The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 9, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1933
Page 6
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'r^? ' ' ' THE BA&ERSFIELD CALlFDtmiAK.^iO^DAY; MOM LODGES. INSMl HEADS Odd Fellows and Rebekahs in Joint Ceremony; Supper Is Enjoyed MOJAVE. Jan. 9.—Rebokah No. BOO and the 1. O. O. F. Mojave T.odge No. 457 held Iheir Joint Installation ceremony on Saturday night at, Hie I. O. O. F. hall. There wore 86 present, including guests from Bak- ersfleld, Telinchapi, . Ked Bluff and Oxnard. . Mrs. Rene Everett was tlie retiring noble grand of the Rebekahs, and George Everett. Jr., retiring noble grand of theh Odd Fellows. The officers for the new term for the Rebekahs are: Noble grand, Ruby Illley; vice-grand, OMa Wilhelnv, recording secretary, Agnes Sann; financial secretary, Rose Phillips i treasurer, Florence Tomnler. The «vp- polntive officers are: Warden, Mnry Streby; conductor, li-ma Hamilton; chaplain, Louise Yudy; insldo guardian, George Everett. Jr.; outside guardian, David Saum; R. S. -uN. p., Mabel Trlpp; I.. S. N. G.. Ida Gallagher; R. S. V. G., Gertie Brlte; L/. S. A'. O., Virginia Oilman. The T. O. O. F. Incoming officers are" N. G., David Saum: V. G., Ross Rogers: secretary, Jess Sherril; treasurer W. W. Judy. The appointive v officers Include: Wnrden. George Beam: conductor, Art Oilman; chnp- Inln,' Evan Twomey. R. S. X. • O.. Tlarrr Cain: U S. N. G.. ^'""""i Foster: R. S. V: G., George Harby; 1., S. V. G., Tom Gallagher; outside guardian Ed Monroe: inside guard- Ian Bill Wilbur: rlsht scene support, M. MUlowltch: left scene support, 'jeorge Millowltch. The installation ceremony was beautifully executed nnd the ladies were unusually lovely, some In velvet Camp Fire Grout) . Enjoys Ceremonial XtoPAHUAND, Jan. 9.—Mrs.' Carl Ptsor, guardian of the Seglpu Camp Klre Group, assisted by Idplld Phllllp8, Hazel Borgon and Jane Marshall, presided at a candle-llBhtlntr ceremonial Thursday night, at the local kindergarten. Following the ceremonial the girls played games, nnd refreshments were served by the hostesses, Eleanor Janes and Beverley Buckingham. , They were assisted by Mrs. IB. P. Janes. Those In attendance wore .Mrs. Plsor, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Cecil Bowman, assistant guardian; Idella Phillips, Hflzel Bergen, Jane Marshall, Eleanor Janes, Beverley Buckingham, Marie Lesley, aerniaine Oarrett, Irene Shoemaker, Betty Carter, Shirley Taylor, Mnrle Davis, Nelodene Reid, PegKy Howard, Jean Lobre and Jewell Dunlnp. Mildred l«e was a guest. , others In silk, all of the light shndos. The men wore black coats and white trousers. Assisting In the Installing were District Deputy Grand Master O. S Bnugsburg and District Deputy President Josephine Baugsburg and team li-om Kornvllle. A midnight supper was served at a beautifully appointed table, with pink nnd green as the color scheme, A humorous reading was given by Mrs P. A. Murray of Bakersfleld. Talk were given by the visitors. A mys tery box was won by John Mlllg. Mrs Ruby Riley, incoming noble grand was chairman for the supper arrange inents. Mr. anil Mrs. P. A. Murray from Bakersfleld were among the visitors • • > — WOMAN'S COUNCIL MEETS McPARLAND, Jan. 9.—Mrs. Pau Ltndley presided at a called meetin of the Wonian'H Council of the Moth odlst church Thursday afternoon a the homo of Mrs. Edith Dlxon. Th ladles spent the afternoon sewlni present with Mrs. Dlxon and Mr i Llndley were Mesdames F. E. Trask ("Claude Ratekln and C. B. Carlson. PLAN NEW CLUB 'regressive Club Will Aid Girls' Group; Heads Are Elected COMPULSORY MARKET PLAN IS DISCUSSED M cFARLAND, Jan. 9.—A crowd Attended the meeting'of the McFarland Farm Cenleriheld at the grammar school cafeteria JYIday evening, at which "Compulsory "Co- peratlve Marketing" was debated by "WASCO. Jan. 9.—A group of young Iris met recently at the home of Mrs: George,Summervllle for the purpose of ormlng a Junior organization. Mrs. W. H. JahaYvt was a special guest and jxplained the purpose of the club and what had been accomplished by other groups. Mrs. Jahant was formerly district chairman of junior organiza- lons. ... Mrs. James Little, president of the Woman's Progressive Club, by which this organisation will be sponsored, welcomed the girls and assured them :he club would stand back of them in all they undertake to do. Mrs. Summervllle, who acts as sponsor, presented many Ideas of what they will endeavor to accomplish. Newly elected officers of the cHib are Fanchon Klassen, president; SSIta Grefrath, vice-president and Esther Vogel, secretary and treasurer. On the committee of bylaws Esther Vogel was appointed as chairman, assisted by EUmbeth Emmerald and Margaret Grant.' . ' . After the business meeting the resi of the evening .was spent playing games. First prize went to Elizabeth Emmerald and second to Zlta Gref- Those present wei'e Zita Grefrath, Elizabeth Emmerald, Margaret Grant, Elizabeth • Otto, Frances Thompson, Irma Klassen, Dorothy Grubb, Esther Vogel nnd Helen Emmerald. Franchon Klassen, the newly elected president was absent. The next meeting Is called for January 18, to vote upon the bylaws and other items of business. ocal members. Other program numbers, the reading .'of resolutions; passed upon by the organization at tfarysvllle, and -an Interesting, talk by F. W, Herbert ot the' Experimental . F.arm at,., Shatter • completed he program. • • .<•. The < meeting: opened at,'6:30 p. m. with potluck supper, Mrs. Bid McKev- tt and Mrs. W. J. Totton acting'as hostesses.- They. were, relieved of this duty and Mrs. U S. McQueen and Mrs. F. E. Trask were applied as hostesses for the February meeting. Ed Baker presided, and .reports of committees were given. A. B.' Vrbom, chairman of the membership drive, reported that the campaign Is scheduled to close January 14. He reported 50 members already signed up with several more pledged. This is the largest membership for several years The membership last year was 42. Miss Wilma I»ng delighted the a\i< dlence with three readings Mrs. Ed Phillips read 29 of thi Farm Bureau resolutions and a gen eral discussion of them was held, Th. remaining 1 will be read at the Fob ruary meeting. The debate affirmative was uphel by Joseph Schneider and L. E. Hyl on, and the negative by A. B, Vroom. His assistant was to have been Jacob J4111< • but because of illness he -was unable to 'take part, tfb desleton was given, but each side was strongly de- 'fended. It was decided that this auestlon Would be discussed and perhaps debated upon, again at a,.,later meeting. . \ ., Mr. Baker announced that he would be unable to-attend the February meeting and that A. B. Vroom, vice-president, would be in., charge. The subject for discussion will be resolution No. 23, and concerns "Truck Transportation." . Following this .the meeting was turned over to Joseph Schneider, who Introduced F. W. Herbert of the Ex- GOOD NEWS For Those Who Missed Out Last Time . . .! ,* Chamber of Commerce Plans Development il6J? Area; Tourists Lured RichgrovePair Mark 50th Year '"' <tf Wedded Life Jan. »i— Tl4 sec pertmental Farm •poke on' ! a plan at Shatter, who for better cotton. Bpune uii *«• >/»•*«• •"• 7 ., . He explained the plan, which Is sug gested by the United States Department of Agriculture, asserting that a group of ranchers organize for the growing of better cotton, separating the poor quality from the excellent quality. * Instead of the present method df sampling cotton after Has In the bale, the product would be sampled while growing In the field.. Another cotton meeting will be held at the local kindergarten Thursday evening, January 12, at 7 .o'clock; at which plans for organizing .will be discussed. Mr. Herbert will be present to outline the plan and all cotton ranchers or others Interested are urged to attend. "_ WASCO LEGION FORMS PLANS FOR MANY NEW EVENTS SOON ,, . tlonal organization teocntly^s-formed under the tentative, title of- Kern River BUBlne'fls-ABsociailort, Is proving its popularity throughout this,, 'district as "afio'wh"by 'the~ Increase In attendance » ahd membership at Its _ third meeting, held at the Mountain lm»- In Kernvllle, Friday night. ',. " Before an assemblage of,«a, large, humb'er of representative cj««en» of Various sections of this" district,' 'th« meeting -was called to qr<ler,"by Prei- ident P. Sumner Brown, who ..immediately asked for a report, from :, the committee, ori' 1 constitution and bylaws, that the organization might. legally proceed Under* rules. ' These laws as formulated by the committee were accepted by yote, with but few alterations. • v . Then followed the selecting of a, permanent title. ' ;-. Four names were, suggested ana voted upon. The title "Kern River Chamber of Commerce," was formally adopted. » '',._'' Plans were discussed as to. the conducting of an advertising campaign attracting the attention of the tourist to the country between Freeman Junction.-' and .Bokorsfleld, Including the South Fork, the Upper Kern rive and Kernvllle districts, Greenhorl mountain, Kern' river canyon and Hobo Hot Springs area. In the mat ter of road signs "pertinent to thos sections, Mrs. -Earl Pascoe and •.BUI Byrom were appolnted-to-lnvestlgate. TOtASCO, Jan. 9.—The Wasco Amer. W loan Legion has formed plans for several events to take place in the next few months, according to an announcement by George tibyne, adjutant, and W. B. Little, commander. Scholarship medals are to be awarded at the close of the school term to-pupils from the Legion, for not only proficiency as students, but honor and character are to be considered. A boy and a girl of the eighth grade of the Wasco Elementary School will each receive one, and .a medal is to be awarded to a pupil at the Lost Hilis School, Semi-Tropic and St. John's Parochial School School. The program nlCHOROVB, Jan. »,~Mr. and 1 Mrt. Thom»» C. KeritMM.Have returned from southern California where they enjoyed, an extended , holiday visit with their children 'and celebrated thelr'"o6lden'We'd. ding «nnlvere«ry, - which fell on New Years day. ^ Their eon Oeorae Fentreee.imd r wife entortlfned with •',reception on', January '1 In their • theln/ home In Hollywood. The spaeloua home w«« decorated In a golden Color scheme. Relatives present ,fOr the reception were their daughter, Mrs. Daley M. Shlgley, and their: eon. In T law, C. V. D.cko, of Qlendale, their daughter, Mrs. R. A. Shedd, Mr. 8hedd;and two torts, of Phoenix, Arliona; Mr. «nd Mrs. George Me- Connell, of Denver, Colorado,, and Mr. and Mrs. George Fsntrees. Friends who offered congretuls- tiojis were: Metsrs.i.and Mesdames Christian A. Beck, W. L. Brough, Chsrles Ri Tucker, Howard Dasi, .Frank Downey, W. Jordan and C. H. Lawrence. ' .-• ,,-.'.. Mr. and Mrs.: Fentrees Have made tholr home In" this district during the past five years,; owning an>6range grove.>outh and'west.of town. •• . ' •• • «04-H CLUB HAS NEW arrangements were made by the committee, of which Le land Brier Is' chairman.. The next meeting on January 18 is to be. a social affair with the Legion Auxiliary. The "annual - celebration of the Legion on the completion of their hall 11 years ago will be held March 15, and is to be for the members and Auxiliary members and escorts. Past commander badges are to be presented at the meeting. A St. Patrick's dance •will be given on March 17. FORMER KERNVILLE RESIDENTS CELEBRATE 5DTH ANNIVERSARY R ERNVILLE, Jan. 9.—Celebrations of golden weddings have been the vogue recently as affecting local residents and those who at one time resided In the Kernvllle area. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bechtel have just returned from such a ceremony whose principals were Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Rayhill, parents of'Mrs. Bechtel, commemorating their fiftieth anniversary on January 4. The pelebration was held at, the Rayhill home in Ontario, the table being prepared for 18 persons, Intimate friends and relatives. -The Im- mediate relatives were v Mrs. Bess Humphries of Ontario and Mrs. Pearl Bechtel of Kernvllle. Notable among the guests present were Mr. and Mrs. C. L. ^Barnes, childhood friends from Missouri, who, eight years ago, celebrated their golden wedding. ' In keeping with the occasion, the Rayhill home was decorated with autumn .leaves and golden flowers. A wedding cake of gold and white was divided among the guests. Mr. and Mrs. Rayhill received many golden gifts as mementos of the occasion. Prominent at the meeting wos.L. B. Nourse, secretary ojT the' Kern ( County Chamber of Commerce,»whose.sugges- tions and help were a valuable aid-to the organization.' Lesterr Arnold* of Bakersfleld, of • the California Fish and Game Commission, pledged the new organization every assistance possible, as does Roswell Weloh^ local game warden, -working in conjunction with the forestry service. G. R. Mergenthaler, new superintendent of the KR3 plant of the Southern California Edison Company, offered the good offices of his company" and himself in entertaining tourist visitors. James R. Bechtel proffered to the Infant association several huge metal signboards without cost. Mrs. Earl Pascoe spoke of the many beautiful campsites within the district, the enlarging and Improving of others, the scenic wonders and the sportsmen's paradise of the upper Kern river. David Todd, retired attorney of Altadena, briefly addressed the meeting, lauding the principles of the organization. The next meeting will be held at the Mountain Inn in Kernvllle, Friday-evening, at S o'clock, February 10. Prior to the meeting supper will be served to members and their guests by Mr and Mrs. Billy Oliver of the Mountain Inn. WASCO, Jan. 9. — The f.Lpne Sta *4-H'CTub met recently'In the'domestl science room of the grammar schoo The' project reports were as follows Keith kittle, chickens; Sterling Grant, gilt; Bray Copeiahd, gilt; Junior Jones, chickens; Wesley Baggs, glltrJudson Ap'ploy, pigeons; Victor Berthold,' heifer; Malvln Klassen, bullcalf; Everette Putman, rabbits.; Bill Mash>urn, heifer; Louis' 'Klassen," beef calf. After the business- meeting Henry Baggs played "Old Sussana'< on the ewsharp, and Wesley Baggs played ^'Cowboy's Lament" on the harmonica. Refreshments were served. Members present were Victor Berthold, Keith Little," Malvln and Louis Klassen" Wesley and 'Henry Bapg.s, Virgil and Levlo Durando, Bob Smith, Bill and James Mashburn, Judgon Apley, Junior Jones, Everette* Putman. Everette Shafer, Stirling Grant, John Gafner, Franklin Cain, ,Brny Copeland, and the"leader, Mr. Fiddler. Association Elects Leaders ', ,at Delano Meetj.Ehjoy , \ Jolly Party , < « V '* ' , v ', DfctJANO, Jan. 9.—Delano< members of the'Past Matrons'and Patrons Association of the Southern San Joaquin'-Valley were ..hosts to members of , Jhe.association. .for ..thelr;monthly meeting Held at the Masonic temple n Saturday night. A hard times, masquerade was held-at 7 .o'clock, and characters In- luded Amos and. Andy, --Madam t Jueen, hoboes, scarecrows,. Florof lt>ra girls, colored washerwomen alid -' many-others. , The grand march was concluded <ln the banquet room where unmasking revealed. many surprises, and after singing "Auld Lang Syne, > they potluck dinner. Following dinner the business session was held and election of officers was .the-maln item of, business. The president of the'association,'.Mrs., Ma,- beli Glllesple of Porterylllo, and the first 'vice-president, Mrs. Josephine, BarbonI,' both being unable to attend because of Illness, the' second vice- president, Mrs. J. W. Gary of Exeter, presided at this session. , , . •• The new staff of officers .Includes: Mrs. Josephine Barbonl, VIsalla, pros' tdent; J. L,. Cheney, Bakersfleld, ad- vlser; Mrs. nena Perry* 'Exeter, flrst 'vice-president; Walter Halght, JVI- salla, assistant adviser; Mrs.'V. Hen- drlekson, Bakersfleld, second, vjce- presldent; Mrs. Novella <*«"«*_*!••*,: ersfleld, chaplain;- Mrs'. Alice Glllls- pie, Portervllle, marshal; Mrs. Mln- nle Otterman, Bakersfleld, secretary; J. W.'Perry. Exeter, treasurer; Mrs. Martha White, Undsay, warder;, A, E. Brooks, Visnlla, sentinel; ; Mrs,-B. F. McMurray, 'frulare, organist. ; Following the close of the business session Delano members presented o *• *£&& [OFFICERS ARE NAMED BY FRUIME CLUB FRUITVALE, Jan. 9.—The California Sunshine Club, 'composed of members of the upper grades' at the Frultvale School, held a meeting recently and elected new officers. Eugene Griffin was re-elected president, and Lucille Stancllff was _re-elected secretary. Merlin Champlln succeeded Richard Orton as vice-president, while Allan Ball replaced Chester Royce as -sergeant-at-arms. The following "cabinet" was elected: Secretary of state, Dan Domlnguez; secretary of health, Florence Hightower; secretary of treasury, Robert Booth; secretary of Interior, Eugene Medearls. A committee was appointed to devise means of raising funds. ARCHERY CLUB short musical and literary Numbers were:.violin solo, program. "Aloha," BEARDSLET, Jan. 9.—Beardsley Scout Troop No. 6, under the direction of Scoutmaster Lawrence Jacobson, ' Is busy In the construction of bows and arrows. Good, hard-shooting bows are being made and an archers' club is being formed. Another feature that is commanding the Interest of the troop is a telegraph system that connects all patrol corners with the Scoutmaster's department. Messages are sent by light flashes, telegraph tick and wireless- buzz. The t,roop took to the field Friday night, and enjoyed a hare and hound hunt. • Several boys who have yet to pass Scout pace wore given some training In the event-Friday afternoon by Scout Commissioner H. M. Baker. Shatter Students Have Two Visitorsj SHAFTER, Jan. 9. — George S. Prugh visited the local high school recently with Paul VandorEike, as*, slstant superintendent of schools^ Mr. Prugh inspected the well-equipped biology laboratroy. 'As he represents the Bausch and Lomb Optical Company of San Francisco, he made repairs on all microscopes used- by the biology students. The class plans to study bone cell structures. RIO BRAVO | ,< t* ft A " v RIO BRAVO. Jan. 9.—Miss Maxine Moore, newly-electbil president of the Rio Bravo Young Peoples' Society of Christian Endeavor- and 'Verdi WjU- son, county president, attended the county executive meeting Friday evening at the Panama Congregational Mrs. 1 John Weddle. of Fellows spent Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith and family. ;... F W. Haag of Martinez is spending seyeral weeks at the Walter E. Haag Rafe Martin, a former sophomore at the Bakersfleld High School, enrolled this week In the Rhafter High School. Mr. and Mrs.. Whiting Martin and daughter recently attended a family dinner at the E. E. Timmons home in 3akersfield. XNUmoera woiu. •»««." ----',,/_ _ IA . Mrs. Paul Zimmerman, with Miss Bntci Nlll accompanying at. the- piano. Read? , ,Ing. "Tour Happy Horoscope, i^ra. Juanlta B. Miller. Mrs. Miller, who Is a. past president of the association, also supervised the dinner. Tablecloths were comic strips of the«newspapers, ! milk bottles wero used -..for candelabra, and tin cans were used for vases for the bouquets of paper flowers. . • Enjoying the evening were: Mr. ami Mrs J. W. Gary, of Exeter, Mr. anfl Mrs. J. E. Stansfleld, and Mesdame? Adole Crabtree, and Martha White, all of Lindsay; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Porter and A. E. Brooks all of..Vlsalla: Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cheney, .Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hare, all of Bak- ersfleld; Mesdames Henry Zimmerman and Daisy Evans both of pu- cor; Mesdames Ruth.JLrfihr and Emma Wright of Wasco ;JBdgar T. Reed,<and Mesdames B. E.,,t*yln,: B. P.- McMurray, and RoberUfEaton, all of Tutare; Arthur Bulock, - • Archii . Amr lid SHAFTER SHAFTEn, Jan. 9.—Miss Helone ttilcoff has been c«nflncd at homo with tonsllltis and flu. It is doubtful that she wlll_ be able to be- about for for his at least another week. ' " Nick Rllcoff where loft recently ho will .resume nerteiu^ wii^»v *,u ™... «..-«»•••.- -..studies at the University of California He has enjoyed spending the past two weeks with his parents and friends. Mrs Partridge wus in Bakersfleld S. T. McCawley^N; Mitchell, H., A. Bower, Juanlta' |J: Miller, Miss Bnid Nlll, Messrs.' an'd*>iesdames Paul Zimmerman, O. A. .Clasen, Alex Kramer, Steven D. Nlll, Carl Roesler, and John M. HabcrfeWe, all of Delano. At the next regular meeting which will fall on the first Saturday In February and be, held. In Vlsalla, officers will be Installed and members who; are grand officers will be given a reception. • ; *-» •:•' WASCO WASCO, Jan. 9.—HOBS Jameson who was hurt during the early part of the week, by being thrown when his horse slipped on the wet pavement is able to be about, again. M. Emmerald and faniHy have Emmerson John Nale moved from the George place t<» a house on the ".Erv'in Klassen, who has been visiting with his parents Mr. and Mrs. G L. Klasuen, has returned to hla studios in n southern college. Miss Mollie Herman has returned from' Los % Angeles and Pasadena, where she had been visiting for two Fruitvale Students v - to Play Basketball FRUITVALE, Jan. 9.—The boys of the upper grades at the Frultyale School have decided to go In forfthe game of basketball and recently started practicing. In the near-future, games with neighboring schools will be solicited. " ' A first 'and second. team have. peon organized with, membership as ; follows: First team, Eugene Griffin,-Eldon Kizziar, 'Victor Helcr, Frank Nutt and Allan Ball; second team, Chester Royce, Richard. Orton, Robert Booth, Dan Domlnguez and Clarence Jlcu. Thp above lineups are not definitely determined upon as further practice may suggest changes. THE GOSSIP ABOUT MRS. F. Choice of 1O New Styles! The last time we offered these frocks they were gone before we could turn around . . . now we've succeeded in getting another shipment . . . every one of fine quality washable fabric ahd made with the fineness for which Ward's apparel is famous. The styles feature advanced spring models . . . the colors are delightfully fresh and new. But we warn you! Get here just as early as you can! We don't expect these to stay in stock very long either. All sizes from,l4 up to 52. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO MAMI M40NID >Ht CANt PLAV TODAY. I AtKtD MRi.P—TO •HI PLAY* IXCELLINT IKIDCI •UT SHI'S SO CAMUSS AiOUT _SOMC THINGS-. TOO IAD THAT'•.0*If KUINtNO HER SOCiALtV. MOPU AM •ICINNINO TO TALK , •0 YOU'vt HAD YOUR BATHROOM DON! OVIft! WHAT COLORS DID YOU US! WONT/ YOU COktt UP AMD »II IT.MRI. F_T CUT( SOAP-HOLDIM...OH,! SKI YOU USE LIFilUOY. IVY ALWAYS MEANT, TO TKY IT. SO MANY PIOH.I USE IT NOW. 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