Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 11, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1933
Page 9
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"BflY BOTTE1 W AHW AMt« DAILY TEIBUlfZ TIMtt. AWES. IOWA. 7KIDAY, AUOVBT 11, 1933. fAOI LEADERS STILL WANT CO. UNIOXB (Continued from Pagj One) minimum wage of 14 cents AD hour proposed for the toutb, was accepted this time with a declaration by the administration that thf wage* still were unsatisfactory and would be subject to review in hearings later. The provisions to be put into effect temporarily call for a 45-hour week, with minimum, wages ranging frftm 20 cents an hour in the south to 27 1-2 cents in the east. Office workers would be paid minimums of $13 or J14 per week, according to population, and $1 less in the soutii. Engineers, firemen and maintenance employes would receive mtaimums of 35 to 50 cents an hour for a 50 hour week. Eat to f«l FIT! i Czech Shoe King Visits America John Bata. head of the vast Bata shoe manufacturing enterprises in Czechoslovakia, is shown as lie arrived in New York with his wife and nephew. Tcm Bata. below, for a visit iu this country He is a step* brother of Thomas Bata. founder of the famous shoe company, ••ho was killed a year ago in an airplane accident Lowest Prices •An loua Corpora I ion Operaled by Iowa People" Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday August 11, 12 and 14 , iig Economy Sale slic - '*«»™. Pr«n«« choit-e quality, No. 10 can SOAP Seminole Tissue Q soft n l bars 23C 1000 sheets. FREE: Beautiful tvorld's fair Indian. Head .Dress . ' CRACKERS cad COFFEE National DeLduw Vacuum Fresh . Pimento, American. Brick Brookfleld Delicious, y 4 -lb Pkg SYRUP Hubinger No. 10 can VINEGAR GREEN BEANS ^ J cans New 1933 pack. Iowa King Dozen cans •••••••• ONIONS ~~ New Yellow Globe 10 Ibs CABBAGE New Green lb FARMERS, BRING'US YOUR EGGS-WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES ALL PRICES LOW AT THE REI) BALJL . Red Ball Market Phone for Meat—133 RELIABLE PRICES —:— BELIABLE SERVICE HAMBURGER or PORK SAUSAGE ... 6 Ibs SPECIAL! Boned, Rolled PICNICS Ovenlzed PORK LOIN ROAST, lb .. l / ~ y C CHOPS, IOC asc PURE LARD . BACON 3-Lb Bos 25c BEEF BOIL Sdb Windsor BACON PORK TENDERLOIN . . . lb He MINCED HAM, 2 to Mb pc BEEF ROAST, Ib IOC SIRLOIN, Round Steak, T-Bone... I5c ROLLED RIB ROAST, lb ...: *"**W^B*M» ^.^_^^^^^^^^^ FLANK STEAK, Ib ... <*°OI> ALL NEXT WEEK I5c WORKERS AND FARMERS MEET To Hold Congress at Grinnell Supday, Harold N. Sturgeon, veteran labor leader anC associate editor of the Unionist and Public Forurtj at Sioux City, will be the principal •p«aker at the lowu Continental congreas of worker* and farmers to be heJ<J at Grl«aell Sunday. About 200, delegate! froM all parts of the state are expected to attend, according to Alvin Coons of Ames, convenor of the congress. Coons, Keith Kirtpatrick and Mrs. Arnold Sather of Ames will attend the congress. Coons will be temporary chairman of the meeting. Coons and Kirkpatrick were delegates to the National Continental Congress for Economic Reconstruction, helf in Washington. D. C.. May « and 7. The Grinnell meeting is the Iowa continuation of the Washington congress. Organizations sending delegations to the congress will Include progressive organizations Of farmers, labor organizations and trade unions, unemployed: organizations, cooperative and educational .societies, socialist and farmer-labor parties and all liberal political groups, labor fraternal bodies and student and youtL groups. It is expected that the congress will urge cooperation between fanners and workers unions to take the opportunity offered under the NRA to push a campaign for membership. . #, Yorktown Siege to Be Yale Film Topic Fri. "Yorktown." a Yale Chronicle motion picture production, will be presented Friday at 7:30 p. m., in agricultural assembly at Iowa State college. The picture presents a conception,, of the hardships and warfare that engaged the colonies from January to October, 1781, The picture shows the part the Jftench played in achieving the final surrender of General Cornwallls. » the view that 'he situation could a*t arise "I repoat, I do uot adfftit the possibility of inUrrwtlOB," he said "I have not b«en ablt to think for a single mome»t of such ideas. "la any event. Cuba would never appeal for foreign aM, even should the aid be fraterna! to combat anyone. That never has been our policy. When a case «f unjust attack or aggression presents itself— a case of which I see not the remotest possibility because of our firm and peaceful policy—otir national dignity will allow us always to find the most efficacious measures to preserve our rights." Is the present government capable of solving the political crisis without the necessity for foreign intervention? "I believe it ftnnly." he responded, "because to believe otherwise would be to recognize that Cubans were incapable to governing themselves or solving Important national- problems. "It would be equal to a declara- College Airs Chosen For Carillon Hour A special request program of college airs and tunes will be played by Ira Schroeder, carillon- eur. In the weekly concert at the campanile, Friday, beginning at 9 p. m. The concert of next week will be the final one of the summer series. MACHADO BELIEVES CRISIS LIQUIDATING (Continued from Page One) long and which, has shared with me the responsibilities of my government — agrees to ask • me to resign, esteeming it a matter of patriotic convenience, I should force myself ;%b resign '•' immediately, lthfuriife the discipline! of my, partjr HTthe country's servlce^ittt. out anjTvaclllatiOTB>,^ "I should oe'^absolutely indisposed to leave my country'. I want to live and die here." Then discussing his view of the political situation ie said: "My position is the same as always: To try to maintain peace by all the means in my power for the benefit of all living in Cuba—nationals, foreigners; friends-, neutrals and adversaries or enemies of my government. "Regarding politics, I am ready immediately arid sincerely for any honorable, solution assuring normality; in the country on a firm basis safeguarding the conutry's sovereignty ajad independence." Responding to a question whether he- would resist any intervention from outside the president said: ' • • "I do~ not recognize the eventuality of -North -American intervention in Cuba which is not founded n a justifying cause. "I do not relieve President Roose- relt would - respond in such form o his solemn declaration that he would practice with American: peoples the policy of a good neighbor, or cast upon his government such grave responsibility." The president was' asked if, in the event of Intervention, he would .olicit aid from other Latin American countries and he again took This 37-inch rainbow trout battled for three hours and ten mintitss before it wns landed by J, W. Men-icK o( Beverly Hills, Calif., nt Lnkft Arrow- lira d. It \uclRlis 10 poiuuls and nlno OUIKCS, nnd is (ho r>f its kind ever caujht In lion thai »e do not 4«*erv« Independence, for which v* ucrifired during several (eoertUoiu, and that we lack tat attitude and the indispensable virtues for life, law. civilization and llbertjr. My government, like any other, always eau and will solve Cuban problems, especially if powerful foreign Intrigue 1» not interposed." Finally the president discussed the strike that precipitated the crisis. "Today I believe the itrlke is about to end," he said, "without measures of vk>l«nc« and repression by the government, which has scrupulously respected the workers' right to strike, and which has acceded to all just petition*. "Th'e suspension of constitutional guarantees for a short, term and the declaration of a slate of WAI that the constitution provides to effect public order, and law was only a preventive measure, and I shall abrogate it as soon as I deem such precautions' unnecessary." Keith's Fruit Store 312 MAIN LOOK WHAT PLUMS 4 CM 1 doz IOC APBIOOT8 1 do*. ....... ORANGES 1 dox APPLES 5 ibs. ;....... PEAS 2 Ibt CABBAGE 4 Ibs. GRAPES 2 Ibi 15c 15c 15c 15c 15c 15c I6c WILL BUY LIMES 3 for BANANAS 3 Ibs MELONS 6 for S. POTATOES 6 Ibs ... PICKLES per 100 BEETS bunch , ....... LETTUOE large, 2 for 5c 19c 25c 25c 25c 5c 18c Eaton & Wright CASH GROCERY Friday and Saturday Specials 127 Main St. Free Delivery Phone No. 53 BUTTER fey creamery, Ib COFFEE, good grade, Ib ...... TEA green, % Ib .... PEACHES dried, 2 Ite .... PRUNES good size, 2 Ibs .. MACARONI bulk, 2 Ibs MUSTARD qt. jar CORN 4 cam PORK ft BEANS 4 ft-% No.;2y 2 •-- I WC TOMATOES No. 2, 3 for ..... GREEN BEANS No. 2, 3 for .... TOMATO SOUP 3 cans PEACHES, in syrup, No. 2%, 2 PINEAPPLE No. 21/2 PEARS No. 21/2, 2 for STRAWBERRY JAM, jar GRAPENUT Flakes with spoon BREAD whit* or brown ... 21 c 19c 17c 19c 17c 17c 15c 25c 10c 25c 28c 16c 35c 17c 35c 9c 9c 5c HONEY per cake KARO SYRUP It or dk, 10 lb pail BROWN SUGAR, 3 Ibs .. MARSHMALLOWS, 2 Ibs SWT. PICKLES qt. jar P-NUT BUTTER 2 lb jar .. — 5.. CAMAY SOAP, per bar \|.":.;..V SOAP, White Naptha, 4.0 bars LEMONS * Ige size, per doz LETTUCE large head APPLES cooking, 8 Ibs ORANGES 2 doz. BANANAS 3 Ibs PEACHES, fresh, per doz .. TOMATOSfe fresh, 3 : lbs CABBAGE per lb CELERY per bunch ... POTATOES No. 1, peck .. lie 19c 23c 22c lOc 25c 28c 19c 18c 12c Sic 5c Home Grown Watermelons and Cantaloupes THE MEAT SHOP Phone 53 Hugh Hostetter, Prop. Phone 53 I wish to announce to the people of Ames that I have opened a meat market in Eaton and Wright's Store at 127 Main St. and extend a cordial invitation to my many friends and to the many friends of the Eaton and'Wright Store to come in and try our meats. It is my intention to handle a good grade of all kinds of meats at reasonable prices and feel sure you will be pleased with any purchases. Free Delivery to All Parts of the City SWIFTS PREMIUM BACON, sliced lb 25c SWIFTS PREMIUM BACON, piece lb 22c SWIFTS PREMIUM HAM, whole or half lb 20c SUGAR CURED BACON, piece lb 15c SUGAR CURED BACON, sliced lb 19c ROLLED RIB ROAST, fancy lb 18c BEEF ROAST, choice cuts lb 14c PORK LOIN ROAST lb 12i/oc-15c PORK SHOULDER ROAST lb lOc MEAT LOAF, beef and pork lb lOc LARD, 100% pure, country style 3 Ibs 2Bc BACON SQUARES, CHUNK BACON, PICNIC HAM& ROQUEFORT CHEESE, Iowa State Col. Brd, lb 59e BRICK CHEESE, old fashioned lb 26c Also Moore's Cottage Cheese, 0'Neil's Milk and Cream and a large assortment of cold meats for your Dutch • lunch. ^•MMMMM Sweet mild Loaghorn lk ISc LOWIR ATOUUtt P1IOB OlIOUTATOM Strictly fresh country Table Brand I* Me Blue Ribbon Lb MC Fel> Naptha SOAP 10 bara 49c ASPARAGUS Del Monte Fancy white Picnic tin ISC DILL PICKLES Happyvale Qt. 17C TOMATO JUICE No. 1 tall can Libby's fancy 25c Round BUTTER BOLLS doz. 18c CAKES Assorted White layer L 25c TUNA FISH Hovden finest yellow fin H size can 9 for 29c TOMATOES Cool Spring fancy No. 2 can 2 for 21C KIDNEY BEANS Otoe fancy No. 2 can 3 for 25C PRETZELS Wisconsin Butter ISc RIOE Choice Blue Rose 4 Ibs 19C CHIP80 For perfect suds 2 for Z9c MARSHMALLOWS Fresh, fluffy Ib tic CATSUP Golden Sun fancy, Ige. 14-oz. bottle 2 for 2lC SPECIAL SALE Betty Crocker Recipe 13 egg Angel Food Cake each COFFEE M J B or Folgers Golden Gate 2 Ib can tic Pecan Meat* fancy halves Vz lb Walnut Meats Halves & pieces 33c PORK A BEANS Otoe No. 2% can * for iqc PINEAPPLE Sea Island Slightly Bro. slices can RAISINS , California seedless 4 Ib bag %7c SALMON Meteor fey pink 1 lb tall can a for SILK TISSUE full 1000 sheet count 4 rolls 18c VINEGAR pure 40 grain cider 811 ZOC Jar Rubbers Presto 2-lipped 8 doz. lOc PECAN CARMEL Buns PEARS Hillsdale Bartlett No. 2% can * for PEAS Top Of Ail ;ender sweets No. 2 can for 21C KRAFTS Mayonnaise pt. Jw ISc CERTO makes perfect .Jelley bottle 23C LUX Toilet 8oap 3 Bars I9c SUGAR pure fine granulated 10 Ibs 50c CRACKERS Premium Sodas 1-Lb pkg 17c Uneeda Grahams 1-Lb pkg 17c Harts Butterkrutst BREAD white or whole wheat 5c Season's Selection of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Lowest Prices! BANANAS dlbsttc Select * • J ** w CANTALOUPES «c TJJv,1, 1W_«4. ^ Pink Meat PEACHES Illinois Elbertas, Ripe, Luscious, Lge Bskt FRESH PEAS New District, Green, Full Pods -\ lb loc POTATOES, clean, Nebraska cobblers, 15-lb peck TOMATOES, select, solicU home grown, lb ..-..• Celery, crisp tender, 5c to Cantaloupes, extra Jumbos, each Lemons, Sunkist, Jnicj-, 4 for Cabbage, home grown, lb ...... lOc lOc lOc PEARS, Bartlett, ripe for eating, basket PLUMS, fancy, large eating varieties, basket . Red Raspberries, fresh, pint Honeydew Melons, large . .. Cherries, large Bings, Ib ... Blue Qrapes, 6-lb basket .... 25C 55c 20c 17c 18c 2Sc Pose's Market Quality Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMf US MARKET Swift's'Premium I aeon Cello, sliced lb. 25c Picnic Hams Sugar cured smoked shoulders lb. 9c Pork Eoast! esnbutte tpork loins lOc | Icikdicfs 12c Clix Shortning Cudahy's famous 12c Bacon Squares best grade sugar cured lb. lOc Pot Roast corn fed branded beef lb. 12c Sliced Liver fresh young pork lb. Sc Spring Chickens large White Rocks lb. 20c Lard In Cartons Lb Spare Ribs Lb

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