Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 11
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f ' The Stot7 19in« V«r V TOXT HARRmoK. M.Ms or- pTianed when JEPT HARRiSeN. his father, is sh6t fa a Vikir game in Caldwell, Kas.. He ia - • bcrriended by GORDON W. .LILLIE,: a res-. ' taitrant waiter, ty i JOE CRA'IG, forcnjiaa of- the ' i Bar K ranph, who take$ Tony to Ihc Bar K to ifvc, and: by i . COLONEL TITUS MOORB,. owner of the raucbi which Ix In^ the Cherokee Strip. ' There the nhy lltUa boy tneeU niTA. toraibpy daughter of Tit !us' Moore. ' The year i» 18S0, and Gordon . UJIir in thfnklMff of , Joining , DAVrn PAYNK. who in aKitatIng for tli4. <q)enilpK of the Indian tbrrltory lands,, wlion he gels an offer of a teaching post in the Indian fichoo^ in Pawnee. There he lets- his hair grow, Jong and becomes known as' PAH-NKK BILL. After a fiftJif with the school .superintendent, llo is charged with attempted' murder anrf^ flees the territory, i He and Craig arc in Caldwell .tome time later when Craiff de; rides to go after a .saloon owner. - iittmed. SHAFTJR, former marshal of Caldwell, who Craig thinks is crooked, and possessor of a knowledge of the whereabouts of TO.M BBNTOiS, murderer of Jeff Harrison. . Hb conspires with JOHN BLAKJi. leditor ol the ' CBld^well paper, (o declare war •>n Shafer itL an eritlorlat. . lie suspects that SbaXer wlllj attempt, revenge and he'rides m little way oiit of Caldwoi; to give' I he inipreHsion' llial lie hn.s none to the Bar K. While rest• ing beneath some trees, be bears •J^^^ ominous'tiouml. • * • • CHAPTEIl .isK' liL ^tinrtivply Craig'.4 luind reach- ile^ lor bis gum It cainc forth in ' iltnt quick, flawless muvenicnt ho !bad mastered and, scarcely tnlfitis tiiiie (o ainil be fired. Thn rattlesnake, rearing ansrilr in Scrscant'spath. threshed iw broken body along the flat, sunnir . rock, ami .Craig, walking over tq it, the while br taHred comforting-! ly to the friahtencd' horse, caltafy )>\it, r.notlier bullet tbrougir the deadly reptile's head. . , •'I didn 't iiavo time to get hfm the shot, .Sergeant. Thought at first lie was after me." He stroked the lior^e's muzzle as he talked. "There 's. one can ' !>iiy for a rattlesuAker h« sort of >~ pjits Toii on your, guard when b^ nre.'in.' business. That's (he only dirference. as I see it. between a r.-ittl^snake and Shafer. Come on. \VP 'r.' going bafck to Caldwell. That ••iiiike's glTen iiic an idea." ' ' An hour later he was .••ittinR in .Tob!fi Blake's grimy little oflicc. ^ JI»- bad ridden directly !o Tony T • Uarria'oii's cabin, .tetbercd bis horse there -^and thenimedie his way as unobtrusively 'aA possible to the Tribune, satisfied that b« bad been ttno>b««rTed;'^ ' ' Tersely h« told of what he had seen In Siafdr's saloon, of the man'j loud-voiced pronoiincemeiits that he intended nothing in the way rctaliatifln; • ; i \ "He's trying to make people be- >icve that he 's bencfi^tinK by the editorial and that as long as bnni- ncsir Is good bp 'd be- a fool to go out of hlir way to get even. But men are coming Hgbt In the Oasis and Inughlng at flliirfer. antr Shafer S ' ows It. That's whr I "ay he 's r something up his sleeve^ and he 's going to turn It loose pi^tty quick." Blake calmly tilled bis battereil pipe and stuck it betwcht his teeth. "Let hinv" he said calmly, and laughed. "Shnfer's not the only one who 's getting increased buairicss. I've been soiling qiiltc a few papers. Every man. woinan and chlljl in Caldwell seemd to want a Tribune." Craig'smiled, but was instantly sejrious. "You sleep right \ hpre. don't you. BUike?" The «litor indicstcd a battered sofa against t ^!C walfc "Thaf s 'my bunk." be said carcles.«Iy. "Why?" I'll be sfayinj; with you tonight. So will Bill Lillip." Blake looked his surprise. "You are welcome; of courFc: both <if you. But 1 don't sec—" ! No., you wouldn't Shafer 's rtot tb«' [kind of a man who'd ask yon tfi' fij?lit.out in the middle of lowii. he'd rather find you asleep." iLel him come. I'm not afniid or liiin." ."I know you 're, iijji. you fire-eater. I Hnt I'm goius to be licri- just the JRomc." He set liis law witli an expression of finality. "You kucnv." he said cryptic.-illy. "a rattlesiuik.? gave me'ii real idea Ibis afternoon. He horse a scare and I fhot him. It would Injure mv a powRiifnl lor if somebody deprived me olj my horse." . . He said no more but wa >ked from the office of the Tribune and made for the ca-bln. It was nenring nib- dnwn. • ^ ^e fnniid- Pawnee Bill waiting for liini and told bhn of' ib 'e night 's program; The other nodded' his assent and' pmceedeil with the preparation, of the evening meal. "Yoiipitwo friend.s."'lie siiidi presently t'> jCraig, "didn 't; follow you very tar trfis afternoon! 1 sort bf sneaked around a bit to keep them under Observation, but they seemed to be satisfied that you were leaving Caldwell behind." •All of which proves." reniarketl Craig. "Ihal yon wefe looking out for nae to see that they dUin't intend jtb use me as a target in cnne the notion struck them." He stared at the other accuslngl.v. . "\Ve;i." Pawnee - Bill admitted, "your back's pretty broad. I 'd be ECNECT LYNN careful how 1 exposed it.' They lingered oyer- their meal until well after dark, then made their way on foot^ toward Jo6tt Blake's little sliop: A sonth wlntl fanned their cheeks as they walked along and Craig paused to survey the oveicast sky. r It'll bp raining In less tlun an hour." he pri)nounced. "That won't dlsapiMlnt 'Shafer a'bit if he's planning anythjlng." B'.akc grceted'them good-natured­ ly lit the dooir. "Saw you ooming from liiy window. Come on ! in." He led the way into the' little office. A, 1 imp bnrned on the table In the ; centei''of the room abid Critig stttiilficd' himself that the shades liad been diawn before ;tt«! wonlil ^nteri ; "Pm lioc hankering lo let anyone know you've got company." he said, to Blake. He •iiroduced a piack Of carda. ' I'm wiillhg to be tempted Into a ^ittle game of stud poker be- fpre it's tim« to turn In." he an- liouucnl, and began to shuttle the cards. They had'not been playing long when It began to rain, u scattering of large drops at first that soon settled into a gentle downpour and dnnnnie<l a southing melodyion iho roof of the little one-story shop. ; CraiR devoted himself strictly tp tlic business oC poker and refused to be drawn into conversation concerning Shafer; nor would he cil- lighlcn Blake oiiiWhy he had chosen Jo .slay with him. He.was the first to inish back his chair and an- nouncc he wan through. Blake stood up and confronted him squarely. "Just why, Craig, jirp We going through all this flnm- mery'' It's foolishness, I tell yon." Craig frowned: "Maybe you're right. But I got you into tills thing .ind I'm going to' see it through with yuu." He cxtinguislie^l thi; lamp and. walking overto fhe windows, raiijodtliq-shades and looked out. Thtj rain was still coming down In a moiTotonous drizzle and the slrt'cts of Caldwcil appeared descried. | Lights twinkled' in the, near distance, froiA the saloons anil'; gambllnB balls, and farther awa.v could be discerned the ••ed light that <lis inguished -Mag AVbois' plai-e from its fellows. He remained at the window f(>r several iiilnutos, (lien moved away and 8U.??;csicil faat they gel son e sleep, "i'on ][iuiik right on .voi r j couch. iJJak*." bo Insisted; "Bliil and 1 ar|e Ated to dropping off j wherever]we happen to light." ThiBrc was some resistance on THBT lOEA^DAIlYREGisilER, THURSDAY EVrENING, DECEMBER 15, 1927. PAGE ELE^TEy- Mrs. Elmira Goodhue. 78. Inother of Mrs. a-ace ;Gooi wife of the president, is reiorted seriously ;ill from Northampton (Mass.l hospit her mother. the floor, his bead pillowci blanket; but thoush he wa to far los^s comfortable bcilsl evaded him, and from.lime if he turned to whisper io tra lay tust besfde him. Hours passed that way. Tie rain^fuln ceased. tli'buBh the sky reinauiedilikc swiftness to oi overcast and'starlc«s.i -ind -tl|» ••iy noise in the room was the Blnke 's come by tj art. but this was over- i he stubborn insistence if f the otberl two, and preyently (lie editor of the Tribune was streichdd out on his rotigh- bad. hl.<^ steady, beav-y brclnthing indicating (liat be was 'one, {at least, who would no^ let Ills. iojiBgiuaUou interfere, witfi his greatlv needed rest.' As for Pawnee Bill, he lay oji ! Yoi^r gift may be large or small, ft whatever it fe, itsliould fee of I.' This picture shows Mrs on :t; used ,.-:Iipped sleep i slate which is Hie nflucnzu in a (loolidge with ickiuR tjfrBlakc's eli^cU. Ci-aif; had nto that dreamy, 'reposeful |o time 5 who I ween sleep and when Pawne<: BiM «r.-. him, rnHsnig .^him to e raln^fulness aiid scndiuR bordorliuc bc- eonsciousiiess. stirred, beside instant waieb- liiin with eat- o of the win- clock faded as a new sound was borne to his ears, the rumfbling sound made, by innhing horses. Far down the street the lights of the: saloons' stin twiukleil' as men drank and gambled thrtongh Uje night, but the sound of hcofbeats came ^through thft- darkness. "They're coming from the other end of town,"^Pawnee Bill TKtaii*- pered;in his ear. "Look: Th3re they arc now." . ; C'r ',Jj ^g strained his eyes. ondeaV- oring to pierce the darkness tbat enveloped tiio band of black shadows approaching from, the south. "There's a dozen of tbeni'at leasts" he 'uid to pav.pee iJi'.i; "Better wake up Blake." Blake sprung up, rubbing his eyes. •That desk of yours, Wlake," commaiiiled Cialu: "well piish Jt over bi-re vetween iliese- A 'indows. It will cove*- the greater jiart -of them and leave an opening at '.-ach' end big enough for a man to «)tick his head out." . He laid, hold of one 2n <llU Uie heavy roli-top desk himself. Wlien it was in place he .once more took up bis post ill one of the windows. The black shadows had haltM.-and they could hear muffled voicef. . "I .believe." said i Pawiiee Bill, sonic of th«m< arc dismnttntins." "That's just what they're, doing," hue Coolidge.HCraig agreed tersely. "They'll be wHo were draw-n iip in juatti'tude oi w .itchfulHos;i. i - "They 're uiihiii^ to ' ^:ot>' Sre to your place". Craig told Blake. "And ir you're: iii ii when it goe» up in smoke, so much the better.",". "But-the'rain," protested tiie editor: "how. can the.v set fire to .-i place that".* .soaked"."" , - : "They're carryinr tinder; plenty or C "ai oil ,an(V;1inc knots: • get a good start, with this heh:ml it, aiur the rain uon-t fi bit ot difference. Bes)d%fr,>|^ii jbeen. chry so jong^ that wbaL rain we've had won"t soak; in. I Wei wait (ill tlio'se nice littlis'Bbysj hp close virith their bonllr «wateJ ial :M !d then we'll call a halt I9 " nurtv." (TO BH eONWNU up here in a minute. Tliff clock ticked off monotonous seconds. The wind coming in. at the window rippled through Pawnee Bill's heavy mane of hair: and af tbat moment rthe moon slipped from behind a cloud, only to slip back behin»l another one. leaving the nigh^ as, black as before. But in thai instant the three men at the window had seen two tig- ures. their arms , laden, slipping- swiftly toward the shop. They had seen, also,, the masks oii-tiicii faces and the hi'asks on the horsemen SbUTH SIDE SQUARE TOLA. KAN §iS Tonight has been .set aside as Men's Night at the-J. C. Peraiej^ store to give yi}\> men an opportunity to shop ia secrecy. , ' Our sale,si)eni;io will be pre.sent to help Fathers. Btotfip- er.s. Uncles, Cousins, I^ephews, as well, as those .With Sweethearts, to selectjgifts. Purchases may be liud n-sitle, if desired, by making si .small deposit. r- • iV'len «\s Your Night Please Do Not Bring thft Ladies ' -: s's yeptati^ for both quality attest j^- Opif iTame 019 die gift bcix is as- sur^gce fi>i 90Bi&^ei^^ irofm the A Few SuggiBsticms: A Hart ScLaffigb^ ^ Maxx Overcsal^ tli^j^t sa^r^foe, \ G1t)re^ Neckwear, ^iMxiCs^it^^ " . ' Afi tJJi^j^jella or a CaRe. i * 4t '|4e2 ^Bfe5rTriavelm Golf Hose or Golf Pants. -* •X.J ^EyEN great plants, coveting the CQUHtry from co^ tor const, are now needed to roast tilis famous blend from dbe o^d S <Midn —to supply fresh Maxwell Hpiise| Cq^-ffec to the eiatire nation. Cheek-Neai Cofifee Company, NashviU4Houston,^cksoav ^i|r, Richmond, New! Yojrfc, jLos Aiigeies, Chicago. < LOS ANGELES Tune in every Thiusday Weekly. Radio Programs fofturikg juted shigmi tnstrumtnUtlists, orcbtstras from lf^&KPRC.iyBAe,KyoO,irDAF.KSD,lt'Sni wSXTwux. whits,- tyuy...j^sK WBAL. WOW. wens, WJX, Kody/wtUfT. i WK. WSgi£ Trnn-mtvttrTbnridtn-froiri 8 to 9 AL, Central Thme, for the AUxurJl Bouse Coffeepregntm h

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