Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 21, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 9
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Dill PA-JNWO lor M WANT AD Ttktr EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, FRIDAY^ OCTOBER 21, 1955 NINE':: CLUE IN SLAVING?—Sheriff .Tnmes Hixon says Gloria Vasquez, 19, of Brookviiie, Ind., has told him she "knew who the fellow was" in the kill- ing'of three boys in Chicago. Police said she went to Catholic priest to confess auto theft. • ' (AP Photofoi) Eight Brokers Handle All Fire Insurance For State ? s Homes By LOU PANOS AN"XAPOLIS Ifl — Under an un- ! ago. iof the value of new building, and the premium is adjusted upward 'Of the 312 agents, there are 17 in Wicomico County. Dorchester, Frederick, Kent and Talbol coun- in Maryland is placed th master brokers. in 11 vcars aso i accordm £ 1 >'- , ' Frederick, Kent and Talbol coun- »^^\^^^g£^te have ,3 each: Allegany and :cd through eight}^™^ U)e ^^ 0 ( ficC| JAnne Arundel II each; Carroll and Middle-Aged Pair Enjoys Isolated Life PHOENIX,"- Ariz., UNS)—When Violet Hillis wants (o.borrow a cup of .sugar any.time bolwocn Octo- jer and May she can snowshoe 44 miles or else go a mile straight down. Mrs. Hillis and "her husband, Louis, lay claim, to being America's most isolated household. From October to May (hey .are the only residents at' snow-bound Bright Angel point oh. the northern rim of .the Grand Canyon. Their job is to maintain the lodge and-facilities of the Utah Parks company. The Hillises live-in a lo gcabin, elevation 8,500 feet, 44 miles south if Jacob Lake, Arizona, and a mile above Phantom Ranch -on the banks of the'Colorado-River. By night they read by gas lantern and cook and keep warm by ivood-burnihg stove. By day they teep warm and happy shoveling snow off the roof tops, snowshoeing from cabin to cabin, making beds and hand-feeding the rare, while- .ailed Kaibab squirrels. Then suddenly, with" the coming of May, arriye the first of 180 em- ployes and an estimated 45,000 va- cationists who by summer's end will have viewed awesome Grand Canyon from the northern rim. Mrs. Hillis' first visitors last winter were two maintenance men from a railroad. The visitors were the second contact, however, for the 59-year-old Hillis. In December he walker 16 miles down the precipitous Kaibab Trail to Phanton Ranch to get the mail. The trip look one day down and two for the return. .Metropolitan housewives need not waste sympathy on Mrs. Jlillis. Although she is a small woman, at 58 she can snowshoe with the best if them and more than once has shoveled snow off the lop of the edge's 50-foot water tower. She considers the hurly-burly of traffic .he bane of modern civilization. insuranccjPrince Georges 10 each; Somer State Treasurer Hooper S. Miles, ;, jr r.surancc lo all Slate buildings or| or roug |,| y 26 per cent lo any one structure /or any fire.|p rt , m j ums " ^ For example, the tolal value of| By COJ ^ par i S nn. Deputy Treasur- o( a | II policies is more than l« milhon: cr j ,, ugh Taj , lor of tllc Baltimore! ^ ' ne two. and Howard one. The rest—or more than one-third are in Baltimore City. Miles says the master broker the Slate couldi collect only 90 per d]|ng (hc slate . s insurancc b usi- lcm used in some other stales, cent of the total value. ncss ar( , Alexander t Alexander: i; ni j er self-insurance, a state But .1 one building wore dc- T Brooks 4 Co- . TurDcr ij mcre , scts aside an emergency ° 00 " " Thomas lii0 !! JacksonJ-'o.; HiES 5 ' fund to draw on for. repairs or " ~ ~ reconstruction of fire-struck prop orty. "It usually takes only one big fire lo wipe out. something like ha i-ere Regiment Armory burned down.' In 1932 fire caused aboul $300, 000 damage to the old armory in Baltimore. value because this could not P° s -j \Varficld - Roloson; Poor, Bowen ably exceed the policy valuc-H2| Bart|clt & Kcn ncdy; Mason k Car- •iplion dollars. ,' lcri (, nc | ji uur y Donnelly & Parr, plcted. it is incorporated into thcj a T1 ° py| ' qin "" urn ; m ust "farm out" ihal."" he' F saiF''Tmagiiie 16 wh master policy. The value of thai somc of lhc business to smallerL. ouW ), Bve happened if we we imlicy Is increased by 80 per cent! tom|)aniM or agcnls designated by| sc | f . insured wncn lhe oU K il • All Prescription! Triple ^ i> *•*.;•: Checked ;• •• Four Registered Pharmacists • Reasonable Prices Walsh i PHARMACY 101 N. Centre St. FREE DELIVERY Phonci PA 4-3646 — PA 4-3647 * Maryland'* Leading Pretcription Score iMilcs. There are 312 of these scattered throughout the State, says Miles. Many instirancc men are una- .ivare of the Stale's master policy 'system, he added, and he some- In 1933 fire slruck again, this lime destroying the entire struc . times receives colls from some (urc an d con tenU. The loss was who "want to insure" a Statejfjgured at $750,000 lo $1,000,000. ; building going up in their neighbor- hiood. "1 llicn have to explain to them (hat they can't'insure it because it comes under the master policy but 1 can let them participate in the master policy .like the other agents," said the treasurer. Miles says he has never disclosed this lisl of agents because, among other things, it might cause unnecessary "harrassriient or embarrassment." He 'cilcd one case in which a political candidate tried to use an opponent's "participation" in the State insurance business as a campaign weapon. Taylor said nine of 20 states which recently tried the self-insur ance system have since dropped i as impractical. One, Michigan, ha< lo scrape up money through a spe cial appropriation because of pris on riot damage, most of it cause< by fire. Another advantage of the master broker system, says Miles, is the streamlined In the old Crystal Rosaries Sterling Silver i Prices range $*.! from ™ 37 Frederick St. method of recovery- days, when a State building might be insured by three or four agents under separate policies, a fire meant drawing up prbofs of loss for each agent. "This way we just make out one proof or loss, send it to the master broker and lei him worry about dealing wilh the participating agents." Still another fealure of the system is the fact lhat Uie master brokers, rather the State itself or several hundred agents, lake care of impeding boilers, electrical wiring and other potential fire hazards on the insured property.- The world - famous Reversing Falls Rapids are located at the mouth of. the Saint John River, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. SAVE FIRST AT FIRST NATIONAL MEMIER F.D.I.C. FIRST N. IRST i>ATIQNAL £>ANK USE YOUR FIRST NATIONAL . . ..... . CHARGE 'ACCOUNT B ELOPED—Bob Cravens, outstanding freshman football 'prospect for the University of Kentucky from Owensboro and Jane Ayer, his high school sweetheart, have been missing since Tuesday.'Par-. enls of both said : they "feel sure" the couple had eloped. However, Kentucky State-Police are investigating. (AP Phoiota) Remove stains 'from an aluhu num pan by stewing some toma- oes in it for a few minutes. Koreans are fond of whale meal, vhich looks like beef. Eggplant first was grown during remote antiquity in southern Asia. A red eye <s a distinguishing characteristic of. rock bass. NOTICE The only authorized sales representative for adver- tising in the "Yellow Pages" of our classfied telephone directory is the Ruben H. Donnelley Corp. We have no relationship with qny other organizations which publish business directories. THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE CITY Celanese Enters New Field Of Polyethylene Products The -entrance of Cclanese Cor-|, — — poralion of America into UIR new fivc-Ycar-OId Girl anil highly promising field ot'low-'.j ' „ .. . pressure polyethylene materials!! 'rospccl for rolilics » is announced today by' Bjorn Anderson, vice president and gen- ] eral manager of the Plastics Di-, vision of the company. "Our program for diversifying and enlarging our plastic product lines, COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa W3; Pottawallamic County.. Treasurqiv££ Walter 'Lehman, chatting with • tnecompa..,. no-year-old hoy and his 5-yea'r-bflS* Marketing Departments sistcr who wcr(J jn , |is orfi(:e WJtS -g their mother, asked the. lad he wants lo be when he grows now including cellulose acetate „, wan( , o in(o „„ „ ^^ molding material, shccls and film, boy'answered "•'"•• cellulose propionalc molding ma- ,. A11 rig | lt- ..' L c| ln) an said. "LetK!-. ; tenal, polyester resins, polyvmyl| sce ll(m , snwri y OU arc \vho's the^ i elate acetate emulsions and) kcr of lhc House? " rgr polyethylene sheets and film," The boy . s 3 . ycar . old s i s teife Andersen said, "has progressed piped up bcfore ner bro i her , to the point where it has become logical to manufacture polyetliy-l lene rosiri of the low-pressure type. "Celanese will use the polyethylene process developed by the Phillips Petroleum Company from whom the. license tained." has been ob- I "I know. Mother is." "^ A recent study indicates that er-'r i rors made by typists increase froroii; an average of It per hour to more than 85 per hour when the lempe- " rature rises from 78 to 96 degrees. Yet It Costs NO MORE Ar "Cumberland's Oldest Pharmaceutical Inst'rtution" and we deliver in a large area around Cumberland. Call us. Lichtensiein's Medical Arts Pharmacy 33 N. Liberty St. Somunl W«rth«im • Phone PA 4-3730 Anytim* ANNOUNCING FOR 1956 a dramatic new blending of power and style that makes power visible and gives beauty motion... the exciting new You're looking of Ihe longest, lowest, most powerful Chrysler ever built. Designed to walk off with all styling honors. And setting the trend for others to follow with New Pushbutton PowerFlite automatic transmission. To select the drive you want, just push a button on the dash. New FirePewer V-8—America's first airplane- type automotive V-8 engine, now even more powerful! New PowerPilot Steering that delivers a full power assist, positive feel-of-fhe-road every minute, every mile! New .PowerSmooth Brakes for smoothest, safest stops. They'll outlast the next-best brakes 2-to-l! Two \ More Fabulous Chrysler Firsts* Highway high- fidelity long-playing record player spins your favorite music while you drive! And—instant airplane-type heat- ing system gives living-room warmth without waiting! See the "PowerStyle" Chrysler at your Chrysler dealer's todayl Now more than ever... America's most smartly different carl 111 So. George St. Cumberland, Md. FOR THE BEST IN TV, SEE "IT'S A GREAT LIFE" AND "CLIMAX!"-SEE'TV PACE FOR TIMES AND STATIONS —

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