Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
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Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 11
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Local .(.Comic* .•»• The Nttetpaper Par Th» Horn* M«mb«r Associated Press FRIDAY, OC1OBEK 21, 1955 Second Section Bad Hose Seen AS Cause Of "Truck Crash Two Held As Probe Of Accident Makes 9 Considerable Headway The -Interstate Commerce Commission today was in the midst of its investigation of the crash in LaVale Wednesday morning thai resulted-in the deaths of five per- |bns. ': • * As they went over the details of the mishap, Slate's Attorney Paul M. Fletcher and Sgt. William F. . Baker, criminal investigator for the Stale Police here, made an im- 1 porlanl announcement. They said examination of the brake hose on the traclor-lrailcr carrying air froni Ihe Iraclor lo Ihe Irailcr showed il had been worn through and taped with friction tape. Possible Cause This could have been the cause Of.'the accident Sgl. Baker reported loday Ihe traclor had been inspeclcd al Pennsylvania inspection - station 164. which is Roosevelt's Garage, 734 Roosevelt Avenue, York, Pa. Inspection . slicker No. 108716 is pasted on Ihe 'trader's front .window. ••[_ In Ilarrisburg. Pa., the Slale I lyp §• Department of Revenue said its '-' ' *- / - 1 records showed the brake lining was 70 per cent intact and Ihere- fore passable under the Stale inspection regulations. The doparlmenl said the remainder of the truck's brakes were approved. The tractor is being retained at CRASH INJURES SIX—The picture above shows the two cars which crashed head-on this morning at the north gate of the Amcelle plant on McMullen Highway. --Six persons, headed for work at Allegany Ballistics Laboratory at Pinto, were in the machine at right and they were injured. The driver of the machine at right was Asa H. McDowell.'24. of RD 4, Keyscr. He will be State Police for having caused the accident'. Four, of the injured were admitted-to-Sacred Heart Hospital. The other two were treated and discharged .All of the injured'are-residents of Cumberland. Trooper Robert Wolford investigated the crash. •• Chest Drive a local garage. It? rear wheels mmunily Chest drive . will continue their efforts lo obtain the were torn off by the impact of Ihe 512,686 necessary lo reach Ihe goal rig going 100 miles an hour and hitting the car driven by. Clifford P. Fearer of Frostburg— and the truck operated by Samuel J. Brcn- ncman, of Springs, Pa. Fearer and Brennemnn were killed instantly along with the three passengers in Fearer's aulo, Miss Nellie Thomas. Miss Evelyn Lloyd and Francis X. Spearman, all of Froslburg. Bonds Posted , Yesterday afternoon Paul Slewart Myers, Jr., 25, of RD 2. Dover, Pa., which is in York County, posted $5,000 bond in Trial Magistrates Court for his appearance before the January grand jury of Allegany County Circuit Court on a charge of manslaughter by motor vehicle. . His bond was posted by the National Surely Company. } At the same time. Ray Wells also of Dover, the owner of Ihe tractor-trailer, posted $1,000 bond for his appearance before Ihc January grand jury as a material witness. His bond was posted by Paul S. Myers Sr., driver. Here for father of the truck- the ICC are H. C. of $125,974, for the budgets of nine Red Feather agencies. With reports still outstanding, the volunteer auditors last nighl totaled the returns lo 5112.314.28. The announcement of the con- :inued effort was made today by Dr. Charles L. Kopp, general chairman, after a conference .with James W. Bisho'p. advanced gifts chairman; Robert E. Barnard, chairman of Ihe classified division, and H. D. Barber, chairman of the sales army. " Others Could Help Dr. Kopp said employes of many firms made their contributions this year through the payroll plan. There arc still a greater number who could help by contributing on Ihe same basis, he added. This is an appeal lo everyone employed in the Cumberland area .1 help his neighbor by subscrib- ng now, Ihe drive chairman reported. Citizens of the enlirc Cumberland irca and nearby Wesl Virginia are served by a number of agencies supported by Ihc Community Mitchell, chief of the motor vehicle accident investigation branch in Washington and "James B. Weber, district supervisor from Wheeling. Inspection Explained They are conducting their own investigation with the cooperation of Slate Police and the slate's at- lorncy's office. Al Bedford loday al a garage lhal is inspection station for the Pennsylvania Inspection ' Bureau the manner of checking .tractor trailers was explained. The shop , foreman • said '. tires, lights, steering mechanism and brakes are the most .'important parts of the inspection. The (ruck motor is started' up and the air pressure is allowed to buildup. Then it is turned off and allowed to stand for a certain per- .iod. The air is checked lo see if Ihere is any leakage. The hoses are checked'to see if they are Ihc type approved by the stale bureau. Taping of hoses is absolutely not allowed, he said. Safely Devices Required The shop' foreman also reported that Ihe ICC has required for the past two years several safely devices in case of air brake system failure. , If the <ajr fails in the tractor, valve automatically keeps the air in the trailer's brakes. - If the air fails in the Iraclor, a another valve keeps the.air in the tractor brakes. . But if all .the air brakes and the air fails, an automatic device locks the brakes of the' trailer. However, there is a possibility thai if a key diaphragm blows out; these will not lock. •Myers told stale police thai his ail failed as he slarled lo descend Big Savage Mountain. He disengaged the gear and raced Ihe mo- lor in an attempt to build up the air pressure, but this failed. The rig loaded with 20-tons of sheet, metal then roared .over Route 40 for a dislance of nine miles unlil Ihe accident in Allegany k Grove. The Bedford garageman said thai Ihc Pennsylvania Inspection Bureau carries penalties for the station -that approves faully equip-,- with fines and the loss of tho station permit. Bean's Cove Club Sponsoring Fair ' -'bur Lady's Club of Seven Dolors Catholic Church will sponsor an t cac j lcr .' "Autumn Fair" Sunday at the Bean's Cove church, beginning at 2 p.nii ''••. •''';•-'•'.. A,program of games activities will he featured, accord Inf lo Rev, John C. Uplnskl,;OFM Cap,, pastor. Prizes will be award- The .Adult Choir wiii present a • cd and lunches and refreshments prdgrnm. with Mrs. C. K, Welch (old, Father John >ild, Over 812,000 Needed To Attain Goal For Various Agencies Three divisions of workers in the The entire nation knew of the disaster jess than an hour after a runaway Iraclor-lrailer. loaded with 20 Ions of sheet galvanized steel, culminated a lumultous nine- mile ride by crashing into a sedan and truck, demolishing bolh and killing all five occupants of Ihe Iwo vehicles. - Newpapers in Pittsburgh, 'Baltimore and Washington reported the tragedy with Page 1 headlines spread across eight columns..Numerous papers in other towns and cities in Ihe tri-state area did the same. Remedial Action Urged There have been accidents on the highways that have taken heavier tolls, but more and- more trucks are running wild on mountain roads following brake failure. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazelle lo- day carried another Page 1 banner headline on the Cumberland disaster and also appealed editorially 'or immediate remedial action. The Cumberland News printed a sim- lar editorial this morning. The intense interest by Pittsburgh stems from the same kind of disaster in Uial area. On Octo- jcr 4, a runaway Iruck crashed in West Newton, also killing five, and only yesterday another such inci- denl occurred al Kitlanning, Pa., in which four persons were hospitalized. A delegation from West Newton appealed lo Pennsylvania authorities following the Iragcdy Ihcre and were lold that Uie state intends to do everything possible lo eliminate conditions which resulled in thai catastrophe, The board of directors of the Maplehursl .Counlry Club of Frosl- rarg suggested methods for preventing runaway trucks on Big Savage Mountain to Maryland authorities in a Idler drafted the same day of the LaVale calamity. Four of the five persons killed in the wreck were from Frostburg. Maj. William H. Weber, executive officer ; of the Slate Police, said the plan suggested by the Frostburg group "ought to be help->'•" : ' • The Frostburg idea is lo require drivers of all heavy vehicles lo stop at the summit, read,an elaborate been magnificent, the campaign warning- sign about' the steep 11- News Of LaVale Catastrophe SpreadFrom Coast To Coast The spectacular highway collision that spread death and destruction along U. S. Route 40 in La Vale Wednesday morning, it was, may turn out to be a stepping stone to national legislation seeking'the prevention of such accidents in the future. I ~. . • Piedmont Man Fined $500 On Assaidt Count "Your support will help lo reach he money necessary lo conlinuc Ihc service for Ihe entire area given by the Central YMCA, Salvation Army. B-y Scouts, Girl Scouts. Associated Charities, Baby Welfare Society. Jewish Welfare Society and Keating Memorial Day Nursery. Time Needed With Ihis year's goal 25 per cent greater lhan. last year, the campaign direction organization under estimated .the fact 'thai it, would take '25 per 1 cent more time to reach this quota. Dr. Kopp told the''100 - volunteers assembled in the Community Room of Ihe Y last night. Reports will be coming in every day, and the goal of $125.794 is in sight, he'declared.-, .-' The response in many, areas has chairman declared. .The breakdown by .divisions at this stage in Ihe campaign is as follows: Advance gifls"committee. $57,301 of a goal of $65,000; classified division, 543,095 of a goal of $50.000; and sales army, $5,595 of a goal of gear. $6,500. Special notice was given the residential division, the organization of women who canvassed most of ed out. the homes in Cumberland. Headed by Dr. Lillian C. Compton, Ihe women - exceeded their goal of $5,000 by. $524. Appreciation lo the hundreds of workers for their free lime spcnl in- furthering the work of Ihe nine humanitarian . agencies • was expressed by ihc general chairman. He also praised those cilizcns who gave so freely of Ihcir money lo Ihe Community Chest. Church Plans Anniversary Anniversary services are scheduled. Sunday al Bethany Evangelical United Brethren Church, corner of Fourth, Race and Seymour Strccls, according lo Rev. C. King Welch,, pastor. The program, is being held to mark the 14th anniversary of the erection of the present sanctuary. Dr. Floyd L. Fulk,- conference superintendent -of the Virginia Conference of EUB churches; will speak at the 10 a.'m.' service. : The • Sunday. School and adult department will moct*jointly al 11 a. hi. with Mrs. Riilh .Welch as Sunday. School a supervision of Ihe Semper Fldolis .':• ' . Bible Cjnss with Mrs. Grace Wol- i and.blhcr f or rf ns' chairman! ' '•"'•.'.' '• • Ho.v. Mr. Welch'will 'deliver- Ihe sermon al Ihc 7:10 |)..'m. service. as organist, A Picdmonl man, Oswald Hartford Washington, today was fined $500 and given a suspended sen- ience of six months in the House of Correction when he lost an appeal in Circuit Courl. The man was arresled last July 5 al 1 a. m. afler a fight developed at the Mountain City Roller Rink :n Frostburg. He was charged with laving assaulted Officer Carl Hetz of the Frostburg Police Department at that lime. Magislrate Fred Crowe of Frosl- burg sentenced Washington to six monlhs in the House of Correction :he next day. An appeal was taken Dy the defendant and he has been out on bond since thai time. Afler Officer Hetz was assaulled the defendant was laken inlo cus- lody by Stale Trooper Donald Wade and Officer John Frosl of the Frostburg police. Attorney Louis Fatkin of Wesl- crnport was defense counsel for Washington at today's hearing. Associate Judge Morgan C. Harris found the man guilty and passed [he sentence. Yesterday afternoon Judge Harris granted a motion of defense at- torncys. Simon E. Rcilly and Eslel C.. Kelley. and issued a direcled verdicl of acquittal in Ihe case against Troy W. Collins of Rawlings on a charge of manslaughter by motor vehicle. Two passengers in Collins' car died from injuries as a result of a crash June 19 near Dawson on the McMullen Highway. State's Atlor- ney Paul M. Fletcher prosecuted. mile, downgrade ahead of Iherri, and then descend-in low gear. Maj. Weber said an effeclive en- forcemenl probably would resull only it Ihe. General Assembly enacted a law specifically requiring trucks to stop and go into.a holding Many sleep grades already have signs \yarning truck drivers lo go into second gear, Maj. Weber point- Want To Help He said he did not know whether Hie specific suggestion from Frosl- burg would be practical but said "it's something lo think aboul." "We want lo do anything practical arid effective;" he said. McCain Concerned. Chairman Russell H. ; McCain, of the Slate Roads Commission, said he had nol yet received the letter in which the country club made its suggestions for preventing runaways. "We naturally are very concerned about finding a remedy," McCain said. "The roads commission is ready lo cooperate, -'with, any and all groups in doing anylhing we can lo minimize the chance of a repetition.!' . "; . In addition to the stories, carried in newspapers throughout the country, the Cumberland tragedy also was aired nationally on both radio and television! . : Jusl aboul every top news.corn- mcnlalor reported aboul the violent high-speed -death'.ride from Big Savage to Upper LjiVale and The-, wreckage was shown on John Cameron. Swayze's Wednesday evening NBC television pro- luncheon will , be served • .under gram and yesterday morning Dave Garroway showed additional films on his program, "Today." Paul Slewarl Myers,- 25-ycnr-old Dover, Sacred Heart Hospital. Two nurses and tho administrator of the hospital were alto I<*D In UM ilun. Firni Formed To Get Plants For District Six Persons [njured When Autos Crash dir» Hit Hcadon : At IVouli Gale Of Cclaiiesc PI wit-'-''. Siv persons; were - injured l|iis morning on Ihe north gate' of. Amcelle 'Plant of- Gelanese Corporation when a northbound ulo crashed headon with an oncoming car. -All six . wer.c . in 'one vehicle leaded for their jobs at Allegany 3'allislics Laboratory.-' Trooper Robert Wolford said Ihe driver of' the car that' crossed the center line inlo the path'of Ihe other car was Asa H. McDowell, 24; of RD 3,.Keyscr. Four In Hospital In'Ihe other car were'Ihe driver,! James Kloran, 57, of 38 North Lib-' erly Slreel; Mrs. .Donald W.l Mason, 28. .of 435 North Centre! Slreel; Miss Louise Lippold, 30,' of 106 Greene Slreel: Eugene Me-! 3'ree'vy, 30, of 240 Norlli Mechanic Street; Roberl Maltingly, ,328 Cum-J jerland "Street, and Billy C. 1 Mehges, 539 Greene. Street. TTllllt'Pl' Mrs. Mason, Kloran, McGreevy llUilltJI and • Miss Lippold were admitled :o Sacred Hearl Hospilal while Chamber Of Commerce Non-Prof it Group . Will Aid Industry A non-profit; non-stock .corpora |lion has.,been formed to .provide buildings for new industries here. The Cumberland Chamber of Commerce announced the organization of the Cumberland Industrial Development Company after a meeting of the chamber board 01 directors last night. Chief purpose of the company, as stated in its articles of incorporation, is "to organize and operate a foundation exclusively for the purpose of promotuig the industria development of Allegany County Maryland, and of each municipal ity therein.'.' ails as lo how Ihe company would operale. II pointed out, however that the company is empowered mong other things, "to purchase ease, or otherwise acquire, hold develop, improve, mortgage, sell exchange, lei" or in any manner encumber or disp'ose'of real "prop crty wherever siluated." .The. company, Ihe. Chamber ex jlained, provides Ihe .means foi carrying on an "expanded pro gram to atlracl new 'enterprises ind to people to lo caie in Ihe Cumberland area." The'"expanded program" is one of Ihe items listed in a .recen chamber questionnaire and ap proved by Ihe membership .of th' chamber. The company, the chamber added; is the specific ve nicle for carrying out the program cnssiohs by the industrial promo-, tiori committee, the - executive commillee and Ihe board of-directors of the chamber.. "The company will not replace but will supplement the Industrial Promotion Department of the (Continued on .Page 12) Ticket Sale For Symphony Is Tomorrow.- Out-of-town orders for -reserved seats to the'November 11 concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will continue lo be filled although the regular scat sale will open tomorrow al two uptown music stores ' (, 22 North Centre, and Music Shop, 35 Baltimore slreel) and al Cumberland Eleclric Co., 137 Virginia Avenue. Mail orders will be filled at the Times and Alleganian Co., when check and self addressed return envelope are enclosed. Orchestra prices are $2 and S2.50 (tax included), and balcony prices are $1.50 and $2. Student tickets will go on 'sale later at a dollar or less. , • The entire Baltimore Symphony Orchestra of 95 players, under* its regular conductor, Massimo Freer cia, will-play a Biccnlennial program at Forl Hill High School auditorium starling at 8:30 p. m. on November 11.. A matinee program will be.given at Froslburg State Teachers College for Ihe college studcnls. only. No oulside tickets will be sold arid no one admitled except FSTC faculty and studehls. Announcement,of the night concert at Fort Hill has aroused interest in the entire Tri-Stales area, and mail orders are coming in to the Times-News from nearly every town within a SO-'mile range. The concert is sponsored and guaranteed by the Times-News for the benefit of the Cumberland Free Public Library. ' This is the only major symphony Sliootiiig Death Ruled Accident ' CHARLES TOWN, W. Va. - A _._ _„ finding of death by accidental Pn., driver of the donlh rig, father shooting was returner! last, night of two, was shown In his room »t by a coroner's'jury called In the shooting of Charles Franklin Prln- glc, 17-year-old Charles Town High School senior. Details Nql Revealed The chamber did not give de WINS PROMOTION—Laurence C. Holt (above) a former textile engineer for the Celanese Corporation of America al Amcelle , and later at farrows, Va., has been promoted to production coordinator of thfi acrilan plant of Chemslrand al Decatur. Ala. He and his wife, Alice, and their children, Danna F., 16 and Eloise, 10. reside in Decatur. he other .two were treated and: released. ' Mrs.v"'" Mason suffered brush mrns of the leg and face. ' McGreevy received lacerations of the'nose, head and side. . Miss . Lippold suffered injuries :o her left arm, right leg arid head. To Have X-Rays - Kloran complained of rib. and leg injuries.: '-.-'' All Were admitted lor X-rays and observation McDowell who works in a local garage,'- and a passenger, whom police did not identify, were not Heart Attack CHARLESTON; w. v a . eighth hunting falality in West Virginia since the season on squirrels, grouse and turkey opened last Saturday was reported by the Conservation Department today. The' department said the lalesl victim; John Orndorff, 57, of Paw Paw, died .yesterday from a.heart attack, while Hampshire County.' • . . Four of the eight hunting deaths njured. Trooper Wolford reported -Mc r Dowell will face a charge probably [ailing lo keep lo Ihe right of center of the 'highway. BARGER,— Mr. 'and Mrs." Golden C., RD 2. cily. a daughter yesterday at Memorial Hospital. DJEHL— Mr.' and Mrs. Lawrence, Moo'r'estown. N. J., a son on October 7 there. The parents arc former residents of Ml. Savage. HOESC11EN' — Mr. and Mrs. Jerome, Arlington, Va., a .daughter yesterday in Alexandria • (Va.) .Hospital. -The-" mother, is the former Miss Joyce Often, graduate of Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Often of Hialeah, Fla., former residents. HUNT — Mr. and Mrs. William V., Hagerstown, a son yesterday in Washington County Hospilal (here. The falher is a former resident of here. have . been caused by ' gunshot wounds. Orndorff was the . fourth liunter to, die of a heart attack. Orndorff was found about. 3:40 p. m. by 0. R. Catlctt. of.Largent, iV. Va.,-and J. J. Powell, of Bethel. West Virginia State. Police at Romney said the victim's body was located about two miles east of Neils Run Store' located along a mountain' road in the southeast section of Hampshire County near the Morgan County line. He was found lying face down on the ground with a small canvas folding chair at his fe'et. Alongside his- body was .his 410-.22 calibre combination rifle and shotgun with the muzzle pointed toward his head. He was reported. to have been dead about four hours. The. body was taken to. the McKee Funeral Home in Augusta. Mt.RoyalPTA? Asks Street r Protection Croup Wiinls Officer.,. Stationed At Dingle '" To Assist Children The Parenl-Tcacher Association of Mt. Royal School plans lo go before the City Council to protest the lack of a policeman at the Dingle Circle intersection when' school children have lo cross: at least.two streets. t '•,.'. Dr. -William T. Fridinger, president of the PTA unit, said the situation is so bad thai one day last week three children were almost 1 -Struck by a car and the teacher who had taken them to the inter-section was so frighlened she col- 1 lapsed. - . The doctor said thai it is certain- not tlie duty of .the teachers to jpatrol tlic street intersections but they have been doing so in -tht: iteresl of the safety of their barges. He also pointed out that ve streets intersect at the circle. 'he "(eacher will push Ihe walk.. ghl so the children can cross -at :,e entrance of Braddock Road! hen they face the danger of traf- c on Greene Street. Dr. Fridinger said he and 'other 'TA officials contacted city police ul nothing definite has resulted.. [e stated that the group was told icrc is a manpower problem vithin Ihe department. The Mt. Royal PTA also dis- ussed a bad silualion in regard. o school bus Iransportation, Dr.. 'ridinger reported. One day with; n Ihe lasl week or so one bus had 2 children aboard. This, is far bove Ihe maximum allowed by tate law..the doctor stated. On another day- only one bus was l Gap ITA Plans For Movie, Social Event The Short Gap PTA met recently at the school. Plans were made to present a movie and a social in the near future to raise money for Chiropractors To Meet Here The annual meeting of the Maryland Chiropractic Association, Inc. will be held here tomorrow anc Sunday with a dinner at the Fort Cumberland Hotel as the feature Speakers will include J. Gootiloe .Jackson, a member of the Altcganj iBoard of Education; and Rev. Jude Senieur. OFM. Cap., 'of SS. Pcler and Paul Calh'olic Church. A dance will follow the dinner. The board of directors will mee 1 at 9:30 a. m. tomorrow and 8:30 a.'m. Sunday. Business meelings will be at 4:50 p. m. tomorrow and Ihe unit. ••- ^-fi^- 9:30 a. m. Sunday. •;«•" r--;^^.,.^^ -^: jj'visWf'SSKSF^SS 5 -^ '••: ~,: : >'<5i;; • '^-ii^^iiKtesWi'h^aas NEW FLAG 'POLE .FOR .llOSPITAL-^Somc- thing new has been'addcd,to Memorial 'Hospital, . the above- meq from Fort Cumberland Post 13;'•';••' American-Legion, and' Henry 'Hart Post ''Mil; VFW;-helping dedicate Ihc new flagpole aHlag raising ceremonies .this morning. 1 - The pole, 39 fcet'ln height, Is ! located, al-'the. area .atop the.. st«pi..lcidlng v to...the hospital 'from Memorial • '• . . AVe'nue. Members of.-the honor guard-at: the. " base of "the steps from left to right are George r.'iZlmcrla, Jack .Kroger.'.and; : Raymqnd Wagner, of the American Legion and .Joseph Macon and >- Vcrnon Winter, VFWi Raising the colors Is H. Stanton flyers while.Vcrnon Crablo is at the . top of the steps-with Albert Kerns Jr., bugler. J*ck WM lii'lhe.'group; ..-.' • - "..•"• ; - y , - ,. ent to the school to handle four, oads. Some of the children did ot get to their homes until 5 p. m. Hat day as a result, the doctor, leclared. 10 Council Holds Board \leeting Here The executive board of Ihe Maryland Industrial Union (CIO) mel this afternoon at the Rubber Yorkers Hall oii North Mechanic Strcel with representatives of the 8 international unions of the CIO n the state altending. Presiding al Ihe session was Roberl Martin of Hagerslown, stale president and. .an..officer of he United Auto Workers. Vice presidents allending are Ralph Beard, of Local 26, United Rubber Workers of America; E. T. Michael, Hagcrstown. of the UAW; Sdwin Vincent, Baltimore, of: the Shipyard Workers Union; and Nellie Mahaffey, of Ihe Eastern Shore, a representative of Ihe Amalgamated Clothing Workers. Among Ihe topics today is the icrger of Ihe CIO and AFL on a national scale, committee reports, and the convention of the state 10 in Washington next month. The convention is set for November 17, 18 and 19. Charles Delia, of Baltimore, secretary-treasurer of the stale CJO, nd an official of Ihe Polilical Ac- lion Commiltee, announced that a meeting of the statewide CIO-PAC Committee will be held tomorrow n Baltimore at the CIO Communications Workers of America hall. The three main committees ot the PAC from Cumberland, Hagerstown and Baltimore will atiehd Lhis session. Delia said reports on activities'of the group will be given and plans for the forthcoming election campaigns will be discussed. Obituary CHANEY—John W., 84, Winchester Road, Cresaptown. CHORPENN1NG—Mrs. Alonzd'.'J. Sr., 66, ED 5, Vocke .Drive. ' ELFR1TZ—Fred W., 83, Ba'rfel- ville. REISUMAN—Russell J., 61, Wardensville. W. Va. JAMESz-Mclvin, 50. Lonaconing.,' MERR1TT—Jesse C., 70, Romney. Fred W. Elfrilz . Fred W. Elfritz, 83. died (his morning al Ihe home of a son, Ar- Ihur F. Elfritz, Barrelville, following an illness of five years. ' Cabin Run, W. Va., he was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Isiah Elfritz. Surviving, besides the son with whom lie' resided, are a sister, Mrs. Ha'ttie Brown, Keyscr, four grandchildren and. nine great- grandchildren. ' The body will be al Ihe home .of his son afler 1 p. m. tomorrow and services will be conducted there at 2 p. m. Monday. Interment will be in Cook's Cemetery near Wei- lersburg, Pa. John .W. Chancy ; John Webster Chancy, 84, Winchester Road, Cresaptown, died at his home this morning. 'He had been in .ill health for'the past several months. Born in Mineral County, W. Va., he was a son;of the late William and Nancy (Her-- ry). Chancy.. Mr. Chancy; was : a retired trucking operalor. • •• 5 Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Katie : (Rodruck)., Chancy; three daughters, MriV Blanche Flanagan, Cresaptown; Mrs. Ellis Warmed, Rawlingi,'and Mrs.'; Nlt« Harrison, Grand River, Oh!o;itwp ions, John Kart'Chaney, Keyscr, and Otl*'H, Chancy, Cresaptown, 20 grandchildren and two great grandchlldMtl. (Contlmwd on P«|« U) "-

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