The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 2, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 12
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IA AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD I ft TtrtMday, D«e. 2, 1958 Gift Warms Her Heart as Well as Water Row about giving your wife plenty of hot water for Christmas! Today's homemaker likes to be in hot water. As a matter of fact, lack of an adequate supply of hot water spells nothing but trouble for the modern housewife. That's because more and more, 'appliances depend on a good supply of hot water to produce their full labor-saving potential. Consider the automatic dishwasher which requires water of IfiO to 180 degrees to deliver all the benefits it can provide. Water that hot is needed not only to get food soil off (he dishes but to kill any bacteria or germs which may be present on the dishes. To provide an adequate and ever-ready supply of water as hot as this you can choose between a wide variety of modern electric water heaters. Among the most popular are the so-called "quick recovery" heaters. This is the engineer's way of describing a rather small unit which has tremendous capacity be- caue it heats more water as quick ly as it is used up. This development is particularly important in today's homes where space is limited. To fit any bomemaker's needs these modern electric water heaters are available in both countertop and tank models. The latter can be installed in basements or utility rooms while the countertop model is trimly designed to fit into the kitchen and look like just another appliance. The countertops on these models are available in a wide variety of materials and colors and provide extra counter space in the kitchen. Another prime advantage of the electric water heater is that it does not require a' vent or flue This enables you to put it anywhere in the house, even in the kitchen where it will be .close to the sink, the automatic dishwasher and possibly the laundry. By bringing the water heater closer to where the hot water is used, shorter piping is required. This reduces the thermal loss, keeps the water hotter and makes it easier and less expensive to in stall. The aircraft and missile Indus try u s e s X-ray machines to insure the quality of its product. A 250,000-volt machine inspects welds on aircraft and missile parts to check for flaws. JUST LIKE X SUPERMARKET — Modern electric freezers give today's homemaker undreamed of convenience and flexibility in meal preparation. Among the freezer's advantages are fewer shopping trips, and 'he opportunity to prepare dishes — and even whole meals — days or weeks in advance. In addition there are real savings opportunities when you buy seasonally-plentiful lower-cost foods and in large quantity purchases. There's a Dishwasher for You You can find an automatic electric dishwasher that fits your kitchen. Today, dishwashers are available in three basic types — built - ins, portables and freestanding. The built - in dishwasher can be fitted into your existing kitchen beneath the counter top, where it is permanently installed. If you don't wish to put a dishwasher beneath the counter, perhaps a free-standing unit is the one for you. Or if you would like, there is a portable dishwasher on casters that can be moved aside when dishwashing time is over. With this selection available you are sure to be able to find a dish- washer that fits your own personal needs. Regardless of which one you choose, you will find that they all save you time. . .and what busy homemaker and hostess wouldn't like more time to devote to her family and guests? Today the homemaker must double as both hostess and cook. The automatic electric dishwasher is the best built-in maid service she can get. But occasions for entertaining are not the only times a dishwasher helps out. As a day in, day out labor-saver a dishwasher will save the average homemaker more than four hours a week over the hand method of washing dishes. This was Filters SPEEDS Controls BY CLAIMS FOR AUTOMATIC WASHER FEATURES ONLY KELVINATOR WASHES CLOTHES CLEANER-EASIER-SAFER And Saves You Money, Too.' HERE'S THE PROOF! CLEANER • EASIER WASHING b c c a - st- Only K •-! v i nut <.>\ ho i 'he "MAGIC MINim DIRI lOOSfNER SAfER ALL FABRIC WASHING I • . u ' •, • Only Krlvmutor hui Iht- EiiciHTic ACTION. !„..., J U MU-> „.,-. SAVfS YOU MONEY rOU (AN I HAVf A $70 REPAIR Bill • StwmtaCydwferAH NMa IxMlBg Woih-Weet e S»4toM Wafer Saver • MM«r Temperature StlecHM e IfaM AettMve MtjMMer e e » Ivptr Sp««d Oritt data ft* M e Triple Safety JMtCxfed* • ***!**«• Dry b* COMI IN TODAY FOR YOUR fKIC COPY OP "PLAIN FACTS ON SELECTING AUTOMATIC WASHERS AND DRYERS"' Both $ Only 6 Am* COMPLETE SELECTION KELVINATOR APPLIANCES EASY TERMS! B.EGoodrich 132 WEST MILL STREET e HE 7-4533 brought out in B study conduct* at Ohio State University with ; group of typical families. How di< these nomemakers find they sav ed time? Clearing the table and scrapin the dishes is a routine part c any dishwashing chore. But in stead of having to stack the dish es and ready the dishpan or sin for the hand washing method they immediately put the dishe in the dishwasher, after they wer scraped. When all the dishes were in the dishwasher, the homemaker filled the detergent cup, closed the dishwasher and pushed a button. The job was done—dishes washed, rinsed and dried with no attention from her. These families found, too, ihat oecause they washed dishes only twice a day (the breakfast dishes were stored in the machine until the dinner dishes were added to make a full load) they saved money on detergents. This is no small item at today's prices. They found that the amount of laundry they had to do was less because of the decreased number of tea 'towels used. This was not only a time- saver, but a detergent saver as well. In the Ohio Study, the homemakers felt the saving in china and glasses was amazing when they used a dishwasher because the amount of breakage was so small. What is more, the families who participated in the study believed that the labor saved, together with the more efficient results, helped pay for their dishwashers. And who couldn't use a year "round vacation from monotonous dishwashing. New Range Cuts Clutter in Kitchen If you're on* of those householders with a kitchen that's cluttered with an assortment of single-purpose cooking appliances and you couldn't add another without « shoe horn, then hear his: The new automatic gas ranges have ''em all — bvut in so that your shelves and cabinet space can be used for utensils and other essentials. Let's run down the list of "auxiliary" cook- ng functions so you can check: Plug-in frying pan? Automatic deep fat fryer or broiler? With the top burner heat control that's standard equipment on new gas ranges, you're in a position to kiss he "special" appliances good-bye. In fact, this control makes any pot or pan in your closet into an automatic cooking appliance. A Dutch oven or chicken fryer takes a new lease on life when you can are-set your gas cooking temperature and know positively that the heat won't vary more than two degrees through the whole cooking operation, unless you re-set it to automatic simmer or high heat. What's more, it makes no dif< ference what size your utensil is or whether it's made of porcelain, stainless steel, iron, oven-prool glass or aluminum. They'll all work the same, because the dial for the top burner control can be set to compensate for any kind of utensil and the flexible gas flame will spread to contact the whole bottom of the pan without going to waste up the sides. Does the new gas range give you the advantage of a combination broiler and rotisserie? Naturally; and you can't beat the flavor your radiant - heat gas broiler Imparts to steaks, while your rotating rotisserie makes delicious meals witho u t heating your entire kitchen. Your range offers carefree cooking as a "plus," for you can leave the house while your roast is being barbecued to perfection, knowing that your oven control will take care of it, safely. Automatic roaster? Of course; and yours has a fool proof device for arriving at t h e exact degree of doneness you want — rare, medium, well-done or any shade between — simply be setting a dial on the probe that goes into your roast. And, as the Gas Appliance Manufacturer; Association points out, you can cook a complete meal, roast i turkey or bake puddings, cakes, pies and casserole dishes at the same time in your extra-wide oven Toaster? Yes. Your broiler also serves as a king-size toaster that can supply everyone in the family with toast af one fell swoop and it takes all sizes and ticknesses of breads. In short, according, to GAMA, you have the latest automatic ap pliance built right into your new gas range. »a Home Freezer for 'White Christmas' •cout for Cavalry n Indian Wars Dies ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (AP) Bigmouth, famed as the last of IB Apache Scouts, was buried at descalero, N.M., Monday. He died Friday at the age of 108. Bigmouth — the only name he PACKAGED KITCHENS More and more manufacturer. are turning out pre-assemblec packaged kitchens which combin several appliances within on framework. These units, custom arily range between seven a n t nine feet in length and are easilj adaptable to the use of the mod era homemaker who has limits space. Outdoor Chef Right Indoors This Christmas outdoor chefs and Sunday food specialists can turn out delicious flame-kissed steaks, chops and burgers right in the comfort of their own kitchen or family room. The man of the house will be overjoyed with this new gas appliance for modern living—a gas- fired barbecue broiler. While eliminating the mess and bother of charcoal the new broiler retains the genuine barbecue flavor by , heating ceramic "coals" with the i blue flame of natural gas. A special tilt-back grill controls i flare-ups. The unit can easily be built into kitchen counters, lo; cated in the family room or built into a chimney as « companion piece to a built-in gas oven. The prototype of this new gas fired broiler is found in many of the country's better steak houses and restaurants, the American Gas Association points out. Restaurant chefs were the first to doubt the theory that charcoal imparted a distinctive taste to foods. They reasoned that if this were true, then all meat should taste the same. Actually, flavor is obtained by using the intense heat to melt the fats of the meat quickly. This process creates a flame that seals the meat. Flavor is enhanced as the flame subsides and the droplets of fat fall slowly into the coals, creating a smoke that imparts the delicious flavor of the meat cooking. The new ga* barbecue-broiler is sturdily built and designed for! '.lean effortless operation, '* VERSATILE WATER HEATERS — can even fit into your kitchen. Here, in addition to all the advantages of plenty of just right hot water for all your household needs, they'save piping, reduce thermal loss and install more easily right in your kitchen. ever had'—served as a scout for the U.S. Cavalry during the Indi an Wars. He had lived at Mescalero for 95 years and had served as reser vation peace officer. A soda dispenser in a drug store inherited $10,000 from his dad. Nobody will call him a jerk any more To surprise hef of not? That's the question if you're planning on making it a White Christmas for your wife by giving her an electric home freezer. There are good arguments on both sides of the question—and if you're one of those individuals who thinks that surprise is a vital Ingredient of any gift, then don't read any further. But if you're undecided about whether to surprise your wife on Christmas morning with an electric freezer, you might want to consider the following points. First, while a freezer will give her pleasure 365 days in each year, it's likely to be of special value to her in the days just before Christmas. That's particu larly true if she's going to be entertaining during the holiday season — and what woman isn't planning on having guests in during this festive season. An electric freezer will allow her to prepare whole meals as well as party snacks well in advance. Then her time just before Christmas can be devoted to those really last-minute preparations — trimming the tree, decor- ating the house, and la*t-mlnuH cleaning. With the children home from school she's likely to find it extremely convenient to freeze thelf luncheon sandwiches and between- meal snacks in advance. Then she won't have to interrupt her other activities to prepare thest meals for the youngsters. And if your wife is planning on having the family in for Christmas dinner she couldn't ask for * better servant to lighten her work than a home freezer. A whole host of holiday dishes can be prepared in advance and then frozen, to be taken out of the freezer only minutes before the meal is to be put on the table. At a moment like this the lady of the house is particularly disposed to bless her new freezer and the man who gave it to her. There's one other equally practical reason for eliminating the surprise element in the gift of a freezer. You may never have thought of it in these terms but an electric freezer is a "personal" gift for a woman. Personal because the freezer is such a versatile product that each woman is likely to decide that it has • particular value for her. The Friendly Store ^ : *\ >\ 1 S ^. "—«~J *oJ3* A BRAND NEW ELECTRIC PORTABLE SEWING MACHINE 1.25 per week, payable monthly •VI4 im ~.». CALIBRATED TENSION DIAL VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL Ff. De L U * E STITCH REGULATOR •y on Time K DOWN! WHEEL IS A WHEEL—Intent lensman gets set to shoot a piece of impressionistic art by Mercal DuChamp at a Frankfurt, West Germany, display. Its title? Bicycle Wheel." Advertisement ARE YOU HOLDING BACK YOUR OWN CHILDREN? You arc, links* you're making sure the education they're getting is really first-rate. How do you do it ? Take a close look at their school Find out how you con make it better—so that it can make the most of their talents. Find out what thousands of other parents are do* ing to improve their local school*, and give their children a head start in life. For suggestions, write: "Better Schools". 9 E. 40th St., N. Y. 16, N. Y. Don't put it off! Publiihad <u » publu tenut ut coof- cratioa with The Advertising CoundL FACTORY-TRAINED DEMONSTRATOR Will Show You How to SEW and SAVE! FRtt Delivery to Your Home TRADE We Give Big Allowances 20 YEAR GUARANTEE Think of it, ladies! A brand new guaranteed electric sewing machine at the price you'd expect to pay for a used rebuilt) Why, in a month or two of sewing fashions for yourself, tots' togs, home accessories and gifts you can more than pay foi your new Coronado. This smooth-stitching machine sews forward, backward . , . over pins and heavy seams . . . sewj sheers and nylon fabrics without puckering. Has automatic bobbin winder, foot speed control and accessory box. | 0 » » * «vv ~ vvw^p „ „, ,. ,. f „ i-Mw^nr * ~ ~ £ x >-'.-*~v>~~-v*. .MUDWIj these Coronado Portables-Complete with Cases!! ~ " 'W«*W. f CORONADO STREAMLINER Extra fealuret include built- in light, numbered ttilch regulator Mends, darni without attaduneals. AU>e 7^40 per week, and grey fioiiiv payable monthly PUSH-BUTTON ZIG-ZAG Makes dozens of fancy llitches — monograms, op- pliques, etc. Has new pushbutton reverse, non-glare light. Sews over pins. 9995 1.40 per week, payable monthly AUTOMATIC ZIG-ZAG 195 Our finest portable! Mends, •f^B^^b,| monograms, buttonholes, IB ^^Q|' does variety of decorative UJm^f stitches automatically with 1.75 per week in n__i..j_ji payable monthly 10 cams. (Included.) 4*1 *;*..•* ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES

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