formations Another Ring Attempt by Lastarza 'Flops' By MURRAY ROSE Associated Press Sport* Writer NEW YORK (A - U seemed so easy from the outside looking in. No more Rocky Marciano. The champion — heavyweight king Floyd Patterson — didn't appear too formidable. The contenders didn't seem much to beat. So Roland Lastarza, still handsome and still hopeful at 31, decided to give it another try. His boxing comeback may have opened and closed in one night.' The New Yorker, who was at one time the top challenger, was soundly beaten Monday night by Larry Zernitz, a plodding pr pect from Springfield, Mass., in a 10-rounder at St. Nicholas Arena. The verdict was split, but ringside critics agreed with the majority of officials that Zernitz, in scoring his sixth straight victory had won by a big margin, St. Nicks, New York's oldest fight club, is only a short distance from Madison Square Garden and not far from Yankee Stadium where Roland once was the headliner. But the fighter himself was a long, long way from the strong, smart challenger of the early fif< ties. It was a little over five years ago when Lastarza was stopped in the llth round by Marciano, then the champion at Yankee Stadium. Zernitz was his sixth opponent since then and his first in 14 months. Referee teddy Martin 5-1 ind udge Artie Aidala 644 hid Zer:, A 25-year-old ix-Ol, th* titter, Judge Phil Botwinik, i n«*. omer, had it 6-4-1 for Ustarta. The AP card had Zetntt* ahead, •2-1. Zemitz, a Wool, 199%.pound«r, ressed Lastarw, 198%, ill the ay, It was Lastarza'* eight defeat gainst 35 triumphs in t career egun li years ago. Zernlt*'» irmy-interrupted career showi « l-4-l record. Army Fullback in Shrine Grid Gamt MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Fullback Harry Walters of Army hai «c- epted an Invitation to play in the ^forth-South Shrine football game ere Dec. 27. Walters will join a teammate, halfback Pete Dawkins, on the Vorth squad. He will alternate at ullback with Jack Delveaux of llinois, who previously agreed to play for the North in the annual harity game. ZRUCKY Refrigeration Service HE 3-3607 AIR-CONDITIONING with Ron Loneski tak- ng up some of the slack caused jy the departure of Wilt Chamberlain, whipped Rice 65-49, Nebraska routed Northwest Missouri State 85-44 and Iowa State beat South Dakota 63-56. Tosses in 28 Points Henn, Pitt's 5-8V4 sharpshooter, tossed in 28 points while his team was losing to Michigan 75-55. Kentucky, minus most of the stars of its championship team, won its 31st straight opening game, beating Florida State 91-68. Indiana's 1958 Big Ten champions, another team that has lost heavily, called on sophomores to whip Drake 68-59. North Carolina State, usually a Southern power, opened with a 7054 victory over Penn State. Ranger Star Retains Lead MONTREAL (AP)-Andy Bathgate of the New York Rangers refuses to get "all shook up" in the National Hockey League scoring race with four Montreal Cana- diens pressing him for the lead. The hotshot Ranger forward maintained his scoring lead with 32 points, three ahead of Canadlen who heads places two in Bernie Geoffrion, Montreal quartet through five. League statistics revealed today that Bathgate leads in goals with 17. With one-third of the 72 games played, Bathgate has » good shot at the record of 50 goals in a season. He scored three last week and added an assist to keep him ahead of Geoffrion, who tallied four goals and four assists. Jean Beliveau and Dickie Moore, with 26 each, and Maurice Richard with 25 round out the Canadiens quartet. Another Ranger, Bill Gadsby, leads in assists with 19. He has scored two goals for a total of 21 points. Geoffrion and teammate Henri Richard each have 17 assist* to tie for second place. Gordie Howe tops Detroit scorers with 24 points. Ed Litzenberger for Chicago and Vic Staiiuk of Boston each have 21 and Toronto's Ed Duff has 15 to round out the teams' leading scorers. Jacques Plante, Montreal goalie, lead* the league'* netmiaders with a 2.48 goals per game average. traffic fatalities in the nation last year. The Associated Press count showed 626 dead from all types of accidents during the four-day weekend, with 54 of these fire victims. for was back Md YeUow Cab companie5 in the classroom Monday, resum- have agreed on a new two-y ear ing his duties as professor of eco- pact, effective Monday, nomics at Iowa State College. i . —o— -o- ; FIBE VICTIMS LONELY PATIENT GROUP : CEDAR RAPIDS UR - Mr. and AMES (4) — A movement is Mrs. Charles Jones, Cedar Rapids, under way in which some Iowa were hospitalized Sunday with in. -_, ' J 1 J l_ * tl' * w»—w -- W*uv * VII VI , 1>«*v MHUfV**«»M4W»>>t WVtUUMJ Wf t feU 4*1 The period closed before the dia-jstate College students plan to vis-! juries suffered during a fire at astrous parochial school fire in lit lonely patients in state mental j their home. Mrs. Jones, 51, suf- Chicago Monday. RtAD CLASSIFIED ADS i institutions. — o— INSANITY FLEA COUNCIL BLUFFS t*> fered broken bones when she leaped from a second floor window to the frozen ground. Her husband 2 Rice Gridders Join Rebel Squod MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) Rebel coaches have signed Rice tackle J. D. Smith and end Gene Jones for the annual Blue-Gray College All-Star football classic Dec. 27. Smith and Jones were the first replacements signed to fill vacancies created when Hardin • Simmon* accepted a bid to play in the Sun Bowl and Florida was invited to the Gator Bowl. This meant a Rebel loss of four players and Hardin - Simmons Coach Sammy Baugh for the game. Army Next for Bowl Bid? NEW YORK W - Since the other service academies have established a precedent by accepting invitations to play in football bowl games, Army may be next • when the time is ripe. The Associated Press has learned from an informed source that influential elements in the Army would like to see the military academy reverse its stand against post-season games. Army, sought by bowl committees on various occasions, has discouraged such advances in the past. Before the Cadets completed their unbeaten 1958 season, West Point officials made it clear they would not accept an inviation this year. Navy played bowl games after its 1954 and 1957 seasons. The Air Force Academy, tied but undefeated this year, accepted an invitation to play Texas Christian in the Cotton Bowl. TAXPAYERS MEETING DES MOINES (*) — The Iowa Taxpayers Assn. will hold its 24th annual meeting here Friday. The meeting is open to the public. The association said the program is set up to present the most vital tax and spending issues with which lowans are faced. PUTNAM BUND •/'Boston •A BALANCED FUND" 1HI PUTNAM GROWTH FUND poulbte long-term CAPITAL GROWTH WRIGHT ww V ca " lit Naff, lank llrfg. •ridge St. Intranet AuitiA HI MOJO PU*M lead !«M PraipKtw of D Th* G«orc« Puwun Fund Q Tb» PwauB Growth Fuo4 NMM _ A 1 was overcome by smoke. College Basketball Duque*ue 63, CariMgl* Ttch 43 Seton Hull |0. RWw 99 Tempi* 40, Gettysburg t) Complete liquidation of new and vied farm machinery, No Reservation* Everything to be sold to highest bidder. Sale will be held at the George L. Oreer Auto Co. In the village of Watervllle, Minn, on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6 STARTING AT 11:00 A. M. SHARP NEW MACHINERY 4—New Holland it Hoyllner balers, with PTO drive, bole chute t> wagon hitch. 1—New Holland super 77 baler, engine drive with ttarter, hydraulic bale tension, bale chute 4 wagon hitch. 1—Now Holland tuper 11 baler, with PTO drive, bale chute 4 wagon hitch. 1—New Holland model 46 trail type mower T cut. 1—New Holland model 120 mow«r, will fit any tractor 7' cut, 1—New Holland forage harvester with I row corn head, PTO drive. 1—New Holland fertilizer ipreader 1—New Holland forage blower with pip* for 10' silo. 1—New Holland ipreader model 330, two wheel, PTO drive, 130 buihel. I—Wpli.-Moltne model 44J tractor, wide front, power stierlni Ampllc Tore Power (elector. J point hitch with hydraulic control, 2 row corn cultivator and 3 Bottom U" mounted plow, 1—Mpls.-Moline Avory tractor with 2-14" mounted plow and X row corn cultivator. l—Mpli.-Meline model U-0 211 disc, II" bladei, wheel mounted o/r, hudraulic control, 1—Mpls.-Mollne corn iheller model DC, PTO drive, iwlvel drive, and 30' drag line. t—Mpli.-Mollne tractor spreader model LS301, ground driven, 2 wheel o/r. 1—Mpls.-Mollne pull typ* 2 row corn planter, shoe type fertilizer at- tochment. 1 — Mpls.-MoNne 2 row mounted corn picker with attaching brocket* for Mpls-Moline III ipeclal tractor, bracket! for other makei tractors available. 1— Mpls.-Moline wlrr tie baler with engine drive. 1— Mplf.-Molln* 4 Mellon flolbl* drag with draw bar. 1 — Gehl forage harvester with \ row 4 chain corn head and hay pick up attachment, I—Kelly Ryan 2 wheel tractor spreader PTO driv*. 1-K.Hy ftyon 20" wld* groin elevator, 40 ft. long complete, 10' drag hopper also motor mount, 2— Kelly Ryan Trall-Way grain elevators if long with, hopper « •pour. t— Kelly Ryan wld* disc, II" Ma**, IS' with tip ua ends. 1— Kewanne 40' elevator templet* with drag hopper and telescoping spout, PTO drive. 1— baled hay forks. 2— Electric I ton farm wagoni N : 1— Walsh wagon box, US »u., foU vanlzed with wood floor. 1— Dakota 1000 bu. corn crib cunplot* with ro»f and vent tub*. 1— Dakota Iconomy 1000 bv. t*ra crib with roof and vent tub*. 1— Cross drag hopper with mottr. mount. 1— Hamilton fertilizer i*re*dor an sreel wheels. 1— loss harrow I Mctl*n, w»*d, with tvener. I—Hudson hog f**a«r II aa. ft d*«f model 315 A. 1— Clean Easy \S gal. hot wattr heat- or far milk hetis*. USED MACHINERY t—Mpli.-Moline wire tie baler used 4 months. J—)»« Mpls.-Moline UTU tractor with 4 row cultivator and new hy- drauh'c lift. 1—1941 Avery model A' tractor used * ) years, with hydraulic life 2 row cultivator. 1—McCormick model F 20 tractor on rubber, new sleeves, rings * valve lob, new radiator core. I—Krop King double chain elevator, complete drag hopper telescope- spout & PTO. 1—Owatonna 2 chain elevator an rubber, complete drag hopper spout and motor mount. I—Mpli.-Mollne 4 bottom 14" pull type plow on rubber. 1—Mpls.-Mollne 1 bottom 16" pull type plow on rubber, hydraulic control. 1—Wind Power 4 section rotary hoe, used 1 season, 1—Roderick Lean tandem diic I' II" blades, 12 disc used 1 season. 1—0. I. tandem 21 disc 7', good CM- dltlon. * 1—New Holland foragt harvester with engfne and row crop corn head, t—Gehl blower complete with pipe. I—Wanner manure loader 3rd Ram Bucket control, snow icoup 4 Manure fork. 1—New Idea Dlcke t picker, 1—McCofmlck 2 row cull type urn corn shell* aa. It, PTO or belt drive, cost stacker, shelled corn spout. 1—Case plckvp hay attachment far forag* harvester, t—McCormick gas engine water cooled. 1—Minnesota lida rake. I—Kelly Ryan front mounted sfde rake. 1~John peer* single dlic, W, with U" blades. I—Mpli.-MoHM hammer mill U", 4 screens. l-Mplj.-Moline hammer mill 10". I—Fairbanks MOTH hammer mill IB". 1—Caie hammer mill 10". l-Mpli.-Moiine Ih' digger an rubber tires. 1-Mpli.-Molin« <H digger •* steal wheels. l-Mpli.-Mollne I bottom 1}« tractor 1-1945 Dodo* 1M ton truck stock rack and (rain BOX, 1—Knaphelde truck grain box II' x 7', 10" new floor I new 42" side*. 1—Miller tilt to* farm machinery trailer 14' x 7V4' oak rlaor platform hydraulic control. Dual wheels, electric braku 4V I speed winch. tits I—Set 4 rubber Skein wagon, (—tractor cabs. 1—Set tractor chains. 1—Set tractor chains. 40—fie* 0 Vents for coin cribi. MISCELLANEOUS wheels to fit 1—Pair tt actor tires Good Tear — 1) x U. 1—Pair Goodrich 11 x II trwtar tires. 1—Pair front tractor tires — MOxla. 1—New Eagle brand ttuck tara. Moll chain saw-24" blade. George L. Greet Auto Co., Owner Otto Pradtrick, Auctioneer Clerk - Thorp Salt* Company, RochMttr - Oicar Spoener, R»preitntafivt - Wattrvillo 36 ACHE HIGH PRODUCING FARM WITH 2 BEDROOM NEW HOUSETRAILER and NUMEROUS BUILDINGS Located V/t milt North of Maple Island and '/j mile Weit; or, 1!4 milt North of landale and 1 mil* Eait. WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION FUMY, DECEMBEB 5 at 1 P. H 96 Acre* of Ike choicest land In Fr*«born County. 90 atrat under cultivation. All tlM. HM 1 «OW- iM walk. V«n nice yard lot with tr»a» ond ikvubbery. This U not peat loud but of ii* tope tat will really produce and bring bock profit on your Investment. Noorly new «ll tnodorn 2 bfoVotMi trailer nouso will go with property. New ceu pool with ell drainage. Several ether buMssil. $fitsaol but service by door end telephone service. If von ore interested U o piece of taif tfcej witt utJy produce, Inspect this now end plan to attend the sale. TERMS: $4000.00 down day «f sole. Balance on or before January 1, 1951, wbu |«M tttll «»| possession will be given. CURTIS W. McCOY, Owner COLS. HUU and THOMSfN,

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