Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 18
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... EIGHTEEN . EVENING TIMES, CUMUEKL'ANJD, Ml)., FIUDAY, OCTOBER 2lj 1955 Mary llaworth's Mail .' KdUor'j Nolo: Army wlfr 1°»« .'i'Jnlcretl in lite Mncc Irirnlni: a! tnu- band'r. affair over»CB( '-'DEAR Miss UAWORTH: For "the sake or many Army wives •'facing the problem these days, will {you please diseuss the infidelity of married men separated from their wives hy overseas, assignments? Vilnfmy own case, my husband iVas'overscas for a year, and in that'time'became involved with an ''American girl employed as a civil- iSSbirhey had an affair and finally """"• IJiw OHicc ol J£X7 EDWARD J. RYAN rORDER OF PUBLICATION (jy C. Snyder. FroslbutK, Maryland, 'Augusta L. Snyder, 748 Glenn Street, ...Isfeh Si, Pa'-^Ko', 24289 Equity, In the Circuit Court &r. Allecany County, Maryland. ThV object of this suit Is to obtain a divorce A VISCULO MATR1MON1I of She Plaintiff from the DcEendant. i 'Tte bill slates that the parties hereto Vttfcrnarried on June 3, V95fl \n MJcgnny rGrarity. Maryland, and that one child, IflcKird Dale Snyder, ajje three, was £brn of snld marriage; that although her conduct toward the defendant was al- yays kind, affectionate and above reproach, yet the conduct of the defendant y»i such that she was forced to leave flic premises where the parties had been «sidinc In Pittsburgh, Pa., on or about ^lay, 1, 1952, when she returned to the fabpik of her parents; that the said de- fetiiaiit has been associating with an- qthcS woman while the parties were liyind together in Pittsburgh and by ^asoq of such conduct he deserted and abandoned the complainant and that Mch desertion and abandonment has been continuous and uninterrupted for irtpre "than eighteen months prior lo the flUng^of this suit; that said defendant has been fiuilty ot the crime of adultry and she has not lived or cohabited willi the defendant since she discovered his adulterous conduct; that the complainant j* and has been a resident of the State of Maryland for more than two years prior to the filing ol this suit and that the defendant is a non resident residing at 7« Glenn Street, Pittsburgh 21, Pa. IT IS THEREUPON, This 30th day of Sept.. 1955, by the Circuit Court for Allcgany County, Md., in equity, ordered that the plaintiff by-causing a copy of this order to be published in some newspaper once in each of A successive weeks,' before the 31st day of October, 1955, Riving notice to the absent defendant of the object and purpose of this suit and warning him to be and appear in this Court, in person or by solicitor, on or before the 16th day of November, 1935, to show cause, if any he has, why a decree should not be passed as prayed. ,' . Joseph E. Rodcn Clerk of the Circuit Court lor Allegftriy County, Md. Adv. T—Oct. 7-14-21-28. ' ' pent a month together, on leave n another country, before he canie ionic. In our nine years' marriage I iad felt that Jack was happy, .al- hough harried by my carefully ontrolled efforts to have him ac- ept the responsibilities of family [e. Always he had been interested n sports to the neglect of me and ic children—but infidelity seemed ut of the question. I do admit thinking he was im- lature in many ways and still a achelor in some, of his attitudes, le was too responsive to attractive cmales and would call me jealous I fussed about it. But he had my omplctc trust while he was over- eas—and, had I been jealous, rauld I have trusted him? "Aose Friend n Same Bout Now he says he is truly sorry, hat the girl never meant anything o him, that there was never any ind, in self-defense, he emphasizes hat he was doing no more than most of the officers with whom he ived. In other words, he asks me to orget it and take up our life together, and go on. Somehow I an't do it. 1 want to hurt him as has hurt me; and moreover 1 OUT OUR WAY By R. J. Willlomi OUR IOARO.NG HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLI ,..„ ITS-ASIPTfHAt;. I.KMOW YOU'RETVIlrJk- iMG-trWT TH.S'DSCk MUST Be MARKED LIKE -THS Oti\O. UlRrtPlKe ~t?DT $lVOlVI?e>IROM6/ ^WuiKEi '•" SEB WHAT THeWE BROUGHT OJUS--SOME GUVS ON TH' NIGHT SHIFT IT'LL MAKE IT WORSE/ YOUDOfT TOUCH TH 1 STUFF; ' BUT THAT PRESENT* A CHALLENGE TO •lOOR UWUSEP ., . ASAIM/ IT3 'UMCANMY/ I'M ACCLAIMED A4 THE ClUCH OF "We C?WL£ CL'Qg.-S'eT ITS MERE CHILD'S? .'FOe VODTO DEFEAT . UM? I'M SLftD i-UMCH HOUR AE£ fOK 5MAUL. STAKES/ m 0 S'-CABtS £SALOO OUT TO I \ GET A QUICK BEER/ BE CLIMB1N' TH' ' FENCE AkJ'SOOM HAS A TALEMT= BORM THIRTy VEAESTCOSOOM see no change his attitudi towards responsibilities. A close friend of mine has tin loubt about his returning to me same problem, and the same argu HI-ROCK DRIVE! n LAST TIMES TONITE Short & Cartoon Display Classified Display Classified CONCRETE • POVr SE>TIC TANKS EXCAVATfNG TRENCHING , STEEL STORAGE TANKS SMU of Cvuo«4lU* PILE BROTHERS McMullen Hwy. Mora Information Call: l'A-2-8481 or 2-8-185 STOP FIGURING EXCELUSl SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY 3-TRACK "SENATOR" Buggcdly constructed of 63ST5 EXTRUDED aluminum. 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DUIl*t\ p o!nt _ Whit.-Red-Block — A M,0W $1045 Nict Buy In A Hordlop •. « Oft MAr>-IIru ' Coor Cultom S.don. Rodio, Healer, Mercomolic 1952 mercury „„„„,„,„„, ,.ow n .r. Now $995 Very Clean ^ f AC4 Diai^L- Sup.r Sedan—Radio i Heater—Dynaflow Drive—Tinted 1951 BUICK 0 |^,_B,o u tiful Twa-Tone. ,. U nu , COylC raent from her husband. They tcl us they've learned their lesson jut this doesn't ease the hurt Somehow I can't look forward; just look hack to all.the places we lave Jived, and all the disappoint menls— and now this.—F. P. Seeing Frailly In Perspective 'DEAR F. P.: It may help to see Hie problem in perspective. "Wa s hell," as General Shermar noted. And a more rece'ht'commen ator, writing after World War I lointcd out that "War debases thi man in .men, and evokes the brut n him.". ' The hosts of Satan are neve lusier than when-morally confusec ind naturally wayward men (an hat lakes in the majority) ar orn away from the stabilizing 'in luences of family life, and se adrift to find transient companion or idle hours, in a liomeles itmosphere of soldiering. Th isual result is a morbid increasi n sexual lawlessness. Men who thus betray the stand irds of love, when faithful wivi OPEN SUNDAYS Noon until 8 FULL COURSE 'urkey,'Chicken, $<J AE leef Dinners lr.13 COMPLETE LINE OF SANDWICHES, SALADS, MILK DRINKS Into Lunehei Only Uuf We Serv> MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE Nancy Whetsell's Restaurant 119 South Centre St. DAVE GUNTER'S GOOD FOOD GLARYSVILLE INN • For Table Reivrvationi or Take-Horn* Ordert PHONE FROSTBURG 1076 CLOSED MONDAYS TflllinUT TONIGHT Bullet for Bullat! . JOHN PAYNE IIZABETH SCOTT DAN DORyEA,. .^ ,. SILVER LODE: per 68 Sedan—Radio & Healtr — Hydro- ''LiIrG^TrJ'?* Now , $845 PlVmOUth B ' lved « re Hardfop. A.'lovtly Two - Ton. Sports rijIllUUUI fAodti. 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U O P E L 8 4 D R 65 734 865748 D N T M 0 L E E J F O 3 • 5 I W 367 458 374 SXOTSEE'YS would restore him to full partnership, to wholeness and truth, as your husband. As for what to do, didn't the marriage' vows say* you took him "for better, for worse—?" Your vengeful attitude won't help matters, and will hurt you if persisted in. Evidently you still love Jack, too much to leave .him. — H ERE is a pleasant little game that will giv« you a message every day. Ifis a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters-is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, lefMo right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyright 1HJ, by Wilii«m J. Milltr. Diltributtd by lint Fwturei, Inc. I0'21 are trusting them—who destroy the unity of spirit that is marriage— are to some extent heels, perhaps. But also most of them are rather ivitless prey of ; unprincipled women, who mark them as game and make a play. What's more, they are victims of the confused social order that sends them (moral weaklings) in- o a danger zone without adequate spiritual armor/ And victims, too, of their own personal history— .he hereditary and environmental factors that stood in the way of their being strong, in a' testing ime. Learn To Love With Charily Yoii admit, that your husband, even at his best (as you recollect), vas on the childish, irresponsible, self-indulgent side. You had to 'carefully control" him into line— 3 control that he both wanted and •esisted, perhaps. All along' you lore disappointments, it seems — 'and now this," you-fiercely say. In coming home and telling all, Jack is in effect asking you to help lira repair the damage done. He 'eels instinctively, if inarticulate- y, that he has lost his way. (What ic has lost is integrity). And he eels that your forgiveness, loving- y given, without reservations. Delicious Dinners PRIVATE DININ8 BOOM Special Dinners for Cluhl ond Groups SHEEHE'S RESTAURANT 'Cor. N. Mtchonic and Frcdinck Spec/a// "Harvest Time" 7 Year Old BOURBON Only Quart MARTIN'S Liquor Store 15 Baltimore St. Next to W. Md. Railway Crossing Free Delivery * PA 2-1459 ^ SEAFOOD featuring Imperial Crabs Oysters Alaskan King Crab Claws Shrimp — Crab Cakes Fish — Steaks — Chops YOUR BLOOD Is Needed! Give to the Red Cross Blood Bank Cumb. Nov. 7 — Lonaconing, Nov. 8 For Appointment Phone PA 2-1760 Dial PA-2-4600 tor « WANT AD tik«ir Clark's bock '.'God's Reach" ,'(Mic- wrilch suggests that the construe- vn..«» —» — --..—— »vc solution is to love-him with Blaster Park publishers). , charity:, -.' •'.•,: !•*>.'.-' •', •'•' For help in this, read I Corinthi- ins'13; 'and also .'study'.'; Glenn " Miry -.lUworth. coun«l« Ihroufh, • her column.' nol by m«ll or permrul Interview. Write her In ?*<* :ol. Th» ' , Evening Times. - '. ^ . Baron" Karl Diilnny ; Presents ... SUNDAY DINNERS Noon to «:30 p. m. Dtnnor Mwile • b/ Eddit Kruihinikl View (he briulllul f»ll from the jp.cloui dlnlnl room thru: picture windows overlnoklnr beautiful blue Youth Like MOTEL—Special ) Now lc ,ki n( , ««,r»ol!oni. Mar,, nu .(or Week-End Rates) H™im 9 Pom.. conii u .nc.-' AM the BUCKWHEAT CAKES $1 4C you can eat Sausage & Applesauce l«fcV SATURDAY NITE DANCE Dulany Bar & Restaurant 40 mil.i Will of Cumb.tland on Roul. 40 GREAT STAR Restaurant 31 BALTIMORE STREET SERVED 10.30 ».M. Herel to I '•«• SATURDAY'S SPECIAL FRIED SPRING CHICKEN (half) run COURSE. DINNER ......... . SPECIAL DINNERS BREADED VEAL CUTLET, TOMATO SAUCE FRIED HAM, (ARMOUR'S STAR) ...'. ................ 4 FRIED OYSTERS ................... . Tastee Freez Special 1 FOR 1 SALE To Show Our Appreciation, THE TREAT'S ON US! BUY ONE MILK SHAKE OR SUNDAE . . . ANY HAVOR And YOU GET ANOTHER ONE FREE! Homemade Ice Cream Serred FRESH from the Freezer TODAY... NOON TO 11 P.M. Your TASTEE-FREEZ Drive-in U. S. Route 40 in Allegany Grove TWO REALLY SPECTACULAR HITS! Packed with fufy...eiiciteineiit...cuiining...aiij tempestuous km! ROZIS BACK... 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