The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 2, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 13
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CLEVELAND'S Christmas Appliance Specials GET THIS 1311.96 AUTOMATIC WASHER Multi-cycle 2 speed. Rinse conditioner. Porcelain Tub. Model A 21. FOR ONLY $199.95 Speed Queen Electric Dryers $148.00 SPEED QUEEN Model F701 WRINGER WASHER Regular $169.95 Model M1Z New 2-DOOR FRIGIDAIRE FREEZER-REFRIGERATOR Reg. $459.95 95 Revolving Shelves Blue Flame Gives a Glow to Christmas A tiny blue flame, as old as the earth itself, will impart a warm glow this Christmas in millions of homes across the nation. The turkey Masting In yonr overt with Its tantalizing aroma, will be cooked to perfection- golden brown, tender and juicy.. Your home will be comfortably warm, your food safely preserved, your laundry quickly done thanks to this tiny blue flame, All you did was turn on the gas and your silent servant sprang into action. But you were also setting in motion a cycle of events that rang a bell 'way back in Texas — or deep In the swamps, high in the mountains, under the sea and across the plains, where LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO THE KITCHEN SINK!—Happy is the homemaker who finds that her personal Santa Glaus has presented her with a modern cabinet sink One of the greatest conveniences of a cabinet sink is the automatic dishwasher that frees the wife (and very often the husband) from the drudgery of hand washing and drying an average of 3,795 dishes a month. It takes less than half the time to do dishes by machine, and the hotter water makes them more sanitary. thousands of rugged men maintain a steady search for natural gas. Pipeline Network Thousands more of 'these modern- day pioneers are extending the pipelines that carry natural gas into 28 million American homes, using over 100 million gas appliances. Natural gas is whisked across the country by its own multi-million dollar pipeline transportation system covering some 548,820 miles. This is enough to circle the earth 22 times. At various points along the pipeline, carefully trained men operate stations that wash undesirable Ingredients, like sulphur, from the gas. Still others scour the pipe to clear It of clogging residues. Many technicians are employed at pipeline laboratories sampling the gas for heat values and chemical content. And that isn't all. According to the American Gas A<fcn., there are 200 underground storage facilities in the United States where gas can be kept in f|^nmer to take care of winter needs. Because these facilities once were well.*, they: AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD f ft provide ideal geological conditions 1 Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1958 lM for the storage of gas under pres- —" — sure. Round the Clock Job Another big round-the.clock job in providing nationwide natural gas service is the task of the ! numerous compressor stations which are so spaced across the country that they can push the gas along through thousands of miles of pipe at the proper pressure. At the city gates, yonr local g«t company taket over. A so- called "town border station" re. dncei the pipeline pressure of the gas to the much lower degree you'll require In your home. And finally, the utility mains empty into building-by-buildinff feed-lines, which run the fuel straight through your meter and into your gas range, water heater, clothes dryer, refrigerator, Incinerator, or central heating-cooling system. The U. S. Army used camels for ten years, from 1856 to 1866. Boy, 14, Kills Mother, Sister SADDLE ROCK, N.Y. (AP)-A 14-year-old boy Wiled Ms mother and Utter ia their fashionable Long Island home Monday flight and then committed suicide, according to Nassau County police, Stuyvessnt Pitmen, chief of Nassau detectives, said today that James Wiener killed hit mother Dorothy, 47, tad his sister Laurie, 26, with his ,22-caliber repeater rifle. The boy then placed th* rifle against his head and, using either his fingers or toes, pushed the trigger. Pinnell said the mother and aer daughter, who was a schoolteacher, had argued steadily In recent weeks and that the boy apparently resented the bickering. SYMBOL OF CIVILIZED LIVING—This modem gas water heater, serves as a source of cleanliness, convenience and comfort for every member of the family, by providing plenty of hot water, automatically, at any time. TIP TO YOU OLDER FOLKS Keep Young Friends, Urges Prominent Octogenarian By MARIE DAERR Owning the longest car on the block won't guarantee you happiness in your later years. But 80-year-old Dame Kathleen Courtney, a tiny, energetic Englishwoman, has no doubt about what DOES put the gold into the golden years. Just a few minutes' conversation with this diminutive octage- narian, who recently flew home to London after an extensive lecture tour in the eastern United jstates, convinces you Dame Kathleen knows what she is talking about. What are (be things Dame Kathleen, an expert on world affairs, considers important? "Friends," she said, "and not all from my own age group. "I'm going to be realistic. It's sad but true that, when you are 80, not many of your old schoolmates are around. "I've made friends in younger lage groups. They keep me young joecause they are looking forward to the future, instead of backward ''at the past. "All my life, I've been so interested in other people, I haven't had time to think about myself. "The fanciest TV set in the world isn't going to keep you from being lonely. But having a genuine concern about other people will do the trick. "Speaking of TV, being in Am j erica has made me wonder about {today's emphasis on material i things. It seems to me too many ipeople are convinced they can't (possibly exist without every product they see or hear advertised." Dame Kathleen — that title given her by Queen Elizabeth is equivalent to "knight" — is thank ful for health. Slender and bright- eyed, she thinks that looking after your physical "machine" while you are young pays off in later years. "I can give a lecture at noon, be interviewed in the afternoon, attend a dinner party and then be on hand before nine the next morning for a talk to a school assembly," said Dame Kathleen, "And I'm young enough to be planning a jet flight for my next trip across the ocean." Spiritual values are high on her list. "The fact that so many people British Police Gals Objects of Matrimony By BILL DILLINGHAM LONDON — Ladies, join the police force and get married: This is becoming a common slo-; Kan of advice for girls in England. It has been discovered that the English policewomen get more proposals than the beauty contest winners. This is because of three important points: (1) She appears in uniform, and men generally find this attractive; (2) Sho is exposed to having many thousands of people see her; (3) A man has an ideal excuse for properly meeting her by asking for directions. Each year the British police lose about one-third of their female cops j to matrimony. Each year, there-j fore, plenty of places in the forces I are vacant for new applicants who' want to get married. The job of policing an area in England is not as dangerous as it frequently is in other countries. This means that the-little ladies are not risking their lives for the sake of the law, order or a husband. I Britain has its large crimt prob-.' lem like most other lands, but aj policeman doesn't have to "shoot it out" with criminals. Guns are not carried by the British bobbies, therefore burglars and thieves usually don't carry them either. It is a mutual agreement. Carrying a gun, English criminals understand, only invites accidental killing and the gallows. One relies on brawn and quick legs. For this reason England has so few murder cases among its common criminals. Within this frame, then, the policewoman occupies a place as a judo artist. She is given a highly practical course before being posted to the job. She is taught how to detain a man (which might later come in handy in matrimonial search) and how to defend herself (possibly useful after she gets married). Aggressive judo is rarely applied. She is supposed to hang onto her criminal like a bulldog, keeping herself from being beaten to a pulp, until help arrives. Such violent incidents, however, are rare. Even the criminal in England is a gentleman and would hesitate to strike a lady with whom he was wrestling. CLEVELAND'S Downtown • Sterling GIVE HER A t rush to hear evangelists p r e a c h j proves they are looking for some-' thing they can't buy at the store," j said Dame Kathleen. "Certainly,' bread alone isn't the answer to our needs — at any time of life." Q — We want to close up our house in the north from December to May while wt are building a| retirement house on the Gulf of' Mexico. Will our fire insurance! remain effective, even though the! house is empty? — F. E P. | A — Yes, if you have a stand-' ard policy. Check your agent about yours. Q — I'm interested in corresponding with a widow you quoted in a recent column. May I have her address? — A.EQ A — Sorry. Names and addresses of people who write to this column are kept confidential. FROM QUALITY APPLIANCE CO. ««, S*. 9 *?? P °y m » n »-Y«wr Credit Is Good Here 207 N. Franklin AM$! , BI HOW TO WRAP IT Novel way to let the wife, know she's getting a new range i for Christmas is to wrap a box! of cologne or powder to look like; a range. It's easy. Use whit* gift! wrap paper, black gummed rein- 1 forceuents and signal dota, and black construction paper for door lines. The same principle can be used for other appliance*. MAKE IT A White Christmas I"-.«.."". GIVE HERA Hi /••.'_••.'•«;•• Here cornea me White Christmas Express with carloads ol good Christmas gift idaaa to put you on the right track of the perfect gift—a major appliance—for your wife. A new appliance glvea her greater convenience, laaa work, more leisure time to apend with her family... and with you, her thoughtful husband I A new appliance la an end to defrosting... an and to laundering drudgery ... an and to "no hot water!" A new appliance means more convenient frozen food storage, fewer trips to the grocery ... greater freedom from meaty dishwashing .,. and more free time. When you give your wife a major appliance, you have found the happiest, moit heart-warming, most Chrlstmaa- spirlted way to aay "I love you-365 daya a year I" See the White Christmas Special at/ot/r appliance dealar'a today. V'jr v-.' I m Mm United States Stiel

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