Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
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Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 16
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."„ SIXTEEN' EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1955 Dial PA-2-.600 for, a .WANT Fort Hill To Take On ^fc^^ff^if^^^i^: * • ' • • .• ,-.•'•••.••.•.-.'' L - ' ' __. • • — •-— —•'"'' i ' ' —• ———™ " " • • • . ••= :. i ;". The success of George Wasii ' ington University on (he footbal * field Ihis season has been diic « in a large measure to the pla; J of Midland's Paul. "Bubbles' » Thompson.' ; This bit of news comes from « Carroll Hall, director of sports * publicity al the Washington » school, who goes on to point * 'out (hat the former Beall High * >•• luminary could be one o( the * J greatest ends to play al GW * »• in many years. * ' Hall adds that "Bubbles" ha: « ieen very tough defensively "anc * ft-was his great play that enable< i ihe Colonials to score the firs * touchdown" against Virginia on * October 1. He is rated one of the * .finest pass-catchers on the team « The GW publicist calls Thomp * son a real hustler. "He hustles 1 every minute of every workout and * at ail times during a game,".de 2 clares Hall in a letter to this * "-writer. * *^; "".""• One of Hie big reasons for •> ihe success of "Bubbles" on * the gridiron is his love (or the . g«me. Like most jtrlddcrs who ; ^attain stardom, Thompson is " £ forever (driving for Improve-. . """'mcnt. -That's why you can see "Bubbles" during tie summer months ' - in his home town .of Midland running to keep in good physical condition .and otherwise working to improve hij play. One For The 'Books' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ^ports editor Al Abrahis comes up with a good tale in his column today about the dead-beat horse.player bookies something like who ow> ived $100,000 and with no chance of paying up. 1 The yarn was given to him, he said, by Jack LaVelle, New York Giant football scout and slory-leller par excellence. This fellow, said Jack, went to an undertaker friend of his and pleaded: ' " 'You gotta help me out. Make an announcement I died. Lay me out in a coffin for a couple of days and then I'll leave the country. Nobody'll know the difference.' "The .undertaker went along. Soon came the creditors to make sure Joe, the dcadbcat, was really dead. One fellow, who was,owed $56,000, looked down on Joe .and muttered: " 'Phoocy on you for b«al- • Ing me out ol all that money!' "The second, who came along later, sneered: " 'May your soul never -rest in peace because you didn'l pay the (37), McCullough (38). McGaUKhey (39) McKenny («», Hinnler (43). O'Neal (44) Appcl (57). Mecks (60), Hatelbcrger (75), -ennell (80). - OFFICIALS — John Solic, referee, Richard Bnscrman, umpire. Alike Bo bovsky. head linesman. Ralph Gillman field judge. . K1CKOFF - 8 p. m. By JIM DAY Times Scholastic Sports Editor It is not expected to be ali fair weather when a quartet of oh Wends (football) get together this evening, two at the local stadiun and the other pair in Martinsburg The old friends will be Hagers town and Fort. Hill High locally while Allegany is to be in Martins burg. They are all old football pals 'rom. as far back as 1926 in the Alco-Bulldog scraps while the firs )andshake between captains o Fort Hill and Hagerstown took place ten years later.. . Hubs Lose To Alec Invading- Hagerstown will bring a 'once^bealen. eleven here this evening- to go -after the five-game vin streak of the Sentinels. The deals also : show one blemish, drop ping Ihe opening game to Morgan own (W. Va.) High, 14-7. The Hubs have a hefty,. mobile ed: "The third, a tough gent, snarl- 'I gotta good notion to carve bur heart out while you're lying there!' •J'Thls so alarmed the 'corpse,' he sat right up and cried: "'Don't do II. You, I pay!'" •West Virginia J.miAed Jack Freeman, football coach at William and Alary, has been quol- • cd in a story from Williamsburg. i Va.. as saying that We-,t Virginia • may be better than either Navy | or" Duke. Freeman has had the • harrowing experience, of meeting ; the Middies, Duke and WVU in the ! first few weeks of the season. ' Tbe Mountaineers, cham- 1 plons of the Southern Conference and ranked eighth nail'. tlonally, walloped winless W. and M., 39-13, last Saturday. ..Earlier, Duke had blasted the Indians, 47-7, and Navy barely **had squeezed by them, 7-0, in .(he opener for both teams. Freeman would give no clear- cut answer when asked which .^of three gridiron goliaths he '^thought was strongest but said he --.was "inclined to lean toward \Vest ^Virginia." .,',••'. "West Virginia's line is as good fis I've seen," said Freeman, -"in . Hoth size and speed, ; "Each .of the three teams has '.' » quarterback who is out 'of this world — hut Navy and Duke don't . (Continued on Page 17) Alco Eleven Will Invade Martinsburg In Road Tiff Poi. TUGKRSTOWK LE StrocV (12> LT McPhaii (2!) or Kline (32. I.G Davldifin (47) .. C Ilotonertn (35) . HG Dando (31) KT Kbcnolc («> .. HE Johnitone (24) , QB Klsiel (13) LH Stollcr IZ6) .... RH Baker (25) FORT II ILL ...... Shaffer <21) ' lUUoxas (22) . Dawson (29) ... Brant <H) .... Davis (25) ... Stiyrtcr <20> McGrcsor (15) C. Lewis Ul> Crawford (47) FB McKcc (40) .... Hammersmith (45) RESERVKS IIAGERSTOWN - Johnson (27), Wach- r (29), Ilolllday (W. Newman (11), Sharer (43), Kaiss (33), LcFew U5J, Doffleniejer (28), Henry (14). Thomas (20), Carter (19), Miller (34). Knode (21), Lewis (23), Mason (30), Rowland <37), Riser (IB), Nigh (17), Schaffcr (10). Bailey (39). MeSherry (14), Hclmer (16), (12), (17), Hare (36), Royer (38), Moblcy < FORT HILL — Shaw (10), nice Powell (13), Stlmmel (16), Dctwller nan (IB), Parsons (19), Dalton H11 (22), Williitn Lewis (23). Malone m). Downs (26), Kcalcr (30), Valentine Hammond,(32), Met*' (33), Yankle Harbaugh (35), Liller (36), Wismer. Calls' TerpsMayHave Scrap Grid Wins For QnHand With Orange Terps, WVU TERP TOOTER — Phil Perlo, University of Maryland full•back, : is-slated to get a taste of "Orange" tomorrow when the Terps take on Syracuse in Ihe east's top collegiate football game of the day.' Perlo got the starting assignment when an injury made it im-'possible for Fred Hamilton to see action. 'Mo' Coimolly May Lose Foot SAN DIEGO, Calif. (INS) — Two doclors have testified at the damage suit, of Maureen Connolly Brinker thai the ox-tennis champion may face 'amputation of her foot. The physicians, Dr. Thomas O'Connell and Dr. Paul Shea, told a Superior Court jury trying the 5250,000 suit that the injury to Jiaureen's fool bad reduced ..the blood circulation by. about-:40 per cenl. ' . Dr. O'Connell declared: "One of the three main arteries leading to Ihe foot was deslroyed by the accident." He said that if something should ine along with a well-seasoned happen to one of the other two backfield. The. lone setback came o Allegany, 14-7, when the Campers pushed over tbe deciding TO n (be final quarter. Both teams have met two com mon foes and won by three-touch down margins. The Sentinels whip ied-Beall of Froslburg, 20-0, and Martinsburg, 21-0. The Hubs top icd the Mountaineers, 26-7, and on Monday of this week whipped the Bulldogs, 33-14. Other conquests in the currenl vin spree of the Hillloppers have een over Northwestern of Hyatts- •ille, 12-6; LaSalle, 43-0, and Handey of Winchester, Va., 23-7. The alter triumph crushed the undc- eated chances of the Judges who lad entered the tilt with three vins and an unscored-upon record The Maroon invaders have also ivon over Westminster, 34-7, anc Chambersburg (Pa.) High, 25-0 vhile battling William Penn High f York, Pa., to a 6-6 draw. Both teams are in tip-lop shape md will be clashing for the 2011 ime in Iheir scries^ The locals lave whipped their Washington :ounty opponent 14 times while los- ng three limes and ending up in pair of ties. Bulldogs Improve Although Martinsburg will noi ield a club with an imposing rec- i'd| coach John Cobourn's eleven eing able to win only, once for our games, the West Virginians iave shown great improvement Ti ince the opening of the season. Backed by graduation from last eason's unbeaten powerhouse, nly center Frank Hawkins anc wo backs with experience return- id this fall. Despite the 33-H loss to Hagers- own, Martinsburg held the Hubs o only a 13-7 half-lime edge, los- ng out in the final half because if the overpowering reserve power if the Maroons. The lone Bulldog victory was iver Charles Town, 27-6, while set(Continued on Page 17) Alco Eighth Graders Win Over Lions, 19-0 Allegany High- School's eighth- jrade football learn whipped the Vest Virginia.School for Ihe Deal eighth grade, 19-0, ye'slerday ,-11 Campobelio. Cranor. Gaffncy anc George lallied touchdowns while Shook added the only extra poinl. HERE'S THE JOB WE OFFER! (1) $300 guaranteed minimum' monthly income to start as trainee, ceiling unlimited. Our experienced men earn from. $10,000 a year up. (2) Life-time opportunity—no age termination. ! (3) Sales organization with over 10,000 satisfied salesmen covering all 48 STATES. (4) Thorough training at National Sales Training School. Salary and expenses paid during training period. ... (5) Company you'll be represent.. Largest of its kind in the world. Over $100,000,000 in assets. Nationally advertised. . • (6) No shortages—no slack period. • .-... (7). Rapid, advancement for men with management potential, who .demonstrate their ability. '. , Sounds loo good to be true? Let us show you, If you have ;* good appearance, like lo make money and are willing to worfc, you may qualify. Must have a car, Our own associates have been Informed of this add. Phone Forl Cumberland Hotel, PA 2-MOO,' Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, • and nsk for -Mr. Ray-Slrolhcrs. '••••• arteries in the future it would be necessary to remove the former net queen's foot. Maureen suffered a .severe leg injury last year when a horse she was riding collided with a cement truck. She is suing the pre-mix concrete company and one of ils drivers. Newsies Up Lead With Dux Shutout Times-News lacked on another ome to its lead in the Commercial Bowling League by shutting out Naborhood Markel,-3-0, as runner- up Pyrofax Gassers were being ield to a 2-1 decision over Eiler's Chevrolet. The Newsies have won 20 and losl one while Ihe Gassers show 14 triumphs and seven defeats.' '. .;- -.'•; Eddie McKay paced Times-News with a 239-554 total while Albert elites topped the Markelmen wilh 160 game and Bob Ziler posted 439 set. Mel Dean's 186-525 headed Pyrofax with Don Dcnlin- r getting a 198 game and Oscar Measure a 50! set for Eilers. Troy Marks' 189 and "Hale" Hardy's 401 weren't enough to halt Rosenbaum's 3-0 shutout over Po- .omac Edison. Gene Grapes paced the winners wilh a 193-502. Slandngs: w. L. -• w. L. 20 I Kilcr* 9 s 14. 7 Naborhnod M. 3 J1 10 P. E 2 Autopsy In Death Of Wolgast Ordered PHILADELPHIA — (INS) —.An autopsy will be held to determine the cause of death of Midget Wol- [ast, 45, world's flyweight champion in. the 1930s who callapsed Wednesday in a downtown Philadelphia cafe. Wolgast, whose real name'was Joseph Loscalzo, was sealed at the bar, where he had been employed, ivhen he collapsed. He was dead on arrival at Pennsylvania Hospital. ., Perfect Punting Done After Watching How NEW ORLEANS, La.-W)—Afler Al Collrell-of Tulane missed the first try for an extra point against VMI, Enimctt Zelenka' booted seven straight extra points! Tlicn.Collrell, apparenlly watching how it was done, booled one belween llie.'uprights to make it eight straight for the Green .Wave in its 'first three game. By HARRY WISMER It Inltrnotioiiol'.Ncwt Sennet Michigan State's .victory over Notre Dame has catapulted the- Spartans into the football spotlight. Tomorrow, they play Illinois and should win it as they please— about 28 to 14. My predictions, in other lop games: . : Notre Dame 17, Purdue 14 . Fighting Irish came back in what Should be quite a ball game. UCLA. 21, Iowa 14 . ... Bruins are loaded. with material. Terps Over Orange Maryland 28. Syracuse 7. . Orange impressed by whippin; Army last week, ; but Maryland's Terrapins are another story. Michigan 28, Minnesota 14 Nation's 'No. 1 team wins the annual "Little Brown Jug" game. Washington 14, Stanford 12 . . Huskies aiming for the Rose Bowl. Southern California 27, California 7 ... Trojans are a shoo-in, with Ihe heat on -.Cat's Pappy Waldorf due to be increased by this result. Oklahoma 14, Colorado 13 Colorado will be tough, but not quiet enough. Yale 20, ColgaU 14 ... Old Blue true to form as renaissance continues. . Wisconsin -27, Ohio Stale 14 . . . Fur will fly as Badgers shake effects of last week's loss to USC. WVA to Move Along West Virginia 26, Penn State 14 . . Mountaineers move along toward undefeated season. Baylor 18, Texas A. & M. 14 . . . Bears on line superiority. And now for the pros:'Ballimore 35, Washington 31 .- . . These two battled lo a lie during [he exhibition schedule. Philadelphia 45, Chicago Cardinals 14 . .'. Reeling Cardinals should be easy. Pittsburgh 28, New York 10 . Walt Kiesling deserves tremendous credit for his handling of the Steelers. San Francisco 23, Chicago Bears 21 ... 49ers beginning lo jell under Red Strader. ' Cleveland 27, Green Bay 21 . . . Paul. Brown, and Olio Graham clicking on all cylinders. Park Punks Enter Rec Grid Finals Park Punks walloped Capital Bowling Alley, 20-0, yesterday and will meet Clowns for the championship of Ihe Men's City Rec Touch Football League. The title .ilt will be slaged next week. Ronnie Cage slarred for the winners at Penn Avenue as he flipped hree TD passes, two lo Bob Look-j abaugh on losses of seven and 25 yards and anolher lo Price from 11 yards oul. Punks other pair of loints came on -a safely in the 'irst quarter. In the opening game of Ihe twin bill Cresaplown trimmed Bill's Amoco, 18-12, as Skelly tossed ihree TD passes. McKenzie, Barton and Cecil tallied. Bill Simpson passed to Ackcrman and Bittner for both the losers' six-pointers. boys, and a lot of light is beginning lo -filter through the shadows. One of the major games tomor- ow involving conference rivals brings together OklahoHia, perennial-champs of the Big Seven, and Colorado, both undefeated. Oklahoma is favored, although if there any Big Seven team with ' a chance lo beat them out of an Orange Bowl assignment it's Colorado. Big Game At Syracuse Maryland, .which is expected, lo represenl the Atlanlic Coasl Conference ir. the Orange Bowl, will have a scrap on its hands against once-beaten Syracuse' in another big bailie of th_e .day. Michigan, Ihe nation's No. 1 team just ahead of Maryland, has its eyes onHhe Rose Bowl. However, the Wolverines have a bit of business Ihis week'with Minnesota in the Big Ten Conference scramble. Clcmson got the weekend rolling yeslerday. wilh Coast Conference South cided 28-14 Atlantic decision over Carolina. The victory, de- in the first period when Clemson's Joe Pagliei scored off twice, put the Tigers in a • first place, tie with Maryland with 2-0 record. : There are five big games on Id- night, and fine will be watched with interest, although it has no bearing on. conference or bowl bids. UCLA, a favorite for the Pacific Coast Conference title and the Rose Bowl job if it' can get past Washington later, goes outside the brotherhood to' meet Iowa of the Big.Ten. Auburn Picks On Patsy Washington, a winner over South' ern California, lakes on Stanford tomorrow and should win without too much difficulty. Auburn, winner over Georgia Tech and with the . Soulheaslerrl Conference and Sugar Bowl peeking over a far-off horizon, picks on a palsy--Furmah. The Southwest Conference championship may riot be settled ' for another few Saturdays, with Baylor Texas AtM and Southern Methodist still in the running, However, Baylor meets Texas AiM tomorrow, and the winner may wind up.a favorite for the lille, and a Cotton Bowl date Jan ; 2. Perhaps the South's' besl Salur- day game is Pitt versus Duke, the unbeaten Atlanlic Coast Conference team thai edged Ohio-Stale a week ago. Bill's ............... 0 J! n 6— 1 Amoco ............. 0 « « 0—13 hdowns scored by Barton, McKen- :lc, Cecil (Crcsaptown)J Ackerman, flitt- irr (Bill's Amoco). i>«rk Punks .............. 2 Capital Bowllnr .......... 0 0 0 0— (I Touchdowns -scored by Lookabaugh 2, price (Park Punks). Safely — Park Punk*. . Connie Mack To Be Released By Hospital PHILADELPHIA -(INS)— Connie Mack, 92-year-old former owner and manager of the old Philadelphia Athletics, will be released from Presbyterian hospital tomorrow where he had undergone surgery for a fractured right hip. Dr. Illarion I. Gopadze, his personal physician, said Mack's condition was "quite satisfactory," although it will lake a while for the injury lo mend. Husky Mountaineers Also.Boasting Speed MORGANTOWN, W. Va.-«i- Coach Art Lewis.of West .Virginia can field a. football team that averages 215 pounds on the line and 206 pounds in the backfield. Despite the .bulk the. Mountaineers, are fast. Fight* Last Night I By The Associated fresi LOS ANGELES — Plml Barnes Jimenez; 115»i. TUJuann, Mexico, outpojnted Jackie Spurjteon, 1J2, New York, in 1 , SAN' FnANCISCO—Tsnny Camp'o. 116, Philippines, outpointed Johnny Ortega, 112. Oakland, Calif., 10. HOUSTON, Tex. — Ray Piojan, 135, Houston,'outpointed Bolxnd Abrami, 134, Philadelphia, 10. Stock Car Races Sunday, Oct. 23 —1:30 p. m, L S. T. South Penn Speedway Located 1 Mil* South of Everett, Pa. Left — Off Route 26 40 Car Field Adminion $1.00 •'— ChiMrtn Under 12 Frit PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Refrtihmunr Stand On Groundi ly Till Anociatcd Prtsi . College football heads into the second half of its 1955 schedule this weekend, and most conference championships and the big New Year's Day bowl games are far from settled. But the men are being separated from the Garden. Turner Meets Logart Tonight NEW YORK Wi—Isaac Logart. a 22-year-old welterweight who comes from Kid Gavilan's homo province of Camagtiey and hopes to follow in his countryman's footsteps, makes the jump to the big time tonighl against experienced Gil Turner al Madison Square lircleville Whips Petersburg, 12-0, 4s Harper Stars loorelleld .. 4 1- 0-Petersburg 0 4 Ridgcley ...3 1 0 W. Va. Deaf 0 3 Circlevllle .210 Franklin :. 2 20. ' ' A pair of loiichdowns 'by quar- .erback Dallas Harper proved enough yesterday as ;Circleviilc High whipped Petersburg,. 12-0, in Potomac Valley! Conference clash on the losers' gridiron.. Harper tallied in the first period 'rom the two-to climax-a 50-yard drive'. He countered the second lime from. the one in the Ihird stanza after a pass . interception lad set up the score at Ihe Pelers- burg 15. . • The Vikings' only serious threat came in the third quarter when Petersburg gained 45 yards on a >ass from quarterback Dick Huffman to end Eddie Van Meier lo :he Indians' 15. The host eleven, lowever. lost the ball 'on 'downs at Ihe six. The triumph'was the-second in row for the Indians and also their second in three PVC starts. Petersburg has yet to .win in five james,- playing a 6-6 tie; .with Southern in the opener. Pot. Cireletllle 111) Pel LE—Arbogasl Sherman LT—Smilh .. Mongold -lierinelt .': '.. Kitzmiller -Llnier Kile RG—Landls Marshall IT—Raines Hallerman -Bai-kley .'... E. Van Meier OB—D. Harper .• - D. Huffman LH—W. Huffman :......... Yankey BH—Tcler .......1 -Shook 'B— Armcntroul ....'. Huoacj Score by periods: CIRCLEV1LLE « 0 S 0-lSl 'ETERSBURG 0000—0 Touchdowns icored. by U. Harper 3 Clrclcvillc). Subslltutes: Petersburg — Bill Boor. Dick Harper, J. Frye, Swick, G. Van ileler. nerg, Reynolds, Evans. Officials—Pence, Fox and Orndortf. H.artack Draws 10-Day Suspension CAM DEN, N. ,T. Ifi —.Jockey Willie Harlack has drawn a 10- day suspension lhal will eliminale him .for a shot at three big stakes at Garden State Park, including the world's biggest, the $250,000 Garden State Handicap, Oct. 20. The stewards at Garden State Park ordered the suspension yesterday for the nation's leading jockey. It is effective tomorrow through Oct. 31. He was set down for careless riding aboard Yellow Dot in the last race Wednesday. He had 'one winner yesterday, his 351st of the year, exceeding his previous best year, 1953. when he had 350 for the entire 12 months. Always SHOP FIRST Whtr« You Sov* On I 'Men's an d Boys'j Wear ... in j CUMBERLAND ! P.V.C. STANDINGS w. L. T; .100 Southern W. t. T. 1 11 'The young Cuban, latest idol of the metropolitan area's .Lalin- Amcrican set, is a 9-5 underdog.' NBC.will broadcast and telecast the. io-rounder at 9 p.m., EST. This is my big chance," he said. "All-the time I want lo fight in the Garden like Kid Chocolate (his idol) and Kid Gavilan.:! show I belong. Maybe I get chance for Ihe title." Grid Schedule GAMES' TODAT ' v Westminster at'.wlromlco ' •"•''•• '• Cambridge at Bfl Air . ' • '••;.-;'• : Frederick al Whcaton . . Douclas nt Bales . . Elkton at.Annipolli-. • '•• - : . • HaKcrstown-at Port Hill.^ Allcsany at Mirllniburc •-..'• Southern Oakland at Kinajwootf - ;' Slicrwnod. al Caithgriburi Suitland at GonzaKa ' • ^ SI. James at Landon • ' '' i ': • Baltimore Friends at St. Albani .. '" Forest Park vs. Baltimore Poly f Cily at Mount St. Joseph'i Severn M Gllman • ' „ McDonosh at St. Ptul'x Aberdeen at Marvn Tech (IAMKS SATUKDAT SI. Mary's at u Plata'. ' ' ' Havre de Grace at Southern Annapolli nlcliard Montgomery at Laurel- i John Carroll at Calvert Hall Northwestern at Blair, .• ' ;••" High point al Georec Maion SI. John's at Episcopal —. Patterson vs; Southern Baltimore • Archbishop John Carroll, at. Calvert. Shuffle league Results Cumberland K. of C. 1. Cumbtrland Purple' Heart Club 2, Goodfellowihlp Club I. Frost bur* Eaxlei 2,- Hi Dee Club L FrostburK Legion 3, Hann'j 0. Frostburg K. of C. 3, Cumberland Rcdmen 0. Stadium Inn 2, Ml. Sava«e V.F.W. I. . HIGH .SCORERS ... Joe Challlnor (Cumberland K. of C.) 5; John AngellnUn (Moose) 13. ' Fcnca (Purple Heart Club) 31; Gilbert (Goodfellowship Club) 26. Jack Ferrce (FrostburR Eagles) 34; C. Belfoure (Ill-Dee Club) 21. Dnn Blank (Frostburj: Lrflon> 27; Ken Focle (Mann's) 11. Cain (Froilburx K. of C.) 15; Korrls Cumberland Itcdraen) 13. TwlKs (Stadium innl 20: Ert Murraj ML SavxKc V.F.W.I 25. Wheel, Frame and Front End Service • Body and fendtr Repairing tXTESl TYPE Or WHEEL BALANCED USED ON All WHEEL BALANCING ZIMERLA AUTO SHOP la]. Dial PA-4-1110 HAM SHOOT Sunday, Oct. 23 12 Noon 12 Gauge Only Refreshments Barrelvillc Outdoor Club . . . We alwoyi' recommend. GLOBE-WERNICKE office equipment for ih smart styling, efficiency, and letvke. Phone us today I '27 N. Centra Strut Dial PA 2-1 HI DIESEL MEN WANTED Men are being selected in this area lo be trained for high pay- jobs as Diesel mechanics, tractor, bulldozer ' and crane operators, marine Diesel, parts men and other jobs in .this, rapidly expanding industry. If you arc mechanically minded '.and nol making $125 per week, you owe >il to yourself to find out whether or not you qualify. CIVILIAN' AND APPROVED. '.: , STATE IF KOREAN VET Free National and International Placement For Information Write ' . P.O. Box 748-A,' '.'» Times-News, Cumberland, Md. 'G. 1.. 4-PIECE OUTFIT • Helmet • Jertey e Shoulder pads ^f ' Sixes for • Pants M 8-14 yr. oMi HELMET - Pro-typo'molded heavy gauge red plastic crown—'. built to Withstand rugged use. Rubber lined, covirW with leather for protection. Inside web susperato* assures vou of comfortable wearing. Adf. chh drop. JERSEY Full cut scarlet jersey with white'shoulder inter* b, • made oflongiwearing medium weight cotton. '-' SHOULDER PADS Cantilever type red fiber body, shoulder caps, ep- ouleh. Kapok padding. Leather strap hinget. •PANTS .:' ' ; ; " . _ t _. , f ; Durable ton cotton twRljianti have padded wo* and knees pkn removable thigh guards for washing, OUTFIT YOU* TlAM, NOW-SAVM HUMY. •'•' QUANTITY tt LUUIW

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