Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 21, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, May 21, 1965
Page 10
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TIN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, MAY 21, 196S. Market Prices Are Moderately Lower Today Obituaries 3 Finish Marine Law Enforcement Course Richard Bennett of Ironwood, • Robert Byrns of Lake Gogebic MrS Carl Luoma : and Frank Kuchevar of Waters- Mrs. Carl Luoma, 57. of Erwin me , et have returned from Higgins TrWshin died earlv todav at < Lake m tne Lower Penin s u 1 a. S SraSd Vtew Hospitai fl h e ; where they completed a 60-hour had been hospitalized for two days. The former Elma Korpi was 1908 at Iron Belt. Byrns also completed a spe- marine training Board Endorses Briefl y I° w Construction of Proposed Tra ;l A car wash will be conducted by the Luther L. Wright High School French Club Sat u r d a y \ from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the, Red Owl Store parking lot. j Army Reservists Slate Training More than 13,000 citizen-sold- The Rcdlcgs baseball team lers and RO TC cadets in the Hospiral Notes GRAND VIEW. Ad m i 11 Thursday: Scott Sandquist, Ram say, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, 103 Gary Rd., Hurley, Louis J. Da- Pra, 325 E. Bonnie St., Mrs. Catherine Donlon. 101 Shamrock St., Mrs. Laina Oja, 1107 Suther- of the Babe Ruth League will practice at 2 p.m. Saturday at BESSEMER — The proposed j the Monarch Field. NEW YORK CAP) - Stock market prices were moderately- 0?™"°- ±s still a child her instruc <<i? n under Richard Bow- construction of the tri-state Git-! lower early this afternoon as , " „ 1 1 y moved to Bessem e r } es tra i"i n e officer of the Mich- chee Gumee Trail, originating in trading slowed. Towliip S3 she attended the Selling pressure was light fol- local schools. She was married lowing Thursday's sharp set- to carl Luoma Oct. 15. 1927. He back. died Nov. 1. 1957. She was a Motors yielded only fractions member of the Zion Lutheran instead of 1 or 2 points as in the church. previous session. ; surviving are two sons. Calvin The trend was a little lower anc i Eugene of Erwin Township: among rails, steels, rubbers andi one daughter. Mrs. David Aili of Civil Service Commission. 2 Sentenced on Beating Charges mail order-retails. ^Charleston, S. C.; one grand Minnesota and traveling across; i Wisconsin and Upper Michigan i to Sault Ste. Marie, was en-; dorsed by the Gogebic Cou n t y Board of Supervisors, on rec- 'ommendation of the Gogebicj ': County Planning Commission j Russell Glynn, chairman the planning commission, 30 Splppfpd for J\J Jvl\/V*l\/U Ivl Institute at NMU VI U S Army Corps area | a " d Ui s>t - Viol etta wu «17 Organizations To Take Part in Painting Project ginning this month. The summer 1965 active duty for training per- i o d will extend from May through September. St., surgery. Discharged Thursday: Mrs. Anna Zadra, Mrs. Hannah Elli- addS to the Army Re- *«s. Ellen Williams, Iron- servists performing their annual | wooa active duty training for two; DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield ! weeks, this summer, some 700 ; Admitted Thursday: Mrs. Ray- Seventeen head the activity that is scheduled to take place on Monday in the city of Hurley when the town will be involved in the nation's first clean-up paint-up day on a city-wide scale. j Army Officers Training Corps mond Lindberg, Mrs. Frank Per-1 Tne organizations have volun- cadets from colleges and univer-! lich, Bessemer, Mrs Margaret! te ered to aid in the painting of MARQUETTE—Thirty junior sities in Michigan and India n a ] Rigotti, Iron Belt, Joseph La- of! and senior high school English < will receive six weeks of active i Pere, Ironwood, medical. re-' instructors from Michigan, Wis- ARBOR (API— Two Uni- P° rted tnat tne trail w111 P rovide 1 consin and Idaho have been se- , _____________ - — The pattern was irregular : daughter, and onp sister, M r s. : jt , Micniean students a continuous route for hiki n g. lected to participate in the eight- Thurs- horseback riding in the summer, week NDEA Summer Eng 1 i s n iiiuio - among oils, airlines, . tobaccos, j onn Davison of Elmhurst, U 1. drugs, electrical equipments, Funeral services will be held sentenced to oviiicnv,<_u iu ei il v to and snow mobile, ski hiking, or chemicals, nonferrous metals, • Monday afternoon at 1:30 at the :£;"' . tpmmfne frofri a se snowshoeing in the winter olo^t,-nnir.c anrt atrnraftc r,: T ,.»!,--„« /-iK.-w.V, fho Oow . V,lldlfc,l-O hlLIIUUlUb J1UIII d SC rp..,.,,, f ,, 0 „,„!„ *,.„,•! thev inflicted on electronics and aircrafts. zion Lutheran Church, the Rev. The news background to stock Thomas A. Schultz official i ng. t , , R ld adonted dau£rh trading was relatively neutral, i interment will be at Rivers i de J™" »y eai -° ia aaopiea aau g n structed. with no outstanding new devel-j cemetery. : opment to spur prices either • The Ketola Funeral Ho m e way. j will be open for visitation begin- The Associated Press average; njng at 4 Sunday afternoon. The, of 60 stocks at noon was off .8 remains will be taken to the From tne main trail, spur trails to ski areas win be COI> Institute to be held at Northern Michigan University beginni n g June 21. Announcement of the selections was made by Dr. Albert duty training at Fort R i 1 e y, Kansas; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Fort Lewis, Washington, and Ft Knox, Kentucky. Discharged Thursday: Kathleen Reese, Marenisco; Mrs. | Ralph Christensen and son, Pence; John Johnson, Mrs. Mi- This intensive instruction in • chael Magdziak and daugh t er, the field will supplement and Penny Lynn Raymond, M r s. round out their classroom studies in military science. About 6,000 Reservists are sen- r 'j rrui f Inr1[ jp Tamps R : Tne route of tne trail h a s I cook, of the NMU Language and i eduled for trai n i n g at F i fth ""' - ' sentenced 43, to a 14- term in at 338.9 with industrials off 1.1, rails off .2 and utilities off .6. The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was off 3.26 at church Monday morning at 10, : where they may be viewed up M p nfptV< , hnqhn ' nr i Pnn , : started by the young men in! Defense Education Act, the Ins- ___ i»« *•_ _ AI __ ^t *V,~ nn »...;in i AViiO. rXUt^ll a JlUaUdllU. J^CIUI, ,. rtll fl, nn,-^nc. ?v» fVirt «,.rtrtrte.c- r^t AJi...t_ _ *. mT --- i.U n «« 4» «.-.« «r r.itr to .children ' until the time of the service. 4<i was placed on probation for two ooDortun tv Act anrid -as ordered to pay ana court costs totaling Army's Camp McCoy, 35 miles Wisconsin. The two other largest training camps for reserve components in the Fifth Army area are state youth camps in the process ofltitute at Northern is one of six; -operated sites at Camp Ril e y, organization under the Economic o ' been determined, said G 1 y n n. j Literature Department and direc- and acquisition of right-of-way, tor of the Institute, easement is in progress. Plans! Sponsored by the U. S. Office "rm-rPpHnn'nn'n ^harep are to com P lete preparation so' O f Education under Title XI of uoireLuun on a cndigL that trail construct i on may be i the recently amended National Charles Silkworth, Ironwood; Ra m o n a and Pamela Minier, William Pedrin,' Wakefield. of 105 in the nation. Speical in- I struction will be offered in liter- 924.01. i l/ arr Infnnf Losses of a point or so among; i^err imam a scattering of pivotal stocks i ROCKLAND—Mary Jo, two "''« a.ju uumi uubia iuianu B T}ie trai] is largely through i ary criticism, advanced corn- accounted for most of the drop month old daughter of Mr. and-^ u «' "°";" naa pieaaea guuiy public ] an ds—the National For- position, and English grammar. " """- d tnaige 01 as>sauii ana oai- „„* _ nrl n tv,p,- nnhiiniu num PH rm,;,. ^ M, D fi,- t .t ./noi- n-,<» TT H on average. Mrs. Howard Kerr, 230 N. 60th I ClVGlCtgt. AVAL a» **\^ »T •-** *» «»-w-. -. j __— _., Prices were mixed in moder- Ave., E., Duluth, died May 11 i ie ' y . „„.„„. „„.„ „..,.„.. *^ ut .. u *.,^ ate trading on the American j in a Duluth hospital. Burial took: Bo ten, a giaduate student in plannlngommlss , on action to est and other publicly own e d lands, said Glynn. He said the i place at Duluth on May 12. ' Surviving are her parents, one being held in the state and one i Minnesota, 20 miles south of - • • ' Brainerd, and Camp Grayl i ng, Michigan, 50 miles east of Traverse City. Some units are scheduled to train outside the VI U. S. Army Corps area at other installations This is the first year the Office of Education sponsors h ip . . .. ., ^in*j*i*in-, ^v^Liumuvjivyti tivsvivsi.* w i 1 Cl >3 CALt.llU.tW LU ILIOI/IDUUV^O science, and n is wire endorse the project, was recom-lin English, as well as history, charged with whipping mended by UPCAP B -- - , i , sister, Beth Ann, and a brother, then 8-yeai-old ' adopted n da ugh- Glynn inf0 rmed that the f u lHof disadvantaged youth, library Clayton, at home; the maternal tei Renee, more than 100 times complement of 50,000 new county i personnel, and educational med- grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lie- with a plastic belt as punish- recreational maps has been re- i i a specialists. Basic purpose of ' mcnt zor ITHSQGGQS. !nni* rA <-i n «<^ 4-u n <. ^ ..« !-.».:.-.». ^ ;»«-«; '*!__ _• ___ iii...*. __ *-*.. *-* __ i_ __!„*. __ • tnc ' \ ceived and they are being distri-jthe institutes, Dr. Cook pointed Stock Exchange. Corporate and U.S. Treasury bonds were mostly unchanged. Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS NEW YORK (AP)—Following is a selected iw of stock £an- j garland St.' "died Thursd a v; and cuts over most of her body^ cutog'Mtorn^y'Terome" NaToi: ««««,- «« tho M™ vm-u Shu* I _, ght> ; Judge Breakey also ordered neV| the board adopted a resolu- Funeral arrangements are in-j Renee placed in a temporary ; t ion "claiming title and all inter- has been extended to institutes | in the continental United States. Selected units will be airlifted to traning sties in Alaska and geograpnyi readln g, for teachers paternal grandparents, Mr. and: The Rotens were arrested last' buted on the basls of the formu . Mrs. Ernest Kerr, Duluth. ; March by police alerted by la subm itted to the board at a i neighbors who heard the child! previous mee ting. by Andrew i cni'domivirr ; * ... . - Puerto Rico. The overall objective of the annual active duty for training period is to bring reserve compon- Harry A. Nygard 1 screaming. A ' *• The child was taken to Uni- tne boa ' r d. some idea of new discoveries Bednar, which was approved toy an d techniques in their chosen oncommendation of prose- sections on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net change from previous close. Allied Ch 533/4 U ¥4 Am Can 47V4 D «/§ Am Mot 12% U Vs Am Tel & Tel 63% U '/• Armour 43 Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service . Consumers Pow Cont Can Copper Rng Del Edison Dow Chem DU Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gerber Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland Stl Inter Chem Int Bus Mch Int 'Nick Int Tel & Tel Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp complete. C h a p p e 11-Zielinski Funeral Home is in charge. Funerals 37Va D V4 23% _ 68T'8 U % MRS. ANNA SWANSON ! SlVfe I Funeral services for Mrs. An- 78 D Vi na Swanson, 83, of South Davis i 60Vi U Vs Road , W no died Wednesday, will, 54 U V* D e held Saturday afternoon at Ironwood Bank j Debits Are Up at Riverside Cemetery. 37 75% U 247'/z 165% f or visitation beginning at 551/2 D % tnis afternoon. 83Vi D gros, Escanaba; James L. Klein, Ontonagon, and Wayne D. Foster, Wakefield. ; foster home pending a hospital es t, including mineral rights, and were selected from among 167 re £ , , , . ., ; title in fee simple to the NWV41 applicants, include: Lawrence B. Breakey s probation order for of SW i /: , S30, T47N, R46W, Iron- Boyer Bergland; Jerome Cven- Roten included the provision! W ood Township; and authorized that the father must not see i the chairman of the board and Renee during the two year • the county clerk to execute the period. notice of claim of interest on behalf of the pursuant to the resolution by the board and pursu-| ant to the laws of the State ofj Michigan (Public Act 200 ofj the public acts of 1945 as amend-1 ed). ! Fire Damages Detroit Hotel By BILL HALLS Associated Press Writer DETROIT fAP) — Eight firemen were overcome fighting a $250,000 pre - dawn fire that drove more than 900 persons from their rooms in the Statler Hilton Hotel in downtown Detroit today. Frederic Donner, board chairman of General Motors Corp., was among those who fled the five-alarm fire. Neither Donner nor any of the other guests was injured. Many of those who escaped were dressed only in their night clothes. The only casualties were those suffered by the firemen The eight overcome by smoke were taken to a hospital and treated. • Fire Chief Glenn Thorn said Donner was attending a meeting on the llth floor of the hotel with a group of GM auto dealers from South Africa when the blaze broke out. Thorn made the damage estimate. Hotel manager Frank Teich said guests were allowed to re- LANSING (AP)—Sen. Haskell' turn to their rooms on the first Nichols, R-Jackson, will seek the j ei £ht floors of the 15 - story DULUTH —At a business ses- rare Senate action of discharge | building after the fire was put out, is to give teachers in ele-1 ent units to a high state of mentary and secondary schools • readiness so that they might be integrated quickly into the defense plans of the active Army in time of emergency. The 70th Division (Training), Army Reserve from Michigan and Indiana, will train at Fort Inst i t u t e participants, who Knox, Kentucky from July 10- I fields, thus improving the quality of instruction overall in this most sensitive area of American concern. 24. Safety Council Rare Action Due On Bridge Bill D ** 11:30 at the Ketola F u nic r al Bank debits in Ironwood dur .l The prosecutor noted that the; sion of the'Lake Superiof ~Min"e"s ' Monday night in a bid to revive ! ' " /4 1 Home, the Rev. Frank osiin ljng April were up g pe] . cent hands involved have been • ac-! s Q f e tv r-nnnnii Thnrsrtnv t^ mi. the Mankinao. Bririirp rpfinnnrincr ! "We've | from the same month a year ago, quired by the county for airport ac- safetyCouncThursday the fol-' the Mackinac Bridge refinancing made arrangements The funeral home ^vill be open acc . 0 rding to statistics released purposes. The notice of claim of by the Federal Reserve Bank of interest by the county is neces- 104 D Vi SOVis U 1/4 36% D V4 ENOCH E. BERLIN Minneapolis. i sary to certify clear title be- lowing officers were elected for bill. to house the other guests at near- the 1965-1966 year: President, E. C. Leonard, superintendent of industrial rela- Nichols told the Senate Thurs- lby hotels," said Teich. day night he'll ask the State Af- Tne fire brolce out in a fairs Committee be discharged! lce area - enclosed by fire walls, debits volume during April was; agency will contribute funds to- . __ _ f •»*»» ---. j ——i — -i ww x uiix, \i\j\itJki itg, vJi ^ wc*O ta\J t £t\j*j i ? S 7 8 ! shi P' wno dled Mondav ' were i 000. During the first four months j » _ „ j-^ liltt-liUtllU \Ji lllULlOUllCli I Cl<1~ AM** U X^WA»1AA1*WV\«^ W\, VtAO^liCl.1. gV^Vi ! ' " ' In dollars, Ironwood's bank fore the federal aeronaut i c s i tions and sa f e ty, inland St e el i from consideration of the bridge | on tne eighth floor. It was fuel•" J --'~ '—' " "'"' — t """ t " "•""" *" Company, Ishpeming. i bill and three other measures | ed . bv furniture and other Vice president—Oiva W. Hak- which raise the gasoline tax a ; equipment stored in the enclo- ala, director of safety, the Cleve- penny, double the motor vehicle! sure 'land-Cliffs Iron Company, Ish- weigh tax and reallocate road-! Thorn said the cause of the i building funds somewhat more' blaze was not immediately de- Funeral services for Enoch E. $6,824,000. In the same month ofi ward any airport improvement Berlin, 54, of Bessemer Town-iig 64 tne total fj gure was $6.283-! project. • — „ j _. * , > ~ ---f w - - ; ww • —- M* » tl^ UJl*_.*.»AhJU*UUt. AllVSAJUlIUi . J8ilQ~wllII5 XJ £7 * • neld Thursday afternoon at the of 1965 bank Debits amounted to Prosecutor Nadolney reported; D emine 43 o 4 1st. Paul Lutheran Church, t h e $28,803,000, an increase of 8 peri that he has not received an opin-f secretary ._??. - '? Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg official- cent from 1964's $26.761.000. lion from the attorney general!;™ e ^ A \«**\ Allen D. Look, act-1 favorably to local units. termined. He said the fire shot 471Vi D IVa 92% D % 60% cent from 1964's $26,761,000. lion from the attorney generalj inE sub district manager ' Sub- The bridge bill was left in up an eleva tor shaft, but was ing. Interment was at .Riverside B ank debits for the most part | relative to the legality of the i di | trict £,, U. S. Bureau of committee at the bill reporting confined by his men and fire Cemetery. are checks against depositers' • , • Pallbearers, all members of accounts and thus represent pay? 2V ? T u ,, the Bessemer Veterans of For- ments for goods, services, debts proposal to organize the county board as an industrial corpora- Duluth. deadline last Friday amidst Re- walls Treasurer, R. C. DeNault, saf- publican criticism of'Committee 57Vi» U 81% U 3'8 38Va U '/a 44V2 U /^«»« _ , .. . ._ .. . _ A1V-C*OL.»1V-1,AV. V^. A~S\*n UUAki, OH*. ^».»"^*«*^fc*»« vrAKvkivkr*** irf* ^^\Jttmt^v\j\^\^ tion to aid new industry. He; ety and claims supe rvlsor. Cal- Chairman, William Romano, D- D D D Mont Ward 38Va NY Central 57 Penney, JC 75 PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb * Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US steel 51 Wn Un Tel 44% D U—Up. D—Down. mander Clarence Banfleld, John O f funds which of themselv e s i before the Supreme Court in- j /2 j Stelm a r k, Waiko E. Spe t s, have no business significance, i volving a similar case, and hej /4 1 Charles Mascotti, Felix Slom-, Bank debits mainly include all i believes the attorney general' koski and Frank Brighenti. Dis- j debits against checking accounts; may be waiting for the decision trict Commander Spets presen-1 O f individuals, partnerships and! of the higher court, before com., ited the colors. corporations, and states and pol- pleting his opinion. Nadolny said J/E 1 «.. _i _ * • A .... . . . . case umet & Hecla, Inc., Calumet. ! Warren. Raids The bill would have the state issue general obligation bonds to buy up $99.8 million in revenue i bonds issued against the bridge.; Ask Efforts Be Coordinated UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. homes and other buildings because the owners of these structures are unable to point them themselves. Following is a list of the organizations, their project chairmen and the buildings they will paint Monday: Hurley High School Student Council—Gary Miller, chairman; home of Agnes Hoye, 313 Iron St. Hurley Lions Club—Dean Comparin, chairman; home of John Thomasin, Copper St. American Legion— Geor g e Romanowski and Joseph Erspamer, chairmen; Anderson house, Poplar St. American Federation of Teachers—Robert Rainaldo, chairman; the Mary Allice house. Iron County Veterans of Foreign Wars—Leonard Zarzy ski, chairman; Mrs. Linn Piazza's house, 709 Division St. Iron County Veterans of Foreign Wars—John Traczyk, chairman; the Mable Bazzette home 205 Fifth Ave. Holy Name Society— Euge n e Calvetti, chairman, St. Mary Church, school and rectory. St. Paul Lutheran Church — Leonard Prosek, chairm a n ; the church and parsonage. Hurley Volunteer Fire Department—Victor Lauren, chairman; the Minnie Spear home, 107 Lake Drive. Hurley Masons—Peter Peterson, chairman; the Maso n i c Building. Hurley Eagles — Lawr e n c e Baldovin, chairman; the Hurley Eagles Building. Army Reserve Unit — James Lindberg, chairman; Reserve Center. Hurley city employes— Albino Zanella, chairman; the old Hurley city hall building, Copper St. Hurley High School art classes 1-2-3 —Tom LaBloncle, chairman; the Charles Thorn a s home, 301 Poplar St. Cary Mine employes— Mar i o Grandelis, chairman; the Cary Mine Employees Clubhouse. St. Mary eighth grade — Jeffrey Hautala, chairman; the Midget Store, 4th Ave. Nor t h. Bertagnoli Contractor — William Bertagnoli, chairman; the apartment house at the corner of 4th Ave. and Division St. All of the projects will start at 10 p.m. and will continue until 2 p.m. All project chairmen are reminded that they are to be at the Hurley city hall at 9 a.m. Monday to receive the paint, brushes and rollers for the job. THE WEATHER Continued from Page On* ; Sponsors say tne plan co ^l (AP)—The United States today j /8! Out of town persons attending itical subdivisions. They do not i that he expects to receive the! coup attempt in a series of radio supervision would save the state Council to coordinate its efforts - , „, . s ;„„!.,,!„,! »»%.c. XTon :__i..j- j_^!i._ ^_ .^- .._ _^; „«;„!„„ v... T i, rf 4. ic *,• i *> u V ci vjoiuii wuuiu Odvc UIC ildie „„.,!« « • ti. rC • • For 24 hr. period ending at 12 noon. broadcasts every 15 minutes: $1.5 million annually at no cost to achieve peace in the Domini- 2 p.m. 62110 p.m.\s a.m. ..SB Premier Quat announced the bined with a switch in bridge called on the U.N. Security] TEMPERATURES IN HIONWOOD -juo attemot in a series of radio snnprvisinn urnnin eau*. thn c» a t Q Council to coordinate its efforts Friday, M» y ?t, ••— ,, i the services included Mrs. Nan include debits to the accounts of j opinion by June. '' 8 ;Gaare and Clarence Berlin, Pal- other banks, the United States i Relative to the case of the | during the afternoon °°^ D /4 ;atine. 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Dean government and savings ac Gogebic County Board of Super- j satgon got its first indication i to be lowered from "$375 "to 1 Organization of A m e r i c an! " 8 £: m . M < 4 a.m. 57,12 noon visors against the board of'that trouble was brewing when i $2 35 for a one-wav auto trin 'States. i Relative humidity so'per cent, trustees of the Grand View HOS-,B,,,,H, w,»t M 0m .« f h ™» ™-««'* kichols said the biuS needed' U ' S - Ambassador Adlai E> ! Barometer: G ..m. 20.71, 12 noon ».7o. 42% 78Va D 45Vi U the taxpayer and permit tolls! l a _n_?, e _P" b »c with those of the, * p ; ;- 63 , 2 am 56;]0 am Kl os.Midmghi svj s a.m. 55 Speidel, Rogers City; Mr. a n d counts. Mrs. Richard Hanson, Midland: ! Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maunu, j Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Maunu, i Mr. and Mrs. Vern Loukko and August Engstrom, all of Washburn; Mr. and Mrs. Martin 3aa- ri. Superior, Mr, and Mrs. Ne!s To Be Costly which Grand View Hos-1 south Viet Nam's three main S ' ?ho nlrmHt' air bases ~~ in Saigon ' Bien to expand tourism and e"conornic Stevenson introduced a resolu-; THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE the circuit H oa and Da Nang — were put development in the Upper Penin- j tlon m tne H-nation council that! H ieh Low Pr of alert. An air force, su i a and continue the state's ! noted with satisfaction the tern-; Albanv cloudy 75 36 fhm c.fnta nt .-• ., \Tnr\ravit c.1,oncnc.< n n „* V.««<.i 1I1.I _ _ , """"'Jl ^*""«J •" on * ^^^ir^^^^^ 0 ^^^^^.^ state^ of: highway program. ATLANTA (AP)— An elabo- efore an outside judge during j government change Seppa, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ra t e prank in which they stagedi tne Ma y term - He informed that through peacefully.' CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago windberg and Mr. and Mrs. Ern- jffake" murder7ce~ne "with "a"pirit I ne nas Mercantile Exchange — Butter, est Carr> a n O f Wakefield. j O f human blood turned into a! eral for an assistant from the! alert was "merely to enable the to ; porary suspension of hostilities. He said he has' not discussed' ? called also, for observance of Albuquerque, clear trin attnrnov o-on —irT, •£ V , , iv-aoi, ouiiit uj wiiuoc VUI/CD WUUIU' ., S£taS > ftSi 8 SL^^JJ vy ^? eS If" ?SS' ^..necessary to discharge the'"!: 89 49 go the move with" Democra~tsT"at > a strict cess ation of hostilities, | Bismarok"' c'loudy 83 51 least some of whose votes would I a ?. urged by the Security Coun- j Boise, cloudy 65 52 Atlanta, cloudy .85 steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 58Vi; 92 A 58V2; 90 B 56%; 89 C 56 l /4; cars 90 B 57Vfc; 89 C 57V4. Eggs steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged to ¥2 higher; 70 per cent 'or better Grade A Whites 27'/ 2 ; mixed 27Va; mediums 23; standards 25; dirties unquoted; checks 21V'2. i nightmare for three Emory Uni- i department to help him in the versity students who found prosecution of the case', themselves the object of a po- Tne request of Northern Nalice manhunt. tural Gas Co., for a pipe line communist boat fiercely" and another smoking; in the fourth day of renewed air; strikes against targets in North) Viet Nam. j A U.S. military spokesman; burning, committee. P. Swanson Arrives From Sweden to Visit ROCKLAND — Philip Swan- it proved a costly prank, also, i n S nt of wav easement through _ ___ ^ ^ _ son of Nassjo, Sweden, arrived [The three ' students, whose a county owned forty, namely| said two A4 Skyhawks and two; here on May 5, to visit his -broth- names were withheld, were sus- tne NE of SE S5 - T47 > R45 - ln iF8 Crusaders spotted the boats! er in law and sister ,„-,.— ~ ,.=- . Mrs. Frank Wiesen Fredrikson families. Liquor Bills Are Approved The resolution contained a request that Jose Antonio Mayobre, the special representative Boston, clear Buffalo, clear ... Chicago, clear — Cincinnati, cloudy Ister, Mr. and pended for two years by the Wakefield Township, was grant-! on tne Lacht Ruong oiang River LANSING (AP)—The Senate Mora was named by the OAS :sen, and the privately - endowed Methodist ecl subject to the approval of; 85 miles south of Hanoi ano vand House approved Wednesday Thursday night to seek an end iii^« i • .,__ Hio v«*r»r»oi« rtAiintii Q rrnvmw iifViinn ' . -. . ... ... -fVir» iio*-» f\f lim.»... i«. •VT-X; i A-*.. . .. . ._ »-*»v* of Secretary-General U Thant in IX eveland clear Santo Domingo, be directed to! Denver cloudy coordinate his efforts with those I Des Mo ' lnes c i oudy ^Li° S ^ A ; ^° r ^A he secretarv i Detroit, cloudy general of the OAS. ! Fairbanks, clear Worth, cloudy ! university. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Max- DeKalb County police diag- CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO .(AP) - (USDA) -\^™ t ™SS; s ^Ks JaV Wednesda^Yn"an EmorF^orVni: o«»on, Wakefield Township, saidj an u a ] rc ^ £ flrelromlhr PT Their Hogs 4,500; Dutchers steady to JJJJ* ^ j a mes Maxflelds. and tory television lounge as a hoax, ; ne ls not certain what count y ihnato QnH fmm »,„„ BhrtM h o». Gov. C 25 higher; few lots 1-2 190-220 Ibs 22.00-22.25; 55 head at 22.50; mixed 1-3 190-230 Ibs 21.?5-22.00; 2,3 230-270 Ibs 20.75-21.50; 1-3 came a day before. George Romney handed nllU •* •- — -u*>>v>-i»(-2*«wuuiivsM*>) . . . ., .. . ^ . M\J*AVU wi i v> AJvsiti ur»\^ uiivvi \* wav . . ~- v -- — .. — — ». visited other relatives and but conducted an ,-xtenslve in- *&™V h asQ ]U ™^ 1 ™ ^ ^ I teries. but they made it safely ^ h L s .. decl . s . l ° n8 . , in a . h earing; f _ip nf io vestigation anyway. They were »cves _ n 10 irienus. ,._. — t ,_ ,._., _, ,, ,, ^ , commission. of Jet's Mrs Wilfred Milde of Dollar n °t on the trail of the three stu- 'ih" =«»«> «'^"?6 M' im i Bay visited here and was dents when the culprit?, decided lb sows 18.50-1.9.00, 400- ac( f ompanle(l nome by her moth-1 to conless Tuesday. er Mrs. Eliza Spitz, and aunt, ] "It started just as a prank," Mrs Jane Trudeau. one student told police, "we John Seid, who spent the win-'thought it would be labeled a u .. "— : r '— . . V ' oa iiiues SUULII 01 nuuui aim « rr ..w,». u ,,v,u»»vouaj' ^nuiauay lugnt 10 seeK an end Molono flnnrtv he proper county agency which i scored direct hits with 250 .; the use of liquor in National. to the civil war in the Dominican i Honolulu cS Mr ana mrs oenmru »i » *-• - - •»*- lias /'"sdiction over the area! pound ^01** and rockets. Guard armories by non-military Republic. £°"« "»r^i£ p ifieTdanTfa^ily^SeVing . ^the grisly _scene _fou,^ last ^^*^™™"*1 ^* ™ Pilot, encountered heavy organizations 450 Ibs 18.00-18.75; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 17.50 - 18.00; 550-600 Ibs 16.9017.50; boars 13.50-14.50. Cattle 7,000; calves none; slaughter steers fully steady; four loads prime 1,200-1,350 lb 29.75-30.00; numerous loads high choice and prime 1,125-1,375 Ibs 28.50-29.50; choice 1,000-1,400 Ibs 26.25-28.50; good 23.00-25.50; sev- high Tech Praised By Governor 67 52 69 43 61 54 67 57 67 40 84 50 81 64 73 45 62 34 81 64 63 40 82 75 74 55 Jacksonville, cloudy 96 71 Juneau, clear 60 31 Kansas City, cloudy 85 67 Los Angeles, cloudy 75 58 75 58 82 64 80 75 62 50 vestigation anyway. They were "eves it to be under the road| back to th rf Midway, the wlllc h B rew out of a National , -—-m* X*%i.,*»•%* TnnUviiiP ripar "" Mlm spokesman said. No hostile air- Guar ^ land, money and liquor CrOSfljOl/Cynf MeSis clear craft were sighted during the 15- scandal. CAIRO (AP) — Investigators Miami cloudv minui-rald. An auditor-general's report probed the charred wreckage of:MUw^ukee cloudv ™ ou i Nor.-,, Viet Nam's President °, ct - / revealed widespread a Pakistani jet airliner• Stav-MnX stP cloudv 70 62 Ho Chi Minn was quoted by the llle gal. consumption of liquor in looking for a cause oUhe Iccl New 'orifans rata 84 ?3 i Italian Communist newspaper f/" 10 "^- The cha ^ was not dent that killed 121 persons S-' Sew York"clear L'Unita as saying ..the Unite* "^uded, however ,n Romney's eluding four Americans. " S ' iSkla City, clear suspended Six persons - all Pakistanis-'Omaha rain ter months in L'Anse with hislprank after an hour or two. We son, Alton, and family, has re-! didn't dream it would go as HOUGHTON iAP> turned to his home. " Charles Desormeau is a pa- : far as it did." 4-i wii^i/u no oc*j ing .,.- vjn, uiiiLCV . . ' —' 'The States must cease attacks on hearing for two generals. survived. Philadelphia, clear went at the st. Joseph Medical Bessemer Graduate Center, Hancock. Miss Upper Peninsula is really one North Viet Nam and pull its ^ of the valuable underdeveloped forces and armaments out of in ^ bill approved Wednesday The four-engine Boeine 270B piinpniV"^^! 7 parts of the United States," the South before peace talks can ^ from claims that if was on an inaugural flight PittSirehi ctear Gov. George Romney said be considered. " m0 ti es T tc \ h ? lp P ay their from Kara chi to London v?a Pt n eI Me' clear Thursday night. Ho. claimed 291 American ^^^^tals. li_quor use Cairo, when it crashed Tuesday,5S oJe'/cfoudy 80 57 82 62 80 60 78 57 100 59 78 55 66 46 46 .02 .12 .00 .21 .67 1400 lb slaughtei 27.00; choice 800-1,100 Ibs 25.5026.75; good 22.00-24.75. ; First Space Reactor Shut Down, AEC Reports ' WASHINGTON (AP) ^- The Atomic Energy Commission announced Thursday that America's first nuclear-power space reactor — known as SNAP 10A ,*T*shUt down Sunday afternoon •Jor an unknown reason after op- *eratinK successfully for 43 days , btU~ j » T 1113 r\a aia iuni9lii|^ -..«. «««^ 4... 0 «.v. — .-»,.. „., * . ,,, , - ——..«, .,.«^.*j 4 v^* oon^u i utsuav r j-rinri i JFP nniinv ti'i 4h dent at Northland College, Ash-j ST. PAUL, The Macale s t e r Romney spoke at a Michigan planes have been shot down on ™ mj _ ebse Permitted on their into the sands in a desolate a"ea ! Sapfd City/cloud? 86 48 la" d - spent a weekend at h e r College news service repor t s Week dinner at Houghton's combat missions over North pre ™'f s '_ . . ^ 'outside Cairo. , | Richmond cloudy 8064 * ' home. Mr. and Mrss. Clarence Stauder visited their daughter, Mrs. Peter Leinon, and family in Madison Heights. Mrs. Alma Lindberg returned home from Lady smith, W i s .. where she spent the win ter months with her son in law and that Sonya Anderson, Macales- Michigan Technological Univer- Viet Nam. ter public address major, h a s>. sity. been offered a graduate asssit- The development of the Upper T wo Divorces Granted antship of $2,448 per year from Peninsula still lies ahead, Rom- *"»w« VMUIIICU the University of Hawaii. ney While at Macalester, she was Michigan Tech are leading the Two divorces were gran ted House comcidentally approved sep- U-.-i^^ ix • L* ci *. arate bills on the same day but nur lCy Knights 5ldte are expected to take the tech- Work Session May 22 touAu OI/IIA *ii. a aii^au, *vwiii~ • • ^ ^^ , . .* —"•• said, and the people at In Iron County Court nical steps necessary to produce i rrn n T^nrtli n **n \nn rUttrr t \-\n T*i\ti-\ r}\ttt~ii*rif\n ttmvir\ n-iirivt t f\ ft l/»lC Ulllt cloudy ! St. Louis, cloudy 76 61 .. [Salt Lk. City, cloudy 68 50 .07 San Diego, cloudy 71 61 San Fran., cloudy active in Pi Kappa Delta. She way. is a graduate of A. D. Johnston "For 80 years Tech High School, Bessemer. recently by Iron County Judge has Arne H. Wicklund in Iron Coun; played an important part in the ty Court at Hurley. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James She is the daughter of Mr. and;life of Michigan and the Upper Mrs. Darlene Mobley of Hurley Cleary. The latter accompanied her here for a few days visit. Mrs. Donald McRae and Mrs. Waldemar R. And e r s o n. • Peninsula inicl its role is ex- was granted a divorce from Car- Wakefield Briefs Due to a misunderstanding, Members of the Hurley! Seattle, cloudy Knights of Columbus Cou n c il! Tampa, cloudy will hold a work session Satur- Washington, cloudy day at the clubhouse on Cary Rd. The exterior and the grounds around the building will be Winnipeg, rain 58 52 63 44 86 73 78 63 75 49 .27 KANC.E SKIES Sunset today 8:35. Sunrise to- 673 W. Wheelock Pkwy, St. Paul, Banding." lie said. "If you los Mobley of Riverside, R. 1.1 the newly formed baton corps, cleaned up and some cleaning of morrow 5:19.' Mooiirise tomor- Minn. tb« A£C Mid.few days, people at Michigan Tech have Custody of a minor child was , was announced as the Veterans the interior also will be done. row 1:55 a.m. Last Quarter May - your way, the Upper Peninsula given to Mrs. Mobley. of Foreign Wars corps. The Grand Knight John Taylor 23. Prominent Stars — Procyon Paris' Eiffel Tower Is yellow- won't remain long as a relative- Irvin Walker of Springs! e a d group will be known as the Mer- asks members to report at the low in west 10:19 p.m. Arcturus, sing, visited their parents, Mr. ish-brown in cojor and takes 35 iy undeveloped area." was grated a divorce from Lu-/ry Marchers and will not. be af-: clubrooms at, 10 a.m. and bring high in south ll:16-p.m. visible cillc Walker of Milwaukee. NoUiliatcd with the VFW in any cleaning tools and materials Planets— Mars, high in southwest daughter, Elkhart, Ind., and; Mrs. Douglas Vial and son, Lan- In space. ,It still Is in orbit and „, . . —T__»_^ »_._»_.. ther g f0r more jand Mrs. Frank Wiesen, for a tons of paint, tb be repainted j every seven years. Ubb GLUbi, WANT-ADS i miner children were involved, iway. with them. ,10:12 p.m. Saturn, rises 3:08

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