Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1970 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1970
Page 6
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-Junior Editor Quft on- SUN SPOTS QUESTION: What are sun spots? ANSWER: Our sun gives us light and power by the process called nuclear fusion. The centers, or nuclei, of hydrogen atoms inside the sun smash into each other and change to helium nuclei, releasing immense amounts of energy. Large dark spots moving slowly across the sun's surface have been observed since the time of Galieo. These spots are like funnels leading down into the interior. They look dark because, while very hot, they are actually cooler than the surrounding surface and look dark by contrast with it. Sun spots have magnetic fields which seem to have a part in ejecting electrons and hydrogen nuclei. Our large drawing, based on a painting by an expert, shows how sun spots may be connected with the explosion ejection of huge streams of gaseous matter. It is said that parts of the sun rotate faster than other parts and that the turbulence this causes pushes huge loops of electrical gas through the surface, producing sun spots. How fortunate we are to have an atmosphere which screens the deadly radiations from the sun and yet lets in the life giving rays which give us light and heat. (Tim Beers of Ft. Collins, Colo., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) TIZZY By Kate Osann "When he grows up, Renfrew hopes to be a congressman—so he can legislate his own pay raises!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox WO IT N«, be. TM..».». UA r«t JZit, "Edward is mad at TV. He iin't going to watch it any more until it stops what he calls 'this equal-time-for- other-candidates nonsense'!" Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics OUT OUR WAY ly NEtt COCHftAN OUR 80AftDINfl HOUSI . . . with . . . MAJO* HOOPH Monday, November 2, 1970 'Don Quixote' Answer to Previous Punle ACROSS 1 " — , hook and candle" 5 "Those who play with — — must expect to be scratched" 9 "A finger iti every - " 32 Turkish regiment 13 Certain Biblical objects 14 Posthole digger 15 Celt 16 Proportion 17 Caucho- 18 King of Judah (Bib,) 20 "'TIS ill talking of halters in the liousc of a man that was T) 22 Male feline 25 Before 26 Past 27 Male salmon (dial.) 23 Leaven 33 Poetic form of gloom (var.) 35 Dyeing vessel 37 Sketch 38 Level 39 Saxon letter 40 Food fish 41 Removed 4,3 Greek letter 451 own (contr.) 40 Exist 48 Bartered 50" will out" f.» 104 (Roman) 51 Collection of quotes 55 Mediterranean measure (var.) 57 Biblical country 61 Baglike part 62 Departed 63 Hindmost 64 Take into court 65 Greek lova god 66 Sailors DOWN ISack 2 High note of HHS HtaJfl CBIM3 H3E3GHHS gamut 3 New Guinea port .4 Flower 5 Of a remedy 6 Southern constellation 7 Tax of a tenth 8 Smudgy 9 Tobacco cake 10 Hercules' captive 11 Observed 19 Droop 21 Requires 22 Domesticated 23 Pointed arch 24 Edible mushroom 28 Poor grade cotton batting 30 Of the arum family 31 Ointment 32 Soft, flexible fabric 34 Work, as dough. 36 Reed roof coverings 42 Sprinkle with flour 44 Canton in Switzerland 47 Blunder 49 Ward off 50 Bulk 51 Two-toed sloth 52 Speed contest 56 Upward (comb, form) 58 Goddess (Latin) 59 Rowing implement 60 Feminine title (ab.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "When I said we'd make a game out of cleaning up the yard, I didn't mean hide-and-seek!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL DO VOU THINK VOL) CAN J FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG/ WITH MY CAR? - -—^ I'M IN A HURRY' AFTER ALL, X I HAVE yfflftS O 1 / EXPERIENCEJ LE'S HAVE A LOOK CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS fr LAWRENCE AW SOUU YOU'RE WOT STILL- FK£TTIN& A&OUT WHETHER TO KEEP TH05E P YOU FOUWP IW ELPf?ITcH'& BROOM ? THEV'VE BEEW APPRAI^EP AT »IOiOOO EACH...$0 I'M PONATH y'THB PROCBEP^ TO TgN^ ^_-- (^PIFFERPNJT ORPHMtoe*' l^ / MR. ELPRITCH f POOR BOy,,,ANP WAV HI: WILL HELP OTHER POOR AfEK, At THE 0OOP HOME.,, THINK WHAT THI? WILL, MEAN TO WE /AU$100 SOMETHWO TO 5HOW CAPTAIW /THAT'S IT--THE BILLS MAY BE A LITTLE RUMPLEP BUT i. THEV'RE ALLTHERE, AWP /ALLTH 1 " BOTH \-yOLI GOT IT ALL/ AMP THEM SO/WE/ WOW HERE'S 1*XJH CHAWGE--A OOLFTEE, A PAPER CLIP, A BUTTOM.TWO RU6BER BAWPS, AMP A CLUMP OF LIMT/ HEREAFTER KlUPLY SEPARATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF BEFORE YOU HAKIP ITOVER.' "- THE WHOLE LOAP ( I'M, THE? ) WHAT A PHY OUFi I AM MA3&R. AMcss B. HOOPLS, TH6 OBOE AT VIETMMA. / A« I'VE tTecipep TO OF POPULAR AAiJstc/ MY PRODUCTION IS AVAILABLE TO THE H\<SH6ST HE EVEN TOOK SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA .HAVE PEMANOEP OUR ISN'T LIFE JUST \ LIBERATION FROAA WONPEKFUL SINCE J AlfA/ YEARS AGO/ WE (30T OUK RIGHTS ANP FREEDOM' f WHAT'S BUGGIN6 ' t I EM??..I'A14 V FEMALE,TOO* \ ^-^rt^ ' •"••J*3P-"x-^v ' -m63l PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER I WAD THAT DREAM AGAIN...AFTER ALL -r THESE VEARS. 1 IT WAS SORT OF DEPRESSING-/ TME LITTLE ONE WITH THE GKS&LE IS &ETT1NG C3-RAT/ ^ / ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN YOJ MEN BETTER OOOH,' MY ) SEE TO IT TH 1 HAND/ /WIZERGETS BACK ALL RIGHT/ YEZZIR, \ YOU WERE TELLING SARGE/ ) ME ABOUT TH 1 SINK RIGHT / HERE,OOP.,.CAN HE AWAY// REALLY MINP- READ? 'AT'S RIGHT, ) V'MEAN GUZl ) ANYBODY? EVEN ME? WELL,YEAH, I THINK \ ALL RIGHT, SO...WHY'N'CHAGIVE I MIGHT BE 'IM A TRY? . L/ INTERESTING! WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI 1 PAINTED A PICTURE OF MV DOG TO GIVE HIM FOR HIS BIRTHCAY. THIS DOESN'T THATfeALL RIGHT... HE OOE5NT- KNOW WHAT HE LOOKS U«E. FRECKLES By HENRY FORMHALS DID YOU KMOW I AWAY A G4eW<N)<5 6UM YOUR BACK WITH YOUR 8ACKTURMED, . HOW COULD> You see A THAT I &UIA WRAPPER. HIT UTTER k THE6ROUMD? HIT.' I H£ARD ir WMILE FALLWC3/ CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS JUSTWUAT TH£ N4ME I CANY SLEEP A WINK ON THIS LUMPV MATTRESS I <50/N<5 TO SEE

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