The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, Jl'NR 17. 1!M8 Blueprints for'Dixie Downs Race Track at West Memphis Show Lavish Layout Is Planned By Boll Brown Culled Press Stiff Correspondent UTl'LE ROCK, Ark., June 17. (U.P.)-U a ,,d when the galloping pome, start beati,, K CriUenden County's tun ,or profit, they w,l be opcialins in a lavish racn, s layout..-.. . Pi™ ™ m £"$£*?™?"^-\ at Wf < 1 Mpm » hls " as """»'«" ll -i West MeniihS -,?vea d" ' £i "".^nLsh the nece.«sary water. RI.YTIIKYIU.R (AUK.) fOTKIKU West Memphis revealed thai "Dixie Doivns-'-or .. Bl;n u , u . y mwns as it i,;i s been cHlled by Memphis oiiicials—will be a "L'i- r. Other .-.tiuclures on the sprawling grounds aloiij; Highway 10 include a Inrse Jockey club room, .1 decorative \xrnd in the middle of i Me Cnurchill S, vns" a . consld ' " ccorallvc >»nd in the middle ± .ably large tha Oaklawn Pak l . lle "° U " lg "' ack ' and " "^"i" 27 ^^^-v-4^» •«» ~sr 8 po ° l bart o( ' : * °"- * llc i«.i!i.s aie o- file with Racing Commission Sec rctary Otlio A. Cook. Cook said bat Kerf on the grandstands. To dale only four individual.* have been definitely connected win, Hie land and pla'nt' ' ' " c ( °' N°''l)« Arkansas ivas desia- The plan s call 'or two 100 ,„,, !'f lc<l as a P <>: ". Olliers incntioi.ed in ^i^^^r^^r^^'"^^"'' ='Kr-,r!-H:S !H"S»rK» sa£ s s's ~ "»5 •-"SHs r?= is, s,™i;r; ar ««T™''; •.":'"" "«• -»' •• ™' a " i.i.^n.tii K HH.LA HA lung ! ArKivnsan* Ott** vinta /iffi,.i-it «.«,- ^ First 1948 Cotton Bole Southern plantation style, wit'ji wiouEht-iron balconies on windows and tall columns on all porches. Two grandstands are planned, the largest for white patrons and sealing 3,500. The Negro stands wouMl be slightly smaller. 1-arse Clubhouse I'uumed A clubhouse 120-by-100 leet would have a capacity of 1,150 persons and large administration ard in.'uci- ^•Miance buildings would have lii-inr; Rliarlers on the second floor. The plant owneis plan the construction of 22 racing barn s and eiSlit iviiUer bains to Rcconirnoclate 600 head of horse.?. Two blacksmith shops would be operated. Built with an eye lo lucrative trade from Memphis, the ticket office would have six windows. The. belting windows would he below the stands. An 18-by-15 trx>l jucl<;es Hand would occupy a strategic spei in the infield. Original plans called for construction of a water lower. But. the. City i opinion thai tiie proposed track wa j adequately financed. The application for a fnuichi- . j will be he.lid by the rac'lls com- I I mission next WoJnesday, alter tin; t ; group had iiled articles of incor- • : poralion as Dixie Downs. Inc. i While a hard fighi is expected from churches and other or^ani/xi- lions in Memphis and Arkansas, ! proixmenls of the track will b is-: \ Mhcir arsu.'tjcnt.s fot approval on j points: ] 1. 'Ihe track will brine revenue;; j ivi minted at S500.COO a year into ilte I slate ucasuiy. 2. Racing and parimutuel betting , in AikaiiM.s are legal, and a rc- I fusal to grant Ihe Iranchise woni-l ! in eltect assure Oaklawn Park a monopoly nn tins lucrative business. 3. Memphis stores have depended upon fasten, Arkansas for a large portion o[ their trade, and "this is a chance to gel some of 1 lhal money bade into Arkansas," Boysville of America Is Organized; To Establish Home in Forrest City VOHKKST CITY. Ark,, June 11, i Uu.vsulle of America, a luster . Ilium- for lli-Klei'lci! nnd dependent boys between Ihe n K es of ninr and j IB, Is in he located he,c with Don !•. llolinian. oriiiim/n- of lour such home* ill Texas, as eo-ordlniilni-. tt e, coi'dillx lo Alibi.-v (i. Ualxeil at | We.;' Memphis, who ,, chairman , H Ihe board nf duectois lor the I The home »» t,,,,,,, ehanered as | a noJl-piujJI, non-set tar i.-ui orgiill- 1 i/.uiou. The uimemenl ],,, boys' home In Arkansas, .slim!;,]- i,) I),,. N,,|,|.|i.,Vn Hoys' Town, was initialed hv'WilHer lioiliN"'" n ii'lin-.i,., ial sliiflenl of the S.iuthein llapllst ColleKC Wnl- »'il HldiM-, Arkauvas. Atler « ,,ir- *'•>' of Ihe rjeedVi.v m.ijle by Ihe ihrcclors. they seiuied the services «! Mr. lloltnfin, t., esiHhlisli ihl\ home which will cine l,,i at Icn.M Minima n n ml Umbers mil culi-l Ihe nid of chiiirh uroinw, civic, pin- I .•'otic nml fintmiiil (URnnl/atlons I •M Ihe lliilial iiie.-Uuc of the Honril : ind li'ini? "'" "''"'"''' ''!'"'""•'"' D'unkan Driving Charge api I). l),»ld «[ .stiiit ul ,ri. p esu / f , j n f lnf Q f J 75 id driving under I lie Inflii'-uc* ,,t nnt ^ e - •miicd until June -J6. ' Wlliiei* my hind y police to have been 15 da J' M Jlllle . 15*8. minor accident with PAGE NINE s wa,v s»|,| lolher car owned by Bill Cieiirai lioail W»nl Ad«. ,„.,. <8fcAM C l«rk of said c»urt Arthur a HurilKm Attorney. NOTK'K ()K I'KOKATK OK H'll.l.'' Nollrr 1> hereby iilwii ihni tlir. •' l.'iM Will and Ted em, a , Jo _ i vephlne We, I «•„»,„ U | )B|( . ( | ,„ ,.,„„. J moil form |, y the ).,olinle Court of I MissKslppl (;onnty, on the |!S dav ' o! June, linn. ' . I An appeal ironl .\tich '»'••!.,.>- ' tie el feet ed only j>y I NOW! l>- elfect.Ml only by Illlni » pell- I "<"»" •ion. sllillnx llii Ri-ollildj! m, .,,,cll < ftf FftllKJTAIkJC 'PucKi. win, i i,u conn wiun,, , lx • ar rv/ur^i AlNi is. iminiiii from 11» d.i« of this I Kvery where! iiun K. <)lli< creifiry of It,,- Houston Collon , . . oon xmiiK.- a Hie firsl bale of linn ,otlon Iron, I'ablo Idvcra. rcmiT, who ,.„• '•" «* • > ' ' M . i rill' I, H III) fif'I'lV t HIS i ' "* bale on his farm near MeAllen. Texas. .„,«* Ca,,icman. ,-1,-h, drove ' n'.l-r,',',''!',, .^ ,'^n' 111 ' Hivera and his [i,,, bale to Houston, whore it v:,ll probably l,r,n K nea, ' of Com m 'ic.T'h.s' |ac1lvi-ly asslstiin; the lloai • N'KA Telcphotii.i IN THE MlJNHlll'Al, COURT KOR THR CITV OP BI.VTHP.VIl.l.E, AHKANS/tS R. C. Allen riba Aliens Service Station, Ptf. vs. No. 1!)6S Odis Talley. Dft. City of BJylhevUle. E. R. Jackson. Mayor and W. I. Matin. City Clerk. Garnishee WARNING ORDKK The defendant, Odis Talley, is warned io appear in Ihe Municipal Court lor the City of Blytheville Inflation Changes Popularity Score Of Greenbacks Circulating in U. S. What it America's favorite green- fourfold wura-n 1933 and the en I back as measured by the dollar of 1<H6 when a peak of Li under ~l,out s ta,,dil, 8? j S29 bllliors was'se, This rLe ^ 9A «o, it-« not the .smallest denom-( considerably more than the,«ain in * hiations ones or fives, or even tens. ] the nation's economic act! Itv ai Top tanking ,s held by the «20 bill, mcnsured by gro,s national ' oro- accord,n R to Fcdeial Reserve Board duel, whch at its currct pcaHs ^"tiT-Sr 1 -uS'KS- WM ! 3^ f^i^.KT^"'^ ^^ond.'^ ^ ^ ^ p ?l ffi^^r^S,™!? ^T- a fitioHs have been reversed. At Ihe! the denominations oi'tM and' im" end of March this year there was ! dcr a total of J8 3-4 billion* in sw bills : in circulation as compared with K ' billions in jio bills. i As a matter of fact, the $1 and I 16 bills are near the bottom in ] standing. Third place is held bv the j $100 bill with just under $5 billions i in circulalion at, the end of March, and the lourth posiiion is occupied by the S30 bill with neaily S2 1-2 billion.s oiiLltanding. Both have im- | proved their ranking since prewar. ] Slaiuling of Others 1 Before Ihe war the $5 bill tvas regularly in third place bin it, has lolllill lf\ t'fth ' 11- t " "" "" ^"•.> ••" >JIJ LILCVIUC .*''"" '? f !"?..;". lhe la « three : within thirty days and answer the years. The SI bill ,s u, sixth place.! complaint of the plaintiff R c Sjevcn.n aim eighth positions a,-e' Allen occupied by the $1,000 and «00 bills, | Wmie.w niv hand, as clerk of said respectively, with nearly twice tiv; j Court, and the seal thereof, on tin* dollar amount of »I,o:o bills in cir- the 3,'rt day of June 19W dilation as the $500 bills. , W I MAI IN One of the byproducts of the Clerk of Municipal Court Jx»m in economic activity durinir Pcic y A. WrisW and T. J Crow- ,nj>e war was. the very great increase der, altys for pltf. j,i the people's holdings of cash. H . G. Partlow, alt ad litem Money in circulation mse nearly 6 8 15 22 29 NARKAIRE SLACKS Tailored by MARX MADE The famed "Bur-Mil" Rayon Fabric that's cool, crease resisuni, holds Its shape and will noc fail Also Marx Made Killarncy slacks in fint gabardines, worsteds, iropiulx .intf rtanncl.t. Mother of Boy Evangeh'st Claims Her Son is Exploited, Wants Him Back \ Ky NVIsiin VI'. .\,..,| United I'ress Staff Corresnond.-nt ' | her son since April ll and iha; "showed lie needs parcnial care." i-li-eli-d secri-mry . nens'ui • memliers of Hie l M aid Include [ .lollll W. McCall mid KiiKeiie Woods. ' • i'.. of Menn>lils Meinheis of the udvivory hoard a,-: . Jm | K e Ciuilille Kelley. Memphi- .luvenlle Conn .Mrs. 1-los.sie I'aiker, reteiee i.I Hi,. I'mnskl Conlltv Juvenile court. Miss Mi'i-nu-i. liulclllte. direct,n. Arkan<>as child Welim.. Division It is our plan to piuvidf udctimilr hoiue-care ami ijiiiislhui triiinhiK lo lhe many boys who, wllhoui Mieh Iriihnny, will willll up In re- forinalo, ies and (rut- |II B scliools. .Mr. nalsell said."A „ ,)„„ will I,,. 1 netil III city, this week lo determine how nuu h acreage Is u> Cone c. Oily hns been Poy.sviilc in Ihe'seleci'i'on ,,""1, .,),". ~ 1 Flnley L-ui.son was flnetl ?Tti an 1 co...u m Minilelpul Comt this minn- liin on his pi. n :>l (;iilln | (l a chnrsi' nf ihlvinn while under the inlUi- rni-e of liiiuor. Wlllliim R.i'.vyeiv liuleileil » cash bJiul when he lull,.,) ;,, :t|>|:car I') ai Hot), in,-,i » by Oily 1'olic R sitiitlaj- clun«e. c at rested last ol^ht Hill Viw.5 i»i ohuiii'..') si etie of an acetdoiu Nnt lIlnheKl The CoolineiUiil UivUle. IHIIUIIHV lo popular opinion, Is not a lin'o drawn ihrnuiih Ihe hlKhest iviiki of Ihe Hoi-ky Mountnlns. bill n line dividing aszsHl:|g=r;H=fi ^ ff!«H:S™:^^S!H£^ Mrs. Mtiry Walta-r of Ciiicuuo lolrl |lli«t that, lhe yoiuiKsler WHS "in Juvenile Referee Lawuncc Hinds the seventh and eighth ...ailes" yialeiday thi.l "lattle David" Wain- "How could, he be in l,oth?""usk- er was not, cettins pro|)er care ed lhe Juvenil..- relercc while naveliliB will, his euarriiiin "He is advanced in .some of ai.s ant) manager 011 revival tours. : classes and only arcraite In-others " "He needs hi.- teeth brushed and: Hoekstra .said. He t.aid the bov ws's clean underwear," she sobbed. being schooled by a private" IMIO- His. WalXer anil her hu.shaod. , Irom :, lit-nsprt relisious school Jatk. are ntlcmptiii" m regain cus- : HoeKsirn denied lhal "Little Da- river, that rhniii Into STEAM BATH 'MASSAGE for Reducing A Nerves Phone 2539 V! ;elt;i Mor-jinn, Masseti* K. ('. DIIVIH, Miisscur SPECIAL ON BATTERIES! Ki.r .'III dnvM SI ill A Vniine iMoinr Cn. is nffering • n exoepllonnlly hijfh Inide-in vnlti* on yinir ol<t tmllerv KKCAKDI.KSS ()!•' CONDITION. So dnn'l wnil fin- your prfscjil liiillvr.v In r»il. If lh«l !>Hl(ery J K „>«.,- „ yc«r "M tiring i| j n miw an( j tfilit; H<lvHntx K « of (bin nulslnmliiiK offtr. Buy Now Buy Now .Buy Now Still & Young Motor Co. "Kvenhiallv We \Vill \V»)iiul xt First erl lo IM.'l.l ....^^. n , c iivLwiiiuuii-; 111 regain cus- : HoeKsirn denied lhal 'Tattle Da- tody o! their joti from Indianapolis uri" was bcinc overwo'-kcd Attorney .lamcis M. Davvson. 't'lie "David pleaches once a" dav /o- Walkers claim they were "hoc. I- seven or ei;;hl days. Then lie're^i winked" into • -signing aiiay" cu-.- ior a week or l(i dny.s He rui..'- tody of the boy. horse, and studies dluing his rest i Near hysteria, Mrs. Walker snirl iwriods," Hoi-ksua siud J that "Little David" needs lhe care - - _ | ol his mother. ' Wurhl's Spinsters I --1'heyre Iryinc to take my boy LJiluiiuu-.- .^.iy there are Ml) UOtf - ' away from me. All I wani Ls my 000 spinste-s in the world Of Die e ! boy home ugatn." j-nc cried. ' B.030.000 are in Hntain- no3303fl'},' I Mis. Walker said her liiisbmid Praiu-c; IIOOSCTO in t],',. Uni'ed was unable lo attend the court ses- Staie.s; 16.000,000 in Oerinntiv and sion because he was ill. .She ha.l 'lhe icinniniier seatlereil ihrolich- 110 attorney lo represent her. out llif world. Rev. Raymond Hnek.stra. the bo\'.? manager during his icvival loiir .saiit "Little David" had "three or four times as much clothing aa mast boys." "He goes lo bed before 10 o'clock at nijfht and .sleeps until lale in the morning.' llockslra said. Mrs. Walker said she hnd not "There's nothing /Vi Wonderland as wonderful!" THE FINEST REFRIGERATOR EVER BUILT THE AMAZING NEW 1948 See E. H. FORD Before You DSEI REFRIGERATOR O./is E\clnsirc!y Our price $6.95 I. Rosenfhal, Inc. 226 West Main Street p hone 2 562 Mirror-Test 4 Pointer Cool Durable Wcll-Tailored Wrinklc-fess ICs a lour-way denl to heller diess and roinlnrl in iiii s Mirror-'IVM Tiopical Suit for von. The suit will, all i he feanirep thnt you nerd in K summer Mil! to cive yon plea- 5ure in hot weiilh'-r . . . And i''s thriflv nver at 1ho natjnii- Ollf plii-o ;i s ;t l'';i I lift's llav Sprciiil is only $25.00 I. ROSENTHAL, Inc. 226 West Main St. Phone 2562 »ALANCID HUMIDITY ,,,,,,,I,Ir > c oitl Co III" r*frigpra CONSER VADOR ner door ili.u doiildcs tl t nickcr hv .lircci conMct, icmp<ralnrc uniform. COMPLETI SHELF ADJUSTABILITY |, c lvc Philco lion. nivin x in,,,,,,, rleiihitit Easy Terms HUBBARD & SON, Furniture Phone 4409 8! theyille

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