The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 2, 1958 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 17
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ANN1I DON'T urr MR TEU.HER IMA6INE.HAVIN610 Tl KNftV SOAttS WT UP WITH THffl: AFTSRA JOW5US STUCfc THAT* loo BAP... MMAN& 1 MlflHTA (JONETO TOE MOON, FLVSOYl I fines* V you you'(46 HATE MY CUTS.' W6HT.' -HUH, COLONEL. BEEN ^ CANYON ? SPOILED/ INTER65TCP IN SO/YIETHIW BBRJEE I CAN HATf IT.' -VOlf CAN CATCH THe BUS BACK TO HOLLY WOOP BHNfl MARRIED To SAVANNAH <3AY 7.. ON TN6 &APAR LINK UP NORTH WHO WOULP S5TTIER3RTJJATJ fVUWM HA$ HAPt? CAU.OFF7W6J»AKTy' ASNH MARY WORTH lOOK.BUOOYl—VOU )> WHniAmrUAn **" Mu*t LJAUV -m AS* iVr*yi A ML WnU 5fMD I HAD JOHN AL6E»?a?tmI?r W\ANYTHING LIKE.THAT M?t* prnwifnnL''T E ™ R INMIND/'CLOWN"? KltlM-PLEASE! DON T TELL / T IHIT Ji&HITA CUBP HER WHAT ITOLD YOU! / you? W ^ NTACURE COME IN. — LET OL' BUDDY SHOW YOU HE'S 50RRYJ FRECKLES OTHER ONE OF THOSE BASK&TBAU- PUYWS/ PRISCIllA'S POP-By Al Vermeer PRISCILLA! GET OUT OF THAT WATER! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major m %%%r £&,'.'* -j Hooplt WMY DIDN'T YOU STOP MER?? YOU'RE HER V - OLDER BROTHER!/ 4 QOSH,MOM, I MATE TO PULL RANK ON HER! B «»»! >» MEA 6«nr»». Inc. T.M. >«|. U.&. F.t Oft OUT OUR WAY-Bv J. R. Williams WHV, CURLV. t THIWK. 1'P HAVE STAVEP ON THERE LONflERTHAN THAT MY- 1 KNOW YOU WOULP- MUCH LON6ER VOU'P OF HAP TUWLACB . SORE SHOES. THE BOOT JACK UK&AMANVJHO HAS JUST ESCAPED FROM THE BLACK HOLB OP CALCUTTA.' •TWISSS.AS AM YOU SANK WITH <5AR|gA.LDI AND WILLIAM TELL/ APTER i THIS PRSCIOOS TREASURE X 5HALL SHOVJ AW GRATITUDE BV STANDIMS VOL) TOAFINECISAE. OR PERHAPS MlMUTE, VOU BIG CASE CLOSED, MA.3OR YOU'RE AS FREE AS AIR AT A6AS. 5TATIOM/ 6EFORSX STAND vourt EAR/ CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner "I thought J'd better be prepared—there's a lot of laryngitis going aroundl" The Choctaw Indian Nation of Oklahoma recently appealed to the IT. S. Secretary of the Interior to permit the Choctaw people to select by ballot the Chief who will head their tribal government The Sweater snow goose mi-j North Carolina. These giant white for the next two vea,-* g '' ateS O " ee 8 yeal> fr ° m Al ' CtiC gC6Se neVer leave their nesting lor me next two yews. islailds to the warmer c i ima t e O f females for life. AUSTIN (Minn.) HMAtO f 7 Tuesday, Dee. 2, 1958 I f TIN' ~ 2 | """"' '•--"'•'•""""•" •" I u^v/f^r^RSFjffl^eJ I SHORT RIBS I ^YuSiSevTfi^ / WUYBE M3U COULD WARM UP TO SOMETHING VOUNC3 AND LIVELV/?-r~'V-s*o«r''- KNOW I COULt>.»~) WEVE EXHAUSTED JUST LNO fUESPAVANP PARPONTH6 INTRUSION MISS SAUUV,,,8UTHOW DOES A FELLOW 30 ABOUT GEtTlNfr A SATURPAV NI6)Ti; (MteiN THB5E PARTS •2 15.,,I SO WITH Jl ANPBROP SOT If MAPB.^ SHE ISN'T 60IN6 ST6APX ARCHI1 V....YES/ V/HOM IS IT FOR? ARE THESE THE CHEAPEST ONES VtXl HAVE? WELL, WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING SYMPATHY FOR? CAN I HELP •*OU FIND THS RIGHT SYMPATHY CARD? JUDD SAXON-By Ktn Bald and Jerry Brendfield . IS JUST A ROUTINE VISIT, BUT 1 AM EXCITEP ABOUT OUR ffl& PROJECT THERE SPACE BISCUITS' NO,JUPP. our Of THIS WORLD/ EVER WONDER WHAT SPACE TRAVEL6RS WILL EAT ON A IONS, — WITH NO ROOM TO STORE FOOP* WELL, Wf'Kt THAT B05WORTH RESfARCH IABS IS AN INTERESTIN& PLACE RISHT NOW, JUDO. SOME rASCINATINS WORK 6OIN6ON. WHAT IN THE WORLD...? IT'S THE BEST- RUN UNIT IN THE BOSWORTH MORTY MEEKLE NOW THAT1OU A6KME, NO, I WOULDNT EVERY O*y ITRV t TOMAKEATLEA6T ^ONE NEW FRIEND l/H THE/ TH' ... , fiOV'MENT, BUT I'LL ( AWFULLY ) RUNNING /OH! THAT'S MANAGE \ BRAVE... / THE SOV MENTALL VOURSELF.' -,/T'S WHAT THAT FOOZY SAID,.. 'BOUT T'START LQOKIH 1 FOR AN MAW- POVMVWSW ROUGH.. WASH TUBBS HE FINALLY MAKKIEP A&AlK), IN BNcSLANP. THIS TIWB FOR MONEYi IHEKRP 1 . I5WT THBKE AMY ^f NO! EWP OP. WAY TO MAKE HM \ WTEBVIIBW. KlPl HELP 5L)Pf OKI _ 1C UNCLE WSt> COMB* »-. 'SS I H0we AWP FINOS IAB ATJW» I OOME. HBXl 8E FUKIOU5! MEN GONE SINCB NOOK) WHAT HAPP&NED TO 6LLEWS FATHER AFTER LEFT HIM WHILE SHE WAS A BABV? A KIEW NUMBER SOOP PEEP TO DO FOR TOPAV! BUGS BUNNY PETUNIA SAIP T' KEEP \ VA IN IF IT CAINEP -AN' / THAT AIN'T LIOUIP / SUNSHINE' wowr wowni WHAT* IT V M-I-M ^ 5AV UNDER \ A-M-tRI-M JACOBY'S BRIDGE NOBltt x 4KQS4 VKJ7 »Q10 4AK83 WKST EASt 4k B 4 J 10 8 3 ¥1098842 ¥5 • JI42 »K765S 452 41078 sotrra <DI 4A971 VAQJ • A9 4QJI4 No one vulnerable Soatk West North E»»t 1N.T. Pass «N.T. Pasi Past Pass Opening lead—V 10 By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Today's baud la » simple on«> Played at six no-trump declarer wilt simply run out his clubs, then lil» heart* and finally his spades. On the second spade lead West will show out and declarer able to count only 11 top tricks. It won't take htm long to aet the one play for" his contract. He will simply play the rect ot the apadea and East will be In with the Jack. East will be down to the king and • oue diamond and will lead the low one. Declarer will play low from his band and North's queen will be the twelfth trick. The reason I used the hand Is that' there is a pitfall In the bidding. When played in » duplicate game all Bouth players Opened • one no-trump. Moat North players simply Jumped to six no-trump on the theory that there was no satisfactory way to wplort for anything el»e. •' • A couple of super-aclentlsta u»«d the Staysnan convention; found th» four-four apade fit and landed la aix •paclea. -Six spades can make •lap but neither did make it. Kaon on* found out •bout the bad trump break and tried to atrip the hand. Unfortunately each one decided to try to caah » second heart before a third club. East ruffed that heart and still had a club for an exit card. ' ' . Twice As Lovely People who advertise in Austin Daily QlauHM Pagts art Satisfied. Why Net Try ont WANT A NEW REFRIGERATOR OR STOVE? Thi$ could be truly a wonderful Christmas for you if your dreamt would c6me true and that needed new stove or refrigerator would suddenly become yours. Make this a "White Christmas" for the whole family! You can arrange an installment loan with convenient payments to suit your income. Help yourself to needed home fur. nishingi with friendly credit arrangements through our bonk. We're Here To Help You Get Th«t New Appliance AUSTIN ,~,-. STATE BANK *%*cin»tlng to erocbttl Us* -»-^^ (or «leguut cloth. «carve% »pr«KL et pillow-top*. "Compauloo" (quATM to ooroblnt or use *epw»t«lj, Lu»urlou» In No. 50 cotton. P»ttero 166: chart*, crochet (Urectiou* lor two t-l&cb •quax«« la ySend Thirty • ttf« C«M* (ooln») tor Pkttera for lit - C!M» m»LUttf to UM Austin Daily Hwild. N» ••• -«--^ p^ Q Jtfly —- . K«w York «*»*" Mtrabar F.O.I.C. We're here to help you get what you want A NEW 1859 Uur» WhMlfT S««41«- cr&It Book. JUST OUT, hot lovely d«•Igus to order: ftmbroliUry, crochei. kcltuuK, weavlag, qalltiaj. toy*. In tb» book. » »p«clia »i«ptLs» to Uttl* girl h*pj>y —

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