The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 2, 1958 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 15
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Special Session of the County Board CStouty of «• *»•, -*•*" Finbraatea R. Decker Graham R. ttelik, County Auditor *« made by Comint«lon *j)d Moonded by Oonuni* Board to attend the annual oottvsn A motion was rn'ad* by Commission Marts and Fmbmten that Dora thy Kn*u«r be hired u.Merttaryfor Vsterjns Service ofiies it» salary o <nooth A motion by Oommlis!on«r fin. MMMn Md seconded by Commission » ""ft"" °W Board w an advisory committee to •f ty and that t.h* following persons b* appointed to MIT •aid eommitt**: Ot. Paul o. Lsck 15 Waiiaos o. «l«h, P»UI E Rftlph Fairbanks, HI or,. Donald J. Sandecn, . *. Luthtr K. Lanoa, ~ . and O. Everett Carlson. A motion was made by Commission' * 1 MeonfeS by oomwS- to authorise th* Chair £ on « Rural '* . Workshop Land trse on . On motion by Commissioners Deck- «r»ndMon«. the appllcat^Sf Rob. refua<1 ot Of * ChimeiMon and ciassin- *PPUca- August . th « County authorised to make th« neo- enange*. A motion by OommlsnoMrs Dcoker and Larson granted the apnlloatlon ft* wduotion in th« asset "° «on of Joseph R. Owens. WlUlam J. . application for homestead classi- nasMon for M». StU M. Houff MU JJ*™* 8 ; Tomim and th*t they be J»f«"*<> Jo «>• Minn«sot» Ta* Com- mljtlon for approval. On motion ***•*•» Commissioners Fin- _ foUowlng reyohjtton was unanimously adopted: WHEREAS. Provision Is made In the Mlnnetot* Statutes l»45. Button 30 1* Subdivision 1. the Board of County OoJMnlMlonw* when requested by the OottttUsloner of Agricultureshiu appoint » county weed and seed Inspec- !5,J3? 0 **»£ ««•» qualification* pre- •ortbed by the Commissioner, and WHEREAS, Byron a. Allen. Com- mUsioner of Agriculture, bat requested on October W. 1958, such appoint- SJumy? to * Csm *' AoKA °* M NOW'TEBRrFORS, BE IT RMOLV- ITOThat John J. Koenlg* whose address u Taopl. Minnesota be and he •hereby appointed Mower County •M v«.» J «»u»ry i^M^'to'December Soot? * ** lary ° r * 27yo ° ftr M_rr rcRTHjw RTOOLVBD. .That of «opy of this Resolution shall lorwarded to the Commissioner Agriculture, St. Paul, Minnesota. A motion by Commissioner Fln- braaten and seconded by Commissioner Lanon that the County weed inspector be allowed mileage ® 71ic per mile and meals while on duty and to attend the annual Short Course to be held at the St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota during the -week of January 10, i»». A motion was made by Commissioner Morse and seconded by Commissioner Decker to authorize the County Engineer to attend the County Highway Engineers Institute De- comber *th thru llth, l«58 at the Unlvewlty of Minnesota. A motion was made by Commissioner Flnbraaten and seconded by Commissioner Lanon that the hearing on th« School petition of George D. Kenevan be continued to January 7. 1WS at 320 P. M. John Thorsell's . y Oommtettonef Mori* *hd •Kofidcd by Oommusioner Uf- "£,«** j*« County Auditor b« in. Stracted to inform th» Austin Cltj th *« th « WWm«n™ between of Austin and Tha County tf fld , M »y l. I*" regwdlng t h * °° uttt y J*» by th« Olty b». «JBettd«d so si to pro' nf «««»7i.-~5 .*? . tha ""eWMM east J' operation. Said increase to b« «f- f«otiv« January i, igjo, on motion by oommls*lon«r Deck- w and seconded by Commissions wa» OLVlBD, by the Botrt of OommlMlone» of Mower ? l S n8i 2i» > tnat - PW«uant to > . s % t .'P n 70 - Chapter 943 of the °' 1M'. the election is hereby . th ** n"»int«nance of County I » ln « the of **»• °»tj «* • . Minnesota, namely OB.AA No. 1.0 mile* '0.8. A.H. NO. 39. l.o mile; ... of *£8 mile*, be performed by ••53 £'ty tot th« y«ar I9S9 and that said City of Austin be reimbursed by ths County for such maintenance by an amount p«r mils, not lei* than th« average annual cost per mll«, of maintaining all County state Aid Highways of th* County ouuid* of the corporal* limits of said City. _Ps«»*a and approved by the County Board of OommiMionsrs of Mower County. Minnesota, at a special meeting held this 4th day of November 1951. By ROBKttT SHAW Chartman County Board of Commissioners Mower County, Minnesota On motion by Commissioner Morn and seconded by Commissioner Fin- braatsn th* following resolution wa« unanimously adopted: BE IT RESOLVED, that tli* Commissioner of Highways b* and he hereby is authorized and requested to taks such steps and perform such acts on behalf of th* County of Mower as may be necessary to have the construction and Improvement of the roads hereinafter described properly approved by the Commissioner of Public Road* a* * Federal-Aid secondary project eligible for present construction and th* letting ot a contract therefor. ED, th«6 tfi« amount each tract and property than b* liable for and must pay into th* tram? 6t the county for to» MtaDlimnwnt and conitruo. tM 2LSL •MM'Mww *Wt«n than be payabu at fopliows: o««*nfth (1/5) of th« prtnelpal on * Wo* N6v»mi»r ut. iiibiKiwftt th« Hen in the of* tn« nei 6f on*-fii (1/8) on of be'foflj of each the ftB80t.V»B, That u . th * th * from ot th« lien the Regis AUSTIN (M!nn.) H6RAIO TuiHday, D«e. 2, 1958 15 BuppliM Security Blank , Co,, supplies . Satvic* Printing, Printing no., sup* D. Suoa»,"s»pVn«fl»" *21iT Md Interest additional lien <« said of November, ISM. th« Hoard of Mowe thl* 4th day o subbase and surfacing ' from- 3.5 miles East of Grading, st O.S.A.B. No. 1 .. Sargeant Village to C.8.A.H. Mo. 10. length 2.5 miles. Base and Bituminous mat C.S.A.H. So. 39 from Ramsey to CJ3.VH. No. 2 Lansing Village, length 3.8 muss. Pawed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners of Mower County. Minnesota at its special meeting held In the Commissioner's room In the Court House at Austin, wtinnesota thl* 4th day of November 8y ROBERT SHAW Chairman County Board of Commissioners 1W8. W, 1B3O. ROBERT SHAW Chairman of the Board o County Commissioners o, ATTMT- WW County> Minnesota GRAHAM R. TTZLIK County Auditor RESOLUTION On motion of Commissioner Fin br**t*n, duly seconded by Comml* sloner Decker, th« following Resolu tlo , n . ^ SSSSlPieHi" «lopt«d: . . that the sum of *S,. 699.9S be transferred from the O«n . u L p !i nl1 *° the Judlola . s Fund. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED. Tha toe General Revenue Fund be relm bursed as provided In M.S.A. 108.451 Passed and approved by the Board - -------- ' -- ty commissioners of Mower Minnesota, this 4th day o of Count? County, ________ November, 1958. ROBERT SHAW Chairman of the Board o County Commissioners of Mower County, Minnesota ORAHAM », County Auditor On motion by Commissioners Decker and Morse the County Auditor was instructed to advertise for Informa bids on Workmen's Compensation Insurance and Surety Bonds on County Employees. Bids to be opened December a, at 1:00 P. M. A motion was made by Commissioner Larson and seconded by Commissioner Decker to authorize the Chairman of the Board and the County Auditor to sign an agreement dated October 15. 1958 with the Northern i a , ur r Q " Company regarding installation of a gas plpelne along right of way on County Road No. M. On motion the following names were selected as a supplemental list of Jurors' in District Court- Name Mrs. Rosco* Bianchard Mrs. Hilda Amteen Mr, ST. I. Restlnlui Township, city or Village E. M. Rugf Lansing Township Dexter Township Brownsdale Village Attest: Mower County, Minnesota GRAHAM ». TJZLIK .Auditor of Mower County, Minnesota On motion by Commissioners Fln- braatea and Morse the following r*s. olutlon was adopted: BE IT RESOLVED, that the turn of 300.00 bo allocated to Marshall Township for purpose of graveling Its road ring along the North and South >,'« Ine of Section M of said Township, as damages for exceptional use of said 'oad from the County owned pit to C.S.A.H. No. 4. RESOLUTION On motion of Commissioner Morse, luly seconded by Commissioner Deck- r. the following Resolution WM unanimously adopted: WHEREAS. The District Court of aower County. Minnesota, on October , 1958. ordered the repair of Judt- clal Ditch No. t in Mower and Freeborn Counties, WHEREAS, The County Auditor, pursuant to M.S.A. 106.341, prepared in Auditor's Lien Statement showing, among other things, the amount each raot and property will be liable tor md must pay into the treasury of the county for the repair of said drainage system. NOW THEREFOR* BJE IT RE3OLV- Pre-Chrislmas Appliance Specials Just in time for Christmas Gifting SALE PRICES Red Rock Township Charlea L. Wilson Lansing Township Mrs. John Weitzenkamp Waitham Mr. Kenneth M. Wold L*o Miller Grand Everett Palmer Mrs. Pat Durham Mrs. Art Belss Mis* Ann Price Township Ddolpho Township >w Village Grand Meadow Grand Village Pleasant Valley Township LeRoy village Marten Roper 0«nd Meadow Village Mrs. George Nolt* Gilbert Fa&bender Peter Degan Walter Denesen LeRoy Village Clayton Township Adams Village Lodi Township Adams Township ' Village Mr*. Leonard Weydert Frank Bedford „,._ »,,,.„ Mr*. Kathenne Boudreau City If Mr*. Gerald Budd Mr. Harry_ Johnson Mrs Harry J i. A. D. Austin City of Austin -_ Austin Township Burrough* Rose Creek Arthur E. Buss Harold Burroughs Mrs. Ove Berven M. Arthur Bustad Bruce L. Donovan Kennlt L. Meyer William Quut $ Save 100 00 and MORE ON NEW 1959 HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Village City of Austin Olty of Austin City of Austin Olty of Austin City of Auttln City of Austin ,-,„ r. -- . OJtjr of Austin on motion by OommUsion«r Lar> n • e *. OI ^ etl b y CoramlMloner Mora* tn» foUowlng resolution WM unanimously adopted : WHEREAS « resolution was passed by the Mower County Welfare Board October 9 1958 requesting th«t tbe County Welfare levy for 1958 as ap- £ by th * County Board July 15, be amended so a* to provide an increase of tM.000.00 In the Poor or Oenerai Relief fund thereby Increas- w st t«o l ow t oo. Count3r ' budBet . NOW THEREPOR* BE rr RESOLVED by tht County Board of Mower County, State of Minnesota, that said request be approved and that the County Welfare levy be Increased to $480,000.00. That in all other respect* the J958 levy a* previously approved by the County Board be and remain tbe same and that proceedings of July is. 1958 be so aaended M provided herein. Passed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners of Mower County. Mlnnesot* this <tn day of November, 1958. By ROBERT SHAW Chairman Mower County Commissioner* Jlnn ___ Mlnneeou ATTEST: GRAHAM R. tTZtilK Auditor of Mower County. Minnesota On motion by Commissioners JPln- braaten and Morse the following bills were duly audited and allowed: COUNTY REVENUE Wm. Abraham, Transcripts * 90.38 Addressograph . Multtgraph Corp Supplies ............ u.17 en t glen Allen, Soli Conservation 9.15 i The Aquatlo Equipment Co.. Equipment ............ 108.S8 Austin Carburetor & Electrto *.M 1M.8 M.80 A Missi* : 7.7,7. .77.7.77:. u to AJbwt o. vim, Bolt ConMr- vatlon 380 60 Western Chemical Co., janitor auppliw 10.3 i.82 Wheien Engineering Co., Ino. Williams Plumbing and Heat* _ Ing, Repairs 4798 Midland Laboratories, flup- .pus* 3483 Joseph P. Zajao, ewving order 1.7 ROAD AND BR1DOR J. F. Andewon Lumber Co., Cement ItoK Arrowhead Bearing Co., Sup. ........ Austin Carburetor & llectna Co., Supplies .............. 55 ( Board of Water and Light, 195.8C ..., 3332 0. A. Carlson, Supplies ...... 3044 Chicago. Milwaukee, St. Paul & Fao. RR Co., Rent ...... 10.0C The conklln Co.. Supplies .. 15,90 Construction Bulletin. Adverting ........... , .......... 3«.jo F. i. crane Lumber Co., Sup- Piles ..... . .......... A...;-. D. A. Lubricants Co., Diesel Fuel ............... ........ Elk River Concrete products Co., Culverts .............. 1,034.98 Blkton Village. Water ........ 2.41 Flour City Brush Co.. Sup_P»e» ....................... 47.87 Freeborn - Mower Co-op Light «t Power, Labor .......... 15.87 The Glass Shop, Inc., Supplies 34.7 B. F. Goodrich Co., Tires .. 139.1 Goplerud Lubricants, Oil .. leo.O Herald Publishing Co., Fubll- cation .................... , Hydrocarbon Specialties, Inc., Asphalt .................... 924.8 Interstate Power Co., Service 2,628.53 Jack's Sales A Service, Tires 343.44 R. M. Jacobson Insurance, Insurance .................. 37.07 Johnson Cashway Lumber Co. Cement .................... Lake Laphalt & Petroleum. V llage of LeRoy, Water Village of Lyle, Water Mason City Blueprint, Sup- pile* MoConmlck Farm Equipment 1 .329.44 7.« 14.1 1.4 Store, Parts (4.08 Mlller-Davla. Supplies J.83 Minneapolis Blue Printing Co. Supplies 14 08 Motor Supply Co., Parts .... 7«.ia H. o. Ormea Construction Co., • Parts 38.94 Paper'Calmonson dc Co., Steel 064.94 Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co., Easement 35.oc Poucher Printing ti Lithographing Co., supplies .... S.08 Relnhard Bros., Supplle* .... 7.08 Rstd Machinery it Supply. Parts , J80.54 Standard Oil Co., Fuel State of Minnesota, Inspection Thill Implement Co., Supplies. , Trafflce Marking Service, Ine 54.30 1C4.41 14.11 Striping 1,473.30 Wehner Construction Co., Equipment Rental 119.00 Grant Williams, Inc., Parts .. 3251 Williams Hardware Co., Sup- P"e» 148.43 Void's Drug Store, Supplle* SA( Wm. H. Ziegler Co., Parts .. 980.29 BUILDING FUND Bros Incorporated, Repairs ..* 307.00 Hill Heating and Roofing Inc., Repairs Jail 1J00.13 Schumann Bros., Painting C.H 1.771.00 LAW LIBRARY FUND American Law Book Co.. Books 12.50 There appearing to be no further )uslness to come before the BoarC at this time, on motion the ir.eetlns adjourned sine die this 4th day Ol November, 1958. ROBERT SHAW Chairman Attest: GRAHAM R. TOLUC County Auditor of the Board Ex-Offlclo Cleris Soft Drinks in Cans Save Holiday Space Space fa your refrigerator is at a premium at Christmas time That't why grnart homemakers do everything possible to conserve storage space. One valuable tip is to buy your soft drinks to cans. They store much more easily — and If unexpected company .ar rives and depletes your stock of he canned drinks, you'll find that extra cans popped into the refrigerator will be ready for drinking n a remarkably short time. That's ecause the canned drinks chill much more quickly. The fact that the cans won't break and that they don't have o be returned for redemption of deposit are Just two other rea- ons why women have found the Banned drinks to be so conven- Woshers • Freezers Dryers e Ranges Refrigerators All at Bargain Prices John Thorsell's Vi Mock East of Fire Department 208 EAST MAPLE HE 3-3800 Co., Repair* .............. J4.7J Austin Clean Towel Service, Service .................... 5.40 Acme Visible Record*. Inc., Files — Co. Ext ............. KIM Austin Farm Supply, Janitor Supplies ................... i.u Austin Gateway Grocery Co., Supplies— Co. Jail .......... 2.98 Austin Heating Co., Supplies 30.01 Austin Office Supply, Supplies ....................... 1J4.98 Austin Printing inc., Supplies 203.23 Board of Water Ss Light, Utilities ........................ 391.41 Carpetone Service & Supply Co., Janitor Supplies ...... 4.30 Carr Plumbing and Heating, Janitor Supplies .......... 11.46 Cook Paint & Varnish Company, Supplies ............ S.50 P. I. Crane Lumber Co., Sup- pile* ....................... 71.15 Culllgan Soft Water service, Co. Jail .................... 322.05 Geruld E. Cunningham, Serving Citation .............. 7.50 Decker Hardware, Inc., Supplies ....................... 33.03 Frank E. Dtwsmore, Expense* 29.25 Purl U. Enger, Recording Papers ........................ 44.60 John Fitzgerald. Drawing Jury 3.00 Nathan Goodwin. Soil Conservation .................. 7.50 Gordon Electric, Inc., Supplies ....................... 4,75 Stanley Groiiseth. Soil Conservation .................. 21.57 Nell Hardecopf, Soil Conservation, September ............ 113.52 Nell Hardecopf, Soil Conservation, October .............. J74.32 Herald Publishing Co., Publication* .................... tt.50 Herald Publishing Co., Election Expens* .............. 302.50 J. I. Holcomb Manufacturing Co., Supplle* .............. 17.50 B. J. Huseby, Soil Conservation ........................ J1J7 Interstate Sed Co., Supplle* — Co. Jail .................... 114.50 The Judd Company, Supplies 3.97 Norman L. Johnson, Supplle* 62.00 Betty Keller. Clerical Work ,. 7.70 John Koenlg, October Expenses ..................... in .62 Dr. Peter Lommeu, Jr., Coroner's Fees .................. 10.00 A. W. Malcomson, October Expenses ..................... 3043 Mason Publishing Company, Supplies ................... 30.00 Miller-Davis Company, Sup* Pile* ....................... 480.8-1 National Tee, Store, Supplies 9.08 Milan Printing Co., Ine , Sup- pile* ....................... Puuama Carbon Company, Supplies ................... J8.80 Paper Service Co.. Supplle* 66.00 C. J. Pfelfer. Boil Conserva- tlon ........................ g.85 Photostat Corp, Supplies .. 2031 W. P. Plzak, Certificate* .. i«).60 Boucher Printing it Lithographing, Supplies ........ 3329 Albert Relnartz, Boarding Prisoners and Mileag* .... J.72S.93 Rent 'N Save. Service ...... 2 40 , Scheld Plumbing it Heating ! Dream Dishwasher May Clean Table One dream kitchen of the future has a motorized dishwasher which runs right across the room to the dining room table for ease in loading dirty dishes. Machines like this aren't available yet, but you may want to consider using a wheeled serving cart to bring dishes from the table to the dishwasher. The cart is useful in putting clean dishes away, too, as well as for dozens of other kitchen jobs. SMOKE AND ODORS DISAPPEAR—New gas incinerators, now available for White Christmas giving. The new incinerators completely eliminate messy garbage problems, reducing the whole load to a handful of gray ash. You can demonstrate the principle for yourself, as shown above. It's the same as what you can see happening in the picture: a stream of smoke from a cigar- et vanishes as it hits the flame of a match. OUT OF THIS WORLD — Like a frozen half moon from outer space comes the "Ice Crescent", the gas Industry's modern version of the ice cube. Made automatically, it is one of the features of new gas refrigerators, forgiving this Christmas. Dishwasher Takes Away Meal Drudgery The lucky lady who receives a dishwasher for Christmas may not realize right away just how ortunate she really is. But during the year she'll have ver 45,000 opportunities to thank er lucky stars that she'll never ave to wash another dish. That's >ecause the average family dirties bout 3800 dishes per month — or more than 45,000 per year. Actually, it won't take her that ong to realize how thoughtful you ave been. If she's entertaining n Christmas Day, for example, he'll find that Christmas dinner an be a thing of cheer delight hen she doesn't have the stacks f dishes awaiting her in the itchen. For with a dishwasher, meal can end with dessert—in- lead of drudgery. The real gift of a dishwasher is eisure time. Studies show that she pends between an hour and an our and a half doing dishes ach day. In the space of a year he woman has spend 21 days do- ig dishes. While owners of dishwashers are articularly enthusiastic about the me and work the appliance saves hem, they also have other kind ords for the product. Many stale out the fact that the extra-hot ater used in * dishwasher vir- SHAVEMASTER RAZOR The only electric shaver with a real hollow ground blade powered by a 16-bar armature-type REAL motor. Actually shave* below beard line because big, single head pops whiskers high for blade. 'Hollow ground, double edge blade U self-sharpening. • SUHKAM SMAVEMASTft ONLY $18.88 AT CLEVELAND'S ACE HARDWARE Downtown and Sterling tually sterlizles the dishes, killing any bacteria or germs. The dishwasher, moreover, is almost unique in the way it qualifies as a "family gift" at Christmas time: That's because in most households dishwashing is not reserved exclusively for tha woman of the house. The children and the husband all come in eventually for their turn at the sink. The gift of an automatic dishwasher will pay bonuses for all of them all through the year. ASK AN EXPERT When planning kitchen improvements, consult an expert, especially when a built-in range is considered, suggests the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. CLEVELAND'S Look for the Mark of Quality Cleveland's Downtown * Sterling Kenmore Automatic Laundry Team KENMORE AUTOMATIC WASHER AND DRYER 27 8 $10 DOWN No Monthly Payments 'till Feb. Commander Sewing Machine 20-yr. gust. 39.60 Full lived htad wdy to do any (•wing, mending or altering job. Easy to i«w, darn, and do backrackiag. Upright Cleaner By Kenmore 1.50 down 34.95 Economy priced y*r powerful for offictent cltoning. Baio positioned togglo twitch. Fully guorantwd by fear*. Kenmore Scrubs, Waxes, Polishes luy Now! 34.96 Do In minutm what took hounf 2 *[»>>"«*«« * K>'l»li brush. •i, 2 fait buff pad*. Start auar- ontood. 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