Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 10
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rTEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1955 Din! PA-2-160P for a WANT 'AD On Britlge Punimy Trumps Need Guarding -•Thus far in the scries ot hands on. trump management, we have seen several cases in which it is iniportant to protect your own trump suit. Today I present an example of protecting dummy's trump holding. NORTH *Q6 r 7543 . « K1062 + A84 21 WEST AAKJ732 • «9J 4Q1052 South IV 4 V EAST 495 ¥986 4QJ843 #J97 SOUTH (D) * 1084 V AKQJ10 . * A7 + K.63 Both sides vul. West North E»s< 1 A 2 If Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— 4 K West leads the king of spades, and East signals with the nine. West continues with.the 'ace of s*pades, and East completes his signal with the five of spades. This '.'high-low" in spades indicates that East wants the suit, led again. ...West obediently continues witli the jack of spades, and South musl do some thinking. Why docs East want spades continued? Obviously because he has a doubleton. Equally obviously, East must be able to overruff the dummy. (It would be very strange if he couldn't.) I ( What can you do about it? ."•Tlie 'optimist ruffs with the seven Of, hearts, hoping that East cannot .op this card. This 'gets our opti- iiislic" friend nowhere, for East Joes ovorruff. Tlic dcfeiidcrs n-cntually get a club trick, and the .imlract is tlicrefore defeated. The better play is to discard a club from the dummy instead of •uffing (lie third spade. East like, wise discards a club/and West wins the third 'trick.. Now the defenders are helpless. No matter what West docs, you can vin, draw three rounds of trumps, ake the top clubs, and ruff your nst club in the dummy. The club discard from the dummy prepared you for an eventual club ruff. It gave the .defenders he spade trick that was always bound to be theirs, but it deprived .hem of the club trick that they ivould otherwise win at the end. <a-The bidding has been: North E«t South W«f 1 Heart Pass 1 Spade Pass 1 N.T. Pass ? ' You, South, hold: 4Q10753 ¥11 4KJ9S2 AS What do you do? A—Bid two diamonds. Too hope to play the hand at i low- lull contract ud expect to put your pirtner's next bid. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as tn the question just answered. You, South, hold: AAJ753, V74 4KQ96J +5 What do you do? Arum-tr Tomorrow Sales .Manager Named For Remington Rand Remington Rand has named Raymond P. Kenney, 214 Saratoga Street, as sales manager for it: Cumberland office, which covers Allegany and.Garrett counties ant it seven West Virginia counties. Kenney, a native of Frostburg and a brother 'of Francis A. Ken ney, manager of the Cumbcrlanc office of the Department of Em ployment Security, has been em ployed in Chicago prior to return ing to Cumberland and accepting the Remington.Hand post. ~day both (Virpo)-- SrSS* 23 to SEPTEMBER ur Mercury's aspect^ I care In .all "ring* observation, analysis and judt ncnl Otherwise day favors vholesorm "IEPT'EMBER "« "i" "OCTOBER^: aSilildly favorable • Venus rayi yesterday and bencfic Moon anc uctivf^v r^^BWSW i"oBE PBea "<" 1 rioVEM?™ " CHILDREN'S APPAREL IS OUR SPECIALTY . . IN STYLE, QUALITY AND VALUE. the Sun and your Saturn are e NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH AW LB CHARGE ACCOUNT They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado ^mORlcM^BACKj,' M4 IS FOREVER MERE/ WtJV DIDN'T YOU \ FOLCJNlS POP 'PUT OM/KUMM SHIRT? \ AND jUrtoRTO DIDYOU CH4MSE YOUR _ c- B -JIT -nipy SOILED CLOTHES / S££W 5 RU MlNe •SBSSS JiSS&ES^ SSr/fe^^^ UNDERSTAND ) NEVER AW LSt-UP! tlNDERWE4R?yOlJRSQX? J • '- . • \umi i rtn DiflUT 84CK / PtJTON CLE4N UPST/RS Mo ooso/.1 UNM 4TLEAST ArtDSETACij&W / ONCE-AWV««. WATCMYOU/JNDyOl FATrlER,VtoU'D GO . nn LOo^lNSLlKE lER.YOU'DGO yfcaa^^ LOOKING LIKE/**"j| rRxlMPS.'/ ^A ^. Wiser UseOf Soil And Water Urged Your Horoscope Look in the section in which your birth, day comes and lind what your outlook Von irn 21 t " good .) .IAHI it ii u. 'APRIL 20 <Aries)^- niluences are generally Iriendly jor work- and bmlncsv interests, also for home and family sitiiaUon. '-<"» " hobby, healthy sport w«h ti ricnds in free time. APHIL 2i to MAY 20 (Taurus tired ol the s»me. activities or rout, irv some new diversion in order io rcla BrtSon'i discard old method, .nd.Oj liabits just, for the sake.of variety. 1 ! °M°A d Y K"fo*JUNE 21 (Gemini)-Ha no doubts about aceompli.hM ( worthwhile this fine day but. of coan jou will have to work. too. And 5ou_« ne rf eonsSeneyjrf effort. Con'eentrate |E*2I*to JULY M (ClbMrt-Vou have found yourself pressed time, m'aV "have h»d , many d "de upon you In the recent _P« t for. private interests, for industry, ades, • mining, handling machinery: ullding and generally useful projects. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 2t Aquarius)—Do" not make sudden de sions or shift from well-running mnt to something untried, Bui the day lie whole, should spur j'ou on tc chievcmcnt. FEBRUARY 21 to.MARCH 20 (Pisces! —A .goad, period in which to advance in our usual nccup.itIon, to seek advice ew matters that could result it rofit now or later. Don't question youi bilily; Rive it full scope: YOU ' BORN TODAY are intuitive to hijjh degree, possess'miraerous talents ould be * leader or work as efficiently r ' authority. You have inhei bility for mechanics, carpentry, manag ng groups of people, caring for children r those hospitalized. These are a par F your finer'Side. Faults? A.few, icy-can he corrected readily by YOU sTtak'e'to'day 1 ; f'ree'hours for rest » H^^S^d^n ravs Blve you no excuse for not ach ng and enjoying this inspiring - Sltles and earned recreation NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBC.M M (Sagittarius)—Activities requiring physl^ cal prowess and endurance un er._ ' s-.lurn rays. Mcchanicul trades highll «™"d. More, care ursed in persona New Savings on this 6 inch FOAM RUBBER MATTRESS and weight balanced box spring • Odorless • • Won't sag or lump! • Needs no turning! • Non-allergic! I | "\ \ \ \ \ fjrjrjrjtrjTjiirjir^ DOUBLE SIZE, both , f ;.,.:... .1109.50 Not 4!/2" or 5", but o .full 6-inch thickness! Almost half. again as thick fas. most other -foam- rubber' mattresses! ' It's extra deep — extra firm — extra buoyant for Hie- most, luxurious sleeping! Comes with . its own specially-designed -box spring, to last a life-time. -Yet this combination costs .far less than comparable sets^ — you always save at "" • ' - • "LB" Start your Christmas Layaway at L, Bernstein! 9-IIN.C€NTR€ oo luxuriously lo hver-indulpe in 'rich oods and beverages. Guard against l»ick temper. Keep studying, tmprovins :our status. Birthdatc: Sarah Fern- lardt, Fr. actress; Franz Liszt, Hungarian pianist, composer. CooyriRht, 1955, King Features Syndicate, Inc. Woman's Curiosity Puts Her Behind Burs, Too PORT ARTHUR, Tex. tfi—When cops picked up a man in a tavern, Selina Booker wanted to know how come. He's carrying a pistol, she was told. . . "Why, I carry a pistol myself in my purse," said Selina. She ..went along lo jail too. on a disturbing the peace by packing a itol charge. ' Conservation of soil and water yas urged by District Forester William H. Johnson :yestcrday : at meeting .of the 'Cuivibbrlatid waiiis 'Club to 1 Central YMCA. • Johnson ciled the efforts to stress wise use of tlie land as emphasized :ach year during Maryland'Land iVcek. He cautioned that since the discovery of America by Colunv jus^about one-third ot the.soil In his'country has disappeared. Primary ; reasons for ' this loss are the apparent abundance • of natural resources and ignorance of the people concerning conserve tioh measures. Today there is an awarcncs? of. the' need of conscr^ vation and plenty of material is available for • those.' seeking advice oh such matters. Tlie district forester observed .hat the idea'for Maryland Land Week was originated by John Clark of Bel Air-at a'time: when Johhson:was stationed in that Har= ford County'community. , Nominated'for the Kiwanis Crab'Fccil Tonight... A crab feed will be held today at 0 p. m. at Cumberland Council 586, Knights of Columbus, for members and'friends. . : BE COMFORTABLE THIS WINTER Winttriie your horn* flow with thtif quality products from ui. Combination doors & ha'rdwor*. Rock Wool BlanVet Iniulatian. Iniulotmg board. Plank and tile. Vinyl oibtstos floor til*. Combination itorm window: DIAL PArlcview 2-5280 Western Maryland Lumber & Supply Go. MtMullin Hgwy. . Cumbtrlnnd, MJ. Plenty of frf« parking ipaci availabU oard of Dlrctlors were C. J. agbanl, Capt. Daniel. K. Blgjjs, bcrt D.Daiby Jr.,.Lloyd N.'.Eox, bert II. Ilargrcavcs, William II. Johnson, Morion W.. Pcvkih.'Jr., Dr. John J. Robinson Jr., John F. Workmcislcr. and Phil ..M. Walker. < •' - . '. ' '••.•', A&P SAUER KRAUT Sunsweet PRUNE JUICE 3 0,1.00 1 WINEOW ST. Ann Page STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 3^1.00 A&P Whole Kernel or Cream Style CORN 7 ^:, 3 1.00 NEW!Right ofFthe line! FRESH OFF THE ASSEMBLY LINES AT FORD COMES A NEW FINE CAR ; ;. AT'HALF THE FINE-CAR PRICE New power, now style, new, added safcty-that's the new Ford. You get Thundcrbird-like "GO" in any one o£ Ford's new Y-8 engines. You,get the long, low lines of exciting new Thundcrbird- inspircd styling. You get new Lifeguard Design to keep you safer. The new Ford is the fine car at half the fine-car price. The beautiful new Fairlant Club Sedan, one of 18 new Thunderbird-inspircd models for '58 NEW! Right down the line! Ford brings you a new , : 2Q2-h.p. Thunderb'ird Y-8 * V : NowAyou can have the instant "GO," the ' all-aitiund; fun of piloting the '56 Ford with its • 2b2-hVp; i Thunderbird .Y-8 engine-available in 'Fprdorh'atic. Fairlane and Station Wagon mod•• els:; The power-packed 176-h.p. Y-8 can lie yours-in'Fprdomatic Mainline and Customline .mod'elsvAnd the ; 137-h.p.-Six is'availahle in all mpiJels^These .mighty engines whisper while- ..they.'"give'.vypu'- the smooth, quiet power .of flecp-bldck design. Only Ford brings you new Thunderbird styling Ford thrilled America 'with the fabulous Thunderbird. Now America is to be thrilled again with Thunderbird flair in all 18 new Fords.; You'll fall in love with-.the long, low lines, the broad/sweeping hood,'the beautiful side silhouette: Colors span the rainbow, and in many models you have a choice of two-tone combinations. Interiors are more luxurious than cver-and color-keyed to the refreshing new body colors./' Only Ford brings you new Lifeguard Design Here's the.first major contribution to driver : and passenger safety in accidents! A new deep- : center Lifeguard steering wheel acts as an : impact cushion. lifeguard double-grip door ' latches give added protection against doors springing open under shock. Optional'seat belts are designed to keep occupants securely. in • their seats. And you may have optional Life- • guard padding for instrument panel and cush- i ioncd sun visors. .."'.; NOW MORE THAN EVER-AMEF*ICA'S WORTH-MORE CAR 1 Te«tDrlvcth«'S6FORD«tyour-n««r«»tFordDe«l«r'«l

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