Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 10
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it i Grace E Fort Worth. Tex.. Dec. 12. (AP) Cbristnias. instead of TtianHsfiiviiig, will be the nation's "turkey day" 4bi8 year. • , TeKas, priuciiml source of thel tu(kpyii whjch reach Aincrhian ta- bies.for hriliday feaKt.-!. has scut to 'oiiKtcfU 4ud northern markets Icaa. than 20 irar «;cht of its feathered (:n;p for t^te Thanksgiving trado. Shi|>rn(>nlN i[>f lufkvyH for tlic Yulc- lido will 'be much licayicr.' dcalori rJ)ii«di<;tiuR the niovcniciit of at least 7U0 carloads. ; i lllrijs Hl4|(t|)cd for lliJ! cnrly i||ur- kr% :were of pooior quulfiy llwu fUaaali beutuso cxlrpiuoly warm «'(>at}i^r kept them frourfailieuinR. Tbe'fmr^HtniaH birdH, liowuvcr, will ? i9 w4ll rouiulod out. ix'iwrtH from artr.H Indicate. . Tlip Texas lUrkey crop ibis yifur WD4.4lie largeitt In 10 years. Tbu lncrc)||Ha l^as been attributed to the poor cotton crop of 1026 and to the gospel of agricultural dlTersiffca- tipn. While less than one-flftb of the turkey crop was marketed before Thanksgiviuj;. • the sbipmeitta before that holiday totaled" 10,000.- itOO pounds. Altbougli the marketing acason is a short one. it provides etnploy- nieut (or tbo^sauds, of men and women In the many dressing jilaiita ifH!jjlterei| over the Lone Star state. Shortly before these plants open; buyers from Furt Worth and other cities make rounds of the smilllcr (owns In tile turkey raising country and coiilr^pt, (or Ibo piirclBiHO of liirdu. iji qtany smuUor ultjek where the flocks of turkeys aro cuhoen- trateil tbc "turkey trot" bfis become an annufll ccl»brati<in. Tbciiisatula of birds uru i|riven to ninrkctiiig cenlern. where ibcy pre "stuffed" liefore going' to thn dross- li)g plants.- The dreaaed poiijlry is packed in large barrels for s^fp- menl. ? couirrr SCHOOJL 'NOTES ' . The sutqipary report of the grade apd-»'«}«'lll'te»c}ier8. for the Hjlrd nj^}jH», 8hqw» a tptalenroll- tqiot br duplls,--0§7 boys aftd gijt RlflB-" 21* Pf 'heap bpys aJid ((Iris «itc tardy. *hlle 1063 wei'e W. taUgtit byMrs.pilve 8. Sa^y- delther »b.senl llftr tSPly- Pl«t- jrcr' and Mtss Clara, Martman re- po.rt perfect attendance for (be iH>«ith.''- Miss Cox who teaches dl?- tr|«t '55. alaa gl»e» a report of perfect attendance. The reports' show 8 diatrlct officers- and^^P parents as| haribg been class roohi visitors. This ia a very low score:' We hope that the rtext report will make ya I much better ^do^iqg In this Kitn- 'ture. Out of 74 districts. 32 are reported as haying coipplied with tl}e Liljrary Law. • This law requires the expenditure of at least five dollars per teacher each year fpr library bdbka. Bach district abould see to it that these books are placed In tbeir school libraries. These bop^s aid In the mechanics of reading, help tp piold character, and there i's no better way for a boy or girl to spend thefr leisure time, than in company with a good book, c , . • In tb^ bncTteacbcr school, the largest enrollment' is cial'med by dtsT 29. taught, by Mrs. Hardin y^ebask. with an enrollment of 32; RJhs Lfopa McPheraon in dist. 64. follows closely with an en- fpljjpeht of 31. Misa Marie ftecdy. di^t. 81 reports C honor roll mem- repprts 10 nicmbers on the honor bers. Miss Maggie Fish. dist. 76, roll. Districts .16 a;idJ5fi. tauslil by Mifs Luclla Brooks ai)d .Miss Irene Mellon rcsp«ctivc|y, have daeh pLA DAILY REGIS r -5R .THURSpAY EVENING,'PECEMBEB 15. We arc offerinp mcycLEs placed a new piano in thplr scbool room; -Dr. Kyger Is Kiving Rental inspection to the .Morau am lools this Week. A number of the schpois, liayc bad suppers and ^ave' Invested the proceeds In books oj* playground equipment. Ttie new courses of ijtudy wl|I be ready for distribution by the.! beginning of tlte.flftl munti). Copies of tl|e new scbiKil law are | prpmisecl l?y the first of the year. These will be mailed ou: an soon as they are recehr'ed. The aichools. generally, are doing e:;'cellent work, under the direction of teachers who are^lving earnei t and un divided ^attention to t|i« ir, w'ork. Kncourage the teachers liy kind words of coniniendatiop. Let ' us make this our .slogan: " Cach parent a class room visitorl at least once. dujriijg the year." / Tha stbool rooms arei receiving their decorationa ) for the Chlrat-' mas weMOR. The two. Upper grade! rooma at yUdted uught by Bnima Longiiia'd- MiarTbedta Tbo- •ftn 'wer0 Q«plc|gjly pretty. '{ We'wish tp aclinpwfeilge the klufl, ittyitationa io ^^ttend the Cbr>,8im4« pro^rjiins which the schoi)|s pre firing next week. . We regret tnat we cannot afttcnil' all qf tl}cs«. Bp. here are- my best wishes to the boys' and girls of Alle^ cciinty. for "A Merry Christmas anci a Happy New Year," and in the jyords of Tiny Tim, "God bleas u», e>fery one." Whaf! • puts the bird's-eye In the. binl'STexe maple is to be the subject i:of scientific research by the Unlfed jStates • Forest Service. FQR THE GHIUpiREN'S: CHRISTMAS ipeoial prices on; TRIQYCLES ' SCOOTERS ^ KiDDIE-K^US ' COASTER jWAGONS Come in and loolf teni over. Our liiie is; complete. JKSS HOWAlBI) SHOE REIfAJR SHOP West AJadiiion , NQRTH OF pLSMOJtE : (Mrs. Anna PrlceiJ = Dec^. 12.—L. J. Marrs and family and .Mr.'A. J. Marrs moved Into .Elsihore last Tuesday. They wilH : ";be greatlj-i missed in this nelghbor- • hood. . Clarence Price speut Tiiesjlay uig^ with Guy Cramer In Elsmore. - . Floyd Boler returned home Saturday from the home of his sister. .•\rrR; Mark Tarrot near He had been helping Mr. Parrot with lils work. Mrs. EmII. Scaslcdt is suffcrlui; wltfi a'severe cold aud ,tough.-We ' hopb she will soon be well again. Jack Blankonsbip. spent |ihe week-end with his cousin, Cluruiico Urlcc. Fred Muntaeri helped Lloyu Cux bead knfirlast Saturday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Kmmer.soii Pago of lOlsniure were Sunday gueht.s in the C. \y. ITIco Iwmc. . ' Mrs. Parker, of Oregcm. Is staying wltli her (liiugliter. Mrs. .lake .\ndcriion for an Tndnrinlli; period of time. Iria Leone, the 111111!- iwo-year-yld daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .fak); AIIT dciTsbn" passed away December 3. 1927. after a severe illncsii of several, days. The Key. Mr. Moss- lander, ))astor of liie.Elsmorc M. E. church, conducted funeral scrviica' • at the house on .Monday, afl^ornoon and burial was made In the Ela- mqre cemetery. We wish to ex: prcas our sincere sympatliy to tho .sorirowinft parents and relatives ofi • «hi.s little one. - / : I^erkistent cough^ aod-colds lead to leridui trouble. You can stop ihei now .Mrith Creomulsion, an emulufiedcreo-. «ote that .is pleuant to take. Creomol- situi; is W neir medical <ii*covery witli two-fold Mtion; it sootivs and heals tlie inSamed membranes and inbibit* genn |pi>wtlL Of all known drugs, creoMt^ is rcc-' ognized by high' medkid. authoritiMlas? on* pf t])p greatest liealine agencies foi persistent coughs and cofds and other - buraM «f ducat troubles.: Creomulsiop . contains, in addition to creosotie^ otl}C( healing demenU «-faicliH>otbe and heal theinfected inembrAn^,ani| stopthe^ irritation and inflammation, while ttie creoaate'.(aM on t(> the stioiac^ i» »}>. sorb«| into the |)1pod, attaclEa tbe seat , of i)ie tniuble and checi* the growth of the germs.; .!.' Creomulsion is guaranteed satiafae- torr .in flw itriMHwrot of. mt\t^t«i- coufn and cowi. brenimial; asthma, bronebitia.a^^.ethw 'o^£<»^ ^tl". STAR DISTRICT Dec. 12.—The>-rlter of- these Hues lias been 111 several days and 80',4ias beeti unable t^.cpUect itews. C. C, C. vas entertained by Mrs. F. Baugness and Mrs.iAlfred nbsc. December 1. A beautiful day l^rought out a good altendaiK^e and a comforter was finished and presented to Mrs. ^niia Sliitpaon, a loved metpljer, home was entered and bedding stolen - some tiriie ago. A ouilt was worked for the ho.ste!<»es also. KJoll call was iMipre .sting and .Mrs. Baugness as- susted by several ladies served dainty eat.*. Several guests were present. The hext meeting will be December iV at the home of Mrs. H. K. Booiie. with Mrs. S. .M; Oick- e .rson, hpsies-s. It Is the Chrisrmas ex<'hange and roll call will be-*'Happy Ohristmases I have had." i . I Ralph DIckerson ,1s out of school with aj.severe cold. •. Rain and sleet today m&'de chor- ihg .(Usagreeable work for the fariper. ' - i Milo Smith i and Cliftou Dickerson' drove to | lola Sunday to see tho new Ford.. '' Mr. X- S. Ixingslreth called on S. M. DIckerson Tuesday, waikiiig ouk from Colony. Robert Gerdsen. called oq tbe Simpson boys Tuesday evenlpg.' Mrs. A«»na SImpsPn vislteii Mrs. Cena Diokersoi; Sunday eveqfng.- A party of'boy» were akatlng'on Martin creek Sunday night : Star sptfpol is preparipg a nic« pi:ogram for 'Chridtmaa and'sch^l is a very biiay pj»ce jpst now.; Our Christmas Gift to YQU with DTfry $5 JOO parrbase »r mpre will give' g brAHBc, ItraaN or Kllver -wrO a( SliPO. Oai) i» a castoaKr away. • (:»AT DEPT. 1927. , ELSMpRE , (Dora Bcaman.) Lawrence Marrs was a bifsiuess visitor in Pleasan on. Kansas the latter part of the veek. \ Several from he; e hav^e been attending tlielrevivsl nieetlugs at Savbnburg, conducted by the Rev. .Mr. Veils of Dallas, Texas, in^d Mr. .Moalander.-pastbr. .Mr. and .Mrs. Ted Swansoij were Chanute and lola \-isltor.s Saturday. Those Htho spent Sunday rwith. Mrp. Ciirioy Beaman were: Mr.j and Mrs. Orval :Holmany Mr. find .Mrs. KIrtpatrick. 'Mrs. R.'. M. Bea- inan dnd litt'le Wilber Bo^ken. : j Sijndifty at Mrs. Gay; Is spending.a'^ew days] Ifome. _ with her\alajig|uer and}; family, Mrs. Lawrence. .Marr .H. oflKlsmore. We are giad tb report .Mrs". Gay is feeling better the last we%k. Dtm't forget the basketiftill game j at Klsm<^e Prfdhy night. December i Iti. wheir'KlKniore Will play Fort • Scott. \- i The farm fiureau unit is to meet ! at the home of Miss Lilly Watson Thuniday afternoon of this wf " hit, and Mr». Olen Sears '#"01 the parental KSglit OuH^BNTfiOii u , A20 tiwmm •?5" PISCEI¥^ ffl^i MORNING lit keeping with our custom of sellin nothing but of tires, we ordered ye.sterday an eritirfe new s^tock of tire.s iand tube.s to take, the place of those that before the fire "yesterday morning. We are again able tb supply you witli any .size tire or tube you may need. All fresh, new merch guarantee of satisfaction as before. were in our building tndise; With the same 114 ]Bast JaciOQD C, Canatsey, Prof. : ; Service" . * ' ^ IERVICE ," "co-operatiori," and phrases like "inulual uiiderstatiding" and "helpful appreciation" have virtually taken on new jiicani.ngs in. recent years. Wherfe V-/ formerly they vverc merely words,- now they arc alivs, vibrant with distinctive application. "Service." especially has conic to be the watchword—the slogan—»nd. many ii stances, virtually the religion of aggressive, progressive civic and industrial tutions. Cynical writers may jeer and jibe at "Babbits" and "Rotarians" but, iravcrtliclcss, it is a fact thai' wc have in the last ten years approached closer than ever before, to a practical application of the Golden Rule. .• • The Misspiiri Pacific Lines was one of tlic first of tlic gi cat industrial institutions in America to recbgnize this great truth and aiv>ly >t iicdaily t sage. The entire pcvsnnii?! of the iMissbuHj Pacific Lines' army—60,000 strong—har won the admiration . of the whole country. Lis a result bt the honest, untiring, CQnsUwt kffort to provide adequate, "dependable and I satisfactory SERVICE. Having bcc:n one of the pioneers in'tin? dcvclopnicni of the >v^w era of SERVICE, this organization now is blazing a new trail aloiig the path of PR(><|VES.S. This new •.movement can be and also is a single -word—"REFINEMENT./ The traveling and shipping public is learning thai u tiling like railroad traniportaiion, or service, can be refined. .\nd when an arniy of 60,000 determined people atove on a L'lven objective witji a li.xcd dctcntiinatipn there can be no question regarding the result. • ' This is tlici explanation of ihd smoothly handled passenger trains <in the Missot>ri P.nrific Lines. !lt accounts for the unusiial and distinctive dining car service on our trains and it nlM) accounts for the innunierablc little courtesies travelers and shippers receive from Mi.-.>.ouri Pacific Lines' men and^'wonion everywhere—on trains, at ticket windows, in ofl'iccs and-on the telephone. It accouht.s.. for the absence of unnecessary noises, so far a^' they can be eliminated,'in the souri Pacilic'yai;ds and stations. •Adniittcdlv the Mi.<tsouri Pacific is profitingj vicinity of j^lceping cars at night in Mij- as a-rcsiiU oi this RkpIXEMENT that is a part ci all lilissouri Pacific Service. fiutoUr greatest reward is the knowledge that, as a result of our efforts, a journey haslifen niade ijiorc pleasant and conifortabic, or a hhipnient of freight has been handled to the s.itisfactipn of and frc=r|ueritly bettcnhan was expected by the shipper or receiver. , Time is working great changes In all.things, including railroad iranspnriation service. The one thing lh:.t is not changing is the determination of the;.Missouri Pacific Lines' organization to-be of greatest possible service, and the-sincerity of the Holiiiay Greetings and Good Wishes cxteeded to all of pur patrons and friends by jtvcry individual in th^ Missouri Pacific Lines* family. I solicit your co-opcra.tion and su/ki«rt. viGC Inatittttioa" President Missouri Pacific Lines . .WJiat nonid I>« more an. proprlalel 27 good sfyfts left. ifOHM ny to iMOJW chplci $20.98 Piip ipt at »}4,»5. lljy>' COATS An Ideal'gift. FreBc)i Ifala Coata, ^y^\ 13.98. • lWI«|reB> ^.W,^ .. BATH RO^ES tiUK), fiaUv RffVfa itJHi. $54)0 I^ajMMi «kif), ao Par I'eat Dls^oanf an all (-i7^ ani snk Klnioaaa. " all colont. r. A nice gift. . Yaket 8 Morf 9ay« 011^ A Little M6r(b For a Little LesH ilJi:> Whlti-v 9-lb. Mlilclied ( ottun Bait, Mperlal H»c.^acli fl.25 pad Suedr Gloves tiBPcial 95c pair 20 Per tcpt all Sweafent. UisruunI on iw Per Cent all BlanJtetH. IHbcouut on ifl.2S rulqnsuits, Sitccial imc suit. •it . ; , i $1.25 Ontlngr (iowqs Wc. tiJl^ Allen A, i'olp|ed Ifeel lioiie, all KIIH , special %)jsa. ' 10 Per reqt DIKCUHIII on all Hand Boo^a. Bags 'ana' Pocket Kid UIOT^s, n^netil ^itrlca, special «84K( n pair. 2« Her tent all Blankets. Illscount un .STAPI^ES .'lOc Ducliess .Satinc 'i^i- I'd 9«c Anna Ma) Pongci* 2.5c iOc Fasf CPIPT Ifcrca e 16c 20c I'orafort Clinllle- 16c. (tUc I'epperel '9.4 Sli)pelin|t Wc }ard. COc Pepperel 'tt-ln Tfublag , •l/c jarif, I2)ic Bleached Musllh »c. 2<lc Hqne Muslin 15c yard IS Jforamfe All HOk fun- gee 68c jrard. $1.35 Wool Goods 9»<V- Yd lj<li.30 Mil nvol, 5p.lncli Flannels ^.69 jrard. . 25c Yard wide Outing Flau nel 19c yar4. IIAM»KI:R('HIEF iiEpt. The goryeous line w( hMTf aier "honn Iftc to I IXif. a ^l>;^- 411 in fancy I'hiM. ihaa pbxes. 1-H1L1)UE>'.H VELVET) HOOD.S A ul^e asoriment In Tbig|SforeQpe^ Pyery EveninjBT ll ^^x^i^ek JJntil Cfiristm^s ^ DltEK^ »EPT. Jiow shoWing, Uie Acw NnrlHg Drattwft at flMtf in livfi cof{ji«ri<; \miitg^p! uud All winter i dressc.v, Taluesi to i»17.50,iniuice $7.98 10 Per ('enfc Discount on alT Corsets and C'orselelt^. 54.X54 :AII ; Linen Cloths. Srteclal »im . QlliLTEII ROBES W> i .Siik' (jiiilted Robes aH silk lliied.^ extra ^^^^ A beautiful gift nnd she will like. Real Iri^Hes; at fSJIO, $3J»0 «3.»S and ^1.9$. %im\ iyik BedspYeads MW nches long, special HK ;;5. ,i Christmas'gift ahe will like, —i—\ ne big lable full Sll)[ tk. derwear, Ted»i. VeMts, BIo<i|n.. ers (>owns (Iholce : ' A .woni^rful xelectlon of beaallful ^o«e) HeU »c (» .Jifr J£cqnQ,p»ical Transportatf€t» i' r has been cirefjolly checked aiul tecm^ ^itloned yfh0$0 V Motor ''With (in that cojints vRear Aad^ 1 V Transmission' V Starting V Lighting V Ignition v^Batteiy vTirgs vfciuiers CQmetooursslesroomandiiispept have the caiX ^pu cwaint at a price that will please you—ana our terms are ufijisu^y reasonable, with the lowe^ filiaadng charges available tl|l||upti the^ Getieral MotQr$ i^cce^l^ce Corporation; TlvB |re4 *^OJ^ts^h sm^hsid to th^ r^d |j |tQr pf i^veiry^ne of pur re- condit|Q||^d(^fs.Itmes|ytist^ the car hf^ fcKp ^n^iiepv^r (x>m^ by expcft m^cbai^cs, using genu- inejmparts for iall replaicements. Look fpr this i^fig^-and buy with confuience. Go. 118 W« Jacksoiit phon^ M

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