Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 8
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T PAGE EIGHT »y irfitr REGISTER ciiAaJ: F. SCOTT -' iXntaeed: at 'Claaa Matter. • J- Telephone .... 18 -(Ftivate BrancH EzchanK* ConnectlriK AU OepartmenU). SUBSCRIPTION RATES 3y Carrier .In IbJa. Gas City, lAHArpe and Bassett. One Week ...J....- ..IB Centa One Month 70 Centa One Teari... |7:W MAIL. Qutoide Allen County One Tear^ ......^....>T Blx Montliv te. ' Three Monthw ...i |L In Allen County (One Tear J." «4.00 ;!81x Months J2.00 Three Months $1.25 I On« Month ^ tOc - Member «r— National Editorial Asteciatien. Kansas Press Association. •The Kansas Daily League. Audit Bureau of! Circulation. Press Congress of the World, l Inland Daily Press Association; Official Paper City Of lola. : Offlelal Paper City of Bassett. ' Official Paper Allen County. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tiie Register carrJeM the Associated I Press report by . special leased wire. *The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication pt credl all news di-ipatchea .inot olIierwJKo credllwl dUed< to it or In this paper, ' and also the local' ncwa published herein. All rights or republication btspe- • cial dispatches herein are. also re- 1 served. , . Bible Thought f^r TodJay- The sceptre shall not dppart from Judah,- not "a lawgiver from between his feiet, until Shilob come.—Gen.: 49:10. ' 'A coiiTributor to the iola Hegi-s• tcr demands tiial^ the road money ; be "kept at honfe'" We say so, too, unless it is to be 'spenti on the roads for the paving- of which >e are sending it away frpm home. This contributor writca on the theory that "the road money in Alien county, ia put up by the people .'of Allen county who want the : money spent on local roads. We believe he's tleacl wrong as to his figures on Allen county, but if lie should I happen to. be right, it is Htiir true that he is demanding the continuance of u system by which the people of Bourbon and iiiany^ other counties of the state are advancing large sums of, money to be expended on roads in 9thcr counties and seeing it expended on the building and maintenance of local roads instead of on a .through system. If the Register contributor will | easier? LI.\»r» LCCK H0LD8. ¥Qr the second time Charles A. Llndbergb. has done- a tiling, which l ^iia taiiii in tbe- jtovWa spoUlgiit and'further cinches his title as the planet's pretnier flyer. Over forests and rivers; over deserts and mountains, by daylight and through the darlc he has winged his lone w;ay from Wonbington to'the City ot Mexico, a imm-fstop fUcht of more than 2.00&iiniua8. It is' a' great achievemei^t. : • AnA this time] ais in tlie flight to-Paris, his coiintry wili be the beneficiary. Relaltions between the'United States and >iexico bavu not been of tbe frienditest for the past two or three years, ^exatlods problems, controversies that • a generation ago might easily have led ig yrar. have be«n '^tinder- dis* cusslon between the. two governments, and the discussions have not been without their asperities. Lindy will help to' smooth the rough'edges'of the differences that ,have existed between the two count rie.<<. He went upon tbe personal invitation of President Calles. He went as an unofficial "ambassador of Good WilL" H jc was eivAn a tremendous reception; welcomed as a friend with enthusiasm in\which there could not haifc been a touch I of nnltiiidness or racial resentment. The people of .Mexico obviously accept his presence as a comiiiimeiit to tlieir country, and they cannot help extending Uic friendliness they are showing to him to the Government wiihoiit whose consent they know l;e never would have ni^^dertakcn tlie journey. He carried with him a cor- diaK and unequivocal message of greeting and good will from I'res- Idcnt Coolidgc, and he doubtless will carry back with him a similar message from. the. President of Mexico. And wjio can doubt that as a result oT these exchanges- and of the pcrtional impression'Col. iJInd- bergh will inakv. the diplomatic interchanges that may yet be aec- es^ry to bring tl^ two governments to a complete accord will be couched in more cordial' words and the task of the diplomats made THE IOLA DAILY REGISTBK. 'TORSPAJ^ E\^ENING, A wonderfully yaltiable National asset Is Lindy. the Lone Albatross! make It clear that he doesn't want -fo spend other people's, money on :the roads "at home" iwe'Jl Inot quarrel with him, except to insist :that all the people of Allen county •who are so cheerfully paying gasoline and motor jcar taxes In order ;that they might thus promote a'men as America is it never staterWide system of roads should ,r„|v he said that inlv onp have as much righf to say where ' • " • ^ftrntOiV ^Mi-TA-m A COVV W <5vAiE.LLEO UP, 8oS -rE0 7 vyyELL -ciuT iT OUT! r i -o A OHN»TI«=»T4 OFFICE: A CORRECK'. PLACE T' THROW A H\P OUTA iJO»N\T tR BReArt' A LEX^? CUTiT'OoTJ Prize Winner APPLESilTE OI>GEKBKEAD Cream 1 cup sugar and % cup shortening togetiier. Break I egg: Into it and l>eat: add H cup molasses. I teaspoon! spda dissolved ;ln'%. cttp water. 1% cups flou*. with % teaspoon ginger and^ % teaspoon cloves sifted' in It. Spread half: the batter In. the pan and' l><it teasptoons of thick applesauce over It two inches apart, the remaining batter, a teaspoon sugar an "moderate oven.-rXi W m.\>.t.PKf.Qrr. THE. FRoGr AMOTHE. OX.. IS entrgrncAstcmnccmcJ LMBm LEAVIX« Ul'ilt «r'»r!«TRY Restrictlnn of emigration has reversed the tide of unskilled labor flowing to"this country from Europe.' A survey just completed by the National Industrial Conference Board, shows a net gain of com- nioii lai)or of 2G0,UU0 a year from lillO to 1914. Since 1324'. the Tnlted States has been sending back to European countries an averagc^ of 20,000 a year more than the npmber landed here. The report shows that laborers coming from Europe are just almut half iinKkiited In<lustriai labor and half farm labor. their money is spent as those wlio 'pay less and still, demand the - township "roads maintained from the revenues thus contributed:— Ft. Scott Tribune. • AVe don't think the Tribune and 'Mr. Mllham, the'^writer of J^he con: :t'ributioijr to which the Tribune" refers, wqiild be far apart if each could hive an opportunity to e'x- prcss in.i,full his* views to the other. The comment; of fhe Tribune, - li'owever, raises k point that often, fs overlboked. That Is that the sasolind tax was levied originally tipon the express plea that it was lleeded to build cross-country r<)ads, the implication, of course, beipg that'll would he used for _ that purpose. If there had .been; • no dpmand In Kansas for other than been. Ilpcal roads there would haw ^no demand for other than local taxation. Npbody would ever have raised tlie; question- of "keeping the moneyiat home" for tlierc : •woujd have beoh no road money except home money. 'But under the present scheme .'of distribution the liiohoy of near-;' ly half the couuUos in Kansas Is ""'>F «"lfon an<l • sent out of the count.v by law.'The couiitry well. - ihcory is that it is sent out of the ^ ' t'oimty t'l) l)nlld. rgads in counties l(io poor to build them ibcinHelves. liavcn't the coitntii-a that send It put a rigiit to coniijluiii if It Is not uticd to build roiidsj through roads, nitit local- roiads? (•oiiRideir Wyaiidotli; T county. J'ractlcnlly all tbe roads that . county ucim I s arc built, most them under the benefit district plan. Tiiat county cannot - use - witliin its own bordi-rs anything liki' lis much moiiey'aM its gasoline iihd motor tax produces. What becomes of the "keep road moii'ey . ill homcl' idea lU;a case likc^ that? W'yandoltie county sends many thousands of dollars every year to .-oilier countibi'. Hasn't it a right to expect those,other counties to use that money to build roads upon which - Wyandotte county tax- .STLH.SON TO- TUK PlObU'PKVE.S In a country so opulent in strong can man can be found fitbed to fill a particular position. And yet it" would be hard to Imagine a better choice for the office of Govprnor General of the Philippines than President Coolidge has made in selecting Henry L. Stimson. I Mr. Stimson was Secretary of War under President Taft. and oihce the Philippihes are under the jurisdiction! 'of the War Department he necessarily became familiar with all the problems-relating to their government. Only two or three years ago he visited the Islands as the guest of Governor General Wood and thus came into Intimate touch with existing conditions, in magazine articles written after tiiat viait he made it cleffr tliat he is Jn coiiipletc'accor^ with the policy General '^Vood had put into pffcct, so there will be no change In^that policy by reason ot his appointincnt. He has liad long ox^ar -lBnce -In public life and is an cxcciitlve of marked ability. * In every way he Is well pre-: pared for the ariluous task he has will stTve the (JliKATER TAKIFK PKOTKCTIO.N ASKKU K0« ACJRUTLTrKE. There is complaint by tlie dairy Interests that most of the duties on agricultural products in- tlie tariff lawi are now too low ade- [•qnately tio protect' agriculture. They will! make a determined effort to have rates on .many agricultural crops Increased. , Special emphasis Is laid on the necessity for protecting our domestic sugar' supply so we will not be so dependent on foreign stocks in case of an emergency. (onny ('last Considers, lola. Kas., Dec. i:!. 1327. To ihi- Kditor: The writer once .'went through i'utriciilo system 'of niiiltangular r.iir'rnrs called a crystal maze and wus. lost for an hour, wandering for'niilcs :iiid 4)timpiiig up agdinst Ills own i'!;o coniiit); from a dozen different directions at once till upon finally emerging no wus informed that tile whole bally tiling occupied a sp:u'e barely thirty feel square. But I gueSs he hasn't "seen anything yet." The artistic .iiigglery. l:alei;ioscoi)ic sorcery )»iid tlie aniaz- 'ing rnmific ^itioiiH of 'of iKtllars for a plant to take out tlic little i -alciiim the water picks up in its Wanderings over the :water siiod on tlie pica that It will -savt^ SOAP.' Scbbitr chuck wallas! lias all our study of calories and balanced rations been of no avail for Pete's sake .(Pcct Bros.) that we should do a flop against th« medical authorities just for the joy nf Ijoycolting the soap factories? No:'It is,too mucli:, I am des- i.lated.' Better I go back to the crystal maze where I can see where I am goin'. ;' CONNV CLAST. Cover with prinkle with H bake in a PHtlM>T ;iA>'Vn-|€HE!^ Combine 1 cup seeded raisins, •2-3 cup cold boiled ham, cup sweet pickles and put through food chopper, add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and mix with mayonnaise to spreading consistency.—.N'. W. Inyest itt healdi. tlie green parsley or- lettuce leaves. —X. W. BAKED HASH LOAF' Two cups chopped cold meat, cui>-e^ch of cooked carrots, beans or' peas,^ cooked potatoes. % cup milk or'water in which carrots or meat has been cooked. 1 onion. 3 tablesyooiks ttonr, 2 tablespoons -buttW; salt and pepe'r. Put carrots, meat, potatoes and onion through chopper and mix wen. ^akc a white sauce of flour, biitter and milk and stir the chopped mixture well into it. Season with- 9alt and peppe". (Jrease a casserole.- put in hash and bake an hour In a moderate oven. You can bako in a mold If desired, turn put on a platter and decorate with parsley and slices of hard-boiled egg.. This "helps to use up leftover vegetables, as well a.s leftover meat.—N. W. ICE VKKXM CA\DY-; :? cup" .siigi;.::! litt i .cu? than '.-i cup vinegar. IVx cups cold water, piece of butter size of walntit. flavor with yahlira: Boll till it will harden in cold Waten cool on buttered plate. Pjirll till silvery white. —X. W'. I \ MOLAJJSES CANDY I cups sugai-, t cup molasses. 1 cup water. jtcaspoon cream tarter, butter, sipe ot walnut.; BoH until it forns a brittle thread iji cold water, f Pour oh a butterM j)late and let cool until it may be handled. Puitl until brittle.-^'. W.^ SEA JEDAJI C-AXDr 3 onp.<» brown soga.r, 1 cup wa-- ter. whites oC A eg^. ranilla. i Cook syrup until it -sprln.H ^ thread, tfien i beat into the stiffly beaten whites of eggs.. Beat until it becomes creamy. Flavor with vanilla. Pour Into well greased pans and Irtcool. Cut in.squar(» and place a half pecan kernal on each square.-^N.' W; ! VODEKN ETIQUETTE I : Br Roberta I«e \ Q. When iniy :•. -ii'r.rer gue'i r.ike a secoil:! Ii •Iji'ii;;'; A. Only when it is.oftered. Q. Should a very young girl or, .vouth have tlie prefixes ".Miss"" or ".Mr" engrkyipd on her or his'call- Ing cards? ' | . ' - A. 'No- M : Q. What |.4liMiilU a. mother wear at" archrl-ifehiin^? .A. A reception sown. hat. and gloves. j The coat-St.vIo vr-.xtl frock, with as few, fasrlrniinTs ;is possible, is a conveiiiont t onifortablo winter drcs.s for rhc mcdlnni or stout type ot woman. oi \<iAL (; AKMSII FOB SALAI» Wien you want an luiuisual garnish for a salad, place two shelled hard-boiled eggs In vinegar that, beets have been pickled in. TIfey will be a pretty shade 'of red aini , when sliced look real nice among played by our City Tilhers in .hi; handling of; our poor water system has left him more hopelessly lost niazt'. One SOUTH LOGAN (.Mrs: J. B. Conklln.) .Mr. Puckett from !>outb of Mum- liolclt. is visiting his daughter. Mcp. J. R. Adams. .Air. and .Afr«. Hay I lean and baby — iiioved back to I'etrolla from Em- logislics (lis-! poriaWhere'itay has'^been working . wish to (layers may sometlillts' travel, main line roids? jNobody denies thiat "tlie home nione yraised by taxation on home property should be spent at home. "The question before the house I's •what shall be done with money . tliat comes to a county-from other counties? What $hall Wiohita county, for example, dp with the nioney it gets from Wyandotte county? Those are questions the Register would likeUo hav« tbe (;bvernor appoint a commission to consider. IS THE DAV'S NEWS. Sir iVIncunt Meredith, who lias been elected jchalrman of the board and chairman . of tta* executive commltfee uf the Hank of Montreal, hatt bejin connected with that institution rpr sixty years. During this tiine liclhas risen from a jun- °f|Mr cltfrkshlp to a position among the leaders of fiitance and indus- -'try in,the Dominion. Sir Vincent is a native of London> Ont.. who after finishing a course iii the local schools went to I^ondon, England, to complete his educar tlon. Up9n Ills return he entered the service of the liamliton branch of the.Bank of Montreal and in 1SS9 was advanced to the position of- manager of the home office. For maiiy years he has held tbe presidency of the bank, which' Is one of the most powerful; financial In ^t 'Ktltuflons of ,Ganada. I He u a director of numerous- great t:-ading and Industrial corporations and has. been active In the ^ promotion A dispatch from Shanghai of recent date, brings • the interesting Informaitlon fliat the Nationalist government, which now- controls three-fourths of Chipa, has passed a regulation guaranteeing religious freedom and pi-ohibiting interference w-ith or the pro.sccution of any persons on account , of tlielr religious beliefs. The dispatch also states that this action Was taken in response to petitions submitted to the Government by the Chinese Christian bodies in con.sequenco of the anti-Christian agitaton fomented by CommunstH last spring, and that Is not only Interesting but important. When themselves protest agaihiR the pcrjiecution of Christians the missionaries may welf feci that their w-ork has not been In vain. 'According to Herr Emil Ludwig. Otto yotir Bismarck smoked' a hundred thousand-cigars and • , fiye thousand " bottles .paeett -in' five years. • they called him "The drank of chain- No wonder Irpn Chan- of many public welfare movements. The lola Register Is surprised that partisan noHtics ha^e survived' sufficiently to ilhave denied" Smith and Yard their seats-in the senate. The viite excluding them semed to us oi le of the most non- :partiBan ever :a^t In the senate. Republicans an t Democrats voted on botli sides- In great numbers., and even Sen itor Curtis voted both ways.—Ft I Scott Tribune. Only five Democrats voted to seat the two .men, and only thirteen Republica is voted , against seating them. As to the Curtis they we e j entirely consist­ ent'when the! iBiliamentsiry situation ia taken iqto —Wanted to Buy: Clean while rags at tbe Register^ than did the crystal recent a*eratioii was tb "take over nil our water meters ainl. in ^-ase <if new service InstaM meters at the City's expense. A window shopper, .gazing covetously at the merchant's displayi of lad rags has the choice of two methods for their acquisition. He can look the world in the eye and go In and buy theniT or Ae can wait till he thinks the owner is asleep nnd"take them over": but. believe me. the former is muth the; better way. And if' my memory Isinotat fault there Is a stipulation in our constitution to the effect that a citizen's property cannot' be confiscated without due process of law. "When mother was young" and' an untenable position was taken they used to say, "You cannot do that, it is unconsUtiiUonal tliese-| days, if. the : constitutioii Interferes with the exploitation of a "dog iu the manger" fanaticism we Rlmpfy change tltt; cqnstitution to fit tlje case. .Maybe it migftt be done In this case, what? A hypothetical case will illustrate one way for the citizen to dodge tlie issue. He has his water sliut off, removes his meter and then applies for service In the regular way, getting '4 now meter at the City's expeute. ."^either a municipality nor: any other ciitity holding an exclusive franchise can lawfully .Tofiise him service If application ia.made In tiie prescrlticd manner. ' , And now. after adding liardnefts (calcium) in the form of ^hlorid/} of lime all these years with the assurance that our bony -parts required this mineral content, ^thoy il'ropose spending many thousands at tlie carpenter trade until the cold weather The docto» was called out to-;.see Mr. Green .who Is suffering With, rheumatism and neuralgia of the neck. . Mr.s. Gilbert of Chanute spcik Thursday witk her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Greene. . Mrs, Williams has been 111 with the flu. Three gas lines were broken at the 'plant by the extreme cold weather Wednesday, causing quite an explosion hesides breaking a number of window panes. • • Mrs. Geo." Peters's brother from Caney, Kansas, has. been visiting the Peters family Sp^ials for This Week, Note—We'll I m» ready with yonr ChiistmaV .Vests. Pork Sbnnlder Roasts ITUi Pure Pdrk Soasage I7e lb.: Fresh Side Ptjrk lb. ISc Eaary Baby Beef 2»c lb; Fresh Hnm RoaiU lb. ±ic M. & M. MARKET Meat That You Can Eat ries And Meats and Service You Gan Depend on J Fresh Fruits and Vegetables BeefJ PM-kj Veal and Cliickens ^ 2 Nice Mackerel for 25 e 4 Nice White Lake Fish .25c Prunes, Santa Cl?ra, 2 lbs . 25c^ Christmas Candies, per lb. 15 1 Christmas Nuts No. 1 Quality Mixed, per ik i..... ... .2|5c \ Order Your Turkey or Goose for ! \ \ : Christmas Now. ' {. ' '' • ' S^iat 4 b^rs Camay Soap for Friday and Saturday Only 25c A. W. Anderso Phone 292-291 Corner 2nd and Lincobi We Deliv CASH 12fB. Madison CASH Basset! Modern Market Phone 224 We DeKrer TMAS acconnt; CANblES— FIGS — NUTS — DATES Mince Meat—Fig and Pltim Pudding Christmas Trees—Holly Wreaths • We have many nice articles suitable for Christpids Gifts—look them oner before buying. THE HOME OF BABY BEEF "Meat.That You Enjoy Eating" You will always find the very beat in our Meat D^ai^ent at a very reasonable price. , FRESH A ND SALT FfSH FRESH OYSTERS for CHRISTMAS Let Us Have Your Order for Christmas Foicls Early YOUR SATISFACTION MEANS OUR SUCCESS. NU'K — CANDUBS — FRUITS — FIGS — DATES — TRiBjS& «id DECORATIONS PRICED TO SAVE YOJJ MONEY i We aDC handUns SIFERS' CHRISTMAS CANDBSS^qiade iD^ loia^ They are the best. Our Caiidies arc. kepi under glass cover, as« soring yoii of cleanliness. CANOY-^hristmas Mix, consisting of Chocolates, F!«d|ee, Gw» JPrwa, Peaaut Botterettes, t. and; Frosted Jellies, Ibv JL\3L CANDY—Christmas Hard Boiled— OC^ 2 lbs. for 4'^^ Brobien Taffey, llibbon, i'nt Rock, .Vonvi^m .Mix. Crtmp CANJWr— .T Jb. J»x Eittr» Fancy e-li |A qhocBiates . CANDY—5 lb. box Extra Fancy Q(\ Chocolates for ..^I '^V Many Other Candies at Attractive Prices. NUTS—Fancy Mixed, lb. 23c; 2 lbs..... .45c Salted Peanuts—Fancy Sparash, per lb., .loc Christma^ Tr^es—Extra Select Minnesotas, priced from \ .... 50c to $1.10 SUGAR! SUGkR! Special, 16 lbs. for. .$1.00 * POTATOES—Russett Burbank, bag . .$1.60i COFFEE—M^M Perfect Blend, lb 45c COFFEE—M& M ljuality Clip, lb...... 47c ThiH t'offw Is p»m>teed a» good Vs W yom lia,Te ever wed or 7«iir inon^ cheerfDlljr •afnnded.'^ COFFEE—M&M Special Peabew, lb. .35c CRACKERS—2 Ht^ box NatiMial Prem.. .28c 9^i«0NM^ ]«rar Ito^ for r. 2^ RAISBS^S.-^ Up. T>^»^ Seedless... .2^ SOAF—10 bars P. & 6. or Flake White. .35c PINEAPPLE^2 large cans sliced ......45c COOKIES—2 kinds extra fancy 40c value 28c CELERY—Extra fancy anid large ..... 15c Our Costomers as Will jlJs 9e%jjroU With Your Girts $i.or J——;-23c to 75c : $2.9a —$2.98^ — , $2.85 up; __.$2.1i; -— ^.$4.50 85c Towct Sets __.____.:.=.__-____ Handkei^dtiffs in- boxes All Wobl Sweaters __-L__-_^__- Khakr Woot Army Slurts jf^^w Illank9f.s , _1! jCldld'ft Foiir-Backle €)vcrshoes Ladies' |ZiM>ers -..-zJ—. Rayon Veste ^.—^^ \ Allen A |Hose for men, women and children in Gift Boxes _:^L .-..25e to $1.90> CottonJFlaniielrGloves, 3 pair for l-___25c Extra BfcavyBtvwiiJwewy GHoms _25c Ladies* Parses and fianid ^s ._-_$!.00 to $2.75 Batfokte and Key Ring Setrfeather _^ 75c fci> $1,50 Parasols, black aiid cokirs, each $1.00 and $1.50 Garter Sets, TieB,;Cnff Links, Candle Sticks The Ch>M wi (Iva.penny or the man with a check we give you vahie. " : . SOME GROCEBY SPEOAf^ 24-Jb, Sacft FJour, guaaitateed . 1 Peclt bf Spuds _ 3-B>. Box Crispy Crackers — _ 1-lb. Fos5ter*s Favorite Coffee, none better . 1-Ib. Ellendale Coffee, none better for the money _ Good No. I Rio Coffee, per Ib.l ' Del Moi^te; Asparagus 'I5ps, 25c value : — Honey, Allen County, I41b.__: Sweet Corn, "No.. 2_. Fagaro Me^t Salt, 10 lbs. Neck Bonis. 3 lbs. : Pig Hearts, 2 lbs. Pig Liversi3 lbs. Brisket S<iuares, per lb' -—^Dressed Hogs, half or wjhole, p^r lb. _ jW^ty of Tunkeys. Chickens, and Geese. Christ^aaiTr«ies—Christmas C^y ' Nuts of all kinds at lowest prices. Cotore'^ Sugar to make your cookies pretty. Citn R ^iiKi ,j€iic«aits. Cheiaaes:. Da.^ ai^ Figs, everythi for tV fruit cake. Phoae 436r437 :1119 East Str^i

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