The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 11, 1894 · Page 3
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 3
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« ^PROFESSIONAL CARDS. S ^**"*' " M'^*>*-~ - - ^ J - u - a ^ J1-A-rLn _ n _, E, M. FUNK, A*2 .i' „ J? eca en fiJP*. eB . to collections, and wfli transact other •gal business ptomptly. And also agent tor vnf and fatm property. _ OAUftOLL, IOWA. C, E. REYNOLDS, A TTOBNEt and COUNSELOtt AT tAW. Practice In all state and tedersl court*. Commercial Law to Specialty. XMIee orer First National Bank,. Carroll, town. W. R. LEE, ATTOBNEY8. will practice In all state and fed Jfi ««J! courts, Collectlong and all other busts-ness will receive prompt and careful attention. :' Office in citizens bank block, Carroll. Iowa. F. M. POWERS, ATTORNEY. Practices In all tbe courts and "makes collections promptly. Ofllceon Flftb street, over Shoemaker's grocery store, Carroll la GEORGE W. BOWEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Makes collections and f* transacts other legal business promptly. Of'«M In Brlfflth Block, Fifth St., Curroll. A. D. QUINT, ATTORNEY AT LAW, will practice In all the "Courts. Collections in all part* of Carroll «?ntjr will have closest attention. Office second Boor, Trowbrldge Building on Main St., Carroll, JOSEPH M. DREES, , ATTORNEY AND .COUNSELOR, Carroll, Iowa. „ tends Bought and Bold. Trxes paid for aon-resldents. Abstracts furnlrlud. Special attention given to collection. nonets Sold to and from all pans of Europe and America. Kent tor Hit and Fire Insurance Companies. A. KESSLER, A. M. M. D. . Sixth streets. 4JHITiST I DR. W. HUMPHREY, RENTAL SURGEON. Teeth ex«* traoted without pain by the . M of nitrous oxide gas. Office over Citizens Bank, corner room. L. SHERMAN, Has administered. All work Is guaranteed. Office on Fifth St., over Co-Operative clothing store, Carroll, Iowa. <lftw ! C. A. SMITH ^L A.OK SMITH OAKJiOLLTON, IOWA. All work guaranteed. Shop open during all working hours troin Monday morning until Sat orday afternoon 4 o'clock. WM. ABTB, .JOHN NOOKKL9. .3. P. HESS, . President VlcojPresldent Cashier DOES A GENERAL BAXK1NQ BUSINESS. Loans Monej at Lowest Bates. Aooorda to it* depositors every acoommoda- Uoa\ conslstant with sound banktag. F& BMJ/S and Sells Borne and For- -ttgn Exchange, \«' 'W. L. CPLBIBTSON Pr«H. B. E. CoBCpM, Cashier TBAWHAOTIWe HER REASON. A Girt of Kftnericnce Sheds New Light on *n Old Subject, Miss Redbtid (to Mr. Piddleback)—I cannot marry you, but I want you to make me a promise. Fiddleback (brokenly)—What is it? Miss Redbud—I want you to promise that we will always be friends—nay, that everything will go on the same as it always has—that j;ist because I do not feel for the present that I can link my lot with yours you will not go forever, but that you will still continue to be to me the kind friend, the devoted admirer, that you always have been. Will you promise this? Fiddleback—I will; I will. Miss Redbnd—That is right. You have relieved me greatly. Yon know I didn't want to have you do anything foolish. * Fiddleback (partly recovering)—Of course not. But you have led me on, Clara. There's no denying that. Heaven knows that I love you madly, devotedly, and I certainly have had some reason to suppose that it was in a measure returned. Never once have you refused to go anywhere with me. Miss Redbud—That is true, George, but I never dreamed that you wanted to marry me. Fiddleback—Perhaps not. But when a girl accepts all a man's attentions he naturally supposes that it must mean that she cares for him. Look at the dances I have taken you tol Look at the times we have been to the theater together, and always in a carriage! Do yon remembet the flowers I have sent yon, the boxes of candy? Miss Redbud—Why, of course I do. Fiddleback—And now, after all this, yon say you cannot marry me? Miss Bedbnd—Certainly. Do you want to know the reason? Fiddleback—Yes, I would like to know. Miss Redbud—Well, it's because, then, all these things would stop.—New York World. . A Proverb Proved. A newsboy generally has anything yon want. If you ask for tomorrow's paper, you can have it as easily as today's. Most people do not look at the paper when purchasing, but take the boy's word for what it is and slip it into their pocket. A boy is standing on the street corner. There has been a prize fight, and consequently he has only one paper left. It is the 8 o'clock edition. A man comes rushing by as if he thought his wife were behind him with a man with whom she is eloping, and is afraid she will see him and he will see her, and she will know he sees her, and know that he knows she knows he sees her. "Paper, boss? Only one leftl" "Five o'clock edition?" "Yesser." "Oh, I wanted the 8 o'clock." He rushes on and jumps on a car. "An me havin de free o'clock paper all de time! Well, honesty is de best policy, an dat's enough ter make a feller turn honest!"—Troth. Taking H!« time. In his younger days Henry Labon- chere, when attached to the British embassy at Rome, received Instructions ,to make inquiries about Florence or some distant place. He wrote for expenses, but they were not allowed. However, Mr. Labouchere started. Nothing was heard of him for weeks. Eventually, in reply to many dispatches sent out to ask how he was getting on, a letter arrived: "As expenses are not allowed, Mr. Labouchere is obliged to walk. He expects to reach his destination by the end of th« yeftr."—Argonaut. Bespoken. POOL AGREEMENTS NOT LEGAL MAKES IT A NEW BILL Four Hundred Tariff Amendments Presented. Lady of the House—I am a poor, lone widow, sir, and Ragged Haggard—I'd like to accommodate yon, ma'atn, but I am already betrothed.—Puck. Onee Enough. The young man had borrowed $10 from the rich old man, promising to bring it back one week from date. The millionaire let him have it, and promptly on time the borrower brought it back. "Now, Mr. Bullion," said the young man, "I've been square with you in this matter, and I want to borrow $50 for two weeks." The old man shook his head. "Sorry," he said, "but I can't let you have it." "Why not?" And the young man wag greatly astonished. "Because yon have disappointed me, and I don't want to be disappointed again." The borrower was more surprised than ever. "What do yon mean by being disappointed?" he asked. "This," explained the money man: "1 let you have that $10 not expecting ever to get it again, and I did. Now, if I let you have $50,1 would expect to get it again, and I never would. No, sir," he added conclusively; "one disappointment is enough. Good day." And that ended it.-Detroit Free Press. GENEftAL INCREASE IN DUTIES, Senator Hurt-Is Announce* He Will Aik For Longer Sessions of the Senate—Republican Senator* Held • Conference. Lodge Offers a Retaliatory Amendment. Jerry Simpson Not Bo Well. WASHINGTON, May 8.—During the executive session Monday, Senator Jones presented the amendments to the tariff bill which hare been considered arid agreed to by the Democratic senators known as the compromise committee. There are over 400 of them, and it makes a new bill, or a measure greatly differing from the Wilson bill and from the senate bill in any form in which it has been presented. The ibills heretofore pre sented by Senator Vest, and reported from the finance committee, are indorsed by the compromise committee. There is a general Increase in the bill, and in some schedules the increase is verj marked. Senator Harris announced thai notwithstanding the consideration of the Chinese treaty had not been finished, he would oppose more executive sessions or th» passage of any bills during the morning hours until after the tariff bill was disposed of. He said h« would now press for sessions beginning at 10 o'clock in the morning, in order that more speed might be made. A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS Land! Bought and Sold, Title* Examined and- AbttracU Furnished. I *"** nrn BTKBST, CABBOLL, IOWA. THE OLD RELIABLE HONKER" MEAT MAKKKI t 4>t 4WWy«W*rj ^TQfrTMMf* •4 * * Malt Meals, ike •last fck T~mf ^^^*5^^F ^K^ ^^^>»_™* The Wrong Name> Kathleen had been pat oat to service, and Mrs. Berry liked the rosy face of the young Irish girl. One day Kathleen was sent on an errand to town. She was longer than usual, and Mrs. Berry stood on the porch as she came through the field. Kathleen was happy, and Mrs. Berry observed: "Why, Kathleen, what a rosy, happy face today! You look as If the dew had kissed you." . Kathleen dropped her eyes and murmured: S "Indade, mum, but that wasn't his name."—Boston Budget Very Old, but Ever Mew. The country bride and bridegroom, with clothing oreakingly new, walked lovingly hand iu hand down the broad hotel dining room—two souls with bnt a single thought and blindly oblivious to all things else but each other on this great, happy earth of ours. Almost crowded on one chair, he fondly fed her as the parent bird its little chick. "Oar- ling," he inurruuringly clucked, "shall I sldn ye a pertaterr "No, deary," she gurgled; "I've one already skun."—Washington Post. The Trial* Were Nothing. "I suppose you have met with many trials iu your life)" said tho homo missionary to the crook. "Yes," was the reply. "But they didn't trouble uie half as much as the oonvio- tious. "-New York Press, Natural. Motherly Solicitude For the Young Man. Mrs. de Scadd Hunter—Amelia, I do wish you would not encourage that persistent young Ardup to come here so often Miss Amelia—Why, mamma, haven't you heard? A distant relative of Mr. Ardup has just died, leaving him a splendid city residence, $60,000 in money and Mrs. de Scadd Hunter—I must request you, Amelia, not to interrupt me when I am speaking. I was about to remark that I wish you would not encourage Mr. Ardup to come here so often unless you reciprocate the feeling he evidently entertains for you, in which case, of course, I have nothing further to say. I have every reason to believe Mr. Ardnp to be an excellent young man, etc., etc, —Chicago Tribune. REPUBLICAN CONFERENCE HELD. Consider What Attitude to Take In the Senate on the Tariff Question. WASHINGTON, May 8.— The Republican steering committee of the senate held a conference Monday for the purpose of considering the attitude of the Republican party in the senate on the tariff question, in view of the claims made by the Democrats that they have assurances of the 4« votes necessary to pass the bill. While the members of the committee do not freely discuss the' action of the committee, it is announced they decided to announce to Democratic leaders they hod no intention of filibustering against the tariff, and especially would not be inclined to resort to the dilatory tactics if the Democratic party should prove to be substantially united on the tariff bill. The interchange of views developed the fact, however, that the Republicans think there is much material in the BOW compromise bill for legitimate discussion and they will insist upon the right to discuss the bill as amended upon its merits. The suggestion was made during the conference that a Republican caucus should be held, and some of the members of the committee stated later in the day they considered a caucus within the next two or three days probable. The committee was assured of a solid Republican vote against the compromise bill. Senator Allen'* Coxejr Besolntlon. WASHINQTON, May 8.— The open session of the senate lasted bnt half an hour Monday and was devoid of all public interest save the introduction by (Senator Allen (Neb.) who is defending Coxey and his lieutenants in the police court of a AMU pom/Tin rrtee PeU fw Me* f «'« BJtBAflTUN WALZ ' * IfMMIlMlMff «M Peajet la and Shoes. UME8' AND GENTS' SHOES Modent. Yes, he might come and sit at the kitchen table and partake of such as she had to offer. "But," she added, "you must wash that dirt off your face first." The tramp looked puseled. "Then," he observed incredulously "you do not want the earth." The flatiron knocked three pickets off the front yard fence, but was otherwise innocuous.—Detroit Tribune. Kept Ilia FnwilM. Mad Woman—I want the editor of Tho Matrimonial Matchmaker arrested. Lawyer—What has ho done? "He promised for $50 to find me a husband with a title." "Well?" "Well, tho husband he has picked ont is chief of a tribe of Digger Indians "— N«w York Weekly. The lluggar and the Pug MOM. A gentleman whose noso wa» of a do- oidedly retrousse type gave u ooppor to a poor man with one eye. "May heaven preserve your sight!" the beggar exclaimed, "And why my sight so particularly?" "Because, If over you became shortsighted, you could not possibly woar eyeglasses. "—Swnana Couilca. A I'uulbln Clew, Mrs. Brydo (to lior solicitor)—I cannot imagine how tho unfortuuuto affair has leaked out. I liavo certainly never dropped » word about it iu tho proseuco of my servants. Solicitor (dryly)—Possibly not, roadaui, but havo you ever dropped a word about it iu the presence of a keyhole?—Tit-Bits. Iu Uoubt, "What does this picture repreeentr Artist-Fifty dolfars. "No, no. But what is tho subject?" Artist—Why—or—let me think. Oh, ye«i it depwxlB o« where you want to Place it, U is oitliur a Uuuoh of tiger lilies or a utriiiK of trout.—Chicago Iu- ter Ocean. resolution for the appointment of a special committee of five senators to investigate the alleged clubbing by the Washington police of the leaders of the commonweal when the army tried to break into the capitol grounds. The resolution went over. The senate spent six hours behind closed doors. •enalor Lodge Offers aa Amendment. WASHINGTON, May 8.— Mr. Lodge introduced an amendment to the tariff bill In the senate, providing that aa against Oreat Britain or any of her colonies a duty double the amount imposed in the the proposed tariff bill shall be levied •Ad a duty of 88 per cent on all articles on the free list, such duties to continue util Oreat Britain shall assent to tahe part in an international agreement with tbe United States for coinage and use of silver. Brveklurldge'e Resolution. WASHINGTON, May •),— Representative Breokinridge (Ark.), of the' committee on ways and means, introduced the follow. ing resolution: "Resolved, That the committee on rules is hereby instructed to report a rule making H in order to amend any general appropriation bill so as to reduoe or repeal the bounty and tho tariff on sugar, or either of them." that you ure so , I want you to help we get Into soolety. Miw* linstock-You wouldn't like it. You aru u homu body. Wliy, you would be bowl to death, Miss Luplmm—J know it, my dear, but I wuut to huve the privilege of be- lug borea.—Brpoklyw Ufa. At Peliiiouico's in Thompson street. Quest—Look Ueuli, you Uuok rimcull Heah's n pieoe, of tortoise shell ooiub iu my buuf stow, Wattpv—I beg youu pardou, sir. The cook's made u wistuko and given you ter- r«iuu iustoad of buof.—Twsuu SiCUuga. Utultlty. "Durliiig," whlspwrud tho South sea. islttudw ttu bo bout low bol'oro his lady love, "1 \vuut this Imud of thine," "Myl" Kho Msoluimod, with an amused smile, "What uu appetite you Lave)"-. Truth' Chinee*) Treaty _„_ WASHINGTON, May 8.—The Chinese treaty was under discussion for six hours by the senate, in executive session, Monday. Spoeohee were made favorable to its ratification by Senators Morgan and Bherrnau of the committee on foreign relations, and by Senator White of California, while Senator Perkins of Call- ferula spoke In opposition. Dividends Declared For Creditors. WABHINOTOM, May 8.—The comptroller etftlte currency has declared dividends In favor of tue creditors of insolvent national bunks as follows; Ten pet cent to tte First National ef Del Norte, Oolo.j •U per cent to (fee Livingston National kauk of Llringston, Mont. Mil »er Keller of Hearearfe OMuer*. WAUHKOVOM.May aon (N. J.) introduced In the seiinto a bill tor the relief of Rear Admiral Hlantou •ltd tUe officer* and enlisted men of thu wrecked Keanarge. It provide* remuneration for their personal Isiues iu thu wrook. Jurrjr MiMusua Nut So Well. WABIIINOTCN, May («.—Congressman Jerry Simpson Is not so well, audit Winewhat weaker, At present he U suffering from iuJUiaiatUiuu of Uiu kiiluwya aud the wsu ifobboruly refuses to yluld to treatment. WABWINUTON, May 8^-The. lUug«r, a( Uaiv Uluml, in dettduud by tliu uuvy i\o- paftmeut iu orUwr to allow thu triul by Court.muniid oi' Liuuimuut il^twiok, who id acouMsa oj vvuiiuaultftiuuo ii)iu< Court* Will JCot Aid to Enforce Contract* Contrary to Law. ST. PAUL, May 8—The United States circuit court of appeals has affirmed the decision of the United States court fot the eastern district of Missouri in tha case of the Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul railway vs. Wabaah, St. Louis and Pacific. These railways with five others signed a pooling agreement in 1893, the division to be in the traffic itself. In the course of business the Wabash carried more than its share and the Milwaukee carried less. It was decided by the pool commission that the Wabash should pay the Milwaukee $108,404, and suit was instituted for that amount. The courts hold that the plaintiff's action was based on an illegal contract; that with the contract ignored there is no cause for action and accepting the contract, it states an illegal and void cause for action and the courts will not lend their aid to enforce any contract contrary to law or public policy. Fred Grant Days n Newspaper. SEATTLE, Wash., May 8.—It is reported with good authority that The Post-Intelligencer hag been sold by L. S. J. Hunt to Frederick J. Grant, late minister to Bolivia, nnd the present editor, George H. Heylbron, manager of the Guarantee Loan and Trust company, who edited the paper during Grant's absence at his mission. The paper is valued at from $150,000 to $300,000. Will Use Underground Trolley System. NEW YOHK, May 8.—A story is current amoug street railway men that a powerful syndicate has been formed hi Chicago composed of wealthy men, four of whom live in Chicago, two in St. Louis and one each ut Boston, New York and New Orleans for the purpose of operating stoeet railways by an underground trolley system in the principal cities of this country and Europe. Victory For tbe A. -P. A. DENVER, May 8.—The school elections through the state were devoid of special Interest, save in district No. 1, in this sity, where a strong A. P. A. fight was made. The result was an overwhelming victory for the A. P. A., their candidates receiving majorities of about 1,800 in a total vote of 4,425. Harrison to Speak at Columbus. COLUMBUS, O., May 8.—A letter received here from ex-President Harrison and a telegram from ex-Governor Hamilton, of Illinois, informs the Memorial Day committee that these distinguished gentlemen will deliver orations here on Memorial Day. Maryland Miners Will Strike. PITTSBUBG, May 8.—District President Cairns, of the United Mine Workers, has received a letter from Organizer Miller it Lonaooning, Md., in which he says that all the miners of Maryland, about 4,000, will probably strike on Wednesday. Bantam Wf If bta Matched. CHICAGO, May S.—Jimmy Barrio of Chicago, the 105 pound champion, and Jimmy Qormaa, the New York bantam- freight, are matched to box to a finish jefore the Olympic Athletic club of New Orleans for a purse of $1,000 on May 81, DlieoTered a Mew Comet. CHICAGO, May 8.—T. H. Ling, a Chicago astronomer, claims to have discovered a new comet. Warner observatory Rochester, N. Y., was notified. Whether the comet Is approaching or receding Mr. Ling was unable to determine. Heavy Shipment* of Or*. ABHLAND, Wis., May 8.—The Northwestern ore docks shipped 86,914 tons of ore during the week just ended and tho Central about 17,600, making total ore shipments of the week 4v,4M tons. •ratenoud to Be Banged. BAN FBANCIBCO, May ((.—William M. Fredericks, convicted of the murder of Cashier Herriok of the Sun Francisco Savin— Union bank, was sentenced to be hanged at Be* Qnentin, July 11. Tonn« CrlRb Declared Wlnnen BOSTON, May 8.—In one of the hardest flghts seen here for a long time, Young Griffo was declared tke winner over Billy Murphy at the end of the eighth reuud. Oale aa Lake lapertor. ABHLAND, WIs., May I.—A terrible gale is blowing on Lake Superior. It is the worst storm of the season. Many telegraph wires are down. TILKQRAHPIC NEWS IN BRIEF. Beuator Wolcott of Celerado home May 16. Oeveruor Matthews dedicated a prison ohapel at Michigan City. Fat Moonay, a New York Uetel porter, found «la,000 In an eld trunk. St. Mary's Polish CiiMiolio church wiu burned at Chicago by luceiidlarlvs. A sheriff anil a county «l«rk In tlie Cherokee Strip liuvu triutud uJtlot*. Arrnngi>m»ut* for thu dUtrlbutlon of Cburokeu baud money have been made, John L. Webster la out as a «audldaU> fur UulUxi Statva muator (rout Nubnuku. Leadluc pliyslduu* of Chicago orltloli* tho health department (or Inefficiency In duallug with auiallpox. Wichita and Nemrtoa, Kan., are having it row besause the Utter threatens to tan tits former's watt* supply. Max Meyer, H Nvw York merchant, while liuane, Jumped front a fourth-story window and died two hours afterward, A horse whloh has kllliM three uiea ha* sweii sent from Iowa to New Verk to bu tooied by a uote<l norae tamer. Qevurumaiit ortlolals at Kansas City urn gutting, uumtroue tutor* complaining of th« operation of swindling lottery cum- panles. The special census of U Mar*. la.,»huw* it has u population u( (,800, bringing Urn wit)' under tb* provialuiuottUeuewsaluou law. It If -.»ld Senator Woloott of Colorado BAH brou offortiU tuv novUloii of grncrnl oounxvl of tbt> Now York CVulml ruih-oud at a uitlary of fao.UOO. ft. U. rtiulth, a w«ll known cllUeu uf •U. JoavpU, Mu., wu» urn-nUnl on a charge of |»tt»»liiK vouutoffitll mouuy ami cou- Kdwurd ftt'llttmy Uulorntf* tue uouiuiou* weal movement uud tay* It U thu bouin- Ulug of a rUiug o( Uie tua«at>« ttgnluxl guy. -AT- WHILB OUtt STOCK LASTS — WH WlMi SEMi — 6 ft. Ash Extended Tables ........ $3.80 8f« ...... ........ 6.00 Hard wood Chamber Seta ........ 12.50 4 Spindle wood Chairs, per set. ... 2.5« It-iP'We must reduce our stock BD these prices surely ought to do it. H. C. STEVENS & SON. MAPLE GROVE i BREEDING FARM t* Short horn cattle and Poland China hogs. Hr Young Stock for Sale. Carroll la. Wm. LYNCH, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. t/ ~~ "~ ' ABSTRACT. LOAN m V '.- LAND OFFICE I have a complete set of abstracts of CarroU County. All business will be attended to prompt- PUBLISHKR 0\f 11 Dailv Report of Transfers." Office, three doors south of post office, upstairs , WM. LYNCH, Carroll, Iowa. McNEILL & CO., DEALERS IN MARBLE and GRANITE Tombstones and Headstones OFFICE AND YABD6, WIST BKD OP FOUBTH 8TBRJ5T. CARROLL. • ' IOWA NEW HARNESS SHOP THEO. OSTEN. Prop. An entire new and complete stock of ^Harnese, Saddles, Whips,* Robes, Fly Nets And eveijUitng usually contained In a first class establishment of this kUd. All work warranted to be first class In every particular. Repairing Neatly and Chesplr Done; GIVE ME A TBIAL Opposite Bnrke's hotel. Carroll, Iowa. Fierrbtt No. 10517 (8041) SEASON OF 1894. PI E RROTT I* » dark gray Percberon stallion, seven rear* old and weighs 1700 pounds, lie Is roilstered liO'ol. D. 1'. S. B. A. Was Imported Slluimfr * Luc»», Clarktvilic, Iowa. I'IKUUOTr will make the season of IBM as follows: Monday* at Uupl« Ulver Juiiotlon Tueml«y8 at Jit Curm«l. Wednendaii ut Bnrnoy Westltng^s, WheaUaDil towinhip. Xluiwilajn and Fridays at homo. Saturdays at Arcadia. TKILUS AND C"oNi)iTlTioN8,-Tpu dollar* to Insure a colt toslnud up and tuok. IVrsoiis telling, trading or removing tuelr mare* from thocouiiu will be held for full lit •uruiioo and tho mouey beooute* due wt thu Uuia of dulug an abovo mentioned. Can) will be Utktm to|ir»v«utaooldttnubut will,not be r»- Htuuslble sliouUI any oceur. Thanking (hu public for past patronuge una Uoplng to rooolVB a liberal share In ihu fuluw. I reiutilu Yu\ir» truly, .1. II. on. MoQRIW THI Has no equal ,Ul UM CroauuentofaU PHI VAT • Dial A»M. U onorrlitBtt-uloit^trlo- furo, »yi>UUU. Y&rioo. cole, upvrnutlorrucoo. unnatural uUouaniw, }oet uuuuuxHl ur loolt ut dovoloiuueat walittUm away, u liwwii. narjoiu, wuak, forgotlui. low inilrlu. •PC^^^^^M^^^H uf itovoloiMuoat at vBBJBB^B^B^B^B^B^B^BB wOWtum SWtty, Uwjufc ^^9^^^^^F tuMtM, nartouji yruak, ^*™^i^^ fofcotlul, low »nlrlt«. ttlovll offootao(eor)y vlco ajut all uuoMo* ut tuu blood, akin, liYor, kmuoy* ouil luaudor. - I'oworful ttuu»dli>«. luntout relW, iioruuxuout \t. «.L,.AJ..XI. i _

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