The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 11, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 1
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mtiml VOL. XVIII. NO. 8. CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, MAV 11, 1894. WHOLE NO. 893. GUILD IS LEADER OF LOW PRICES You can buy more at Guild's for $1.00 than you can anywhere else for $1.50 If you don't believe it just call and see for yourself. All the latest novelties of the season at prices that defy competition. JUST NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Ladies' Fine Bibbed Jersey Vests, Ladies' Fine Fast Black Hose, Best Domestic Ginghams, Best Indigo Blue Calicoes, 5c Fine Wool Dress Goods, 36 inch Percales, Fast Colored Sateens • Shaug Tong Pongees, 10°-» worth 15c 15c 15c White goods and embroideries we can suit you in pattern and style and beat the world in prices. LACES AN D RIBBONS we have them all, you will be money out of pocket if you buy before looking at Dry Goods, Notions Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings, at Next door to postoffice. JOHN GUILD'S. MEMORIAL DAY. DHHANDKB SOHAH.EB WHUE8 AM ADDRESS TO THfe QBAND AHMY 1'OoTS. While ne definite arrangements have been made for the celebration of Memorial Day the observance will be much at tor the usual custom. There will be the procession and decoration of the graves l^of the honored d«n<l resting in the oeme /tery, aooompHiiifd by appropriate anc '•solemn service. Tbe commanders of tbe , '• looal O. A. B. posts have received the ' 'following order from Commander Sohal Uw of the Iowa department: Tbe recurrence of Memorial day, Wednesday, May 30,1894, marka tu. *wenty iSifftb anniversary of tbia beautiful custom now so enthroned in tbe minds and hearts •of the American people that, with peculiar and distinctive individuality, its •observance has become one of tbe mosl significant of our nutal days. As spring, flower-ladon, comes again, we are reminded of tbe sacred duties and privileges brought to us by each suooeu sive Memorial day, so replete with Under memories and priceless inspirations. ' Let us oot be unmindful of the |£rasl| committed to our keeping. It is eminently fitting that earth's jhtest flowers be garlanded and scat tared over tbe graves of our loyal dead. "Cover them over wltb beautiful (lowers; Pack them wltb guriaudi, those brother* of ours; OlierUb tho name* of those heroes of ours, aud oovsr tbeiu ovfrr wltb beautiful Howen." Their marches aud battles are over; they have passed tbe Great Commander to final review and "pitched tents" with their comrades on the other shore. Lst roses, lilies aud violate—the red, i and blue—crown their last resting , which is so quickly covered with a lift*, tapestry of Nature's own weaving, \ her tear-drops genii* fall as sigh | Winds ohant the soldier's requiem. ,Iti§r«pomm«ndedtbatsvery post io \4sf»»rtmsut join with the citizens io appropriate form of Memorial day i thjit the public schools especial. |bj invited to take part, or if preferable patriotic exercises of their peosdiuf the day, as has already bjsji doue with most excellent results in parts of tba state; that tbe i's Belief Oorpe, the Boos of Voter- ojvio societies, military oompauies |hf oitiasfis generally, bo ioyiled to loata in these beautiful aud im> [f* commemorative ewrciaes, in the memory of oar noble and HB STILL WHINBB. Little Johnnie Knieet ia sore and says some vety foolish tbioga. He ia like the man who got knocked down and fullv realized that he had been bit, but was ignorant of the kind of a missile need on him. Probably Little Johnnie will find out some of these floe days or at least we hope BO, for hie ignoranoe is so dense that he is the common laughing stock ol all who know him. He is eo foolish thai he thinks people will believe he made point against the official papers by reproducing apait the proceedings of the board in lees space than those papers. If be would have been manly, not to say honest, be would have said; "We can publish part of the proceedings in lees epaoe than ia required by the official papers to publish all of the proceed- Inge. We published 140 claims in less space than, was required by those papers to publish 390, which they were required to do." Yon see the sneaking, cowardly disposition of the man who accuses the county officials, the board of supervisors and the offloial papers of doing an iujual ion to the tax payers of this eounty 1'his dirty little ebset would have the people believe that it published all of the proceedings of the board in a column less epaoe than tho official papers when in fact-It published only 149 claims oot of 890 , itnd supposed that the public would believe it when it eaid the oflloial papers were padding the pro- oeediugs beoeuse they roqulred more apace in which to publish the entire list of claims than was required by the Farm Journal to publish a little over one third of the list. But what mom could you eipeot of a paper that was caught in two attempts to rob the.oonnty ? And because tbe board called it down and ei- posed its work it try* by methods which ire too contemptible to be restarted to »y anyone but a self convicted knave, la show that the officials are incompetent and that the other papers are robbers simply because the Farm Journal is, Jobuuie, do not take the public for a sat of fools and try to impost others bemuse yon nave been fortunate in your a,ttej»p* atboodliog, and youwiUnotadverliMypur hypocrisy the world in such a dangerous. way in the future. Little hoys should be seen and not heard. Wedu««dey evening the society accepted the piaun for tbe new hall wuiou the aoolety is going to build daring the summer. 8. P. Hart drafted tbe plan and'presented it in detail to tbe society which was well pleased with tbe arrangements. The following building committee was appointed and invested with full power to act: N. Beiter, Jno. Nookels, W. Liever, H. Kurtz, F. Holbipr, P. Berger, Jos. Wiedermeyer and Oeo. W. Korte. It ia the intention of tbe committee to push tbe work along as rapidly as possible. The building will be used as a hall for public entertainments and will be fitted up with a stage and seated with opera chairs. Tbe building is a sure thing and before fall Carroll will have a place where large audiences can assemble snd will be comfortably accommodated. BASH BALL. Friday tbe Oarroll Stars went to Deuieou to play ball with tbe Denison semi-professionals. After the second inning tbe game was well played notwithstanding the fact tba Stars got abut out. In tbe first Danisou scored two, after two men were out on two hits and a passed ball. In the second Denieou scored five on three bits, two errore and Ibree passed balls. lu tbe thirl Lang and Bohurnweber went in the polnte and a goose egg was ths result for Denison. Lang from this out held the locale down aud and they scored one in the Fourth after two oule, on two bite and a steal; they failed to score in tbe fifth and made one each in the Oth, 7tb and 8tb and two in tbe ninth. Deuieon bad Eggers, a profeesional (rom SI. Louie.iu tbe box, but it was a well played game and tba Oarroll Stare gave great satisfaction after tue second inning. Score, Deuieou, 13; Oarroll, 0. bard to give* them up. It will seen atrange to think of .the Southwestern without Walt Munaon, the faithful engineer, who baa pulled nearly every train oat of our city over this road has been built. branch since the Everybody along IjLaug, 6; Base on balls, Eggers, 2; Niewooger Errors, Carroll, 8. Denim, 0. Qova W, H. Munsoi), the faithful engineer who has run on the Southwestern from her* to Audubon for the past thirteen rears, ever siooe the road has been built* aft Tuesday for Boons and will take ar an on the fait freight from there to Belle FleJue. His family will follow him as aoou as Mr. Muusou oau succeed in •soaring • house in that city in which to ive. Tbe many friends of this family will rsgrot to near of their intention to save, for daring their long residtmw in our city they have become so thoroughly the line from here to Aadnbon knows him snd they will greatly miss him. OAIA'B NEW OUMBT. The great comet recently discovered by Qale at Sydney, Australia, can be observed here nearly the whole week. It ia nearly circular, about 30 minutes of arc in diameter and to tbe naked eye appearo like a h«zy star. It can be located with an opera glass without any trouble. Look to the southwest about 0 o'oloik this evening about midway between tho 8tnrZ»U in the constellation Hydro and tbe alar K io tbe constellation dancer. It is moving northeast about five or sis degrees per day and is slowly becoming fainter. * Advertised Letters. Tho following letters remain uucallod for at tho postolllco, May 7, 18W. Unluss dnllvorod within thirty days from dato thoy will be fonyarded to tho dead loiter ofliou at WashliiKton, D. O.: Jno. Hariiei Lynmii (Igler Mlu Nora llowel llejirr Jacobs ( Mr*. Mlirord-Uliodes Jolui Sbimu Slkruiu Mri.Huunab H.Sklnuor Hiss Mzzlo Tbebben Ulii Miirle Weaver Ulm Clara lilakealee. Tho law provide.-; that one cent shall be l>ald for all letU<m adv«rti>>od. When callliiK Tor auiuo please state dato of ad' vurtlsoiuunt. JNO. L I'owuits, 1>. M, Don't Tobiiooo Spit or Smoke your Life U ths truthful, iWrtllug title of a Illtle book ibttl tell* ull about No-to-baotlib wonderful, liariulet* gunrauleod tobacco bttblt euro. Tlio o<»»Hi trifling uuil the uiau whowautu to quit sad oau't run* uo uhyiloal oy lluuuolal risk lu nlu|j"No To-Uno/'»o'i* by J. W, llallou. Wood at more or by mall frae, Struck out, by Eggers, 4iNiswon||^,Jg{| r V 8llir -" l l |f u " wea]r ° Q - lnm » u * THE VALE1 OFMINNBKAHTA Is tho tltlo of a huautlfully illtititratod jooklet rot'oully Ismiod, tlosorlptlvo of tho Hot Mprlugs, South Dakota, and thu olll- oaoy of tholr waler» for tho euro of rhuu- lUktitiU), uourttlgU and kludrud dUeanou. LJopy of tills |>ttiupblut will bo mailed fro« by IF. A. Thrall, Oouuritl 1'itasotigur Aayut,01UcttKu & Nortli-Westitrn railway, Dhlotgo, 111., upon rocolptof rouuust, ou- oloslug iwo-oout stamp. Tlte Now York World uovor waits to ho driven aUniK tlieuiitli of uronross by thuru jomuotUloii, but lu'wjm so far lu tho louu )|mt oomputitlou U an litipusslltlllly. 'J'ho reputation of Tho Wo.okly H'urUI ».s tho »oato»tl>oiuouratlo papt'f publlslu'd la ful- Ivostuhliiilitid lvlsl)uuio»rutluluiu'luol|)lo lioutuvratlit lu policy, Uuuwrullo lu its »yiupttt)ilo». U l*uot blindly or dlnhouv»t- y uartlsuii. U will not mmoil bad men or itad UlU»ur«H. ITS WOKE IS KOU Til K PEOPLE, 1'llK WIIOL8 PKOI'LK, and jotloi'Miiy "-'''ids i>r fuotloii, It will he touud a( ull Umus U^htliiK for tho udentinoJ with our people that it U OhlldMn Pry for pitched Oattorla. cardinal principles of the Democratic party, but nover for the selfish ends of any ring or individual. Its miscellaneous articles are fresh, well selected and interesting, its pagea devoted to Home, Fashion and Agriculture are replete with articles of valuable and Interesting information to all. The "Tariff Mule' r articles now running In The Weekly World have become celebrated on account of tbe plain, practical way in which the tariff question Is presented. It is a large 12-paeo, S-column paper for only 81.00 a year. We have succeeded in making special arrangements by which we can furnish TUB WKKKLY SENTISEL and Tbe Weekly World one year both for only 82.00. Address THE SENTINEL, Carrol 1 1 Iowa. (Sherman Baptlnt Annual Moating The Annual Meeting of tho Germnn baptist Brethren will bo held at Meyersdale, Pa., on the Plttsburg Division of the Ualtimoro A Ohio Kallroad, coniuieuolnj; May 24th, 1894. For tills occasion the Ii. & O, U. It. Co., will Hell excurisou tickets to Moyorsdnlo and return from all stations on its system of linos ftt rateof ouo Ilrst class fare for the round trip. From points east of and including I'ittsburguud iriieellugthetickeU will bo Hold from May 22d to £Sth Inclusive, aud will be valid for return pos- sugo within thirty days from dato of sale. From points westofl'ittsburn aud Wheel- lug tho tickets will be sold from May 1st to 2titli inclusive, aud will bo valid for return passion within thirty days from dato of sale. Kortlmoof trains, etc., mMrcsH nearest Agent of tho U. & O. U. H. Co. O. P. MoCiirty. (leu'l Paw. A«ent. IS. & 0. S. IK. O K'y, Ht. Louis, Mo.. 1,. S. AlU-n, Ass't (ien'l Pitsx, A Runt, I). & O. U. U., Uhioaco, Ills.; E. 1). Smith, Dlv. Pass. Auont, if. & U. U. U., I'ltts- mrg, Pa., or 1). F. Itoiut, Dlv. Pass. Agont, H. &O. U. K., lialtlmore, Mil.; Chas, O. Soull.Gon'll'aas. AKent, B. & O. K. Ii., iialtluiore, Md. 3-41 O. * N. W.Tune u«ra. 19. No. MO, Nw. So. Mo. 10. No. No. I Overload llmlMd 1086 a. m. I Ouaba Bipnu 4 80 a. m. 7 Paelflo Kipm* I6U p. m. 13 Carroll Kiprew V 10 p. tu. it <rr*U>bL a t3 p. a*. 1 Ovtrland lluiiutd '• I) to p, ai « Obiot«o KIUKI* U as p. UL I Oauvsr LlwlUtl { *MV(T» 10 p. •'. • AtiMnii. HinMu i arrive* 8 16 p. m. I AtlanlMBipnss....|| WVM ssap.ui. 14. BturUutf faweuger B 40 a. in. M rnbjkt, WastSldato Boooa.. 0 II a. at. SIOOI OITt ASUD MOIILLS »«t»U«aS. Avnoaos MUIIOII. 1 aop 1 i oo p. ? us. liwp m J. K. OttlUUKU, AgOllt. O. M. ftlt. P. B'y, TDAISI eoue BAST. , No, JKtMUMr riw ................. fup. n. No. raKr«l«bt .......................... faip. m. S'O. 72 KrelKUt .......................... 0:UU lr. lu. No. IHKrulgUt .......................... 1:UU a. m. xo. i fMiooitr. i>9. t for 1o.«alfi it 4:43*. ». Mllsana --,-IMS Bassiac* bot r«rnmb«rlo f;JO J. K, ................. ...'lO:80p'. m] lot t»U «k tot «•«•. ilM •»• A Bright Lad. Ten years ol age, but who declines to give his name to tho public, makes this authorized, confidential statement to us : "When I was one year old, my mnmom died of consumption. Tba doctor salt) tlmt I. too. would soon ill«, and all our neighbors thought that oven if I tllil not die, I would never be oule to walk, uecauso i was 10 weak and puny. A gathering formed and broke uuder my arm. 1 hurt my Oncer and ti 5*y i8 J ei1 alli ". H'rew out pieces of bone. If 1 hurt inyseU so as to break the skin, It was sure to become a running sore. I had to take lots of medicine, but uotblim has * " ° Wllch K00lt AVER'S Sarsaparllla Pr»l)»r«U by Dr. J. 0. Ayer ft Co., Lowell, UM. Cures other*, will cure you rnmio iuoi «mi Nevor Ml* !•- --- lltlr 19 it? Vouib; Cum i gruvtli. llciloro Orty lilu) ColorT » htlr Ullllif. DniiurtjU mttloo lAinu, W. W. BUBOkMUUSS. AfWt- UM Vkrk \Vo«k lAu CONSUMPTIVE er'i otnaer Toulo. 11 cunt tno wurtl Cuuxn, , lmll(«tlon, l-.lii.T»V« loliwc.JOctt, Tht onl. nm cure f« u, or uikxoc * cu, •«lua homo oirola ooiuplata.' — t Towpuriuiuo Urluk ulvw u, ure aud liwkUli to every uisuiber o fuiully. A Wo. naokone utakos " loan. U« surv aua gn th# ceut Bold Nv«rywh*r«. Mad* only uy/1 ^^s&ssSa^

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