Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 1, 1961 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1961
Page 3
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mm >0£K>OO0€H March 1 — Young March 2—Semi-flnals ourney at Postville, 7:30 p. m.—Dorian Instrumental music festival. Saturday, March 4, 7:30 p. m.— Finals; district tourney at Postville. Monday, March 6—FFA meeting; special meeting o£ Board of Education. Tuesday, March 7—Merit Scholar examination. Wednesday, March 8 — County Educational Council; Young Farmers class, Thursday, March 9—Athletic banquet in all purpose room. Friday, March 10, 8:00 p. m.— Annual grade program. Saturday March 11—Letterman's Hop. March 13-18—Kindergarten registration lor 1061-62. ctric Wiring Is Our Business ESTIMATES — POWER WIRING , WIRING ... ELECTRIC HEATING . . . ELECTRIC REPAIRS . . . INSTALL NEW SERVICES D & J ELECTRIC 24 Hour Service Day Call 86 4-3725 Night Call 86 4-7688 or 86 4 -3979 Monday, March 13—Monthly meeting of Board of Education; night study hall. Wednesday, March 15 — Young Farmers clnss; night study hall. Friday, March 17, 8:00 p. m.— Annual junior high operetta; 12:45, p. m., paid assembly program, grades k-12; end of third nine weeks period; State Speech Contest; Boys State tourney. Saturday, March 18—State speech contest; Boys State tourney. Tuesday, March 21, 7:30 p. m.— Track Rules meeting at Postville. Wednesday, March 22, 11:07—Junion High sing; Young Farmers class; Night Study hall. Thursday, March 23 — Classroom pictures taken at Darling elementary school; junior-senior high faculty meeting, 7:00 p. m. Saturday, March 25 — Class B State Indoor Track meet at Iowa City. Tuesday, March 28, 3:40—Classes dismissed for Easter vacation. Monday, April 3—FFA meeting. Wednesday, April 5—Classes resumed. Friday, April 7, 8:00 p. m.—Senior Play- First Grade. (Mrs. Cordes) There is a new boy in our class. His name is Peter Keime and we like him very much. Now we have 17 boys and nine girls in our room. This week we made cut-paper snowmen and tried finger painting for art work. Carol Schultz brought a book ASK-SEEK .^fr'^ for iHr building of character and ^iilluil xlurs. Without a ilronj Church iloreha •S&HE CHURCH FOR ALU . . . W AUV. FOR THE CHURCH 'w The Church U the greatest factor on fnutth for ihr building Iranod cilurmhip. ll is jpgritrirr democracy nor civilization c»n gogknnr. There are four lound rcaioni •jwhy eery perron thould attend service! 'Spgutnly and support the Church. They jSgfe: (I) For his own sake. (2) For his qjBuUitn'i use. (3) For the laVe of his I jgfemmunily and nation. (4) For she sake fjf. the Church UseH, which needs his 3§jRorjl snu materia) support. Plan to go l &ff chinch regularly and Itad your Bible hndsy Itondsy fjiwttv Igfdnwda; Friday jaludj; Book Matthew Luke John Isaiah Psalms John Revelation Chapter Venei' 7 7-12 12 35-40 31) 2t-39 55 5-11 34 1-10 14 12-18 3 10-22 Everyone knows that success comes not to those whe merely desire it, but to those who achieve it through long, hard work. It is odd then, that in the spiritual area of life some people should expect blessings to come for the asking. Those who really understand PRAYER know that it's more than mere asking. It is seeking. It is the hungry search for truth and moral enlightenment. , . digging for spiritual gold in the hills of life. But PRAYER is something more even than seeking. It is knocking . . . meeting life's obstacles bravely . . . waiting with patient determination until closed doors open . . . entering portals that the more timid pass by. We wouldn't really need churches if spiritual growth came for the asking. But we do need churches to help us seek the treasures of God. And through our churches, with the united strength of millions of Christians, we knock on the portals of the more abundant life—and there find it. I, Krister Mr. Srrvice, Strasbure;, Va. fLAMAKEE- CLAYTON |LECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. ttsTEN OIL CO. Standard Oil Products jOK 'S SHELL SERVICE irestone Tires LB MOTOR CO. Jhevrolet — Buick — OMs U ROBERTS' SON feed and Seed ME OIL CO. I complete D-X Service GRADE FOOD PRODUCTS :ORPORATION TERSTATE POWER CO. 'ostvffle, Iowa AMER'S to. and Mrs. Barm Kramer RSON SINCLAIR SERVICE Soodyear Tires WIS SCHUTTE & SONS pmiture — Funeral Servioe MARTINS DAIRY Carnation Dairy Products MEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING Plumbing — Heating — Wiring OVERLAND HATCHERY Hy-Line Chicks POSTVILLE EGG CO. Buyers of Eggs POSTVILLE FEED MILL Grinding and Mixing POSTVILLE IMPLEMENT Your I-H Dealer POSTVILLE LUMBER CO. Serving the Postville Community SCHUTTA SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family TURNER INSURANCE Insurance that Insures— Service that Endures V AND J CAFE and DMna Room WILLMAN REAL ESTATE Lorenz Willman, Broker The Class of 1961 ... SENIOR PERSONALITIES Interviews from P. H. S. Twila McNally J. D. Thoreson Jenanne Schroeder Twila McNally Who stands with a gavel in one hand and cheers with the other? Twila McNally. You may already know, Twila is both president of the senior class, and a cheerleader. Between conducting class meetings and leading school yells, Twila also works on the annual staff. Twila would rather be watching a football game, especially if Postville is winning, than doing anything else; however, she admits that "I spend most of my spare time chewing my fingernails, going to shows and dancing." Beware, if you are a' spider or a bumblebee, and happen to meet up with Twila, for she certainly does not appreciate either of you; and she declares that "people who stick their noses into other people's business" can stay out of her way, also. As of the present, Twila is undecided about her future, but if she really gets desperate, Twila could have her pick of the hillbilly bands to join, for this gal possesses the very special ability of yodel. ***** J. D. Thoreson If you are congenial—harmonious—conformable—in short if you are at all agreeable by nature you'll probably never get to first base— let alone third—with Postville's own third baseman — "Rosebud" Thoreson. Why? J. D.' would rather argue, debate, or wrangle than do just about anything else. But underneath this veneer of ratiocination, J. D. is really OK! And we're sure he'd be mighty lonesome on a desert island with only an agreeable soul for company. During these past years here at PHS he's shown his interest in peo­ ple through the many activities in which he has participated— football, basketball, a two year letterman, present president of the FFA following a series of minor offices, one of the top ranking seniors in the academic side of school life, and an all around good fellow; His Holstein association is scheduled for longevity for J. D. is off to Ames to major in Agriculture. His registered stock has already received recognition, and the years ahead will undoubtedly establish J. D. as a leader in agriculture. Hold ready that office of Secretary of Agriculture! .***•» Jenanne Schroeder What? You want to live in Brazil someday? I don't know what has caused Jenanne Schroeder to become so interested in Brazil, but I do know that her pet peeve is Iowa's cold winters. Activities which Jan has participated in during her high school days are: marching and contest band, baton soio and ensemble, flute quartet, woodwind quintet, mixed chorus, girl's glee, trio, mixed quartet, Junior class play, thespians, and cadet teaching. She is also active in the community as a Past Worthy Advisor of Rainbow and director of the Cherub Choir at the Presbyterian Church. Jan's favorite pastime is dancing. She likes almost all sports, and a favorite subject is history. Believe it or not, her special ability is to be moody; and her favorite food is red licorice! Good luck, Jan, upon being accepted by the University of Missouri as a future education major. Wednesday, March 1, 1961 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 37' marks on them, and the addresses. Next week we will start cursive writing. In numbers we are solving problems using doubles. Second Grade. Mrs. Lammert) Everyone in our room is excited because we have started a new way to write. We are learning cursive writing. Each one of us has his own book which shows us how to write. Joel Overland and Sharon Wellner. In our number books we learned how to count by three's. We know (Continued on Page Four) about George Washington for us to] read. We made flags with thirteen | stars to see how our country's flag looked when there were only 13 states in our nation. In numbers we are doing put-together stories with three numbers. We use the flannelboard figures to help us understand the addition process. Loren Johnson has been out of school for over a week. He has the chicken pox. Francis Livingood and Randy Gunderson had them, WVWaWWMWaWVWrWV INSURANCE Get More — Pay Less AUTOMOBILE FARM LIABILITY FIRE and WIND RODNEY I. SMITH AGENT Winneshiek Mutual Insurance Association Phone Postville 86 4-3158 too, but they are back with us again. First Grade. (Miss Johnson) With the recent ice and snow storm, we finally got a chance to study the snow. We did an experiment and saw a movie about fun in snow. The train wreck was a subject of our creative stories one day. Most of us wrote some good and long stories. It was very exciting to talk about since a wreck doesn't happen too often. On Washington's birthday, we saw a filmstrip of George Washing- tons life. We learned that he was a brave soldier and also the first president of the United States. Cheryl Converse, Bradley Rekow ; Kevin Timmerman, Kent Turner Jean Wittenberger, Donna Poesch. Rusty Newman and Susan Suckow have started their new books in reading. The name of it is "On Cherry Street." Scot Brinkman has left us for a week to take a trip down South with his folks. We hope he will have many things to tell us when he returns. Second Grade. (Miss Holtzman) We were happy to welcome a new girl to our room. Her name is Wanda Keune. She moved to Postville from Spring Grove, Minnesota. Some of us brought envelopes to school. We are studying the post TRY SERViSOFT IN YOUR HOME... SM THE DELIGHTFUL DIFFERENCE IT MAKES Try SERViSOFT Water in your home... FREE! See the delightful difference SERViSOFT Water will make in laundering ... bathing ... dishwashing ... infant care ... everywhere around the house. Call us for a free home trial today. Absolutely no obligation. SERViSOFT Box 434 Phone 86 4-7452 Poitvllto SERViSOFT SOFT WATER SERV/CE "Another DEDUCTION! J? Found exactly where it should be ... among your cancelled checks. And that is the nice thing about paying by check. At your fingertips you have good evidence of expense, the kind an agent from the Internal Revenue Service likes to see. For your own protection, pay every bill by check. And if you don't, you would be wise to open a checking account before another week goes by. Ask about our "Free Fifty" offer on Personalized Checks Postville Slate Bank 1872 — 1961 WE OFFER A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member of F. D. I. C. HIGH TEST AGRICULTURAL LIME ROCK FOR CONCRETE CHIP AND CRUSHED ROCK AVAILABLE NOW CHECK OUR PRICES—the most reasonable in th« Postville Vicinity. Leave Orders With .... FRANK TEHEL, Postville Or Call Your Orders To ... . Dial 56 8-3515, 56 8-3532, 56 8-2456 Or Stop at the Quarry on Highway 51 R. J. Cooney Construction Co. WAUKON, IOWA GET YOUR LAYER FACTS STRAIGHT FROM THIS NEW USDA BULLETIN 1958-59 Combined Summary Random Sample Egg Production Tests USDA Bulletin ARS 44-79, Sept., 1960 • 3v •<*.•: BULLETIN FIGURES FOR 11 WELL-KNOWN LAYERS Variety Income Over Feed & Chick Cost Eggs Hen Housed Lbs. Feed Per Doz. Average Egg Wt. Per Doz. Laying House Mortality Hy-Line 934-C $3.08 229.8 4.2 25.5 4.6% Layer "A" 2.82 229.3 4.4 24.9 10.0 Layer "B" 2.72 219.2 4.5 25.7 7.6 Layer "C" 2.71 227.) 4.4 24.2 7.3 Layer "D" 2.65 214.1 4.4 25.0 10.8 Layer "E" 2.62 216.1 4.5 25.0 12.7 Layer "F" 2.61 222.8 4.4 25.5 13.6 Layer "G" 2.51 213.0 4.6 25.3 10.9 Layer "H" 2.45 212.5 4.6 25.0 11.5 Layer "1" 2.41 220.3 4.6 24.8 16.3 Layer "J" 2.37 213.7 4.5 25.2 11.6 NOTE: variety number instead of "Layer A", etc. This new USDA bulletin shows Hy-Line 934-C at the top of all 167 varieties entered in official 1953-59 Random Sample Tests. Hy-Line 934-C Ranks: Ut — Income over feed and chick cast - 1st — Laying house Hvability 2nd — Feed conversion (topped only by Mother Hy-Line variety) Look at the summary above. See how consistently Hy-Line 934-C tops the other well-known layers in the major profit points. If you'd like to get the complete report, write to the Agricultural Research Service, Washington 25, D.C. Or, ask us for a copy. If Eggs Are Your Business Make Hy-Line Your Chick ORDER YOUR HY-UNE & CHICKS NOW OVERLAND HATCHERY POSTVILLE, IOWA PHONE 86 4-3122

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