Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1933
Page 5
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' JOT^A. KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 20, 1933. ^Ncw'York, Jan. 20 (AP)—Stocks backed after a rather Sturdy forenoon advance, but met fresh support in the late dealings and closed abciut midway between the day's highg anj3 lows, or at net advances of> a fraction to around a point. S^les lapproxiiriated 750,000 ' shares. ^ i j fi; -r, Extreme*:gainfe of one-iib two points . during the forenoon reflected fairly | active sho^^t coyeriiig. with the rails displaying-: considerable firmness.- THE NEWFANGLES (Mom> Pop) ' HOWS D)Z7V /N0TA5 DIZZY AS THAT THIS MOPNING / TPICK TIE VOg HAVE •? I ( DRAPED APOUND VOUR f\DAM'S APPLE I 1 After noon the *until the tidvances had been nearly cancelled, then market eased quietly rallied again. Word that President Hoover and PresicJent-\!lect Roosevelt had reached (in "agreement for a war debt dis- cus-sion with dl-eat Britain found the' market sliiggish. Professional triaders appeared to have been impressed by' the] resistance displayed on recent Reactions and repurchases "for short account appeared to -have 13rovided mjuch of the buying. High Low 21 60';= 106'-:: 65 N Cities Serv . SO of Ind, . Amn Can ;.. Amn T&T. . ' Amn Tob {B _Anaconda ;. Atchison :'... - • • 43 s Auburn 49 Beth Steei; ..... 15;-Casp .7 1 • 47 Chrysler i4:s Con Gas • 60;^ Con Oil DuPont .: 40 -^H Oen Motoi's i3.'< Int.Harv 23 , • Mont Wnrcl .... }4 - Pnnncy .1 C •• • ' Phillips Pirlr ... •>]•Radio SnnvR Roc = SO'K Rorony. ViiY- J Std Brnnd.n iS'i .SO of N.T Union Pac- ^o"! ,T<<x Corp - " . TT R Steel - 29^ •Westingh F 30'. 21^ 59 104 H 42^ 46"i 15 45-'; 13% 58 5,^ 35-U 39%' 14-'i 13';. 21-s, 13'-:: 5 19--U , 7', 1.") 30'1 73'', 13'i 28'i 29', Close 2-.< 21% 60 ',4 105% 64'k 7% 42% 47% 15% 46 14 59 "i 5 'x 36 40 14-i 13% 21% 13 26-. 5% 5 19% 7'i 15 30% '75',, 13's 29'-; 29-', t rfsACh CHRISTMAS PRE^NTl TIME l\/E WORN it- HbW DOfeSlT tlIkE SOMEBODY' HAS PA\b OFF A GRUDGE PAGi; FITE By (powan NSWiRS ML 'pilE first regular air mail line begiiii operation MAY 15, 191S, between Ne.\v York^and Washington, D. C. Over half the flowers of the world aio KED or SHADES OP UKD. There were .ELKVKN .STATES in the Soulliern Confederacy. NEWS OF MILDRED Parent-Teacher Association to Give Kansas Day Program—Deatli of Mrs. George Siders. MILDRED, Jan. 19— Mr. and Mrs: Earl Stout spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives at Lone Elm. Miss Lucille Hunsak'er Is staying with Superintendent and Mrs. Grove and attending high school. ^ Mrs. Jack Holden, kincaid, spent Sunday at Ruble Sinclair's. Freddie Justice is on the sick list land absent from school. Verl Drury who is here from Vivian, S. D., is visiting at the Gill Ruxton home. the senior play has been postponed , until Tuesday evening, January 24th. Mr. and Mi -s. E. E,,HaH and son Pierce and Miss Louise Hummlston IB —I W McCartnev ofl"^''°^<^ '•° Ottawa Wednesday. L R. Klngman'^Kas.. Ys K S ^week'Hu'fmlston.^^^^^^^^^^ looking after, the renting of his iHj|.1 ^^5o :jJ^helping shuck corn, re- STAR DISTRICT LOCAL PRODUCE. Eggs, firsts . J.: .13c Eggs, secortds 10c Eggs, thirds ,8c Eggs, ungraded ' '• 11c Hens, No. I .• 8c Hens, No. ;2 5c No. 1 Springs. I'-i lbs., up ... 6c No. 2 Sprirjgs, 4c Canons ovpr 9 lb.'; 11c Capons. oVi-r f lb.s. . 9o j::apons.' nvfr 7 lbs. .: , .-. 7c: Capons, under 7 lbs. 1 6c Slips '.. ' 4'' Butterfat. lb : Stags, lb. • Cocks .. (; . • • Geese, lb.; ........ Guineas, cnch .j... vVn3,te i3t:cks. lb. . J361ored' Ducks,.Lb Hides, per- lb Mixoci ZjCry- btij .. '\V-VAV\- Corn, bii. . Wlieat, bUi ... .!.•.. Kafir Corn .14c 4C 3c 3c 10c 4c ....3c Ic 15c Ifi.- 28c 14c fam. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Preston drove to Yates Center Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Oliphant were up from lola Tuesday evening to see the home folks. Mrs. Oliphant is recovering nicely from the; flti. Mrs. T. R. Curtis and little daughters were welcome callers Monday afternoon. Bobbie Lou is getting over a severe cold. The following ladies enjoyed the day Thursday at the Mrs. Mary: McGill home: Mesdames Will Vamer, V. J. Preston, H. -A. Berg; W. W. i Simpson. Ray Chambers, Leona Beard. L. M. Curtis, T, R. Curtis, C. L. Dickerson, Joe Gregory, Howard Markley, Jack McDown, S. M. Dickenson. Mary McGill the hostess, and Misses Flora. Belle McGill, Mar- There will be preaching services at the church Sunday morning by .Rev. J. C. Lane. Epworth League'in the evening, led by Miss Louise Hum­ mlston. Mr. and Mrs. Newt Cheezum of Chanute. Mr! and Mrs. Fred Goyette of Elsmore were among those from away who were here for Mrs. Siders's funeral. The Pai-ent-Teacher association will meef. [Thursday night, January 26. A Kansas Day program will be given. The sudden death of Mrs. George. Siders wa^ a great shock to every one. Wheh she retired Saturday night she was'in her usual health and spirit-f. and when her husband, awoke Sunday morning he found WINS WHT-PUB QUEEN V/ise-cracking. breaks Aoyrn. and reveals love when Edmund Lowe and Wynnfe Gipson get to understand each other in "The Devil is Driving," the new Paramount thriller, coming Saturday to the kelley thea,ter. Oatdoor Thrills bi the lola's Bargain Show Saturday. HUWLDT NEWS Four from Humboldt Represent the Town ttt Sekan Area of Boy Scouts at Neodesha. HUMBOLDT, Jan. 19— The city of Himiboldt .is still doing some work on the east appi'oach to the new bridge. The contractor is dlsman- teUng the old steel bridge, which under the terms of his contract must be" done within 30 days ' following completion of the ne^^ bridge. . William Hess attended the 1933 meeting of Associated Counties of Southeast Kansas, at Ottawa, Wednesday. Mr. HeSs led In a discussion on "Wage Reduction and Legislative Action," Hurhboldt was represented at the Scout Council meeting of the SeKan Area, recently held at I^eodesha, by Messrs. W, A. Byerley, Ira Barber. Rev'. G, V, Shulehberger and Prof,i A, J. Trueblood. . | The Marys and Marthas Sunday { school of trie Methodist church i met Wednesday!with Mrs. C. W.| Hume at 1 o'clock luncheon, in honor- of the Teth'ing kficers, twenty-two ladies being presmt. At 2:30 o'clock the president,. Mrs. E. W. Porter, called the m'eeting to order, opening by song ahiff devotiohals. Business for the ensuing year, was planned. committees arid captains appointed ton will- be the next'hostess January 26. Rol,l call. Current Events. Friends of the late D. C. Banks aiiu iviusae:, r jura, x^cne muv^iu, iviai- i ^j^g ^^^^ dfepartcd this life. puerite Beard, Martha Jean and , Laurindfl Susan Trimble, daugh- Bobbie Lou Curtis, and Velma Irene of John and Rachel : Trimble, Chambers. A covered dish dinner \^^^ ^^^^ in Green County, Ind., on at noon and work on tea towels and y^^^ 1854. Her father died when the friend.ship quilt while visiting she" was a small child, after which engaged the guests. Mrs. V. J. Pres- ^^^^ ^.jti, j^e,- mother and brothpr moved to Oloio. Later when she was grown she Went to Illinois to care ' for her grandmother, afterward go- i paid their last respects at the grave: ii^g Jo l^iansfield. Ohio; Kansas Ciiv Piosliiro. j in Colony Saturday afternoon. When she was married to George W- Kiinsas Ci'.v j:ir.. 20.' I.A'PI-ES '..^ 'living in our community some years |siders. Jan. 6, 1889, arid tame €o. 'l3 Hens^G-9 ; Qlhcr produce un-I .igo Mr. Banks our Sunday [Bayard. • Kas. To this uniori were changed ' i ' 'school superintendent and was much iborn.three children. Roy, Ionia and ° • • liked and respected and greatly, gcssie. She was converted at an ' lianjuisi Citv Hav. ' missed by us all whert faiUng health Ip^rly age in the Synagogue church. ' Kpnsas City j Ja'i' 20- (AP (—No ! caused him to relinquish the work jghe was: a devoted wife and mother, hav "receipts too light. I he loved for a quieter place as a U good neiglibor and loyal friend. • 1'. iKansasiCitv Grain. j listelner in'place, of a doer on the jghe loved her home and found her Kansas Gitv. Jan.20. (AP)—Wheat i Sunday school. We extend our sym- |greatest pleasure there. She was a 110 cars: imchaiiged to 1 up; NO ; 2 ; Pathy to the sorrowing family. _ ;modest, unassuming woman, who dark hard, nom 42"i-52'-:: No. 3. nom 42'--52: No. 2 hard 423;-44-'-l No. 3 43;' No. 2 red 46' i; No. 3, nom 42 -47';•. Close: May 41; July 41'i; Sept. AZU:•Corn: 2i cans: uncharigod to '1 up: No. ,2 white 22-, No. 3 22'!': No. 2 yellow 32^: No. 3 .22 'j; No. 2 mixed, nom 22''.;-22''i; No. 3. Inom' 21':-22. May 23'j; July 24"i. I Mrs. C. O. Rose Wednesday sifterOats: no receipts, inichanged; No. i'^ooi^- 2 white, lioni 17-17'-; No. 3. nom i Arthur McGill and Miss Flora ](5.t6'-. I McGill attended the obsequies of -. Milo'!naizo.jiom 48-53. i D. C.• Banks in Colony "Saturday. J. W. McCartney visited at W. M. Vamer s part of last week. Ed Gordon is spending a few weeks with home folks at Elmer Knoirs. Roy Fultz visited his sister, Mrs. E. A. "Powell and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Kivett, late of Boulder, Colo., called on Mr. and Knfir. n:bm 38-44. Rye, nom .S4-34'i; Barley, nom'21''1.-24. K. G. Livestock Close. Kansas fcity. Jan. 20. (API—Hogs: lato sales ;240 lbs. up strong to 10 hifiher than Thursday's average; :Mn-280 Ite,. 3.10-20; . 290-325 lbs.. 2.90-3.0.5: sood and choice, 29O-350 !b,=;.. 2.80 T 3.05. Cattle inhd .sheep unchanged. F,stimat(kl livestock receipts for tomorrow;' Cattle 300; hogs 1000; .-hcep 500.; Kans.a,s City Livestock. Kans-as i City. Jan! 20. • (AP) — (USDAi—«oes. 4000 : 560 direct; mostly lo; hiaher than Thursday's nvr-rage on 230 lbs. down; heavier ^rerlchts slow; top 3.25 on choice 160225 lbs.: good and choice, 140-160 lb?.. 3.00-35; 160-180 lbs., S.05-25; 180-220 lbs., 3.10-25;'220-256 lbs.. : S.O.'i-SS 25(1-290 lbs., 2.90-3.20;. 290350 lbs . 2.75-3.00; packing soWs, 275550 lb!.. 1.90-2.50; stock pigs, good and choide. •70-130 lbs., 2.50-^5. Cattle, 500; calves, 200; generally steady; mostly a cleanup : trade; steers, good and choice. 550-900 lbs., 5.00-6.75-; 900-1100 lbs., 4.50-6.75: 1100-1330" Ite., 4.00-6.50; 1300-1500 lbs., 4.0D-5.75; common and medium, —550 lbs lip, 3.00-5.00; heifers, good and choice. 550-900 lbs., 4.25-6.25; icows. go<*l. 2.35-75; cutter i 1.25-2.00; ivealcrs (milkfedK medium t^ choice. 2.50-6.0); rstocker and feeder steers, good and; Choice. 4.00-5.75. Shjeep. ?3()00; 1600 through; lambs strong i-d-, 10 ,higher; top fed lambs 5.85; laijnbs. good and choice, (x) 90 lbs. down, 5.35-85: good and' choice (X) 90-9$ lbs., 5.25-75; eweis, good and choice. 90-150 lbs.. I,50r2.50. ' (x)—Qijotations based on ewes and wethers, j A small ad in the Cla.ssilled columns often puts over a big deal. THE J. F. GRENNAN I^RODUGE CO. C. 6. COGHILL, Manager ^ POULTRY .AND EGQS Egg! Casea and Supplies old and; Reiiable—Established 1911 Corner Monroe and Elm (Just West of the Wuler Tower) did her duty cheerfully day by day. She loved flowers and her home was beaiitiful with them, and! her unselfishness in service was typifi- by the large number of bouquets— made from flowers that thrived un|der her magic touch—that she gave to her friends. Being fond of children, she enjoyed her grandchildren very miich. She departed this life January 15, 1933. at the age of 78 years, 11 months. 3 days. She leaves to nioum for her. her husband, her son] Roy Siders and wife, daughters, Mrs. Joe Mrs. Anna Simpspn returned ^ Sunday eyening aftSr spending a i Brown and husbaridTMrsrCuy Hick- week caring for her daughter Mrs. Robert Gerdseri near Gas City. Mrs. Gerdsen is now convalescing from a severe case of influenza. Mrs. Ernest Denney cut her finger badly with a iknlfe she was sharpening. The injured member is giving her considerable pain but is healing. Ray Chambers who underwent a major operation in the veterans hospital, over two: weeks ago canie home last Friday greatly Improved in health. Mrs.' Sophia Vamer and . son Charles PettingiU visited at the W. M. Vamer home Sunday afternoon. . Mr. and Mrs. 'Wf. M. Vamer were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harrison in Colony Sunday night. Mrs. Leona Beard and Marguerite were pleasant callers at theOtho Smith home Sunday.: ' Miss Ethel Alvis of Yates Center drove over Saturday and Mrs. V. J. Preston returned with her for an over Sunday visit With home folks. man and husband; nine grandchildren; other relatives, and a host of friends. Funeral services were. conducted at Fairview chm-ch "iruesday afternoon, by Rev. Will Howerton. of La- Harpe, and a large crowd;attended. The music was furnished By yotine people whom she has kiiowxi all ttt their lives. Floral offerings #ere many and beautiful and were, carried by her foiu- youngestv grJahd- children. The body was commttea to its final resting place in Mldred cemetery. ' . "The Western Code," starring Tim McCoy, Nora Lane 'and* Wheeler Oakman, heads a special program whic hincludes Micey Mouse in "The Duck Hunt," '.'Jungle Mystery-" and "Microscopic Mysteries." WALNUT GROVE Jan. 17.—Mrs. B. H. Rodenburs was taken seriously lU yesterday and is verj- low at this writing. I Mrs. Lester 'Worthington who has been sick for some time, was taken worse last w-eek and she:was taken to Gamett. where she underwent an operation last Thursday. She is recovering verj- successfully and will be able to coriie home ne.Kt Sunday. The friends and neighbors of Mi-, and Mrs. W. E- Wilson gave them a farewell surprise party last Wednesday evening. The evening was spent in visiting and playing games. Refreshments of sandwiches.; pie and coffee w-ere served at a late hour. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are moving into the Fairlawn district. We are indeed very sorry to have ihem leave but we welcome our new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Eari Snyder. , , Mr. and Mrs. Job Trites "and boys had as their guests Tuesday evening . -------"VC Pauley Brown and Jack- Wvkert,! an|i family. lola. spent Sunday with ELSMORE Jan. 16.—1110 W. C. T. IT. entertained: their husbands, formei' members, their husbands and the sdiool faculty with a party at the' hoiii^e 6f Mrs. C. G. Kfokstrom Thursday nightJ.January 12. Indoor bas^all, otherlgameis and contests were:enjoyed.! Mrs. Schifferdecker played a piano solo entitled "Goodnight," by Nevin. Mr. McCormick' gave a talk on "Alcohol and Its iMfects" which was both instructive and interesting. DeUcious refreshments were served to Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Andruss, Mr. and Mrs. George AndruJss, Mrs. Carl, Mrs. Higinbotham, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hill. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Schifferdecker, Mrs. j. J. Ludlum, Mr. and Mrs. George McCormick, Earl Ludlum, Florence Nelson, Annie Libby, Florence Andruss, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Krokstrom, and Rosemary Von Grafen. Mr. and Mrs.; Evan Price, Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Albert, Don and Joan, Savpnburg. Mr. arid Mrs. Hfl- lis Krokstrom were. Sunday guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Price. : The quilting bee met; with Mr5. Ralfih Sisson Friday for an all day meeting with about 25 present. Mrs. C. G. Krokstrom and Rosemary went to Parsons Saturday and brought back Mrs. Britt who spent the w'eek-end here. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Foster and family. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Leffler Mrs. Will Broughton, Mrs. Ha Berry and Mrs. Carl Heckenliable, Bronson, and Mrs. Edith Stanley and boys spent Tuesday with Mrs. Dave Munson and Wllma Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vollmer and Carolyn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes. Mrs. Wilbert Setterstrom, IMrs. Roy Johnson and Mrs. Higinbotham attended a birthday party in Ibla Friday, January 13, in. honor of Mrs. Bemice Da-ids. , Margaret Goyette iwho attends junior college in lola is. driving back and forth every day this week and finishing the semester finals. Dave Munson brought back a load of fumiture fnim Kansas City Tuesday for Mr. and Mrs. Chet Linquist. Mr. and Mrs. • Ira Boinan spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Goyette. • Mr. Bert Ohltest went to western Kansas Monday to work. Bte. Harold Butts, who has been very ijl with flu, iJs improving at this writing. Sunday guests of Mrs. Ellen Price and Leon were Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ludlum, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ludf lum and D. A., Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beimett and family, Mr. Archie Bennett,,Mrs. William Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Price and Carroll Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bennett and family. • Mr. and Mre. J. J. Ludlum, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Moore attended evangelistic services in Stark Sunday night conducted by Rev. Braden. Dr. Longenecker made ^ business trip to Mound Valley Saturday. and pledgje^ madb. Goverhdr Alf. M- Lahdon has appointed jj S. Lehman of, Huriiboldt las Justice; of th6 Peace for Huta- boldt city lo suctieed himself for the next two years, W. W. Williams having resigned.; FVank Willenburg. employee of the Stanolind. Pjpe Line company here, has been transferred to^ Ceh- terville. ' Eilert C. Heiken, late principal of the Cherryvale high school, whose death occurred, a few days ago, was a former coach of the Humboldt schools, the following persons; from here attending his funeral Sunday: Mr. and-Mrs. A. J. Truebiood, Benjamin Barfoot. Harvey Woods. Helen Leimenstoll, Lee Wadley and Hollis Flint. Miss Dorothy Reynolds was hostess Wednesday evening to the Contract Bridge club, the high score prize being won by Miss Mildred EowTOan, arid the guest prize being awarded to Mrs. Robert McGrew. Others present were: guests, Mrs. Wilbur Fisk, Mrs. A. J. Trueblood and Mrs. Lloyd Johnson; members, Lenore Talley, Mildred Harmon. Ethel Puckett. Jeanette Webb and Dorothy McCauley. Anita Eckart, formerly of White Deer, Tex;., enrolled in the.Humboldt high schciol Monday as a freshman. Geraldine Boyer returned to school Monday, aifter being absent for several-days due to Illness. Mrs. J. J. Amos was hostess to Frederick Punston Chapter D. A. R., Tuesday evening. Mrs. J. A. Smith, regent, presided over the business meeting. It was decided to make a donation to the student loan fund, one of the major activities of the society. The following officers were elected: Regent; Mrs. J.' J. Amos; vice regent, Mrs. Walta Stevens; recording andj»rrespondln^ secretary. Armel, Mrs.. McCarty,l Mrs. S. Barrackman. Miss Fay Bdrrackman and Miss Eva; O'Connor. Mrs. Doris Wedin, Humboldt, .-aririounces ^ of her daughter. Miss 1- southeast of the marriage Daisy Wedin to Mr. Leon Mann bl Osawatoinie, Kas., January 4, the jpastor of the Osawatomie Presbytejrian church, officiating. Mrs.Manii was for several years employed as' a nurse at the Payne hospital herp, later entering the nurse's training school in Osawatomie, from wiiich she will graduate in June. Mr.jMann is also employed in the hospital there, at which place, for the j time being, they will make their htjme. Mrs. L. P. Rossnerj entertained with a bridge party Monday afternoon at the home of per daughter, Mrs. H. C. Johnson, two tables of cards being fornjed, La^er a delicious luncheon was served tb the following guests: Mrs. F, C. Miller, Mrs, Chns. H, . Schaffner, Mrs. R. L. Works, Mrs. Will Workjs, Mrs. R. T. OVergard, Mrs. L. fioltschnelder, Mrs. O. A. Reynolds arid Mrs. Frank Pussman. Announcement is to. land here of the marriage of Albert! Moody, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Moody, Humboldt to Miss Elva Neiill, daughtr of Mr. and Mrs. J. J.' Neill, Quen- enio, Kas. ; , Mrs. Eva Dell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Myers and Tom Pinkley, a son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Pinkley, both of Himiboldt, wer^ united in marriage, Saturday evening, January 14,' by the' Rev. Oscar Felsburg, pastor ; of the Pilgrim Holiness church,! Humboldt. The young people will make their home at 704 North 'Tenth street. Miss 1 Vivian Burtiss entertained the Trtimp-It Brfdge clbb lliursday evenicfg, at the home of Mrs. Alvin Wood Of South Eighth' street. Miss Elnora Baker and Mrs. Alvin* Wood were-guests. Members present were: Juanitii Bryan. Mary LaRue, Margaret Crook, Alice Norris, Margaret Renb. Doris Kent, Marjorie Casper, Mae Fiickler, Joan Works and the hostessi Vivian Burtiss. • Chicago—A story of jthree strangers: • Stranger No. 1 showed Mrs. Bessie Deutsch the "jewels." • No. ^ said he wished he owned them. • No. 3 comriiented that they, were good. 1 Now ,1, 2 and 3 are enjoying the $300 Mrs. Deutsch naid them for Miises 'corTnnVBVerl7y,"HeVerHrs^;K !?e diam that tiirned out to be glass. Have you a house for rent? Or for salb? Want to buy anything? Use th^ Classified columns! SWAPPER'S COLUMN Mr. and Mrs. Marvin BrOwn north f^\^^,Jf^^Il\^n^. ttZ'"^- Nannie McCarty; registrar, and daughter are getthig along ,Mrs. Chas. F. Sriiith; historic, Mrs. "'S^i^" o.,..! 7.f,^. r^^^Ar.^ To„„f^wi !J- H- Armel; chaplain, Mrs. Susan Mr and Mrs. Gordon Langford Barrackinan. The program was in spent the week-end In Elsmore. charge of Miss Fay Bar^ckriian ^ho '. gave "LaFayette, the Friend of Am- Annapolis, Md.—VaseUnc is used erica." Roll caU.response was "His- by the Navy basketball players to \ torlcal Events in January." Mrs. R. prevent slipping and the slippery jB. Shook, Peoria, lU., a non-resident isubs^ance does the job. ;member, wias present: Mrs. Amos. The Middies' court is a composi-, i assiisted by' Mrs. Shook 'and Miss tion.< It has been foimd that vase- Marigafet Amos, served refreshments line rubbed on the shoes creates a jtp the follbwirig;: Mrs. J. A. Smith. friction. 'Miss Aly Barfackman, Mts. J. H. OUT OUR WA^ By Williams Chicago. Thfe man that is staying with Sam Helms was taken very ill, a doctor was called Thursday night to see him. ,He is'some improved at this writing. Ed R. Trites and Jajke Swisher threshed kafhr com today. Shclton McKain Is helping Ed WUsou move. Mii. G. W. Leffler. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sisson i^nd family. Mr. and Mrs. Al;^ ErlcSori spent Saturday evening' with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sanden. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson and Delores Jean. Kansas City, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mris. MaVlln Mun-son. Mr. and Mrs. Claude 01emlD (;s, CREAM SEPARATORS—Used, to trade for cattle, hogs or horses. Brownie's, Cream, Poultry, Eggs, Feeds, and Seeds. Mr. ChtysljET The a933 lines lof Chrysler Cars to be announced soon, will be the FINEST: CARS! EVER to bear ^his name. See us before you [buy;: a new car, ' i - i • ROSS ARBUCEEIGAR^GE CHRYSliER-PLYlvioUTH. Sales—Service—Parts AUTOMOTIVE Antompbiles For {Sale PONTIAC-BtlCK^ GOOD WILL USED!;CARS. SHELLY MOTbHl\(iO. Authorizod Bulck-Poritiac 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 , Hepalring:—Gardes BATTERY Recharging, Oarage. • 50c. Ideal EMPLOYMENT 15 Sitiutlona Wantcd-rFemaI(^ HOUSEKEEPING wanted by w&m- an 39, Mrs.: Nellie Re.ed, General Delivery, Moran, Kas, | WANTED-Wbrk of any! kind, by hour,, day or week! washing* Wanted. Inquire 420 N. Chestnut. FUsfANCIAL 17 Business Opportunities BLACKSMITH SHOP-fTools and machinery for sale. '502 North street. Phone 1177. ~ LIVE SlX)(pK 20 Dogs, Cats, Other Pets WHITE COLLIE PUPS -Lpedigreed, for sale. Address Box 25, Welda, Kansas. J 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows to freshen soon. J. C. Biitcher, West • Street road. FOR SALE—Jersey cow^ February 1. R. E. Harpe, Kas. fresh about Rogers, ;La- Y-OUNG PERCHERON Benj. H. Baion, 4 mil^ east of Moran. Pho. MERCHANDISE HORSES— south find 5112. Elsmore 24 Articles For Sale BATTERIES'— Guaranteed, »i .95. Ideal Garage. | MOTOR Ollr^SOc gal.; 5 gal., jS .ia Ideal Garage. Phone Il74. 28 Hovsebold Oooda CLOSE-OUT; PRICES—jCirculators, wood and combination heaters. Trade m old- Curtis', 10 N. Wash. NEW SHIPMENT of all cotton •mattresses, $2.75 up; 200 to chbose firom. W. H; Wood Fine Furniture. USED STO'VES arid Furniture. Store packed. Henninger's Fum. Store. COW, CALF, and wood saw outfit to trade for pigs or sheep. C. A, Houki 1 mile west and! Moran. Phone Moran 160 NEAR SALINA ; small hnprove- north of 17F12. ments; a. feal prodiiefr; formeriy worth $16,000; incumbrance $4,000. What have you for equity? I. E. LIneback, 601 N. Flrstl lola. 1926 BUICK SEDAN—Good condition, good tires; also 1925 Dodge roadster parts, to trade; for live- stockj graift or implements. Stony Point; Farm, 1 mile east, ".i mile north of Carlyle. . ANNOUNCEMENTS PUBLIC SALBJ—Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1 p. m.i 7 mi. north LaHarpe, 7 mi. S. E. Colony. Cattle, horses, hogs, thickens, fefid,' iihplenierits, furrfi- ture. Ray Snider. 29 Machinery and fTooIs STOVER FEED GRINDER—Forsale cheap; complete with inotor. Walter Gorrell,;202 South Third. WALKING PLOW—14-^nch, iood condition, $8.00. Allen County :Implement Co. i . '' ROOMS FOR REINT 33 ; Rooms ATTRACTIVE sleeping room, Iwme privileges, close in, reasonable'.; 215 South Sycainore.^ ' • '; 34 Apartments and j Flats ;, APARTMENT—Nicely fjmiished, 3; rooms, pairttry, closets, porches,' • convenient,' cloge in, modem. Phone 1234; I 1? PenoAab WILL TAKE CARE of aged and , convalescent people in private ;hom6. Rates rieasbnable. Write P. O.iBox I8ff, lolk. OLD MAGAZINES and books wanted, When movlrig or cleaning nouae glya them to the lola Pub- Uc Library. Phone 1405 br 382 and we jwUJ eet thetri \ AUTOMOTIVE AntomobHes For Sale Dodge SALES AND SER'VICE Plymouth Dependable USed Cars and Trucks EliLIS MOTOR CO. I Phone 301 ;Cash—Trade—Terms THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS; THE BEST'USED CARS I IN TOWN 1932 Chev. Sport Sedan, like new" 1929 Chev. Panel Delivery 1930 (phevrolet Coach 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan , J929 Essex Coupe " 1931 Ford^ Truck, long wheelbase 1930 Ford Coupe ; 1929 Ford Truck 1929 Hudson Sedan 1928 Pontiac Sedan . 1928 Pontiac Coach 1928 HUP 8 Coupe 1929 '^ippet coach Plenty of Other Bargains auio WHTra MOTOR CO. Real Egtat^ For Reiit 36 Farms and Land f^or Rei^t FOR RENT-^7-acre suburban,! four room house, and other outbuildings. Second house sduth of the lola Airport. For Informajiion phone 1246. ! 200, ACRE farm, house, bam, chick- eri house, cement silo.! sheds] and water. Frank Ellis, Brown's Drug Store. ; I '; • • 37 Houses For Rent FOR RENT-^Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. Real Estate Fot Sate 40 Farms and Land For Sale SUBURBAN—10-acre, city Water, gas, electricity; also good red milk cow. 815 South State.! 80 ACRES for sale, the N'.i SW 15,. 24 . 20. Located 4'.6 mi. northwest of Moran.- About all! in cultivation. Lays smooth. ;Good land. Good set Of improvements oh it. Price $30 an acre. Terms on $1900. Bankers Mortgage Company, Topeka. Kas.- j . | ' 41 Houses For Sble MODERN SUBURBAN] HOMES— Near slab, outbuildings, gafage, good acreage, for sale. Bargain . prices. Cupdy, Gas. • TWO SUBURBAN Tracts; orte 5 acres; one 3 acres; elxceptiorially good values. V. C. Archer & Co ' Phone 304i ; SUBURBANi-Pive acres, improved, near Country Club. lola Land Co. 6 -ROOM HOUSE for sale, modem except furnace; located at 302 W, Jackson; will .sell onfternw like mit, Bankers Mortgaglo Comiiany,

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