Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 9
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. i T^"" THE lOLA PATLYREGT^R. THURSDAY EVEXING. DECEMBER 15. 1927.1 •, 1 PAGE NINE WH ERE T O M A R K ET CANDY KECIPES Home-made candy makes nice C3irlstm&B gifts. Here! are some good recipes for cooked and uncooked cindies. FRUIT SXOTTBAXLS 2 tablesipoons condensed milk »4 cup tinely ctiopped raisins or dates cups shredded cocoanut 1 -3 cuiJ cliopped nut meats ' Measure the miik into a bowl, add to it. 1 cup of cocoanut, fruit and nuts,! and work all'together to a piastetLjForm into balls the size of marbles and roll in the rempin- Ing cocoanut—C. R. UXCOOKED F0XDA3T iWhito-jlegg f.Plnch!of salt \ Abouti 1% cups confectioners sugar 4 % teaspoon flavoring . Beat the while of egg slightly trith the salt, then work into It the sugar which has been thoroughly sifted—the exact amouni, will depend on the size of the fgg ^-liltes. Add also the flavoring, either a liquid extract or grated oraiigfe or l^roon rihd. If preferred, prepare fondant, divide iiito 2 oc S portions flind flavor each differently. How to.use uiioook'd fonOaiit: « 'Add fliivly chopiuil niit.s, finely liopped raisin.s or diiti-s. form irii<i nails and roll in pranulatcd sugar, j Take .small portion of fondant ' and Inclofio in each;a wiiolc raisin cJr nut meat;-roll in >ngar. j Fo;ni intd Ibail-s, <lip, into melted chocolate, ilrca.- onto tabic oilfloth or marble sidb to set I Form into balls and roll in either finely clioppvd-Knglisli walnut liipat.s, peanuts or p&'an.s. .j Flavor uncooked jfopilant witli peppermint or winfek-Kreen extract. = liress into a thin' .>-I^eet ami stamp .into small round!? .for peppermint or wafers.—C.R. CUOKEII CANDIES 1 BRITTLE BIT.S " 2 cups gjranulated sugar 1 cup light brown sugar 1 cup tx^iling water . 4 tabiesjwohs.ljutter *2 cup corh -sJTup Cook rtoeether Uhe two .sugars, com syrupTand water, stirring only until the. sugar is dissolved, then cooking steadily until a little dropped into cold water is very brittle. . Add the butter and stir just enough to . blend with the candy Have ready a greased pan, ovei* which ha.4 been sprinkled a IJttle bran. . pjuffed .cereal or coar.sely "chopped •: nuts. Pour the candy over, spread a!si thinly as iwssible. .-break into bilji when cold.—C. R. FLIES TO HIS WEDDING I'sfng an airplane on the last lap of his 9.000-mile journey from Peking. China, For.syihp Slierfesse arrived in Chicago to take a.s his bride .Mrs. Eitilly IJorle Kyerson, whom he met in China. The bride, shown above \|.itl!, the hridegrooni. i.-: ihe widow of Arlhur-Uyersnn who lost hi.s life'ln th- Titanic disaster. • Kvflh a. cutter wintrrgretrn wiitiT. sJirrinic on -asionally to irre^ vent mixture Xroin adhering. til pan. IJetnove from fire, heal -t inliiutcF,, add limken nut meat.-; and vanilla iiiid turn into btittered pan to Cool. Wlicii colli, cut in squares and.wrap in'waxed iiaper.—('. II. " ." / PEASI T HITTER FIIMiE '2- cujis snpar cup milk • Hutter size of walnut i" Boil- until i! (orm.-' a soft ball in r-ol(i water. Remove from fire and beat In 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Beat until it hardens around the edges of pan. Pour, in buttered pan.—C. R. COCOAMT DELIGHTS . Boil one. cupful white .«iigar and Vj c.up of milk a.« for fudge: remove front fire and beat. When nearly cool add 11^ cupfiil.s ) of cocoanut and drop from SIKJOU on waf.xed paper. ..When cold, dip in melted nn.sweetened chocolate.—C. R. - < fOCOAMT < REA.W X:A\DV IVi cups sugar" l^'cup nvilk. i 2 teaspoons hutter , , i-3 cupful .shredded cocoanut 1 : teaspoon yanilla '. i .Boil sugar, milk and butter to-! •i'tber 12 minute.s. Remove froin "'5 're, add • cocoanut and, vanilla. Beat until oreamy. Cut in, squares. 4c. .R. RICH CHOCOLATE CAKA.WELS 2 tahlespoon.s butter " •J /s cupful milk. \f cupful sugar • ' 1 cup molasses i squares bitter chocolate 1 cup., walnut meats . 2 teaspoons vanilla i Put butter In saucepan and w; i ; meltedi add. milk, sugar and molasses. When boiling point, ia reached, add chocolata and cook , until hrlttie when tried in cold OOLDEN PRESERVE Cook'; pumpkin slightly salted, put through colander as for pie. W'atiU jhoroughly. .soak, cook tender, light colored dryed apricots, and put through colander..Make syrup of five cups granulated sugar, .vou may the juice, if any from Jhe )/iirnpkin and apricots. Boil 'thOroiiphly. Stir into it five cnp^i of file pumpkin, and one of aj)rie)t. Htir well and simmer for thir y miiiiiti-s.; This makes al>oii! seveii Kla.K .^e -i qf beautiful ami deIi(iouj< tipreail.—>:;. ,M. C In making curtains from material that has a decided pattern, be. sure to match the design on each half of the curtain. To do this.' measure the necessary tinm- iber of lengths on the goods in the boll I)efore cutting. Soiiie waste. howpviT. will be almosr unavoidable. |iOOSEH<MsD \ Certain foods containing a considerable amount of water within theinselves may 'be^tooked without water, either in the uve'u or in covered «oniainerx s*-h as casserole's ,or special utensils, hot thi.s metlKid should not be applied to stroiVi^-flavOred vegetables. Cabbage, lauliflower and turnips: are good 'examples of vegetables that should be cooked uncovered. Green leaf vegetables lose their color unless cookeif In o""pen vessels, and as mbsf of them should be cooked only a short tinie the .so-called waterless method is not advised for them. ~ plen'.sliments in such items a.s rfleets. pillow-cases.;- siireails- and niattress protectors; t'ible cloths, napkins, liiwels. anil wash cloljis. Sometime.s cretonnes, prin^ls and other washable; figurell raalerial for curtains, uphoister.v. cu.shiop covers or .dre».ses are| piaceii on sale by the yard with white goods during January. Those who make underwear at hoine find this season best to buy nainsook., long! cloth, batiste. Gngiish broadcloth and other white fabrics as well as those suitable for dress^, skirts and blouses. NOMORESIGKENm &PILLSFORHIM ; 63^year-oM man gains relief from, constipation With ALL-BRAN noughnuts and gingerbread are srood winter sweets, when the body needs plenty of energy food. A iKjrterhouse or sirloin steak an iinch and a half to two inches thick can be broiled in the gas oven. Trim off excess fat and wipe with a damp clotli. Orease the rungs of the broiler and place the steak on it underneath the flairte. no not close the door. Sear on one side and yirn. Iwlng careful not to break the tender coating which holds in the juices. Whifn ,'iM )tli ^ides aro seared, turn down the' flame and cook the meat, turning to cook evenly. Add salt, pepper, and melted butter as .soon as tho steak is done, and serve at once. Follow Mr. Hoffner's remarkable story o£ the woitder- ftd work of ALL-BRAN. waa constipated from boyhood- imtfl I btsan catins AIX-BRAN. I »m pait £3 reus old. Fed like SO. No more pUb ioc me. \ do this witli my own free wUL~ J. Homns Winismstown, H. J. Cause of more than forty diseases! Thief of health and happiness! Pimples, headaches, sallow skin, falling hair are but a few of the tell-tale sighs. Don't let constipation sap yokir health! Kellogg's ALI^BRAN will relieve it. Two tablespoonfols daily-^in chronic cases, with every meal. Goaranteed. Doctors recommend ALL-BRAN because it is 100'% bran. DelidoQs with milk oir cream, and add fmits or honeyr Use in cooking. Sold by all grocers. Served everywhere. Ready to eat. Made by Kellogg in Battle Greek. AtL-BRAN AVhito sales long have been associated with the beginning of tfie I yea r. plans The thrifty housekeep* in adrance for needed There was one divorce for every six mariiages in the Ijilted States last year. - ., ,. HIGH GRADE GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES BEST FRESH MEATS OF ALL KINDS FRESH VEGETABLES AT ALL TIMES felG STOCK OF CHRISTMAS CANDIES ' - f ' Notice Farmers! • ' • i ; We want your eggji, and will pay 2c above market price the of the week. Pennington's Grp. lOione 497 Wo Deliver 701 South Washington WE UNLOADED! TlilS WEEK: CAR Zepbyr Flour CAR io 1 Car Jonathan Apples We buy in car load lots to save our customer's mopey. 'Just a few .items from 0 u r grocery stock at monej'-sav- ing prices: 6 boxes Searchlight Matches for :. .25c No. 10 called gallon Syrup for .. 50c No. 10 Yellow Free 1 Peaches, can . .45c Christmas Candy,; 2 Ibs^. ......25c io Ibs; sack jCane. . Sugar for .... .65c is lbs. Sugar . $1.00 2 lik. Mince Meat 25c All 10c Tobacco, 3 f or.. 25c All 15c Tobacco, 1^ 2 for 25c PORTER'S The St&re Where Your Go Parthest We D'eliver Her>fejesty the FOR THAT- Christmas Dinner SUPERIOR ICE CREAM Ice Cream Molds There is no de.-^.sert quite a.s appetizing after a lv>avy dinner a.s SUPERIOR ICE GREAM—and none .so unique as our fancy mold.s which are'made in many (le.signs, including SANTA CLAUS ' CHRISTMAS BELL TURKEY GOBBLER ' HORN OF PLENTY EAR OF CORN IN. HUSK RED, RIPE APPLE .\ I —ahd.many others. ORDERS FOR THESE SPECIAL MOLDS SHOULD BE GIVEN AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. \ At Any Superior Dealer's or Phone 91 Millioni itiopjdaily at A.&P. beirause they alwayf' get the beit -quality iooi% at money Mving prices] Apple Butter Peaches V::^ Peaiiut Brittle Criiico L'-ctSc" PUlsbury frr"' iPiirttan Malt %tSc li.. I Lb. Can % p^^- ZSc ^ca ^6ac. Wisconsin FoH Cream Lb. We-I'aij Jllghest <nsh I'rires Jor t:\ttcs ESTABUSHED ISM CHRISTMAS! Mixed Candy, good, per pound. ... .10c BROKEN TAFFY RIBBON : CRIMP CUT ROCK : MOTtOGR-^M - ------ PE.AiNUT BRITTLE Pounds fnr 25c Chocolate Creains, 2\\)& for , .35c COiviPLETE STOCK OF NUTS Mixed Nuts, all A-No. 1, lb.. 25c .Nice Reduction.s on Quantities Lei Us Figure With You. Let us have your order for Turkey, Goose, Duck,:Fruit Cake, Celery or Oysters - —for the very best selections. Pork Shoiilders, fresh, per !b 1.3c Pork Ham.s. fresh, per lb. ---l-.iec Pork Back, fresh, per pound -16c Sausage, per lb. 15c Smoked Hams, per pound :-.-22c PHONES 401-402—403 FAERY THING TO EAT WE DELWER THE CENTRAL M A R K E T Invites yoiir inspection of their complete line of Christmas^ Candies and Nuts at prices you icill like. Eveiy-^ thing marked itv plain figx'ires. , i ; A FEW EVERY DAY PRICES ' J No. 10 Sliced Peaches .45 G No. 2 B. g. Pineapple. ... 20c 3 lbs..Prunes for .;. :.,.! 25c Del Monte Asparagus Tips .15c 3 lbs. Michigan or Idaho Beans 25if The best Bulk Coffee vou ever tasted .38c 3 lbs. fancy B. R. Rice .... .25c Large Sack Flour for j-...., $2.00 > Satisfaction hr money back. Christmks Candies, 2 lbs. for .25c I ALL KINDS OF NUTS No. IY2 Sliced .Peaches ;in syrup, 2 for.......25c f BRING US YOUR EGG^i^ THE QUALITY ANI^ SERVICE GROCERY SOUTH SIDE SQUARE > SELF SERVICE GROCERY Expansion nemonstration We hsive sold Expairsiorv in lola since our opening, Aug. 5, ^92.5, have had three chahees at Allen County's Fair, winning fii>t prize all three years against the field of competitors. As furthej evidence of Expansion's superiority come to the Self Service Saturday and eat hot biscits baked of Expansion, also an angel food cake baked of Expansion. Compare this cak6 with any you ever ate baked of a special cake flour; Shannon Hardware Co., Iwill furnish the^ range for this demonstration. Frefi Coffee will be served—^M. Jt B. Brand, percolated in an!electric percolator furnished by K. C. Electric & Plumbing Co. Hot Biscuits will be spread-wiih Shady Urook (The Butter that Betters the Bread.) Expansion is only one of the many items of merchandise of superior quality carried by our stores. SEE US FOR YOUfe CHRISTMAS NUTS AND CANDIES Expaiision 4S-lh. hag. Special _—— Ion HDlQ I.y 48. $2,10 $1.90 EXPANSION—6 lb::b^ (special) ......... 33c i| RAISjNS—3 lbs. new crop Seedless .25c SUGAR—25 lb. bag Ptfre Cane...; $1.65 .3-lb. box Loose QQ/» Wiles Krispys Ot/*^ Cake Eater Bar Free 2-lb. box Loose Wiles Krispys ... .25c BEAN^T lbs. Idaho Navys .. .SOc. POTATOES—No. 1 Ohios or Cobblers— 2 I)u.^bag for .:.. j: : .$2.15 COJFFEE M. J. k DEMONSTRATION SATlJRDAY 2 Lb. Can $1.Op—Half Lb. Can Free COIIN MEAL—5 lbs- 1^; llfl^.for .35c FLAKE HOMINY-2 !lbs. for 15c MIXED NUTS (no Peanuts) lb. 23c; 2 lbs. 45c CLASS N 6. 2 Peanut Brittle, Crimp Ribbon, Broken Taffy, OC^ Fairy .Mixed, Cut Rock, 2. lbs. .11 £dDi^ \' CLASS NO. 1 Peanut Square.s French ('reams. Spice Drops, As.sort- ed Fudge,' Gum Drops,- Chocolate Creams as-i •! A sorted 4 fliavors plastic filled 2 lbs. 35c, id lbsJ«I) J.»v" See Us for Fancy Box Candy Best Di$play in lola Our Candies are alt fresh and pure snf/ar —no glucose, ' : j V • bur Prices Will Be Right on Oranges! Fresh Country |lggs* Per Dozen, 35c CHRISTMAS TREES Our supply will be hcn^ Monday, Dec: 10. They will be trees', not limbs, cedhrs, compact, well developed. See specim^i in iront of, our store. ' Follov: the crowd and do your Christmas shopping at the Self Service. Be assured of pure quality merchan- dis^e. Save money and be satisfied. ^Ev^rythi;ig in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables On the Square at the East Side

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