The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 9, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1933
Page 8
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i*. THE 8AKERSEIELD anting Sfri«e January 6 -Union puronWti by local O'NEILL DRAMA FORCEFUL PLAY STARS AT PdX RICHARD DIX CONVICT'S ROLE 1 PLAYED BY OIK /• Appearing at California in "Hell's Highway"; Big Double Program ; "Hell's Highway" • Is' the title of a'n epI6-of the sorrows uncl laughter of rood camp convletu playing lotluy &F.A tomorrow nt the Callfornlu theater, >vlth nicluiril t>lx heading un unusually powerful oust. As the lough, lurRe-heartcd, realistic Ron vlct, Puke Mills. t>lx Is nald t6 Htrlko a tremendously appealing note. ; While the pictures Is powerfully dra- riintlc und not a preachment, the prison condition It revenls, accord- Uig to advance reports, tire calculated to Hllr humane people to deep consideration of prison mismanagement. While much pitiful humnn misery Is depleted In "Hell's Highway," one henrs thnt two themes of great tenderness run like threads of beauty through the story. One deals with the love of Duke Kills for his brother; the other with the love of the brother, Johnnie Ellis, for a girl. "WiiBhlngton Merry-Go-nound," Columbia's widely heralded political blast, is also playing today and tomorrow at the California theater. James Cruze directed the picture which features Lee Tracy und Constance Cummlngs In tho lending roles. The story shows Tracy as a newly elected member of Congress who goes to Washington with a load of high and mighty Ideas and ideals. What he encounters there nnd what he does about it is what makes "Washington Merry Go-Round" one of the most talked about films In recent years. Alan Dlnehart, Walter Connolly, Arthur Vlnlon, Prank Sheridan and Arthur Hoyt have Important supporting roles. Maxwell Anderson wrote tho story. •»» In connection with a plan to tunnel under the Straits of Gibraltar, a shaft lias been sunk on the Spanish Bide and !\ detailed survey of- the ocean bed Begun. STAR AT CALIFORNIA Irving Thalberg 111 but Not in Danger (Associated Press Lvaied Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan, 9.—The Influenza epidemic which has been on d rampage In the film colony for the past soveral weeks today listed Irving Thalberg, jretro-Goldwyn-JMuyor studio executive, among Its victims.' Although Tluilborg has been confined to bed for a week anil faces another week there, his condition was reported by studio representatives as not serious. ONE OF THOSE THINGS EL PASO, Texas, Jan. 9.—"It's Just one of those bits of hard luck wo all have," J^rry Hilton told his wife of one day from behind prison bars. Ou tho first day of their marriage, after a whirlwind romance, Hilton was arrested for automobile thefts. Tho couple had met just a week before, and the girl had been attracted to Hilton because he was a good dancer: . Daily Matinee. 25c FOX I HI AIIM Evenings 95fi CONTINUOUS 8:30 TO 11:00= TODAY AND TOMORROW tft PRESENTING A DARINQ DRAMA, A STARTLING STORY OF A ROMANCE .THAT WAS DENIED . . . AND A LOVE THAT DEFIED) SILLY SYMPHONY WALT DISNEY'S EXTRA Week Days IB* Matinees... IV* 300 Seats Any Tlm».. CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00 Today and Tomorrow — Two Great Features!! THE DARINQ, THUNDERING EPIC OF AMERICA! It Dares to Tell the Truth I >*a U»OMM BRUTALI . . . TRUEI1 The Story of the Chain Gangs A Story Big Enough tor Shearer, Cluble and Morgan 0 u I s lunclin g in Cast ; Now Showing at Fox MAE SAUNDERS ' Kugcno, O'Nolll'B harsh commentary on thwarted human .existence, "Strange .interlude," worked out , In counterpoint of .thought against word and deed, received sincere treatment by tho Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer producers, urn) It is executed by a notably fine cast. Those who viewed (ho local showing yoBterday tit the Fox theater, whore its run began, were deeply Impressed by file compelling nuance of tho drama which encroaches upon tho sordid but remains throughout a poignant exposition of tangled lives, humnn Indecision, desires, and conflicts. Strange Story The story concerns Nine Leeds, the girl whose lover Gordon Is destroyed In the war, and whoso life becomes a patchwork In mending her profound grief that belongs In the past. Her marriage to Sain Evans becomes a living deception when she has a child by another man .to circumvent the J3vans' family taint of Insanity. The sordid triangle continues through the strange Interlude of 'dally living over a period of years, and the husband, protected from the truth, Is the only one attaining happiness, n measure nf which also comes to Charlie Marsden, the life-long friend, who completes tho cycle of Nina's life. Fine Acting - Nornm Shearer leaves Behind her some of her lately acqulr'edX superfl- claltles, and regains a great measure of sincerity • through her . portrayal which Is a full-length portrait, Nina 30lng depicted In girlhood, womanhood and old age. Clark Gable Is less effective, his make-up being unfortunate In latter scenes, but -he gives a workmanlike performance. Ralph Morgan, who essayed the role of Charlie Marsden, tho timid and acridly philosophical novelist, on the stage, produces tho finest acting. Alexander Klrkland as the weak and later self-satisfied husband, Is at times ineffectual. 'Other players Include the veteran May Rqbson as Mrs. Evans; Maureen O'Sulllvari as Madelino, who becomes the bride of Gordon, the son, enacted by- -Robert Young; Henry B. Walthall as Professor Leeds, and Tad Alexander as Gordon, the child, who does a couple of remarkable scenes. Technique Impells The picture Is compiling- and will repay the Interest of even the most casual motion picture goers. -While O'Neill admirers familiar with the drama will find lines omitted, and tho drama Idealized and even sentiment sentimentalized to some extent, the force of the O'Neill conception remains intuct. •' ' . The echbhi^ 'of HliouiSht against the spoken word Is a forceful medium 'that will probably be adopted to greater extent In talking picture dramas despite tho burlesque that- the O'Neill play seems . to have inspired. The technical gestures In "Strange Interlude" are a Ifttle overemphasized for whenever a "thought" Is introduced, seemingly, the entire action stops while it is projected. This is due to too many close-ups and curtailment of. action- evidently dictated by a director too conscientious In making clear the cleavage of thought anc word. DANCER DORIS BOOTH, PRINCE MARRY •.(United I'retii tented Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 9—Doris Booth, ndwn, professionally as Xyesha, orl- ntal dancer, and Satlsh . Chandra Ingh, a Hindu prlnco, were married ecember 6 In Gallup, N. M.,. friends f tho couple have learned, Both are L years of age. . •• , Miss Booth was a protege of Danil Frohman, and gained wide proml- ence as a child dancer, Singh came ere to take courses at 'Los Angeles imlor College and ' to Btudy the moon picture Industry. He planned to pen a studio In India upon his' re- urn there. • •Alter the marriage, which was o,t- onded by the ,bride's mother, Mrs. race Booth, the couple.iwent to New 'ork, preparing to sail for England, "Vance, Germany and Italy. The couple met here when both were students In a class of Hindu hllosophy. PLAN HEALTH PLAY TAFT, Jan. 9.—Fourth grade pupils In classes of Miss Lenore Wltherow and Miss Phyllis Gray at the Roosevelt School are planning a health play to be given In the near future The play Is part of a health project being carried out in their actvllty work. . OPEN 12-11 I • P.M. P H Any Sett It 5 |. •. 15c 300 Seats. Any Time.. .lac Today and Tomorrow Desperate Gun Battles Rip-Roaring Riding MIX HORtlMAN Also "GIDDY AGE" (Comedy) "Dangers of Arctic" Cartoon and News VIRGINIA Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. 800 SEATS—Any Time. 15c Last Times Today TWO BIG FEATURES KEN MAYNARD .In a Halr-Raislno Western ;'»"Dynamite Ranch" -.'and a Great Murder Myitery Living Witness" a no MIcKey 'Mouse Cartoon Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT TRY OUR DELICIOUS »-\ T-BONE STEAK DINNER wX BREAKFASTS 25C to 50C Noon Luncheon . . . 50c Evening Dinner, 50c, 75c ALSO A LA CARTE RI ALTO 8 «• 0 i. m., IS«! After «. 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Shoub, New York, reports "In addition to intestinal cleansing Adlerika reduces colon bacteria an< bacilli." J. 1C. Puckott: "After using Adlerika I fool better than for 20 years. Awfu ImpurllluB were, eliminated." * Olvo your stomach and bowels t BAIi cleansing with Adlerlka um nee how good you foel! Juet .ONI wpoouful relieves OAS und chronl constipation. FREE SAMPLE will b mailed on request. Address Adlerika Dept. 104, 91! S. Wubnaha, St. Paul Minn. Sold .In Bakemfleld by Hugho Drue S£ore, in Knst Bukersfleld b; Kern Drug Co,—Adv. ' G 618 KentuckySttMt JA Tilklnt Pliturai Every Dty m « ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 15o Children Always 10o Today and Tuesday IRENE DUNN, JOHN BOLES In Fanny Hunt's : Immortal Story of Love That Defied Conventions "BackSlreeT News, Comedy, Cartoon CLARK QABLE NORMA SHEARER 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. fi—News. . 6:15—Bill, Man a'nd Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabe and Hon. Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Musical program. 8—Light concert music. 8:30—Playlet. • 0-r-NeWB. .. .;•: 9:16—Calmon Lubovlskl and Claire Mellonlno. •; • •• - • * i * 10—KNX dance band. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. KERN—1200 K. Appears in Latest Western * Drama, "Fourth Horse- mam" Today Tom Mix—that tall, handsome' cowboy who loads dynamite In his fists an,d who places tho Russian Cossacks and-'the Arabian Legion to ''-shame, ailite,' with' his halr-ralslng horsemanship—-again rang the figurative bell of excellence with tho presentation of Ills latest: picture, entitled' ."The Fourth Horseman," at the'Rex Xheater'Spn^ day.- >.. •:•.-. •. .,' /'• :.v*;,*7" * Mix has worn many, many, bells'to a frazzle with such vociferous bjsjl- rtnglng, in the .past, and'may. he wean, out many, many more. For that lanky Texan crams, more honest-to-goodness action, more /romance and more Intrigue. Into ona film than any man alive—and • never does he, lose ^a'mor- sel o'f wholesomenesK In the. process! Never does he break faith with the millions of "kids" throughout tho world who swear by hlin along .with, their 'fathers, mothers, sisters and' brothers. • '' . This time he plays a .well-to-do rancher who refuses point-blankly, to. stand by Idly 'while -a gang of bandits cheat a beautiful Canadian girl-but.of her rightful/real estate/ There' are flying fists and thundering: hoofs, ga-; things get "hot" and'there are sqnie beautiful demonstrations In riding, shooting und fist-fighting as Tom and Tony go, through their thrilling paces. \ , Dark-eyed Margaret 'Lindsay, who, Incidentally, Is under long contract to Universal, plays the.lovely girl In'dis- tress and Raymond Hatton, Fred Kohler and Buddy Roosevelt'capably make up the supporting'cast. ' BRAN* AGAIN IS HEADING IW BOARD Edward Bransten, president of M. J. B. Company and Western Can Company and chairman during" the current year of the-TJ. S. government board of tax experts, has received word from Washington of his reap- polntment to the board for tho ensuing year. He has served with few Interruptions since 1910. Mr. Bransten states that no article of drink or food is better safeguarded for',purity and fitness for consumption. Tea Is -the cheapest beverage commercially sold, and Is a mild stimulant that Is also soothing to the nerves he declares. Steeped tea has a flower-like aroma, but It has Just as much masculine as, feminine appeal. Witness the fact that one of tho sturdiest of races— the. English—Is the'greatest consumer of tea. " ' ' '"'.'. • '' "- ' American prefer milder teas than those favored by foreign countries Quality standards for import Into America are higher than In any other country and. are steadily maintained by the federal tea' board's members 6—Ruth Ettlng, Chesterfield. 6:16—Howard Ely at the organ. 6:30—Dancing at the Bellrlve. • 7—Morton Downey. 7:15—Tarzan of the Apes." 7—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Blue Monday Jamboree.- 10—Carnation Albers "Cross Cuts." 10:05—"All Request Hour." 10:46—Prank Grenough orchestra. 11—Dancing With the Stars. • 468.5 M.—KFI—«40 K. 6—"Makers of History." ' 6:80—The Butck program. 7—Male Octet. 7:15—Beckmun Orchestra. 7:30—NBC-KGO programs to 8. 9—KPI Fun Factory Unlimited. 10—NBC-KGO program. 10:15—Phil Harris 1 Orchestra. 10:45 to 12 midnight—NBC-KGO program. ATHLETE'S FOOT HEALED IN WEEK WITHRESINOL 333.1 M— KHJ— 900 K. I 5:45—Zoellner String Quartet!' 6:11!—CBS programs to 7:15. 7:15—To be announced. 7:30—^CBS programs to 8. 8—Blue Monday Jamboree. 10—News Items; Blsqu|ck Band. 10:15—Stanley Smith Orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, or-« ganist. HEAVIER IE SOLD BYLOMMPANY A heavier, huskier tire, featuring stronger side-walls with deeper nonskid grooves and longer wearing tread, Ja now being shown by the Western Auto Supply Company In thelr_new 1933 Western Giant Center Traction tiro. "The new Improved Center Traction Western Giant offers what we believe to be the greatest tire value In .the west," says F. B. Fisher, local manager of the company. "Western Giants ure standard quality and. aro guaranteed to give service, at least equal to any otlusr frlst- line tire on- the market. ' "More than a million Western Giant tires are in dally USD, gluing satisfaction and economical service. This new 1983 Western'• Giant Is an even' better .tire than ever before. 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LILI DAMITA, APPEARING IN "THE MATCH KINO" D RAMATICALLY timed at a moment when the world Is still echo- Ing Its astonishment over the collapse of -\vhat was supposedly one of the world's, greatest, fortunes, "The Match 'King,"- Which, opened yesterday at-the Nile, ,tellfl the inside story of this- famous '.arch swindler whose life ; and career was a series of frauds; The dominant trait'of this cha.ra'c-'- ter, as 'Portrayed ^ by Warren" .Williams,' Is ambition and ruthleasness. -After making love to many women, he used them as puppets to further his. .overwhelming desire for power, regardless* pf what happened to the victims of his magnetic personality. 1*111 Damlta' plays the vaguely disguised famous Swedish • screen actress who'was the one unattainable objective of 'the' "Match/King." 'Others' In, the cast are Glenda Farrell, Spencer Charters, 'Juliette Compton, Alan Hale/ John Wray, Claire'Dodd and Hardfe Albright. Henry's Favored to Defeat California (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9.—The Invading Wichita Henrys, A. A. U. basketball champions, were favorites to win their game'tonight with University of California. The Henrys dropped the first game of their local.Invasion when.they,w.ere beaten, last night by \he strong Toung Men's Instituteftve,.80-28.' French Rank Net Stars for Season (United PrettLedted Wire) • PARIS, Jan, 9.—The French Lawn Tennis Federation has', awarded "tho .earn of Jean Borotra /and Jacques Brugnon first place in its annual neh's doubles ranking. The combination of • Henri Cochet and .Brugnon was , ranked second, with Cochet -and Marcel Bernard third. Madame Rene Mathleu and Mile, losambert were given top rank among the French' women's doubles earns, with Cochet and Mile..Rosam- bert taking first In mixed doubles combinations. v flashjt Jnstltute.Tfpryard, ,.<;aged ,the winning goal In tho final seconds "of play. Quick! Stop That COLD! 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N/.SIJACKEUyo^D, Travail* PttesenBnr A«ent , "po« segfted'.'tttid Increased effective ,.00vuu«,-,- .•which definitely Ulaees It •«*«•- 'A ' Of competitive branda, x O(' Mbto) 1 ;} n the Pttclflc; doast, acoordlbtyle >l •LZA*A<Bd«£A*k44- W.Hj4rt 1*dla*A(nV TJlTi UV H vufice fijel on — _^ T . an jinntfurioeJhettt 'made hetpiby, Davenport, yrctmtt district r -^- L the <Uh)on Oil Company, •* ~ •, Tho new advance In'the untl'-fcnoolr. rating of 76, Mr. Davenport stated, IB , the third that has been made since the introduction of the drange-colored motor fuel ,u>year ago. /, . i Tlje new U-nlon 70 gasoline IB designed to burn tn an engine -with,an, efficient nonlumluous flame, and alsp, to develop .explosion pressures that dp not/exoeedl safety' ilniltu but give 6 smooth flow of poweY. In,modern ail- • lonjoblle engines, a low octane gasoline itlvos Imperfect combustion, whtcft takCBi'tKo; form* of a yellow luminous flame thut dls'nlputes heat units' to the c> 7 lliidcr walls rather than converting them Into power, and thus causes overheating of the motor. At the same time, tho maximum or peak ox- plosion pressures developed under Imperfect combustion conditions are several times as great as under proper ' firing. These abnormal pressures result. In excessive wear of the cylinder walls, und main and connecting ro/l bearings. Because of Its extremely high antl» knock' rating, 78 gasoline actually hjir- ne'Hses the heat'.that Is wasted by the motor fuels of lower octane rating and turns ; It Into, power that makes, for better performance of the motor. Nevers* Team Goes Into Its Training (United Preit Leaic,. „ .. „, SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. ?".—Ths" galaxy of rforrteir all-American '. footr ball-stars 'Ernie Ney'ers has recruited to meet the Green Bay Packers, former national, professional champions, in a- Knights of Columbus charity game here January'22, began- practice k sessions at Palo 'Alto today. ' The Packers will sail from Honolulu "Wednesday after haying , played two game's on the Islands. They will arrive hero January 17 to prepare for the charity tilt. ; : • « » » '• '.; .INDIAN. UMPIRE LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 9. (U. P.)— Ben Tlncup, 'veteran Indian baseball •player, -will return to the American Association next year as umpire, according to Information received here ;today from'Thomas J. Hlckey, asso- ciatlon president. ' ; f* STORE OPENS AT "NINE" EVERY MORNING in Jtiveru iJevartment v New Savings! for the New Week! It's Clearance Time Before Inventory S. & H. 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