Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1927
Page 5
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lative Interest Limited to Few .Issues J.WR-York. r>c<: UM ^X —^hjifeca- laUve^ liitere«t iu. toiray's stock ntarkeJ wtrn tonHned I'irgeiy io a «fllett group, of roppfrK.ond npcc- fc ^UlPR.'Kevoral of whlclj.uero blil in Hpl ,rii('<i ruHhIoa iiiiili'r jmol nipnlpiilalloii. Tlio gpiioral IIKI IIIH- Dt&ycil IfHK f^fiioral MrojiRth tliuii liir ri -t<i (oi -p, ii() (Ui£ Io iicr- 01 iin'itit k M'OH'tl liy thATot <Mit <ol- ' lapito . . u r«-w M|icr||ilUIi-H iitiil loif?^orjiinoUii'r InrRi- li,iir<'iiKp In 4>riok<'rn" i lo ;ii )n. • KunNiitiCKy FnMluri* , - KtinxHM <'l<y. M<>.. I»i< i.", i^Vl'i J 'ro<liir (f iiiii-liniJKt-il. Kansas \' City. Dec. 15. (AP);— \\'heaf, rbecipts 94 cars; % cent !owrr to cent hiffber; No. 2 ^rk hitnl $1.4S«il.5S%: Xo. 3 |i:42«i 1.43; No. 2 Jianr |1.24%eil.44: IXo. X »1.2liACi 1.43; No. 2 ired nominally fl.37^<$1.41: No. 13" nominally fi.v,u,<niM.. [ . CloHP. Dor. riMH: May n.23?iil Corn, re<;elit« 204 cnro; M cent low^r to ^ coht hiRher: -So. 2 w.hlto T9 (f (.79«i«:f.N'o. fj 76(g7 «%P: .Vo. :' yellow sr,'ifi «2»,4<.:' No. .1 77v,/i soc; No. 2 mixwl ^Ofp'O^c; .Vrt.,'!. 7«f(78r. floxo .Dck 7Kai,c; .Miiy Jir .lir: July »'7T<ir. ' 'OaiM, rcci'IptH rjiTh; '»( fiiit liKrliiT; No. 2 wlilii- .'.Ci-: Si>. .1 r.6r, .\ltlo muJxp. *l .:i»«/1 Kiinr. |l .:!5 <rM .2S. U.vii 97<ri Hill ii 'V. Corn I'rIrpM Luwrr.) ChirHKO. DPT. l.V (AP>-8pmi- iixluy and .scJllii Kin n-allzc proiirs iiiado corn prices licn' avcruKc I0\v«>r ..In tlu iiitc ilcalinKs <lcMpitf the fact tbal loiiiiiiiif.slijn luiii(*c« were ; ntead.v buviTH tliroiiKliout the boaril of h.,n^„^ i ttr I l,„^t„..i. .irailc .session;. .\n overnight biiTgo u.„^. ri.Vu ; ,-^.1.. "f 2 r,.S cent* a buHhel tn corn val- K,-.n .sas ( ity. [)e.-. 1:,. < AI'.---• jj^i,.„„„ Airi's failed to hold circiimHlance (ended i . iKiinsas Vliy Hoy ... KlinhUM City. ,Mo.. |),.r. 1.-.. (AI ')—i „,.i„„„ ,.,„,, knn>ia>: (lly Hay. City. Her. i;.. I.AI') — lliiy iiiKliaiiKfil: receipts Sti ciirs. lola, Kansas. ; December W. 1927. DKAR SANTA CLAUS: ' I want you to bring' m» a pair of bootK. a BB gun, a Hrsi baseman's glove and a pair of rollM skates. . WeJi Love, THO^^IAS BRfSCKENRIDOR. lola. Kansas Dear Sanio Clatis please bring me a bicycle, a pair of roller Hkutes, Hhootiag Rame and a troih hone to and a drum to Bnnis Clay fiiiniH. J tim H years old. «1« North Walnut street. ^ lola, Kahsfli. DRA'l SANTA CjMVS: I'nm a little toy r, yvarn old. i winild like for Xm «s, a fire truck, it monkey, jllmbs a stitlng, a little trncfor with u dirt loadnr. candy, irangcK. bsnnniis. niit.s. grniiPS. Kromi CKCII. ROBKRTS, s\H .South Wa.shlngton. ITS CITIZENS .S«nior OUiM CJITM Plar Pridsj and .SafvhUfiEveiiMirs.; M. L. Smitk tli|< FaaOr In Kfw Home. .(. S. Dept. of .Vmlcnituiet—.Hogs: •l .'iOft: fairly :iiiive: .UK- to 1.5c. higher than. Wectuesday's average. I Btpck pigs sieacly; shipper and patker top |S'.2."> on choice, 2.10' to - 260 lbs.: bulk desirable 190 to 280 'ilia. $.S .00 <ff8.2 'i: • 140 to ISO lbs., f JT.SifitT.itri; packing sows. $6.50® 7.10 :=> stock pigs, scarce $7 .r >0iB8. > Cattle :i .00«; <alve.s l .OitO. Beef steers .slow. .steady;. slaughter cows a,nd Inills steady to weak: fat lieifers dull, weak to 231! lower«: vealers aiid lalves are steady: .-toj'kerH and feed?iT< dull, weak: gobdv'long yearlint-s lield around , 41:1.75: bulk,»!hort fed .steers SIO .SO •^(jjia .OO; 'good to choice ve.nlers at }J O .Oilffill .OO. '^heep :t.50O; slow, generally and this circumstance (ended tc give some .advantage to sellers here., There was! also a forecast of fai r^old weather over the "Boinest- ic corn belt, a condition much desired to promote cribbing. X'orn closed easier % cent to % c.eiif net lower, wheat =»4 to 1'4 ceiii . ctff^ oats % to% cent doWn anil provisions unchanged to "17c up.: •! Prominent Attorney Ot Kansas Is Dead ,Toi>eka. Dec. 14. (AP)-^D. R HIte, prominent Kansas lawy'er died at his home,here lod.iy following au extended Illness. He was M years old. • hi; 1912 .Mr.-Hlte was chief counsel ror the Uepublican ualiuuul committee in defending . tlr» so- called stone ^ resolution before tlie party council In tCaitsas, which directed the itoosevelt electors; (o Withdraw from the Repubjican to the Independent ticket. He yran dhl^ to defeat attempts to set aside restraining oSrders denylng-tt place on the Hepubllcan-ticket to the Roonevelt elitctors and Repijbllcnn electors held! their alcket hi general election. lolai Kansas. DKAU SANTA CLAIJS: i am a little bciy S years old. want you Ui remember me Kmas. I want a r. S. bugle and somiB can<l.v, nuts, oranges and apples. I will try to be iwfnl good; but forget once in a while. Wishing yon a Merry Christmas. CLARENCI? OIJ^IRE GLORK. n.R.X lola, Kansas,' December l.'i. 1927. DKAR SANTA CUMS: 1 am writing you a letter to let you know what I want for Christmas. .1 want a rocking chair and, - • a doll buggy and .«ome candy, nuts I recently p.urcha.sed (.Mrs. Opal Mitchell.) LAHARPE, Kans.. Dec. 14.—The LaHarpe sthtor class will give Its play, "What Happ*ened to Jones," In the lilgh school audltorlnm Friday and ..Saturilay evenings. It Is expected to be one or; the best plays iiut on here for some time. It Is a farce inthme acts and a jolly, entertaining, first.-class play which centers around the visit of (he bishop of Ballarat with Jones, a hynifl Itook drnmmer mistaken fo^ the bishop, and the mixap which follow*s makes for lots of laughter. The cast Is composed of Jonest a hjeihn bbqk flrummer. Carl I Kowler; Atttouy (ioodiy, bishop of ikllarat. m »enezer * (joodly, pj-o- fesRor of anatomy. Wes^y Ttjm- pieman; Richard Heatherly. Engaged to J .Vlarjorie Raliih 'H^rt.- William BIgee; Indian Inrodtei 'nf sunalorlum. Culi ;*nce Remsbejrg; su)H>Hutendent of sanatorium, Rob, ei *t Campbell; Thomas Holder; i New York policeman.'Anbrey I.ath- rom; Mrs. Ckiodly. Kl>enezer 's wMc, Huth .Myers; Cissy. Ebenexer's ward; Opal Lltteer; .Marjorie and Minerva. Ebenezer'* daughters', Mildred .Moore and Helen Daniels: Alrina Starlight. Mrs. Ctoodl.v's old I maid si.ster. .Madge Umes; -Helma. Swedish servant, Maxine Green. The class has to pay a royalty for tills play as It is among the high class plays .so do not miss it. .Mr. and .Mrs. M. !„. Smith and family moved to their new home IaRt-..Thur8day, the property they in the south- PUBLIC every a Bishop'B m •ion -Public abcUon ly at'1:00 o'cloiric at Pavilion. BUSINESS SERVICE PDBLIO .4n6TIO .V—I will sell at pwblfc aocllon at Bishop's Sales! Pavilion, i Saturday; Dec. 17, at l' p. m.,.horsed, cattle, calves, hogs, chickens, farm machinery, wagons, harness, automobiles and a world of up-to-dat^ honsehpid furniture. S..Bishop; Ancllqneer. and oranges: That will be all. KATHKniNfi VV-HITAKRR, .S02 .North Walnut. «'ontinae'd from Page One) GRENNAN'S MARKET Comer Kast Monroe and Elm Stu. lOI/A, KANSAS 1 We Wan I Your PouHry; Egg^ and Hides. A\P 01 K PliOXE .NCHBKK IS STff i~ Ieln'«'4'rndBre Hnase StaeW t»U. O. (;0(ailL1„ .Manager. The morgue was u pitiful idght. The little bodies were all laid on slabs and frantic itiolhersi were there in hundreds t^ try to Wentify them. , Only two children had been ideiittfli'd up to eight a. m. Marty stories of heroism were told. One.'fireman was rejiorted io have rescued filteen children, making reiieiueii trips up and down a latlder. Kiremen threw children ,und nuns from Wiludows into life- lb*';neiM, The ffre which jiresiimably started from the explosion of a turnaci.' shot flumes up a i<»ntral flue, creating a dnaft and .^-arrylng Iht wesi part of town. fMls« Clara Parlasca's Sunday sfhiool class' of 'be .Melbodist church will have a baked food .sale Saturday at the Kerr hardware store. Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell arc moving from tlie farm into their properfy across from the Highway Service Station. Colonel Co<ik of Chaittile was here today calling on Mrs. Hattle fJullel and left ^mf^ herb medicine. He was gojhg on to fit. l.oui.< , ' PUBLIC AUCtriON—r will self at public uuctfon a* 615 N. Wash- fngtoii,: Tiies(la.v. Dec. 20, ai 1:3(>, complete sjst of restaurknt fixtures including the follpwliig: gas' raiige. II burner, with hood nearly neW: lui-ge fee box; steam oven, complete;, pl^ caab and stiiuil. new and slielvinK; 11-ft. counter; 7 slotys: |! chairr; S new porcelain lop tables;' 'tosh register; show case; water ^'ooler; ull dish<>s and cooking lutenrt)H. .\1KO beds, dressers, tirbles. cihulrs. rocking chairs, library tuble.|'bu.flet. rugs and lots of other; nrlUies. C. S. Bishop. .Auctioneer. Ji AUTOMOTIVE AalombWIe Agencicii , Jrottog, Traeklny. Siwage » WHEN YOU MOVE—Or More yoat goods call Corr's Transfer. Offt-*:? 140. re8ldanec;nl|>.: EMPLOYMENT Help WnBtef-FcBMle » JELDEIRLy LADY'—To stay ^^Iti elderly widow lady. go6d hom«, some wages. Phone 686" or write Box .'i3. Colony, Kas.. at; once. 1MiWMt ««-Mm* MKX--W*anted to cut cord wood. Phone 474W. nNANCUL Money <o l.oiin—.TI<u1ggee« •III KARM AND CITY LOANS—Base i rate onifarms, S^r, city Ci. Jxmg or short time. 11. M. Cunningham. FARM IlOANS—Qnick service and reason'arblc- rales. A. D. Hawthorne,, la'/s West Madison. m MEReHANDi<«E Snsieal JietAriim^fte RADIO BA^TTERY: CHABGER—In- .qnlre Smith's Garage.^. 424 North fftreet. Phone 57fr. r Wanted— To Btff PORTABLE tiCTROLiX—Must be in good condftiou; Call nt Register! WANTED TO BUY—All kinds of cattle and"hoga. J. Ci,Butcher. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT AputBieiits and ti*u KB.Vr 'CHEAP—Nfcrfy- furnished fire room'mddern hoine, conven- lent, close In. Phone 554. Bnslnes's Places Fof^ Rent 79 iJL.^CK8.WITH SHOP-^And tools for rent or sole. vJobn Hurley, MorOu, Kans., Bo.x 47J^; FARM AND CITY LOA.N.S—At current riites. Liberal terms. Prompt service. Your .business appreciated. C.tU on The Allen County Inviestment- Co., Kelley Ifolel BIdg., loin. Kansas. Karniif. and fiand ¥w Kent ;« LBGALS Legirf Xotices 80 ACRKS—improved, for sale or trade. 4 west, ivt north lola. W. F. _Kennedy,_lola R._i. _ Ilonsea For Bent A rSED CAR—Is as dependable as the dealer who sells itj Dodge Salf?.s and Service. The best place to buy good, depcjndable tised tars. At present wt have a coinpletje line of boti) (ipeni anil elided models, priced to sell. Ellis Motor 6A. 211 .North AVashlnston. MO.VEY TO LO.\.X—On farms or city propertv. Lowest rate. Stewart « Funk. • / - •fJARAOE—At 202 .North S.vcamore. street, good entrance.': ilOL'SE—Nice. 3 room- cottage furnished; or will .sell : .on - small monthly payments. Call 1268J. BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. -Hudson- Essex dealers; Everything In high class usetl cars. Voii will find wiat you wain here. All priced worth the money. We trade or •give liberal terms. 219 S. Wasb- . IftclonT PlioneN .so. Automobiles For Sale 11 t6RD--2 dborj sedan. 1926 model. i<$ccelient eondiiiou. run onlv .'iSOfl 'mile(;. Mrs. jcha.s. .. .Marsh'. .104 TN'est street, j Blfi BROTHERS FUND Reported -tJoblen Link t'Inb I Total . _ .-$120.00 1.00 ...$121 .07( Only one dollar more l<|i!ay than we hud yesterday! AltO|i^eJher not more lliaii a dozen dlfferenl cou- irlbotors as yet to a fund that O. K. I'SKD CARS-1924 Ford roadster; 1924 Fonl touring: 1923 Fcrd roadster; 152^ F.»rd coupe; 1921 Dodge touring; 1921 Dodge roadster; 192."> Ch«|>ToIef touring; 1924 'Cli.evrolet toiiilng; 1924 Chevrolet toil truck witjh grain body: 1921 Overland louring;; nearl.v new In- t<*rnailoual grtiln body for truck. Shelly .Motor C«i.. ll-S W. .lack.'fon. Phone t;o. ! re throughout the "W building.|„,,^, „ Rescue work stoppe.l when Uie) ar,.,l. l, is sl> much easier to give "•••'"n"J'"'i 'L *l'^-,«- I money than it Is time. Several or -I |:or Sale Where Better- i Batteries ar^ Sold if ALE ELECTRIC CORPORATrON Muf Btook^N.Y. SanBramaut YALE RADIO BATTERIES L TTJI jEOR SALE BY SHANNON'S New Section Not Hurl. The Jiew section of the inslilU' lion was of ftre-proof construction and was practically undamaged. A -;distre»siiig eiilsode ,o»;cnrred whoij flretneii who first entered the ball found a tail Christtnns tree decorated and rendy to .be lighted; f.or .he pleasure of ihe children peopli* will give a full day of their time In tnaklng niirchasc*. packing ntid distributing the baskets, biokilig up the deserving I'atnilies and' checking up on the whole liilsiness. If these peoplo give their time, ought not the rest of us to see that they have the. fnnds? There are easily ."lOo people in this 'Sf/.hIli-L');f J^i'"''^ ''•"'»^» '"""I givo'a dollar and ,h.iDpy (-hristmas season. ' never miss it. It will not take Dense clouds of smoke hampered ' (hat If You IJaveii't A Radio " S6e the New RCA Rackda ND uuny of your neighbors arc replacing C/i thejr -I 'dfaihjuned sets with ilhwc fine • newr tnstru_ nts. There is a Radioli for every purse and e. h method of operation and re' '•: quirement o: reception. All aoU pn conve- njent taaa. L. pecuU)r, aftractive is Radiola' i6 with the v.-ide. t musical rai>ge ever achieved with one dial v >ntro!—a storage battery jset of great cpmpi.rtiiess. A truly excepticnul value at $6 ^.fo. Libeal tenoo if iyou wuhi May, we demonstrate it? " Boss Arlittdkle^s 222 South Street- Phone 56 ^ j morrow and nejct dav so the basket The staff of nuns of the «ood f"'''"*"'^*.'^'» Shepherd, who c6nducted the ^n-j"""'' «»"•>• t-an count on having, stitutiou. and :!"! children were'inlj) •! J-D I hed when the fire. beUeved to hav«;Kaiirpaa JSraKemail slarte,! in the basement,, broke out i ^ Billed for PriSOll in a ftormitory on the second.floor. The fire w'as discpwre^l by Sister .St. Tlierese. who noticed smoke in t'<e cr.rridor. and roused the sleep- OAKLAND - ileulers- PO.NTIAC '2S Oakland j coach, like new; ;"2C Oakland iotjpe ;.'2C Pontine cnal•h^ '2 ."j' HUJ.-k light six tour- 'ing, fine cbaile;) '2.' Konl i-oiipe; '2I> Ford roadftev; Ford roadster, box on rear;r '2."( Chevrolet toiir'iug: '21 Doilgij louring, good. Several other clietiper used cars. Cash, leriiis |or trade. Hobnri Motor Co. MO.XICY'TO LOA.V—On real estate., repayable in small niontbly 'pa;'-j me.hts. These loans never! come due j HOUSE—Seven room nt'oaerii. close —better because cheaper aiid more I in.parage. Jackson Jtealty Co., jJonvenienK Security Building i: over BroWn's Di'iii^. StoVe. lLo.-hi Assn.. tst .Natl. Bank Bldg. — • f~-^-^-r HOUSE—Pleasant live fpom mod- I ern.' double garage. • Rent. $19.00. *' .North street. Key floor south. LIVE STOCK Horses, Cattle. Vehicles 48 MILK COW—Mixe<l Jersey-Shorthorn, giving milk; can be seen in town. Shelly .Matoi- Co., 118 West .lackson. Phone 60. HOUSE—Seven room mridern, garage for two cars, close John Reulber; ,; REAL ESTATte FOR SALE PoaltrraBd SnppUes Wanted—To RejB? 81 B.^B'i ChlCKS-Hatching weekly. tAPART.ME.NT—Steath-heated. mod- .hmiiary l>foilers. *110.00 per thou-j ern. furnlsbed <*r untamisheU. sand Queen inct»ba»or tqr sale.i after ChrLstmas. -B. R." care the cflower Farms. Bronson; Kans.i Sun Kegfster. MERCHANDISE . Articleji For $ale SPKCI.AL-^Best springs on maricet, 2."; yearrBUJirantee and 50-lb. all- cotton mattress alitor $11.00 Saturday and Monday only. Chimney Sweep. Farms and Land For Sale 83' ance with plans, specificatloia^ surveys and , estimates to ibe irtfd^ pared by the County Elngineer'ol said county or the City Cngtm of said 'City or both or .tty i eiigineer as may be engaged said County and City and sub; to the approval of t;he ^tate HIL way Commission of tlie State dlr Kansas, as far as said approrof S! necessary, and the construction dl siich culrerts add drafna as viaf^. he necessary and creating a tteri^i fit district for the said Impfoviei^i ments within said city, and ifixA^/ the boundaries thereof and describe ' ing the^ properties therein and fht- i'ng the number ot auaessmenrs fii 4<e levied upon tbV laAU-t in salil . bcueiit district at tAn. ojle ot u^ltV,; assessments to fall-due aiid be cd^: lectnbie ^ach year iTnr ten yeonrii. and ' *~ WHEREAS the said Board _0f County Commissioners nowlnre^-- lar ses.^tion us afoie.><nid. havStif, fully considered the said resointidtt.; and a:i mattei-s concerning ^4 same and being fully advised m the, it is by the sal* Board of County Commissioners; (>f Ail^ County, Kansas, Resolved? First. That said reiiolution herff- inbefere rel^erred to presented ftJt this board by the Board ot Cottf-' mfssloiiers of the City ot-lola. K;bi^~ sa.s, be^ and is hereby adopted 1*J»tf approved. ' Second. That the improvemeBtB' prayed, for" in' said re.solution ajd hereby declared to he of - publiii^ nttllty and necessary. TWrd. That in i-o-operat ion aSirf connection with the City of lolsi . KaHsasj and under and jy vir6ttf^ of the 'said, resolution adopted aw presented to this boarit by said clf*'».* and.tills resolution and under alifif Tiy virtue rtf the pro\isions of j l*#' gorerjiing the same, it Is order^ that said portion of Xdrth K*h- tucky Street oil the east BouadiATf line of said city from the sbii\tf line of Lincoln, Street to the nortb" limits of' the city, and the ptiblfft^ = highway, being the,east half of said* road, from, the soiitb line of Lfn^j coin Street to the north limits siaid city,. and tJie, whole of s: road extending north thei-efrom a point approximately l.">0 * South of tbe Nbrthwest corner BEST BARGAIN—In Allen county: 80 acre*, adjoining good town with high school and cburcires; 8 room hottse; bam 40x60; «0 acres under, . , n„„„^ \ plow. 20 acres blue grass pa8tur>: : Seetloa 2», Township 24 «ange l gas m ;house; $l,000;.«(.sh t*1H In «aid Coui^ty. a total dlstan*. h^dle. Price o6 application. Seajirom Lincoln! Si.eet to the nortte It at once: The Allenrrounty m-i t?^. ,"",?'''J''*'T i^^liM' vestment Co.j Kelley Hotel Uldg, ff- be /.ermatientl^ lola Kans ' ' Umproved said improvements -tO' , 1 ; _ I consist of survey, grading, oxcavat- I'hone 796, iWRr .L IMPROVED Si ACRES—! Ing and paving. Hie paving to b^' And well eslablished i.rilltng sta- 1 constructed of pialn llirlland Ce|- SIfOTi;u.N — Remington 12-gauge; pump, model lO-.A. nearly new,; modified choke, -30-inch barrel.! Business and OtSce KfinlpmeDt M i92« KORI) rioAOSTKR- In Al sliape. $21111.111 )1 . Will sell on lime or Irade tor aiiytliiii!^. Hover .Motor Co..-212 S.i Jeff. Phone 2.!. IP YOl: HAVE A DESK—A writer; an adding machine, a <'ash I register, filing cabinet or ntiy. of- 1 .——i flee furniture that ydii have stored.j away and -.would like to turn into! money, call 48.'>. We will iniy it, or sell it for you on a small commission. Williams Typewriter Co., n;s West Madi.son. ; .1 tlon on matntrail north and south, type-! Prjc-e »M'?!Li9lJ'P.«hi^tA-.S<bI1ek. (• LARSIFlSl llisjPLA Y rsKD r\R ii.\!n(! TYPEWRITERS—For sale, rent or trade. Williams Typewriter Co.,! 113 West >MadIson. BARGAms ment Ctmctete, (Jravel or Hituih|- inous macadam, the particulur type; to be hereafter .seleeled, eighte^ •feet wide and of. such tbicknelia^ and tn be constructed In such man-"- ner (IS may be provided by . Itff plans and specifications to be'pje-^ pared as proviiled in this re.solu-^ lion, and approved tiy the Boardl.of Commissioners of said City staff this Board; and the State Highway Commission SQ far as the said ap^ \INS Farm Eqalpment 6SA CIlKVROI.F.T.tloi.-. 1-iloor FORD I02.- ROADSTER.^ FtMM). i :cj.-, TIIMIR JJEDA.S-. FORD. 192t; ROADSTER. FORD. 1921 COUPE. FORD. l ')2r, (<OUPE. FEED GRINDERS-Both for tractor and engine power and for mounting on Fortl chassis. Prices range from %31.T,0 to $60; Allen County Implement Co. , . Good Things to Eat 57 Duofold - -,„-- $22:50 Davenport S15.0 Ga8 Range S20.0 Uned Peninsular $22.50Ip^n^a' *»y nwpksary. .-ind; t\ \xt *• -l^jsaiil plans, specifications.-and all' UOai neater-1- — •PM*^" : necessary estimates shall be pre- Coal Ranse, 6-holei „_$20.00 |Pai'ed by the County Engineer ;o^ nlJ^, D ffo>»eA'"3"' <^onnty, or the Citv Engineer t^oai Kange *^7.&tljof said City or both, or by suchr Wood Heater _ _ $4.50 'other en.uineer as may be onga^e* <A rUi^y County and City, to^b*^ Y^OOd, Heater •©•Wtapproved as aforesaid. Wood Heater $10.00i .Fourth. That a benefit distrRit'• 'APPLES— n .'5 ^per basket. Allen j County Cream Co. Several osliej- cheaper Fords. Will sejl on time or trade for :jnythins. . BOYKR j.MOTOR CO. I Chestnut. per pound. •Phone 1257W. .•509 3.; Honsehold Goo^s &8 • Des Moines. la.. Dec. 14. tAPi— Jesse Cox. a railroad brakcmaii iroin the Ozarks. 41 years old. and o"*;he'o!Sag"e' A^i'sTo^Uie'chlN' "-^ dJ J^ weir ^llltlki^^'r 1^15^ ^i I f I!^ ::."/'L!!i the bnjiding to satety and clo ing loaned 'by the crowds wh gathered was used, to protect'the i ,,. r>„„ A. A. refugees as they wire tiiken to " • ^' ^''t ^'^^^^ ' Ritchie was Uie bride of two weeks of Robert Ritchie. 212 S. JEEF. pifO.NE 2.-: Auto ArcesNurics, Tires I'u^ts IS Institutions ami private j other homes. llniitaii t'hiiln Formeil. Early in the rescue worjk a hu-! man chain wtis, formetl, stmching from the orphanage to a tobacco factory dii'ectly across the Street. As scores «if-- terrified children, maiiy of theni half-conscious, were ! reinoveil from the burning building, | "doctors :^nd nurses; hastilv gaih-l *reil til cure for them. ' ' The frozen body of a girl.of aboiil i eight years, .was found tlib: fore-,; jnooii on the third fVior of thu i .ruined wing of the building. This ! 'brings the total known dead loi eighteen. Seventeen ebildreii and i one adult. 1--Ten cent bundles of old papers f«ir five cents at Ih'e Raglster from !uow until Chriatma's. I'UR.MTURE —.New :n:r second hand, lis East Jackson. Phone .1.x .Mel W. Fuller. H^iNNINGEKtS West Madison ~ LE6ALS; Legal XotiCM for tbe said improvements oiftsidei iof said' city is hereby create<l, tSe'j iboundary of which is as follow i:[ Commencing at the center ofi.the; i intersection ofJ Lincoln Stieet.Suitf [ Kejitucky Street in said city, then *i8= v: running east 2640 feet, then noA& _|to tbe north section line of SectttiA' 2 ,i ,.Town.ship 24, Kange 18, in saSd^ I County, thence west on the sect^a" iline lor a distance of 1485 •feeT.: west of the northeast c6rner-Li>^ 91 Fni-NITURE AND STOVES—Car- (Fifst Ptfblished In The; lola Daily i Section 26, in said township aiaiE load just''arrived. .A Christmas gift wortli wliile. Easy payments. Curtis F^irnitiire Co.. LaHarpe. dUSINES 5S SERVICE , XoTing, Tm •kfiig; storage So CALL DEA.N TIRANSFER — Phone 88.'.. will move" tract, with exl MOM 'N POP. .Dorsett Produce fco. j IM RaKi (Hreet, l«la Phone ; M! Cash for Pealtrr mni Kggt We. will come'after poillr^^ . call MR anjr tiNID. i JTeW Local h>n, IWi R. Mallsan. Plnrt . iMor V.H'd of Bwwtfa l>rag Stw. I'heae i« JiTou by hour or con- lerienced riien. PARLOR, SITITE—Consisting of davenport. 2 leather upholstered rockers, only |:f.">.Oi». Bryson Furniture Store. >ORTH TIIt 'RF.FR03i. .Vf»5%r on this 7th day-of Decem- be:\ 'l!»27, a day of the regular IVi^LXUT DIVIXt;- And be-lroomi^^™':;^' suites, overstuffed parlor suites.! Pf/f CoPi^'" large assortment. Eisy pavments. ^ „?"'™''/' LnM^L 'v^wu ' u- i TraV in your old Curtis Furni-f .North Keti- ture Co.; LaHarpe. range, thence south to the nortUr limits of: said City of lola, tbediie I >0I ^II KEXttJCKr .S1fREETi «««t to the center of said road, t* XSV THE iPlTJLIC KOVD'I'* >nil>«oved. thenceisoutbj to b^^i THERKMITH - A.\D: iLEAlWX; 1 ginning, said benefit districL ? » compHse the fallowing desc •iSetl Begister December 1&, 1927.). I.\ THE 3r.lTTER,«F I.IIPROTINtJ KEXtlJCKY BY TAYLOR AJjID FOBfTHCA/AORE, BILL, VOiy ve GCOl TO CUT OUT VOOR WOMKEV SHX^BS AROUKD tiVe. HOUSE OR VOO-U. QBT THE 80M?S RUSH- VOU'RE QETTIMG OKI MOM'S HE<SSE AMD SHE V/OM'T PUfT OP ^ VIITH IT ANV LOMSER Vie»JUlnwr*S .ir^ *VKWa HUHl SO IfM TPIROWIM' TlH CANS ATMRS.SDNM^ €OAT, EH? WOW eiU-.OL' HOSS, THAT \HOnr DO - m YOO'RE GONNA TISH TM'^AM\Ut' WU'UUHAVE TO START V/iTH A G«OD UNE AM! A HOOKPOL .OP9A»T| FOR ME? "WHY PARDOM MY. WAY. OP POTTING rr .wsr SWEETS VGRTH* SV^EET, MR& GUNH tucky Street and the public road therewith aud len/ling nrtrth there- fr»ni. was taken up for •cOiisidera- ^i<Mi. ; ' , 'There was presented by the City K'"'Juiy. of, lola, :i resulutiou ajriopted by" tracts of land: ,V tract'TOlifeef wide off th^ north side of Otif southwest quarter of Sectiori 25; and all of the nortbH-e.ft fj«arter-of .•*ald Section 25. aiid 1485 feet lafi^. the aast side of the ftortheaVt Quarter of said Station 26. fncliidfilii SterJii^g Heights and Stejrii^if Heights Second Addition^ all M Township 24, Range 18., in sal<^ Fifth.' That said iniprovemeJ t ^f the Hoard of ComirissioHers of ihe shall be iiaid for atv provided 'vf. City of lolu. Kans:;.". On^October 4, 'aw, and that the portion to W* '" 'chargeit against the Kaid hemKi district shaM tic divided Into tfed! et|unl installMr-nts, and there sballf 1 !»27. offering to co-opf*ate with tlie lloar»l iif.CtniniyfCfimmlssion- ers of said County in the Intprove- ment of certain piirts of Sorth Ken-' l><^en assessments made, being 6n* tuckv .Street, anil th^ public road each year for ten years against lh<? leading north therefi^mj .-a 'hd i'and in said benefit district, to pay' .NOW having read ind:considered 1 its proiiorttonate part of the costiT .-aid resolution, jit wa*i by the Boai-d' of sold Improvements and bonadi finind that said TpirOpdseji Improve- 1 ntiy be issued as provided by laiW ment Is a..public ntlljtj^; and that j thiereftir. •••} this hoard should co-operate with j Sixth. That the Bftard of Courtt* Comml.ssloners. shall meet at t3# comniiasioners" room in .jhe Cotirt jNflVI^EKl. MOM, rtl- JUST SHOO ydU OFF »M THE. UVlMQ ROOM - Bl Lu IGERRICVJ'S GONNA SWAB OFF TH' tJISHESSO >fOO CAM SPENib -TH' EVENING Yirm YOOR-HOBBY tjifi sai'l city with the construction of said improvements .irnd to that cpd the foKovring" resolution was j House in the City of lola. Kansas^ lintrodiic(-d. to-wit: . jc -n tlie 6th day of January. 19M» ; RESOLl.TIO.V.; at ten oVlock A. M. AVhich dat4 i .U'flEREA.S,'On Ihe Tth day of! is hereby fix^ for finat actiOJl- i December, 1927. there ,'was filed i upon the said proposed Improve;- jwitb the County Cleikiof Allen!ments. at which time compiaiatA •County. Kansas.' and presented tOLWiR he heanli and protests^ may :b% iihe Board of County Commlssiou- jn >eilagaln .st thrsaid Impro*'emenrn, 'ers of .said CiMinty, then in regular and all interested per.-tons may ap- Hcssion. all members ".leing present., P<>ar and be. heard, and notice of a resolution, duly ami legally adcpteil by the ijoord of- ComntU- sioners of the' City of lola. a city of the second class; in .\Hen County, the said heaUng shall 'te given by pirfjlisbing' this resnliition in twO" consecutive 'iweekly issues of the official' paper of said County, tbe Kansas, declaring that It has be-jffrsf ptiblication of which shall bfe- coine and is e-vpedient and a public at least twenty days prior to saf* .u... v„-.v.' •i.-„..»..,.i ,i-l jjeai;ir.g', and notice shall also., be' :^•;^2 .•:•;:,:.-.i .aL.J>^.:^'^• necessity that North .. Kentucky Sfieei in said city from "the .south line of Lincoln Street toitbe north limits of the city and tbe poblil; road leading iMrtb therefrom, ai^d connecting therewith at,tbe norlb end of said Keiitucky Street, a part of which road also exiebds-south to the south, line of Lincoln Street, the same being - tbe east' half of said road, at that lilacej and extending north for a distance . of .1194.6 feet, be perman^iltly Improved, said improvement^ to consist ot snrveyiiig. grading» excavating and pavinir, the iiav'ftig to be constructed of Portlandi Cement- concrete. ' gravet or: bttumfnbtis macadain. eighteen feet 'wide.- the same to be constructed (ti accord- given by said city to a.'l interested' persons' in the city liy publishiBijr a notl<fe in two consecutive weeM'y issues j^f tWie official city pap^ the first piiblWation of which shall be notjless than twenty days prior to the': dati^ of said hearing, and* final action otf the' said impro/e^ ments will be taken- at said time, at which itiiie' this resolution will-' be amended aiid adopted or adopted as before, and such other aetiba- will-be taken as may be deenied' proper; -: WILLIAM A HE3S> Chairmaik Attest: AV. D. Clark, , j :. County Clerk. - ' (12) 15-22.

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