Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 11, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1933
Page 8
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"BUY BRIM or AJO»- UCXS DAILY T1IBBWB TIKEI. AXES, IOWA FRIDAY, AUCH5ST 11, 1935 Safe Sealed The Final Safeguard Perfectly pasteurized milk bol* tied In sterile containers "and capped securely against the intrusion of dost 01* genus comes to you In the finest possible condition. These .efficient caps, easily removed are your final safeguard for pure milk. MOORE BROS. DAIRY 114 Kellogg Phone 369 STQ1IES Keep In Touch WITH Home-Town Events! On your vacation this summer have the Tribune-Times with you Half the fun in being away is to know how hot it is back home. Special summer rates anywhere in the United States ^ ; CALL COAGULATION DEPT. Phone 2400 AMES DAILY TRIBUNE-TIMES ^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^"""^^^^IHBHHHIHIHI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F Read The Tribune-Times Want Ads Daily RUSHING FOOD MARKET 329 We Deliver BUTTER, Brook- *4 - I VINEGAE, pure 4 Q^ fc I W apple cider, gal. I 5JC field, Nevada JiOBMELa VEGETABLE SOUP . /3 15c cans 39c 1 can Hormels Onion Soup Free PALMOIIVE SOAP, last tima at 5 for 25c CORN FLAXES, I. G. Ai' ..". ;.''•'•'" '• 'ig c p kg 9c LAUNDRY: SOAP, Swift Quick Naptba 10 bars°23c BROWN BETTY COFFEE, vacuum packed- 3 Ibs 69c JAPAN TEA; "A" Blend, */> Ib pkg 19c COFFEE, Folgers**H drip or regular.. O I 2 Ib can ....... 59c SUGAR, 10 Ib cloth bag .. CLOROX, bleachei clothes qt. bot. 19c OLIVES,.fancy stuffed :.... two 6-oz. bottles 25c KELLOGG'S PEP, regular size .'. . 2 for 17c POSTS BRAif FLAKES 2 for 15c HARDWATER CASTILE SOAP, I. G. A. .... 6 bars 25c MACKEREL, canned salmon style ......'., tall cans IOc PICKLES, tasty sliced, 25c val. at 10c GINGER SNAPS 4 A FIG BARS, Ib... I UV TUNA FISH, I. G. A/white meat i/ 2 fl» can 18c BREAD, white, rye or graham loaf 5c INSECT SPRAY, I. 6. A., pints 33c .. ty pt. 23c FLY SWATTERS, assorted kind 2 for 15c PINEAPPLE, Dole's matched slices /.. 2 No. 2 cans 27c IVORY SOAP, medium size 5 bars 25c Peaches, sized> wrapped, box . .990 • Buy-Now for Canning Red Cherries, 32-lb crate . . -$1.09 Late Wisconsin* • TOMATOES, ripe home grown bushel $1.00 for slicing '.'. 6 Ibs 25c CABBAGE, home grown .. 'ib 3c PLUMS ; 6 doz. basket 39p CANTALOUPES, large home grown . .5c WATERMELONS, guaranteed ripe, Ige. 29c, med. ea. 25c BANANAS, ripe yellow fruit .. 3 Ibs 19c NEW PEAS, green, nice size ..' ib iOc CELERY, large Hollandale bunch IOc HEAD LETTUCE, med. size 2 for 15c You Will Like Our Delivery Service CALL 329 IN THE PURE LARD . lie 15c 15c 15c 12-ic- 12lc 12lc 15c LONGHORN CHEESE ....... SIRLOIN STEAK ......... SWISS STEAK ..... ROLLED ROAST boneless ..... BABY BEEF pot rc-ait, IOc VEAL ROAST choice ........ PORK CHOPS center euts ->;-;-. SLICED BACON 1 Ib. pkg. The Store Where MARKET «... 2 Ibs MINCED HAM machine sliced ... BOLOGNA home made t PORK STEAK HAMBURGER Ib PORK SAUSAGE ...... COTTAGE CHEESE, bulk, pt PORK LIVER fresh BEEF , BOIL You Feel at Home We agreed to go with-the grocers of Ames on the opening and closing of stores but since then Mr. Johnson has made it very plain that that was not wrhat they wanted. Our hours are 7 a. m. to 7 p. m., Saturday 7 a. m. to 10 p. m., and Sunday 8 to ,9 a. m. -until cold weather. GillmoreY Food Market 113 Fifth St. CushingMarket PORK LOIN, PORK SHOULDER ROAST, Ib. . . . . VEAL ROAST, BEEF ROAST * SMOKED 4 A PICNICS, Ib ..... IOC • Phone 219 Free Delivery 2508 Lincoln Way FOOD MARKET FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS OF AMES WE DO OUR PART Carrots, home grown, bunch ..... 6c Spinach, home grown, 2 Ibs 19c Head Lettuce, large solid, each .. IOc Cucumbers, long, 2 for .7c Cabbage, home grown, Ib 3%c Beets, home grown, bunch 5c •^•••••••^••••^••••••••••••••••^MM^^BMM Fruits and Vegetables Celery, new Mich., bunch 5c Tomatoes, home grown, Ib 4c Green Peppers, home grown, 2 for 5c Grapes, 2 qts ................... 15c Cantaloupes, large ripe, 2 for.... 13c Oranges,' large Sunkist, doz 29c BACON SQUARES, Ib. GROUND BEEF, HAM LOAF ^« 2 Ibs for .... fcOC SMOKED HAMS half or whole, Ib PICKLES, COLD MEAT AND CHEESE MEMBER OF NRA BUTTER fresh Creamery ,„ Zlc VANILLA WAFERS Fresh Doz 12C VANILLA I EXTRACT I 8-oz bottles I r IOC Ea *yt ! JELL POWDER Opal 3 l*7c (or •* /V • ~^^^^-^^^^^ — — RAISINS 2 *—. Lb S 1JC =^=i»aMHMM^ma^^^B CORN STARCH . Amaizo 1-Lb .- Pkg >C FIG BARS, fresh, 2 Ibs 21c NAVY BEANS, Mich., hand pick, 3 Ibs 14c MACARONI, 2 boxes 16c DRIED PEACHES, fancy, 2 Ibs 21c RICE KRISPIES, Kellogg's, 2 boxes. 19c BISCUIT FLOUR, 1-2-3, large box .. 25c Chore Boys, each 9c Malted Ko-Ko, large can 23c Post Bran,; 3 boxes '..... 26c Apricots, No. 21/2, heavy syrup, 2 for 35c Pella Cookies, 1-lb assorted, box ... 25c _Asparagus, : Opal, tall cans, 2 for ...,29c READ THE WANTS SWISS STEAK, choice BEEF STEAK, choice Rolled Roast, boned , . ... Jjg Rib Roast, boned .... J£g Rump Roast, boned . . - I7c Pork Chops, lean .... J0c Pork Steak, lean . , . . 90 RING BOLOGNA 14c VEAL ROAST, choice 12y 2 c SLICED LIVER 6c BEEF BOIL 5c WEINERS I2i/ 2 c CORN BEEF .... I2i/ 2 c Pork Roast, lean ; , , . gc Pork Butts 'tl l /2C Canadian Bacon* .... J§c Spring Chickens . , , . 20C Veal Round |0c Veal Patties Jgc Lard . . . . . '. . j Ibs ijc SAUSAGE, 3 Ibs 25c SUMMER SAUSAGE '.'.'.'.'.'.'.. 16c SLICED BACON 17c | BACON SQUARES '.'.'.'....'. .12y a c SMOKE,D HAMS 14c BEEF ROAST 12* 2 c No. 1 325 Main Phones 60-61 SUGAR 10 Ibs .... 5Qc 100 Ibs, . . $4.99 FLOUR " Gold Crown 49 Jbs $1.64 VINEGAR pure eider PICKJJNG SPICE 3 oz. pkg 4 for JAR RINGS 3 for IOC JAR CAPS Mason doz SALMON fancy pink 1 Ib cans " <% for PICKLES sweet,' ql.^ar MUSTARD quart jar OLIVES Queen, qt. jar 33c CHEESE Iowa State Ib I I _ - .;,- --^- -^--, _ -{ FAMOUS TOR PINE FOODS'! BY THE RED ARROW STORES /SURE! PEOPLE PAY BABIES ev THE: DON'T THEY ALWAYS^ WElCtHTHEM WHEN THEY'RE NEVER You are sure of full weight of fine meats when you buy at the RED ARROW STORES. Choice cuts, deliciously fresh—and kept fresh with a modern system of refrigeration. It's a joy to be waited upon by LOCAL CITIZENS who take a personal interest in pleasing you. ••••••••••••••••••^••^•i^HHI^Mi^^^V Specials for Saturday COCOA Hersheys, Ib can. . PEAS new pack, 3 cans BOWLENE IOc size, 4 for . . . PARAWAX per Ib BROWN SUGAR 2 Ibs 17c 29c 25c 8c 12c SHRIMP 15c can ,. . BREAD Mothers PEACHES, in syrup, No. 2% can PINEAPPLE, wTiolp <sli Wri 91A FRUIT PECTIN** hnttle 10c 5c 18c 18c 19c FRUITS & VEGETABLES Bananas, selected fruit . . .4 Ibs PEARS, fancy Bartlett, doz LEMONS, large £C^ Sunkist, doz £wG Oranges, large Sunkist . . J doz PEACHES, fancy £ftj* SWT. POTATOES ^C- CUC 4 ibs &OC Alberta, doz Cantaloupe, extra large . .. . each §c MELONS, Honey 4 Q_ j PLUMS, -fancy Dew, large, each I 3v j Burbank, bas New Potatoes, No. 1 . . . . peck LETTUCE fancy, 2 ., CELERY new crisp Sweet Corn doz 8c CAULIFLOWER 4 A ^ | CARROTS fancy white each 19c large bunch t . No.2 200 Main Phone 238S23S9 BUTTER Boone Dairy Ib CORN FLAKES large pkg. * for MILK tall cans for PORK 8C BEANS Van Camps med. size. CRACKERS Tasty Flake / * Ibs MACARONI Spaghetti per pkg. CATSUP 14 oz. **"• CORN extra standard full No. 2 ' doz BROOMS Little Pelton 75c value ' PALMOLtVE per bar $C P;& G 10 bars 26c RUMP ROAST Boned l?c Ib PORK CHOPS . Lean IOC Ib PORK STEAK Lean 9c Ib fc PORK ROAST Lean 9clb Hf^ ll^M> SPARE RIBS Meatv VEAL ROAST Sliced Liver ---- Scllausage . . J Ibs Beef Pork Boil Weiners . . , , Butts Corn Beef ... l2^cllBacon Squares l2^C|KVeal Patties . . . 18c l^ * l2^Cl||Snioked Hams . l4cll|Lard % Ibs pmburger 3 Ibs 25c«lCanadian Bacon ^Summer Sausage 16cl«Spring Chickens \Sliced Bacon . . l7c||lVcal Round . . . 20C Swiss Steak Choice ISC* Beef Steak Choice 12 J /2C Ib Rolled Roast Boned • «cib Rib Roast Boned 16db

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