Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 21, 1965 · Page 9
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 9

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, May 21, 1965
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 21.1965. IHONWOOD DAIIY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN Wisconsin Sportsmen Favor 9-Day Buck Season for 1965 MADISON (AP) —A nine-day buck season from Nov. 20-28 with more liberal schedules in the eastern and southern agricultural and river counties was recommended by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. Delegates from 61 counties voted for the proposed deer season with Adams County the lone dissenter. The congress also recommended the use of the variable quote in northern and central management units. The congress, an advisory organization to the Wisconsin Con- Many Recreation Facilities Found In 'Thumb' Area By JAN MICHELL Port Huron Times Herald ~ Staff Writer PORT HURON (AP)— Swimming, boating, hiking, hunting, picnicking, fishing or just loafing ... you name it and the Blue Water District (Michigan's Thumb) has it! „ Port Huron, the largest city in the Blue Water District, is located on the St. Clair River opposite Sarnia, Ont. just The beautiful, 1,578-foot Blue Water Bridge connects the two cities. .Port Huron has two public beaches (Lakeside and Conger), numerous parks with recreation facilities to satisfy any fancy, modern restaurants, motels and hotels, a 140-year-old lighthouse atfd many boat - launching and fishing sites. Highlight of the summer season will be the 29th annual Blue Water Festival July 166-25 featuring carnivals, street dances, contests, boat races, fireworks Und.the local competition for the Bpap Box Derby. The, two-hour long International Day Parade will be July 21 and the Bay View Yacht Club's Port Huron-to-Mackinac Sailboat Race will start at 1 July 24 in Lake Huron, off Inn. Port Huron is about 55 Smles northeast of Detroit on 1-94. West of Port Huron is a state game area for hunting, fishing and picnicking. Just north of Port Huron is Lakeport State Park with facili- ties'for trailers, camping and swimming. The park is on Lake Huron; As you servation Department, approved the following exceptions to t h e basic nine-day season: A two-day, all deer season in the Mississippi River zone followed by a seven-day buck season. A three-day, all deer season in the southern agricultural zone including Crawford, Grant and Dodge counties. A three-day, all deer season followed by six-day buck season in Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Calumet, Shebo y g a n, Ozaukee, Washington, Fond du Lac counties and Winnebago County south of Highway 21. A nine-day, all deer-season for Menominee County. A limited, all deer season at Camp McCoy under a military permit until 600 deer are harvested. The congress delegates also favored a quota that would hold Wisconsin's deer herd at its present level, -about 600,000. Qov. Warren Knowles urged the delegates to endorse a proposed $100 million bonding program to speed up purchasing and developing of land for fish ing, hunting, parks and forests. "Remember that unless land is bought today, right now, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind conservation properties that you have a right to own may be devoured," he said. The Republican chief executive also asked the delegates to support a state Senate bill that would make the outdoor resource development program a permanent one. Minutes after his speech, a resolution endorsing the bill was passed by the group. The Congress, in representing the state's 450,000 licensed hunters, acts in an advisory capac- ty to the State Conservation partment. Knowles also pledged that he would "resist any move" to in- ect partisanship in conservation apparently a reference to an Assembly bill that would reorgan Ize the six-member partt i m e Conservation Commission. Twelve assemblymen, includ ing nine Republicans, have proposed replacing the commission with three full - time, salaried men. The commissioners would be appointed by the governor with the approval of the Senate ;o six -year terms at salarie ranging from $15,000 to $17,000 a year. The Congress delegates adopt ed a number of proposed fishing rule changes, including one rec Is on His 'hird Tour of : ar East Duty By HAL BOYLE DA NANQ Airbase, South Viet am (AP) — "It's the only war drive farther north along the Lake Huron shoreline and around the Thumb area of the state, each town is a vacation' land in its own. -An unusual place of interest for museum-goers is the Frank Murphy Museum, Harbor Beach, located in the home where Murphy was born. • Murphy was a former gover- rfor of Michigan, governor-general of the Philippine Islands and an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. -Driving south from Port Huron along the St. Clair River Is another experience not soon to be forgotten. "The area is famous for its excellent fishing for walleye, perch, bass and muskie. 'And the Blue Water district's built-in iair conditioner ... the fast changing north wind off Lake Huron ... is a good reason to pack some warm clothes tor a trip here! Review of Taxes \. Advised by IRS -DETROIT -r If you were one of • Michigan's many taxpayers who were faced with paying additional tax with your 1984 federal, income tax return, now may-;be the time to review youi 1965 tax picture, R. I. Nixon, Detroit District Director of In temal Revenue Service, said today. ^He said: ."The lower tax rates and tax tables which apply to 1965 income;-are. listed in Internal Rev enue Service Publicaton 465. As- suming.that your income and deductions will be the same this year as?, they were last, or if you can: estimate this years's income or deductions, you can, by using-the new lower rate tables get a good idea of what your 1965 tax liability will be. "Based on this computat ion you may wish to change your present' withholding sched u le authorize an extra deduction to supplement the amount now being withheld if your exemptions are now zero, or consider fllinj a Declaration of Estimate< Tax and make quarterly prepayment!. Taking this action now may eliminate the neec for having to pay an additional amount of tax when filing your 1965 Federal tax return next year. "" '" ••' "A copy of Publication 465 may : De obtained by mailing a request addressed to Dist r i c t Director, internal Revenue Service, p. o. Box 84, Detroit, Michigan 48231 or by visiting one of the 30 Internal Revenue Service offices located through- Out Michigife." dmmehdation that would allow special waters hook and line fishing all year around for any species except muskellunge and sturgeon. The special waters would in elude the Chippewa River from Dells Pond Dam at Eau Claire to the Burlington Tracks in Buf talo County; Battle Point, White tail and Townline flowages in Jackson County and Sherw o o d Lake in Clark County. Other recommendations by the Congress included: Add Silver Lake in Columbia County to the list of lakes which have an extended open season for trout. Adopt a daily bag limit of 5 suckers or redhorse regardles of the method used to catch them. Place Marquette County on the list of counties in which a daily bag limit of 25 catfish i allowed. Reduce the legal size limit o: trout in the Peshtigo and Wol River "fly-fishing only" area from 12 to 10 inches. Prohibit the use of firearms t catch frogs. NMU Students to Present Drama MARQUETTE — Norther Michigan University will conclude its 1964-65 academic year with a rare theatrical treat May 26-29 when Northern stu- lents will appear in the univer- we've got." That was the laconic reply of apt. John O. Edelblute of Crown Point, Ind., when asked why he had volunteered for a hird tour of duty in the Far East. 'I'm a career officer. This is my life. I'm a fighter pilot." At 33, the captain is the oldest of four bachelors among the 25 )ilots in the 615th Tactical lighter Squadron. The squadron commander, Maj. James A. Minish, 36, of Yellowstone Na- ional Park, Wyo., says he is 'one of the very best." Edelblute's hot seat in the sky s an FIDO all-purpose fighter plane which attacks its targets at a speed ranging between 400 o 600 knots. When he winds up his present duty tour June 1, he will have completed about 100 sorties and dropped or shot up to 250 tons of bombs, rockets and bullets at the enemy. •I hope I'll get 30 days leave," ! said. "I've got a new car at England Air Force Base in Louisiana waiting for me, and I'd like to catch up on my bass ishing. "Then, if they want me to come back here for fourth tour, I'll pack my bag and come back." Edelblute stands an inch over 6 feet, has brown hair and blue eyes, and is sturdily handsome. He has sweated off 20 pounds under the grind of heat and long hours. He has had two bad blows to his spirit. His mother and father were killed in an automobile accident last April, and on a recent attack on a northern flak site his wingman disappeared. "We don't know what happened to him. We never heard of him again." As do most capable people, Blute" speaks of his work with a straightforward matter of factness. He has flown every type of mission, day and night, and minimizes the three hits the enemy has made on his plane. I know sites," he I've said. got some flak 'And I know I've missed at least one bridge. "But it takes only from 30 to 50 seconds from the time you roll in toward your target until you start to pull out. When you'Te making a pass, you only have time to think about your airplane, your sight and that target. As soon as you release your bombs, you pull out and get out. Somebody else can tell you later where you've hit. You're likely to be knocked down if you go back for a look SIDESWEPT INTEREST — Cool and comfortable for warm weather, and a special design in half sizes. This side-buttoned dress can have short sleeves, or none. NO. 8131 With PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 12V4, 14V*. 16>/ 2 , ISVi, 20% 22>/ a , 24Viz, 26»/ 2 . Bust 33 to 47. Size 14M«, 35 bust, with sleeves, 4 yards of 45-inch. To order, send 50c In coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive. Chicago. HI. 60807 For ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c today for the Spring ft Summer '85 Issue of Basic FASHION our complete pattern magazine. Poynesville Personals Vote for School Merger Is Urged By Committee BRUCE CROSSING — The Publicity Committee of the proposed consolidation of the Ewen and Trout Creek school districts has issued the following statement concerning the election to be held next Monday: Monday, May 24, is election day in the South end of Ontonagon County. The voters will go to the polls and decide if they want to move forward with their educational system, or sta n d still, really in effect, move backward. Will Ewen and Trout Creek school districts merge? "Education is a vital part of our ever advancing society. Like the small farmer, the small businessman, and the small logger, the small school districts are fast becoming extinct. We can no longer operate a school system on a small budget. Like all other professions, and probably even more justifiably, school teachers require more wages, all operating expenses are go i n g up. To keep up with the pace, our students require more specialized training, such as speech correction, remedial read ing, guidance programs. All these call for more funds. Individual districts cannot do it alone. Together we can. Instead of a stale, obsolete school system, with the cooperation of all, we can have a school system we can really be proud of, one that will lure new business and new residents, rather than act as an obstacle to progress. "We can very well sympathize with the residents who are over 65 years of age, and heavy laden with the thorn of taxation. House Bill No. HB2001 will now give tax relief to our elder citizens and remove this burden. The responsibility of helping to educate our yo u t h has rightfully been lifted from their shoulders. "It is a misconception to believe that consolidation will increase taxation. Immediate re- The WORRY CLINIC By OR. GCORGC W. CRANI Rosalie must be the final "cure" for Alan's sudd e n flight into drunken n e s § . For Alan's Is secretly afraid of marrying Rosalie, though he consciously vows that he loves her with all his heart. Wives, beware of driv I n g your husband Into a ptatonic state via the "medical specimen" complex! See below CASE V-495: Rosalie T., aged 38, is the prospective bride of Alan, who suddenly became an alcoholic a few weeks before the wedding day. Both of them had been happily married before but had lost their first mates by death. "Dr. Crane," Rosaline begged, "Alan is a wonderful man and I am madly In love with him. "But why would he suddenly start using liquor when he had never done so previously?" FEAR STARTS ALCOHOLISM So I told Roslle that Alan was deathly afraid of her and had begun using whiskey to allay his terror. "Afraid of me?" Rosalie protested hi shocked surprise. "Why, he knows r love him with all my heart. I would do anything on earth to Help him and he must surely realize that. doesn't Then he?' I explained that he yourself." Some days he flies one mis- of sity's first production Shakespearean drama. "Macbeth," considered by critics to be one of Shakespeare's most profound probings into the struggle between individual will and conscience, will be presented in the Little Theater at 8:15 p.m. on four nights. Members of the cast include Jay Johnson of Bessemer, Louise Perlich of Bessemer and Leanne King of Ontonagon. According to Dr. James Rapport, director, the play set, for the first time in the Little Theater, will extend into the orchestra pit in an attempt to duplicate the thrust into the audience that characterized the Elizabethan stage. Paul Ar n o 1 d, NMU speech instructor, is technical director. Dr. Arthur Pennell. atsocl ate director, has assisted the actors in their interpretation of the roles through a series of lectures in which he discussed the play's interpretation and imagery. i Dr. Jean Hedlund, the play's music consultant, is arranging a special prelude of baroque mu-| sic for the four performances. . | Tickets for the production are' available at the information desk in the Don H. Bottom Unlver-' sity Center or may be obtained at tht door. i sion. Some days two. There always is the possibility of a sudden night air support mission to help hard-pressed ground troops. Edelblute sleeps on the base. His only relaxation is a weekly trip into town to eat at a Chinese restaurant. He likes corn soup with crab. This is how he feels about what he is doing: "I just want the people back home to know that we are really in a war. This is not just a game over here. "The work we have done is positive. I feel it is having its effect." "Blute" takes quite a lot of kidding about his bachelor status. He explains it this way: "The girl who marries me will have to marry the Air Force, too. So far I haven't found one willing to do both, although last year I thought I had." Any girl who does say "yes" to Capt. Edelblute can be sure of two things — she'll be wedded to a fine officer as well as a fine Air Force. You'd think our girls would be standing in line for a chance like that, wouldn't you now? Mr. and Mrs. Toivo Kamunen spent a weekend with her mother, Mrs. Hill, at Meadowlands, Minn., and with other relatives there and in Duluth. Mr. and Mrs. Yalmer Manty and daughter, Marilyn, sp e n t several days at Racine, Wls., with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Manty and children. Mr. and Mrs. Toivo Kaars were Ironwood callers. Mr. and Mrs. Reino Lindberg visited recently with her brother, Robert Hokkanen, and Mr. and Mrs. Hans Maki visited their son, Edward, at Baraga County Memorial Hospital, L'Anse. Both boys were injured in an automobile accident. Michael Bartholemew, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartholemew, has returned from Wakefield where he was a patient at Divine Infant Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joel McLaughlin are parents of a son born at Ontonagon Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Karjala are the maternal grandparents. Leonard Hautamaki was a patient at Divine Infant Hospit a 1, Wakefield. The adult choir presented a program recently at the North Bruce Evangelical L u t h e r an Detroit Workman Dies DETROIT (AP) — Walter Nikonowicz, 48, of Detroit, died Thursday of injuries suffered Wednesday when he fell from a construction scaffold at the Ford Motor Co. plant in Woodhaven. Church. The members of and Our Churches. choir consists of the North Bru c e quirements will call for two additional mills, but each distr i c t will be asking for more money whether the merger goes through or not. Together will be cheaper in the long run. "It is every citizens duty to go. to the polls on Monday, May 24. The only way your vote will be effective is to vote the same way on both issues, the merger and millage. The passage of one is useless without the oth e r . It is the wise, thinking individual who will vote 'yes' " Mo renisco Personals Mrs. Evelyn Christensen has returned home after spend i n g five months in Riddle, Ore., with her son, Christy Christensen, and two sons in law and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Morse Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller and families. While there, she also visited other relatives and friends in Crescent City, Calif. Miss Gerry Russell has returned home after spending a week in Kewaskum, Wis. with a brother in law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Shefka and family. Dinner Held At Ontonagon MASS — Sixteen members of the Adventure Camera Club enjoyed a dinner at the Emb e r Room, Ontonagon, Sunday night, May 0. After dinner the group returned to the Edward Ollila home for its meeting. A discussion was held and a motion followed on "Meth o d s of Judging" and summer out i n g plans. Committees were appointed and the meeting adjourned. Members brought a variety of slides to enjoy with their club members. Mrs. Ollila served refr e s h- ments to 20 members. The June meeting will be held at the Twin Lakes Resort with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kieranen as host and hostess and Mr. and Mrs. Urho Koski as co-host and hostess. The program will center on Judging "The Best Slide of the Year." Mrs. Emil Kangas is a medical patient at Baraga County Memorial Hospital, L'Anse. Mrs. Julia Norgard is a medical patient at Ontonagon Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mitchell and daughter, Wendy, have moved into the former Toivo Lukkari home. Kenneth Korttila and Miss Jean Pillow, Detroit, spent a weekend here visiting his mother, Mrs. Eino Savela, and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Goard Sav i o u r Lutheran A baseball "diamond" actually is a square, bases. 00 feet between are parents of a son born Saturday, May 8. Mrs. Robert Lukkari was honored with a pink and blue shower at the home of Mrs. Dale Mitchell with Miss Arlene Johnson as co-hostess. Games were played and a buffet lunch was served. Mrs. Lukkari recei Ted many gifts for a son, Todd Randall, who recently arrived at Lukkari home. was' afraid of disappointing her after they were married. For Alan had become a plato- nlc husband, even with h 1 s first wife. And this is a common occurrence, even among you n g husbands not 25 years of age. For the moment a wife develops the "image" of being sickj or an Invalid, she creates the "medical specimen" complex in men. Many young husbands thus become platonlc during thier wife's first pregnancy. For her frequent trips to the physician for routine medic a 1 check-ups vaguely arouse in the mind of her husband the squeamish attitude he may have linked with hospitals when he had his tonsils out at the age of 10 or 12. If he also grew nauseated because of the anesthetic when he was a child patient, some of that medical aversion is subconsciously reinstated. The wife herself doesn't even dream that she is indirectly making her husband impotent. But her doting parents may also contribute to this crisis by urging her not to do any adru- ous work or heavy lifting. Maybe her father and mother hover around her as if she is a "raglle invalid. And as a result of these various subtle suggestions, her husband may find that he cannot react ardently to his wife at all. She doesn't mind this enough to take full notice, for women are usually content, anyway, with a mere goodnight kiss as her husband cuddles her head on his shoulder. But the husband becomes alarmed, terrified, almost frantic. And often, while his wife is in the maternity ward of the hospital, giving birth to their first baby, he may head for a tavern to drown his worries. Then a girl may slink down into a seat beside him and tactfully prod his drinking till he is so far gone that he follows her to her apartment overhead. t Station. '•3 FORD Station wagon, country sedan 6 passenger, V-8, standard transmission, radio, beautiful' tropic turquoise finish. •62 CHEVROLET Station wagon, Biscayn* f> cylinder, standard; transmission, radio. '82 CHEVY II Nova Station Wagon, » cylinder, standard transmission, radio,, excellent condition. '80 BORGWARD Station wagon with radio, luggage rack, new clutch,, engine overhauled, excellent gas mileage. I CONVERTIBLES I •M IMPALA Super Sport Convertible, white I finish, white/turquoise interior, I bucket seats, 300 bora*, tngim, | and brakes, tinted glass, I power steering posit traction, radio. 11 Held on Gambling Tax Stamps Charges DETROIT (AP) — Eleven persons were .arraigned Thursday on charges of failure to purchase federal gambling tax stamps. U. S. District Judge Wade H. McCree released the 11 on $1,000 bond each and set examination for June 22. The 11 were arrested hi raids Wednesday night by Internal Revenue Service agents and police in Pontlac, Detroit and Oak Park USE DAILY ULUBC WANT-ADS feels that he is a his wife learns of Later, he heel artd if his unfaithfulness, especially at such a crucial time in their marriage, she is disconso late, though she and her parents may have helped produce his Platonic state from which he fled into a drunken stupor. Well, this same platonlc condition can hit men at any age and is a common bugaboo of widowers past 40. so send for the booklet, "How to Prevent A Platonic Marriage." enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, address e d envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) CIOAA WHEN YOU OWN A REO YOU CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR THE GRASS TO OROW1 Rte 18-lneh and 21-inch POWER-TRIM LAWN MOWERS! • 3-hp. "EZEE-STABT" •Automatic impulse •tafUr • Fingertip height adju«taMlt 4 each wheel • All controls on handle) • Full 1-year warranty BEAUCHAMP ELECTRIC t CARBURETOR COMPANY Ironwood, Michigan - 121 Aurora 81. ^^••^^•^ Is there anybody left out there who doesn't know a loaded, full-size^ Chrysler is priced less than $7 a month more than a comparably equipped Ford or Chevy? Make Wheelbase Overall Length CHRYSLER NEWPORT 124' 218.2" Cubic Tneh Monthly Displacement t*aymants V-8 Engine ~ te Inch Difference Per Month 383 $65.67 FORD GALAXIE 500 119 210.0 289 88,94 •6.73 CHEVROLET IMPALA 119 213.1 289 88.94 6.73 OL08 F-85 CUTLASS 115 204,3 330 59.26 6.41 BUICK SPECIAL SKYLARK 115 203.4 300 58.«8 7.02 BA ?i s . OF COMPARISON-AM models ere 2-door hardtops equipped with V-» engine, auto, matte transmission, power steering, power brakes, radio end heater. Monthly payments SS» JH«"2iT»H'l l U!H. n ^M" M »£ XSH*!* "*•.". P- r lc 5' «"•$«» dSOTd 3? monthly payments. Not Included are the extras you pay for on practically anv n«w ear- whltewall tires,.deluxe wheel covers, destination charges. staU and teeSu" X " '' , Insurance and licensing fees. Interest, See us. We deliver! GOGEBIC AUTO CO., INC., 115 i. Cloverland Drive IMPALA Convertible in Roman Red with white top, 283 cu. inch V-8. engine, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, radio, new- car warranty. •S> CORVETTE Convertible in Rivenid* red, with radio, fuel injection. 59 CORVETTE Convertible with removable hardtop, radio, white wall tires, sharp! SEDAN & HARDTOFS •« BI8CAYNE 4 door, 6 cylinder, standard transmission, radio, Adobe finish With fawn interior, low mileage. •M IMPERIAL Four-door, jet black, full power equipment, local trade-in. tO CHEVROLET Bel Air, four-door, turquoise finish, radio, rebuilt engine, SHARP! U FORD Galaxies sedan with 6 cylinder engine, standard transmission, radio, white wall tires, excellent condition. •60 OLDSMOB1LE '81 4 door, white/blue finish, V-8, automatic transmission, radio, new white walls, exceptional! '84 STUDEBAKER 2 door, 6 cylinder, overdrive, low mileage. '81 CHEVROLET Belair 2 door sedan, V-8 engine, power glide transmission, radio. '83 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4 door, 6- cylinder, standard transmission, only 14,000 actual miles. '82 IMPALA 4 door hardtop, blue/finish, V-8, automatic transmUaion, power steering, power brake*, radio. •61 CADILLAC : Full power equipment, four- door, beige finish. .'."_•' I COMPACTS •63 TEMPEST 4 door, automatic transmission, radio, new white walls, white finish with blue interior. '61 CORVAIR . 700 series, 4 door, automatic transmission, radio, Honduroua Maroon finish. ..'..""' .'-'-.' '61 CORVAIR . 700 series, two-door, standard transmission, radio, whit* tide- walls, red finish. •64 MONZA 2 door in Daytona Blue finish, bucket seats, 4 speed transmission, lit) engine, radio, whit* wall tires, factory warranty. •62 VOLKSWAGEN Compact sedan with radio it heater. •64 MONZA 2 door with bucket seats, automatic transmission, 110 engine, radio, white wall tires, mist blue finish, factory warranty'. TRUCKS '63 CHEVROLET • ^. ; V4 TON PICKUP with 8«. : box, 292, 6 cylinder engine, _ custom cab, new tires. 1 TON PANEL with ({.cylinder engine, 4 speed transmission, looks and runs good. . . . . •60 CHEVROLET % ton, 4-wheel drive, stake with dump, hydraulic V»plow. n«w tira, 19,000 mile* BUY THE NO. 1 CAR from th« NO. I KUB LAHTI CHEVROIET<CAWIUC Hi. t»24l01 60 NEWCHEVYS TO CHOOSE fROMI './"'.P

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